'Should I be insulted that nobody believes me at first when I tell them this?' Daiki wondered.

Tenten, Naruto and now Sakura. Sure, they were all of his generation and were pretty ignorant of how things actually worked unlike him, but still.

Well, Sakura caught on quickly to it not being a lie at least.

"Because I'm strong, and that's the main requirement of being Hokage," Daiki shrugged, "While not as strong as Kakashi even when using the seal I got from Orochimaru and improved upon to make it better. I've got another power, that makes me the strongest guy in this village besides the Hokage himself."

"Another…power?" Sakura trailed off, before her eyes lit up suddenly, "Is it something to do with the Hero Water? You drank that before when we went to the Waterfall Village and you like powered up massively from it for a bit and absolutely crushed that guy that took me hostage. Can you use that on the fly or something now?"

"No, good try though," Daiki laughed, "It's something that needs to be kept secret for now, Hokage's law and all and it's not really my power so much as a power I can borrow. And that's who I've been with for the last while actually, I was getting personal training from the old man."

"Training with the Hokage himself, huh? That must have been amazing," Sakura gasped in awe, before swallowing and shaking her head, "But you as the Hokage huh? I can only imagine the kind of stupid laws you would pass."

"Hehe," Daiki thumbed his nose, "The first one I'm passing, is that all hot kunoichi, like you for instance, are required to wear tiny mini skirts!" he proclaimed proudly, punching his fist into the air grandly.

"…Of course it is." Sakura gave him a dry look.

"Better get shopping for some nice mini skirts for the future." he taunted her with a laugh.

Sakura in return merely shrugged, "I'm good, I already own plenty."

Daiki crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow at her challengingly, "But are they pleated?"

"More than half of them," Sakura shrugged, and then laughed lightly, "Really not hiding your tastes at all here."

"Good girl, being prepared and ahead of the game, that's a true kunoichi right there." Daiki praised her.

"…You know that's the first time since I graduated the academy somebody has called me a good kunoichi? Well, beyond Lee and Naruto," Sakura cocked her head thoughtfully, "And it's because I own some small skirts?"

"And it came from the future Hokage himself, aren't you special?" Daiki grinned at her.

"Yay?" she replied dully, "This is truly going to be the highlight of my career as a kunoichi."

He laughed, "Good to see how much my opinion means to you," he shot back, "But, while we're on the topic and getting around to training, what actually is your plan with your career? What are you aiming for here?
Well, besides wanting to ride Sasuke until his bed breaks."

Sakura bit her lip, "…To be honest, I don't know anymore. The forest of death was a real wake up call for me," she replied, and then raised both eyebrows at him, "And should the future Hokage really talk like that? Besides, you already know, I decided to let that go, I've already learned how shallow my feelings were."

"Fair enough, there's plenty of time to think of what you want to aim for to be honest, it doesn't even have to be anything grand, you can just want to be a strong well earning kunoichi and live a good life," Daiki replied, nodding his head, "And I can stop if you want, I'm just having a laugh." he offered

"No…it's alright," she huffed a bit through her nose, a small half smile splaying across her face, "I've gotten used to it now, and I kind of like how upfront and honest you are about everything. It's a far cry from Naruto just telling me what I want to hear and Sasuke barely ever opening his mouth when I talk to him."

Well, fair enough. He could see how that would be a refreshing change of pace. And it was always nice to see where you stood with people.

"And you like me complimenting you." he pointed and added.

"…Maybe a bit." Sakura shrugged, unforthcomingly, but her pretty green eyes glittered with happiness and gave her away regardless.

"Alright then, phat ass, and that's with a ph and not and f," Daiki clapped his hands together, "Let's get down to training shall we?"

"Still not charming to say that by the way, even if you change the spelling." Sakura told him, but nodded in agreement nonetheless.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly it didn't take Sakura very long at all to understand and get the basics down of the Mystical Palm Jutsu.

She easily understood the concept behind it. It only had one hand seal to remember and the chakra drain on it wasn't too bad to deal with for short bursts.

Within just two hours of training with the jutsu, with him giving pointers to her to help her here and there, Sakura got the jutsu down, for the most part.

She had trouble keeping the chakra transformation consistent, but was able to do it properly, the exact opposite of the problem Tenten had.

Then again, Tenten hadn't been told about how the image of the jutsu in her mind and shaping it was important and Sakura had him to tell her it straight up instead of just having to piece things together from a scroll.

But it was still quite impressive to get it mostly down after two hours.

Her chakra control really was something impressive indeed.

"…I'm exhausted," Sakura wiped sweat from her brow, bent over in front of him, sweat soaking her top, "I feel like I could keel over any second."

It was just too bad he was sitting in front of her and not behind, or he was sure to have been getting a real good view.

As it was, he was sitting cross legged on the ground with a scroll open and an ink brush in hand. He was in the process of writing down the instructions for the body flicker jutsu, since he had long since realised she wouldn't have enough chakra to continue training to get it down as well.

The Shinkugan was handy like that.

"You gotta work on that stamina, you've only been going a couple hours," Daiki rolled his eyes, finishing up what he was writing with a little flourish and sealing the ink brush away, "Tut tut, what would your dear Sasuke-kun think about that?"

The pink haired girl huffed deeply and rolled her eyes, "I don't think he's ever considered how my stamina would apply in the bedroom," she retorted, "I think you're just projecting." she added and with a deep breath, stood up fully and tugged on the collar of her dress to to air it out a bit.

"Oh, I guess so, fair enough," Daiki nodded, rolling up the scroll and standing up, grinning at her, "In that case, you should really work on that stamina, this is for the good of your future Hokage after all."

"Sorry Hokage-sama sir I'll be sure to work on my lacking stamina, sir." Sakura snorted, giving him a mock salute.

"Good soldier," Daiki nodded, pleased, "It'd be a shame if a lady with an ass like yours didn't have the stamina to use it properly after all." he added, holding the scroll out to her.

She blinked, taking it, "What's this?" she asked, easily ignoring his comment about her ass.

"Since you're too drained of chakra to continue and I'll be out of the village come tomorrow, I wrote the instructions down for the body flicker," Daiki replied as she took it, "It's pretty simply you should be able to get it down even without me coaching you with this, you're pretty talented after all and smart enough to understand it easily."

"Oh…thanks," the pink haired girl smiled at his compliment, before her green eyes gleamed with mischief, "And, about my stamina. You're the one always going on about how big and fat my ass is, have you considered that it's making me waste stamina quicker cuz it weighs me down?"

He blinked, before laughing at her reply, "I didn't actually, good point," he agreed with her, "That's a whole lot of ass. Still doesn't mean you can be content with pitiful stamina though, if you want though, I know a good training method for increasing the stamina of girls with asses like yours."

"Uh-huh?" Sakura nodded, "And lemme guess it involves a whole lot of me bouncing and probably moaning."

"Squealing actually." he corrected her, "And your ass cheeks clapping."

"Sounds about right with you," she shook her head, before blinking, "Wait, how do ass cheeks clap?" she asked, looking confused.

"Poor Sakura, for all your intelligence and knowledge, you clearly don't know about the true important things in life," Daiki clicked his tongue and shook his head, "I suppose, I can take more time out of my busy schedule to teach you though."

Sakura nodded, "I'll ask Ino."

Wait, what?

"You're talking to her again? Did you make up?" Daiki wondered. In the other timeline, they only really made up after fighting in the prelims. That didn't happen here.

"A bit after the forest," Sakura shrugged, "But since I'm not going after Sasuke-kun anymore, there's really no point to continuing the rivalry over him with her anymore."

"Fair enough," Daiki nodded, "Though, just because you're not doing it anymore doesn't mean her chances are going to improve."

"Sucks to be her." Sakura shrugged with a smirk.

She glanced at the scroll in her hands, before the smirk left suddenly and was replaced by a frown, "Which reminds me," she said, and looked him in the eye, "If you want, you can get rid of the Force Palm seal you let me use. It meant a lot you let me use it, and it really helped me a ton, but I know it isn't mine or anything like that."

….Oh right…

He'd forgotten that he had given her that, hadn't he?

"Eh, keep it," he waved her off, "Just remember to work on toughening up your arms so you can endure it more."

A pretty smile replaced the frown just as quickly as it had appeared, "What do you think I've been doing all this month in the first place? It wasn't like Kakashi-sensei left me with anything else to do," Sakura replied, before surprising him by stepping forward and pressing a quick kiss to his cheek, "Still, thank you, I mean. This seal actually kind of means a lot to me, it was kind of the origin point for me y'know? Of me getting my head screwed on straight about what being a kunoichi really means." she said as she pulled back, cheeks flushing a light pink.

"Don't mention it," Daiki just smiled back at her, "I'm glad it helped you out." and he was. He was pretty proud of his his first seal and its applications in combat and still used it even now quite often. But he wasn't sure if he'd fucked some things up that were important, especially intervening as he had in the forest of death.

The fact his seal that he gave to Sakura had smoothed it over and even gave better results, was totally worth giving her it.

They stayed there like that, staring into each others eyes. Ten seconds passed. Then thirty.

Before long a minute had passed and Sakura's eye twitched, "Oh come on what are you waiting for?" she growled at him.

"…What?" Daiki blinked, confused.

"Seriously? Aren't you gonna squeeze my ass or spank me like you always do when we're heading different ways?" Sakura gaze him a dry look, "I thought it was pretty obvious we were more or less done and splitting off here for tonight, what with your mission tomorrow and all."

There was a bit of a spring in Sakura's step as she made her way home after parting ways with Daiki.

And a sting across her ass from where he'd spanked her.

She was in a good mood. She'd learned a lot over the last hours. Some useful, some kind of crazy, but all in all, she was quite happy with how things had went.

She had no idea why she had been so forward with Daiki. She hadn't changed her opinion, she didn't have any interest in just sleeping around even if she was really grateful to him, and he was really hot….and those muscles were drool worthy.

But she couldn't deny…she enjoyed his attention, and his compliments made her puff her meagre chest out with pride.

…Her fat ass had always been one of the things she'd been most self conscious about, especially because Ino always used it against her when they insulted each other.

Nowadays, she was quite pleased with it.

All thanks to Daiki.

'I have no idea what I'm doing here.' Sakura realised, but, it was fun at least.

Honestly, after Sakura left to head home, Daiki was just pure on bemused. Her attitude right then, was a far cry what she was like in the other timeline when it came to perverted actions.

Any perverted action around her there, ended up with her fist turning concrete to powder…or bones. Poor Naruto, he'd lost count of how many times her fist had smashed his head into the ground with bone breaking force.

…Then again, she had tried that with him initially, he just wasn't kind enough to let her do it.

Like, he wasn't really going to complain, but it was still a massive turn around from what her other self was like. Had their talk during the second route really impacted her that much?

He stared after the older pink haired girls form until she disappeared from good old trusty training ground sixty nine, before deciding to put it and her out of mind for the moment and disappearing with a blur of motion using the body flicker.

He headed straight home to his house, reaching his destination in less than a minute. He was half expecting Anko to still be around given his offer to let her chill at his place while he was training with the old man Hokage.

Daiki was somewhat relieved she wasn't there though he found with a quick sweep of his eyes, his all seeing scarlet eye allowing him to easily see through every wall in the building.

Fun and sexy as Anko was-

Daiki had been keeping it suppressed all day, ever since he met with Naruto and helped him get a basic understanding of his abilities as a Jinchuuriki, but inspiration had struck him.

A new possible way to augment his grind had appeared before him, and now that he was home, he could truly ponder on it.

He made his way to his living room and collapsed on his sofa, staring right up at the ceiling, before speaking aloud, "What do you think?" he asked aloud.

'It has merit, I won't lie,' Isobu replied, 'The problem is you'll need to design an all new seal to do it, though admittedly with your other seals you've already laid out the ground work. That, and you need to be careful not to overdo it, if you do, it will make your chakra fluctuate a lot like his, though not to the same extent and make your chakra harder to control.'

His idea was simple. Copy Naruto. Not specifically anything he was actually doing himself, but rather what they'd discovered earlier today while inside his seal.

The pure yang chakra that made up the half of Kurama inside Naruto, making it so the abundance of chakra seeping into him was pure yang, and to his understanding, was obviously not only enhancing the quality of his physical growth, but to an extent, allowing his physical capabilities to grow passively.

It was not some truly massive amount. But say for example, that passive growth added a single pound of lifting strength per day? It was a tiny miniscule amount per day, but over time added up massively. Using that one pound example, Naruto as he was now, at almost fourteen years old, would have been capable of lifting over two tons without ever having to have trained a day in his life.

It wasn't like Daiki was all that specifically unhappy with his physical growth at all right now. In fact, he was over the moon about it, the rate he was progressing was utterly absurd compared to the average shinobi or kunoichi.

But that simply wasn't good enough when he knew of the kind of monsters that were lurking out there, the kind of monsters that had high chances of making a move not only upon him in the future, but the Leaf Village and he supposed the world as well.

Utterly absurd compared to the average, still wasn't enough. People joked all the time on versus threads and shit back home, people pulling out their ass how Naruto characters were super weak and couldn't do anything to the likes of Dragon Ball Z characters and people going on and on about how Kishimoto claimed Madara was only as strong as Nappa.

…Putting all that bullshit aside, it was easy to say stuff like that when it wasn't real, when it was just some losers behind a computer screen fanboying over their favourite anime.

But when that reality became real? Daiki wondered what they'd have to say to the fact that Madara could literally create massive meteors, where if a single one came down and hit the planet of his old world, the planet would have become inhabitable and all of humanity would most likely have been wiped out. Or the fact the man could literally pause time with his eyes, or rewind time with his eyes.

And that was only his base mangekyou sharingan abilities.

Daiki wasn't even sure how he was going to counter that in the future. How did one counter the ability to freeze or rewind time?

But that was a problem for future Daiki to solve, he the Daiki of the present, could only do everything he could upon the path of the grind and squeeze every last drop of grind enhanced strength out where he could.

'Putting that horrible thought aside for the moment,' Isobu coughed, 'As far as Naruto's growth goes, you're mostly correct. Though given his strength right now and the subpar training he has gone through, even if not his own fault, I'd wager your analogy is a bit off. Strength wise alone, I'd say if using you as a basis, I'd say roughly three to five times your estimate.'

'Well, it was just an example.' Daiki shrugged, banishing the thoughts of Madara once more to the deepest parts of his psyche where he would do his best not to think on the man again for quite a while, he had to let loose a whistle despite himself.

So with no training at all, Naruto would have been capable of lifting between six and ten tons huh? That wasn't too shabby at all. It didn't compare of course to him right now, since he was literally wearing thirty tons per limb right now and was actually having an easy time moving around with them and would need to upgrade them soon, but still, a passive growth like that would be lovely.

But the true kicker was the enhanced physical growth from the overabundance of yang chakra.

It would increase the rate of his growth by a decent margin. Which would be amazing.

'It would speed up your time table a little bit for sure, and would offset the fact that you're going to end up Hokage at the rate you're going and be doing paperwork a lot,' Isobu teased, 'Admittedly, the stronger you become physically and the more potent your chakra, the greater our Bijuu Mode will be.'

Well yeah obviously, since their physical abilities would be combined at that point more or less.

'Not just physical abilities, our chakra as well,' Isobu replied, 'Remember we bijuu are masses of sentient chakra given form, our physical abilities come from our chakra, not muscles like you humans. It is why I said before that technically yes in pure power and physical ability, Kurama is the strongest of we bijuu by far, because his amount of chakra even in his current state dwarfs the rest of us.'

Huh. That was actually a little different than he thought about it. He thought it would basically just be his physical abilities and Isobu's own combined, because he was thinking of it like how his strength, worked and assumed the bijuu's massive strength and other physical abilities came from their absurd size.

But if it was merely because of their chakra then-

'Yes, no matter what size we are, as long as we have full access to our chakra our strength, speed and such will remain the same, the only thing our size adds in that sense is the sheer scale and weight behind our physical abilities,' Isobu explained, 'This also means, that even should the day come where you vastly surpass my abilities as Hashirama and Madara did to even kurama, the bijuu mode you will have access to with me, will forever increase in power with each little bit of physical strength and chakra you gain.'


That was amazing. And it explained a lot. For instance, Kurama. Kurama was monstrously strong no doubt.

But the speed he and Naruto moved at during the fourth war in the other timeline, at first he hadn't thought Kurama capable of such a thing, especially in a half state.

But Naruto who had more chakra than the likes of Kisame at that point by far, adding his chakra to the bijuu mode and their combined might looking more like Kurama's chakra plus Naruto's chakra plus Naruto's physical abilities equals bijuu mode output-

It made a lot more sense. That first bijuu mode, was probably a decent bit stronger than Kurama's own natural full strength before he was halved.

'The same as my estimates yes.' Isobu agreed.

"Woah, woah woah wait a minute!" Daiki quickly sat up eyes widening as something clicked, "At the beginning of the fourth war Naruto and that half of Kurama together had comparable chakra to Hashirama. But through that war, Naruto's grew massively to the point where he was nearly comparable with Hashirama chakra wise on his own."

It was absurd to think about, but true and made some sense. Kurama was constantly regenerating Naruto's own chakra and supplanting it with his own at a constant pace. While Naruto himself had thousands of shadow clones spread across multiple battlefields, and was transferring his and Kurama's chakra in the form of bijuu cloaks to tens of thousands of people. Handling not only his own capacity, but Kurama's at the same time and constantly using it up over and over and over…

It was no wonder his chakra capacity grew so massively.

But beyond that, it meant that Naruto and Kurama's bijuu mode was continuously evolving and growing stronger through the course of the fourth war at a rapid rate, and then they added sage mode on top of that.

"And yet Madara beat them with ease, without his eyes, alongside the other eight of you and Gaara." Daiki said aloud, once more that monstrous beast of a shinobi rising to the forefront of the topic.

What an absolute monster of a unit that fucker was.

Every time he thought there was nothing more mind blowing he could think about when it came to that guy, there was always more.

Fuck that guy man.

Gritting his teeth, Daiki shook his head and banished Madara from his mind and moved on, "Assuming we win in the end, doesn't that mean that with the passive growth of the yang chakra and the constant chakra growth I go through thanks to you and my heavenly star seal," he began, "That since my life force is ever increasing, that we'll just continue to passively get stronger for all eternity?"

'More or less, yes.' Isobu nodded.

With that, he would become so in tune with the grind, that the grind would passively enhance him for all time.

'…It always comes back to the grind with you, huh?' Isobu snorted.


But among those thoughts, then the greater Isobu's own chakra was, the greater the increase he would passively attain as well.

Which meant that, soon he would have to pay a visit not only to the dragon vein, but the mine containing the source for the stone of gelel. With that, their combined bijuu mode would jump massively and power and then increase the rate at which his own chakra grew as well, increasing the rate once more at which their bijuu mode's power passively grew.

…If only there was a way though beyond that to increase Isobu's chakra even more. Well, there was that dumb demon in the land of swamps he had to go beat the shit out of and steal the army of, but that would be minor compared to the dragon vein and mine of gelel.

'Speaking of chakra, I think you've reached the point now where you can safely increase the amount of shadow clones you use during training.' Isobu piped up, breaking his thought process.

He grinned, "So jump from two hundred to three hundred now?"

'…That's not a jump, it's a leap,' Isobu snorted, 'But I suppose it should be fine.'


"Then while I do that, I'll get working on making a seal to convert chakra into pure yang chakra," he bounced up off the couch and clapped his hands excitedly, "I'll add it to the heavenly star seal actually and the pure yang will then be offset by your chakra filtering into my own and then I won't need to worry about my balance of chakra fluctuating too much."

'What about sleeping for your mission tomorrow?' Isobu huffed in amusement.

"Sleep is for weaklings that don't believe in the grind!" Daiki merely laughed.

He didn't really need much sleep anyway and could go entire days without it easily. Admittedly, the mission tomorrow was important though…

He paused, "…I'll get a few hours in later, there's still a good eight hours before I need to set off for the mission anyway."

So much could be done in eight hours after all.

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