At the bewilderbeast sanctuary

The bewilderbeast laid an egg and it's almost ready to hatch.

A few minutes later the egg hatched and out came a sleeping baby boy (he looked like his dad, the bewilderbeast only a human body.)

When the baby opened his eyes they were forest green and full of wonder.

from the sky a bridge made of rainbow came down in front of the two.

(First and foremost this is not a crossover I'm just using thor characters just so you know what they look like.)

Three people stepped out of a rainbow bridge from the sky then a golden dragon came from the star's.

The oldest person was mostly in gold and silver, and spoke first "hello there great white king." Then he looked at the child and said, "and hello there little prince." With a smile on his face.

The skinny one, mostly in green and some gold, took out a green blanket that matched the baby's eye's and wrapped the child in it. He started growing fond of the baby " father if I may make a suggestion?" The green men asked

"And what might that be Loki?" The father asked

"The four of us give this little one a gift." Loki said

"That sounds like a good idea." The golden dragon replied

"Then Draco, why don't you go first." The father said

"Ok.. My gift will be in the form of a prophecy that this child will bring an end to a countless war but first he will go through many hardships by all around him that is supposed to care for him but his brother in all but blood will show him, his true strength" Draco said then the father went next.

"Odin your turn." Draco said

"Hmm." Then he snapped his fingers and said "my gift is that when the child goes through his hardship if he gets beaten down his injuries will heal faster than a normal person."Then Odin said to the bulky men wearing silver armor with a red cape "thor your next."

Thor thought over it for a second then said "the boy will need some protection so" then he let off a loud couple of whistles.

Then two dragons flew up to them and bowed their heads in respect.

The one on the right was a skrill that was mostly dark blue with some normal blue as the scales pattern. The coolest thing was every now and again you could see a spark come off them "what is it that you need thunderer?" Said the skrill

"Indeed thunderer, what do you need from us?" the night fury asked. He looked like a night fury in the movie just with blue eyes.

"I need you two to protect this child from other dragons. He'll need it." thor said

"It will be an honor, me and my son will do it." the night fury replied

This statement surprised the white king

"When did your egg hatch?" The white king asked

"Yesterday I was going to bring him to you tomorrow but." The night fury replied

Then the night fury roared then a couple of minutes later another night fury showed up carrying a little night fury with her.

The mom woke up to a little night fury. When he woke up he looked at the little prince and walked over to him and laid down next to him and wrapped his tail around him like a big brother would.

"Congratulations night fury." the white king congratulated

The skrill shook his head accepting the task at hand and congratulated the night fury.

"Good now Loki, you're next." Thor said to his brother

Loki thought about it for a bit "I will give him… Some ice magic that can be used for fighting and his blood can heal almost any wounds, he can also change his look to suit his needs."

"Interesting he will have my ice powers but that gift will come in handy one day." The white king said

Then the white king blows out a puff of ice above his child and the four beings push some of their energy into the ice and it exorbited into the child.

In doing so the child's white scales turned into pink human skin, his dragon forest green eyes turned into human one's, all over his body turned into a human baby with brown hair with little bits of white.

"Good now comes the sad part. He looks human, now he needs to be raised by a human family to fulfill the prophecy, there is an island not far from here." Draco said sadly

"That's a good idea. The chief and his wife have been asking for me to give them a child." Thor said

"Night time is almost here. I'll go with them when it comes." Loki picking up the child

"Oh white king, what is the child's name?" Draco asked

"His name is silver." The white king replied

A few minutes later the little night fury woke up and started playing around with little silver

A couple of hours later night time had fully fallen.

"It's time to go Loki." Thor said sadly

With a sad heart the white king said "good bye my son we will see each other again promise." Then he blows a small bit of ice at silver.

Thor left and Loki teleported to the island mentioned earlier.

The two put on their cloak so as not to attract attention to themselves then walked up to the chieftain house.

"See you around kid, make some trouble for me, will you?" Loki said trying to be funny but he himself just couldn't do it.

"Don't tell him that brother." Thor replied pain in his voice

Then came the hard part. Thor took the child and left him on the doorstep then knocked on the door and ran out of there.

when they left the baby started crying really loud.

The wife saw all that happened and ran to the door. She opened it as fast as she could and picked up the child and started rocking him back and forth.

"Well hi there little one it's ok it's ok I'll take care of you." The wife said shushing him

"Thank you thor." The wife said to no one but the said person heard her

"Take care of him ." Thor whispered back

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