The Marlin Harpoon.


The Ray Bow.

'Well looks like Anko was right about what it was based on at least.' Daiki mused not long later as they once again soared through the skies towards their destination.

He had one arm wrapped around Anko, while in the other he had the unfurled form of the small scroll he found in Araumi Funato's sealing scroll alongside the large bone white bow.

It was a scroll that went into the creation and functions of the pair of weapons, and just who they actually were made by and for.

Apparently, according to the scroll they were created by the head of the Uzumaki clan over fifty years ago, actually apparently it was nearly a hundred years ago both weapons were created.

Made by one Arashi 'The Blood Chain Storm' Uzumaki, former head of the Uzumaki clan and the creator of both weapons.

'…What kind of fucking chuuni ass name is blood chain storm?' Daiki snorted to himself.

Then again it kind of fit for someone of the Uzumaki clan.

According to Kushina, the entire clan might have been the absolute pinnacle of genius when it came to the sealing arts and had the most advanced civilization by far in this world from what he'd seen.

That they might have been, but they were all also barbarian blood knight adrenaline junkie freaks of nature.

Like the Kaguya clan, except way more powerful and not anywhere near as retarded. Just autistic as all hell.

The autisticiest honestly.

Who the hell sealed the god of death in a mask? Like, where did they even come up with such an idea? And how did they even accomplish it?

For one thing they were the ones who made the Reaper Death Seal, so they were the ones who originally had to have summoned the god of death from what…the after life? Some other dimension?

And then they just boxed his ass up?

Absolutely, wild.

Well either way, moving on beyond that, both weapons were indeed created by a former head of the Uzumaki clan.

The Ray Bow, the weaker and less useful of the two as stated by Arashi Uzumaki in the scroll detailing their creation and purpose…had quite a few abilities.

The main ability of the Ray Bow, was for the user to inject a tiny amount of chakra into it, and then have that chakra be amplified massively and could then be formed into a physical shape of pure chakra energy. In the case of the bow, the seal work on it made it so that the chakra was formed into an arrow.

It didn't have to just be a small bit of chakra though, that was just an example. Apparently, it could handle and amplify a lot of chakra. As in, it could create arrows the size of buildings no sweat.

That alone was incredible.

But it didn't end there.

No, because the Ray Bow had a few other abilities. For one, when it pierced a target, it pulsed chakra from the arrow it made erratically through the chakra network of the target and heavily disrupted their chakra network.

Even just grazing them could fuck over someone's chakra network for a decent while.

The amplified chakra arrows also apparently were paralytic. The bow itself added a paralytic…enchantment? Sealed a paralytic effect into the chakra itself.

Oh, and apparently the user of the bow could even change the trajectory of the arrows fired with the bow itself.

It was an absolutely busted weapon.

But apparently it was just the weaker of the two weapons when it came to regarding the Marlin Harpoon.

Which was specifically stated right away in the scroll…to be a failure. That was wild, incredibly absolutely wild.

From a cursory glance, the weapon did exactly as he knew from examining its seals. It absorbed chakra, a lot of it. That was its most basic function.

…What he wasn't quite expecting though, was what else he read.

The Marlin Harpoon, had its own chakra system sealed within it. Or rather, it had a beast of notable power sealed within and bound to the harpoon itself as if it were its body.

The boss of the Marlin summoning clan.

In Arashi Uzumaki's pursuit to create the ultimate and sentient weapon with the ability to sense chakra, absorb chakra and protect its wielder, he entered into a contract with the Marlin summoning clan, and promised the boss of the summoning clan, eternal life in the form of the Marlin Harpoon.

The Marlin Harpoon, had all the strength and chakra capacity of a high tier summon boss. But was deemed a failure, because the creation of the harpoon itself was flawed and too rigid and thus limited the boss within the spear unless it was attacking straight head on.

Thus, both the Marlin Harpoon…and the Ray Bow for some reason, were scrapped as projects after being completed.

There was a little tidbit at the end though that had Daiki raising his eyebrows.

'I have learned from my mistakes, I will not make them again. Next time, I will create the ultimate unbeatable weapon that even the Bijuu themselves will fear. I call it, Project: Samehada!'

Well now, wasn't that interesting to know?

It all but confirmed that indeed the Uzumaki clan created the seven blades of the mist.

'Honestly it makes me wonder how that guy even found these, was he grave robbing or something?' Daiki wondered.

But they were obviously well hidden to some degree otherwise they would have been found long ago and taken. Failures the creator might have called them, but they were obviously better weapons than at least half of the seven swords of the mist.

Honestly, considering Arashi Uzumaki called the Ray Bow and Marlin Harpoon failures, beyond the Kiba Blades and Samehada, it wouldn't surprise him if the other five were just random weapons members of the Uzumaki clan had for their rank and file, and not actually anything that special.

Well…maybe not Kubikiribocho, simple as it was in effect, it was incredibly useful. Actually considering how the Uzumaki clan seemed, Kubikiribocho might have been designed just to farm chakra ore like he planned to do and was never intended to be a weapon.

…And was just designed like a massive buster sword because the Uzumaki were crazy.

Either way, Daiki didn't really care all that much. Rather, he was focused on something much more interesting.

Specifically, the chakra amplification effect of the Ray Bow and its ability to change the trajectory of chakra it fired as arrows. Those would be incredibly useful to add to his Kiba Blades.

But beyond even that, was the idea of copying what Arashi Uzumaki did and sealing a powerful entity of some sort into the blades.

Maybe one of the other-

'No.' Isobu crushed that thought before he even finished it, 'You are not sealing any of my siblings into a pair of swords, for one we don't have bodies like a summoning boss does, secondly you would make the blades their new bodies, so no not happening.'

…Well fair enough.

'What about the zero tails?' he asked. He actually already had a rough idea where to find that thing, and had simply been holding off for a while. Actually, he was more interested in the old cunt of a villain after the zero tails and his bodybuilding jutsu rather than the zero tails itself.

He'd been holding off going there for now though.

'I refuse.' Isobu huffed immediately.

Daiki blinked.

'The fact it is referred to as the zero tails as if it were part of our family is outrageous!' Isobu spat and Daiki was astounded by the vitriol from his usually very calm, mellow buddy, 'It's a leech that escaped from hell hundreds of years ago when the Uzumaki clan were playing around with going to hell like it was a vacation spot. It has no desire of its own, it is simply a leech that feeds on negative emotions, it is the literal exact thing people paint we bijuu as, a mindless chakra beast.'

The Uzumaki clan again!?

What the fucking hell was up with that clan?

'You'd be surprised.' Isobu snorted, 'They're the literal reason most demons made it to this world in the first place, in fact if I'm not wrong that one you plan to steal the little stone golem army off of is one that escaped because of them.'


What the hell Uzumaki clan!?

'Well I suppose I'll have to deal with that thing in the future as well.' Daiki shook his head. It was a shame, because the Zero tails while ugly and disgusting as fuck, could be very useful.

'I didn't say you couldn't make use of it in some form, just that I don't want my jinchuuriki associating with it at all,' Isobu sighed, 'Honestly, if I were you I'd help that Kurama clan girl, Yakumo was it? Tame the ido with your sealing abilities and then seal the leech inside her, with the way her bloodline works it would passively generate dark chakra in a perpetual cycle and be much safer than what that old fool was trying to do with it.'

Oh, huh, he'd completely forgotten about Yakumo. But, that wasn't a bad idea at all actually.

…It did leave the question though just what he could see inside his Kiba Blades, but he had time to think on that later.

Daiki had plenty to think about along the continued trip towards the Mist Village. Though, in the grand scheme of things, without any more interruptions, it didn't take all that long before they arrived.

Or reached within a decent distance of the village at least. When the Mist Village appeared on the horizon, he could see it much more in detail and clearly thanks to his eyes.

Honestly, it looked to be quite the dreary place.

The large island amongst the archipelago it was situated on, was full of large roving green hills, mountainous in size even, with large jutting mountainous pillars of earth dotting the landscape as far as the eye could see, rising high enough to pierce the clouds.

The architecture of the village itself was a bit odd to Daiki as well. He hadn't exactly studied architectural techniques and all…yet. But, every building he could see of small size like a house, or factory building lacking in height, was completely circular in shape, while other larger buildings thar rose high into the air were cylindrical in build.

At the very centre of the village was a huge circular building sitting atop a sloped brick structure that had many tens of dozens of pathways spread throughout the village, and atop most of the buildings were greenery, grass, trees and more.


'Such an oddly built village.' Daiki thought as he descended through the air a few miles away from the village, landing atop the ocean and letting Anko down.

Who came up with such a design, and what purpose did it have he wondered?

"Finally," Anko breathed a sigh of relief and stretched out her arms, "Flying is cool and all kid, but it got boring real fast with nothing to do."

Daiki just shrugged, he'd had plenty to do over the past day and plenty more to think about. Such was the benefit of being one on the one true path of the holy grind though.

"Anyway, focus up kid," Anko said suddenly, "We're about to enter the home of the succubus, so seal away your dick for a little while will you?"

Seriously, he was not that bad. Even if they were mostly joking.

Sure he'd been flirting a lot lately, but that was simply because of how little he needed to focus during the chunin exams, and how bored he'd been. He wasn't going to let his cock lead him during something as serious as meeting with a foreign Kage no matter how hot.

"Yeah, yeah." Daiki rolled his eyes and began walking across the ocean towards their destination.

The entrance to the Hidden Village In The Mist, if it could really technically be called that, was a port. Unlike Konoha that was completely surrounded by large walls, the Mist Village was technically the entire island.

There was a large circular buildings spread out around the port, and quite a few ships were docked there as well.

It made sense, as a village of the land of water and their territory being an archipelago of islands, that most of their trade and clients would come by ways of sea faring.

A glance with the Shinkugan, was all it took to confirm the contents the buildings at the port, the vast majority of them being storage buildings, which again made sense, one larger spherical building stood out though.

From peering inside it, he could see it was an administrational building of some sort, and he was sure he even saw a mission room quite like the one back in Konoha.

"Konoha shinobi," a man dressed in the dark blue padded Mist chunin gear addressed them as they made land on the port, "You're a long way from home." he stated in leu of greeting, his eyes eyeing the headband tied around Daiki's waist like a belt suspiciously.

'Are we really though?' Daiki resisted the urge to snort. He could be back home in an hour or two easily if he really wanted to gun it back.

Daiki eyed Anko from the corner of his eye, but she didn't say a thing. She only raised an eyebrow at him.

Yeah, he was in charge of this mission in totality it seemed. And honestly, a little bit of thought into her presence on this mission, told him she wasn't just his babysitter and back up.

She was evaluating him and would be reporting his performance back to old man third. Which probably also meant everything he'd done up until now, from his actions taking Kubikiribocho, what he'd told her about it, him killing that missing ninja and of course what he'd do here at the Mist Village.

Honestly, that was fine with him.

Time to turn on that charm.

"That we are my friend," Daiki gave the Mist chunin a winning debonairly handsome smile, "My name is Daiki, Daiki Yurei, you might have heard of me, or you will at least in the future if you haven't yet. I and my beautiful companion are envoys of the Leaf and are here to meet with the Mizukage." he bowed his head ever so slightly respectfully while maintaining eye contact.

Nailed it.

And then he peered straight into the mans mind.

'Fucking leaf hippies, look at this hoity toity rich looking little fucker, probably never worked a hard day in his life.' the man snorted derisively within the safety of his mind.

Isobu snorted.

Daiki just maintained his winning smile, 'If this goes through and sours, he dies first.' he thought.

"I see, then wait here, I will announce your arrival to my superiors." the Mist chunin said aloud, turning away and as he did, Daiki stared straight through his torso and saw him making a single hand seal, though it was not one for moulding chakra.

He left a moment later, leaving both him and Anko on the port, but all around him he could feel eyes on them.

"Anbu." Anko noted, crossing her arms.

Yeah, that would do it. They were pretty well hidden to the naked eye. Too bad for them, he had the Shinkugan.

"Twelve of them." Daiki nodded.

He didn't call his doujutsu the All Seeing Scarlet Eye for no reason after all.

"A standard full platoon then, probably a usual guard for their port." Anko hummed.

That made sense. Them, alongside the multitude of chunin in the dozens spread throughout the port buildings working in the buildings and on guard, meant they had quite a decently large force protecting their port at all times.

His eyes flickered up, peering into the sky above. Where he could see a large thin dome of chakra that encapsulated the entirety of the island. A sensory barrier, just like Konoha's.

It was bigger than Konoha's, yet thinner.

It would cost quite a hefty amount of chakra to maintain such a barrier, and the Mist village weren't well known for their chakra powerhouses beyond the odd one here and there, Kiri was more known for its weapon wielders.

Such a barrier could never sense him if he was trying to hide. And in fact, despite its size, would be a liability in trying to sense someone within populated areas.

That size, from what he could tell with his eyes sacrificed quality for range. He supposed he could understand, they had to monitor the entirety of their territory and a few concessions had to be made.

'Note to self, when I become Hokage I need to see about making sure our barrier corps are up to snuff.' Daiki thought. Perhaps he could look into using the chakra amplification seal once he mastered it himself, to augment the machines the barrier corps used to create, maintain and use the village sensory barrier?

Actually, that brought up the question of what he should do with the Ray Bow once he was done with it. He had no need for it personally. The Marlin Harpoon was going to Tenten of course.

But the Ray Bow, he wasn't sure if he should give it to her. Sure, she was probably the best marksmen in his generation and probably actually one of the best in the village despite her age-

But, with the sheer range of the Ray Bow from his estimates and its versatility, it would make a mean combo with the Byakugan.

Sure the Byakugan was inferior to his Shinkugan, but its range was still far beyond anybody else's when it came to length of sight. And as such, had much more potential with such a weapon for attacking from incredibly long ranges.

So a Hyuuga.

Which meant Hanabi or Hinata.

Hinata was a cool girl and she was doing way better now than her self from the other timeline, and the Ray Bow would really be a big help to her. And she was a good friend.

But…Hanabi was his apprentice, his student, his shoulder loli minion of epic doom. And she was younger, so her fighting style had more room for things to be added in compared to Hinata who was turning fifteen soon, a full year or so older than him.

'Actually, it's my birthday soon.' Daiki blinked and realised. He'd completely forgotten. In fact, it was Naruto's birthday tomorrow, October tenth and then his was November first.

He'd be turning fourteen in three weeks, a little after the Chunin exams ended.


If he became Hokage after the chunin exams, and after he became fourteen, would that make him the youngest kage ever?

Old man Sarutobi became Hokage when he was like sixteen or seventeen. And Gaara of course hadn't become the Kazekage in this timeline yet. And he didn't even know if he would really.

Well, whatever it didn't really matter right now. And he could think later on just who would be better to give the Ray Bow to going forward. Besides, he could probably make one if he wanted in the future once he had mastered the seals inscribed within.

Better even considering his plans when it came to chakra ore. Which really brought up the question just why the Marlin Harpoon and Ray Bow weren't made of chakra ore to begin with, because there should be no problem doing so.
But whatever.

"Look alive kid, looks like a big shot is coming out to get us." Anko said, nudging him on the shoulder.

"I know, I saw him or rather them." Daiki shrugged. His mind might be wandering, but his eyes weren't.

Two people were making a beeline towards them. Chakra capacity wise, they both stood a head above anyone else in the port, including the hidden Anbu.

One of them had nearly as much chakra as Anko, while the other had a little bit below.

The stronger of the two chakra capacity wise was a man of average height and slim build, dressed in a blue kimono like outfit, with dark blue hair and a single eye patch over one of his eyes, while the other was a younger man, a bit shorter than Daiki himself with a lean build, light blue hair and rectangular glasses, twin hilts jutting from a bandage encased item atop his back.


'Ao and Chojuro, huh?' Daiki mused inwardly. The two hands of the Mizukage, more or less from what he knew and the chosen guards Mei had during the Five Kage Summit in the other timeline.

One a wielder of a stolen Byakugan, the other the only remaining loyal member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen Of The Mist and the wielder of Hiramekarei, the Great Twin Blades.

Daiki's eyes were on Chojuro as the two approached, or rather he peered straight through the older boy and was examining the blades atop his back.

To his disappointment, while like the Kiba Blades and Kubikiribocho they were engraved with many seals within, it wasn't any seals he hadn't already seen before.

In fact, it was the same chakra amplification seal within the Ray Bow, and a similar, yet inferior chakra shaping seal that allowed the Ray Bow to manifest chakra as energy physical arrows.

…Which actually put it below the Ray Bow in terms of seal work.

'Well, that sucks.' Daiki clicked his tongue. But he supposed, not everything was going to be a way for him to improve.

It also once again highlighted the fact that another of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen's weapons, were definitely of Uzumaki make.

And that would be incredibly useful going forward with these negotiations. After all, as Naruto was apart of Konoha and Konoha was the only ally of the Uzumaki, they were the ones with a real claim to the blades.

It most certainly wouldn't amount to much, beyond a chance to levy some allegations if it came to it. But it was a little bit more leverage to use if he so needed.

Negotiations he was assuming, were a lot like a fight. Whoever had the bigger muscles metaphorically, or in this case the more leverage, won.

Moments later the pair arrived in front of Daiki and Anko, "Envoys of the Leaf Village, welcome to the Village Hidden In The Mist." Ao greeted them, his singular eye momentarily narrowing ever so slightly as he took in Daiki's form.

"H-hello, I am Chojuro and this is Ao, w-we will be escorting you to Mizukage-sama." Chojuro nervously added as a greeting.

"A pleasure," Daiki gave them his infamous debonairly handsome smile that made babies smile, rainbows form and even reformed the most evil and heinous of all bad guys, "I am Daiki Yurei, and this is my bodyguard Anko." he introduced himself and the woman who was accompanying him.

He saw Chojuro's eyes widen ever so slightly at his reply, and could practically read his mind without even using the Shinkugan, 'So young!'

Ao's mouth twitched a bit downwards, but he stopped it immediately from forming the frown or perhaps scowl it was destined to become upon descent.

Him being sent by old man third when it was obviously so young, probably rankled him. After all, he was a 'back in my day' boomer kind of guy from what he remembered.

Which usually and hilariously tended to make him trigger Mei Terumi's christmas cake age related trauma and piss her off.

"…I didn't expect the envoy of Konoha to be so…young." Ao literally floundered for a moment trying to word his statement in a way that wasn't outright insulting because of his age.


"Well you know us Konoha guys," Daiki shrugged, winning smile still spread across his face, "We're well known for our young absurdly powerful and incredibly virile and handsome prodigies, we're just built different."

"I…see…" Ao replied, looking like he just bit into a lemon.

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