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(Camp Ruins Early Morning)

It had been a couple of days since the campers had started building their 'treehouse' base out of the ruins of Camp Cretaceous. The campers were currently sitting around a makeshift table they made out of a few pieces of wood enjoying a breakfast of canned peaches and roasted Compy.

"So today's plan is to work more on the base. However I am going to be making a supply run/scouting trip looking for anything we could use. Darius you are in charge while I am gone though stick to the camp and focus on building the base. No leaving camp unless it's an emergency. That means no going out to look for frozen flowers…looking at you Brooklynn" Naruto says explaining the plan for the day before giving said girl a pointed look.

"Hey!" Brooklynn exclaims not liking how she was being singled out. Sure she may have wandered off yesterday and the day before instead of helping build the base but it wasn't like she didn't have a good reason.

"No 'Heys' Brooklynn" Naruto says with a deadpan look before sighing "Look I am not saying you didn't see what you say you saw but you can't just go off by yourself looking for the frozen flowers. It puts not only yourself but the group as a whole at risk" he adds causing the girl to lower her head in embarrassment.

"How come you can go off on your own then dude?" Kenji asks with a raised eyebrow before popping a piece of Compy meat into his mouth and chewing it.

"Because I have the survival skills to have the best chance at SURVIVING out there by myself. Not to mention how me going out there by myself doesn't leave all of you undermanned back here in case something happens" Naruto replies to the Asian teens question.

"Naruto's right, his skills and knowledge give him the best chance of completing the supply runs we need" Darius says in agreement with the blonde leader's points.

"Not to mention how his speed also pretty much guarantees he can outrun most if not all of the carnivores that pose a threat to him. If one of us were to go with him we would slow him down if a predator attacked" Yaz says while resting her chin on her palm as her elbow rested on the makeshift table.

"Not quite the way I would put it but you're not entirely wrong Yaz" Naruto replied with a bit of a chuckle which the others joined in on. Popping the last piece of his portion of the Compy meat into his mouth and gulping it down the blonde then stood up "Anyway we know what we need to do today so I better get headed out. I should be back in a few hours, evening at the latest. Oh and Yaz…keep off the leg" Naruto says giving the girl a pointed look with a bit of a smirk on his face. Hearing this the others chuckled while said girl crossed her arms in a pout.

"Yes, yes, no work for me. Now get going you goof" Yaz says with a roll of her eyes and a playful swat at Naruto's arm getting a chuckle from him as he heads off while the others finish up their meals and get ready to continue building their base.

(With Naruto)

The blonde had been making his way through the dense jungle of the island for roughly an hour. He had been able to make it a fair bit away from the camp due to having not come across any dinosaurs yet. As he pushed aside a large bit of leafy foliage the blonde's face scrunched up in disgust as it was hit by the putrid smell of rotting flesh "Ugh that reeks must be a dino carcass around…here" the blonde begins to say his words trailing off at the sight before him. Scattered throughout the jungle floor were the dead bodies of an ACU team.

However it wasn't just the sight of the dead bodies that caused him to trail off, it was who the bodies belonged to. Making his way into the carnage he noticed the dead body of Craig, his back broken in half with the back of his head touching the back of his legs. Not far from him was the body of Cooper hanging half-way up a large tree with a branch piercing through his chest. Off to the side were the upper-torsos of Lee and Austin, the latter of whom Naruto had only met in passing as he was a recent addition to the ACU. The two dead men had clearly died from massive blood loss and shock as a result of their lower-halves having been crushed under a large tree. The blonde had to suppress a gag when he spotted what was left of Spears which wasn't much. All Naruto could see in the area was part of an arm and one of his legs, his head or at least half of it was not far from his limbs and that was all that was left of the man. Finally Naruto came to the edge of the carnage and spotted the body of Hamada lying in a puddle his torso completely crushed and based on how the man's body was resting in the middle of a large footprint it didn't take a genius to realize the man had been crushed to death under the Indominus's foot.

The blonde clenched his fists in rage as he turned back and looked at the entirety of the scene before letting out a loud roaring yell and punching a large tree with all his strength resulting in the tree snapping at the point of impact and falling over "FUCKING HELL!" the blonde raged venting his emotions at finding out that more of the very few people he cared about and cherished had died before collapsing to his knees. The teens body shook in a mixture of rage and sorrow as he just knelt there.

However his moment of grieving was interrupted by soft thundering footsteps causing him to look up and spot a juvenile Allosaurus entering the area. For a moment the carnivore ignored him as it spied the easy meal on the ground in the form of the dead bodies. But upon seeing this Naruto let out a loud growl catching it's attention "Don't even fucking think about it" Naruto hissed out as he got to his feet glaring at the predator.

The Allosaurus let out a roar of challenge before it charged the blonde. As the carnivore got closer and closer Naruto just stood his ground until the last second. The allosaurus brings its head down attempting to sink its razor-sharp teeth into the blonde's flesh only to miss as he turns the side at the last minute. Before the dinosaur could react Naruto lashes out with a brutal punch that impacts its lower jaw with a meaty crunch shattering the dinosaur's lower jaw. The Allosaurus lets out a screeching howl of pain as best it could while its lower jaw dangled limply, clearly broken and dislocated.

A sense of panic washes over the dinosaur as it's fight or flight instinct kicks in and it turns to run for its life "Where the fuck do you think you're going?" the blonde asks, grabbing the dinosaur by its tail and holding it in place. Turning his back to the dinosaur with the tail still in his grip Naruto proceeds to let out a loud roar as he uses all his strength to literally judo throw the allosaurus over his shoulder. A louding booming thud fills the air as its body crashes to the ground before it roars in pain as the force of the throw combined with Naruto's iron grip had resulted in half its tail being ripped from its body in a spray of blood. The dinosaur roared in pain as it thrashed on its side.

Leaping into the air before doing a flip Naruto came down in a vertical dropkick landing on one of the thrashing Allosaurus's legs brutally snapping its femur to the point that the bone pierced the dinosaurus leg in a open compound fracture resulting in the dinosaur screeching in even more pain. Walking behind the critically crippled and wounded dinosaur Naruto positioned himself behind it's head before raising his right leg into the air "Fucking Die!" He hissed out before bringing his leg down once more using the entirety of his strength in a brutal axe kick that connects with the dinosaur's neck shattering the vertebra that resided within and severing the dinosaur's spinal-column from its brain. The dinosaur's eyes widened for a fraction of a second before they turned lifeless and all its movement ceased.

Breathing heavily, Naruto glared down at the dead dinosaur as he came down from his rage high. After several moments of deep breathing he gave the dead dinosaur one final look before heading towards the deceased ACU team.

(30 Minutes Later)

The blonde stood before the makeshift graves of the fallen ACU team. He had gathered the men before digging a grave for each of them as best he could. While they weren't buried six-feet underground they were buried deep enough so that the bodies would be protected from the elements and any scavenging carnivores. At the head of each grave stood each man's rifle stuck in the ground with said man's dog tags hanging from them. Naruto had initially planned on using stones or branches to make markers and salvage the weapons. However after giving said weapons a look he realized that they were all broken and thus useless.

After closing his eyes and having a moment of silence while sending a silent prayer for the fallen men Naruto left the area continuing his search for supplies. With every step he took away from the graves it felt as if the weight on his shoulders at having discovered the death of the team lifted bit by bit. As he left the area entirely the wind picked up and for a moment he could have sworn he heard the voices of the fallen team wishing him luck but chalked it up to his mind playing tricks on him

After walking for another hour or so and not finding much in the way of edible plants or berries in the jungle, nor any small game Naruto let out a sigh "Damn it's looking like I might have to head back and try main street afterall" he mused not particularly liking the idea given it would mean he would risk running into Rexy. Granted, the Queen of Nublar did seem to have some kind of interest in him that so far had resulted in her not making a meal of him but he was not keen on pushing his luck in that regard.

However in his musing he didn't realize that he had exited the jungle and was standing in a sandy clearing. Looking around his eyes widened as he saw the ruins of the raptor paddock from the original park still standing but heavily weathered with vines on the building and trees growing from within the paddock itself. The once shining metal fencing that made up the containment measures of the paddock was now rusted. The blonde was still able to make out the section where the original park's three raptors had broken out all those years ago.

"Huh didn't think I had walked this far into the old park's area" Naruto said, a little surprised that he had wandered so far into the 'Restricted Section' of the island. However his eyes widened and realized something "If I remember right there should be an emergency bunker from the old pak nearby. It might have something we could use" he says before setting off in the direction he remembered the bunker being in.

After walking for a few minutes the blonde heard a crunch and looked down to see that he had stepped on what was clearly a human femur bone sticking out of the ground. Taking a step back he knelt down and cleared away a thin layer of leaves and soil to reveal the skeletal remains of a person namely a man given the extra rib bone in the chest area. The bones namely around the chest area and skull were heavily broken indicating that whatever killed the man did so by ripping into his chest and attacking his skull.

Seeing this and the fact that the remains were entirely skeletal not to mention the scraps of clothing littered near the bones the blonde had an idea just who it was "Damn this must be Robert Muldoon from the original park. Geez they weren't even able to come back and recover his body for the man's family" he says with a shake of his head finding it unacceptable that had happened. Part of the reason he had buried the ACU team the way he did was so that when he and the others got off the island was so that the remains could be found and recovered easily. That way the families of the deceased men were at least able to have some manner of closure by being able to have something to bury.

Naruto was about to re-cover the man's remains when he spotted something mere inches from them partially buried still. Pulling on the object the blonde's eyes widened in as in his hands was a dirty Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun "Holy crap" he says in awe at the find wiping off the dirt and checking it over. He found it was fully loaded with 8 rounds in the magazine and 1 still in the chamber. There were also another 8 broken up into groups of 4 situated in shell holsters on either side of the weapon's folding stock which was folded out showing that Muldoon had been aiming at something and poised to fire when he was killed.

His inspection of the weapon complete Naruto sets it on the ground before turning back to the skeletal remains and sees a weathered and torn hat sticking out of the dirt as well. Pulling it out and dusting it off he looked down at the man's broken skull and set the hat on it in respect "Thank you, this will help us immensely" he says to the remains before recovering the bones and making a mental note of where they are located so they can be recovered later as well.

Picking the shotgun back and standing to his feet Naruto resumed heading towards the old emergency bunker. After walking for several minutes he came across the old bunker covered in vines. As he made his way to the door he tore off the vines blocking his way before yanking on the heavy metal door. However due to the age and weathering of the door it resulted in it falling off the hinges and onto the ground at his feet "Not sure if that's a positive sign or an indication that I am going to be shit outta luck" he comments with a shake of his head before entering the bunker.

Making his way down the metal steps into the darkened interior the blonde kept his eyes peeled for any movement whatsoever. His new shotgun at the ready for whatever might decide to jump out. Slowly making his way deeper in the bunker he noticed it getting darker and darker to the point it was nearly pitch black "Damn looks like I might need to turn around I can't see anything…oof!" Naruto says before grunting as he nearly trips over something on the metal floor. Reaching down he feels around until he finds the object and grabs it by what he thinks is a handle. Feeling a button on it he presses it and with a few sputters the area lights up revealing he had found an old flashlight.

Looking at his new find his eyes widen as he remembers what his dad told him about the events that happened in the bunker. As he remembers this he can't help but smirk "Thank you Dr. Sattler" he comments as he continues exploring the bunker. However it seemed like the blonde's luck might have run out after finding the flashlight as room after room that he had searched had nothing of use in it. Naurto was just about to call it quits and head back to the camp when he spotted one final door, way at the end of the hall. Shrugging his shoulders he decided he might as well check it out and entered the room. Shining the flashlight around he didn't see anything of use and was about to leave when something caught his eye in the far corner of the room. Walking over to the object which was a large metal case he opened the door on it and his eyes widened as it was filled with more guns and ammo "Holy jackpot!" he yelled at the massive find before he started collecting as much as he could.

However his joy quickly turned to dread as he opened one of the boxes of ammo to see that said ammo was covered in a cakey corrosion. Realizing that the ammo had gone bad and was very unstable he very carefully set the box down on the floor before opening another box only to find the same thing. Naruto opened box after box of precious ammo and all of it was unusable and unstable.

Letting out a sigh of defeat the blonde ran a hand through his hair "Dammit" he growled out in frustration at all of the ammo being no good. However he suddenly heard a soft hissing followed by smelling smoke causing his eyes to widen in horror. Looking down at the pile of ammo boxes he saw the boxes smoking slightly "Oh fuck" he whispered in terror as he realized his moving of the boxes had caused the chemical corrosion on the ammo to heat up and meaning that the ammo was going to explode. Acting fast, Naruto ran out of the room as fast as he could before sprinting down the hallway, up the staircase, and out of the bunker.

As soon as he got roughly twenty feet from the bunker the entire thing exploded in an earth shaking and eardrum shattering explosion, the concussive force of which sent him flying through the air and into a tree. Getting to his feet with a groan the blonde checked himself over for injuries thankfully finding none. He then checked over his equipment namely the shotgun and was relieved to see it in one piece…the same unfortunately could not be said for the flashlight nor the other weapons, the latter of which he had left behind in the bunker in his hurry to escape.

"Crap well at least I still have the shotgun" he comments with a sigh before he starts heading away from the destroyed bunker. However he hadn't made it more than ten steps when the ground suddenly started shaking heavily. Nearly falling to his knees Naruto tried to steady himself before the ground beneath his feet gave way and with a yell he fell into a black abyss.

(Back at Camp)

The campers stopped their work on the base when they heard the explosion, their eyes widening in shock "What the heck was that?" Brooklynn asks in disbelief.

"That would be an explosion…a very big explosion" Kenji says dryly, his own eyes still wide as they see a column of smoke rising in the distance.

"No shit I meant what the heck could have caused an explosion let alone one that big!" the social media star snaps back.

"Do you think Naruto could have caused it? I mean it is in the general direction he went" Sammy asked, trying to offer up an explanation for the detonation.

Hearing this Yaz's eyes widened in fright "We need to go look for him!" she yelled fearing he might be hurt or worse.

The others looked between themselves for a moment before Darius shook his head "We can't" he says as Yaz's eyes widened in shock at what he said. The girl opens her mouth to say something only for Darius to cut her off "Yaz think about it. We aren't even sure if the explosion was a result of something Naruto did or if it was just a random explosion. For example maybe a power generator or something blew due to a power buildup as a result of the power not being transmitted. Add on to that the fact that we aren't even sure of the exact location of the explosion so we would need to wander around, likely running into dinosaurs curious about the explosion. Then there is the fact that Naruto told us to stay at the camp unless it's an emergency." he explains to the girl before noticing her expression become worried "Look Naruto said he would be back in a few hours or nightfall at the latest…Worst case scenario he isn't back by morning and then we go look for him" he offers to which the girl nods her head while hoping Naruto is okay.

(With Naruto)

With a pained groan Naruto opened his eyes only to see nothing but black "Well either I have gone blind or I am trapped underground…great" he says managing to get to his feet and reaching around for the shotgun. After a moment he finds it and picks it up before taking a look around only to still see inky blackness. However after a moment he begins to make out shadowy shapes as his vision adjusts "Well on the brightside I am not blind…but I am trapped underground" he says with a sigh. Looking around Naruto to make out that he is in a tunnel of some kind "This must be one of the old tunnels that the old park had underground. While it's better than being in a random cavern its still not good given how all of the exists were sealed up prior to construction starting on dad's park" he adds before stretching a bit to try and work out any tightness from the fall "Well I'm not going to get out of here just standing around" he says before slowly making his way down the tunnel. However as he turns a corner he fails to notice a pair of large glowing yellow eyes watch him do so before vanishing into the darkness.

As Naruto walked further and further down the tunnel his eyes adjusted even more to where he was able to clearly see in the dark which honestly surprised him "Geez never knew my eyesight was this good in the dark…it's kinda weird to be honest" he mused to himself before he spotted something on the ground. Kneeling down he reached out and picked the item up to reveal an old worn lighter. Brining it up to his ear and giving it a shake he could hear the sloshing of lighter fluid inside meaning it wasn't empty "Huh kinda odd there is a random lighter down here" he comments before looking around. Spotting an old metal pipe lying on the ground he picks it up and tears off a section of one of his pant legs he wrapped it around the pole. Then he tore off a section of his other pant leg which he then used to wrap around his head and make a makeshift eye patch over his right eye. Bringing the lighter up to the makeshift torch he flicked the lighter a few times before it ignited and set the torch ablaze illuminating the tunnel for several feet.

"That's much better than fumbling around in the dark" he says waving the torch around clearly, able to see out of his left eye while his right eye remained covered to protect his night vision in that eye should the torch go out. The blonde then resumed walking down the tunnel still unaware that he was being watched by the pair of large yellow eyes which were joined by four other pairs of the same eyes. The eyes shied away from the bright light of the flame as with a soft hiss the creatures disappeared into the darkness once more.

Slowly making his way down the tunnel using the torch to light his way the blonde kept his eyes peeled for any possible way out. Occasionally an odd clicking noise would appear for a few seconds that was really starting to unnerve him causing him to keep the shotgun in his other hand at the ready. The blonde rounded a corner and the tunnel opened up into a large circular room however his eyes widened at the sight of what the torch illuminated. Scattered across the floor of the large circular room were dozens if not hundreds of bones/skeletal remains of some sort of small dinosaurs. From what he could tell they were all carnivores given their sharp teeth but other than that he was unable to determine the species.

"What the hell is this?" Naruto asks himself, having no idea what he was looking at. Well obviously he was able to tell it was some kind of mass grave of small carnivore dinosaurs but he had no idea what they were or why it was here. However he went on high alert when he hears a strange chirping hissing sound and scans the area. The blonde has his shotgun at the ready as he does so and stops as he spots a pair of large yellow glowing eyes staring directly at him from across the room. The body of the animal the eyes belong to is hidden in the shadows "The fuck are you?" the blonde asks himself not taking his eyes off the pair of eyes.

Hearing a slight shuffling behind him Naruto spins around in an instant with the makeshift torch held out in front him just in time to ward off a creature trying to get the jump on him. The animal hisses as it is exposed to the light of the torch resulting in Naruto getting a good look at what it is. It is a small dinosaur around the size of a juvenile Dilophosaurus. The dinosaur's head is a misshapen egg-shape with two large bulbous yellow eyes, while its skin is a pure white and littered with countless scars from scratches and bitemarks.

Suddenly the strange dinosaur lashed out at Naruto trying to sink its jaws into his leg, however it was intercepted by Naruto bringing the torch down on its head. The dinosaur let out a screeching hiss of pain as the torch struck it in its eyes blinding it. Hearing the sound of claws running across the concrete floor Naruto spun around just in time to see the other dinosaur mere feet away from him, its jaws open with saliva soaked razor sharp teeth primed to sink into the flesh of his other leg.

Acting fast Naruto pulled the trigger on the shotgun and with a loud bang and brief flash of light the dinosaur's head exploded in a gorey spray of blood, bone, and brain matter as it crumbled to the ground, its lifeless body twitching a bit. However the blonde had no time to look at the grisly sight as he heard more hissing and clicking. He spun back around only for his eye to widen as he saw multiple pairs of eyes staring at him from the darkness. He did a quick mental count of the pairs and estimated no less than twenty of the strange hostile dinosaurs

"Sonuvabitch" Naruto mutters to himself slowly backing away from the eyes only for them to follow his action and keep after him. Fully entering the large circular room the blonde cursed as the dinosaurs not only did so as well but also spread out completely encircling him though keeping their distance for now. Standing there in the middle of the room surrounded on all sides the blonde grit his teeth in frustration and pondered why they weren't attacking when they had him dead to rights. However it was then that he remembered the reaction of the first one he killed to the torch "You fuckers aren't a fan of light are you? Makes sense given how you live down here" he says waving the torch around getting hisses and screeches in response.

Despite this revelation Naruto knew he would need to think of a plan fast as he could tell his torch was on the verge of going out as evidenced by how it was getting dimmer and the dinosaurs getting closer inch by inch as a result. Looking behind him Naruto saw another exit to the room and he formulated a plan. The blonde dropped the torch to the ground at his feet and brought his hand up to cock the shotgun, ejecting the spent shell casing as he cracked his neck and took a deep breath to ready himself.

Seeing the light fall to the ground, two of the dinosaurs decided to attack from the front only to be intercepted by Naruto firing off another shot. Half of the shotgun blast hit one of them in the side of the head blowing it apart while the other half caught the remaining dinosaur in the neck and upper chest dropping it to the ground. Acting fast Naruto spun, ejecting another shell casing and fired off another shot that caught another dinosaur in the belly as it had leapt into the air sending it flying backwards. Hearing another approaching enemy Naruto turned again once more ejecting a casing however he had to jump to avoid the jaws of the dinosaur. While in the air he aimed down at it and fired hitting the dinosaur in the middle of its spine blowing the dinosaur's mid-section out.

Landing back on the ground Naruto ejected another casing and turned to the side to avoid the jaws of another enemy before bringing the shotgun to aim at the side of its head and pulling the trigger blowing said head apart. Ejecting the spent shell Naruto ducked to avoid a leaping dinosaur and aimed up at its exposed belly blowing it apart in a shower of blood and guts. However before the body had even hit the ground he had to roll to the side to avoid the jaws of another enemy. Ejecting the spent casing mid-roll Naruto brought the shotgun up and with a snap-aim fired off a shot that caught two more dinosaurs in the chest sending them to the ground lifeless.

Jumping to his feet Naruto ejected a casing and jumped to avoid the threat he heard approaching from behind before aiming down again and once more catching one of the dinosaurs in the spine with his shot. Landing back on the ground Naruto lashed out with a kick that sent one of the dinosaurs flying back as he ejected another shell casing and fired to the left at another approaching dinosaur only to miss. Cursing at this he quickly ejected another casing and fired again this time catching the dinosaur in the legs blowing them off and dropping the dinosaur to the ground where it lay screeching in pain as it bled out.

Naruto went to eject the casing but only after the spent shell went falling to the ground did he mentally count the bullets and realize he was empty "Shit time for part 2" he cursed before making a mad dash towards the exit to the room with the still alive dinosaurs giving chase. As he ran Naruto pulled off his makeshift eye patch so that he could still see clearly in the dark out of that eye. This was one of the survival tricks Owen had taught him where if he was ever in a pitch dark area he should cover one of his eyes so that should his flashlight or torch go out he doesn't have to wait for the natural night vision humans and all animals have to return.

Running down the dark tunnel Naruto could hear the screeching, hissing, and sounds of claws hitting the concrete floor behind him. Adjusting the shotgun in his grip and began loading the eight shotgun shells he had left into the gun one by one until they were all loaded. Just as he cocked the gun to chamber one of the shells he turned a corner and hit a dead end "Fuck gotta double back" he curses quickly turning around. Going back around the corner he just rounded he runs straight at the group of eyes closing on him as he brings the shotgun up and fires off a shot that catches one of the dinosaurs head on blowing its head apart and scattering the rest.

Naruto blitzes past the remaining dinosaurs and ejects the spent casing before twisting to snap off another shot that catches one of the dinosaurs in the side blowing it apart. As he runs back down the tunnel towards the large circular room the remaining dinosaurs resume their pursuit. Reentering the circular room Naruto spun around and ejected the spent casing before firing off a shot that caught one of the charging dinosaurs in the neck dropping it to the ground. Ejecting another casing Naruto jumped over the group of dinosaurs as they charged him all at once and landed behind them before firing off another shot that caught one in the backend blowing off its tail and legs, sending it sliding to the ground. The blonde proceeded to eject the spent shell, fire off another shot, and eject that shell in rapid succession catching another of the dinosaurs in the backend before they had time to turn on him.

The remaining five dinosaurs turned to Naruto and spread out around him before charging again. Naruto fired off a shot that caught one in the neck sending it to the ground "AHH!" he yelled out in pain as he felt teeth sink into his lower calf. Looking down, Naruto saw one of the dinosaurs had managed to sink its teeth into his leg. Naruto snarled as he ejected the spent shell before aiming down and firing at the dinosaur hitting it in the neck and separating its head from its body. Falling to a knee, Naruto ejected the casing and fired at the dinosaur that was approaching him head on, aiming for his throat, catching it in the chest and sending it to the ground.

Spinning on his knee, Naruto brought the shotgun up just in time to block the jaws of one of the dinosaurs by stuffing the barrel down its throat. Pulling the trigger Naruto blew the insides out of the dinosaur in a spray of blood and guts. The blonde cocked the gun sending the spent casing to the ground and spun before aiming at the last dinosaur and pulled the trigger only for it to click and nothing to happen. Seeing he was out of ammo Naruto's eyes widened as he turned the gun to the side and caught the snapping jaws of the dinosaur with the barrel.

The dinosaur snarled and hissed as it shook its head back and forth trying to wrench the gun from the blonde's grip yet his grip remained strong. Naruto twisted to the side on his knee and pulled on the gun causing the dinosaur to lose its footing and slide forward while simultaneously causing its jaws to slip from the barrel of the gun. With a roar Naruto brought the gun up before using it as a club brought it down on the dinosaur's head with such force it shattered the dinosaur's skull killing it.

Breathing heavily from the fight, Naruto sat on the floor of the tunnel for a moment. Looking down at the severed dinosaur head still lodged around his ankle the blonde scowled as he pried the jaws open and removed it from his leg. Taking one of his shoes off followed by his sock before putting the shoe back on he proceeded to wrap the sock around his wound before tying it tight with a slight wince.

"Fucking hell I am glad thats over with" Naruto says to himself "Now to get the hell out of here and it looks like my only way out is to dig back out the way I fell in" he adds before looking at the severed dinosaur head. Picking it up and managing to cram it into one one of his pants pockets the blonde picked up the bloody and empty shotgun before he began making his way back to where he fell into the tunnel.

(Several Hours Later Camp Cretaceous *Dusk/Almost Nightfall)

Yaz sat on the ground staring into the jungle, more specifically the spot Naruto disappeared into with a worried look on her face. Ever since the huge explosion earlier the girl had this knot of dread sitting in her stomach as if something was wrong. The rest of the campers were taking a short break to start cooking some leftover Compy meat and a can of peaches.

"Yasmina, you really should come over and grab some food" Sammy says walking up to the girl with a worried look on her face. Ever since the explosion the track star hadn't moved from the spot she was sitting and just stared into the jungle.

"I'm not hungry" Yaz states quickly, not taking her eyes off the jungle. However as if her stomach had a sense of comedic timing it chose that moment to rumble proving her wrong.

"I think your stomach is being more honest than you are," Sammy says with a slight smirk.

Yaz turns her head to look at her fellow teen and opens her mouth to say something only to be interrupted "Yo" Naruto says in a tired voice as he limps out of the jungle using the shotgun like a makeshift walking stick, and dirt covering his clothes.

"NARUTO!" Yaz and Sammy yell as they turn to see him with their shout alerting the others.

"Hey what's up? Also mind if we talk over by the fire as I have had a long day and really need to sit down" the blonde says with a tired chuckle as the three slowly make their way to the others.

After sitting down next to the campfire Naruto let out a tired sigh as the others all took their own seats "Dude you look like crap what the hell did you do today…and is that a freaking shotgun!?" Kenji asked/yelled his fellow camper at seeing the state the blonde was in and the weapon lying next to him.

"Well to answer your second question yeah this is a shotgun and the damned thing saved my life today. Anyway as for what I did, that is multiple things…want me to start from the beginning?" Naruto says with a raised eyebrow in a slightly sarcastic tone and getting nods from the others. "Alrighty well first thing I did was come across an ACU squad…"the blonde begins only to be interrupted.

"Wait, you came across other people! Are we Saved?!" Brooklynn suddenly yells causing the others eyes to widen in hope.

"I said I came across an ACU squad not that they were alive" Naruto says sadly causing the hope filled eyes of the others to droop in sadness "They were likely part of the ACU team that went out to deal with the Indominus and whose abandoned van we came across…and they were more of my friends" the blonde says with a sad sigh causing the others do the same.

Seeing his saddened look Yaz reaches over and puts her hand on Naruto's shoulder as if to try and comfort him which gets a small smile of thanks from the blonde. "Anyway I was about to start burying them when I ended up having to fight a Juvenile Allosaurus that came across the carnage and thought it was an easy meal" the blonde continues with a slight edge to his tone as he clenches his right fist in rage.

"You fought a Juvenile Allosaurus!" Darius shouts in shock at the feat.

"Yeah, I wasn't about to let it eat the bodies of my friends though it was barely a juvenile as it was a little smaller in size than those Baryonyx we saw. Anyway after that and burying the bodies I continued on and came across the old Jurassic Park raptor paddock and the remains of Robert Muldoon which is how I got this lifesaver" Naruto says patting the shotgun causing the eyes of the others to widen. "I then remembered there was an emergency bunker nearby and checked it for supplies. Ended up finding some more ammo but it was unstable and ended up exploding taking out the whole bunker" the blonde continues with a chuckle at the irony.

"Wait so that was the explosion we heard and saw earlier!?" Sammy asks her eyes wide in shock.

"Wait you guys not heard but also saw the explosion? Damn didn't know it was that big" Naruto says with a whistle not thinking they would have been able to also see the explosion.

"Well we didn't actually SEE the explosion more like we saw the huge column of smoke afterwards" Kenji says with a shrug at the semantics.

"Ah got it…Anyway the explosion ended up causing a minor earthquake that resulted in me falling into one of the old underground tunnels from the old park. While down there I ended up coming across this pack of nasty dinosaurs that must have been trapped down there ever since the old park went down. They were all white with their bodies littered with scars from infighting most likely and had big bulbous eyes. They also were not too fond of the light, anyway they thought to make meal of me and tried jumping me but thankfully I had this shotgun…ended up having to use all the ammo I had for it though" Naruto says continuing his recap of what he did leaving the others speechless in shock "After that I had to crawl my way out of the caved in section i fell through and made my way back here. Oh I did get a little souvenir from the bastards though" Naruto says before reaching into his pocket and pulling out the severed head of the dinosaur causing the others to gasp "Little bastard managed to sink its teeth into my calf so I returned the favor by blowing its head clean off its body" Naruto says with a chuckle as he tosses the head up and down in one hand finishing his recap.

Darius's eyes fly open in shock and terror as he manages to recognize the dinosaur "That's a Troodon!..Naruto, are you feeling alright?" he asks in a frightened tone.

"Well I mean yeah I am a little tired after the shitshow of a day I had but other than that I feel fine why?" Naruto asks raising an eyebrow in confusion at the dinosaur loving boys tone.

"Troodons have an EXTREMELY Venomous bite able to easily take down mid-sized herbivores and far more than enough to take down a grown adult let alone a teenager" Darius reveals to the shock and horror of the others who look at Naruto in fear.

"Well that's all well and interesting but Darius I told you I feel…fine" Naruto begins to say still tossing the head up and down before failing to catch it as his vision spins and blurs as he falls over onto his side unconscious.

"NARUTO!" the others all yell in terror at seeing the blonde collapse.


End Author Note: Hey everyone sorry for the slightly shorter than normal chapter but like I said above past couple of weeks have been hell, but I wanted to get this out to all of you and figured a slightly shorter chapter was better than waiting another 2-3 weeks for it to be beefed up to normal length.