From two hundred to three hundred shadow clones.

Eight hours.

With three hundred shadow clones training their grind loving hearts out, those eight hours actually became more akin to twenty four hundred hours.

Which in total equalled roughly a hundred days.

Nearly a third of a year of training being put into a single night. It was simply absurd how busted the shadow clone technique was in the hands of one like Daiki or Naruto, Jinchuuriki's with massive amounts of chakra and the healing ability to handle the absurd influx of information one gained from such a training method.

The Yang Conversion seal was a simple matter. He had after all, created a seal previously to convert the star chakra contained within his heavenly star seal into safe useable chakra to enhance himself with.

It was a simple matter of just altering the conversion seal to only convert half of the original make up and filter it into his own chakra system and body.

He didn't even need any of his clones for it.

Beyond one to apply the seal to himself.

That left the newly spawned three hundred clones to work all night on what he wanted.

And he decided simply on taking care of something he should have done a long time ago.

Learning both the Chidori and the Rasengan.

As he knew the exact training method and ways to mastery for them, and even a short cut to skip the initial complexities of the Rasengan-

It was merely two hours before he had the Chidori down pat, alongside being able to form a Rasengan with a clone.

With three hundred clones then working on the jutsu after the Chidori was completed, and the shortcut to enhance his training, it was all too easy to pick up the the intricities of the pure, mastered Rasengan.

Over the course of another two hours.

Which with his shadow clones was more akin to six hundred hours, roughly twenty five days.

Such was the grandness and sheer complication of a jutsu that was the Rasengan.

And it was why as dawn was beginning to approach, Daiki found himself within Isobu's personal dimension, sitting atop a large rocky outcropping he formed himself through an earth jutsu.

He held one palm up in front of his face, a blinding bright swirling sphere of destruction rotating above the palm of his hand, "…Such an amazing jutsu." Daiki mouthed to himself, awe in his gaze.

He was loud in the beautiful blue sphere of power. With his eyes, he could track the many, many different rotating threads of chakra that made up the spiralling sphere.

Or at least a fraction of them.

With the all seeing scarlet eye, Daiki could make out tens of thousands of different chakra rotations within the sphere before it simply became too much and he completely lost count.

But in total, the sheer amount completely dwarfed just a mere tens of thousands.

And that was where his awe came from.

How did Minato Namikaze create such a jutsu? The only reason Daiki was able re-create the jutsu himself was because he knew the exact training method from his knowledge of the other timeline. But the idea of starting at the base and coming up with a jutsu like this?

Boggled his mind.

Just from learning and it watching the ways the chakra rotated within his palm within his eyes, massively deepened his understanding of chakra.

The Yondaime Hokage truly was a genius!

'…Which makes me wonder how he never managed to take it to the next step.' Daiki thought, at the exact moment a screeching chime like noise grated upon his ears.

He looked up from the Rasengan just in time to watch one of his clones miles off in the distance plunge down towards the ground, blinding rotating shuriken of wind chakra churning with his palm before he slammed it into the ground.

And it erupted into a gargantuan massive dome of grinding chakra and piercing miniscule microscopic wind blades that tore the area asunder, devastating multiples acres of ground within the dimension and leaving a crater a good fifty feet deep within the earth.

The Wind Style: Rasenshuriken.

In contrast to the Rasengan itself. The Wind Style: Rasengan and the Wind Style: Rasenshuriken were wholly easy to get down.

Admittedly he needed clones to use them and it was beyond him as he was currently to figure out how to use them with one hand and no clones, beyond perhaps chakra arms like Naruto did in the other timeline.

But even then it boggled him that Minato could create a technique such as the Rasengan, but overlook something as simple as using clones to help form the enhanced versions.

"Was he just the type that was completely galaxy brained and simple solutions never occurred to him?" Daiki wondered idly, staring at the beautiful devastation wrought by the S-class wind ninjutsu.

His first S-class jutsu.


The Bijuudama was an S-class jutsu for sure. And his combination of the Twin Black Dragon Blizzard and lightning style was so destructive it could be classified as an S-class jutsu as well.

But that was two jutsu in one and the Bijuudama technically didn't count as a ninjutsu.

So yes, this was his first S-class ninjutsu.

Yet, amazing was it was, and awesome as it would be as a trump card. He was vastly more excited to have the Rasengan itself now that he understood just how absurdly complicated it was.

After all, it was the next step for him he decided when it came to enhancing his chakra control grind.

The next step of the agenda was making two Rasengans.

And then it was mini Rasengan's atop his finger tips. And he would push that as chakra control training every day until he could create ten of them on every single finger tip.

And then he would do it while using the tree walking exercise. And then water walking. And then walking atop rushing raging waterfalls!

He truly had to thank Minato for the Rasengan.

His chakra control training had been slowing down massively lately. But with this, he would be able to push the grind even further beyond!

Just looking at the gains he'd made from tonight from learning the Rasengan made giddy.

He pulled up his status to look it over, a grin on his face as he saw the gains he'd grinded through the night reflected back at him.

Name: Daiki Yurei
Age: 13
Chakra Capacity: 198,600/198,600 (Low-Tier Kage)
Strength: 205/?
Endurance: 293/?
Durability: 207/?
Agility: 205/?

Taijutsu: 262/500
Ninjutsu: 400/500
Genjutsu: 107/500
Bukijutsu: 184/500
Chakra Control: 350/500

Chakra Affinities:
Lightning - (Expert): The Heavens Spark
Water - (Expert): The Sea Parts Before You
Wind - (Master): The Gale Bows
Earth - (Adept): The Earth Shakes.
Fire - (Novice): Simmering Power

Fuinjutsu - (Advanced): The breath hitches.

His chakra control had risen over twenty in the last night thanks to the Rasengan. And through the Chidori, Rasengan, Wind Style: Rasengan and Wind Style: Rasenshuriken his Ninjutsu stat had hit four hundred!

Four hundred!

It was his highest skill stat by far now.

He wondered, just how high was old man Sarutobi's for him to be able to recreate jutsu like the Rasengan and Chidori from just a glance? He couldn't even imagine that kind of ability right now without the Shinkugan.

He had to have been at like five hundred or near that, right? OR was he somehow beyond that?

It wouldn't surprise him.

That old monkey was a monster.

…And speaking of that old monkey, Daiki sighed waving away his status screen and dispelling the Rasengan in his hand as he stood up, "It's almost time to go meet him and Anko to start the mission huh?" he mused.

That was disappointing. He'd hit an all new milestone in his grind and wanted to pursue even further. Even the fact he'd have a mission all alone with Anko playing honey pot for him to stop any ideas going to his head for wanting to leave for Mist to bed Mei Terumi couldn't change that.

Anko was a stacked babe. And Mei Terumi, was no doubt going to be sex on legs. But the grind was eternal.

And he already so many ideas raging around his head. Like for instance, what would a lightning rasengan be? Lightning was all about shocking and piercing a target. So, a drill maybe?

He had a flash of an imagine in head, of a black and red drill-like blade, a spiralling red hurricane of energy forming around it before being unleashed in a devastating churning beam of destruction that pierced through all and wiped out everything in its path.

Ea and Enuma Elish. Could he something like that with a mastered Lightning Style Rasengan? If the absurd amount of destruction between Chidori and Rasengan clashing was anything to go by, the absurd destruction wrought by such a thing might be comparable.

Or what about that nega Naruto Menma with his absurd evil version of the Rasenshuriken, the spiralling fear wheel that could destroy over seventy miles of land in one shot.

So many ideas he wanted to experiment with.

'You'll have time for that later, you have enough on your plate between that seal you're trying to create,' Isobu input, 'Not to mention, you haven't even mastered your lightning affinity yet. You don't even know how, you only have the instructions so far for the fire and earth affinity training.'

…Well he wasn't wrong.

He supposed he could look into the the fire style Rasengan first once he got done with them. Or the Meteor Rasengan as it was actually called in the games. Jiraiya had an interesting way of doing it to get around the adding fire element chakra to it.

Still, as always it was kind of pitifully sad that at this rate, the element he'd master last, was his actual inborn affinity of lightning.

Well whatever.

Daiki stretched out his arms for a moment, before speaking, "Senpo." he said, drawing on Isobu's chakra.

And a moment later he returned to the backyard of his sweet bachelor pad, "Guess I'll go for a shower and get something to eat before I go to meet Anko and the old man." he mused.

He made a quick shadow clone and dispelled it a moment later, spreading his new thoughts to all his other clones, before doing just that.

It was as he hopped into the shower, the water kept nice and cool to wash away any tiredness and revitalize him that Isobu spoke up again.

'I've been keeping track of something for the past few hours since you added that new Yang Conversion Seal.' the three tailed beast suddenly brought up.

Standing under the cold spray of the shower, Daiki hummed in askance, 'Hmm?' he prompted.

'Hashirama's cells,' he said, and if he weren't under the spray of water, Daiki's eyes would have open up and shot wide at the sudden topic, 'Between me, your collection of chakra from Naruto and Sasuke and this new Yang Conversion seal, I think you could handle intaking some and integrating them without being overwhelmed.'

'…Amazing as that would be, that's not something I really want to try,' Daiki replied on instinct, 'His cells are like a cancer. It's too big of a chance of fucking me over to want to do it.'

Sucky as that was.

Hashirama's cells were absurd. Not only would integrating them give him the wood style, it would give him an absurd healing factor and massively boost his life force, his physical abilities, his chakra and even possibly enhance his ability when it came to Senjutsu.

Hashirama's cells turned Obito from a subpar chunin to being capable of slaughtering a whole squad of anbu black ops, and in a few years made him capable of taking on Minato at his peak while alive.

It was too bad though, because with them enhancing his growth rate, many of his plans would come to fruition that much quicker.

'Yes, I have a theory on how that works,' Isobu said, 'There's a thing I should actually correct you on. While I'm unsure of how Hashirama Senju died, what I do know is that it must have been an absurd situation. Because, what you know of Hashirama's healing abilities isn't even close to what he could heal from.'

Daiki stepped out of the cold spray of the shower and wiped the water from his face, running a hand up through his hair and slicking it back, "What do you mean?" he asked.

As far as he was aware, nothing short of decapitating and crushing Hashirama's brain would have killed him.

'No, not even that,' Isobu promptly refuted, 'In actuality, even if his entire body was reduced to dust. As long as a single cell of him remained with enough chakra, he would regenerate. There was a reason not even Madara Uchiha with the ability to stop or rewind time could defeat him Daiki. As long as he had chakra, he was unkillable unless his entire body was erased from existence.'



How, that was absurd! That was like Cell or Majin Buu tier bullshit. How the fuck did he even die then? Hashirama had even more chakra than fucking full power Kurama and had basically the most busted physically durable body in the world more or less.

There was only a few contenders like Naruto and the Third Raikage that could compete with his absurd body.

There wasn't even a record of how he died in the history texts.

'Frankly, I couldn't tell you either,' Isobu replied, 'The important matter though is the strength of your yang chakra with your yang conversion seal may be enough alone for you to withstand the integration of his cells. If not though, I theorise that Madara managed it because of the traces of Indra within his chakra and the cells more or less recognising him as related to Hashirama closely. With as much chakra as you've taken from both Sasuke and Naruto, with the traces of Indra and Ashura, you may be able to trick the cells into believing they are a natural part of you if you flush your system with enough of it.'

Daiki supposed that did make sense in a way. But it was still a massive risk to take. He'd taken massive risks a lot so far, but intaking the cells of Hashirama Senju with the possibility of a cancerous growth of the man growing out of his body and trying to supplant his own made him shiver.

…And that was if he didn't just turn into a tree.

'That is where I come in, if nothing else I should be able to suppress the cells to a degree to make it easier, and if things go wrong I'll rip the cells out of you with my chakra,' Isobu said then in return, 'Though it'll be agonizing if I do need to do that, though that's obvious, it would be like ripping the sinew from your body piece by piece to a degree.'


Peachy even.

Just what he needed to think about before he had breakfast, his sinew being torn out.

….But then what was a little agony to an enhancement of the grind?

"….I'll think about it," Daiki replied as he stepped out of the shower and grabbed a nice fluffy towel to dry off with, "Beyond anything else I'll need to figure out where to get some of his cells without anyone the wiser anyway."

Granted he knew a few places where there was some, but all them were kind of risky. Like Obito's hideout, Danzo….Zetsu, that kind of thing.

'Hashirama's cells, huh?' Daiki mused as he left his house behind. Usually, he would roof hop to his destination in the village and arrive within moments.

For now, he was just strolling through the village and taking his time as he pondered on the previous subject brought up by Isobu.

There was another thing he'd overlooked that would come into play once, or rather if he manged to get his hands on some of those cells and integrate them properly.

Shisui's eyes.

The abilities of his eyes, his absolute hypnosis jutsu had a recharge time. A very large recharge time that even he usually couldn't get around. Danzo had side-stepped that issue with Hashirama's cells.

On top of that, Hashirama's cells, alongside a big enough store of Naruto and Sasuke's chakra, would quite possible make evolving them straight to the Rinnegan much easier than he initially planned.

And of course it would repair any of the deterioration they would incur through using the mangekyou.

…Granted he'd already acquired ways to sidestep that issue himself, but it was still another nicely added on benefit that would make it passive rather than him using his other abilities to deal with it.

Utterly absurd.

Right now, Daiki was only a player of note because of Isobu. It would take quite a while before he was a real player in the game himself.

But…if this did pan out in the future, he could jump straight up onto the board himself instead of having to ride Isobu onto it.

That was just how potent and powerful Hashirama's cells were.

The man was literally the Broly of this universe. None of his power came from having Ashura clinging to him. He was just a god damned mutant freak of nature.


Well for now, it didn't matter. What did matter, was completing his Bloodline Usurpation Seal.

Shisui's eyes were a non factor until then. They were also a very important factor that would increase his and Isobu's battle power substantially.

With them and Shisui's Susano'o and Isobu's Bijuu Mode, they could form the Majestic Attire Susano'o.

With that as a trump card, there would be very few people currently alive capable of defeating them.

He would become a true Hokage candidate, undefeatable…more or less, on the battlefield.

Plus it would be so fucking cool.

Plus all the other fun things he had at his disposal to bolster such a form even further.

Though he was forced to put such thoughts out of mind for the moment as his destination, one of the gates to the village came into sight.

The old man was as expected already waiting in front of the closed gates, though surprisingly Anko was there as well, casually sitting atop the small registry hut that was manned by shinobi at all times when the gates were open.

…Actually maybe that wasn't so surprising considering how punctual she was in searching him out before.

"Took you long enough brat." she grinned at him, idly kicking her legs and forth as he approached.


He crossed his arms and smirked at her, "The one true future Hokage is never late, nor is he early, he arrives exactly when he means to and not a moment later." he replied.

"Oh yes, my mistake, sorry about that Future Hokage-sama, how could I ever have been so foolish." Anko snorted, rolling her eyes.

"That is a good one actually," old man Hiruzen hummed tapping his chin with a light smile, "I'll have to keep that in mind the next time those advisors of mine nag."

"Always happy to help old man," Daiki grinned, "Though you didn't need to see me off, no need to worry, I've got this mission in the bag."

"I have full faith in you, more or less." Hiruzen laughed back lightly.

"You doubt the ultra amazing future Hokage?" Daiki asked and raised an eyebrow at him challengingly.

"Your libido at least," Hiruzen snorted, "As the current reigning ultra amazing Hokage, even I wouldn't trust myself if Mei Terumi tried to seduce me, that woman and her bosom are something else. Jiraiya would happily start the next shinobi world war just to peek on her."

"Jiraiya would start the next shinobi world war for a pair of Tsunade's used panties, that's not exactly a high bar to pass," Daiki shot back, "Also, that's traitor talk. Don't make me arrest you old man. I'm the future Hokage you know, I've got some real pull with the establishment."

"Truly, Jiraiya has a pitiful reputation," Hiruzen chortled a bit, "Most of your pull with the establishment comes from me, so I don't think you could. Well, Danzo might help you, but he's a bit of a clown sometimes. Either way, you'll understand when you meet the Mizukage, her beauty is not to be underestimated."

Bruh, what the fuck was Mei Terumi like in this world for the old man to actually be serious about this warning. Was she some super succubus or something?

Or had it just been so long since the old got his pecker wet that he was overestimating how hot she was? A dry spell like that must have been killer.

Couldn't be him.

'Hey actually you've seen Mei Terumi before right? Since you were in Yagura?' Daiki asked the bijuu within him, 'How hot is she?'

'…You realise I have no interest in human beauty? Or even understand it? You're all hairless monkeys to me look wise.' he could feel Isobu roll his eyes in reply.

Oh! it was on!

'Yeah well you're a hairless turtle.' Daiki shot back, maturely.

'Oh you noticed? Can you also count to ten?' Isobu snorted at him.

Dick, he could have at least told him how her rack compared to Anko's.

Though speaking of Anko-

"Hey now old man, you're gonna hurt my pride as a woman here," Anko cut in, hopping off the roof where she sat, "This kid couldn't get enough of me before his training with you. I know how hot she is, hell I'd hit that and I'm not a horny little brat or old man, but thinking she could nab him with me right here is just insulting."

"Oh-ho-ho?" Sarutobi gave Daiki a perverted grin, a flush appearing on his cheeks, before promptly coughing and turning away, "Well, that is of course without taking you into account Anko, I obviously chose you for a reason."

"That's better." Anko smirked smugly.

"You underestimate the one true future Hokage," Daiki huffed, "If she's that hot, I'll just bed her and Anko at the same time. Such is the power of the future Fifth Hokage."

"Hey, if that's what it takes." Anko merely shrugged.

"…Well I do wish the Third Hokage spot came with such a power," Hiruzen shook his head in amusement, "But, amusing shenanigans aside, do you have a plan on how you're going to approach this."

His joking tone shifted and disappeared.

And Daiki mirrored him, his arms loosening from where they were crossed over his chest, coming down to his side and his facial muscles tightened as his eyes narrowed seriously, "I do," he nodded, "In fact I have a few. I'll use them all to force negotiations into our favour. Though, one of those plans will require us to make a quick pit stop at the Land of Waves."

"The Land of Waves, huh?" the Sandaime Hokage mused, before nodding a moment later in understanding, "I see, I understand. That is not a bad idea at all. I suppose you found out about it from Kakashi or a member of his team."

"More or less," Daiki nodded and replied in return, "It's a good option to play, but it's only one of four or five I've prepared."

Beyond knowing where the rest were, knowing who was controlling Yagura, knowing of Ao's Byakugan that was stolen from them and a few more things on top of Kubikiribocho, he was quite confident in how this was going to go.

Especially because they were the ones negotiating from the point of strength. The Village Hidden in The Mist, was by far the weakest of the five great shinobi nations right now.

"The Land of Waves?" Anko chimed in, "What's over there that's good enough to give us an edge in negotiations with the Mist?"

"It's where Team Seven fought and killed Zabuza Momochi of the seven swordsmen of the Mist," Daiki turned his head to her and explained, "For whatever reason, Kakashi thought it was a good idea to leave the Kubikiribocho at the grave they built for him and his apprentice."

"Huh, that would be a pretty card to play," Anko whistled, before promptly groaning, "…Though what the hell Kakashi?"

"He used it as a lesson for his team, so I can't truly be to out of sorts with him over it," Hiruzen mused, "It was important for them."

"Meaning he babied them." Anko rolled her eyes.

"Pretty much, Kakashi as always has a problem sealing the deal, he could have easily sent a shadow clone to grab it while Team Seven were distracted," Daikia greed, god he didn't understand that guy. It was nice and respectful of him to do such a thing for Zabuza and Haku, but the world didn't run on respect and being nice, "This is why he's going to die a virgin."

That got a chuckle out of both Anko and the old man, neither coming to Kakashi's defence.

Which was amusing in of itself.

It only lasted a moment though before the seriousness was back, "Then I suppose it's time you make your way," Hiruzen stated, "Good luck on your mission, keep your guard up and don't show any weakness. Give me a moment and I'll have the gates opened for you to head out."

"No need," Daiki said, holding a hand up to stop him, "There's not exactly a long time until the chunin exams, so I want to make this quick."

"Yeah, well unless you're gonna pull the Yondaime's Hiraishin outta your ass kid and teleport us over there, we're gonna need to go there on foot," Anko pointed out, before blinking and giving him a weird look, "…You didn't actually learn that did you?"

Heh, a bit of pride warmed in his chest at the thought that was an option she couldn't put out of mind when it came to him.

Sadly, that wasn't it.

Besides, even if he did he'd need to have a marker in the Hidden Mist Village to flash on over there.

"No, but I've got the next best thing," Daiki replied with a smirk and stepped back away from them both to get some room, "A power I stole while in the Forest of Death from some genin from the Hidden Star Village."

"…My you do get around don't you?" Hiruzen seemed to clock on immediately and gave an exasperated, yet amused shake of his head.

Daiki brought his hands together in the modified hand seal specifically created to manipulate the star chakra. The fingers beside his pinky fingers and his middle fingers curled to his palm and touched the knuckles together, while his pinkies, index fingers and thumbs touched together to form an arch.

"Weird hand seal." Anko pointed out, watching him with interest.

"Ninja Style: Kujaku!" Daiki declared as he used the technique.

Green chakra exploded into existence around him, forming an armour of shimmering green chakra of two different greens, one light the other dark rippling up and down like a serious of waves

Daiki narrowed his eyes and concentrated, spreading his chakra out and a moment later, the armour of chakra around his body spread out at the back, forming four wide jagged wings, two towards his feet, the other extending beyond his shoulders and so large they covered the entirety of his body in their shadow of powerful green chakra.

"Impressive, I have to admit." Hiruzen nodded, smiling lightly.

"Whoa, the heck is this?" Anko marvelled, walking over to him and extending a hand to touch one of the wings, "Whoa, it feels solid, like steel. But wings huh, you telling me you can fly brat?"

"Something like that." he grinned.

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