He only had eight days before old man Hokage took over his training, which left Daiki with literally only a week to work down the massive list of things he had to learn.

It wasn't very long at all.

Even with his abuse of the shadow clone training method, it was all but impossible to finish up the entire list.

Granted, that was half because a lot of his clones were busy working away at developing the seal to squish Shisui's Sharingan inside his Shinkugan after the breakthrough he'd gotten when he saw Kakashi using the Evil Sealing Method.

But even if he'd been able to direct all his clones towards learning the jutsu and such he'd picked up, it would still have been unlikely he could learn them all.

And so here Daiki found himself now, seven days later, standing in the backyard of his home, examining his hand.

And the crackling aura of blue electricity shrouding it.

Lightning Release: Chakra Mode.

Perhaps the most important jutsu of all now within his repertoire currently, the jutsu that would go hand in hand with his bijuu forms to increase his fighting ability beyond their limits and one of the cards he needed for the future if he wanted to stand a chance against some of the monsters that would crawl out of the woodwork later.

'And unfortunately, incomplete.' Daiki clicked his tongue in annoyance.

Or rather, it wasn't the jutsu itself that was incomplete, but rather he himself. The biggest problem with the jutsu itself, was getting the lightning chakra composition right enough to enhance himself, yet at the same time, not fry his nerves.

Many of his clones had died rather grizzly deaths over the past week in the attempt to master the jutsu.

It was no wonder the jutsu was so hard to come by. An average shinobi would have killed themselves in the process of learning this jutsu.

The real problem was, there was only so low the output of the lightning chakra could be lowered to, before it became useless as far as enhancements went.

No, the real problem wasn't the jutsu itself, but rather-

Daiki's body wasn't strong enough currently to withstand using the lightning armour without damaging himself.

And if not for his innate healing factor from both Isobu and the fragment of gelel within the seal on his neck, he'd at best only be able to use it for a few seconds before his body went numb.

'As it is I can use it for about a minute before I have to stop.' he mused, cutting off the chakra flow and allowing the crackling aura of lightning to disappear from around his body.

"Well that's annoying." Daiki rolled his eyes and sat down on his backside, staring up at the sky.

It really put into perspective how tough the Raikage and his bloodline was. A's family were known for their stupidly tough bodies and endurance.

Especially when taken into account how high Daiki's own endurance was now.

With a thought, he brought up his status screen.

Name: Daiki Yurei
Age: 13
Chakra Capacity: 187,000/187,000 (Low-Tier Kage)
Strength: 201/?
Endurance: 281/?
Durability: 201/?
Agility: 201/?
Taijutsu: 215/500
Ninjutsu: 350/500
Genjutsu: 70/500
Bukijutsu: 140/500

Chakra Control: 290/500
Chakra Affinities:
Lightning - (Expert): Lightning flashes.
Water - (Expert): The sea parts before you.
Wind - (Expert): Howling hurricane winds.

Fuinjutsu - (Advanced): The breath hitches.

Two hundred and eighty one. It was by far his highest physical stat, and all his other ones had now broken into two hundred over the past week of training as well. A milestone for sure.

Yet even with that and his durability being over two hundred, he could only endure the technique for a minute even with what amounted to regeneration.

How annoying.

'Well, only one thing for it.' he mused, pushing himself up and dusting himself off.

He would just have to continue with the grind.

The answer to all things.

And well, it wasn't like the lightning armour had been all he had accomplished in the past week. He'd taken the time to properly learn how to use chakra strings, steal that sunglass wearing douche's chakra absorption technique and even the Mystical Peacock Method and a few others.

Not to mention he'd had quite a few clones working on the wind training he remembered Naruto going through and in the process of learning the Lightning Armour, he'd ascended to the expert level of the lightning release.

Not bad at all Daiki mused.

'Not bad he says,' Isobu snorted, 'A technique that has more or less been one of the reasons the Raikage's family has ruled Kumo as their kage's entirely, and your only problem is you're not tough enough to handle it fully yet. I could have told you that before you even managed to get the technique down.'

'To be fair, that technique wasn't actually that hard to learn.' Daiki pointed out. It was actually pretty simple compared to some of his other techniques. The real problem with the jutsu was being strong enough to withstand it and the stupidly huge chakra drain from using it.

Because it drained chakra rapidly as well, that was for sure. Though that wasn't as big an issue for him thanks to Isobu and his Heavenly Star Seal.

It was no wonder only the Raikage and his family used it despite how easy the jutsu was to reverse engineer. Without a body strong enough to handle it and stupid huge chakra reserves, it was more a disadvantage to use than an advantage.

'Mmm, give it a year or so, maybe a year and a half and you'll probably be able to use it without any drawbacks.' Isobu mused.

Not too bad a timeframe to be honest. As long as he could use it properly by time shippuden came around and Akatsuki started to really make their moves, then it was kosher.

Besides, it wasn't like it was something he couldn't use at all right now anyway. He could still use it for short bursts here and there if needed and would work well in a pinch.

He really wanted to try it out with his bijuu cloak as well to see how stupidly fast he was with it.

'That'll have to wait, you have a guest.' Isobu dashed that idea quickly.

Oh well.

"It sure is troublesome being so popular sometimes." Daiki snorted with a shrug.

A moment later a shadow descended from above and landed a few feet from him. A familiar voluptuous, tan trench coat wearing purple haired snake lady.

"I have a door you know," Daiki commented, raising an eyebrow at her, "Also a doorbell, which guests are supposed to ring."

"You also have a really punchable face, but you don't see me busting your nose in now do you?" Anko retorted with a grin.

"And you have a spankable ass but you don't see me leaving my hand prints on it," he shot back, "Besides, not that you could even if you wanted to." Daiki added.


Well, she most likely could while he was in his base and he fought her with no enhancements. Anko wasn't exactly a one trick pony like Kurenai, she was the one time apprentice of Orochimaru for a reason. He knew for a fact that she was not only skilled in taijutsu, but genjutsu and ninjutsu as well, he knew she was at least proficient in fire style as far as jutsu went alongside knowing some forbidden jutsu.

"Not like you don't want to with how much you were drooling over me before brat," Anko fired back grin widening and not at all phased about his comment about her ass, in fact she proudly cocked her hip to the side, "And we'll be seeing about me punching your face in now anyway since it seems you're not all that busy."

'That you know of.' he said mentally. Even right now he had a good hundred or so shadow clones within Isobu's personal dimension grinding away. Though at least fifty of them were working on his new seal.

Hmm, now that he thought about it, he'd need a name for his new seal?

'Bloodline grinder seal maybe?' he thought idly.

'No.' Isobu vetoed him immediately.


"I honestly expected you to to turn up here a while ago." Daiki dropped the banter and got down to business.

"I wanted to, but you obviously had some shit to work on," Anko shrugged, "As desperate as I am to get rid of this shitty seal, I've dealt with it for like a decade at this point, I can manage a few extra weeks."

"And since I look to be taking a break, you decided to pop over now?" he pointed out. He'd caught her watching him over the past week while he trained, though she hadn't approached beyond watching him for a bit and then leaving.

"That and by the looks of it, nobody else is coming by today like your little Hyuuga minion." Anko replied, shamelessly not trying to hide at all that she'd been keeping an eye on him.

"Apprentice." he corrected her. Hanabi had really grown on him and she practically hung on his every word. She'd came over every day since the end of the exams to train with him.

The only reason she wasn't over today was she had training today with her father apparently.

Beyond her, nobody had really visited him. Tenten came over for a bit to let him know she'd be pretty busy helping Neji with his training because he couldn't rely on his clan, and Gai was left unmentioned, though he was probably busy with Rock Lee.

And Sasuke came over for a bit to let him know he was going off somewhere to train for Kakashi and probably wouldn't see him again until the exams. Most likely Kakashi was getting him ready for the possibility of facing Gaara and teaching him the Chidori.

...Though, he had no idea what was going on with Naruto in that regard. Either or could have a decent shot at facing Gaara first. Hopefully he didn't just get parked with Ebisu. Granted, Ebisu would be a way teacher for him than Kakashi for preparing, he just hoped it wasn't like that because of how neglectful that would be on Kakashi's part.

"Sure," Anko shrugged off his correction before looking around the backyard, "I gotta admit though, this is a pretty swanky place, how'd a kid like you afford a place like this?"

"Some luck and a lot of effort," Daiki replied, "Most of the money came from the bounty for Raiga Kurosaki and Sasuke owns this entire district since he's the last of his clan, he gave me a good deal since we have an epic bromance and all."

Anko blinked, "Oh yeah, you did kill that guy didn't you?" she tapped her chin, then smirked at him, "But the Uchiha kid huh? He is rather pretty for a guy, something you'd like to share?"

"He's my male boo, nothing gay about it, though if he were a chick he'd probably be hot as shit," Daiki shrugged, he was comfortable enough with who he was to admit Sasuke was a good looking guy, and as a chick would probably be a hottie like his mother, he'd hit that for sure, "But as far as sharing goes, since you seem to like my house so much I can give you a personal tour if you like, I recommend my bedroom and my bed."

"I'm good for now thanks brat," Anko laughed, "I'm sure I'll see enough of it once you deal with this seal of mine." she shrugged.

Hmm, was it right of him to entertain the idea of bedding her when he was already possibly going to be in a relationship with Tenten? 'I guess as long as it happens before I get together with her, it's free game.' he shrugged.

Instead of letting any of his inner thoughts on the matter show, Daiki stroked his chin, "I should probably reinforce my bed with seals." he mused aloud and grinned wickedly at the purple haired woman.

"Have at it," Anko shrugged, not at all bothered by the implications of his words, "Like I said, if you deal with this seal for me, you can do whatever you want with me, you can try and blow my back out and make me walk bow legged for a month if that's what you want."

Damn, this woman was something else. Somehow, the way she treated it so casually that she was his use to his hearts content as long as he upheld his sign of the bargain, was really sexy.

Was it the submission of such a strong, beautiful confident woman maybe?

He put it out of mind for now, no use letting that thought distract him, right now, it was time to partake in something much more amazing than mere sex.

It was time to grind.

"Alright, so how we going about this then?" Daiki asked.

"Let's just fight," Anko replied, "It'll be easier for you to get a feel for at least partly how my old bastard of a teacher fights through fighting me, I'll show you everything he taught me, then later I'll run you through learning the shit yourself."

Daiki's lips twisted up into an excited grin, "Now you're speaking my language."

"Funny, I thought you language was more along the lines of, 'Oh Daiki-sama you're so big'." Anko snorted.

"I'm multilingual," Daiki fired back, "Good to see you're learning it for later though."

"You're something else, you know that brat?"

"I could say the same about you."

The pair of them, Daiki and Anko were currently seated in a private booth at the back of a small dango shop.

A favourite of the snake users.

Anko sat directly across from the teen, lounging across the soft upholstery. The booth was large enough to sit four people, on either side of the table within, large enough that the purple haired woman could lean back comfortable, one leg crossed beneath her while the other was up fully so she could lean on it with one arm was well.

Her other hand…was currently occupied.

With multiple sticks of dango.

Honestly, it was a very unladylike position, and would let anyone that looked get a full view up her skirt if they wanted.

Not that Anko seemed to care.

Daiki wasn't one to turn a free show down, well, he was off it was some ugly motherfucker.

But Anko was not.

She was hot as sin.

The purple haired woman cracked her neck with a slight jerk of her head and a small hiss, "You don't hold back at all, even when it comes to chicks you want to fuck, huh?" Anko asked, "That was nasty, if I wasn't as limber as I am that could have done some real bad damage."

She was talking about how he ended the fight. It wasn't anything special or anything, he just grabbed her by the neck and throttled her before lifting her up by it and slamming her into the ground.

Anko wasn't Orochimaru's former apprentice for nothing though and only ended up with a stiff and sore neck, where as most others would have probably gotten whiplash at least.

Daiki pulled his gaze up from the depths of her short skirt and shrugged as he met her eyes, "What can I say? I'm a big believer in true gender equality," he smirked, "Besides, I would have healed you if you got hurt bad anyway."

"The fuck is gender equality?" she raised an eyebrow at him before shrugging, "Actually, never mind, knowing you it'll be something stupid, hah, gender equality, that's almost funny."

It probably was to her.

'You can't hit her, she's a girl.'

If someone said that, they'd get laughed the shit out of, at best in this world. At worst the woman they tried to protect in that case would stab them in the back.

Because…you know, kunoichi.

Anko herself was probably stronger than a good ninety percent of the population of this world, possible more.

Honestly, putting the banter aside, the fight with Anko, really was something else. He'd fought her in his base form for the vast majority of the fight.

And he'd been the one at a disadvantage.

Even with his stupidly huge and ever growing endurance, a mere three hours apparently wasn't enough to tire out the former apprentice of a Sannin.

If Anko hadn't prodded him into using his Heavenly Star Seal so she could get a good up close look at it, he would have quite likely lost that spar.

Anko was faster than him, more experienced and just flat out more skilled than he was currently.

Not to mention, one of her main forte's in a fight, was one of the few things he had trouble dealing with.


Many poisons actually.

She could literally breath out various different poisons from acidic, to paralysing and just flat out toxins. Apparently, she had been exposed to many, many poisons when she was the apprentice of Orochimaru, even some he'd flat out created and gained an immunity to them.

Allowing her to incorporate them into her Poison Mist jutsu.

Man, that thing was nasty.

With his Shinkugan, he was able to learn how she manipulated her chakra to create the poison mist and with training, get the jutsu down himself.

But it would be a double edged sword as long as he wasn't immune to the poisons he created like she was.

Definitely something to look into.

'…You're going to poison yourself with dozens of different types of poisons, over and over again aren't you?' Isobu asked, voice deadpan.

'The grind cannot be denied.' Daiki replied.

And that was all. He would neither confirm nor deny that question.

But yes he most likely was probably going to do something along those lines, though he'd definitely need some help with it.

"So," Anko broke him from his thoughts and looked him dead in the eye, "Beyond the real nasty stuff that would hurt me using, I showed you pretty much what that slimy bastard taught me."

That was for sure.

More or less.

She didn't summon Manda for instance, which she could do. But then, he didn't exactly hold that against her. Manda was a pain in the ass. Strong as all fuck, gargantuan and honestly, really cool looking.

But, personable and a team player, he was not.

God he was so lucky his chameleon summoners were such chill peeps.

"I'll need to watch out for that freaky substitution." Daiki mused. At one point, he'd broken out the lightning armour for a test during the fight and took Anko by surprise.

He gave her a hell of a beating in the process and thought he had ended the fight then and there.

Only for her to literally shed her own skin.

He hadn't known she could do that.

Orochimaru's very on variation of the substitution jutsu that he thought only Sasuke and Kabuto had learned in the original timeline.

But apparently Anko knew it as well and it was one of the techniques that went a long way to making Orochimaru as slippery as he was.

And it didn't need something to switch with to be used.

"Probably not, while it isn't massively chakra draining, it costs quite a bit more than your standard substitution," Anko pointed out, she seemingly remembered quite well that the fragment of Orochimaru in her seal had a massively lot less chakra then the original, "So, what do you think?" she asked, getting to the main meat of the discussion right away.

Instead of answering her straight out, Daiki arched an eyebrow at her challengingly, "That desperate to get into my bed huh?" he teased.

Anko rolled her eyes, "Well, you know, totally dripping wet for you and all that," she snorted. One thing he'd learned about Anko though, was that she wasn't the type to back down from a challenge, and she had no problem egging him on to get what she wanted out of him. She sat up straight facing him directly and shucked her large tan trench coat off her shoulders leaving her torso more or less bare, only covered by dark fishnet mesh armour, it hid the colour of her skin and her nipples, but hid nothing else, the mesh moulding to her curves like a second skin and doing nothing to hide the large, perky smooth roundness of her breasts. Breasts which Anko then cupped in her hands and pushed up, making them look even bigger, and shook her hands, jiggling them at him, "You've got a massive cock on you brat, it would make a great pair with these big ol' tits of mine, I can't wait to wrap them around it."

Screwing Kurenai silly had done a lot to take the edge off for him being surrounded all the time by gorgeous girls, but, edge off or not, there was no stopping his blood from flowing south at the sight.

She gave him a wicked smirk when his back straightened, "Course, with how big it is, even these fat tits of mine probably won't be able to take care of all of it," Anko mused, voice glittering with a taunting, teasing edge, "Guess I'll just have to put my mouth to good use then to get the rest, huh?"

She stuck her tongue out and licked her lips.

Her oh so very long tongue.

"Alright fine," Daiki conceded, and stood up, "Let's go." he said.

He pointedly ignored the way his pants were tenting out at the crotch, massively, as if someone had stuffed a spear inside.

That caused her to pause and blink, a little confused, "Go where?" Anko asked.

"My place," Daiki replied simply and gave her a hungry stare, eyes having trouble deciding on where to look between her now glossy lips or huge tits, "I'm gonna kill your sensei…again."

He didn't really need to see anymore of her fighting ability thanks to the Shinkugan enhancing his mental perception and memory. And with the training over the last week, the lightning armour, his heavenly star seal and Isobu…

Yeah, no way the shard of Orochimaru was going to be able to do much.

Anko blinked, staring at him for a moment, before promptly shooting to her face, excitement palpable, "Now we're talking!" she cheered before smirking at him, "Honestly brat, we could have taken care of this ages ago, during the break at the prelims even."

"Probably," he agreed, "Doesn't hurt to be careful though."

"Yeah, well it definitely hurt your enjoyment time," Anko's smirk widened and she sauntered over to him, hips swaying, "You could have been fucking me cross eyed and making me squeal your name for near two weeks at this point." and to punctuate what she said, she turned around to pick up her coat, and bent fully over, even though she had no need to.

Her skirt rode up on her full round ass and she wiggled it from side to side, taunting him.

"How the hell are you a virgin?" Daiki honestly couldn't help but ask.

Though asking that didn't stop him from whipping his hand out and smacking her across the ass, hard.

A loud clap sound echoed through the room and Anko moaned. She wiggled her ass again as if asking for more, before looking over her shoulder and giving him a smoky look, cocky smirk still brazenly in view on her face, "Because nobody's been worth it until now."

…That didn't answer the subtext of his question at all!

"That reminds me," she blinked, "I heard from the old man you have a real important mission coming up huh?"

Even as she asked that, Anko continued wiggling her full round ass at him.

'Weird that he told somebody, I thought he'd keep it a secret for now,' Daiki thought but shrugged it off, "Something like that," he nodded, "Though is that something you should be asking right now?" Daiki asked, pointedly looking at the spear like shape straining his pants.

"Yeah actually," Anko's smirk returned in full, "He asked me if things worked out with the cursed seal and all, if I wanted to play the escort and bodyguard role when you head it."

"….I don't need a bodyguard." he replied on instinct.

"The Hokage himself gets a guard detail and escort when he leaves the village, especially for something like this, so yeah, you're getting one, doesn't matter how strong you are brat, " Anko replied, and finally stood up, hiding the temptation that was her bouncy backside…behind her once more, though now her tits only covered by mesh were practically in his face again, "Seems he wants me to try and keep your hormones on a bit of a leash for this mission."


Anko pulled her coat on, partially hiding her torso and much of her cleavage, Daiki was both relieved and disappointed by that, "The new Mizukage's a grade A looker, seen a picture of her myself once," Anko shook her head and gave a faint impressed whistle, "And the body on her, whew, I don't blame the old man for thinking you'd be hard up for her, even I'd be tempted to get a piece of that cake."

Well, the discussion here and now at least helped him control his raging desire to bend Anko over right here and now and make good on that whole, fucking her cross eyed and making her squeal his name thing.

"What, is the old man hoping that if I fuck you enough I won't be tempted to betray the village and join the Mist if the Mizukage offers to ride my dick if I turn traitor?" Daiki asked sardonically.

"Well….yeah," Anko shrugged, unashamedly, "You're an impressive guy brat, but the problem with you actually reigning in your hormones, is the fact that it's all the harder to do when babes like that actually throw themselves at you, fuck you're literally going to fight and kill one of the sannin just because you want to bounce me around on that cock of yours, much less chakra or not, that's still Orochimaru."

"Getting mixed signals here you know, you're the one saying I should have splattered Shade Pedomaru ages ago." Daiki pointed out.

Anko shrugged, "Not saying I didn't, just that it doesn't change how crazy that is," she shook her head, "Fighting freaking Orochimaru because you want to fuck me, you're a crazy ass kid."

"A crazy ass kid that you're gonna be calling daddy not long from now." Daiki snorted.

Anko dropped the Mizukage discussion then and grinned back at him, "Sounds like a fun time, daddy." she wiggled her eyebrows.

…This woman was seriously going to get it!

Man, I really do hate the cold that clapped my cheeks and threw my wimpy ass in bed like a little bitch ass punk. It really slowed down progression on writing, that's for sure.

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