It wasn't long later, after Isobu had broken down Orochimaru's left over chakra and directed it into Anko's chakra network to meld with her own and become hers, that the genin and future Hokage returned to the conscious world.

To find a purple haired bombshell of a vixen gyrating on his lap.

And not in the sexy way.

Well, still in the sexy way because Anko was just that damn sexy that most things she did, like breathing looked erotic.

But she wasn't currently trying to be sexy or grinding against him like she had before.

Despite her state though, she seemed to notice his return to the waking world, despite sitting in his lap and facing away from him.

"…What did you do?" she panted out and twisted around until she was straddling him, hands grasping his shoulders tightly.

If he wasn't as tough as he was, and was as puny as say a heretic to the grind and all around squishy type ninja, it would have actually hurt.

That is to say, her grip would probably creak the bones of your average genin.

Her amazing, bodaciously large and perky bare tits were right in front of his eyes, but despite that, his gaze was locked with Anko's own.

Her cheeks were flushed and eyes a little unfocused as she breathed out deeply and he noticed, every moment or so, she'd shiver a bit as if a tingle were constantly running up her spine.

Daiki wouldn't lie, his cock throbbed back to full mast at the sight now that he was fully awake once again, his blood made a real beeline down, like a rushing tsunami wanting to swallow up an entire country.

…What was wrong with her?

"Gonna have to be a bit more specific," Daiki replied, raising an eyebrow, "I just did what I promised I would, I killed the Pedomaru shard inside your seal." he explained.

"…What…?" she stared at him, eyes looking extra confused with how unfocused they were, "But…it's not even been five minutes though?"

Well it hadn't even taken him thirty seconds to kill the shard of Orochimaru to be perfectly honest.

Not that he blamed it for dying to that. It was practically a sitting duck with no warning of what was coming and suddenly had a Jinchuuriki cloak enhanced S-class jutsu and full on Bijuudama coming its way.

Unless your name was Rinnegan Having Hacker Cunt or you were Hashirama Senju or a Bijuu yourself, there wasn't much chance of taking that head on with no warning.

"I mean, I wasn't giving him any chances, I opened up the connection and me and the Sanbi blasted in our most powerful attacks and blew him the fuck up," Daiki shrugged, "He had no idea it was coming and even if he did, with the amount of chakra he would have had access to, there was nothing he could have done to defend anyway."

Especially not in a place where he was a sitting duck and had no cover or anywhere to run.

Now if only he could get the real Orochimaru in a situation like that. Fun times for everyone.

Except him.

But fuck him.

Anko just stared at him for a moment, "…I'm…free?" she finally muttered, sounded almost disbelieving, "…But then…what's this feeling going through me, and why is my chakra going so crazy? Is it because he's gone?"

Daiki's brow furrowed, "What's up with your chakra?" he asked quickly.

That didn't sound right at all, nothing like that happened with him when Isobu ganked the shard that ended up inside him.

"It's…growing rapidly," Anko panted out, "Crazily so….it's already increased more than I've gained in the…last two years of training."



That must be because of Isobu passing on the shards chakra to her like he decided on.

But wait, that didn't make sense either.

He never ended up like that.

Sure, he felt good from it, but that was about it, he didn't look like he was drugged out of his gourd on some kind of lust enhancing super aphrodisiac drug.

'Differing circumstances, even if only slightly,' Isobu input, 'While the boost is roughly the same, the difference is, your body adapted to constantly growing rapidly in chakra and as such, it didn't effect you as much, this woman had a bit less than half the amount of chakra you had before and now has grown by a quarter of her total amount of chakra in the last few minutes after taking years to reach that point.'

Oh…so that was why.

Ah, chakra sensing was so useful. Sure he could see chakra if he wanted to, but it was hard to gauge just how much someone had from sight.

Sadly he'd never be able to sense chakra that way, since he was never born a sensor-nin.

'…Sometimes your idiocy astounds me,' Isobu sighed, 'I can sense chakra.'

'Yeah, I know, no need to rub it in mate.' Daiki rolled his eyes.

Not the time man, he was just about to get his bouncy bouncy fun time on after he dealt with this.

'…I repeat your idiocy astounds me sometimes,' he could see in his minds eyes, the giant turtle bijuu rolling his eye, 'You can use all of my abilities as my jinchuuriki should I allow it, and as long as you have my chakra you will be able to use them idiot.'




'Why did you never bring that up before, like when I was training with my summons!' Daiki asked, annoyed.

'…Because it was obvious and I assumed you knew, you were training your physical senses with them not your ability to sense chakra,' Isobu replied, 'Seems I was wrong, honestly, do you need me to hold your hand for everything?'

Daiki made the very mature decision to cut off their connection and mute the huge bijuu.

'…You realise I can just establish another connection right…and you can't mute me.' Isobu pointed out.

'Can't hear you, currently ignoring you.' Daiki replied.


Isobu cut the connection with a snort.

Yeah, he better run!

Shaking his head, Daiki put the conversation on the back burner, mentally adding another form of training to his mental grind list before focusing back on Anko.

"Ah yeah, that's my fault," the teen told her, a big smirk splaying across his face as he traced one hand up her delightfully full and curvy hip to cup one of her huge, soft breasts and squeeze it lightly, "The chakra from Pedomaru's shard was still lingering, I coulda took it myself, but I gave it to you for a decent increase to your chakra, you're welcome by the way."
She leaned into his tough, a soft mewl leaving her lips as he toyed with her nipple and he wasn't going to lie.

He felt like a king in this moment.

Anko stared at him through half lidded eyes, before slowly a smirk spread across her own face, "…You were already getting to fuck me as much as you want for dealing with the cursed seal for me, you didn't have to give me anything else." she pointed out.

"Oh I know and I definitely plan on taking advantage of that," Daiki licked his lips eagerly, letting go of her breast to reach down, alongside his other hand and slip his hands up her skirt and take hold of her full ass cheeks, greedily moulding his fingers into the spongy flesh and pulled her into him while grinding his crotch against hers, making sure she got a good feel for the 'weapon' he had waiting for her, "I just figured a little more chakra would help you keep going for longer so I don't wear you out too fast, like with Kurenai."

"So you want to hear me scream about how amazing and big your dick is and not just squeal like a pig?" Anko asked crudely, with a laugh.

"Something like that," Daiki responded, swallowing heavily in an effort to not just mount her that very second, "Though you'll do plenty of squealing, so don't worry about that." he promised.

"Bet." her smirk widened, before she swooped down and caught his lips with her own, squishing her fat, soft tits against his chest.

This time she took initiative of the kiss first, spearing her long tongue into his mouth and wrapping around his own.

She'd learned from their first exchange and his wrestling hers into submission.

She was still very new to it though.

And he wasn't the type to let the woman set the pace.

One of his hands left her ass, and he trailed his finger up her spine, crackles of electricity sparking across from the tips of his fingers into her back.

She moaned into his mouth, back arching involuntarily, and his hand reaching the apex of her back, trailed up her neck to her hair, where he fisted his fingers into her spiky ponytail and roughly used it to press her lips harder against his own.

It stunned her enough for him to easily take control, his tongue wrestling her longer, slender one down into submission and allowing him to lead the kiss.

Anko shook against him, moaning into his mouth as she began grinding her hips into his own, rubbing and gyrating against his hard cock.

He let go of her hair then, sparks fizzing into existence around his digits once more as he trailed it down her front, squeezing one of her breasts and teasing her pink nipple, before slipping it down into the front of her skirt.

He found her slit easily and already could feel gushing dampness dripping out continuously.

"Oh…fuck!" Anko pulled back and bit out as he teased her womanhood with one finger.

He slipped it inside her gently and she stilled on his lap, before moaning audibly and rocking back and forth, riding his finger.

"You really don't waste any time do ya' horny brat?" Anko guffawed and moaned at the same time.

In response, he slipped another finger inside.

She moaned louder.

In his defence, she was a tough girl, she could take it. And he wasn't here to 'make love' with Anko.

He was here to absolutely wreck her and fuck her silly.

Ride her like a pony, as was promised.

He was just nice enough to get her ready first.

If she was Kurenai, he wouldn't have been this nice about it and just bent that slut over and went to town on her ass.

But being Anko and not Kurenai, didn't change the fact she wasn't his girlfriend.

He fingered her with both fingers for a few moments, letting her adjust to what it felt like having his fingers inside.

Her moist womanhood clenching around his fingers was nice for sure, she was super tight.

And super responsive.

And then he added his little electricity trick and she went absolutely wild, spasming on him as her insides clenched down on his fingers like a vice.

And she absolutely soaked his pants.

The purple haired woman rode out her orgasm, back ramrod straight for a good few seconds, before slumping forward and collapsing against him, head hanging over his shoulder.

"Have a good ride then?" he gave a barking laugh, before nipping her ear with his teeth.

Anko shivered, before chuckling softly, "As if me moaning like some back alley whore wasn't proof enough, gotta twist it in eh?" she replied, before leaning down and biting his shoulder and running her tongue over his skin.

"It's good for my ego to hear you admit it though." the teen grinned wildly.

Very good for his ego in fact.

He was sure Isobu would have made a sarcastic snipe right about now over that fact, if he wasn't in the middle of getting his bouncy fun time on.

He was a polite guy like that.

He toyed with her body as she recovered, freely exploring her slim toned stomach, her full bouncy backside and massive, soft perky tits.

"Ugh…you're way to good at thiiiS." Anko's groan ended with a squeal as he jolted a tiny bit of sparks through her nipples.

Glad to see his training wasn't without merit.

He'd have to thank Kurenai for being a good test dummy in the future by letting her crawl back into his bed for a repeat performance

Anko pushed herself up off of him, legs shaky and jelly like and stood before him, "Fuck it, let's get right down to the meat of this shit kid." she voiced, hands going to her skirt and unfastening the belt that kept it up.

Not that it really needed one with how it practically moulded against her curves.

"Fine with me." Daiki eagerly agreed and touched his hand quickly to his clothes.

They disappeared a moment later, sealed within his palm seal and leaving him utterly bare.

With the cloth prison confining it gone, his cock rose fully into the air, bobbing menacingly, powerfully…intimidatingly…almightily!

'Need some more grand adjectives?' Isobu couldn't help but scoff.

Ah yes, grandly that fit too.

Five to round it up nicely.

His menacingly, powerful, intimidating, grand almighty cock was freed from its prison and radiated a power Manda could only dream of.

"Shit, I almost forgot how fucking massive that thing is," Anko bit her lip as he eyed his manhood, fiddling with her belt, "Never seen one that big before, not even close that's for sure."

Daiki grasped his cock by the base and gave it a lazy stroke, as he pointed the tip at Anko as if it were a weapon, "Thought you were a virgin and never done anything with any other guys?" he asked.

He honestly didn't care if she had fucked other guys before, or well in her case done some preludes up to sex since she was a virgin. But he'd be quick to show her who was superior.

"I ain't," Anko shrugged as he pulled her belt free, "I work in T&I though remember? How many prisoners do you think we've had to strip down? And lemme tell you, a lot of guys are quick to talk when you began dicing up their cocks like cucumbers."

…..Yeah, well, he didn't blame them.

Poor fuckers.

And it was a good thing he wasn't a normal guy, otherwise his cock might have deflated a tad at hearing this woman he was about to fuck talk about cutting up other guys cocks to get information out of them.

Anko unbuttoned her skirt and went to pull it down, but before she could Daiki spoke up, "Turn around." her ordered her.
"Oh?" she raised an eyebrow at him challengingly.

"Turn around," Daiki repeated, grinning at her, "I wanna see that ass of yours when you take that skirt off."

She held his gaze for a moment, before grinning back and doing as he told her. She turned around, showing off shelf of an ass stretching out her skirt, before bending over and sliding it down her hips.

Daiki's cock pulsed as he saw her bare ass, covered in nothing except for some fishnet armour shorts that soon joined the skirt pooling at her ankles, and showing off her full, bare ass cheeks to him.

Leaning forward from where he was sitting, Daiki lashed out with his hand and spanked her across the ass, her cheeks ripping and jiggling from the blow.

Anko jumped a bit at the sudden smack, before looking over her shoulder at him, cheeks flushed and gaze heated, "You ain't gentle at all," she purred, "Huh, daddy?"

"What gave you the idea I was gonna be?" he laughed, ignoring the thrill that ran through him at her calling him daddy.

Her thighs rubbed together, even as she turned around fully to face him, showing off her fully nude body, pink nipples puffy and slit dripping.

"So how we doing this then?" she asked then, bowing to his , it was his reward after all.

Still, that didn't mean he should just rush into it. While she was pretty wet already by his reckoning, if he just did what he did with Kurenai with her, he was more than likely going to hurt her. And not in the fun way.

A little prep work would go a long way to get her ready and make breaking her in all the more fun.

He planned on making sure she came crawling back for more.

"Come sit in daddy's lap." Daiki grinned, patting his naked thigh.

She eyed his cock for a moment, pointing straight up, before grinning right back and sashaying over, "If that's what my big dick daddy wants~" Anko purred, making a show of fluttering her eyelashes at him.

She straddled him a moment later, arms wrapping around his neck lightly and her full, perky soft ass ass cheeks taking up residence on his thighs. His cock was pressed up against her stomach, sandwiched between the pair of them, reaching well above her navel.

The two of them stared into each other eyes, matching grins on their faces, before Daiki leaned forward, catching her lips with his own.

He probed her lips with his tongue, and Anko opened her mouth allowing him access. At the same time, one hand cupped one of her large, soft breasts, while the other trailed down between them, to her slit and trailed along her entrance.

He focused on his chakra and a moment later, his fingers on both hands sparked with low voltage electricity.

He pinched her nipple at the same time he spread her slit open gently with two fingers and began to finger her.

"Mmmf!" Anko moaned loudly into his mouth, her confident smoky eyes going wide with shock and she bucked like a bronco in his lap.

With the Shinkugan, it was oh so easy to find the best spots to play with a woman, the best erogenous zones to make them really feel it and stimulate them beyond the norm with his lightning chakra, making them more sensitive and susceptible to pleasure.

In fact, if he wanted to, from one hand he could spread his lightning chakra through Anko's entire body and stimulate every single erogenous zone she had at once.

Kurenai very much couldn't handle it and practically blacked out. So it was probably a bit too much for a virgin to handle straight off the bat.

Especially since she was already so responsive with him just fingering her slowly with two fingers and tweaking one of the puffy nipples on her chest.

It didn't take long before he felt her wet folds clench down atop his fingers like a vice, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Anko pulled away from the kiss and cursed over and over as she rode his fingers first orgasm rapidly approaching.

"That's it!" Daiki hissed, grin widening, his fingering speed picking up lightly, "Gonna come for daddy?"

"Cocky…little!" Anko huffed out through gritted teeth as she tried to contain her erotic, husky moans. Having such a strong, confident older woman moaning for him, gave the teenager such a high.

In response, he gave her a clit a little zap, but only for a split moment. It was enough to make her yelp and clench down even more, her full sexy hips rolling against his hand as she tried to ride his fingers to orgasm almost instinctually.

"Fuuck!" Anko moaned, only to still a bit as Daiki stopped moving his fingers and allowed the electricity over his digits to fade.

"What are you doing?" Anko gave a ragged gasp and glared down at him, "I was so close!" she said, hips still humping against him wantonly.

"Say it." Daiki ordered her simply.

Anko growled, but for all her femme fatale alpha bitch attitude, she was well aware of who was in control here and now.

"…Fine!" she bit out, giving a shuddering breath before leaning forward, squishing her huge soft breasts against his chest and giving a whimpering moan, "Please~ Please make me cum, daddy~"

"Good girl." he laughed and lightning sparked across the fingers within her, as he began fingering her once again, but this time allowing the electricity to spread across the expanse of her wet womanhood, stimulating all her nerves and even spreading to her clit.

"Oh Fuu-" Anko gave an explosive moan that transitioned into a full on scream as he trailed his other hand down her back, before full on spanking her on one of her fully bouncy round ass cheeks and taking a great big handful.

She came and she came hard, her voice reverberating throughout the household and so loud she may even be heard outside.

That is if the Uchiha district wasn't a ghost town these days.

It took a good two minutes for Anko to ride out her explosive orgasm, and when she finally died, she collapsed against him, head hanging over his shoulder, "….Holy fuck kid." the purple haired woman gasped out.

He was tempted to make a joke about being a god with that comment. But that was below him.

Just like Anko was going to be in a few minutes in fact.

"Have fun then?" Daiki grinned, leaning his head over a bit to nip at her ear and making the older woman shiver as he ground his fat, throbbing cock into her stomach.

"Like you couldn't tell already, huh, daddy?" Anko snorted, before biting his shoulder lightly and swivelling her tongue over his skin.

"Heh, I think you're nice and ready for me now right?" Daiki added, speaking softly into her ear as he nipped it gently with his teeth.

Though he may have sounded calm, he was about at his limit of holding back.

"…Honestly I could do with a few minutes to get feeling back in my legs." Anko chuckled.

Pride suffused Daiki's chest, but, even still, he wasn't willing to wait all that much longer, "Don't worry about it," he assured her, pulling back from her ear, and easing his fingers out of her womanhood, drawing a gasp from her, "I'll do all the work for now." his fingers, slick with her juices, joined their counterparts in sinking into the bouncy, doughy cheeks off Anko's bodacious ass.

And with his grip on her ass cheeks, Daiki lifted the older woman into the air, her slit hanging directly above his flared cock head.

" really do show no mercy huh?" Anko groaned, "Even to the bitches you fuck."

"Didn't we already go over that before?" Daiki laughed, though he wouldn't say it wasn't hot she already considered herself a bitch he was fucking.

With his sheer strength, it was easy to lift the woman and keep her balanced there mid air for a moment as he angled her perfectly. To lower down onto his fat knob end.

"Oooh fuck!" Anko groaned as his cock head spread her pussy open and eased inside.

Fuck she was tight! It felt like a fucking industrial vice that could pinch through sheets of iron was clamping down on his cock. It made him idly wonder, if he was a human from his other selves world, would her pussy crush his cock into paste or snap it right off?

Kurenai was tight to him, but nowhere near this tight!

It took him a good few seconds before he bottomed out, and even then, there were still a few good inches or more that couldn't fit all the way in.

"Shit I can feel your pressing against my womb." Anko huffed out, giving him a strained lip bitten grin.

"You're about to feel a lot more." Daiki promised and lifted her up slowly after giving her a few moments to adjust to the feeling of having her virginity taken by him, dragging the walls of her velvety wet pussy along his rigid cock.

And then he brought her down, faster than he did initially. The clap of her ass cheeks of her full luscious ass cheeks slapping against his thighs reverberated loudly throughout the room, accompanied by a strangled gasping moan.

And then he didn't give her time to gain her bearings, he wanted hear more of those un-wanted gasps, the short sharp squeals emanating from her lips, the throaty moans that made his cock pulse.

He didn't go full on out like he did with Kurenai, but Anko was tough, so he was able to shift into a decent pace as he bounced her up and down on his cock.

"Mmff~!" Anko breathed heavily, cheeks flushed, "Shit..uhh~ So…fucking big!"

Her words and her face were so hot. But what made it even sexier, were her fat juicy tits bouncing in his face with with each pass of his cock

"You like that?" Daiki asked, slamming her down on his dick a bit harder and grinding his meat inside her.

Anko moaned, "You already know I do you monster cocked brat!" the purple haired special jonin replied, wiggling her hips as she tried to swallow more of his cock with her juicy wet pussy, "As if me moaning like a two bit Iwa whore isn't enough to know that!"

"Ah-ah-ah!" Daiki tsked, and let go of her ass with one hand, only to sharply spank her and take another great big greedy handful, "That's daddy to you."

"Shit!" Anko cursed, biting her lip. She looked down at him, giving him a half pleasure filled grimace and half cocky grin, "Fucking make me say it then brat."

And she had no problem calling him it earlier. Well, nothing for it.

Anko moaned as Daiki abruptly stood up, carrying the woman by her ass cheeks. He was about to say something when a wild idea came to mind.

He let go of her, the only part of him keeping her up, being his cock. She wobbled mid-air a bit, before instinctually her arms wrapped around his neck once more and her legs wrapped around his waist and she hung off of his frame, her hips rising up and down of her own accord on his cock.

God she felt good. With how she spasmed and clung to his cock with those velvet walls of hers, if he let go, her pussy would be quick to milk a fat white load out of him.

"Mmmf…bastard…" Anko moaned, even as she fucked herself on his cock, hips wiggling with desire.

Time to take this to the bed where he could have some real fun with her. Daiki began walking, making his way out of the living room, through the hallways and towards his bedroom.

Each step he took had Anko moaning and holding on for all she was worth, despite all her strength and power, the woman was little more than a moaning limpet at the moment after what he'd done to her with his lightning.

He stopped in front of his king size bed, "You're about to learn why they call me Daiki Thundercock." he warned the woman hanging on his dick.

'Nobody calls you that, you just came up with that right there.' Isobu deadpanned.

And was ignored.

"Uh~~ What?" Anko gave him an unfocused look. An unfocused look that immediately turned into a wide eyed, open mouthed scream as he let loose his lightning.

From his cock. He shrouded it in a low voltage armour of static that spread throughout her entire womanhood and stimulated the entirety of her folds.

Almost immediately, her pussy walls clamped down on him even tighter as she came once again, explosively.

But Daiki wasn't done. He ground his teeth together and forced himself not to cum as he reached down and hooked his arms under her thighs and forced them apart, before tipping them both over and pinning the voluptuous purple haired woman to the bed, forcing her legs up as he positioned her beneath him in a mating press.

And then he truly let loose and began to hammer into her with his cock, fucking her into his bed with his lightning clad cock.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" Anko's voice came out in one long unending moaning scream of pleasure, her cunt constantly twitching and writhing around his manhood as her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and her tongue lolled out of her lips limply.

She was sporting the second goofiest ahegao he'd ever seen. The top spot belonged to Kurenai.

Which was just more motivation for him to make hers reach first place. And soon the racket of his bed frame slamming against the wall hard enough to reverberate throughout the entire large household and beyond began.

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