THIS IS MY OC, WHICH MEANS THEY ARE MY OWN CREATION, But I don't own the otHis characters!



Name: Miles Fa

Nickname/s: M & M, Fa Fa, Dork King, Marie (Deadname)

Age: 11

Birthday: September 20th

Gender: Trans Demiboy (He/They Pronouns)

Sexual Orintation: Pansexual

Nationality: Chinese-Japanese American

Eye Color: Ocean Blue

Hair Color: Dyed: Indigo Natural: Brown

Camp: Poetry Camp, Flower Scout (Former)

Love Intrest/s (Before Adopted AU): Max, Nikki, Ered, Preston, Quartz

Best Friends: Max, Nikki, Niel, Preston, Lottie (CIT Oc), Erin, Tabbi , Quartz, Barret

Likes: Girl In Red, Cavetown, Panic at the Disco, Alec Benjamin, Anime, Shonen Manga, Nature, His Aesthetic, His New Fam (Adopted AU), His Friends, His Culture, Rain, Swimming, Disney Shows (Owl House, Andi Mack, Tangled The Series), Helping Gwen Write her Fanfiction, POETRY

Dislikes: Justin Bieber, Homo-Transphobes, Karens, SASHA!, Wood Scouts, Running, Loud Noises, Cats, BTS, K-pop, Girly Outfits

Allergies: Cats

Ailments: PTSD, Anxiety, Depression

Aesthetic: Indie (LIKE ME)

Fears: Loud Noises, Daniel, Wood Scouts

Personality: Mostly Quiet and laughs at Max, Nikki, and Lottie's jokes, His main Personality is a Mix of Max's and Nikki's, He enjoys the outdoors

Height: 5'6


David: He Thinks his songs are nice, Looks up to him, Goes to him when he is scared or sad

Gwen: Loves to read her fanfics, he helps her write them

Quartermaster: He is scared of him

Nurf: He thinks he needs PROFESSIONAL Help with his anger issues

Ered: He thinks she really cool, but she sometimes try to hard

Preston: He and Him are Besties for life, is always at least a lead in his plays

Dolph: He thinks he is the best artist ever

Harrison: He thinks he has a future in the magic indastruy

Nerris: He enjoys LARPing and Playing D&D with her

Space Kid: Touch them and you won't wake up

Neil: Kinda Annoy each other but are Besties

Nikki: They hang out in trees and in the woods all the time

Max: Twin Brother Material

Flower Scouts

Tabii: Her Childhood bestie

Sasha: Can go commit water breath

Erin: Her Childhood crush

Wood Scouts

Petrol: Scared of him

Pikeman: Doesn't want him touching Gwen

Billy/Snake: He's okay


Lottie: Like the sister she never had

Barret: Hate Each Other

Quartz: Hate each other