Name: Daiki Yurei
Age: 13
Chakra Capacity: 195,000/195,000 (Low-Tier Kage)
Strength: 205/?
Endurance: 293/?
Durability: 207/?
Agility: 205/?
Taijutsu: 262/500
Ninjutsu: 390/500
Genjutsu: 107/500
Bukijutsu: 184/500
Chakra Control: 325/500

Chakra Affinities:
Lightning - (Expert): The Heavens Spark
Water - (Expert): The Sea Parts Before You
Wind - (Master): The Gale Bows
Earth - (Adept): The Earth Shakes.
Fire - (Novice): Simmering Power

Fuinjutsu - (Advanced): The breath hitches.

…Seven days of training with the Professor and second God of Shinobi himself, did the body good, that was for sure.

It might have only been a week, but skill wise, his growth had been utterly explosive and he'd gained much more in this single week than he had in months of training himself.

Especially since he'd long since concluded that his stat growth, was not linear at all and the higher his stats became, the harder they became to raise.

'What do you think?' he asked inwardly as he rested on his backside against one of the wide expansive walls of the training ground he had been living in for the past week.

His training had come to an end and right now, he was just catching his breath and recovering from the beating he'd been put through by the old mans clones.

'That you sure have put a lot of time and effort into still being a squishy little boy.' Isobu replied.

'Compared to you…for now.' Daiki rolled his eyes.

'Well, comparing you to other humans at least, I dare say you would be capable of fighting on even footing with Raiga Kurosaki if your memories of him are anything to go by, if not a bit greater than him,' Isobu mused after moment of thought after ribbing him, 'With your Heavenly Star Seal, I believe you would dominate him and should be capable of even proving a challenge to your man crush Kakashi.'

Daiki snorted, 'Please, like I've said before, even if I was into dudes I'd have way better taste than Kakashi,' he replied, before looking up at the ceiling multiple hundreds of feet above him, 'Still, pretty much a lower class A-rank then? And then mid to upper class with the seal.' he mused.

That wasn't bad at all. And while he still couldn't use the Lightning Armour for long without damaging himself, he'd gotten a little bit more control of it with his increase in ability with his lightning element and lessened the damage a little bit so he could use it for a little bit longer right now.

With that, he might be able to put up a fight against an S-rank shinobi for a decent little while and have a slight chance of victory without having to rely on Isobu.

'…Perhaps.' Isobu replied lightly.

Which was was decent confirmation considering how many high level shinobi he'd born personal witness to battling it out.
Either way, it made it so that only a select few would be capable of bringing him down in a one on one confrontation, or even outnumbering him.

Frankly, even taking him by surprise would be a mission and a half at this point.

Just then, the entrance into the training ground opened up and in walked the old man who'd been beating his ass all week long. Unlike usual, he was dressed in his red and white Hokage robes instead of his combat gear.

And following behind him was a huge, white haired figure.

"Huh, so this is what this place looks like inside, pretty big," Jiraiya commented as he looked around, "Not really my style though, I'm not big on the whole dark, dank underground thing, now if it were out in the open where I could show off to da' ladies I might have been tempted."

"Hello Daiki-kun," Hiruzen ignored his student and smiled at the youngest of the three as he made his way over, "How are you feeling?"

"Pretty good," Daiki shrugged, giving the man a smirk as he dismissed the status screen with a thought, "Just basking in my awesomeness old man before I leave this sweet ass pad that only awesome people like me can appreciate the worth of."

Hiruzen chortled.

"…Is that a dig at me?" Jiraiya turned to him and raised an eyebrow at him, "I mean kid, you might be hot shit for being a muscle headed freak at your age, but I'd still wreck you any day of the week, honestly I'd get more of a challenge spanking my meat."

"I hear that happens when you get to that age," Daiki snorted, "Or is it because of how many times you've left chicks who caught you peeping on them stomp all over your masochistic ass? Take some permanent damage down there?"

"…Sensei, this kid's a dick," Jiraiya said, turning to the Hokage, "I thought he was just a crazy weirdo, a super lucky one after what you told me…but now he's a dick on top of that. You sure he's a good pick for the hat?"

"Unfortunately Jiraiya, being a 'dick' as you call it, does not disqualify one out of the running for being Hokage," the old man shrugged, puffing on his pipe, "Actually, I dare say Tobirama-sensei would prefer it that way."

"Heh." Daiki jutted his chin out proudly and arrogantly.

"I really need to find out how strong that crap you smoke is one of these days sensei, it must be some real high quality stuff," Jiraiya shook his head with a huff, before promptly sobering and turning back to meet Daiki's eyes, "So, you're probably wondering why I turned up with Sarutobi-sensei, right?" he asked.

"Not really," Daiki shrugged, "You're his student, so not really all that odd for you to be around him. Though, you bringing it up is another matter and makes it apparent you wanted to see me for something."

But considering Jiraiya should be in the middle of training Naruto right now during the lead up to the Chunin Exams, then it made him think it had something to do with him.

The only other thing it could be for, was in relation to Orochimaru or the Cursed Seal.

"Fair enough," Jiraiya nodded, "I'll be blunt kid, I want your help to train Naruto."


If he wanted him specifically for help teaching Naruto, then there was really only one reason it would be for.

"I won't be able to help him control the Kyuubi." Daiki denied instantly, shaking his head.

Just because he knew in a possible future that Naruto would earn his respect in full and they would become friends and could reveal the threat of Madara the Juubi and Kaguya…did not mean he would be able to get Kurama to play ball.

'It would be the opposite in fact I'm afraid,' Isobu spoke up, 'Prideful as my sibling is, Kurama would take that information and stubbornly dig his feet in all the more and make it even harder. My own presence in actuality, would be more detrimental if we revealed the truth and believe we are just trying to manipulate him.'

At best, they could use his ego to get a bit of help from him if they left out the parts about him becoming friends with Naruto. But, it would be an uneasy truce liable to break at any moment.

No, the best thing to do, would be to let their relationship play out for the most part and not interfere.

"I figured as much," Jiraiya shrugged, "You can't reach him how to tame the Kyuubi just because you're friends with the Sanbi, that's two completely different situations. But, you can teach him how to use his abilities right?"

…That he could do.

"I can teach him the basics of the chakra cloaks and give him some advice, but any special abilities I get from the…Sanbi are much different from his." Daiki responded, nodding even if his words hitched for a moment in the middle.

'You can call me the Sanbi to others and not say my name y'know, I won't get offended.' Isobu told him.

He simply shrugged and didn't reply.

'Good…you're learning.' Isobu commented approvingly.

"That'll do," Jiraiya grinned, "Besides, the kid needs to know there isn't anything wrong with him being the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. He got the role forced on him, but you chose it willingly. Getting to understand that, will go a long way to helping him out I think and that you aren't all like that sand kid."

…Ah yes, Gaara.

He had actually forgotten raccoon boy had all but traumatized Naruto when they met after the prelims.

That said, this was a chance for him to to get his hands on something else he needed. Or at least the beginnings of it.

"Fine, if the old man okays it, I've got a big mission soon y'know," Daiki agreed, "But on one condition, Naruto pissed me off the last time we saw each other after all even after I busted my ass saving his team and healing Sakura."

"Greedy aren't ya?" Jiraiya rolled his eyes, "Fine, what do you want in return?"

"Senjutsu." he said simply.

"…Hoh?" Hiruzen raised an eyebrow in interest.

Jiraiya on the other hand, narrowed his eyes, "Yeah, no. Kid, you're talented for sure, and even learning about that at your age is impressive, but no, there's no way you can manage it," he refuted instantly, "Besides, I can't teach it, only the toads can and and signing the contract isn't something that can be done all willy nilly."

"Not for me," Daiki replied, standing up and dusting off his clothes, "I already have a summoning contract after all, way better than toads by the way. I want you to get your summons to teach my boss summon how to use senjutsu." after all, he didn't have the time to be learning it right now.

Nor was he anywhere near as predisposed to it as Naruto. But Shiromaru was an entirely different matter and should be well capable of learning it. That big guy had had spent over fifty years in the same exact spot disguised as a castle.

He had the whole sitting still thing down to an art form at this point. And he had no doubt his boss summon could learn Senjutsu.

And then later down the line, when Daiki had more free time. He could learn it himself from Shiromaru.

"…Oh yeah, the Chameleons, I forgot you had that contract," Jiraiya cocked his head to the side and pursed his lips, "That might be different…but I'd still need to ask, I can't promise it'll work out or anything."

"Well I'm not going anywhere right now am I?" Daiki replied, "Or…am I?" he looked to the Hokage.

"I will delay the mission until tomorrow," Sarutobi replied, "But, even if this does not work out the way you desire, you still have to agree to train Naruto."

Daiki shrugged, "Fine with me, that won't take long anyway." he replied in turn. It wasn't exactly rocket science, a couple hours should be enough to beat it into the idiots head.

Though it did bring up a question, "Why do you not know Senjutsu old man?" he asked.

Hiruzen merely laughed lightly, "Oh my summons were incapable of learning the art, as was I, I'm afraid I'm just not very compatible with the art," he replied, "Truly regrettable, but not everyone is capable of it. Not even Tobirama-sensei was capable of harnessing the power. And even Minato-kun failed to grasp the art in full, Jiraiya is the only one alive in this day and age capable of using it in combat as far as we humans go to my knowledge."

…Man when it first came up Senjutsu was played up as an incredibly powerful art that even the best of the best struggled with. The fact that not even the old man or the Second could manage it, really hit that factor home for him.

Shit, would he even be capable of it?

"Yeah, I've been at it decades kid and I've still not mastered it," Jiraiya snorted when he saw Daiki's eyes widen, "You sure you want to try for it? I hear you're pretty good at seals, why not have me teach you a few instead?"

Tempting…but no.

"Nah, long shot it might be, but even if it's hard, I want to at least attempt it." He replied. In the end, he simply wasn't a little bitch and would as always, believe in the heart of the grind to see him through.

"Fair enough kid," Jiraiya nodded, "Give me a minute and I'll bring one of the sages here." he said, before closing his eyes and clasping his hands together.

Daiki's eyes widened.

While he hadn't at all trained with Isobu's sensory abilities yet, he was still well capable of seeing chakra with his eyes. And as soon as he closed his eyes and clasped his hands together, Jiraiya began to focus an absolutely monstrous amount of chakra into his clasped hands.

And by monstrous, he meant monstrous.

It built up…and up and up.

Until within Jiraiya's hands was a chakra amount…that surpassed his own full capacity!

Jiraiya's eyes snapped open about thirty seconds later and he crouched down to slam his hands onto the ground, "Summoning Jutsu!" he declared and a massive puff of smoke erupted from the ground where his hands made contact.

"What in tarnation?" a croaky, elderly male voice cried out from within the smoke, "Jiraiya-boy, the heck you doin' summonin' me for?"

When the huge tower of smoke dissipated a few moments later, it was to reveal a tiny little green toad standing bipedal, a small brown cloak covering its form and with bushy grey eyebrows over its eyes.

No doubt about it, it was Pa, one of the two sages of the toad summons clan and the one who taught Naruto how to harness Senjutsu.

…And to summon him, Jiraiya just spent nearly ten times as much chakra as it took Daiki himself to summon Shiromaru.

Holy shit man.

"Sorry Pa," Jiraiya gave the small toad a sheepish smile, rubbing the back of his head, "Something came up I need to talk to you about."

"Hm? Better be good boya, I was just bout' to sit down to Ma's maggot stew," Pa huffed, then took his glowing yellow eyes off of the white haired sannin and looked at Daiki, raised a single bushy brow, before looking to Hiruzen, "Well if it isn't young Hiruzen-chan, it's been a while since I seen you monkey boy."

"It's nice to see you again Pa," Hiruzen inclined his head respectfully, "Though, I'm hardly a young boy anymore."

"Bah, yer still a whippersnapper to me boy," Pa snorted, waving him off, "Now then, who's this lad then? Quite the powerful chakra this one has for bein' but a tadpole." the old toad turned his attention back to Daiki and scrutinized him with ancient eyes.

…How old was Pa again?

"This brat's the reason I summoned you Pa," Jiraiya waved his arm at the boy, "Kid's a weirdo, he's a perfect Jinchuuriki, sealed the Sanbi in himself a few months ago and got its allegiance. I want his help with teaching…Naruto how to use the Kyuubi's power properly, but he wants something in return."

"Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, huh? I see," Pa clicked his tongue, and didn't comment at all on his own status, but his gaze did sharpen and Daiki felt a pressure settle on his shoulders, "Well then boy, what'ya want? Can't be somethin' as simple as signing the contract, Jiraiya-boy could handle that and would have brought out Bunta-boy if not instead a' me."

"I want you to teach my boss summon how to use Senjutsu." Daiki replied bluntly.

There was no point dancing around the issue. Either the old toad would do it, or he wouldn't simple as that.

Pa stared at him silently for a moment, before promptly, snorting, "That so tadpole?" he chortled, "And why is that?"

"Because I want to learn Senjutsu myself," Daiki shrugged, "I've not got the time for it right now, nor am I ready for it myself-

"That's for sure," Pa snorted, "I can tell that from just a' mere glance at ya' boy, yer' a long ways off."

Annoying, but hardly enough to stop him in his tracks, "Yeah, like I said," Daiki rolled his eyes, "My summons though, specifically the boss are a completely different matter though. And I'll be able to get their help to learn it myself later."

"…Hmm," Pa hummed and scrutinized him keenly for a moment, "And what summon clan do you represent then boy?"

"The Chameleon clan." Daiki replied.

Pa blinked, "….Oh, that brings me back," he shook his head, "I did hear young Shiromaru finally returned to his clan after gaining a new summoner. You must be something special to catch the eye of that stubborn little lizard."


Shiromaru was over a hundred years old!

"Well, he's definitely not allied with the Snake's at least, not after the falling out he had with his dear whippersnapper of a papa little Manda-boy, hmph," Pa huffed, taking his attention off of Daiki to look at Jiraiya and Hiruzen, "What say you two lads? Can you speak for the lads character? Do you think he's worthy of it?"

Jiraiya shrugged, which was fair, they barely knew each other. The white haired man looked to his elderly teacher.

…The human one.

"Well, if it helps Pa, I've chosen the boy specifically to become the next Hokage, the successor to Minato." Hiruzen revealed.

Pa's eyes widened and he whipped his small head around to stare at Daiki in shock, "…Minato-chan's successor…I see," he nodded, "Very well boy, I will contact the Chameleon clan and give the offer to Shiromaru-boy, I won't promise anything though. It will be down to the lads own talent."

"He'll manage it just fine." Daiki smirked, he had full confidence in his summons. The Chameleon's were just that badass.

He would be much further behind than he was right now if not for them.

Once Pa left back home to enjoy his…maggot stew, it was time for Daiki to leave the Hokage training ground behind for the first time in a week.

It was the first time he saw sunlight in that week, and would have strained his eyes a bit…if not for the fact his eyes were special and saw bright lights every second of every day regardless of if it was day or not.

Sadly, while Daiki would have loved to head home for a little bit, he had a deal to pay out on.

And so out into the forests with Jiraiya he went, to meet a familiar spiky haired blonde.

"Ero-sennin, where the hell have you bee-!?" Naruto, right in the middle of a set of push ups with multiple bags of what appeared to be sand tied all over his body began to demand as they appeared, only to pause and blink when he saw Daiki with him, "The hell are you doin' here?" he asked, pushing himself up and crossing his arms.

He'd discarded his orange jacket and so was only wearing a mesh shirt and orange pants, which meant he could see much of his bare torso. The boy while short, was packed with rigid powerful muscle.

Not as powerful and glorious as his own of course, but the hard training the boy put himself through showed.

Though, the sand bags were much less efficient than his own method of weight training.

"I went looking for this brat here, shrimpy brat," Jiraiya shrugged, "I figured he'd be able to teach you something much better than me."

"Huh!? The hell you on about?" Naruto scowled, crossing his arms, it was easy to see the boy was still upset with him about his attitude regarding Lee, "I thought you were some super Sannin like that snake face bastard? Some great shinobi you are if you need some kid my own age to teach me something."

"Ah shut up kid, I'm the Gallant Jiraiya, you won't ever find another shinobi as badass and cool as me," Jiraiya waved the boy off, "The little muscle head beside me just has something in common with you that I don't."

Naruto snorted at him, "Yeah, and what's that pervert?"

"I'm a Jinchuuriki like you," Daiki cut in, time was wasting after all, "I'm here to teach you how to use the Kyuubi's chakra properly."

Naruto's bright blue eyes instantly widened in horror, "You…know?" he swallowed heavily, his shoulders trembling for a moment, "...Wait…like me? You have a monster in you too?"

In response, Daiki scoffed, "The bijuu aren't monsters moron, they're huge masses of chakra that people stuffed in guys like you to make super shinobi that can use their power," he replied, "In that respect we're nothing alike. You're a pansy that that got the strongest of them all handed to you at birth, where as I went out and found the Sanbi myself and sealed it in myself."

He'd already long since played a situation like this out in his head before. And he'd come to the simple realisation, that angering Naruto instead of letting him wallow in his self pity over it, would be the best course of action.

Jiraiya face palmed.

"…W-what…?" Naruto gaped at him, "…Why…why would you do that? How…did you do that?"

For once, he'd rendered Naruto quiet through sheer shock.

"Why wouldn't I?" Daiki crossed his arms and smirked cockily, "Being a Jinchuuriki makes me superior to any normal ninja. Not only do I get the Sanbi's special abilities and he has a ton, but I also heal faster, my chakra grows massively and recovers faster and I can draw on its strength. Did you think I was talking bullshit when I said I could easily crush all of you back at the prelims?"

Naruto outright grimaced, "Just for power? Everyone has always hated me, I've been alone all this time with no parents or anything because of the Kyuubi inside me…and you want the same thing, just for power?"

"Oh grow up Naruto, seriously, it's for your own good," Daiki shot back, "Why the hell would you care what your lessers think of you? The only ones that cared at all were weaklings and civilians, an easy trade off in my opinion. You've got more chakra than ten thousand of those weaklings put together, you've got more chakra than me! Do you understand how absurd that is?"

"Kids…kids, calm down a bit won't you?" Jiraiya sighed and felt the need to step in, "This really wasn't what I had in mind…"

But no, Daiki wasn't having it. He wanted him to help Naruto? He would. And the blonde would be all the better off for it, both physically and mentally. Hell, he'd be happier in the end.

"Buzz off old man, go set up a barrier to stop anyone from sensing chakra within this area and leave us to it," Daiki jutted his chin at him, "I'll be making Naruto see sense, but if anyone senses the Kyuubi's chakra they'll freak out."

Jiraiya hesitated, but Daiki narrowed his eyes at him and then with a mental tug, he called upon his closet allies power.

Almost casually, a bubbling cloak of sizzling red chakra formed around his body, splitting into three huge, thick tails at his back and waving languidly in the air.

He was making a point.

Jiraiya grimaced, understanding, "Fine, but I won't be far." he conceded and disappeared in a blur using a shunshin.

Only then did Naruto speak up, "…That chakra…"

"Like it?" Daiki spread his arms wide and invitingly, massive grin on his face, "This is what is called the Version 1 Bijuu Cloak. It's the step up from that little aura you can call on right now. You can draw right up to as many tails as your bijuu has. In your case, that would be nine." As he finished speaking, he saw the air ripple above them as a clear translucent barrier formed.

"…I don't even know what's going on, but I can tell it's super strong," Naruto grudgingly admitted, "I still don't get it Daiki. Sure it's strong, but why would you want it? Don't you remember, the Kyuubi attacked the village, it killed so many people! It's why I grew up hated and without parents! I don't want to use its power unless I need to!"

"…And?" Daiki replied, "The Kyuubi killed my parents too. My dad died in its initial attack and my mom two years later because of its chakra that infected her. But you don't see me whining about it."

That did it.

Naruto's eyes narrowed in anger, "It killed your parents…and you don't care?" he demanded, baring his teeth.

"Don't put words in my mouth loser," Daiki scoffed at him, "I didn't say I didn't care. I just don't blame the fox for it."

"You don't blame it? How, it killed them!" Naruto snarled, rage beginning to overtake him, his eyes bleeding red and his pups elongating into feral slits.

As expected, Naruto because of his own lack of parents, was very big on the whole family thing. Him besmirching his own in anyway, made him seem entitled even if they were dead.

How predictable.

"We're shinobi idiot," Daiki shot back, "We fight, we kill and we die. If you decided to become a shinobi and chase after being the Hokage hat without even realising that simple fact, then you're even further below me than I thought."

Naruto trembled in his spot, sheer anger enveloping his body in a literal red haze of chakra.

Just a little bit more.

"It's no wonder the old man has decided to make me the next Hokage after him while you aren't even a footnote despite having the strongest being in the world to draw strength from." Daiki jutted his chin out arrogantly and looked down on the boy.

And thus, it began.

"Liar!" a beastly roar tore its way from Naruto's throat and the blonde rushed him in a blur of speed most Jonin would have trouble keeping up with.

And was promptly batted aside by a single tail that whipped out faster than the blonde could react, sending him flying through multiple trees.

The blonde was buried under multiple large fallen trees within moments. A pile of trees that were promptly blown high into the air as if they were made of paper when the boy shot to his feet and spread his arms wide.

With a snarl, Naruto once again shot towards Daiki in a blur of speed that tore a trench in the ground at his feet.

Not even a blink of an eye later, the boy was upon him and lashing out with a rapid barrage of clawed swipes, punches and kicks, each one capable of shattering a boulder.

Yet with ease, Daiki parried his blows, hopped over them, dodged with the smallest of motions.

"Look at you," Daiki laughed as he spun around Naruto's next blow and buried his elbow in the blonde's face, breaking his nose with an audible crunch and sending him tumbling backwards in multiple rolls, "Only the very bare minimum of the Kyuubi's chakra and you're already at the point where you'd demolish Sasuke, your big rival, yet you whine about it so much." he goaded.

"SHUT UP!" Naruto bounced to his feet, nose already healed and roared. The sheer power put into his voice conjured a pure on shock wave that blasted out towards him, tearing up thick trees over fifty feet tall as if they were little sticks caught in a hurricane.

Only to be rent asunder as he swiped one of his three chakra tails up over his head and down in a blade like motion.

"Really Naruto, a shock wave against me? That's my thing bro." Daiki laughed at him.

Naruto growled, bringing his hands up into a familiar cross seal, "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" he shouted and a moment later, three clones enshrouded with the same sizzling red chakra cloak puffed into existence beside him.

And together they rushed him.

And Daiki rushed them.

His three tails tore out from behind in, flashing through the air like a trio of crimson Yondaime's and smashed into the three clones before they could do even make it half way towards him.

And then he was physically in Naruto's face, faster than he himself could react to and his hand wrapped around the blonde's throat and hefted him up into the air.

And then, he began draining the boys chakra.


With his chakra armour, the chakra absorbing seal added to his Dimension Force Seal and the chakra absorption jutsu he'd stolen from that sunglasses wearing fool that simped for Orochimaru.

Naruto's eyes widened and he began to trash in his grip, arms and legs kicking out violently, his sizzling red cloak of chakra burning at his own.

But managing nothing in the end,

Before long, the boy went limp in his grip and the cloak of chakra around him dwindled away bit by bit.

'Store that in the seal will you.' he said inwardly. He already had quite the collection of Sasuke's chakra from all the times they'd sparred.

Now, he had Naruto's as well. And quite a lot of it actually. And he'd take the time to cultivate both for his own uses.

'Already on it.' Isobu replied.


"Sorry about this Naruto, but it's necessary." he apologised to the blonde boy in his grip, the boys bright blue eyes dim and half lidded.

He was on the edge of losing consciousness.

In the first place, the likelihood of Naruto having any true mental defences were slim at best. Sasuke slipped right on in with just the Sharingan after all.

But it was better to be safe than sorry.

Besides, this little slapathon they just had, proved the point of his strength and why jinchuuriki were superior than normal people.

He narrowed his eyes onto Naruto's own and with his eyes, slipped into his mind, projecting his consciousness into his own just as he did before with Anko.

And moments later, Daiki left the physical world behind and found himself standing ankle deep in murky water, within a huge metallic hallway.

Beside him, Naruto sat on his backside in the water, staring up at him in shock.

"So this is your seal huh?" Daiki commented, looking around idly, "Should have guessed the guy who came up with the Sexy Jutsu would have a gutter for a mind."

"…This is my seal thing…how did you get in here?" the blonde, now much more subdued after the ass kicking he'd received asked in shock.

"Eh, I've got special eyes, better than Sasuke's by the way," he replied and added, "Now, let's go talk to a big fluffy fox shall we?" he grinned down at Naruto, holding his hand out for him to take it.

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