Chifuyu Orimura is said to be the worlds strongest soldier and IS pilot, she is a Instructor of the IS academy, a place where the best and brightest go to learn how to become IS Pilots. She possesses unmatched Combat skills and is respected by everyone at the academy, her stoic face, which is jokingly referred to as the "Orimura Face", strike fear and awe in all the students. She takes no nonsense from anyone, is hard on everyone and doesn't entertain the idea of Disobedience in her class.

However all that is a masterfully crafted illusion.

Chifuyu Orimura is an older sister, one that deeply cares for her little brother. She became the best person in the world she could so that she and her brother could live happy lives, she did all she could to make the life of her brother as comfortable as possible. He was the only Family she had.

Yet that drive, that determination proved detrimental to their Relationship. When her brother was just 10 years old, he was kidnapped by people as a way to get to her. With the help of the German Government she was able to rescue him but had to leave him alone for a year due to an agreement with the German government in return for helping her find her brother.

That is where it all began to deteriorate, truth be told.

After her return to Japan she was offered a position in the IS Academy, to become one of their teachers. The pay was good and relatively close to home so she could earn enough money for herself and her brother and be close enough to home to travel back, should anything happen. For all her combat proficiency she still needed to attend school to become a teacher.

The studies proved to be harder than she initially suspected but it was no problem for her, it did however severely reduce her free time. Allowing her to only travel back home once or twice a month. The thought of leaving her brother all alone all that time made her focus on the studies harder so she could finish them faster and take care of him once again. When all of that was done and she graduated, she thought that was it and she could finally go back to taking care of her brother.

In the years between his Kidnaping and her finishing her studies, her brother Ichika, grew up to take care of himself and their house. The Time Chifuyu envisioned she would have after her studies was quickly destroyed. Due to her hard work and doing her best, she received more work and was eventually promoted to an Instructor.

Then came the surprising news. Ichika could Pilot an IS. The news shook the world and she quickly enrolled him in the IS academy to keep an eye out for him and protect him from all the countries and different organisations that wanted him.

That's where everything turned from bad to worse.

Ichika spend 6 years mostly alone, her little brother was forced to become an Adult by accident. While happy to see him so mature it also pained her to miss the time and see him become who he is today. With that however also came the fact that she didn't know how to exactly interact with him anymore. Last time they spend longer than a day or two together was right before his Kidnaping.

Seeing how he grew up to the man he was today, she decided that she would remain professional with him at school and try to mend their relationship at home, should the rare time arise when both were free.

As time went on he met girls that were…rough diamonds to put it lightly. All of them had potential to become great IS pilots. All of them were also less than normal. With the exception of Houki, all of them were the representatives of their respective country.

Putting that much expectations and responsibility on 16 year old girls was a recipe for disaster. And disaster it caused when all of them fell in love with her brother.

Ichika realised all of it really quickly and decided that pretending to be dense and not noticing their feelings was the best course of action, she didn't blame him for it really. Picking one over the others would result in a very bloody mess seeing as all of them had their personal IS. Weapons that could destroy countries on a whim.

Then came the incidents, one after another. Situations were misunderstood and he ended up Beaten by the very girls that attempted to woe him. Deadly Situations involving Rogue IS and Terrorists happened with him always at its centre. Add to it her own cold Attitude at school and her punishments involving a book and a head, punishment that was dealt out more and more often on the girls and Ichika himself.

All that, understandably, grew on Ichika and as the Incidents eroded on her already limited Free Time, he had to deal with them himself. Chifuyu knew that Ichika knew she was there for him should anything really drastic happen.

But with the little Free Time that she received, and it not always lining up with his free time, she could do nothing but watch under her Teacher persona.

Knowing that someone is out there for you, ready to help. Is different then actually doing so. Maybe she thought that he would handle itself or, hopped really. But fate proved cruel once again.

The first indication that something was wrong happened after the Silver Gospel Incident. His smile grew more forced with each beating he received from the girls, with each near death encounter that he survived, the façade he build around himself grew stronger and stronger.

She could see through it all however, she saw that by now, all his smiles were fake, behind his eyes she saw that he was hurt. His interactions with the girls turned into a script, that was played to perfection by him. The beating he received stopped impacting him, he played along, only to keep the charade going.

Through that all, she could do nothing. Her own Façade that she build prevented her from helping him. The Free time that was meant to have them be together stopped existing as all the crisis made the Academy force her to run around everywhere and overwork her to where even she was had pressed to do them all.

So as Ichika was forced to battle his way through it all alone. She was forced to watch as her brother that meant everything to her was slowly loosing himself.

Then came the final nail in the proverbial coffin. His encounter with the operative of Phantom Task known as M.

Madoka Orimura, their little sister that neither was aware existed.

Their interaction broke the camels back. After that something broke inside of Ichika and Chifuyu was determined to finally step in and resolve the issue. She requested- she announced to her boss that she would take a break and take care of Ichika, help him get through it all as she should have long ago.

When she arrived at his dorm to talk to him, she found it empty, His belongings gone, she instantly panicked and searched for him around the academy but ended up empty handed.

She quickly went to their house and searched for him there. Only to find a simple note saying that he was leaving, that he didn't feel like he could go on any further in the academy, that he needed a break, that he wanted all the trouble to end and to not search for him. She instantly discarded that notion, she has lead to this situation because of her years of neglect. She would fix this, even if it was the last thing she would ever do.

After all, Ichika was her brother. And she would do anything for him.