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Once more, strip scenario like I'd done with Spuffy and Cangel, this time with Weslah, last time though, for now that is.

Lilah is redeemed like in my MCU/Buffyverse crossover series.

Have fun.

Wesley and Lilah were facing each other in the Hyperion Hotel for a little sparring match, having their swords in their hands, ready to clash as practice.

It was the time of Christmas, and the rest had all gone out for some fun and shopping, but the two of them had stayed back for now so they could spend some time with each other.

Wesley had started teaching her after they'd started dating. The second time that is. First time he'd broken up with her over his conflicting moralities, but after she'd survived Angelus and the Beastmaster, they'd resumed their relationship.

She had also been the group's guide when they had taken over Wolfram and Hart, helping them tow the line.

But she had no idea the whole of Team Angel had influenced her. She had started liking all of them, even Fred, during that time.

And the Senior Partners, she had realized, did not care even a little about her, as they kept giving the liaison job she was qualified for to other people like that bitch called Eve and then the smug Marcus Hamilton.

At that point, she had finally changed allegiances and joined Team Angel, helping them trick Hamilton and then also killed Lindsey due to his backstabbing nature.

Of course the Senior Partners had been pissed off badly after the end of the Circle of the Black Thorn, so they had sent their entire Demon army against the group.

Fortunately, the Slayer Organization led by Buffy had arrived, and helped them out, so they'd beaten the bad guys then and won.

Plus the Partners had put a lot of resources into that battle, so them losing that fight meant they wouldn't bother the heroes for a good, long while.

And that meant all of them were free to enjoy their lives (or unlife in Angel's case) for the moment, and in Wesley's and Lilah's case, they were doing so by sparring, as this activity had brought them closer to each other the second time they had started dating.

It had taken them a while to admit it, but they did love each other after all.

Right now, both of them were barefoot, pacing around in the lobby, ready to battle, and there was no one else in the hotel so they were all good.

"Do you remember all of the proper instructions?" Wesley inquired with a tilt of his head.

Lilah quipped. "How can I not? When you've beaten them into my head?" She tapped her head with a finger to indicate it was all memorized by her now.

With that, they began clashing a little as Lilah was backed by a bit, then managed to push him back, cracking her neck.

"Think you taught me too well", she said as both circled each other with smirks.

"That remains to be seen", he told her as they pointed their swords outwards, then started clashing against each other once more.

Wesley was backed a little this time as he tried to block Lilah's blows, and then she got past his defenses and made a downward cut.

Wesley looked down to realize his shirt had been cut open into two, and he looked back up at Lilah who was just snickering at what she had done.

She pointed her sword at his chin. "So, you surrender to me then?"

Wesley gently grasped her sword and titled his head. "A little break please, thank you."

He put his own sword down, then ripped off the halved shirt, as it was no use now, and only served as a hindrance for the rest of the battle.

Lilah twirled her sword and Wesley picked his own back up, the clash resuming, with Lilah managing to make Wesley back by a bit again. She twirled to avoid a strike, and then their blades continued clashing against each other, making sounds.

Then Wesley swung and Lilah looked down to realize her skirt had been cut open, leaving her only in red panties at the bottom.

"So, who looks more indecent now I wonder?" Wesley quipped with a chuckle of his own.

"We'll see who has the indecent look", Lilah sneered as they clashed and drew their blades against each other, then he suddenly kissed her lips before jumping back, and she'd returned it too.

Wesley seemed to be having fun now. "This seems more fun than going out with our friends now." They clashed and Wesley managed to cut the left sleeve of her shirt, making it hang down as she gasped and looked at him with wide eyes.

"I'm gonna make this much less fun for you", Lilah warned him as she charged but he managed to block, and kissed her lips again, only for her to do a swing motion as she backed off.

Wesley looked down to see his pants and trunks had both been cut, fully exposing him at this point. He gasped, then looked back at the smirking Lilah.

"So, I think we know who looks more decent and who is having less fun", Lilah said unapologetically with a shrug as Wesley prepared to fight again, fully naked.

Lilah was taking this a bit less seriously now as she'd stripped him first, and raised her blade to defend herself too late, as he had his own on her throat. "Drop it, Lilah."

"Sure Wes, make me helpless, won't you?" Lilah asked sarcastically, dropping her sword now.

"Don't move", Wesley warned, then made movements and cuts with his sword. There was a ripping sound and Lilah looked down to see her whole shirt, bra and panties fall down, fully cut, leaving her fully naked too.

He threw his sword down with a chuckle as Lilah groaned. "So, we're both indecent", then she smirked, "but it can be much more fun."

"I had the same idea", Wesley agreed as they kissed each other on the lips.

And then the door opened as Angel, Cordelia, Lorne, Fred, Gunn, Faith, Spike, Buffy, Willow, Tara, Dawn, Giles, Dawn, Xander and Anya appeared. Cordelia was holding baby Connor.

"Bloody Hell!" Spike turned away first, and was followed by the rest of them who closed their eyes. "Like, you two-"

Wesley and even Lilah were blushing as Giles tried to clean his glasses with his eyes shut. "I did not see anything. Nope, I never did."

"Seriously guys? Here?" Buffy asked incredulously, not looking.

"I mean, this place has got a hell lot of rooms", Faith pointed out. "And you two do it in the lobb-"

"We're not the only ones to do this I'm sure", Lilah cracked back now, gesturing to Spike and Buffy. "How many times have you two-"

"We're not talking about us!" Buffy snapped, she and Spike blushing too.

"Like, how did this become about us?" Spike wondered too and Lilah shrugged unapologetically.

"I'm not looking, I'm not looking", Willow turned the other way while her eyes were still shut.

"Yeah, don't wanna see anything", Tara agreed, turning the other way too.

Baby Connor was unaware of what was going on and tried to look but Cordelia turned him away while hugging him to her chest. "Nothing to see here, Connor, go to sleep." She looked at them. "We've a baby here."

"Didn't stop you two", Lilah gestured to Cordelia and Angel who both groaned too.

"Okay, we've all done it I guess", Angel muttered.

"Keeping the door open is a really rookie move", Gunn added.

Lorne groaned. "Even without singing, the lust I'm getting off of you two is-"

"We don't need to hear about it", Fred sighed.

"Okay, okay, we're being idiotic lovesick bunnies, I get it", Wesley said before adding. "Most of you are too!"

"Bunnies! Twitchy, hoppy, bunnies! Urggghh!" Anya said with a groan.

"And now you've traumatized her", Xander rubbed Anya's back.

"How about we go out again?" Dawn suggested.

"Oh yeah, please go, you have your fun and we'll have ours", Lilah called out. "Before my words burn you all at least."

"I'd listen to her", Wesley added as the rest rolled their eyes and turning around, walked off.

"Have fun", Cordelia called back to them before shutting the doors.

"That was kind of unexpected", Lilah muttered.

"Temporary setback", Wesley said in response.


And then they kissed each other, this time going all the way through.

And this is the last fic of this kind by me…..for now at least.

If I think of any more couples in Buffyverse or some other fandom with whom this can be done, I'll do it.

Hope all enjoyed and see you all next time with some other update.