Authors Note: So yeah I'm back, not sure for how long, and this is my first lemon, obviously viewer discretion is advised for those who are too young or are not into reading smut. Not to much of a plot, it a pretty typical Shinji x Rei lemon, but it is mine, so there is that. Tho I struggled way longer than I should have with a name and eventually came up with the title.

Disclaimer: (cuz all the cool kids have them) I dont own Evangelion, and thats most likely a good thing

It was late afternoon as the standard sync test for the three pilots of the Evangelion units was conducted. It was the last thing they had to do before they could leave for the day.

"Asuka's currently standing at the highest with a sync rate of 71 percent" Dr Akagi announced while reading the pilots sync ratios.

"You say that like you're surprised," Asuka smugly retorted.

"Shinji's ratios is at 65 percent, and Reis still holding it at 52 percent"

"Alright that's all for today, good job guys" Misato told them over the intercom.

Again, it was a standard test with expected results, though that didn't stop the work that those in the commander bridge still had to do.

The three pilots meanwhile. went to the locker rooms to change.

Asuka had already finished first so she could go hang out with her friend Hikari and avoid Rei, but not before bragging about her sync rate. Shinji just changed out of his plugsuit and left the malelocker room when he was approached by the blue haired pilot.


"Huh? Oh hi Ayanami" Shinji replied with a small smile.

"Would you accompany me, I wish to speak with you" She replied with a monotone voice.

"Uhm, sure thing" He followed Rei as she started walking down the hallway. They were quiet, much to Shinji's unease. Misato was right, these hallways all really do look the same.

Rei sensed this unease and decided to try 'small talk'.

"I have recently installed locks onto my door"

"Huh?" he questioned.

"The last time you were at my residence, you suggested that I should install locks for my safety. I have since done so"

Oh that. I didn't think she would actually care about what I had to say, but at least she'll be safer... he thought, as he usually felt ignored when he suggested anything.

"We are friends, yes?" Rei asked, snapping Shinji out of his thoughts.

"Well I like to think so" Shinji meekly replied.

"Then… I would like you to call me Rei"

"Uh, sure thing. Y-you can call me Shinji if you like"

"Very well, Shinji" her tiny smile went unnoticed as they continued down another hallway. Shinji hadn't noticed it, but they had walked for about ten minutes and were no longer in the main complex of Nerv. Rei then stopped in front of a door labeled 105-A. Shinji felt unnerved as Rei turned around and looked him in the eyes without a word, her red orbs piercing his blue ones. Next thing he knew, he was being pushed into a room. He then saw Rei enter it with him closing the door behind her. She then switched on a light, revealing an empty room with a bed that looks wrinkled despite never being used.

"Rei! W-where are we?" he yelped.

"This room is one of the housing apartments here at Nerv, due to its vacancy, no one bothers to look in here. The camera and power has even been turned off, as to save money" She answered.

"W-why are we here?"

"It's just a precaution Shinji, I wish to ask you some questions undisturbed, and I Intend on getting answers unlike last time" Shinji felt strangely intimidated despite her using her normal tone. He then remembered just what she meant as the few times she had asked him to answer a question something usually came up. Either it be Misato, an angry Asuka, or some other interruption, and it was clear Rei was fed up with being interrupted.

"O-okay, w-what did you want to ask me?" He nervously asked.

"What do you think of the second child?" she asked.

"Asuka, well, she's... alright... I guess. I wish she wasnt so… brash though" he answered as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"I see" Rei looked back into his eyes "Do you care for her?"

"I-I suppose I kind of do"

"Do you… love her?" Shinji was caught off guard by the question.


"Do you love the second child?" Rei repeated, sounding almost impatient.

"I-I don't know, I guess I m-might have a cr-crush on her, but I… I don't know about l-love" he was honestly unsure of what he felt for Asuka. Obviously there was attraction as she was a girl and pretty beautiful, but the same could be said for a lot of the females he's met, Rei included. He liked her, but he didn't know if you call what they had a friendship, afterall she always seems to hold disdain for him, despite how he hasn't done anything to really deserve it.

"Then why is it that you kissed her?" She asked, sounding almost confused.

"Huh?" She heard about that?! Then again, he wasn't sure how Misato had found out, so it wasn't entirely unlikely for her to find out.

"If you don't love her, than why would you kiss her"

"W-well, I didn't really k-kiss her. S-she kind of kissed me"

"I see," She looked down.

"I-it wasn't really pleasant either," He quietly added. That was true, while her lips were soft, Asuka held his nose, suffocating him, and then she immediately went and brushed her teeth and gargled mouthwash. It honestly hurt him when she did that. Not to mention the fact that she goaded him to do it in the first place.

"What about me?"


"How do you feel about me?"

Shinji was at a loss for words now. What am I supposed to say?! I can't tell her how I really feel, otherwise she'll call me a pervert, right? That's what Asuka would do… but she's not Asuka. But would she even feel the same for me? He felt his cheeks were hot and probably bright red. He was still stuck staring at her red eyes as they pierced through his blue ones

"I-I care for you, a lot" He managed to say.

"More than the second child?"

"I-I-I…" Shinji didn't know what to say anymore.

"Do you… love me? She quietly asked.

"I-I-I… " He looked into her eyes and almost thought he saw worry. He's had a crush on her longer than he had on Asuka, but it wasn't that long ago that he started questioning if that's all it was. Afterall, he always tried to talk to her when he could, he felt like he understood her better than most, but really, it was her smile that she showed him, the one he wants to see again, and that night after the 5th angel that really made him feel as though he wanted to be more than friend. He answered honestly when he said,"...I think so…"

"Then… will you… kiss me?" She hesitantly asked him.


"Please…" She softly pleaded.

Shinji just stood there, so Rei took initiative and leaned into Shinji, pushing her lips against his. Shinji was surprised but just closed his eyes and leaned into it. It was awkward as both never had a proper kiss, as having your oxygen cut off as someone placed their lips on yours wasn't exactly a kiss, and Rei had never even been kissed before.

After a few seconds, Rei pushed shinji down on the stiff bed, wrinkling the gray sheets.

"REI?!" Shinji shouted as Rei straddled his waist and worked her hands at unbuttoning his shirt. "W-what are y-you doing?!"

"I'm going to become one with you" Shinji's mind was racing. He honestly didn't know what to expect when Rei asked him to follow her, but he didn't expect her to try and bed him.

THIS SERIOUSLY WENT FROM 0 TO 100! "Wh-ha-huh-buh-da-duh" He tried to speak "W-Why-"

"Because I-I…" She stuttered before taking a breath "... I think I love you…"

Shinji's mind now shut off and was performing a hard reboot, once his heart rate managed to calm down to about 200 beats per minute, he tried to speak, and failed.


"I-I feel a need, to be close to you" She quickly cut him off, "Whenever you talk to me, I get a warm feeling in my chest, and you make me want to… smile more"

Shinji remained quiet both from shock and intrigue as Rei continued.

"I've never felt this for anyone before, not even the commander" Shinji felt a twitch as he thought of his father, but let Rei continue.

"When I overheard the Major mention the second child kissing you, I felt… something, I heard that it is called jealousy"

She... was Jealous?

"I was ordered to protect you, when we fought the fifth angel. But since then, I still feel the desire to keep you safe. I often find myself angered when I see the way the second child treats you, and I wish I was able to stop her from harming you"

"I have thought it over many times Shinji, and the only answer I could think of was that I... I am in love with you, or at least, feel something similar" She looked directly in his eyes and reached a hand to caress his cheek gently.

"I want to try and pursue a relationship… with you" Shinji just layed there, taking a deep breath before he shot up to kiss Rei flat on her lips.

Reis' eyes widened in surprise as he continued the kiss.

"...I-I think... I would like that" he said before Rei pressed her lips back to his.

He then cracked an eye open and noticed Rei had resumed unbuttoning his already partially open shirt.

"R-Rei…" Gently breaking the kiss, Shinji tried to stop her hands "W-we can't-"

"Why not?" She protested.

"Were too young"

"We work in a profession where it is possible to die at any given moment, we are not guaranteed to survive to the age of an adult" Rei stated "We are both at the age of consent, and there are no existing rules at NERV opposing romance between coworkers, so there is no reason why we can't"

"B-but what if you get pregnant?" Shinji tried to argue

"We do not need to worry about that, I am sterile" Rei rebutted.

Shinji layed there trying to think of anything else, but her argument was sound, and a certain part of him did want to. Badly.

"Why do you not want to become one?"

"Well I just-"

"Do you not wish to be one with me?"

"O-of course I do, Rei! You're so beautiful and amazing, it's just… I don't want to take advantage of you…"

"Shinji... you would not be taking advantage of me, I want to become one with you" Shinji felt what was left of his dispute die.

"I-if you really want to..." Rei cut him off with her lips.

"I do"

"Then, alright" Shinji gave in.

"It is okay Shinji, I won't hurt you" She then popped his shirt open, exposing his ever so slightly toned torso. He was still skinny like when he first arrived, but it seems that he had grown ever so slightly. She then ran a pale hand down his chest, causing Shinji to shudder at the delightful feeling.

Shinji meekly reached up and started to take off Reis' shirt. She blushed as he pulled it over her head, revealing a white bra that held her b-cup sized breast. After taking a minute to admire the view, Shinji hesitantly reached up to touch one, but stopped before doing so. Rei noticed Shinji stopping in his tracks looking almost scared that he did something wrong.

So Rei decided to reassure him, by gently grabbing his hand and placing it on her chest. She elicited a small sound of acknowledgement from the sensation that shot through her. Placing his free hand on her other breast, Shinji gently rubbed her chest through the bra. Rei moaned quietly and bit her lip as a surge of euphoria went through her. After a few minutes, he stopped, and Rei took the opportunity to shoot him a lustful look. Shinji gulped as he saw that he had awakened Rei's repressed libido, which had been very neglected to say the least.

The next thing he knew, Rei was grinding her hips against his groin. Shinji hissed in pleasure as Rei continued to gyrate against him, flashing that sweet smile of hers. Shinji's heart melted, before being reminded of the hardness in his pants as Rei started rubbing his bulge.

"R-Rei" He groaned as she reached under his pants and rubbed his hard on. She then pulled his pants down, leaving him in his boxers before she took those as well. Shinji's face was flushed as he was now fully exposed to her. But Rei was drawn by his manhood that now stood tall at its full length. Rei had never seen a penis other than diagrams from textbooks on anatomy and sex ed, but from what she had heard about average sizes, he seemed to be slightly above the average for his age, or at least she thinks so.

She wrapped a pale hand around his shaft, slightly rubbing it, eliciting a grunt from Shinji. Rei repeated the action, rubbing her hand up and down his erection, making him groan. Speeding up her hand, she noticed a liquid starting to come from the tip. Rei had learned about this and knew it was precum. Indulging in her urges, she softly licked the speckle of precum off his tip. She enjoyed the sound Shinji made, and the taste wasn't terrible. She then licked it again, and again, and again, until she had wrapped her mouth around his tip. She had also read about the act of fellatio and decided to try it

Stroking him again, Rei started to bob her head up and down. Shinji was moaning in pure bliss as Rei sucked on his dick. He never thought he would get to experience something like that, and with Rei of all people, yet here he was being blown by her.

Rei started to get bolder as her throat adjusted to his length, bobbing her head lower and lower. Shinji then felt pressure starting to build up and knew from experience what this meant.

"God Rei, im gonna-gonna…" But he couldn't finish as a flash of white hot heat surged through him. Shinji dug his hands into Rei's blue hair as he cummed into her mouth. Releasing her head, Rei slowly pulled her mouth off his manhood. Making a pop as she did.

"I-Im s-so sorry Rei'' He stuttered. Rei then swallowed the load she still had in her mouth, choking out a cough and wiping her lips as she did. She then looked up at Shinji and gave him another small smile.

"It is alright. I… enjoyed your taste" Shinji blushed as Rei said this. Feeling slightly guilty, Shinji thought of an idea to repay her.

"Rei, c-could I try something?" she nodded in response.

Shinji then layed Rei on her back, reaching down, he took off her skirt leaving her in only her white bra and panties. Moving back up to her chest, he snaked his arms to her back and slowly unbuckled her bra. With her breast now exposed, Shinji took a moment to look at them. He slowly caressed the pale mounds, running his thumb over her pink nipple, making Rei moan. This encouraged him as he started to lightly rub them. Rei felt a tingling sensation coming from her chest and crotch. Shinji then leaned in and licked her right nipples, making her back briefly arch from pleasure. He then started to suck on it while rubbing the other, making Rei moan louder.

Shinji started to alternate between her breasts, sucking on both individually. Rei didn't even notice that her panties had become damp. Not until Shinji used his free hand to run a finger over the wet spot on her underwear. Her eyes slammed shut as she felt overwhelming lust. Shinji then stopped, much to Rei's irritation. She nearly growled for him to keep going, before she felt Shinji pull her panties down. Her legs instinctively closed, but Shinji pushed them apart. Exposing her wet sex to him. He stared at her womanhood, slightly touching it. It was clear by the few pubic hairs that Rei was a natural bluenette.

He then moved his head so his face was in front of her nether lips. He hesitantly licked them and was rewarded with Rei moaning his name "Sh-Shinji…"

Shinji then gently spread her lips with his fingers, feeling the moisture and heat emanating from her pussy. He then stuck his tongue out and started to lick her. Picking up the pace, Rei threw her head back as he went down on her. He ran a finger over her slit, slowly pushing it into her, he then started slowly pumping it in and out. Shinji didn't know exactly what he was doing, trying to remember videos he's seen of this, but the way Rei arched her back told him he was doing something good. He then felt Rei run her hands through his hair, tugging at locks of it as he moved his finger faster and continued to lick.

Pretty soon Rei was panting as she pushed Shinji down between her legs. Shinji only went faster, resulting in Rei stammering to speak. "O-oh Shinji! S-so good, I'm going…"

But she was cut off as her body started to spasm, her hands gripping Shinji's head as she squeezed him between her thighs. Rei's mind went blank as she started to violently orgasm. Her body shook as she released into Shinji's mouth. He licked her clean as Rei's mind was in a state of pure bliss. Shinji then got up and moved next to Rei, admiring her beauty as she recovered.

"Ive never-never… felt something…" She let out a sigh as she smiled a wide relaxed smile, one that spoke of post organic bliss. Shinji took some pride in being able to make Rei smile such a smile. One that only he has ever seen. She then turned to him and pressed their lips together. Her tongue licked his lips demanding entry, which he gave her.

Their tongues wrestled, causing both to let out soft moans. Before he knew it, Rei was on top of him, grinding herself on him again. "Shinji, I-I want you inside me"

Shinji was a little surprised that she was already aroused again, but then again, he could feel himself getting hard again.

"I-it might hurt at first" He warned, but Rei remained unfazed.

"It's okay, it's a small price to pay to be one with you" With that, Rei pointed Shinji's manhood towards her womanhood as she started to lower herself on to it. She hissed as she took his length into her, feeling the sting as it broke her hymen. She had been through worse pain, but it still hurt to the point she had to wait a moment, before lowering herself all the way down Shinjis hard on. He moaned as he felt her warm, moist pussy wrap around his dick. Rei then lifted her hips and lowered them back down, moaning at the sensation.

"R-Rei!" Shinji groaned as he put his hands on her hips as she moved up and down, slamming herself into him.

"Shinji'' She leaned down and started kissing his neck. He grunted as she kissed, sucked, and even at one point bit her way down his neck. Shinji decided that he wasn't going to let Rei do all the work. He grabbed her and rolled her onto her back. He kissed her roughly on the lips as he started thrusting into her. Rei wrapped her arms around his back, her nails left scratch marks as she did. Her legs tightened around his waist, pushing his member deeper inside of her. He started to speed up his thrusts, grunting and panting as he did. He took a page from Reis' book and started to kiss her neck. He kissed his way up her jaw, planting one on her lips, before kissing down the middle of her chest. He noticed her breasts were bouncing in sync with his thrusts. Managing to wrangle one in his hand, Shinji started to suck on her nipple. The empty room was filled with Shinji's grunts that were mostly drowned out by Reis' moans as the bed rocked back and forth.

Both were completely unaware of anything in their surroundings as pleasure consumed their senses. An angel could've been attacking and it still wouldn't stop them. Im having sex with Rei Ayanami, everyone else can go fuck themselves for all I care! Rei couldn't really focus on anything, all the years she repressed her emotions, the mask she created, were all threatening to break within an hour. 'How could anything this...amazing be considered unnecessary!' she thought.

Shinji started to feel that familiar pressure building again, though honestly he was surprised he lasted this long, he would say it's been at least about three minutes or so.

"God Rei i'm so close!" he yelped as he continued to pump his member in and out of her.

"M-me too Shinji" She replied, her voice shaking. Shinji felt his muscles ache and started to become tired.

"SHINJI!" Rei nearly screamed as she orgasmed. Shinji felt the walls of her pussy contract around his dick. That pushed him over the edge as he could feel himself start shooting his cum into her. "REI!" he moaned as he collapsed on to her.

Rei felt his warm seed pool into her as she panted. He then pulled out of her and rested his head under her chin as he cuddled her body. She held him as he calmed down. Both were covered in sweat, not that they cared. Shinji nuzzled Rei's jaw before giving her a peck on the lips.

"I love you Rei…"He breathlessly sighed as he looked upon the smiling girl.

"And I you…" She responded as she gave him an affectionate kiss.


Shinji and Rei rested a little bit longer before getting dressed, they shared one last kiss before going their separate ways, not quite ready to come out as a couple yet. Shinji walked all the way home with the dumbest grin on his face. Yes it was clear he was in love.

He was broken out of his stupor as soon as he opened the door to be greeted by an angry redhead who had come home from Hikari's early.

"Idiot! Where the hell were you?" She basically screamed, "Because you weren't here, Misato made dinner!"

"Oh come on, it wasn't that bad" said the purple haired woman as she came into frame.

"It's worse than prison food!" Shinji had already removed his shoes when the german girl turned her attention back to him, Misato huffing at the girls comparison

"Now where the hell were you?!" She asked again.

"I was with Rei"

"What, why the hell were you with wonder girl?"

"Rei just wanted to talk to me, it took a little longer than I thought it would" Shinji lied as he made his way to his room, ignoring the redhead as she continued to berate him.

Once in his room, he let out a sigh as he thought about Rei. He was really hoping to see her again soon. After what happened today, she was the only person he really wanted to be around.

He was positive that he was in love.

He then laid down on his bed, only to feel a jab from his pocket. Reaching in it, he found two items.

One was a key with the number 402 on it, and the other was a small strip of paper. Opening it up it was a phone number. Her phone number. She must have slipped in his pocket before he left her. Shinji felt that stupid grin reapear on his face as he looked at the back of the paper which said 'call me when you want to come over' with a small heart to it.

Yes, Shinji really was head over heels for Rei.

Omake: Rei leaves Marks

"Rei just wanted to talk to me, it took a little longer than I thought it would" Shinji lied as he tried to make his way to his room.

"Just talked, huh?" Misato said with a smirk as she crossed her arms, her eyes were fixed at Shinji as if there was something on him.

"Eh? What do you me- Oh Mein Gott!" Asuka said as she looked at Shinji more closely, she seemed petrified in disbelief.

"W-what are you talking about" Shinji was confused and nervous about what they were talking about.

"You know Shinji, next time you wanna do stuff with Rei" Misato said as she handed him a handheld mirror "Tell her not to leave marks where everyone could see them".

Shinji looked at himself and looked in horror as he saw it. Peaking out above the collar of his shirt was a fresh and very obvious hickey. Rei must have gotten carried away during their love making, and now anyone could connect two and two together if they knew who he was with not long ago.

When he saw the look of murder on his redheaded roommate's face which color matched her hair as she moved towards him, Shinji knew, he was fucked, and not in the same way as he was with Rei.

He asked himself if his untimely death was worth getting laid. As Asuka hit him down to the floor, he had his answer.

'Hell yeah it was worth it'

Authors Note: So yeah... I made a Lemon... kind feels weird writing smut, will I make more? Probably. Though I am embarrased, but am not ashamed. Whether thats good or bad, I dont know. You can also tell me what think, it probaby similar to other Reishin lemon, afterall, I've read a lot of them and may have incorporated aspects from others into my own. If you liked it , then Im glad I was able to make something you like.