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Tadashi Daniel Hamada

Brother, Nephew, Prestigious student, Friend

Flowers were placed on his grave, "He big bro, it's hiro."...sniff… "It's been almost a whole year since you're...not here anymore." sniff "Hana… she's been through a lot over the past month's." Hiro Hamada and his younger fraternal twin sister Hana Hamada were standing in front of the grave of their late big brother Tadashi.

Almost a year has gone by since the showcase fire. After defeating the mascot team, their family became bigger than it was before; having three new little sisters and a little brother, (the mascots insisted on calling Hiro and Hana their older brother and sister) both never expected to have a mother at the end of the summer.

Aunt Cass gave Hiro and Hana an envelope within their official adoption documents. Both twins were happy to be adopted and have a mother, especially Hiro, he no longer is an orphan.

"Hey Tadashi, you would be shocked to know what happened over the past months. You would be so proud of us and be so mad at us...I wonder if you were still here, would you also be a superhero like us? Would we be Big Hero 8 instead of 7?" Sniff "...We miss you big brother." Sniff. Hana wiped some tears away. She wishes he was still here and would be part of the superhero business. "If I could give up something or find a miracle to get you back, I would do it in a heartbeat."

"After you died, we formed big hero 7 together with the gang and fought a lot of bad guys," Hana continues, "like professor Callaghan, the one that made the fire and stole our inventions to destroy KreiTech, Momakase, Mr. Sparkle who tried to shoot Mochi and Hana into space, Diane Amara, and her bio-engineered assistant Chris." Hiro took over from her, "Baron Von Steamer, and so on, and not to forget Harthligh who had an obsessive crush on Hana. The good news is that after saving Liv Amara, she and Hana created an anti-bullying association to prevent all bullying in schools." Hana decided to take over from there, she feels she should say this, "Vivian...she finally got what she deserves, although she's only suspended, she finally was exposed for her bullying. After all those years, she and Badgal are finally punished for all the harm they did to me and Hiro." Hiro looked at Hana with wide eyes, "Hana, we both promised not to say those two names." Hana just smiled at her brother, "I know Hiro, but Tadashi deserves to know what happened to them. Oh, and we have news to tell you, we have now one new little brother and three little sisters. They're the evil mascots that wanted to destroy big hero 7, but we stopped them with the help of Momakase and are now our new siblings. I reprogrammed Noodle's vocabulary to stop talking in fast-food language, it annoyed everyone. And we were able to get the original Baymax back. The one you made." Hana took a break and let her brother talk, "also, aunt Cass is now officially our adopted mother, Tadashi. We're no longer orphans anymore. And I also noticed mom had a third envelope with your official adoption papers in it." sniff "you would be so happy." Hiro was now whipping his tears away. Hana embraced her brother.

"Our bond between us has become stronger over the past months, we had our ups and downs and had some fights here and there, but we always managed to overcome those fights." Hana took a breath before she continued, "like when Obake mind-controlled me or when Diane tried to turn me into a monster and let me attack Hiro, but we did overcome that and our bond is stronger than ever." Hana finished, it was hard for her to think about that, but she was so much better thanks to Dr. Sopher her help.

A vibration from his pocket got Hiro down to earth from his trip to memory lane. Reaching his pocket, he took his phone to see he had one new message. Opening the message, he read it's from his mother, and asked to come home for dinner. "Mom wants us home for dinner." He showed the message to Hana. She nods in understanding.

Putting his phone back in his pocket, he looked at Tadashi's grave one more time before they went home.

Once arriving home, they reached the second floor. "Hi, Mom." "Hoi mom, we're home." Hiro and Hana greeted their mom, a caucasian woman wearing a simple pink PJ dress with very short sleeves, her favorite silver turquoise necklace, and some red slippers.

"Hi sweeties, where were you two so late?" Cass, their new mother, was in the kitchen preparing dinner. "Could you two set the table?"

Hiro and Hana went to set the table "Sorry we were late. We were visiting Tadashi's grave...you know." Hiro finished preparing the table. Hana went to grab an extra plate for Mochi's food.

Cass immediately knew what her son was talking about. It's almost a year since Tadashi's gone, and knew the upcoming memorial day would be hard for the twins, it was even hard for her. She went over to them and embraced her son and daughter in a hug.

"I know it's hard without him, not being able to see you two grow up and change the world...or at least the city." She let go of the twins and looked them in the eyes "But he is so proud of you two of what you both have become."

"Thanks, mom" Hiro wiped away his tears, "I know mom" Hana tried fighting her tears, she wanted to be strong for her brother "I do wish he was here, being a big brother to me and Hana, and the mascots. I wish he was here, mommy." Hiro hugged her and Hana again.

Cass hugged him back "Hmm, I know." taking a deep breath, she lets go of Hiro and Hana once more "All alright young man and miss, go get dressed in PJ's, we're gonna eat early so we go to bed early." She pushed them both to the stairs to the third floor "we need to get up at 3 am to get our plane to Japan."

"Okay mom," they both climbed the stairs up to the third floor the twins share.

Thanks to Fred and his parents, they got a large sum of money as an adoption present. So they were able to go on a vacation. When asked where to go on vacation, they bombarded the new mother with options, to Europe, to Japan, to Canada, to Italy, even Spain, Australia, and so on. Eventually, they decided to go to Japan for the first week and half, Hiro's choice and the rest of the second week and half would be in Europe, Hana's choice and they would enjoy both vacations in a private luxury hotel.

Upstairs in the twins bedroom where Baymax, noodle burger boy, Hangry panda, Crushroom, and Hyper-Potamus are all playing with some video game, we'll most of them.

Shaking their heads at the view they saw in front of him, Hana climbed on her bed to grab her PJ's and Hiro went to his dresser to grab his PJ, he went to dress in the bathroom, but one glance at Tadashi's side of the room shot a pang of grief into Hiro's heart.

Never had he felt so much grief than before, other than on the day of Tadashi's death. Why did his heart hurt so much? Why was this pain so much different than normal?

Staring for a couple of more seconds, he was woken from his daze by Baymax who seems to be worried.

"Hiro, are you okay?" He blinked with his eyes "you have been staring at Tadashi's room for 10 seconds."

"Oh, sorry Baymax. I was just thinking if I packed everything I needed for the vacation." Hiro hoped Baymax would buy the lie.

Baymax just blinked a couple of times before answering "you have packed everything you need, Hiro."

"See Baymax, checking if I packed everything, isn't so bad." he turned around toward the stairs "I'm gonna go change in PJ now." and Hiro was down the stairs faster than Gogo.

Baymax just watches Hiro leave the room, Noodle Burger Boy was frustrated that he did not win the game, and threw his controller above his head, hitting Baymax on the head.

Hana slides off her bedside and wonders where her brother is? "Baymax, where is Hiro?"

"Hiro is downstairs changing in his PJ" Baymax answers to her. Hana just blinked at her big robot brother. Shrugging, she went downstairs as well. Once on the second floor, she went to sit at the table waiting till her brother was done. Lost in her thoughts, she wonders how life would have been if Tadashi was still alive. Would she still have a strong bond with Hiro or would she be alone again as her brothers would do things together without her? Then a bad memory popped into her head about Hiro when they were in high school. Her thoughts were interrupted by a door unlocking.

Once done changing, Hiro came walking into the kitchen dressed in his PJ that consists of a green shirt with brown pants, and brown slippers, he was also wearing a golden seashell locket bracelet on his right hand.

Hana was at the table waiting patiently for her turn to change.

"So sis, ready for tomorrow?" Hiro sat down on his chair. Hana was happy to see that her brother is excited to go on vacation, but was even more excited to see he was wearing his bracelet their deceased parents had left him. "Oh yeah, I definitely am." She was thinking of buying something for him in Japan.

She walked past him to go change into PJ. 5 minutes later, everyone was eating dinner while Baymax and the mascots were watching tv. Hana was wearing a black top with pink shorts decorated with red hearts.

Hiro could not stop talking about Japan, it would only be them, Baymax, and the mascots to Japan and Europe! Hana and Cass on the other hand, where both quiet the whole conversation.

Hana was eating her vegetables as she became a vegetarian at the beginning of the summer and tried to feed Mochi some vegetables, but he didn't want any of that.

Mochi went over to Hiro, begging for better and tasteful food. He gave some chicken bites to Mochi.

Cass listening to her son talking miles a minute away about Japan, turning her head, she was met with her daughter's gaze staring at her food. She knows the face Hana is wearing, one the twins and Tadashi's father Tomeo used to have, "Hana, is something on your mind?"

Hana swallows her vegetables "No, nothing is on my mind" she was smiling nervously, avoiding eye contact with her mother. Cass immediately knew she was hiding something.

"Hana, can I talk to you alone, please." Cass stood up and walked to the bathroom, Hana did as her mother said and followed her.

Once inside the bathroom "Okay dear, I know something is going on with you. You know you can tell me anything, alright?" Cass laid her hand on Hana's shoulder.

"Sorry mom, it's just that...I've been having weird dreams lately, and last night I had a nightmare that something horrifying had happened to Hiro." Hana tells her mom the truth. Seeing your own twin crying in pain and covered under blood is the worst nightmare someone could have.

Cass could understand that, ever since Tadashi's death, she's worried for the safety of the twins. "Oh, sorry sweety, but why didn't you tell us?"

Hana was holding her golden heart locket tight. "I know I should have told you sooner mom, I just...didn't want to ruin the vacation for Hiro. It's the first time we go on a vacation and I didn't want anything to go wrong, mom." Hana looked at Hiro through the bathroom door and felt a bit guilty. She knew Hiro wanted to see Japan because their ancestors were in charge for rebuilding the city San-Fransokyo after the great catastrophe. She undoubtedly is going to buy a big present for him in Japan.

"Oh sweety, you don't need to hide this for us, we're there for you, and if you're having nightmares again, know you can always come and talk to me, okay!"

"Okay mom," Hana hugged her mother, after a minute they both let go of each other as both left the bathroom and went back to the table. But Hana had lost her appetite from the conversation with her mother and decided to go to bed early.

"The dinner was delicious mom." Hana put her unfinished dinner plate in the sink. "I'm going to sleep early, good night." and with that, she was gone to the third floor at a high record speed. Gogo would be frustrated that Hiro and Hana are faster than her on her bike.

Cass was sighted, looking at Hiro, who was quiet the whole conversation she had with her daughter in the bathroom. "Are you okay, Hiro? You look to be lost in your thoughts." Cass laid her hand on the boy's hand to get his attention.

"Uh, ...oh sorry, I was…I'm really looking forward to visiting Japan to learn about Dad's culture!" Hiro looked at his food "Do you think Hana is not okay because of her nightmares?" He looked up to his mother. He knows about Hana her nightmares as he would hear her jammer in her sleep and Baymax diagnoses her having nightmares. He even tried talking to her, but she avoided the topic every time.

"Sorry sweetheart, I don't know, but we are there for her and we can help her with whatever is going on with her." Cass lied a bit to her son about Hana's departure. She was cutting some of her chicken for Mochi who was now begging at her feet for food.

"Yeah we do that for her," Hiro said, looking back at his food, taking a bite of his chicken.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I promise we're gonna make the best vacation out of it for all of us." she was holding her pink out to Hiro.

Hiro looked at her pink, remembering he and his mom had a secret handshake made when he was 5 years old. They did their secret handshake and hugged each other.

Baymax was standing in the doorway, witnessing the entire scene, from Hana's strange behavior to Cass talking with Hana in the bathroom, to Hana running up the stairs, to Cass making her promise to Hiro. Baymax saw it all happening.

After doing the dishes, both Hiro, Cass, Baymax, and the mascots went to sleep. Upon arriving on the third floor, Hiro saw his sister was already sleeping. Helping Baymax, and the mascots on their charging stations, Hiro went to bed as well, "good night everybody."

"Good night big bro." The mascots wished Hiro a good night and went to recharge.

"Good night Hiro," Baymax watches Hiro fall asleep, he then looks to Hana, and back to Hiro, blinking a few times, he starts to scan both Hana and then Hiro. Saving the data, he then went to recharge as well.

At 3 am, everyone was wide awake thanks to Baymax's loud alarm.

All doing their toilet routine, getting dressed, and eating a quick bite before loading the truck to drive to the airport.

Arriving at the airport at 3:47 am, they all went through the check-in routine to go onboard the plane.

While waiting, a woman approaches them and tells them that their plane is ready. As it turns out, their plane is a private plane from the Frederickson's. Must have happened when Heathcliff made the flight booking.

Getting on board, they were greeted by Mikey, Megan, and Karmi. "SURPRISE" Hiro jumped a foot in the air, holding his hand on his heart.

Hana was surprised as well seeing their friends on the plane, "What is happening here?" looking at Mikey, Megan, and Karmi for an answer.

"Hey you two, we wanted to give you an incredible gift, so what better gift than your friends going with you on vacation." Megan was the one giving them the answer, "Oh, and don't worry, we asked Fred if he could help with booking more rooms for us at the hotel." Karmi finished for Megan, giving two thumbs up.

"Hana come sit next to me" Mikey waved at Hana, she gladly sat next to him. "Hiro, come over here." Megan waved at hiro to come sit with her and Karmi.

Approaching the two, Hiro sat in between the girls, Karmi took out three earsets (she probably got them from a Stewardess), and plugged them in the tv on the seat in front of Hiro, aand the three start watching movies with monsters, robots, science, and magic.

Although Karmi is still uncomfortable about bio-tech, she is getting better after a couple of sessions with Dr. Sopher, thanks to Hana's advice.

Speaking of Hana, she and Mikey are thinking of a couple's nickname, "What about...Hakey or Mikana or maybe Hikaney or Hikanay?" Mikey was naming some options. But Hana did not answer, looking at her, he saw Hana was gazing in front of her. Something must be going on. "Hana, blossom, is there something wrong?" Mikey laid his hand on her show. That got Hana down to earth, looking at Mikey, she realized he was talking to her.

"Oh,... Mikana sounds amazing. Like music to my ears." Hana had a dreamy face. Mikey loved the name too, he was planning on updating his status on social media once they landed in Japan.

Cass went to sit after Hiro and Baymax sat next to her and mochi next to Cass and the window. The mascots are sitting in front of Hana and Mikey.

With 30 minutes to prepare, their flight took off at 7:45 am and would be a 14 hour and 39 minutes flight at 36,000 feet high.

Once in the air at 36,000 feet high, everybody was allowed to unbuckle and room free. Their captain announced how high and how long it takes to arrive at their destination. But no one expected to hear the captain say that their destination is 'Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia' instead of Tokyo, Japan.