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Quahog's Riptide by Kfbanime87: A Naruto x Family Guy Crossover that I am helping with

American Fox by pyrohelixdrago: A Naruto x Ugly Americans that I along with Jebest4781 and pyrohelixdrago are writing

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Once Upon A Time: The Price of a Hero by pyrohelixdrago: A Naruto x Once Upon A Time Crossover that as you have likely guess Pyrohelixdrago, Jebest4781, and myself are writing.

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(Jurassic world)

"C'mon Naruto" Simon Masrani said to his son taking him on a small tour of the early construction of the Jurassic World showing him to the baby dinosaurs still in development, he took Naruto with him as he had no one to watch him and he felt it was safe

Naruto was excited as he had seen many pictures and couldn't wait to see the real deal

(few minutes later)

Naruto was playing with a baby triceratops as it acted much like an excited dog

Nearby Dr Wu had been giving another baby triceratops an injection giving it one dose and just as he was about to give it the second dose it went wild and as he backed away the baby attacked him

Naruto was curious as to what was happening and decided to check it out and as he did the baby attacked Dr Wu making him fall and stab him with an injector

(1 hour later)

"What did you do" Simon said in pure anger as his son was in a hospital bed

"There was an accident with the experiment" Dr Wu said to him

"What will it do to him as it was a small dose, will there be any permanent side effects" Masrani asks

"It was made for dinosaurs. The dose, despite being small, would have killed a grown man. I don't understand how he's alive" Dr Wu said not understanding how he was alive and soon got a punch to the face by Simon

"That is my son in that Henry so I would caution you to choose your words carefully" Masrani snarls out before sighing tiredly "...I am sorry Henry I let my emotions get the better of me. I already lost his mother. I can't lose him as well" he says, sounding far older than he is.

Dr Wu rubbed his jaw "The serum appears to be infusing itself to his DNA should this continue successfully he will likely pull through" he said to him explaining what would happen

"So what will happen will he be part dinosaur, and if so what dinosaur" Simone asked wondering what DNA the serum contained

"The side effects should be minimal though we will have to wait and see as it will likely take time for them to show even after the DNA has been integrated. As for what was what DNA was in the syringe it was and early experimental batch of modified Velociraptor DNA" Dr Wu said to him

"You injected him with pure predator DNA not only that but MODIFIED DNA that just so happens to be Velociraptor AND it was in the EXPERIMENTAL STAGE!" Simone yelled as he stopped being angry when he heard his son yell in pain rushing over to his side only to gasp at what he saw.

Naruto breathed heavily his sky blue eyes turning to a swirling mix of red and blue and his pupils becoming slits

(1 month later)

Owen was a little surprised when he went to the raptor nursery and saw a little boy playing with his raptors and seeing them treat him with affection "Hi there" he said gaining the boy's and the raptors attention and like normal all the raptors except blue looked at him with glares and then he noticed Naruto's eyes "Nice contacts" he said thinking maybe that was why they liked him thinking he was a reptile

"I don't wear contacts" Naruto said to him

Owen was now curious until he saw his boss Mr Masrani and was given a weird description on certain things he wished he never learned about

(1 year later)

"You know it's kinda scary they like him so much" Owen said to his boss as Naruto ran with the raptors who were the size of children now

"Why is that odd" Simon said as he was often worried about this his son being neck deep in danger

"Raptors imprint on the first thing they see Blue imprinted on me but they imprinted on him seemingly despite having seen me first" Owen said to him as it was incredible

"Imprinting that is the familial bond animals develop correct" Simon asked curiously

"Yes though I am unsure of how they see him as of yet, perhaps as a youngling or as a member of their pack" Owen said to him as they watched Naruto make sounds mimicking the raptors "I swear that's impressive he somehow knows how to mimic their sounds" he said to him as Naruto taught him a few like stop, go, and feed and it was all amazing

Simon had to admit despite the accident Naruto made the best out of it and so far other than the changes to his eyes namely in eye color and his pupils changing to slits there haven't been any other noticeable side effects yet.

Blue growled at the other raptors as they got a little rough with Naruto causing them to disengage as she went over and looked him over to make sure he was okay before turning to growl at the other raptors, shocking both Owen and Simon.

(1 year later)

Naruto smiled as he snuck into the T-Rex exhibit looking from the viewing section looking at the T-Rex

The T-Rex became curious as it smelled something different and felt like it was being watched. She looked up and saw Naruto and smelt raptor making her a little wary and on edge given how she remembered and still bore the scars of her last encounter with Raptors. However, at the same time mixed in with the Raptor scent she also smelled the scent like those of the ones she had hunted before and who caged her again. However, she also became interested and even more confused when buried deep within the two other scents she smelt a third scent. It was very small and very faint so faint in fact that she had almost missed it. However at the same time it was still noticeable given her powerful sense of smell. The only way the queen of Isla nublar could think to determine this scent was...familiar.

Naruto just watched her move in fascination seeing her look at him on occasion but didn't have her normal malice as she was temperamental and didn't like much. However when she would look at him he could see curiosity in her eyes.

(few years later, Jurassic World ,2015)

"Been a while since I've been here" a 17 year old Naruto said as he was standing on a tree branch looking at the brand new and finally finished Camp Cretaceous "Why am I here again" he said to himself "Oh yeah dad thought it would be nice to interact with people my own age. I don't see what's wrong with interacting with Dinosaurs, Owen, Ms. Dearing...yeah not calling her that...Claire, Dave and Roxie. I mean yeah other than the dinos the rest are adults but whatever let's get this underway, after all, it could be fun" he says before grabbing a vine.

Naruto swings down towards the group on a vine as Roxie and Dave are giving their speech to the campers yells heads up before swinging past them and up before letting go of the vine and doing a few flips before landing casually next to Dave and Roxie gives a two-finger salute and goes "Yo am I late?" he asked curiously

"Whoa" the girl in tracksuit clothing asked thinking that was an impressive display of athleticism and fitness

"HOLY SH..ishkabobs! Naruto how many times have we asked you not to do that?" Roxie yells nearly saying something else before catching herself

"Hmm I think I lost count at around 68 or was it 69?" Naruto says, raising an eyebrow with a lopsided grin, getting snort and snicker out of Dave and the taller asian teen wearing the pink polo shirt.

"David...behave" Roxie says with a stern glare at her fellow counselor causing him to gulp and stop snickering "As for you Naruto why don't you introduce yourself to your fellow campers" she says with a stern glare

"Well as you can probably guess my first name is Naruto" Naruto says getting a couple of deadpan looks from his fellow campers and causing Roxie to pinch the bridge of her nose in frustration "My last name is Masrani yes yes as in Simon Masrani the owner of Jurassic World...He is my dad. Regardless I enjoy hanging out with Dinosaurs, working out, and a few other things anyway nice to meet ya" the blonde says fully introducing himself.

He quickly learned the individual's names Darrius, Sammy, Brooklyn, Kenji, Sammy, Ben, and Yaz

(few minutes later)

"So you're part dinosaur" Darrius said, geeking out over Naruto after the blonde had told them that he was part Dinosaur after Darius had asked why his eyes looked the way they did.

" I mean TECHNICALLY...Yeah but you get over it and it was only due to an accident" Naruto said to him with a shrug

The others thought it was kinda cool in slight awe

"He can even talk to them" Dave said seeing how he was with the raptors

"That is amazing" Darrius said asking him questions a mile a minute

"They mostly talk about hunting, meat, and how we piss them off" Naruto said to him as Blue was very vocal in not liking the others handlers not counting Owen and Barry. Though the whole raptor squad were very vocal about not liking Hoskins

(few minutes later)

The group were now standing on top of a tall tower made of wood and steel watching as Jurassic World Dino Handlers herded a variety of Herbivore species ranging from Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, and Sinoceratops to their nighttime enclosures while riding ATV's. The setting sun in the background made for a pretty majestic scene much to the camper's and even Naruto's awe. Dave and Roxie had explained the herding of the dinosaurs before showing everyone a zipline and sending the rest of the campers down it one by one with Ben being the first to go, much to the fearful boy's dismay as he screamed the whole way down. Brooklynn, Sammy, Yasmina, and Kenji follow right behind him leaving Naruto and Darius the only kids on the tower.

"You gonna jump" Naruto asked Darrius who was looking down the easily 150 foot drop to the ground below.

"Sorry it's just we're so high-" Darrius was saying before Naruto shoved him sending the dino loving kid sailing down the zipline.

"You know that is like a safety violation right" Dave said to Naruto

"I think us hitting a dinosaur is a safety violation" Naruto said as the other campers had almost hit a Brachiosaurus' head as it walked by "later" he said jumping back with his zipline making a few calls to the dinosaurs getting some responses

(Raptor habitat Several hours Later)

"Okay, you three Rule Number 1 about Raptors...don't turn your back to the pen. Rule Number 2 do not enter the pen. Rule Number 3...No Flash Photography" Naruto says sternly to Brooklynn, Darius, and Kenji after their near-death experience for the latter two with the Raptor Pen as a result of the three having snuck out after bedtime to try and find the Compy they had an encounter with that had apparently gotten out of its enclosure earlier in the day, and proceeded to jump into the back of the jeep-truck while Dave and Roxie were driving the campers minus Naruto to camp.

"Really no flash photography is rule number 3?" Kenji asks only to receive a stern glare from Naruto "...Shutting Up" the Asian teen says

"Why do I get the feeling this is going to be a running theme with you" Naruto says pinching the bridge of his nose in growing frustration and having a feeling Kenji was going to cause him many headaches in the future "Blue no eating the guest" he said hearing some rustles "yes even the blue one like you" he said as she was referring to Kenji as his shirt had the same color as her

Kenji took a big step back as a raptor with a blue streak running down its sides revealed itself as it looked at Kenji staring intently at the teen her teeth slightly barred

"Don't worry she won't bite….maybe" Naruto said as he heard Blue purr slightly her version of laughing and causing Kenji to audibly gulp and take several steps back further away from the pen.

"It's so cool you can understand her" Darrius said in excitement

"She also understands English only the simple stuff at the moment but she is still learning and quite quickly too" Naruto said to him making Darius even more excited

Blue raised her head proudly and smugly as she was being talked over

"Careful Blue or you could end up with an ego as big as Hoskins gut" Naruto jokes causing Blue to twitch and let out several growls before walking deeper into the pen and out of view "she gets moody when she has her ego checked" he said as the kids looked at him in shock while Darrius looked at him in awe.

"Now with that taken care of Dave, Roxie I have said my bit they're yours now...Brooklynn gets a 3...Darius and Kenji get a 7" he says before yawning and walking off towards the camp buildings

"What's the 3 and 7 for?" Brooklynn asks warily

"Oh just the punishment scale B T DUBS its a scale of 1-10" Dave says wiping his mouth off from the saliva that remained after he vomited from the fear of what he just did getting to him. Afterall opening the door to the Raptor Pen and pulling the two boys from certain death which narrowly missed them was NOT something he thought he would ever have to do.

"It's something Naruto thought up and pitched to his father before camp opened. Based on the severity of the misdeeds a number ranking is given and the severity of the punishment is increased the higher the number. However Numbers 7-8 is where the punishment to send the offender home is considered. That being said levels 9-10 are grounds for immediate dismissal and in the case of Level 10 PERMANENT Banning from ever coming to Jurassic World again" Roxie says explaining the system and causing Darius to audibly gulp.

(The Next Morning)

"So what is your record" Yaz asked seeing Naruto do pull ups

"About 250 last time I kept track…you work out?" Naruto says continuing his reps.

"Like crazy" Yaz said as she smiled "250 huh mind if I beat that" she said challengingly

"You can try and if by some miracle you do I'll beat it again" Naruto said to her accepting the challenge.

"Oh you're on!" Yaz says with a grin before she jumped up next to him and got to work, as they competed she couldn't help but admire his abs "must work out a lot to have a body that fit" she said before blushing thinking that may have come off a bit strong

"Yeah, running with raptors will do that" Naruto said to her as he didn't stop.

"Hmm maybe I should try that" Dave said to him puffing out his chest thinking maybe he should also try running with Raptors.

"Blue must've been tired last night given you knuckleheads survived that or Owen saved you" Naruto said as one was smart and lacked muscles while the other was the opposite so unless they worked together they didn't seem like they had any chance in hell

"Actually it was Dave that pulled us back through the partially open gate just in time after Blue lunged at us while the other 3 were distracted by the hunk of meat Roxie threw into the paddock" Darius pointed out.

"...Okay then obviously Blue wasn't actually going to kill you as there is no way that should have worked" Naruto says finding the whole scenario and mental imagedry dumb as in that situation the odds of not only that plan working but both Darius and Kenji surviving were astronomically not in their favor.

"Maybe that means she likes us?" Darius says excitedly at the idea of a Velociraptor liking him

"Nah more likely you guys smelled bad or something and that turned her off from going for a kill leap it takes A LOT of time and special work for a raptor or really any animal to bond with someone" Naruto says causing the dino nerd to deflate "Now with that out of the way does anyone know what the plan is for today's event?" he asks dropping down from the pullup bar and notices Yasmina hunched over and panting slightly from her exhaustion "Also looks like I win this round though gotta admit pretty impressed you managed to do 100 Pullups that fast" he says complimenting the athletic girl.

"I…want…a…rematch…later…and…thanks" Yasmina says in between her heavy breathing as she tries to recover from the workout

"You're welcome and noted and I look forward to it…Now seriously, does anyone know what we are doing today?" Naruto says once again

"Why yes I happen to know what we are doing today Naruto" Roxie says cheekily as she walks into the room causing Naruto to sweatdrop.

"And you're not gonna tell me" Naruto said as he expected that as Roxie liked to mess with him like this since he often teased her mainly in regards to her lack of love life despite her good looks.

"Yep" Roxie said with a smile

(2 hours later)

"That's one big pile of shit…OW!" Naruto says before yelping as Roxie pinches his ear and tugs on it.

"LANGUAGE!...Now Darius, Kenji, your punishment for last night's idiocy is to clean up this very large and very stinky pile of dino droppings. Meanwhile, the rest of us are having a backstage tour of Dr. Wu's Genetics lab" Roxie says much to both boys dismay though for differing reasons Kenji due to having to shovel up dino crap and Darius for missing out on seeing Baby Dinosaurs being made.

(few minutes later)

"Hey guys" Naruto said as he greeted the quartet of baby Herrerasaurus tossing them bits and scraps of meat

The aggressive dinosaurs voraciously snatched the meat chunks and either tore them apart or outright swallowed them whole before hissing and growling at Naruto

"So not all dinos like you huh?" Yaz said to him, having walked over and watched the scene.

"Predators usually respond differently to other predators, not all of them liking or even tolerating each other. They either feel threatened or will try to establish their dominance over what they perceive as a rival or possible prey either way they are likely to attack. For example Rexy the Tyrannosaurus Rex we have at Jurassic World which just so happens to also be the same one from Jurassic Park has no problem with something like a Compy being in her paddock. However one time a Juvenile Allosaurus that was being transported for a checkup came out of its sedation early and broke free near her paddock. To avoid a panic/potential incident the area was locked down and the Allosaurus herded into Rexy's paddock as a temporary solution until it could be sedated again…She didn't take too kindly to her sudden guest " Naruto explains.

"What happened to the Allosaurus?" Yaz asked, already having an idea.

"Well lets just say we were down one Allosaurus and had to cancel the rest of the T-Rex feeding shows for that day much to the park goers disappointment as it's the most popular attraction with the Mosasaur feeding coming in second. Though Mona did get a few extra sharks that day as a result"

Everyone shivered at the mental image alone as the colossal T-rex

"Wait, who is Mona?" Sammy asks

"Oh Mona is a nickname I came up with for the Mosasaur. You see there was this scientist that used to work here. She was this REALLY uptight and downright nasty woman with a pretty big mean streak and the name just kinda stuck given how the Mosasaur is a lot like her hence why she is the one Marine Reptile we have…she ate all the others or just slaughtered them and left them to sink to the bottom of the lagoon" Naruto says as of all the prehistoric animals at Jurassic World the only one he truly disliked was Mona as she reminded him of the stories Dr. Wu told him about "The Big One" raptor from Jurassic Park, ruthless and vicious just for the sake of being ruthless and vicious.

Naruto noticed Brooklyn snooping and decided to let her not seeing the harm given how she was only poking about the lab area they were in. He noticed Ben seemingly bond to an ankylosaurus 'surprised she has a bigger horn' he thought as it was nice to see life found a way 'wonder how she will see Ben' he thought as hatchlings often saw the first thing they saw as usually their parent imprinting on them immediately it was mandatory for raptor trainers so the raptors were less likely to kill the people training them. However given how the only raptors on the island were Owen's "Raptor Squad" such a practice hadn't been used more than twice.

(with Darius)

'We're gonna die' Darius thought repeatedly as he and Kenji were being chased by a Carnotaurus who was either very hungry or really just wanted new prey after the two had accidentally ended up in the super aggressive dinosaurs paddock by mistake due to Kenji's screw up when leading the two to see said isolated dinosaur via the islands underground tunnel system..

(with Naruto)

'Just felt a chill up my spine' Naruto thought as he felt like something was happening 'I swear if it's Toro' he thought as that particular dinosaur wanted him very dead as it was a very angry creature killing not for food but because it wanted to kill it wasn't a predator but a monster.

The tour was ended as Brooklyn was caught snooping around Wu's office, he was curious if she found anything worthwhile in the man's lab as Wu was someone he always got a weird vibe for the man wondering what kinda dinosaur he had an idea of making

(30 minutes later)

"So where were you two really" Naruto asked as the two seemed to dirty and exhausted to have been shoveling literal crap since they left

"No idea what you're talking about bro we were busy shoveling crap all day" Kenji says both boys hoping the blonde buys it.

"...Hmm I see" Naruto says before walking off causing the two boys to let out a sigh of relief at the blonde having seemingly believed their lie "Kenji you left the hatch open" he said as Kenji may have known about the tunnels but he did not have them memorized and to make matters worse only a few of them were non-habitat related and lead to labs.

Both boys looked to see the underground hatch was still open and rushed to close it

"Seeing as your not in trouble and nothing blew up it is irrelevant which habitat you got into. However if it was the raptors again you'd be so screwed" Naruto said as Owen checked the monitors daily

"It wasn't the Raptors" Darius admits

"Hmm then I guess this time I can let it slide" Naruto said causing Darius to sigh in relief "However that being said…Don't do it again" Naruto adds on causing the two boys to nod their heads definitely not wanting to do a repeat of their encounter with the now nicknamed Carnotaurus 'Toro'.

(later at night)

"Not one for stories" Naruto asked Yaz as he and she were out on the balcony

"Eh not really" Yaz said to him

Naruto would've said something else but saw her sketchbook sitting on the edge and faster than Yaz could see it tilted over the edge and he grabbed her sketchbook

"Whoa thanks" Yaz said as that was impressive "so how is it being part dinosaur" she asked curiously

"It has it's advantages like speed" Naruto said as he could often see how a Raptor was a dominant predator as his senses were often in overdrive and sometimes it looked like things went slow for him "so what's it like being an athlete" he asked her curiously

Yaz smiled as she went into detail about her training and how she started and before she knew it she got to the personal reasons and soon talked about her mom

"Hey" Naruto said to her getting her attention "you a fan of Tarzan by chance" he asked her getting a raised eyebrow

(10 minutes later)

"What the hell!" Yaz said as she screamed at the top of her lungs as Naruto was dashing through the trees carrying her on his back

"This is awesome right" Naruto said as while he was no raptor his nails were much stronger than the average human allowing him to easily climb trees

"This is CRAZY!...and AWESOME!" Yaz yelled as she clutched onto Naruto's shoulders while trying not to blush given how his hands were technically on her ass as he held her up when he ran through the trees jumping from branch to branch and let go when he climbed higher.

"I can go faster" Naruto said to her with a grin seeing her excitement

"Go" Yaz said in excitement

Naruto grinned as he sped up his jumping and running causing Yaz to hold onto him tighter and cheer in excitement.

(1 hour later)

Naruto decided they were out long enough and jumped to the balcony and didn't see the others on the balcony

"Were you just in the trees" Darius asked in surprise

"That looked awesome" Kenji said as he was thinking that looked so cool

"You climb these building high trees" Sammy said in surprise as that'd be a long drop

"Um" Ben said looking at Yaz who had twigs in her hair and what he was guessing was tree sap on her face

"That was so awesome" Yaz said as she dropped down her legs a little wobbly

"Can we do a video" Brooklyn asked thinking it'd be amazing to run through trees and thinking about her followers

"I call dibs on next" Darius said jumping in excitement

"Oh me next" Sammy said also jumping in excitement

"Yeah I might be to much for him to carry" Kenji said as he was the largest of the group

Naruto walked over to him and picked him up at the back of his shirt with his pinky

(next morning)

"What the hell" Roxie said seeing everyone covered in twigs dirt and other things even the germaphobe

Everyone kinda laughed at Ben as Naruto kidnapped him when he wasn't looking

"Dude can we do another video" Brooklyn said as she had 5 million in only a few hours from the video she posted of Naruto carrying her through the trees during her turn.

"We are not doing predators" Naruto said as his dad would kill him and it was a bad idea to say the least.

"You do realize that almost dying is a real rush for viewers" Brooklyn said as she clocked Naruto he was not as fast as the rumored top speed of the raptors but definitely faster than most humans and dinosaurs

"I think almost dying is almost dying" Yaz said as she was very against that. Adrenaline pumping stuff like Naruto carrying them through the trees is one thing but running from bloodthirsty carnivorous dinosaurs was something she REALLY didn't want to do.

"...Should I be worried about whatever happened?" Roxie asked looking at Naruto with a raised eyebrow and her arms crossed

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders "Nah it's no big deal" he says casually

"...Right. Anyway campers you have 30 minutes to get ready before we go out for today's very exciting activity" Roxie says informing the group.

"What are we doing today!" Darius says excitedly hoping to see more dinosaurs, preferably while not having to also run for his life from them again.

"Ah Ah Ah No spoilers now everyone run along and get ready" Roxie says waving her finger back and forth before the campers run off to get cleaned up and ready for the day's activity.

"I swear if it's those sphere things I will be pissed" Naruto said as he volunteered to be a guinea pig to see if certain things were child friendly and when he stepped into the sphere the seats moved inside the sphere and not the sphere itself resulting in him face planting against the glass.

"I can assure you Naruto it is not the gyrospheres" Roxy said with a smile and her hands behind her back.

Naruto just raised an eyebrow at her for a moment before walking off "...Right" he says before following the rest of the campers as they went to get ready.

"You do know he is going to get you back when he finds out about today's activity right?" Dave says walking up behind her and noticing her fingers crossed behind her back.

"It will be worth it after his last prank" Roxie says with a strained grin having remembered Naruto's last prank on her where he somehow managed to break into her room and coat her "special toy" in hot sauce leading to a rather painful and humiliating run to the showers screaming.

"Oh yeah that last prank was the bomb" Dave says with a dopey smile remembering the sight he saw only to gulp as he notices Roxie now glaring at him with such intensity it made his soul shiver "I mean what prank I don't remember his last prank on you not at all" he says shivering.

"For your sake I hope you don't" Roxie says before walking off causing Dave to let out a sigh of relief at having dodged an eruption of Mt. Roxie.

(1 hour later)

"Fuck Roxie" Naruto said as Yaz was driving their Gyrosphere and it was insane given how they were currently in the middle of a stampede of spooked herbivores.

"Are we gonna die" Yaz asked having no control and just doing her best to avoid crashing into the various rampaging dinos or the trees around her as they sped through a section of jungle.

"Honestly 50/50" Naruto said as the glass was bulletproof but wasn't meant to be tested like this

They were knocked back and forth like in a game of pinball until they hit a mud hole and jerked forward in their seats as the sphere got stuck.

"I really wish I had a fucking weapon or these balls had a detach option with the fucking glass" Naruto said kicking the glass that was breached from the tail spike of a Stegosaurus in all the chaos as that had to be a weak spot

"Any luck" Yaz asked in hope

"No" Naruto said in frustration "you dicks make an impenetrable piece of shit to humans assholes" he said in annoyance noticing Yaz breath faster 'is she hyperventilating' he thought to himself thinking fast "Hey listen we're gonna be fine alright" he said to her with a grin

"How are you so sure" Yaz asked needing some comforting thought

"I believe" Naruto said to her calmly "c'mon talk to me I know you like sports and drawing what else" he said trying to take her mind off their situation

"Music" Yaz said as she liked different types of music

Naruto then asked her to name her favorite types and songs to distract her and soon looked around seeing they were halfway sunk and before he knew it something was tapping the glass 'the hell' he thought seeing a triceratops coo and look at him

"Does it know you" Yaz asked in slight fear and hope

"Maybe as did I play with a baby triceratops as a kid" Naruto said placing his hand on the glass seeing the triceratops place it's snout against the spot on the glass

They both saw it cry as it noticed Naruto get lower and knocked the glass with it's horns a few times

"I have a crazy idea" Naruto said to her

"Will it get us out" Yaz asked quickly

"That or kill us" Naruto said to her "Hope this is the same triceratops I played with and she still remembers the hand signs" he said tapping the glass getting her attention and did a 'come here' motion in urgency

The triceratops tilted its head seeing this before turning around and walking off causing the two teens to slump in defeat. Hearing a loud snort followed by thundering footsteps Naruto turned his attention back to in front of the stuck gyrosphere

"Oh shit I may have not thought this through…get DOWN!" Naruto said seeing the triceratops take a similar stance and positioning to a bull before charging at them

They were violently sent against the glass as one of the triceratops pierced the gyrosphere coming in between them

"That was close" Yaz said in fear

"Better than drowning in mud" Naruto said as he'd much rather get impaled then drown

"Is she gonna leave us alone" Yaz asked seeing she was still there

"You know I can honestly say I have no clue" Naruto said as dinosaurs were fiercely loyal in certain situations like how he was with the raptors he wondered if he bonded with the triceratops or if she imprinted on him

However further thought was shaken from his head as the Triceratops lifted its head up lifting the gyrosphere from the mud pit before flinging it and the two teens inside it towards a tree where the protective sphere broke spilling the two teens onto the ground with Yaz landing on Naruto's chest.

"Well not the worst day I've had" Yasmina said thankful to be alive

"Trust me there are worse things than this and the dino shit detail" Naruto said to her as he was being serious

"Noted" Yaz said not wanting to know what could be worse than those two things. "Um Naruto…what now?" she asked upon seeing the Triceratops right in front of them just standing there.

"Well can you take your hand off my nuts" Naruto said to her as she was pressing her weight into picking herself up

Yaz jumped up in surprise and embarrassment

The triceratops then approached them and nuzzled against them

"She's really gentle" Yaz said surprised something this gentle could have so much power

"Most herbivores are given their size differentiations" Naruto said as a brachiosaurus was a prime example along and some carnivores as well like the T-Rex…under the right circumstances of course

"Aww" Yaz said seeing a baby triceratops

"What are you looking at" Naruto said teasingly as he pet the baby seeing the triceratops loom over the baby "she yours" he asked her curiously "why the hell is she here" he asked no one in particular as baby's were usually monitored till safely released

Yaz actually liked seeing the baby as it was very adorable especially when it licked Naruto

"This is one of the time when I want dinosaurs to be scared of me" Naruto said as the mother joined in on the licking, he got pissed as he saw Brooklyn take a picture upon her arrival

(6 hours later)

"I swear I need another shower" Naruto said still thinking he had mud in places he didn't know he had places and froze as he saw Roxie "I think I much prefer the muddy death" he said as he knew even in death she'd tease him

"And what have a cute girl in your arms as you go or wait get licked to death" Roxie said to her with a grin

"Very funny…I hope you know that this means war" Naruto said with a challenging grin and glint in his eyes.

"Bring it on" Roxie said to him unafraid

"Oh it's on and just a heads up the stuff I have in mind will make your little "Hot Sauce Streak" look tame in comparison" he says before he starts laughing maniacally

"I reiterate bring…it…on!" Roxie says before breaking out into her own maniacal laughter causing everyone else to begin to slowly inchy away from the two out of a mixture of fear and not wanting to be potential collateral damage in whatever the two ended up doing to each other.

"Well I think that with that going on I am going to excuse myself to go edit todays recording instead of running the risk of my phone getting caught up in and damaged by whatever those two are going to do" Brooklyn says waving her phone in the air wanting to get away and edit the footage she recorded of the days events so she could upload it for her followers to watch. The pink-haired girl then walked off towards her room leaving the rest of the group to continue watching their female camp counselor and blonde fellow camper continue their laughter.

(A Few Hours Later)

Brooklyn was sitting at her desk going over the footage she recorded "...So what do you want me to say?" she sees Naruto say in the recording causing her to sigh at the blonde's lack of camera skill and causing more work for her. Fastforwarding through a bit of footage she raises an eyebrow when she thinks she sees something odd causing her to pause the video and rewind a bit.

"...Well a Triceratops can…" Naruto is heard saying in the video but Brooklynn's attention as she watches it is drawn to the background of the shot where just barely in the frame Sammy can be seen kneeling down in front of the baby Triceratops before pulling out a strip of some kind and swabbing the baby's mouth before putting it into a small tube and hiding it in her pants pocket

"What the heck?" Brooklynn mutters to herself in confusion at what she just saw, not aware that behind her standing in the open door to her room is Sammy with a look of shock and fear on her face.

(The next morning)

The campers were gathered in the main room of the camp building each doing their own thing at the moment. Kenji was spinning around boredly in a rolling chair, Yaz and Sammy were talking about various things, Ben was sitting on one of the couches drawing a picture of him and Bumpy the baby Ankylosaurus he saw at Dr. Wu's Genetics Lab the previous day. Naruto however was off to the side hanging from one of the rooms rafters by his legs and doing sit ups.

Yasmina was finding this particularly interesting if the way she was discreetly eying the blondes form which happened to be shirtless was any indication. The athlete let out a small yelp as she felt something jab her side causing her to look to the side to see Sammy who was giving her a knowing look causing the track athlete to blush.

"WHAT'S UP CAMP CRETACEOUS!" Darius yells kicking the door to the main room open with a bang startling everyone and causing Naruto to crash to the ground "Uh Naruto….you okay?" the dino loving teen asks after seeing him crash to the floor.

"Yep just peachy" Naruto says with a slight groan before getting to his feet and grabbing his nearby shirt before putting it on, causing Yasmina to pout subtly.

"Awesome, who's excited for today!" Darius yells excitedly, getting a slight chuckle from Naruto at the boy's enthusiasm.

"Not in a cheery mood after yesterday Darius…Being caught up in a Dino Stampede will do that to you" Kenji says from his chair with a slight glare.

"Meh it wasn't that bad" Naruto says with a shrug.

"How was it not that bad?!" Kenji yells, throwing his arms up in the air.

"Well for one we were all in Gyrospheres so we were pretty safe. Then there is the fact that the stampede itself wasn't that big. Heck there was this one time where all the Gallimimus somehow got all the way up to the area we were at yesterday and let me tell you trying to wrangle a single Gallimimus let alone almost 100 of them is no easy task" Naruto says crossing his arms.

"How did such a mass breakout happen?" Yaz asked curious about it given how much Jurassic World prided itself on safety.

"Well some stupid kid got off the Jurassic Tour truck when it stopped for a photo op of the Galli's like it normally does. He thought it would be a good idea to walk up to a Galli and take a picture with his camera at close range with the flash on I might add causing the Galli to panic and bolt startling the rest of the Galli's. As luck would have it a ranger team had just entered the paddock through its gate to check the monitoring station in the paddock only for all the Galli's to bumrush past them before the gate could be closed. Obviously this led to the entire ACU Division being called in to round them up but it just wasn't working given the quickness and agility of the Galli's. Heck they used motorcycles, jeeps, trucks, even my dad's helicopter to try and round them up but the Galli's would always start splitting up into groups and going every which way. So after several hours I had a crazy idea…" Naruto says, explaining the event before trailing off.

"So what was your idea?" Darius asks eager to know what happened next.

"Oh not much, just that we use Rexy to herd the Galli's towards a specific area" Naruto says casually with a shrug of his shoulders and a grin.

The blonde's statement caused the group's eyes to widen in shock and Ben to also drop his juice box "WHAT!" they all yelled at the same time.

"Oh yeah that's the same look my dad and the others had when I pitched the idea to them" Naruto says as he starts laughing as he remembers the looks on everyone's faces. Heck he was pretty sure that Claire Dearing was going to faint when he pitched the idea.

"So…what happened?" Darius asked, wanting to know more.

"Well my plan was that we sedate Rexy and bring her out to the area where the Galli's were running around. Then we injured one of the Galli's so that it would bleed giving Rexy their scent. After that Rexy started giving chase to them and that combined with ACU prodding at them when they started going the wrong way we managed to herd them back through the way they came and Rexy got a snack of her favorite meal as payment/reward for her work" Naruto says finishing his retelling of the event.

"Wait, what is her favorite meal?" Ben asks with a gulp hoping it isn't humans.

"Oh it's Gallimimus, the Gallimimus we injured at the start of the plan wasn't able to keep up and thus Rexy caught it and well it's pretty obvious what happened next. Anyway after Rexy had her reward we sedated her again and returned her to her paddock" Naruto says causing Ben to gulp

The campers then began to discuss the story Naruto just told them while Naruto himself thought back to the part of the story he left out.


Naruto who had been driving a motorcycle helping round up the escaped Gallimimus was standing next to a Gallimimus as it layed on the ground crying out in pain as it had tripped in the stampede back towards the gate to the Gallimimus enclosure. The result of the fall was the Gallimimus severely breaking both of its legs to the point that the bones were sticking out of them in multiple places.

Kneeling down next to the injured dino's head, Naruto ran his hand along its neck and head soothingly knowing that with the extensive injury there was only one thing that could be done to help the dinosaur. Pulling out a 8-Inch Tactical Survival Bowie Knife from a sheath on his hip he brought it to the wailing dinos throat "Shh shh it's going to be alright just get some rest" he says softly before quickly sliding the knife into the Galli's neck at the base of its skull severing its brainstem and killing it immediately and painlessly thus ending its suffering.

Naruto watched as the light faded quickly for the dino's eyes as he continued softly rubbing the side of its head before closing the dead dino's eyes with a sigh. Gently letting the dino's head down onto the ground Naruto stood up and wiped his knife off on his pants before putting it back in its sheath. The blonde froze however as he felt a thundering footstep and slowly turned around to see none other than Rexy standing mere feet in front of him looking directly at him.

"Oh fuck my luck" Naruto whispered to himself as he remained still and looked up at the Queen of Isla Nublar.

Rexy for her part looked down at the human that she had seen several times before with the confusing scent for a moment before looking at the dead dino next to him. Lowering her mighty head and jaws down towards the human she took several sniffs of the human once more smelling his scent while also smelling the blood of the dead dino on him showing her that he had killed the dino. Taking one last long sniff of the human Rexy managed to finally detect what the familiar scent was causing her eyes to widen slightly and her pupils to widen as well. The mighty Queen of Nublar then moved her head over to the dead dino and using her mighty and powerful jaws sunk her teeth deep into its flesh before tearing off a large meaty and bloody chunk before dropping it in front of the human.

The queen then once more sunk her teeth into the dead dino before effortlessly lifting the whole carcass up and turning around before she began walking away with it. After walking a short distance she turned her head to look at the human and just stood there.

Naruto watched Rexy just stand there with her meal in her mouth and stare at him before he saw her gaze seemingly also shift down to the hunk of meat laying at his feet. Getting an idea, Naruto slowly knelt down and grabbed the hunk of meat before lifting it up towards his mouth and sinking his own teeth into it before tearing off a mouthful, chewing, and swallowing it. Looking back at Rexy he saw her stare at him for another moment before she resumed her walking away.

Naruto stood there for several minutes watching her walk away until she was gone from view and he heard vehicles approaching and turned to see Owen pulling up on his own motorcycle with his assistant/fellow Raptor handler Barry right next to him on an ATV and Naruto's father pulled up in a jeep. The three men got off/out of their respective vehicles and walked over towards him, their eyes drifting from the hunk of Gallimimus meat on the ground and the blood around Naruto's mouth. Seeing their questioning looks Naruto just chuckled as he said "Have I got one heck of a story for you" he says with a grin confusing the three men before proceeding to tell them what had happened and enjoying their reactions to said story

(End Flashback)

"Oh yeah where are Dave and Roxie?" Darius asked having not seen them on his way into the main room.

"They had to go have a meeting with Claire Dearing regarding the camp so they left me in charge until they get back in a couple hours" Naruto says getting a nod from Darius as everyone went back to what they were doing.

However everyone's attention was suddenly brought to the main door of the room as it was thrown open to reveal Brooklynn standing there with her arms crossed and a rather angry look on her face.

"Heeeey Brooklynn what's the latest news" Yaz says with a drawl and slight roll of her eyes figuring the social media star was in a bad mood over her follower count or something like she had been the last couple days.

"I wouldn't know as someone stole my phone!" Brooklyn yelled in anger.

"Okay Brooklynn just calm down. Maybe you misplaced it last night before you went to bed" Naruto says calmly, trying to calm the girl down.

"No I know I didn't misplace it. After I finished editing the footage I got yesterday I put it in its charger because the battery was low and set it on the nightstand right next to my bunk. When I woke up it was gone and I checked everywhere in my room but didn't find it so someone stole it." Brooklyn explains making it clear she didn't misplace it.

"Oh come on Brooklynn who hasn't had your phone at some point since we've been here?" Yasmina asks with a roll of her eyes.

"I had to borrow it to check the weather last night" Ben says in his usual timid voice

"Um Dr. Sattler posted a new column on microfossils yesterday that I had to check out…" Darius says with a sheepish grin.

"The light this morning was too good to miss the selfie opp, but I haven't seen it since then" Kenji chimes in lazily, still spinning in his chair.

"I don't use cell phones, only radios and landlines," Naruto said with a shrug, having never actually even touched the phone himself.

"I…haven't seen it either" Sammy says a little nervously while brushing a lock of her hair behind her ear.

"Really?" Brooklyn asks in a skeptical tone as if she doesn't believe the texan's words.

"Alright everyone chill, we aren't heading out to do today's activity until after Dave and Roxie get back so we have a couple of hours to search for the phone. If everyone works together we will find it in no time" Naruto says, stepping in to prevent another argument.

"Oh I think I know exactly where to look. I also think that whoever took it was likely trying to hide some of the things that are on it. What do you think Sammy?" Brooklynn states while slowly walking over and standing next to the cowgirl.

"Um what?" Sammy asks sounding confused.

"Hey what is your deal? Sammy said she didn't touch your phone! Maybe you just lost the stupid thing" Yaz snaps standing up and getting in Brooklynn's face in defense of Sammy.

"Hmm well then how about we just check her bags? If she has nothing to hide and didn't take the phone then she should have no issue with it right?" Brooklynn says taking a few steps only for Yaz to step in front of her.

"You don't get to go through anyone's stuff. I don't care if your some social media celebrity that doesn't give you the right to snoop around in someone else's privacy or did you not learn that when you got us kicked out of Dr. Wu's Lab the other day!" Yazmina snaps back

"Hey enough!" Naruto yells, stopping the argument and making everyone turn to look at him "Look maybe you lost it or maybe someone took it we don't know but standing here and placing blame and arguing won't fix things. So here is what we are going to do, until Dave and Roxie get back we are going to look for the phone and search everywhere top to bottom. If and ONLY If we don't find it THEN we will go through everyone's things to see if someone took it. In the event we still can't find it then we will wait until Dave and Roxie get back before bringing the issue up with them and finding out what to do next…Understood?" he says laying out how things are going to go.

Brooklynn glares at Sammy for a moment before turning to look at Naruto "Yeah sounds good so can we start looking?" she asks.

"Yeah now come on everyone we will start here-" Naruto begins to say only to be cut off as a very loud roar is heard making everyone look out towards the balcony area.

"Um what was that?" Brooklynn asks timidly given the loudness of the roar despite still sounding a ways off.

"Uh T-Rex?" Kenji guesses with a slight shrug.

"No I don't think so" Darius says as everyone slowly makes their way out onto the balcony.

"No that definitely wasn't Rexy I know her roar and that isn't it" Naruto says, narrowing his eyes as he had never heard that roar before, meaning it was a dinosaur he didn't know about which was odd given his dad owned the park.

"Then what sort of dinosaur was it? Friendish or Foe-ish?" Ben asks, sounding really scared.

"Where's it coming from?" Sammy asks turning her head to the side so her ear was facing the trees as she tried to figure out where it was coming from.

"No idea the trees are blocking everything" Yaz says in frustration as while the giant redwood trees surrounding the camp made for a beautiful one with nature scene they made seeing into the distance virtually impossible.

"Maybe they are moving a new dino from the lab to another enclosure?" Darius says with a tinge of excitement "We could probably see it from the Observation tower! Could be cool." he adds on in increased excitement.

"Yeah that sounds like a great idea Darius! What are we waiting for?" Sammy says suddenly in agreement almost as if she wants to change the subject.

"Wait Naruto is in charge so it's his call" Yaz reminds them, causing everyone to turn to the blonde making him sigh.

Naruto stood there for a moment thinking of the options. On one hand they could stay at the camp which is what they SHOULD do especially given the unknown of the situation. However on the other they could head to the tower to see what was going on. Logically the choice was obvious in that they should stay where they are and normally that's the option he would choose. The issue was that he was having this feeling in his gut almost like an instinct that was screaming at him that going to the tower was the right choice. In fact the feeling made him think back on what Owen once told him when he was teaching Naruto some survival skills.


"Alright Naruto we have everything gathered for the night and you did a great job on starting the fire, making shelter, and setting up alarms in case of predators so lets have some food before calling it a night" Owen said as he sat down on a log and took the fresh caught and cooked fish skewered on a couple of stick off the fire handing one of the sticks to Naruto and keeping the other for himself.

As the two began eating their meals they chatted about various topics like the raptors, more survival skills, and Owen even told Naruto a bit about his time in the service "Okay Naruto before we call it a night I got one more lesson for you and this is a super important one. There are times when you are forced to make a decision but can't. It will be like your mind is telling you one thing but you will have this feeling either in your gut or heart that is telling you another. Don't ever ignore those feelings as that's your instinct telling you something or something along those lines. However that doesn't mean you should always listen to your instinct as that's just as bad as ignoring your instinct. All I can say is weigh the options and whichever one you feel is the right choice then go with that one. It might be the wrong choice in the situation or it might be the right one you never know until things play out but that's how life is and all you can do is make a choice and hope for the best while preparing for the worst" Owen explains getting a nod from Naruto before the two call it a night and get in their sleeping bags.

(Flashback End)

"Alright I've decided we are heading to the observation tower to see what's going on" Naruto says as the group makes their way towards the elevator to reach ground level, even a reluctant Ben who decides it would be smarter to stay with the group rather than be all alone at camp.

However unknown to the campers if they had stayed a minute longer they would have heard the radio Dave and Roxie left them crackle to life and a man say "Asset out of Containment, I say again Asset out of Containment, stay indoors ACU is responding" though much like the radio that was forgotten the warning went unheard to the campers.

(15 Minutes Later)

The campers had reached the observation tower only to find the door to the fence surrounding it not only closed but also locked. Kenji tried pulling on it trying to force it open before stepping away "It's locked we can't get in" he says.

"Thank you captain obvious for that insightful observation" Naruto says with a deadpan stare at the observation.

"Oh, wow guess with can't get in and that we should head back to camp" Ben quickly says nervously.

"Wait where is everyone?" Darius says after finally noticing that there is literally nobody else around.

"Yeah that is really odd as there is supposed to be someone nearby in case someone gets the idea to do exactly what we are" Naruto says rubbing his chin as it was definitely a breach of protocol for nobody to be near the structure.

"Whatever if we're doing this then we might as well go all the way" Brooklynn says stepping forward and pulling a hairpin out for her hair and using it to quickly unlock the fence door. Seeing the surprised look on the others faces at her feat Brooklynn smirks "What? You didn't see my Unboxing Kathmandu, Hacks for when you lock yourself out of your hotel room video?" she says.

"...If you could do that the entire time why did you let me spend the last 5 minutes busting my but trying to pry the door open?" Kenji asked

"Meh it was kinda amusing seeing you struggle with the whole macho-act you were doing" Brooklynn says with a shrug getting a few quite snickers from the others as Kenji pouts a bit

"Last to the top is a rotten egg!" Sammy suddenly yells before dashing past Brooklynn quickly followed by the others

A couple minutes later the campers reach the top of the tower with most of them panting out of breath except for Naruto who had reached the top first using some parkour and free climbing to scale the structure passing the others who had to take the stairs, and Yasmina who was the 2nd most athletic out of the group.

As the campers were catching their breath Kenji finally made it to the top heavily panting "No…More…Stairs!" he exclaims before collapsing at the top step "There had better be something good to see" he says before a thundering footstep was heard that made the tower vibrate.

All the campers rushed to the railing to try and see what was making the noise "There is something out there" Brooklynn says in a whisper

"Something big" Darius adds in a whisper as well. The campers all watched as some of the trees in front of them started to shake as something big moved through them causing the campers to get more and more nervous until finally the dinosaur revealed itself with a loud bellow as it emerged from the trees showing it to be a Brachiosaurus.

"It's just a Brachiosaurus" Yaz says with a smile.

"Ooh mystery solved, we should go back now right?" Ben asks hopefully

"But that doesn't make sense Brachiosaurus don't roar like that there roar is more like…" Darius points out before he starts imitating said dinosaurs call before turning to Naruto "Right Naruto?" he asks looking at the teen.

Naruto blinked his eyes as he snapped out of his thoughts "Huh what?" he asks, having not heard the question. The sighting of the Brachiosaurus combined with the roar they heard earlier had his mind going a mile a minute trying to piece everything together and if his hunch was right things weren't good.

"I said-" Darius begins only to stop as they faintly hear someone yelling so the group looks down over the railing to see two park works on the ground looking up at them and yelling.

"What are they saying?" Sammy asks

"Oh great they look mad I told you we would get in trouble" Ben says having mentioned it several times on the walk over to the observation tower.

"Quiet!" Naruto snaps as he tries to hear what the men are saying. He manages to hear some of the what they are saying though it's broken up so he only gets words like "Asset", "Containment", and "Lockdown" causing his eyes to widen as everything clicks into place. He turns to the campers and manages to say "We-" before a ear piercing roar fills the air and the Brachiosaurus that was still nearby lazily grazing on the tops of the trees lets out a pain filled moan before its neck is dragged below the treetops and nothing is heard from it again.

The sight of this frightens all of the group minus Naruto causing them to let out a gasping scream which combined with the roar causes the two men to stop yelling.

One of the men makes to yell at the campers again only to be cut off as he hears thundering footsteps behind him causing him and his coworker to turn around to see the tower form of a theropod dinosaur lumbering up to them.

The dinosaur was huge easily standing 20 Feet Tall and 50 Feet long, with thick strong legs and a long pair of muscular arms at the end rested its hands which shockingly had not only three fingers but a fourth one resembling a thumb all of which were sporting long razor sharp claws that had to be around 2 feet long each. The dinosaurs skin was shockingly a grayish white and had protruding bumps running up its back almost like armor leading up to the back of its skull which sported some proto-feather like quills. The head however was arguably the most terrifying part as it had bloody orange red eyes with slit pupils and massive spike like teeth of various sizes situated in its jaw that were visible even when it had its mouth closed like a crocodile.

The dinosaur let out a roar causing the two workers to make a run for it but the dinosaur quickly caught one of them snapping its mighty jaws around the man in a single bone crunching action as the man screamed for a split second as the teeth pierced his body before he was ripped in half. Meanwhile the other man made it a few more steps before with a might swing of one of its hands the dinosaur briefly impaled him through the chest with on of its claws making the man vomit blood before his body was launched off the claw due to the force of the swing and it lifelessly went fling into a tree trunk with sicking crunch.

The campers understandably at having seen such a horrifying scene screamed and took a step back from the railing.

"What is that?" Yazmina asked in terror to Naruto though not taking her eyes off the monster below as it began eating the body of the man it had sent fling into the tree.

"I have no idea" Naruto admits shocking the group as his dad hadn't said anything about a new dinosaur being added to the park let alone something like what was down below.

"It got them! It got them!" Ben hysterically screeches in terror at what he had just witnessed.

Brooklynn gasps as her eyes widen "Dr. Wu's lab! There were some papers and an image on his computer In—Indominus Rex" she says only to be interrupted by Sammy whispering the name "How do you know that name?" Brooklynn asks

"But there's no dinosaur named–"Darius begins only to be interrupted by Sammy.

"There's no time we need to leave now right now!" the cowgirl frantically says taking a few steps backwards towards the stairs

"Up here safe, down there not safe" Kenji whispers out in fear.

"Kenji is right we are safe up here. We need to be absolutely silent and take several steps back from the edge so it can't see us. Then after it leaves we wait a bit before quickly and quietly making our way back to camp" Naruto says laying out a plan.

"Uh Naruto there is one problem with your plan" Yaz says

"What?" the blonde asks quietly

"It already knows were up here" the athlete says pointing down towards the ground causing everyone to look down and see the Indominus Rex staring up directly at them

"Shit" Naruto curses with a gulp

"It sees us! It sees us!" Ben screams in terror.

The Indominus roars before charging forward, effortlessly crashing through the small metal fence before grabbing the thick metal support beams with its strong arms sending a shudder up the tower making the teens stumble a bit.

Using its immense strength the Indominus began bending and pulling the support beams of the tower making it shake and tip. It was during one tip that Sammy lost her balance and went falling over the railing nearly plummeting to her doom before Naruto and Yaz each grabbed one of her arms before pulling her back up to safety.

The Indominus let out a roar and renewed its assault on the tower at seeing its kill be denied causing the tower to shake and tip even more.

"Get to the Zipline!" Naruto yells as the kids rush over to the ride.

Ben is the first one to take a seat but in his panic struggles to get his seatbelt clipped causing Kenji to do it for him before pushing the scared teen down the zipline as he screams and the tower shakes even more.

Seeing the tower shake even more Sammy, Kenji, Brooklynn, and Darius are quick to get into their zipline seats and go down as well leaving just Naruto and Yasmina on the tower. The tower suddenly shakes quite heavily, nearly tipping over as Naruto and Yaz look out at the others to see them suddenly stop mid-way down the cable in a shower of sparks from where the seats are connected to the zipline cable.

"Why aren't we moving! Ben what did you do!" Kenji yells as the teens dangle helpless in the air.

"I didn't do anything, it just stopped!" Ben shouts back before the wire jolts up and down causing them all to scream.

"Shit the emergency brakes have been engaged and locked" Naruto curses at seeing this as the tower shakes again this time due to the Indominus actually ripping out one of the metal support beams with its mighty jaws.

Naruto looks out at the others dangly helpless before back to Yaz who has yet to go and gets an idea as he unbuckles his seat belt and gets off his seat.

"Naruto what are you doing?" Yaz asks in shock.

"We need to force the emergency brake to disengage which will require a lot of force at once…Really hope you're as strong as you say you are!" he says before running at her and leaping causing her eyes to widen before he collides with her sending them rocketing down the zipline as she wraps her arms around him and he does the same to her.

The two speed down the line far faster than the speed the others went as Naruto yells "BRACE YOURSELVES!" moments before he and Yaz collide with the others forcibly disengaging the emergency brake as the teens resume zipping down to safety.

"It's working, we're going to make it!" Darius yells in joy as they get closer and closer to the other tower before a crash is heard.

Naruto looks back just in time to see the Indomius pull off another of the metal support beams of the tower resulting in the remaining ones to start buckling under the weight of the tower resulting in it starting to crash to the ground. The cable of the zipline jerks before snapping, sending the teens plummeting into the trees below screaming the whole way down.

(Few Minutes Later)

The campers let out a series of groans as they either slowly get up off the ground rubbing various parts of their body or climb down the tree like in the case of Kenji and Naruto who had both gotten stuck in the trees when they collided with branches.

"Ah crap that sucked, lucky for us the ground was softened from all the rain yesterday or that could have been a lot worse" Naruto says looking at the campers who had hit the ground "Is everyone okay?" he asks.

"Yeah just a few scrapes and bruises it seems" Darius says looking around at the others who have a few tears in their now dirt covered clothes but nothing serious as nobody seems to be injured.

"That's good now-" Naruto begins to say before the roar of the Indominus is heard in the distance.

"Ah! Where is it!" Ben nearly yells in his fear.

"Shh! It could be anywhere!" Yaz says in a loud whisper as the group looks in every direction.

"The observation tower was that way or was it that way?" Brooklynn mutters to herself trying to determine which direction safety would be.

Unknown to everyone as they weren't paying attention Sammy reaches into her pocket as if to pull something out before her eyes widen in shock and she stops.

Darius begins patting himself down his eyes going wide "Wheres? No no my necklace I left it in my bunk" he says in shock before another roar from the Indominus is heard.

"We got slightly bigger problems than your missing bling dude!" Kenji says in fear as the group huddles up.

"We have to run!" Sammy says desperately

"Sammy's right we can't stay here we need to get back to camp. I know the way given our location so follow me and keep up!" Naruto says before they all start running through the jungle following Naruto's lead to camp and hopefully safety.

After several minutes of running, jumping over a few fallen trees, and running through some tall grass the campers finally make it back to camp and hopefully safety only to gasp when they see the camp destroyed.

The main building on the ground was completely wrecked and crushed by the main lodge building that had fallen from up in the tree. Several of the suspended wooden walkways had either fallen to the ground or were hanging dangerously in the air, and debris was scattered all over the ground which had several very large theropod dinosaur footprints in them clearly from the Indominus. As the campers walked among the carnage they could only look on in horror at their hope of safety at getting back to camp was crushed.

"Dave, Roxie, the other workers, they must have all gotten away" Sammy says optimistically

"...Not all of them" Naruto says standing next to the overturned wreckage of a Jurassic World jeep in which the lower torso of a worker was hanging out the drivers side window its guts spread across the ground evident that the unfortunate soul had survived the initial flipping of the vehicle and tried to escape only to have been bitten in half by the Indominus.

Naruto then looks back towards the entrance to the camp and narrows his eyes "As for Dave and Roxie they haven't been back yet as there aren't any tire tracks big enough to fit the truck they took meaning they are likely still at headquarters" he says causing the campers to let out a small sigh of relief that at least Dave and Roxie were likely okay.

Yaz pulls aside a board and finds the radio that Dave and Roxie had left the campers "Hello, Hello can anyone hear me we need help!" she desperately says only to see that the radio is broken "We're on our own" she says somberly in realization as the campers minus Naruto gain a scared look.

"Give me my PHONE!" Brooklynn suddenly yells looking at Sammy "I don't care about you sneaking into Dr. Wu's lab. I don't care about whatever you did with the skin samples you took from the baby triceratops. I don't even care that you stole it now, all I want to do is call for help!" she desperately says.

"Skin samples?" Naruto asks, narrowing his eyes slightly not liking the possibility of what that could mean if what Brooklynn says was true.

"I..I..I don't know that your talking about! Skin samples, sneaking into labs, you made up some crazy thing in your own dang head" Sammy says defensively as she goes to stand next to Yasmina.

"Hey back off! Not everything revolves around you and your phone! It isn't Sammy's fault you lost it!" Yaz yells back at Brooklynn.

"Would you guys please keep it down there is a-" Ben begins in whisper

"A big scary dinosaur? Newsflash Ben there is always a big scary dinosaur!" Kenji says in annoyance at the timid boy.

"And you're always a big-mouthed jerk!" Ben snaps back in a surprising show of confidence and standing up for himself. This resulted in a huge argument starting amids the group between Kenji and Ben arguing while Brooklynn argued with Sammy and Yasmina. Meanwhile Naruto stood off to the side thinking while Darius looked up at the wreckage of the treehouses thinking about his fossilized velociraptor tooth necklace that his dad had given him as part of a matching pair set.

Naruto then walked over to Darius placing his hand on his shoulder causing the boy to look at him before Naruto looked at the rest of the group just in time for Ben to snap "None of us are getting out of here! We just saw people get eaten! We're alone, we're defenseless, we're dead." he says in finality before sitting on the ground and pulling his knees up to his chest.

"Your wrong on two accounts Ben" Naruto says getting the groups attention "We're not alone as we have each other, and we're not dead so long as we're still alive. Now I will give you credit that we are defenseless as we don't have any weapons but that doesn't mean we are helpless. Besides, even if we did have weapons, I doubt they would do us much good based on what we saw that Indominus Rex?" he says looking to Brooklynn for clarification getting nod "Right that Indominus Rex just do I doubt anything short of heavy weapons like shoulder fired rocket launchers or Rexy…maybe the Velociraptors if they worked together would even scratch that monster" he states realistically as given the Indominus was able to rip out large reinforced metal beams with using just its arms or jaws the thing packed a serious punch.

"However, that doesn't mean we are just going to sit here and wait to die. We are going to get up and make our way to the main park where there is help and safety and we are going to do it together" he says, causing the group's eyes to widen.

"Naruto is right" Darius says, causing the others to look at him "Yeah we're in a scary situation and this isn't how things were supposed to be. My dad had a saying he would say "Things aren't always going to go your way. Life is messy and sometimes things fall apart. But that's okay because when that happens we pick up the pieces and keep going, and we never give up"" Darius says passionately

"Heh pretty good speech Darius" Naruto compliments with a smile getting one from the teen as well.

"What about your necklace?" Brooklynn asks

"It's not important, I've got all the memories regarding it right here" Darius says holding his hand over his heart

"Well alright then now that we're all motivated let's get on our way" Naruto says before turning to walk back towards the jungle.

"Or we could stay here and wait for help?" Ben suggests

"Ben, we are in an isolated area several miles from everyone. With that Indominus rampaging about its the higher priority than coming to save us. Besides there is no telling if it will come back here so our best bet is to go to the main park. Look I get it your scared hell I am kinda scared as well as nothing like what we just went through has ever happened before" Naruto says

"What about the old park" Yasmina asks with a raised eyebrow

"...That doesn't count, totally different situation. Anyway your not alone Ben all of us are here with you and were not leaving you so you need to not leave us either got it?" the blonde says getting a nod from Ben "Very good now let's get on our way as the sooner we leave the sooner we can get to safety" he says before walking back into the jungle with the rest of the group right behind him.

As Naruto stepped back into the jungle he couldn't help but think "Things are really bad right now and I have this nagging feeling they are going to get even worse. Hope dad and the others are okay" he thought as he narrowed his eyes at the jungle in front of him relying on the survival training Owen had taught him to hopefully lead his fellow campers to safety and not a grisly death.

Unknown to the blonde his hunch that things were going to get worse was right on the money as the Indominus Rex's rampage had only just begun and would lead to much more death and chaos.

End Chapter

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