The next morning, as the dawn came and the sun rose up bit by bit into the sky, found Daiki sitting on the edge of his bed. Lewd, wet slurping sounds echoed throughout the room, bouncing off the walls.

Between his legs, the naked, voluptuous form of Anko had her lips wrapped around the fat head of his cock, as her hands slowly stroked up and down the rigid manhood, and she worshipped his balls with her tongue.

Only possible thanks to how long she could make her tongue. It was a novel blowjob for sure, way better than Kurenai had given him. Granted, he'd given her quite a bit of coaching…all night long.

"That's it," Daiki gave a lip bitten grin, hand fisted in her hair, no longer held up in the her typical spiky ponytail, "Good girl." he praised.

Anko popped her lips off of his cock head and looked up at him, giving him a tired, but dry gaze, "You know, I'm not a dog brat." she rolled her eyes, but even as she did, she pressed her lips against his cock head once more and gave it a smooch as she held his gaze.

"Coulda fooled me," Daiki laughed, "What with how I made you my bitch last night and all."

Despite her confident demeanor even now, Anko shuddered in remembrance. He had stayed true to his word and fucked her all night long. She had much more stamina than Kurenai, so despite it being her first time, once she adjusted to getting fucked by his cock and adapted to it after getting healed a few times to speed up the process, she lasted much longer.

Which wasn't actually half as impressive as that sounded, because all it meant was that she got fucked for longer and in more positions by him, from traditional average positions like missionary, to straight up full nelson in front of a mirror where he made her watch as her face twisted up into goofy fucked silly expressions as he bounced her on his dick.

"Cocky fucker." Anko huffed at him, but didn't stop worshipping his cock with her lips.

"That I am," Daiki agreed with a shit eating grin as the older woman lathering his cock with her saliva, but as she did, he cast a look out of the window, chakra focusing within his eyes and sighed, "Though, it's about time I get a move on."

"Hm?" Anko raised an eyebrow at him, even as she opened her lips and began bobbing her head up and down on his dick.

"I need to head over to see the old man soon," Daiki explained, easing his grip on the woman's hair and gently raking his fingers through her purple tresses, "My training with him begins today."

Not that his training ever ended, even when he was in the process of fucking Anko, his clones were diligently going at it and through the night quite a few had popped, giving him their memories, well, more like a few hundred and the mastery of four of the earth jutsu he'd pilfered from those rock humpers in the Forest of Death.

Anko pulled her lips from his cock with a loud, wet sloppy pop sound and shook her head, "Man, it really is surreal," she sighed, "When you say that, it really hammers in that a cocky little arrogant punk like you is next in line to be Hokage."

Daiki shrugged, he was right there with her on that matter. He could hardly believe it either, the crap that old man got from Kusa to smoke must have been some real good shit.

"Hey now, insulting your future Hokage like that is probably a crime," the teenager replied, wagging his finger at the woman between his legs, "I could punish you for that you know."

"…Oh no…." Anko gave him a totally deadpan reply, "Whatever will I do? The pervy next Hokage is angry at me, he'll probably dress me up in some slutty costume and fuck me all night long…oh wait, that already happened and I liked it."


"I didn't dress you up in a slutty costume," he pointed out, "Though your usual outfit counts for the slutty part for sure."

"I don't see you denying that you'd like to dress me up in a different one though." Anko smirked at him.

"And the floor is made of floor," Daiki rolled his eyes back at her, "As if I would. Though I wonder what would look best on you? Maybe a bunny costume, or a harem girl outfit." he mused.

"Want me to feed you grapes while you lounge in a throne while I'm at it?" Anko asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Sounds good to me." he shrugged.

With that said though, he stood up and stretched out his arms, his large, naked ball sack dangling directly in front of Anko's face.

The woman whistled as she looked up at his towering cock, "Damn, you know, seeing it from this angle makes me wonder how I took that monster all night long." she chuckled lightly.

He grasped his cock around the base at her words, before slapping it against her forehead, "You're just built different." Daiki praised, his smirk returning.

While he was hard still, it wasn't that long ago he deposited a load in the woman beneath him, it sucked he couldn't blow another all over her face and tits right now, but it would take too long.

"Fuck yeah I am," Anko's own smirk widened, and she crossed her arms under her huge naked tits proudly, "And don't you forget it."

He wanted to wreck her again and blow out her back…again.

But, as much as he wanted to, the grind came first. Orgasms were temporary, but the grind was eternal!

"Right then, I'm hitting up a shower before heading out," Daiki told her, "You wanna join me?"

"…I would but I still can't feel my legs," Anko shrugged, "I'll just get one when I can walk in a straight line again and head home."

Daiki rolled his eyes before reaching down and grasping the woman under her armpits and hefting her up, "What are you-?" Anko began to ask in surprise, before giving a yelp as he tossed her onto the bed, landing face first on his pillow, back arched into the air.

'Face down, ass up that's the way we like to fuck.' Daki couldn't help but remember the line of a song from his other life as he eyed her.

And my god was it tempting to just get on the bed and rail her bouncy round ass silly again.

But the grind came first.

"You can stay here and sleep it off, no rush." he assured her. It wasn't like he had anything to fear from her in his house alone, anything possibly damning was kept in his palm seals.

And Isobu had his little clone lounging in the pond still, who kept track of things when he was out.

"…Well it's comfier than my bed," Anko admitted, her voice muffled by the pillow, "You sure you're not just saying that so when you get back you can just plough me again?" she asked, wiggling her full ass at him.

"That would be a solid idea," he nodded, "If I were planning on coming back anytime soon."

He probably wouldn't be back home for a good few days. He'd most likely be at where he was gonna train with the old man and getting the most out of it and would just sleep there outside to maximize his training time.

If he slept at all that was.

"…You're a weird kid, y'know that?" Anko turned her head to give him an odd glance.

"I do," he shrugged, she wasn't wrong. But, he wasn't just going to leave things like that with her. He walked around the bed to stand by her side and grasped his cock at the base, before slapping it against her lips, "Now give daddy a kiss goodbye."

Anko snorted, but she did so anymore, giving his dick a big wet sloppy smooch, "Bye bye daddy~" she cooed at him, "Have a good time getting beat up by an old man."

"I will, thank you." Daiki replied, before spanking her across her bubbly round ass clad with static electricity, drawing a squeal from the woman before moving on to go have a shower and get ready.

After having a shower and a quick breakfast, Daiki returned to his bedroom to find Anko fast asleep, in the position he left her in.

She snored.


Very unladylike.

Rolling his eyes, the teenager eased her into a laying down position and pulled the covers over her, before proceeding to get ready and leaving his home behind for the time being.

The crisp morning air felt good on his skin and brushing through his hair. Konoha wasn't exactly Cloud or Mist temperature wise, the coldest of the five great villages, but it wasn't exactly Sand either, and nearing the latter half of the year now, mornings and days like this would become more common.

Daiki couldn't say he disliked it at all, in fact, it reminded him of the place his other self lived, it was a place with a colder climate than average, so crisp mornings were quite common.

"It's a good day." Daiki mused, the cold air sharpened his senses, which would be good for training with old man Hokage.

The cold didn't bother him anyway.

He left his home behind and hopped up onto the roof of a nearby building before travelling via roof hopping towards the Hokage Tower.

The general populace of the village was just beginning their day, and the hubbub of it all became a gentle backdrop in his ears.

It was nice and peaceful.

A peace that wouldn't last and would be wholly ruined in the coming years if the Akatsuki, Obito, Madara or Kaguya got their way.

…It was going to be his job one day, at most a few years away, possibly only a month away, to protect this peace.

Despite the fun and enjoyable time he'd had with Anko, a familiar weight seemed to form over his shoulders.

'Don't worry about it,' Isobu spoke up, 'It's just another weight for you to grind under until you can shoulder it easily, just like any other weight.'

His lips quirked up, "…Yeah, you're right."

And it wasn't like he was shouldering that weight alone. And his big ol' turtle bro had some real massive shoulders.

'I mean, if we're being technical, I don't really have shoulders.' Isobu pointed out, drawing a snort from the teen.

Not long later, he arrived at the Hokage Tower. He spotted the old man right away as he approached.

He was standing atop the tower, overlooking the village.

"Good morning Daiki-kun," the old man greeted him, glancing at the teen from the corner of his eye as he lightly puffed on his pipe, "Did you have a good sleep and get well rested for today?"

"Nope," Daiki shrugged, "I spent all night having 'fun' with Anko, if you know what I mean old man."

"Hoh?" the old man grinned around his pipe, "Is that to? You're quite the lucky lad aren't you? Are you trying to make your sensei jealous?"

Huh, he was already referring to himself as his sensei?

"I'm just built different old man," Daiki shrugged and crossed his arms, "Speaking of sexy ladies though, how was that old lady Koharu in bed back in the day when she was a hottie?"

"I wouldn't know personally," Sarutobi shrugged, "Though I'm told she was quite the minx if Hashirama-sama's words are anything to by."

Daiki blinked.


"She banged the first?" Daiki couldn't help but gape at the old man.

"Quite a few people did actually," Sarutobi chuckled, "Hashirama-sama was a bit of a dog you could say, many woman lusted after him and he indulged quite a bit in it."

Damn…the First Hokage was a player?


'So I'm not the first one who thought of using the Hokage position to get laid?" Daiki realised, "Wait, wasn't he married?"

"Yes, yes he was, he was a lucky man indeed," Sarutobi mused with a nod, puffing on his pipe, "Mito-sama was quite…kinky is the word I believe."

Wow, the more you learned man.



"You know, the Uzumaki really do sound crazy sometimes," Daiki shook his head, "I wonder how Naruto's mom stacked up." he intentionally dropped.

The Sandaime side eyed him thoughtfully, "So you even know that?" he mused, "You realise that's an S-class secret, correct?"

"About as much as Naruto being the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, right?" Daiki snorted, "Come on, it's not like she's not in the records and closely associated to the Yondaime Hokage in them, always on missions with him. And she was the only Uzumaki in the records during that time period, and with Naruto basically being a carbon copy of the Yondaime, anyone with a brain could put it together."

He had actually confirmed that pretty early on, just for an excuse when he brought this kind of thing up. Kushina Uzumaki wasn't hard at all to find in the records, her mission count, her ninja registration number, etcetera, it was all there at the shinobi library.

"You'd be surprised how few have made the connection actually," Sarutobi pointed out, "As for Kushina herself….she was something alright, that was for sure."

"That's for sure," Daiki agreed, "The Yondaime was a lucky guy, given a chance I'd be all over that redheaded babe."

"…Never tell Naruto that." Sarutobi responded dryly.

"Hey man, if Naruto was a chick, I'd be all over her too," Daiki shrugged, "As a girl, Naruto is a hottie hot hottie. Gotta be them Uzumaki genes man, probably the real reason why those ugly fuckers from Cloud, Stone and shit teamed up to wipe them out."

"Then I'm sure we can all be glad Naruto is a boy then," the old man snorted, "The last thing we need is an angry female jinchuuriki because she caught the boy she likes hitting on other girls like you do."

…Well he wasn't wrong.

When the joking conversation died down, Hiruzen turned to Daiki, "Are you ready?" he asked.

"I wouldn't be here if I wasn't old man." Daiki responded, smirk fading as his lips pressed into a thin line, serious mode going into effect.

"Good, because we don't have a whole lot of time," Hiruzen nodded, "I won't be going easy on you at all." he said, placing his hand on Daiki's shoulder.

And it was then the boy noticed.

His pipe was gone.

He hadn't noticed.

…When did he?

That thought didn't get much time to process as the old mans chakra enveloped him and he was brought along via shunshin.

'Fast!' Daiki noticed.

He could barely keep track of their surroundings as the old man transported him along with the jutsu, even with his Heavenly Star Seal and Three Tailed Cloak together, he'd be hard pressed to keep up.

It would be another thing if he could use Lightning Chakra Mode reliably with them in his physical body, but that was currently impossible for him.

Moments later, it ended, and Daiki noticed, that they were standing atop the Hokage monument.

"Why are we-" Daiki began asking, looking around.

But, he never got to finish his question as the elderly Hokage brought his hands together into a single seal and the ground rumbled beneath their feet.

Daiki blinked and stared as the ground rumbled and part of it began to slide away, revealing a staircase that led into the mountain itself.

"…What the..?" the teen gave the old man an odd look.

How was that there?

He'd looked at the mountain plenty of times with his Shinkugan, it was pretty hard not to seeing how big it was, but he'd never saw anything like this!

At his baffled look, Hiruzen gave him a light grin, "I see there are things even you haven't been able to see even with those eyes of yours." he noted, knowingly.

His tone implied he knew why he hadn't seen it before either.

The old man gestured for him to follow him down into the stairs, and Daiki did so, the opening sliding shut once more as Sarutobi made the same hand seal he did previously once they were both inside.

For a moment, they were both in pitch black darkness, before everything lit up. Glowing blue lights travelling down the walls on either side of the staircase lighting the area up.

"What is this place?" Daiki asked as the old man began walking down the stairs and followed behind him.

"I should think that would be quite obvious consider what you're here for," the Hokage chuckled, "But to clarify and speed things up, the Hokage need somewhere private to train as well, to not become rusty, to become stronger and keep up appearances all in one."

Getting stronger and not getting rusty, he could understand that. But, the other, not so much, "Keep up appearances?" he asked.

"Hmm?" Sarutobi looked over his shoulder at Daiki and gave him an almost mischievous look, "I'll give you a hint. When the tree leaves dance, one shall find flames. The fire's shadow will illuminate the village."

A poem…or a haiku? Honestly, he wasn't very well versed in either, so he couldn't tell. But he'd heard those words before, from the very same man in another life.

As he died.

…And he was using it as a riddle for him? A test?

"Seriously?" Daiki gave him a deadpan gaze.

Sarutobi chuckled again, "I'm sure it sounds like hogwash to a young man like yourself, but there is great meaning in this phrase, and in fact, it's only half of it," he replied, "It is a saying created by Hashirama-sama himself and is passed down from Hokage to their chosen successors."

…Wait, what?

But didn't he say it to Orochimaru as he died?

No wait, or was he just thinking it? It was hard to remember that part especially clearly to remember if it was talking aloud or thought.

Well, whatever.

"Fine, I'll play your game old man," Daiki rolled his eyes, "The leaf finding fire is obviously the one that is going to become Hokage. And the Hokage is the one that illuminates the village, so I guess a beacon everyone is drawn to and gathers around? Or use that light to lead them or something."

"Yes, that's correct." the old man nodded, proudly.

...Why though? It wasn't exactly some hard riddle, it was pretty straight forward.

"For reference, the full quote is; 'When the tree leaves dance, one shall find flames. The fire's shadow will illuminate the village, and once again, tree leaves shall bud anew'," the older man revealed, "You were near spot on, only missing one thing. The Hokage is also the pillar that supports the village, their strength and leadership must be seen as infallible, and inspire the belief that as long we are here, there is no greater defender for them and their loved ones."

Daiki stared blankly at the mans back for a moment, pondering those words, before it clicked for him, "This place is super private so nobody can possibly see any mistakes the Hokage make when training," he realised, "It's so nobody can see that the Hokage isn't actually infallible and invincible."

"That is correct Daiki-kun," Sarutobi paused and looked back at him with a warm, beaming smile on his elderly face, "We are strong yes, but we are not gods. Yet, we must cultivate such an image when it comes to strength, to provide the support the new leaves need to bud and flourish to their greatest heights. That is what it means to be Hokage, the fire shadow that illuminates the Leaf Village, it is to be the pillar that supports the village and the undefeatable sentinel that will guard the village against any and all opponents even if it costs our lives."

Daiki fell silent at the mans words, and from there, followed him down deeper into the Hokage mountain without a word.

He was, thinking on the mans words. He understood it all, and the point, and even why it was necessary.

But…it was just so.


Take the Yondaime Hokage for instance. Namikaze Minato was an incredible shinobi and powerful beyond words. People treated him like he really was a god and spoke of him in awe to this day over a decade since his death.

But he wasn't invincible. He wasn't even close to infallible. He was freaking dead after all and left his only son to fend for himself.

…Yet, people acted as if him actually dying didn't detract from that all. Fucking hell, even in the academy not even a year ago, there were girls in his clash gushing over pictures of him and wanting to marry him…when he was fucking dead!

'Humans as a whole are a contradictory species,' Isobu mused, piping in, 'You speak of love and peace, yet readily wage war and commit atrocities in the same breath. You look down up murderers and thieves, yet have made a profession out of them that dominates the world. You yourself are terrified and find yourself lacking in too many ways to count, but brag and boast louder than anyone else of your greatness.'

Daiki grimaced.

He couldn't even think of anything to say in response that. After all, that was the ugliest part of being human. And the ugliest part who he was.

His very identity was an illusion that he made himself believe in. And to be Hokage, it seemed…

Was to make that illusion your reality.

When he thought about it like that. Maybe Naruto wasn't wrong at any point in his path at all. The blonde constantly lied to himself and lived an illusion, buried his rage, despair and hatred into a deep dark corner and hid it away from anyone and everyone.

The only one who knew the true Naruto for the longest time, was Kurama.

'Just like only I know the true Daiki,' Isobu added with a wistful sigh, 'Kind of ironic when you think about it. Considering your practically the direct opposite of him and well, I am the polite sibling as I've said multiple times now, while Kurama is the most violent, rude and gruff among us, but also the most damaged.'

…Daiki wasn't sure how to reply to that.

'You don't need to,' Isobu pointed out, 'That's your biggest problem Daiki and the biggest source of stress in your life, you always think you need something to respond with, or a counter. Sometimes, the best course of action is to say or do nothing at all.'

Daiki opened his mouth, before pausing. If he replied, he would just prove his point.

'Not what I meant at all,' Isobu sighed, 'But baby steps I suppose.'

He didn't get much time to ponder on the Bijuu's words, because finally, after minutes of walking down the stairway, they reached the bottom.

It opened up into a large cavern area. And by large, he meant massive, it had to span the length and width of the entire mountain.

And it wasn't exactly empty either. There were rows upon rows of weapons from swords, to maces, to even staves lining the cavern walls, huge training posts at one side of the huge area, and at the far end of the room he could see what looked to be a massive pond, with a huge tree growing up out of it.

And behind it, he could see a door leading in to some other area. Honestly, how the hell had he not noticed something this massive underneath the mountain?

It was as he looked around the room though, he noticed it.

Familiar scrawls of ink over the walls.


He couldn't recognise most of the patterns, but some of it was similar to a few things he knew.

"Barrier seals?" he muttered aloud.

"That's right Daiki-kun," Sarutobi nodded, "This is the personal training area for the Hokage, it was created by Hashirama-sama with the help of his wife Mito-sama."

Ah…that explained it. Playboy Kage and his kinky Uzumaki wife, this was definitely something he could see coming from them.

And it explained the stupid huge tree growing out of the underground pond as well.

…Where there was no sunlight, yet it looked healthier than most trees he saw outside the village.

"This Daiki-kun, is where we'll be spending our time training over the next eight days," Sarutobi gestured to the wide expanse of the training…cavern? "I will of course not be able to spend all my time here with you, and will have to often leave to take care of my duties, but for the next eight days, you will not be leaving this area."

…Well, good thing he had already planned ahead for that kind of thing, even if it was actually going to be longer than he thought. His dimension force seal was always stacked with food that would keep for a while just in case he went on a training binge after all.

Though it did bring up the actual questions, what if he hadn't been prepared already? "What about eating, or pissing and shitting for that matter?" the genin asked.

In response the old man gestured to the door behind the pond, "That area behind that door is a small living space, it has everything you'd need," the older man replied, "There is a bed, basic medical supplies, food, and of course a toilet with plumbing."

…There was fucking plumbing down here?

"How?" Daiki asked, raising an eyebrow at the man.

"Fuinjutsu, how else my boy?" Sarutobi laughed, and then placed his right hand on his chest and his left hand on his left leg, "Speaking of seals though, I believe it is time we get down to business, no?" as he said that, his Hokage robes shifted and disappeared, leaving him clad in nothing but a familiar full black outfit, the Hokage hat disappearing the same way a second later and being replaced by a black hooded helmet.

Daiki blinked, "Wait…huh?" he gaped.

"I must admit, your storage seal is very useful." the old man mused with a grin.

This motherfucker stole his jutsu!

Well really, it was just an augmented storage seal really, but come on that was his thing!

"Y-you…you Uchiha!" Daiki spluttered, such was his surprise.

'….I mean, how many jutsu have you stole from others?' Isobu pointed out dryly, 'Pot meet kettle, you're both black.'

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