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When Hiro opened his eyes, he was surrounded by his friends on the couch. Many were still awake while others were sleeping. Sitting up with his back against a pillow. He observed his surroundings. He sees Krei and Liv together on a loveseat sleeping, Cass, and Orso sleeping on his right while Hana and Mikey we're awake on his left. Megan and Karmi were laying on the ground with pillows and blankets.

The TV was on some random channel and outside the sun was rising. It appears that everyone had fallen asleep and some hadn't woken up not too long ago.

He checks his inbox on his phone to see a lot of messages from his friends. One of his college and some messages of his sister he had never seen before. He opened it. Reading the message, a small smile appeared on his face.

These were personal messages shared between him and Hana. Others with Tadashi and even with only the three of them. Memories surfaced that he even got messages from students from high school since the Hamada trio became popular. So he, Tadashi, and Hana got a lot of compliments, invitations to parties, and friend requests. This was definitely the opposite of what Vivian did to Hana, now they were more popular than her and Badgal.

He stood up and told his sister he was going to drink some water. In the kitchen, he reread the message to be sure he read it well. Hana and her brothers have grown closer than before and was able to restore her relationship with her brothers.

He was Happy that Hana shared her feelings with both her brothers. Told them that she felt left out and disconnected with them. He wonders if Vivian could ever see that she never broke Hana in high school. Would that girl ever grow up and understand that bullying will never help her cope with her mothers loss? Or will she stay the way she is now? Shaking the thought away, he took a glass and filled it with liquid to drink, lessening his thirst.

Mikey came up next and Hana prepared something small to eat for them till Megan and Karmi basically had to drag themselves into the kitchen. "Uuugh, Why did we fall asleep on the floor last night." Karmi groans, "My body hurt all over." Megan's face fell on the table as Hana placed choco milk in front of her and gave one to Karmi.

The five of them made plans to go visit the city and what to see, visit, eat, and more. Another thought striked Megan "Umm guys, not to get you uncomfort Hiro, but shouldn't we go visit Lemuria Island again to see if we could find a clue what happened to Hiro? It's the most logical thing to do to find answers!"

Everyone looked at each other as Kermi agreed to the proposal. Hana thought it could be helpful to go back to Lemuria Island and Mikey also agreed with his sister. Hiro was the only one who dreaded that Island. Mentioning Lemuria Island drained the color from his face.

But as it was four against one, they decided it was a good idea to go back the next day to find answers what transformed Hiro. On the other hand, Megan read on her phone that Miss Pattawan is in the city and where she's located. This allows Hana to ask her more questions and suggests they should visit her again. Karmi and Megan were in on the idea and Mikey suggested they should revisit the antic store as he thought he had seen something there that almost resembles Hiro in his tail-formation, so that was also added to their to-do list on visiting the city.

As the adults awoke from their sleep, the children were all dressed and making themself ready to visit the city with the five bots. Upon hearing this, Cass wanted Hiro to stay away from water while visiting the city. The kids and bots promised her that they will keep Hiro away from water.

Sometime later, the kids and the bots had visited all the places they wanted to see, the only ones left were Miss Pattawan and the antic store. While venturing around the city, Hana got a lot of hateful stares, respectless behavior from the store managers, was not welcome in many restaurants, and had the most awful insults you could think of, like everyone was infected with the Vivian Walsh disease to bullie Hana again like back in high school. Even though she put up a mask, it still hurt her. Luckily, some parts of the city didn't pay any attention to who she is and left the group alone, which gave them a moment to breathe, eat, shop, and relax. THen it was on to the two important places to get some answers they were looking for.

First stop, Pattawan. Luckily for the group is that Pattawan and the antic store were located not too far from each other, and on the safer side of the city, so this was easy for them.

Before they could knock on her door, Miss Pattawan opened it and saw the five children she met at the hotel. "I knew you would come visit me today." She steps aside and lets them all in, "You have more questions you wanted to ask me, right." They all nodded their heads to her. "Follow me."

Pattawan guided them to a private room on the second floor. There, they all sat on the pillows that were lying on the floor. Pattawan left the room and the kids observed her room and the bots were doing what robot siblings were good at. Five minutes later, Pattawan entered the room carrying a plate with home brewed tea for 6 persons.

As she sat on a pillow, she began, "I see the storm has come and gone for you kids and robots, right." They nodded their heads in agreement, "And you have discovered Hiro's ability to travel in time, right." They all agreed to her, surprising one another of this. Mikey explained he had been reliving his childhood as did Megan. Karmi mentioned she's been reliving her school years again, but not at SFIT. Hiro mouth fell open, you could see the wormhole where Abigail was stuck in and the debris from the damaged KreiTech company. Hana also explained she was reliving her past again. Now Pattawan was looking at Hiro if he had experienced it as well. Hiro stared at everyone in the room looking at him for his confirmation. Hiro sighted and shared his experiences.

Miss Pattawan then tells, "You two are coming closer to your second chance at saving a loved one's life." Both Hana and Hiro nodded their heads in agreement. "And for the others, time will tell when you will meet the twins in the past again." She then put her tea down and lit the fire. "You all have questions, right." Again they all nodded. Pattawan took a plate with bones, "You all know how this works." The kids made a shores of yes and yeah. "Then you can all pik a bone and I will answer your questions you have for me."

She let the kids pick a bone and placed the plate back on its original place. She then said Karmi could ask her question and throw the bone in the fire. Karmi did and asked, "How is this all possible, I mean with Hiro and the traveling in time thing?"

The cracks in the bones gave Pattawan the answers for Karmi's question, "Hiro is a descendant from a divine being as well as Hana is. They inherited their magic inside their bones. So to understand how he gained his magic, you must return to the place where it started." She stood up and took a book from a table nearby and sat back on her pillow. "As for time-traveling, this book will help explain it." As she opens the book, she reads…

"Our bones are the seat of consciousness and it's from them by which thoughts are formed. Our brain processes the language of bones into the language of speech. Our thoughts are a reflection of your bones." She placed the book aside and continued, "Our bones are the seat of our consciousness, so for every time

Hiro sleeps, his consciousness travels to the past, waking up in his younger body, being conscious of reliving the past." She took a sip of her tea, "Our bones are more powerful than we know, it knows more about the body and blood than the brain does. Even if the brain has the capacity to learn about the body, matter can still hide from the brain like ergo sickness, depression, and more."

"Depression? Doesn't that happen because of chemical unbalancing in the brain!" Karmi said. As a former biotech student, she had learned these things in class.

"Not really, depression originates from the bones. The biggest secrets of bones is the chemical alchemy of mental-happiness VS depression that is housed in the bones mechanics, not the mind." Pattawan showed Karmi her old leather book where the information is written in.

Karmi's mouth fell open, this book held so much information on bones it's a miracle. The rest of the kids also peaked in the book over Karmi's shoulders. Many were baffled at the information. Like…

Ancient people believed that bones have their secret language and only a few blessed souls could understand the groanings from the bones in metric order. (Not all healers could understand bone sound.)

The bones are the catacombs of the body, because it makes blood. It is a hidden vault of knowledge the brain cannot store.

Bones don't mess around, they house the catacombs of blood making, keeping certain bacteria occupied so flesh eating mites won't affect the body.

Bones are special and key for bones more than any other part of the body is respect.

Kinetic energy is very important to bones as they like to move and should rest for 3 to 4 hours at a time before it becomes laborsome to be still in motion.

Bones need happiness of movement and joy in song and dance. It needs hard work that benefits in accomplishment.

Bones need to be fed specifically and constantly or the body will decay rapidly in nerve function. Whatever is good for the soil is good for the bones, teeth, hair, and nails.

Bones make things happen that the brain cannot, but the kinetic sound of bones can heal, kill, or reveal in great measure. If you want bones on board with the plan, you have to make them understand the goal is to become epic of lineage and foundational fortified to be powerful in longevity.

Your physical bones are wiser beyond their age. A loss of bones is a loss of consciousness. The bones are the most powerful part of the body. If your bones are weak, then you are weak. Empower your bones, empower yourself.

"Wow" Karmi's eyes were shining with stars reading all this information about bones. "How come no one taught us that back in school?"

"That's because there's a great deal science doesn't know about the skeletal system. If they did, we would all be giants with great supreme power in so many varied degrees no one could claim dominance." Pattawan chuckled as she took her book back. "And because of his will to go back in time to prevent Tadashi from dying, his bones have granted him his desire."

"So the power Hiro has, comes from his bones?" Hana asked Pattawan curious. "Yes, it does." Pattawan said. "Now, I believe your friend is next." She gestured for Megan to throw her bone in the fire.

Megan did as she spoke, "Why are we going to the past as well? We don't have even powers." Pattawan saw the cracks in her bone she threw in the fire.

"Because of Hiro not knowing how to master his powers, he accidentally affects people around him with his powers." She looked up at the kids in the room staring at her, "If Hiro practices his powers, he would have more mastery over who he brings to the past or not. It does not mean he did bad, he just should give his abilities a chance."

It was then Mikey's time to ask his question, he threw his bone in the fire like Megan and Karmi did. "Why does Hiro change into a fish? Or why do his bones break and make such horrific noises?"

"The magic Hiro inherited is housed in his bones, and the bones are the catacombs of the body, it makes blood. As Hiro's magic originates from his bones, as his blood from his bones flows through his body, his blood takes the magic with it and flows it through his body as well, spreading it into his organs. His ancestors were divine beings, so everytime Hiro transforms, he transforms into his divine form."

Pattawan then opened her book on bones again and showed it to Mikey, the rest was watching over his shoulders like with Karmi.

"Bones speak their own language, the sound you hear from Hiro's bones are his bones speaking in their secret ancient language, the language of his ancestors. The sound bones make are scary. Imagine something that could keep its pitch across great distances, brushing up against asteroids and various matter."

Mikey was scratching his head at this. To him, it sounds all Chinese. Luckily Pattawan explained to him in a more understandable explanation.

"The sounds bones make, might sound like a rattling, groaning, clanking, or scratching sound. Halloween tricks aren't that far off the mark as far as creepy quotient." Pattawan ended as Mikey shook his head in understanding, even if it still confuses him a little bit. "It may sound like I'm speaking of bones being separated entities, but bones can hate a person. Brittle bones make brittle blood making a person bitter at heart." It was enough for Mikey and gestured for the Hamada twins to go next.

Next was Hana's turn. She couldn't wait anymore and threw her bone in the fire, "You said we can save a loved one? Do you mean our big brother Tadashi? He died in the fire at SFIT. Will I be able to do magic like Hiro as he and I are twins? How is it even possible for us to have magic to begin with? And what exactly are we?"

Pattawan chuckled a bit at her, "The world is far bigger than we know. Some worlds are even hidden among our world. Made invisible by a veil that hides those worlds from praying eyes. Many have come to this world, or originate from this world. Some have left and others have stayed. You, your twin and your big brother are all three descended from divine beings that lived in one of those worlds that originated here on earth. Just like your father is…"

"Waith! Our father?!" Hana said, shocked. What does her father have to do with all this?

"Yes, your father is a direct descendant of these divine beings. He, just like you two, is a bloodline from a divine being. And yes, your big brother Tadashi is the one who you two will be saving as you two want more than nothing to have him back into your lives again."

Pattawan took another sip from her tea, "As for your powers to awaken, Hana, your brother is the key to do that." Pattawan stared for a few seconds at Hiro before she focused on Hana again, "But, your brother is holding back on his powers. It is to you to help him accept his powers so that he can unlock his full potential. Once his supreme power is unlocked, he will be the bringer of magic back to this world again."

"What do you mean Hiro is holding back?" It was Megan this time that asked. "Hiro and his bones are living in symbiosis, just like all living beings do. But because Hiro is refusing to accept his heritage, his bones won't accept that. They want him to accept them. That is why you are in horrible pain when you transform each time."

"Bones can't tolerate disrespect and refuse the mind is in charge, as bones only bow to ancient magic. For Hiro respects his bones, he would feel no pain when transforming. When people say treat your body like a temple, they mean it literally. Respect to your body and bones is key. Bones love to be epic, find joy in song and dance and love movement."

"So you say that if Hiro accepts his powers, he wouldn't be in pain anymore," Karmi asked Pattawan. "Yes."

"Why do we get a chance to save Tadashi?" Hana asked Pattawan. She wanted Tadashi back but doesn't understand why they were given this change in the first place.

"Because Tadashi was never meant to die in the first place. Many events were to happen that lead to you two becoming heroes. But not that your big brother is to die." Pattawan said bringing more confusion to the children.

Hiro was losing it, he was done with all this. "Why is this happening to me? and why is it never meant for Tadashi to die in the first place? And how can I get rid of these powers?"

All of them were shocked at Hiro's outburst with huge eyes saying 'You're kidding me, right!' and 'Are you serious!' It was obvious no one liked what Hiro said. Pattawan stared at the cracks forming in the bones.

"That is because of the butterfly effect. The smallest decision made, has effects on the future. Either there are huge or small effects, good or bad effects." Pattawn took a deep breath "The game Until Dawn is a great example of the butterfly effect."

Mikey and Megan shivered at the word Until Dawn. "Brrrrr, oh I remember that game. We did play it last summer." Mikey rubbing his temple trying to forget the memory. "Boy was that a scary game." Megan shivered in fear, "Those Wendigo's terrorized my nightmares for weeks."

"A decision was made that cost a pilot to be trapped in a wormhole and for your big brother to die in the fire." Pattawan said to Hiro and Hana. "How did it happen? When did it happen?" Hana wanted to know, she got the feeling there was suddenly more playing a part to Tadashi's death.

Pattawan looked at the cracks in the bones. "It all happen when the government wanted KreiTech to build something for them."

Everyone in the room besides Pattawan was wondering what the government could ask from KreiTec… "Silent Sparrow," they all said in unison. "But the mystery was solved as KreiTech created an unstable teleport portal that trapped a pilot into another world that drove a professor at SFIT to vengeance and was stopped by Big Hero 7." Karmi said.

"Yes, but you didn't see the middle picture of the problem." Pattawan said as she refilled her cup of tea. "Middle picture?" The children said in unison as Pattawan refilled their cups with tea.

"Yes, you got the Little picture and the big picture. But you also have the middle picture that is unseen and hides many secrets that lead to the event of the explosion of the unstable portal."

"What, secrets! Like what secrets?" It was Megan who asked that question. Pattawan looked at the cracks in the bones. "Only a man named Alistair Krei himself knows that answer. Even he hides the truth that had led to the events."

"Uh, what are the little and big pictures my I ask?" It was Karmi, Pattawan understood what she was asking. "The little picture is the government asking KreiTech for a way for teleportation while the big picture is the accident of a malfunctioning teleportation that trapped its pilot in another dimension that led to a grieving professor out for revenge on Alistair Krei. The middle picture is the bridge between these two events to happen."

Hiro felt Pattawan wasn"t giving him the answers he wanted. "So what has this all to do with Tadashi's death? And why was he never meant to die?" He yelled to Pattawan who just was as calm as they visited her minutes ago.

"Tadashi wasn't meant to die. He was meant for bigger things. Like I said, a small decision can lead to a butterfly effect. The biggest butterfly effects made were the events that made the teleportation portal collapse as well as another event that cost existence to collapse. The collapse of that portal cost a major effect on the future and has created multiple effects that not only cost Tadashi to die and a grieving professor become vengeful. But It cost other effects to happen that shouldn't have existed at all."

Hana felt concerned at what the woman said, "Another event that collapsed existence? Like what?"

"The collapsing of the portal caused a huge butterfly effect to happen that affected the original timeline to collapse as multiple timelines were created from the portal explosion, shattering the original timeline in pieces. And each time the portal collapsed in the other timelines, it created double the timelines as before, shattering the original timeline even more. As for the other event I was talking about, that one cost reality as we know it to collapse, scattering our existing like our timeline does. But someone else is restoring our existence like you all are restoring the original timeline." Pattawan knew she could not tell about the others, this was their journey and these kids sitting here had their own journey to do.

"And going to the past is…" Hiro said.

"Going back to the past is restoring the original timeline from the butterfly effect."

Everyone was silent at hearing this information. None would have known how big this was. "Wow, this is huge."Was all Mikey could say.

"So, how can I get rid of these powers?" Hiro came out of the blue. Everyone was staring at him, not happy at all with his

"Hiro, you got the power to save Tadashi and even more and all you wanna do is get rid of it. Do you realize what you have?" Hana said, mad at her twin for thinking that.

But Hiro didn't flinch one bit at his sister's outburst. "What I have! Hana, this is not who I am. I'm a smart genius with two logs walking on land. Not a, not a… fish-like creature."

"Hiro," Everyone stared at Pattawan "How much you love to get rid of these powers, it can't be done. Those powers are who you are and asking them to disappear is like asking to not exist anymore. Wishing them gone is wishing you out of existence."

Five pair of eyes went wide hearing that Hiro could not exist if he wishes for his powers gone. This had Hana scared as she didn't want to lose her brother. Helping her brother out of accepting his powers was the only thing she could do now. Hiro... he felt defeated, there was nothing that could be done to remove his powers now.

"All I can say now is that once the original timeline and reality are restored, Enaya will reveal herself once again in her full glory. Then, we will all be home again." None of the kids said something, letting all the information sink into their bones. Chills going down their spines realizing they became part of something bigger than they could realize.

"Enaya? Who is that?" Hana asked Pattawan, she replied, "She is the womb of the universe. One that is beyond the universe itself."

The five were dead silent, this was something that is beyond them. Something that they had no control over. "Wow, creepy." Thank Mikey for breaking the silence.

"One thing I will say is that to understand everything that is going on with you kids and robots, is to go back to Lemuria Island one more time to restore the original timeline for the last time. The others are waiting for you IN the bridge between your two worlds." With that, Pattawan finished her tea and helped the kids further out with questions of their future.

As the visit came to an end, the five kids and their robots paid for the sessions and left the building Pattawan stayed in. Mikey took over and led the group of ten to where he and Hana stumbled upon the antique store.

Arriving at a simple-looking store from the outside, on the inside, it was littered with expansive antique artifacts. An old man standing behind the counter who was fiddling with a music box, greeted the five kids and the five robots. "Welcome to Changs Wonder Store, where you find the fines treasured from around the…" The man took a look at the kids and recognized two of the five, "Ah, Mikey, Hana, nice to see you two again." The old man waved at them and Mikey, and Hana waved back, "Hey mister Chang, how are things going?" Mikey led the group of ten to where Chang was standing.

Chang showed the kids his broken music box, "It needs magic to work." pointing with his two hands at the damn thing while holding a screwdriver in his right hand.

The kids stared at the broken music box, a lightbulb lit up above Hana's head as she got an idea, "Sir, could my brother and I take a look at the box? Maybe we could fix it for you." She said gesturing to herself and her twin brother. "Go ahead, girl." And he shoves the box towards the Hamada twins. Hana took the box and grabbed Hiro's hand and led him to a small table in the middle of the store while the rest talked to Mr. Chang.

"So, Mr. Chang, I think I saw a painting of a sea creature here in your shop. Do you still have it?" Mikey asked the old men. Chan nodded, "Yes young boy, I have it hanging right here." He then points to a painting on the wall. "Cool, sir, may we have a closer look. Pleeease." Mikey showed his puppy eyes to the old man as did the rest also. Chan couldn't resist saying no to them, "Ooooh, alright you kids. You may see it, but do not touch it." The kids and bots minus the Hamada twins nodded in agreement.

Chang held the painting in his hands when he displayed it to Mikey and the rest. The kids and the bots were fascinated by the painting. The painting had a fleurishing background with colorful serpents flying in the air with kingdoms and people on the ground. "Waoh, could you explain what this painting is all about, sir?" Karmi asked Chan about the origin of the painting."

Chan slimed brightly, he loved telling stories about the treasures he had in his shop. "Sure, now what you see here is a painting of a lost kingdom, Khandra. It says that it was the most powerful kingdom ever to exist until five hundred years ago the kingdom just magically vanished from mother earth. Like it disappears without leaving a trace behind. It's been recently that archaeologists found evidence of the existence of the kingdom from paper scrolls and wall paintings and statues all over Asia and India. Without these, no one would have ever known Khandra existed." Megan took a picture as Karmi asked where to find more information about the kingdom Kumandra. Old man Chang stood up and grabbed a book decorated with golden dragons on. He showed it to the kids, "This tells the story of Khandra," Showing the first page in the book "It was a paradise on earth ruled by dragons and humans living in harmony together until Druuns invaded Kumandra and turned everyone into stone, even the dragons." Chang went through the pages while telling about Khandra's history to the kids, "Only one dragon saved the humans from stone but the dragons did not return and the last dragon was never been seen in five hundreds, only a gem was left causing five clans to fight over the gem and splitting Khandra in five worlds till the Druuns came back and a princess set out to find the last living dragon back. Together with four others they collected the five pieces of the dragon gem and defeated the Druuns, saving all of Kumandra, even the dragons returned and the whole kingdom lived back in peace again." Chang's face showed sadness as he went through some pages to show another part of history to the kids, "But five hundred years ago the kingdom vanished mysteriously. Many believed it was wiped out from existence because of jealousy, others believed it magically disappeared to another world." He closed the book and placed it on the counter next to the painting, "But nevertheless, the kingdom was never found again. Only these statues, paintings, and old stories are what's left of Khandra." Chang said with a deep breath.

While at the same time Hiro and Hana were busy fixing the music box, "Try using your magic, Hiro." Hiro looked at Hana with huge eyes saying 'Are you serious!' "What!" Hiro whispered loudly to her, "Hiro, please, use your magic." Hana placed her hand on his shoulder "You can do this, you made your Microbots, my Solar and Lunar satellite, my Solar Bike, the Energy Amplifier, and not to forget the Nanobots, you made all that. So…why do you think you cannot fix this with magic?" Hana said to Hiro while counting down all Hiro's creations with her fingers. Hiro frowned, "But I didn't use magic to make those things. How am I supposed to do this?" Hana thought of that question and re-viewed the past events when Hiro used his magic without trying. A hand-motion popped up in her head and, "Try doing it with your hands, Like a hand-motion you did to freeze that glass in the lobby." She gestuurd with her hands a hand-motion, Hiro remembers some couple of hand-motions that caused him to do magic, but? Could he do this? "I don't know Hana, I don't believe in magic and, and, an…" He was cut off by Hana whispering loudly to him "Hiro, stop saying that. This is you, and this is me. We are magic beings and we are saving our big brother Tadashi. We can't… you can't look past this anymore, Hiro. It's accepting, or accepting. There's no running away, no hiding, no ignoring anymore. So please, start accepting the truth and reality, because this is us and you CAN do this." She is staring at Hiro with warm eyes saying that he has nothing to fear." Hiro felt warm and accepted by her, he feared that looking like this was a curse, but his sister makes his powers look more like a gift than a curse or blessing. He stared at his hands and closed his eyes, sighted lightly, he opened his eyes and lift's his hand and tried magic on the music box but failed to repair it as streams of electricity emitted from his fingers. Hiro gave up but Hana encouraged him to try again and told him he should "Try focusing on what you want." Hiro nods in agreement and tries again but now he focuses on what he wants. Swirling beems of invisible magic energy emitted from his hands and restored the part that was damaged, fixing the music box in the process. Hiro was at peace that he used his powers properly for the first time since his dormant powers awakened.

Once the music box was restored, the twins went back over to the counter to give Mr. Chang his music box back. Chang was excited that he gave each kid a discount on everything they want to buy from his store. So each kid went adventuring around Mr. Chang's treasures. When they left the store, each kid had a couple of bags with them, including the book and painting of Khandra. Saying goodbye to the old man and Arriving back at the hotel, the kids see that trouble waiting for them in the form of a bullie and an interesting video.

Once the group of kids and robots walked in the lobby, former fans of Hana were angry and insulting her, which confused her, her friend and her siblings. Mallory had noticed how people were hating Hana and how they insulted her online, but seeing it in real life was even more fun for her. The group had fled to a balcony after the hotel staff had led the angry group of ex-fans out the door.

Mikey and Megan took their phones and looked up the video that caused Hana's fans to hate her. Both their eyes grew wide seeing the video as Mallory came up to them with a satisfying smark on her face. "Look at this." Megan showed her phone to the rest of the group, all could see an interview playing on the screen…

"So Hana, can you tell me how you got famous?" Mallory asked.

"Oh, I got famous because I had Bulimia Nervosa, it was all over the news, so everyone in the city heard and read about me, that's how I got famous." Hana answered.

Obliviously showing how much editing was done on the video. The voice coming out of Hana isn't even hers in the video. But from someone else.

"Why would you have bulimia nervosa? " Mallory asked.

"Well it's for the fame, you see, when I was in high school, I bullied this girl for four years until I graduated and after, I started eating to be famous." Hana answered.

No one could believe Malloty would cut the video to make it look like Hana was the bullie.

"And who was that girl you bullied then?" Mallory asked.

"Her name is Vivian Walsh, and she was the one I bullied back in high school. I used to push her off the stairs and in the mud, say she was ugly and fat, graffiti her gym locker and vandalized her school bank." Hana answered.

"I even locked her a whole weekend in the janitor closet and painted the windows black leaving her in complete darkness. I also tricked her by pretending to be her friend and giving her phone number to everyone in school. Every day she would have horrible messages sent to her that she didn't want to come out of bed in the morning. I even made a fake account and pretended to be a boy from my class and told her he liked her all to humiliate her the next day. Even spreading lies that her dead mother wanted to be dead because she didn't like her and that her dad was always at work because he didn't want to hang around her because they couldn't stand her." Hana answered.

"Tell me Hana, do you believe you deserve this fame, cause millions of other people have survived bulimia nervosa, so what makes you actually so special than the rest, huh? It doesn't seem fair that you got famous and the others not, and not to mention all the other people who began to beigne eaten on purpose to get as famous just like you or to cope with their bullied lives. Did you know that people were doing this? Some even died and others didn't even get famous at all, are you really a fair person who deserves all that fame, huh?" Mallory asked.

To everyone's horror, the edited video had given a fake answer.

"I totally deserve it. More than anyone in the world does. All those other people who does the same thing to get famous are just a bunch of wannabe pretenders who want to be as successful as me. All of them deserve what they had coming to them, and I don't even care if some died. I would even encouraging people to do Bulimia to cope with loss and bullying, but never to get as famous as me." Hana answered.

Hana was so shocked she covered her mouth with her hands. The rest didn't know what to say, each just as shocked as Hana is.

"Tell me how you got accepted into college?" Mallory asked.

"I got in for demonstrating my solar and Lunar Satellite. Everyone was so impressed." Hana answered.

"Who inspired you to go to college?" Mallory asked.

"My big brother Tadashi Hamada. He showed me his school and introduced me to his friends and his latest creation Baymax and Pr. Callaghan. I knew I needed to go there. The night of the showcase I presented my inventions and got in. Until the fire happened afterward that took the life of my big brother. But his friends have helped me a lot since I entered college." Hana answered.

"Wow, how long did it take for you to make your solar and lunar panels?" Mallory asked.

"Well I actually didn't make it, my brother Hiro made it for me. He is, how should I say, my slave." Hana answered.

Hana couldn't believe her ears hearing this. She looked over to her brother to see his reaction, hoping he wouldn't believe her.

"What can you tell about your brother that you haven't told to another reporter?" Mallory asked.

"Well, Hiro is my fraternal twin who is also my slave. I had a big brother named Tadashi Hamada who treated me as his favorite sibling. He loves me more than he would ever love my slave. Tadashi and I are inseparable. Now I study at college along with MY friends. I study physics as a major and robotics as a minor, and my slave here has robotics as a major and chemistry as a minor." Hana answered.

"you probably had to do a lot of your brother's homework, didn't you?" Mallory asked.

"I did, in fact, I once made one of his projects for the open house." Hana answered.

"How would you describe your brother Hiro?" Mallory asked.

"He's my slave, I let him do whatever task I give him. He is the least loved one in the family and our parents always hated him. I could imagine a world where he isn't born…I could live without him." Hana answered.

Everyone was in disbelief of how this edited video was describing Hana and Hiro's relation to people who blindly believed this.

"If you could choose for one brother to live with for the rest of your life, who would you choose? Your twin or your big brother?" Mallory asked.

"I could choose between my brothers, I love Tadashi and wish for Hiro to not be born." Hana answered.

"You said Hiro made a project for you for the open house? What do you mean? Do you not make your own projects then?" Mallory asked.

"Yes, my brother Hiro even made my solar-powered bike for the next open house and I passed." Hana answered.

"Why did he make your solar bike?" Mallory asked.

"I got mad at him for stealing my first project, an energy amplifier if you want to know. I slapped him in the face and told him I wish he wasn't my brother, then I said that he had to make my solar bike so that I would stay in college, or else I would quit college." Hana answered.

Mallory raised an eyebrow at Hana's answer, "why didn't you make the amplifier?"

"My brother somehow took it and made it in the garage of our house, because he was jealous of me being more better and loved while he is only a pest to the family. He wanted to present it as his invention." Hana answered.

Hana wanted to throw up, she could never say something like that. Heck, she never said it in the interview.

"So you claim your brother stole from you, huh. But you stole also, from Krei Tech. So you stole an idea from someone else too. And then you go yelling at your brother for stealing! You stole as well." Mallory asked.

"I didn't steal it exactly, I just grabbed it after Krei threw it away, you know, borrowed it." Hana answered.

Hana couldn't watch anymore, this was just sick and twisted. How could Mallory do this to her?


A laugh from the door got the group their attention. Turning their heads towards the source of the laughter, shock filled their heads as they saw Mallory in a red bikini with a beach scarf around her waist leaning against the door with a satisfied, evil smirk plastered on her face. "Good to see your life is completely destroyed, Hana." She was clapping in her hands while saying that. But the name 'Hana' was said with dripping poison from her lips.

Mikey was furious at Mallory and stood up, pointing his finger at her, "How could you do this? You wanted an interview with her for your boss and you just edited it full of lies and dropped it on social media? Why?" Mikey was fuming from anger as the others stood up as well (except Hiro and Hangry Panda) and accused Mallory as well.

"Are you nuts? You made that interview look like Hana is a bad person."

"What is wrong with you for doing this?"

"You, YOU! I trusted you and you do this! WHY?"

"Because Hana, you ruined my life," She put up her blond wig to reveal her hip long straight red hair. Everyone's eyes went wide, in front of them stood none other than the person who tormented Hana's high school years for four years, Vivian Walsh.

Hana's hart beat faster at seeing her, but instead of shrinking in fear, she went mad from fury. She was not the same girl anymore since she was able to change her past. Because of this, she learned to defend herself as she decided at age ten to follow defense classes with her brothers, exposing their bullies to the principal, and their popularity helped other student to stop admiring Vivian, and was able to create a prevent all bullying program on high school together with her brothers for the school to act on bullies directly. This time traveling made Hana stronger rather than weak against Vivian. She wanted more than nothing to punch the redhead in the face.

"Vivian, YOU. WILL. PAY. FOR. THIS." All the others were staring at her. They had never seen her like this before. She would freeze in fear and avoid Vivian and Teddy at all cost, but now she was a volcano bursting out lave, ready to wipe Vivian Walsh and Teddy Jones from the face of the earth.

Vivian didn't look pleased, "Oh yeah, and how are you gonna do that?" She smirked again, "Your fans hate you and nobody will believe you. So, how are you gonna make me pay while your reputation is over?" She was satisfied as everybody believed her video and nobody liked Hana anymore. "After all, you deserve it after you ruined my high school years by showing that video to principal Haines and saving Liv Amara and opening that stupid prevent all bullying biseness or whatever. The point is you deserve it no matter what."

"UNBELIEVABLE." Hana said through gritting teeth, "Why? Just why? What did I ever do wrong? Why me? What I've ever do to you?"

"Why? Here I'm gonna tell you why, Hana. My mother was taking away from me to death and my dad ignored me throwing himself in his work, I was left alone to cope with loss and deal with the issues of life on my own. My friends laughed at me at the funeral. And at school, it wasn't even better. Then you came to school all happy and perfect, having everything better than me. YOU dared to say "people always come back when you miss them" which was the stupidest thing anyone could ever say." Hana remembered that moment, but she didn't know better at that time, she saw just a kid. "And when you told your parents were dead, everybody felt sorry for you while I was laughed at by everyone. I never felt humiliated and mistreated that day. So I planned to bully you to make you suffer from your consequences."

Vivian had tears in her eyes yelling out her fear, frustrations, and feelings. Making her vulnerable at the moment. "You don't know how lucky you are to not remember your parents dead, while I remember my mom dying before my eyes, understanding what my father was saying that's she's dying." Vivian said while she bald her fist.

Hana raised an eyebrow, she never thought this was the case with Vivian bullying her. She remembers students praising and complimenting her and her brothers for being smart and beautiful. Then, when it was revealed she and her brothers were orphans living with their aunt and that their parents are dead, the student started to show compassion toward them. But she had no idea that Vivian was laughed at and to be ashamed and insecure of being motherless. Is this the REAL reason why Vivian always bullied her?

Vivian since then never wanted Hana to be happy, or to be compared to Hana. This was a big fear of hers, and that's why she always bullied Hana, to feel better than her and to be seperated from her (as in not being compared to Hana) That is also why she started bullying Hana. Vivian couldn't understand that Hana had everything better than her. Her father was never there for her as he threw himself in his work to cope with her mother's loss and she had no one to turn to when she needed someone at the moment, not her friends, nor her boyfriend would ever help her when status and popularity matters most in high school. None of them would help her out when she needed a shoulder to cry on, give her advice or understand how it feels to lose someone right in front of your eyes. She felt miserable and wanted for others to understand how she really felt, so she bullied others to cope with her loss and that others would finally know how she really felt. She treated her friend and boyfriend into staying with her so she wouldn't feel alone, and helped her bully others for her own coping mechanisme.

Hana had a loving aunt and two brothers to run to when she needed help. So to Vivian, nothing felt fair to her at that time, she wanted that to be destroyed so that Hana would also understand how it feels to lose someone important.

To Vivian, bullying was a release mechanism of her pain, frustration, stress, and panic attacks. to numb it as much as she could, giving herself a dose of relaxation. Vivian needed it this badly and so bullying became her coping mechanism, like drugs can release you from stress, panic attacks, frustration and pain, bullying had the same effect on Vivian, and breaking someone's spirit and plain out destroying their lives was a bonus to her already messed up insane pain relief.

Hana stared at Vivian with burning fire in her eyes. A hand held hers and Hana looked down to see Hiro held her hand, having worry in his eyes. She then remembers the fake interview video Vivian crafted and fury came back through her veins. Vivian my ruin her reputation all the way down into the ground, but she shouldn't have dragged her brother into this revenge scheme she had.

"I will ruin you even further, I WILL do anything to hurt you so bad you will finally understand how i feel when i lost my mother." Vivian then grinned was kinde off, "And attending SFIT to harm your brother and ruin everything for him is going to be the most fun thing to do, especially when I drag my boyfriend Teddy and Badgal to the plan too."

"Pfff, you're not smart enough for that college." Mikey snorted at Vivians plan. But she smiled even more, "Ow shut it you brad. I'm smarter than you know. If I want to, I can be smart, like a genius." Vivian said, full of herself. Hana was beyond furious. If there even is a name for worse than furious.

"Enough Vivian," Hana spid Vivian's name out with poison, "I felt bad for you when your dad explained to me and my family about your behavior towards me, and the loss of your mother." Her eyes spoke determination, "But dragging my brother into your revenge scheme is going too far." She walked up to Vivian as she stood right in front of the red haired girl, "Listen up Vivian, you bully other people to cope with your mother's loss, but it will never take the pain away. I know that because Hiro and I saw our big brother die in the fire at the showcase at SFIT, and even if we found closure with his death, it will never take away the pain." And what happened next had everyone shocked and proud at the same time (Mostly Mikey, Megan, and Karmi)


Hana had slapped Vivian so hard in her face, she had a red bruise on her left cheek. Mikey, the girls, and the mascots all cheered for her (Karmi even filmed it) "This is for all the years you bullied me, Walsh.'' Poison dripped off Hana's lips as she said 'Walsh'. "And even if I'm not born, doesn't mean your mother would never die. She still could die, even my parents and older brother could still die if I wasn't born." She looked at the girl in front of her, hand against her pained cheek, "Vengeance will never give your mother back, Vivian. Even Hiro and I learned that lesson the hard way. Don't waste your life coping your mothers death, seek closure with her death. So you can move on and live a life, Vivian." Hana turned around and went back to the group.

Vivian, angered and furious at Hana, charged at the girl with rage, ready to beat the young girl dead. The others saw Vivian charging at Hana and warned her, Hana turned around for everybody to see Vivian was levitating at least five meters in the air.

Hiro had his hand in a motion that telekinetically lift Vivian up and held her in mid-air. Vivian was screaming for help while the group witnessed her fear. She was eventually put down and she stood up and charged back to Hana, but the girl just bared her fist and punched Vivian in the face that would make Gogo so proud of her. Vivian, shocked, ran away as fast as she could, but was a shame to the speedsters as you could hear Gogo, and Sue scolding that she put them at shame for how stupid she ran. (Literally, it's pathetic how Vivian runs. At least they are proud of the twins for breaking their records.)

Hana was in joy of her brother for using his magic. Not for saving her, although she appreciates the gesture, but because her brother is on the right track on accepting his heritage.

The mascots suggest they all should go to the duplex hotel room, so they took all their shopping bags and went to their stay.

Cass greeted them when they all walked in. She went to hug her daughter as she had learned about the video on the internet. "Oh sweety, are you alright?" She then let go of Hana and hugged her son "I saw that awful video on social media and was worried for you." She let go of Hiro and went over to the bots to make sure they also got a hug from her. "Yes mom." Hana and the others put their bags on the table, on the floor or on the cough, "Don't worry mom, I'm alright."

"Yeah, we saw the video as well and we were all shocked but the best part was when Vivian herself showed up and Hana punched her in the face." Megan told Cass who now was completely baffled, "That girl made a real mistake messing around with our dear Hana here." Megan couldn't stop laughing at the memory. Karmi showed Cass the video she made while filming Hana punching Vivian.

Dinner came soon and the kids and robots talked about their adventure in the city, how people treated them badly for no reason until they found out about the fake interview posted. Visiting the old antique store and taking photos at the beach. Cass listened happily to the kids and robots talking.

Everyone decided to watch a movie before bed. Hiro was nervous to go back in time as he was literally close to the showcase night. Hana noticed this and dragged him to her room. "Alright bro, what's going on with you?" She rested her hands on her hips, Hiro sighed and explained to her what's on his mind, "I'm nervous to go to sleep, Hana. I'm closer to relieving the showcase than you and I won't have you with me there." Hana understood his problem, she isn't closer to the showcase than he is, which makes her nervous as well. She hugged her brother as a sudden idea popped in her head. She went back in time when Hiro was awake, she could do that again so that the two will be together at the showcase night.

"Hey, what about this idea, I go to sleep to speed up my past so that we can be together at the showcase, Okay." Hana smiled at Hiro explaining her plan. Hiro's face brightened up as he liked that idea. They both went back to the movie and Hana went to sleep next to Mikey and Hiro. Going back to the past.