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"What do you mean I can't study at Beacon?!" Jaune yelled to his parents. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! It's never going to happen again!".

Jaune's mother and father were sitting on the couch watching television. They were rubbing their temples, a headache that could never be rivaled. It was a dead horse, a conversation they've had multiple times.

"Jaune we've already had this discussion" Jaune's father sighed "You're not prepared. You're flesh and bones with no aura to boot. What in the two Sam Hills makes you think that you'll make it in?". Jaune's family had a history of being hunters, protectors of the world per se. Jaune's father, Nicholas, and his mother, Alice, were both famous hunters. Their names have been scattered across countless newspapers and their mere presence is enough to form a crowd. The pressure was on the Arc family to step up and be the next great hunters and huntresses, or rather, his sisters were. Being one of the few people in the world to be born without aura meant life was harder for him. So no super senses, no magical forcefield, no cool backflip kick or summersault punches, no semblances, no nothing.

This left him with limited options: First, he could graduate highschool and go to medical school, an idea his parents heavily endorsed. Second, he could go to college and study any other trade, an idea he liked more than the medical school seeing as medical was 10 long years, only being beaten by Huntsman school at 12. Thirdly, and his most favorite, being a huntsman with the long 12 years with it. It had its benefits, but Jaune always liked the idea of helping people. Being a soldier was an option, however, he wanted to serve everyone and try to help as many people as he could without the limitations of loyalty to a sole nation. You know, really leave his mark on the world and make a difference.

"I won't know if I don't try," Jaune frantically protested.

"Jaune!" His father stood, "As I said before, you have no formal training, no muscle, and no weapon!"

"I can use the Crocea Mors!" Jaune pointed to the sword and shield hanging off the wall. It's a family old relic, used by many generations before his own. The shield to protect the user and those he chooses, the sword meant to pierce and put down his foes.

"You can't use that! It's the family heirloom!" Nicholas started yelling "So for the last damn time, no!"

"Boys, boys" Jaune's mother intervened, "Let's tone it down. Your yelling is disrupting the rest of us in this household and those nearby."

"No!" Nicholas yelled "I will not negotiate on this topic! My position is final Jaune! You are going to graduate highschool and go to medical school!".

"Dad!" Jaune yelled back "Just because I don't have aura doesn't mean I'm incompetent and wea-"

"That's exactly what it means!" Nicholas yelled back. Once the words were spoken, they couldn't be taken back. Jaune took a couple of steps back and nodded.

"Alright" Jaune stepped back, his face smeared with embitterment "I see how it is."

"Wait Jaune -" his father never finished the sentence before Jaune ran up the stairs.

Nicholas slumped back into his couch, rubbing his temples. "Why can't that boy understand?".

Alice put her hand on his shoulder and sighed "He looks up to you. You're his father".

"I'm not a man he should look up to with his situation" Nicholas grumbled. "Why is he so adamant about not going to med school? It's the same thing but less dangerous".

"It's his philosophy," Alice answered, smiling. "It was inspired by you. He just feels that he could save more lives on the field rather than a doctor's office".

"And it's that philosophy that will get him killed," Nicholas sighed.

Alice sat on his lap and rested her head on his shoulder. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and played with his blonde hair. Nicholas started to decompress, resting his cheek on the top of her dirty blonde mane. Their hands intertwined with one another as they sat.

"You know" Alice started "We could make a compromise".

Jaune's argument with his father was not one of silence. All of his 7 sisters heard it, and he knew it. All he had to wish for was that none of them were in his room. As he got closer to his room, his footsteps slowed down. When he got to the door, he prayed to God to have mercy and grant him some alone time.

God was not a merciful man that day.

All 7 of his sisters were scattered across the room, all of them stopping their various activities and stared at the door. Jaune looked in and stood in the doorway. He was about to turn tail when one of his sisters yanked him by the shirt and forced him into his room, a different sister closing the door. He was lying flat on the floor looking at the ceiling, Jaune sucking air.

Jaune rolled to his side coughing "Couldn't you have been more…" Jaune coughed some more before speaking "nice?".

When he looked up he saw all of his seven sisters looking at him, all displeased.

The youngest sister, Sapphire, was the first to speak "We heard your conversation with dad".

Jaune wheezed "I'd be concerned if you didn't". He tried to stand up only to fall back down due to the lack of air. He wheezed, "I'll stay down here".

"You've had this conversation before," Jaune's oldest sister, Jasper said. She was 2 years older than Jaune at 19, already enrolled at Beacon to study as a huntress. She had a tomboyish look to her, big muscles, a short haircut, outgoing personality. Scratch that, she fit the bill for a tomboy "Why can't you just become a doctor or something?".

Jaune finally got enough air to stand up on his feet "I've already talked with dad. I'm not doing it again with you". Honestly, he was tired of his family pushing the doctor schtick. Don't get me wrong, he adored them and saw them as heroes. Saving lives instead of taking them, patching people up, giving lollipops to children, and whatever else doctors did. It's just that, he wanted to be there so that people wouldn't have to go to the doctors. Save lives at the frontline, be the tip of the spear, that leader charging against the evils of the world. He knew he might have to kill some people, and he wasn't entirely sure if he can do that, but he'll cross that bridge when he gets there. That wasn't the only reason he wanted to be a hunter. All of his life, he was seen as weak, incompetent, and in need of protection. This was going to be his way of spitting in the world's face while also hoping that he could inspire the other 5 or so people in the world, who also don't have an aura, that being a huntsman is possible. Jaune scoffed at that though. "Ah who am I kidding," he thought to himself "I'm doing this for myself. Give the world a good middle finger".

Saphron, the second eldest sister, chipped in "Come on Jaune. You know we love you. You know mom and dad love you". Saphron was always the compassionate type, almost too compassionate. She would be the type to break apart a house to look for a splint to help a squirrel that was stealing her food. It was weirder how she chose her women too. Always going for the more aggressive ones. Well, that's not Jaune's concern.

"Ah don't give me that '' Jaune scrunched at Saphron. "You guys treat me like a puppy. If you guys really loved me you would allow me the chance to at least try".

Saphron put a hand on his shoulder "No, we don't want you to get hurt. I don't want that to happen to my brother".

There it was. The pity. God, he hated it. He didn't want the world to cater to him. Hell, it was an insult to his existence that he wasn't as good as everyone else, that he couldn't do the same as everyone else due to his disability. He wanted to be normal, help people when they needed someone, help make the world a little less sucky.

Jaune brushed off her hand and sat on his bed which was in the corner of his room. Next to him was his other sister, Diamond. She was his twin, but way smarter. She held the intellect of the family as valedictorian of her school. Jaune sighed "I know that you don't want to see me get hurt, but have you considered what I want?"

Jasper groaned "Not again. Jaune, we already told you, you're good enough".

"The hell I am" The response was instant, shocking everyone in the room. "I'm some scrawny 17-year-old boy from a no named village called "France" who doesn't know how to fight, isn't smart, and has almost nothing to offer. I'm not enough, I'm a liability to the world".

Saffron tried to open her mouth but Jaune cut her off "And don't you lie to me. You know it's true".

Diamond had been quiet for a while just listening before deciding to chime in. "Jaune, you being a doctor can help people. You can contribute to the world".

"10 years for a doctor's degree with my grades? Hell no. Being a hunter can save many more lives and is way more kickass". Jaune's tone was angrier. "By being a hunterman, or going to hunterman training, I can finally prove my worth to the world".

"Jaune" Saphron hushed, "Being a huntsman is more than glory and fame. You don't have to prove your worth to anyone".

"Yes I do," Jaune replied flatly. "Unlike you, I have no redeeming qualities. I'm just Jaune".

One of Jaune's older tomboyish sisters, Emerald, shifted uncomfortably. She, and everyone else in the room, had heard Jaune demean himself, sing his soap opera again, hear his siren's song of sadness for one too many times. This time, something in Emerald snapped.

"Jesus Christ Jaune!" Emerald stood in Jaune's face, inches above his head "I'm tired of hearing about your inferiority complex! Everyone is!".

Jaune looked around the room to look at his sisters, none of them meeting his eyes. They all looked in separate directions; the floor, his bed, his roof, his desk, but never his eyes. Jaune scowled. He would've thought that one of them would have his back. One of them would understand where he's coming from. The world had cursed him and he was going to stick it back by being the best huntsman around. But no. None of them supported him. They had confirmed that they would be another obstacle in his path, another setback the world had put in front of him. It was debatably the worst too, an unsupportive family.

Jaune looked back up at her eyes "It's not an inferiority complex if I am simply inferior. I have a disability. Don't pretend like I don't"

Emerald didn't look away from him "You aren't inferior Jaune, just different. We want what's best for you".

Jaune didn't back away either "And what makes you think that you know what's best for me?".

"God Dammit Jaune LISTEN" Emerald screamed at his face, tears forming in her eyes "We don't want you to get hurt. We're trying to help you with your dream without losing you. We love you"

Jaune looked down at his feet, his voice low "Not enough to let me make my own choice. To have my own freedom". Jaune shifted left and made his way to the door. "If your love is a prison for me, I don't fucking want it". Jaune slammed the door on the way out of his room.

Emerald fell to her knees and started crying. Diamond had moved to the window and slid down the wall, head in her knees. Everyone in the room was looking uneasy. The tension in the room would've been difficult to cut with a knife. There was something unspoken in the room that was understood by all sisters; Jaune was too far gone.

Jaune stormed down the stairs fuming. He couldn't go anywhere to avoid his family. His sisters had invaded his room and his parents were down stairs in the living room. He could hide in one of his sister's rooms but he didn't want to face the wrath of any one of them. Lord he already had a bad headache after the conversation with his parents, now he had an unbearable migraine after arguing with all of his sisters. He needed to clear his head, to empty his mind and get some clarity in this moment of chaos. Jaune slipped on his shoes and headed to the front door, making sure to avoid the living room where his parents were. As he was making his way out the door, he paused. He looked over to his left, and in the case there was a sword. The family heirloom, the Crocea Mors. Jaune paused, looking at it.

"Could I make it on my own?" Jaune thought. He made his way over to the case hanging on the wall, looking at his reflection. "I love my family and all, but…".

Jaune made up his mind. He walked over to the case on the wall, He looked around the room, peered around the wall to make sure his dad wasn't there. Once he had confirmed, he made his way back to the case and undid the bindings. He opened the case and took its sheath and blade out, inspecting it. He looked at his reflection in the blade. He tilted it sideways, spotting his fathers image in the reflection.

Jaune spun around "Dad! Didn't expect you to see… I mean, I didn't expect to see you" he stuttered.

"Jaune" his father stared at him "What are you doing?" His father knew what Jaune was doing. He knew from the conversation that Jaune was dead set on becoming a huntsman by any means. He just thought that it wouldn't be so soon.

"Nothing, I was, uhh…" Jaune looked around the room for any excuse, but found none "Admiring the antiques we have!".

His father sighed. "Jaune, I know what you were doing".

Jaune's face hardened. "And what would that be?".

His father sighed again. "Jaune, I understand where you are coming from…"

"Do you really?" Jaune interrupted him. "If you did I don't think you'd have any objections. I was born a liability to a family with a history of being the finest in remnant. I need to prove myself. Not just for me, but for my name".

Nicholas chuckled "I was like you once. I guess that's what makes you an Arc"

Jaune simply looked at him funny. Where was this coming from? Never once had his father come to him in this form of compassion towards his goal of being a huntsman. Every single time it was always met with some form of pushback. 'No Jaune you don't have aura', 'No Jaune you don't have training', or 'No Jaune, you're too weak'. What made this time so special?

"Your mother talked to me"

Yeah. There it was.

"We think, you should take a shot at the entrance exams"

Jaune was stunned. Was this his opportunity to make it? Was his family finally letting in to years of begging? To years of negotiation? To years of secret training, following online videos on training and fighting? Was this his chance to prove himself?
"Under one condition" His father quickly added "If you fail, you drop everything of being a huntsman. That means no more begging alright? I won't make you become a doctor, that's your choice to make. But I will not let you be a huntsman"

Jaune paused. He looked at his father, then dropped the sword and hugged his father "Thank you thank you thank you" Jaune cheered.

"Jaune, you're hugging too tight" Jaune's father wheezed out.

Jaune knew that the odds were stacked against the favor. Hell, he knew that was his parent's intention. They knew he was grossly under prepared, and he knew it too. Whatever online videos he would find were not a replacement for actual huntsmen training or preparatory high schools. Those high schools were dedicated to training huntsmen, and everyone in his family attended one except him. He did train a bit in his room. He could do 78 pushups and 90 situps in 2 minutes, do 15 pullups, and run a 7 minute mile. But compared to everyone else, he was far behind. His training and physical strength couldn't be compared to those with aura. But by all means, he was fit (by his own doing), but having aura was a huge setback. Not to mention that he would be playing with his life. But he knew that life would try to set him back, like it always had before. This was his one opportunity to have a breakthrough, and by god he was going to take it.

Jaune sat in a waiting room. It was a stereotypical locker room. Lockers everywhere, showers nearby, rags, and he was the only one in the room. He understood the entrance exam. It was a single elimination tournament, meaning that failure was not an option. The stakes were higher and everything was on the line. It was explained that being a tournament winner didn't mean automatic admission, but it was performance during the match. If the performance of the match was outstanding, it was possible that the candidate would be accepted into beacon. Jaune had a plan. Usually the first round is filled with applicants similar to himself, those eager to prove their worth and enter beacon, but lacking the skill or connections to get in by recommendation. There were a large amount, but he hoped to get to at least the third round, seeing as there were 6. He hoped that he would fight someone highly incompentent, someone he could easily beat.

"Sir, you're up". The female attendant said. Jaune looked at her funny. That was another problem. Jaune did speak the main language of English and could understand it, but people had a hard time understanding him.

"Thank you ma'am" Jaune said in his thick french accent. He cringed at his voice. He wished he practiced the main language a little more before the tournament, but it was too late now. He followed her out onto the main stage. It was a large open area, surrounded by thousands of empty seats except a few, taken by a man with gray hair and a tall woman with a blonde bun. There were lines across from each other, maybe 20 feet apart with the diameter of the ring being 50 feet. Jaune's chest was tight and his palms were sweaty. He held his sheath turned shield in his left hand, his arm having a small shake. His face was slightly pale, his lips slightly pursed. He looked around again hoping to find a familiar face. He looked around, but only saw a blonde middle aged man sitting next to a drunkard with gray hairs. He scowled. He hoped that at least one of his sisters would be present, or maybe at least one parent to cheer him on.

He saw his opponent across from him. It was a smaller girl, around 5'2 if even. Jaune had a clear height and weight advantage. He was sitting around 6'2, a whole foot above her, and 185 pounds. She looked 5'2 and barely breaking 110 pounds. This was great for him. He had a clear advantage. She had a scythe that was twice her body size, meaning that she had some upper body strength or it was incredibly light, and judging by her frame, it was the former. Her choice in fashion could be used too. She wore a long red cape and combat dress with boots. Jaune's nerves began to calm. He took a sharp inhale, shook his feet out, then exhaled.
"This is the match of Ruby Rose from Patch against Jaune Arc from France" The attendant from earlier announced. "Due to a waiver from Mr. Arc, the match will be first to deadly strike, no firearms, best of three. Do both fighters understand?".

Jaune nodded to the announcer. He looked over and saw the red girl hesitate, but do the same.

"Both fighters on the line" both Jaune and the red hair girl both walked up to their respective lines, the attendant in between them. "Ready? Begin!"

The red girl immediately darted towards Jaune at a speed he didn't expect. Jaune lowered his shield and slammed it into the girl, causing her to fall down. Jaune went for the finishing blow but she rolled away. She was faster than he expected. Within the first few seconds he managed to gather that she was the quicker type, heavily relying on her speed. He would have to tire her out, let her waste her energy. He could also reliably sit behind his shield if need be as she didn't have the power to push him around. His predictions and assessments have been correct so far. They circled around each other, Jaune having his shield guarding his body and the girl having the shaft of the scythe guard hers. She made the first move. He went in for an overhead strike. Jaune blocked it and swiped at her exposed body. She backed away from the swipe and reentered with a swing to his left. Jaune blocked it and jabbed at her body. She spun around and swung at his right side. Jaune had to block with his sword, then kicked her left leg that she was balancing on. She fell to the floor face first and Jaune pointed his sword towards her back.

"Arc One! Rose Luv!" The announcer shouted.

Jaune stepped away from Ruby and went back to his line. This was good. He had managed to assess her weaknesses and win a round. He had to win one more time. That interaction had lasted maybe a total of a minute and a half and he managed to best her. He just had to do it again. He looked at the crowd to see if his family saw his feat. Instead, he was met with the same old man and blonde woman, with the blonde woman writing down notes. However there was someone new. It was a tall muscular man with a black shirt, jeans, boots, and shades hanging from his collar. His eyes were smaller and slanted, with his head bald. His left arm was full of tattoos with his right arm being clear. His eyes were focused on Jaune, which weird him out.

"Fighters on the line" Both Ruby and Jaune went back to their lines. Jaune put his shield up and Ruby put her scythe in front of her. "Begin!"

Ruby played more reserved, this time opting to circle around with Jaune. Jaune made the first move. He jabbed at her body. She dodged and went for a side swipe. Jaune caught her wrist, put his leg between hers, and threw her into the ground. He went in for the final strike, but a buzzer went off.

"Ruby One, Jaune One!" the announcer yelled. Jaune looked back at the announcer perplexed. His eyes darted back to Ruby. She had a shy smile on her face and pointed down. He looked down to see the tip of her scythe against the side of his stomach. Jaune sighed "Nice counter" his accent was thick.

"Nice throw" She smiled as he took Jaune's hand to stand up. "I like your accent. Where are you from?"

"A small settlement town called France" Jaune walked back to his line.

"Sounds nice. I'm from patch" Ruby smiled. "It's kinda like a settlement town".

Jaune smiled. She was just full of positive energy. He couldn't stay anxious around her. He smiled at her "You're so cute. You remind me of my sisters".

Ruby giggled and smiled back "Thank you. But don't let my sister hear you say that".

Jaune put his foot on the line and Ruby did too.

"Hey" she got Jaune's attention "Good luck. I hope to see you at beacon!"

Jaune smiled back "To you as well".

"Are both fighters ready?" The announcer looked at both of them. They both nodded. "Begin!".

Jaune fell against the far wall, his head banging against the cement. He was dazed and looked up. Ruby had turned into petals and slammed against his shield and sent him flying, his ears were ringing. She looked dazed herself, but she quickly regained her senses and spotted Jaune against the wall. He realized this too and scrambled to his feet. She turned into petals again and charged Jaune. Jaune had no idea what to do. He wildly swings his sword at the petals, but it just dodge around it. She reappeared behind him and went for a large overhead strike. Jaune reacted and caught the hilt of the scythe, and threw Ruby again. She turned into petals before hitting the ground. She reappeared on the other side of the stage and was panting. Jaune reorientated himself. He felt lightheaded and felt liquid dripping down his neck. He wrote it off as sweat and pulled his shield up. Ruby tried to slow her breathing to minimal success. Jaune noted this and pushed forward. He sprints at Ruby and rears his sword back ready to make a huge strike. Ruby was still out of breath and barely blocked the attack. Jaune sends a flurry of blows at her, Ruby barely able to block them all. Jaune grabs the hilt of the scythe with his shield hand and shoves it out of the way. His sword quickly follows

"Ruby 2, Jaune 1. Ruby Rose from patch is the winner". They both look at the announcer confused. "The match was over when Jaune hit the wall". They both looked where Jaune had stuck the wall, and a line of blood was creeping down the back of his head. It is the wall, with it collecting at the bottom to make a puddle. With this Jaune let go of Ruby and touched blood on it.

"Oh, that's what that was". Jaune said aloud. He stumbled back a bit before falling on his butt. Two nurses came rushing out towards Jaune's direction. He looked back at the crowd hoping to find some comfort in his family. He was met with disappointment. He only saw the same gray haired man and the blonde woman. The muscular man was also there, but he was in the process of leaving.

"Come on young man" Jaune's attention snapped to one of the nurses "Let's get you patched up". They escorted Jaune back to the locker room with the nurses holding his weapons. He turned to see Ruby in a state of shock, staring at the pool of blood at her feet. "But, but" she stuttered. "His aura didn't break".

"That's because he doesn't have an aura" The gray haired man spoke.

Ruby looked bewildered, "Then why is he trying to become a huntsman! That's dangerous".

"He wanted a chance" he replied "I think everyone deserves the opportunity. Good job on your win miss rose. I suggest you go back to the locker room and rest for your next match".

Ruby was too stunned to replay. She looked at the nurses escorting Jaune. There wasn't a lot of blood. If anything, it was probably just a minor gnash. But she couldn't get over the sight of the blood. She waddled back to her locker room looking queasy.

"You're all good" the nurse patted Jaune on the shoulder. The back of his head had a large bandage on it to cover the wound. "Just try not to think too hard".

"Yes Sir" Jaune replied.

"Well young man" The nurse looked at him. "You're free to go."

Jaune simply nodded and made his way to the door. He left the medical room and looked at his scroll. It had been roughly 45 minutes, with the fight taking maybe 10 minutes at most and the rest in the infirmary. Jaune looked at his notifications and saw no texts or calls. He sighed and put his phone away.

"That was one hell of a fight" Jaune's head snapped to the voice. It was the man with gray hair. Getting a closer look Jaune saw that he stood a few inches above him and he had a distinct green scarf. He also had a mug of what he assumed to be coffee with the imprint of '#1 Headmaster'. His face was wrinkled and his eyes were hidden behind his glasses. He had a cane that he was leaning on, but most of the weight was on the wall behind him. His face was damn near unreadable, holding little to no expression.

"Thank you sir" Jaune replied skeptically. He wasn't sure who this man was, or why he was talking to him for that matter. Why did he show up to his fight when his family didn't? What was his interest with a no aura nobody?

"Do you think that you'll make it into beacon?" He asked.

"I hope so" Jaune replied. "I worked for a while to make it this far. I always wanted to be a Huntsman, to help other people and to overcome a ;arge challenge life threw at me ".

"Do you know who I am?" The man's facial expression didn't change.

"I don't" Jaune replied quizzically. "I'm sorry sir".

The man took a sip from his coffee and exhaled. This was his least favorite part of the day. It was the hardest part of the job. Jaune had talent, the man saw that, but he just saw too many drawbacks. "I'm going to be straightforward with you, Mister Arc. I am professor Ozpin, headmaster of Beacon."

Jaune was taken aback. Was the headmaster this involved in the selection process of beacon? He spectated his hole fight? Damn. Jaune knew that he had performed well, but lost in the end. He knew he had some serious drawbacks in his fighting. He never really knew how to swing the word, instead just opting to treat it like a one handed bat. He heavily relied on his shield and the extent of his combat was counter attacks and throws. He wasn't aggressive enough during the fight and didn't show initiative. He could have…

"It was an excellent fight" Jaune's thoughts were quelled for a moment. Had, had he made it? Did he prove to the world that he has what it takes to become a huntsman despite his curse? Had he proved his family wrong? "Unfortunately, Beacon can not accept you". Jaune's heart stopped.

"Wh-, what?" Jaune's went lightheaded, and his body felt uneasy "Why? I- I worked hard for this"

"I don't doubt you do sir but-"

"Then why!" Jaune grabbed Ozpin by the collar and pulled him forward "What did I do wrong?"

"Mister Arc I highly suggest you let me go '' Jaune felt something against his chest. He looked down to see Ozpin's cane against his stomach, his hand on a trigger. Jaune set go of his collar and backed off. Opzin fixed his collar, his left hand still holding his coffee. "As I was saying, you do show a good understanding of fighting. However, due to your inherent lack of aura, you can not be accepted. The mortality chance is simply too high and as the leader of an institution and an individual, it would be irresponsible of me to have you risk your life everyday for 10 years. I'm sorry Jaune".

Jaune looked down at his feet. He didn't know what to think. He knew he was set up for failure, but he thought that there was at least a chance. Just a smidge of hope, of possibility was good enough for Jaune. But he was damned from the start. No amount of begging or compromising would change that.

"I wish you the best of luck Jaune" Ozpin turned towards the door. Jaune didn't look up at him. He stared at his feet, the sword and shield in his hands. Was, was he really even worth the name Arc? Did the people really need help from a person like him? No, of course not. He was just some kid with no aura. Forever a liability to the world, a leech to the people. Jaune looked at his scroll again. Maybe five minutes had passed since the start of the conversation, but to Jaune, it felt like an eternity. He kept his tears in. He didn't want the world to know it had bested him. He walked out the door and towards the exit, tears starting to come down his eyes. He wiped them away, trying his hardest to not let anymore fall.

"Hell of a fight kid" Jaune whipped around to see the muscular asian man from before and he was leaning against the wall. When Jaune got a closer look he noticed his appearance looked different. He had scars within the tattoos and many wounds on his right arm. His muscles were defined and the man stood an inch above Jaune. He saw a handgun at his hip, but it didn't look normal. Most guns were energy fired or fired dust cartridges, but these look too small to be firing those. "You got some real talent there".

Jaune wiped away his tears "Tha-... thank you sir".

"I take it you didn't make it" The man asked, his body unmoving but his eyes looking at him analytically.

"Yes sir" Jaune replied solemnly. "It's because I don't have aura".

"Well let me ask you another question" The man asked, "Why do you want to be a huntsman?".

Jaune paused. He thought for a bit "I've always wanted to help people. My parents suggested I be a doctor, but I always thought that I could save more lives if I was on the field, stopping threats, saving people there. The world gave me a curse, and I wanted to prove that I am not defined by it, and I can succeed beyond it"

The man smiled at his answer. Jaune would be perfect. "Let me introduce myself first. My name is Ronin. Just like you, I have no aura".

Jaune was surprised. The possibilities of being auaraless are 1 in 1,000,000.

"I myself am a huntsman, well a different kind. We're called contractors" Ronin explained.

Jaune had never heard of contractors before, let alone seen one. "What are contractors? How are they different from huntsman?"

"Well huntsmen are binded to their place of graduation for jobs" Ronin explained. Jaune had known that part. Vale was a hub full of life and job opportunities for huntsmen, which appealed to Jaune. "Contractors are limited by the jobs they take. They take jobs on their own terms, at any place at any time. It pays good too. Most contractors earn around 150,000 lien in comparison to the huntsmen 90,000."

"Why are you telling me this?" Jaune asked.

"I'm telling you because I want you to work as a contractor for me. You showed promise out there and I can make you a contractor in 2 years tops. I want you to work for me at Remnant Defense Force"

Jaune looked at him skeptically. This sounded too good to be true. Turn 10 year training into 2? That sounded impossible. "With respect sir, that sounds impossible. 10 years into 2 years? 150,000 lien pay? What's the catch?"

"The catch is the training is condensed. It will be your life for the next 2 years. The training will push you to hell and back and maybe some more. It is entirely possible you may die. Where being at beacon is like a school where training maybe lasts at most 3 hours a day, the training I'll put you through will be 12 to 14 hours a day. There will be a week called hell week where the training lasts 7 days straight. Most will either quit or fail out. I am presenting you with the opportunity to prove yourself. It's up to you if you want to take it".

Jaune didn't need any further thought on the idea. Was his decision going to be reckless and maybe immature? Definitely. However, this golden goose of a second opportunity wouldn't show itself again. "When is the earliest I can start?"

"Tomorrow at 5:30 am. You said you live in France right?" Ronin handed Jaune a business card. "Go to the LeBlanc Bus Station. There should be a man in camo pants and boots. Give him this and tell him Ronin sent you for Task Force 5. You only need to bring a backpack with some sort of identification. A driver's license or a birth certificate should work. While in training you will be fed and housed, and you will have an insurance plan. I'll see you there", With that Ronin left. Jaune looked at the business card Ronin had handed him. It was all black with an ace surrounded by a circle. Jaune smiled at the card, then stuffed it into his pocket.

The house was quiet when Jaune entered his home. It was around 9:00pm, leaving a small amount of sunlight in the sky. The first room in his house was empty, none of his family members to be found. He sighed. He took the sword and shield and put it back in its case. He looked at his reflection in the glass of the case. There he saw his sister Emerald behind him. His mood immediately soured

"Oh my god Jaune" Emerald screamed, running up to him "What happened to the back of your head?". She cradled his head into her chest, must to Jaune's displeasure

Jaune shoved her away "You'd know if you were there". He walked towards the stairs and looked at the living room. There, the entire family was having dinner. A family dinner. Without him. He paused at the stairs, they were eating filet mignon with baguettes. One of his favorites. Jaune sighed, and continued up the stairs, unaware of all of his family's eyes looking at him.

Jaune grabbed an old backpack he used for highschool and plopped it onto the ground. Anger, sadness, disappointment, all held his heart and consciousness with an unwavering grip. His family's lack of attendance only served to amplify these feelings, if not cement them. He took the business card out of his pockets, exhaling as he did. 'Remeant Defense Force' it read. Man they did know how to make a good looking card. Its all black sleek design with the ace of spades in the background impressed Jaune. He smiled, he had a second chance. He put it back into his pockets and began packing. Once he finished packing, he went to his dad's office which was a couple doors down the hall. He hesitantly entered his office and looked around, keeping the lights off. Once he made sure that no one was in the room, he went into one of the draws with his back to the door. He fumbled around a bunch of files, cursing himself for his clumsiness. He picked up a piece of paper, and brought it closer to his eyes. Yeah, this was his birth certificate. He moved to put it into his pocket

"What are you doing Jaune?" Jaune paused. It was a female's voice. Wow, that totally helped. Out of the 9 people in the family, it eliminated 2 of them.

"Uh, nothing?" Jaune turned around and saw Emerald. Well, at least it wasn't his mother?

"What are you doing with your birth certificate?" She asked, her facial expression unreadable.

'Ah, shit'. He had to think of something quick "Ozpin needed my proof of residence so he isn't held liable to the injury I sustained. This was the first paper I picked out".

She glared at him longer. He knew this tactic. His family would glare at him when they thought he was lying, but this time he wouldn't falter. After a few seconds, she sighed. "I thought Dad handled all of that stuff beforehand".

"I guess not," Jaune chuckled, scratching the back of his head.

"Listen Jaune, I'-" Emerald paused. Jaune picked up enough from this small hesitation. She was sorry, not his family "We're sorry we didn't come"

"I understand" Jaune lied "You guys were probably too busy to come. I get it".

Emerald opened her mouth to respond, the closed it "Just know we love you. It would mean a lot to us" Emerald's face came close to Jaune's an inch apart'' "It would mean a lot to me if you came down".

Jaune sighed. He was frustrated, angry even, but he kept it all inside him "I'm sorry emerald. I'm not hungry. I already at something tonight"

Emerald paused. Her face was full of pain, and he could tell. She was normally very lively and tomboyish like, but now, her face was scalding. Water formed in her eyes. "Al- alright Jaune. I love you"

"Yeah. Good night Emerald"

She looked even more hurt than before. "Goodnight Jaune". She hurried downstairs before the tears could start falling down her cheeks.

Jaune sighed. He made his way back to his room and stuffed his birth certificate in his backpack. He locked his door and set his alarm for four in the morning. He paused before setting his phone down. Was this really the choice he should make? He could become a doctor? No. He wouldn't give the world the satisfaction of knowing it had beat him.

Four in the morning could not come any faster for Jaune. He turned off his scroll alarm, put on his backpack and shoes, his black hoodie with the pumpkin pete mascot, and walked out the door. He didn't look back. He already had enough doubts, now was the time for action. The bus station was about an hour's walk for Jaune. He trudged along the sidewalk, reflecting to himself. No one believed him, and he doubted anyone else would too. But he had to prove himself, and by god would he. He came up to the bus station and lo and behold, just like Ronin said, there was a man in a black shirt wearing camo pants. Jaune walked up to him and handed the business card to him. "Ronin sent me for Task Force 5". The man looked at him, then nodded. He pulled out a radio, or walkie talkie, then spoke some foreign language. He then turned to Jaune and pointed to a bus. "Get on that bus. It's a long ride so I hope you came prepared". Jaune nodded and walked to the bus. It was a nondescript bus, just being all black. Man these guys like black. When he entered, the bus driver waved to him. He was an unassuming middle aged man. Jaune then turned to the bus and saw that all the rows were empty. He walked to the back and sat himself down. Jaune sighed to himself. He knew he couldn't doubt himself now, he was already past the point of no return. He should've said something to his family, but he'll think of it later. Jaune started to peer out the window. His new life as a contractor began, and his first steps were yet to come.