Laura was not having a good day by any margin.

She wanted to sneak into her wife's bed, as usual. Only to find it empty and cold on top of that. What kind of wife does that? She would have to have a long talk with Ichika once she found him, and let it be known that she would find him and none of the other whores would get in her way this time. It was a matter between a Husband and her Wife and none of the homeworkers would get a say in it.

For now however, she had to sit through this class. She didn't want to anger the Instructor, even if her wife proved to be once again unreliable. Who by the way still wasn't showing up to Class! The audacity of his would need to be curbed after school hours otherwise it would tarnish her reputation as the Husband.

Now that she calmed down a bit, she noticed the Instructor wasn't here either. What was going on? Did the instructor also start flirting with her Wife?! She wouldn't let even the Instructor have Ichika he was hers!

Her train of thought was interrupted when Yamada-sensei entered the classroom and took the instructors place at the front. She got everyone's attention by clearing her throat loudly.

"I have been informed by the principle ,and asked to relay this information to the rest of you aswell, Until further notice both Ichika-san and Orimura-sensei will not be attending school due to family related reasons" Once she finished speaking, all hell broke loose.

Houki, Cecilia, Charlotte, Rin and Laura all started wishing death on the Siscon.

Stupid Ichika.

It has been a week

A week since Ichika has left her

A week of never ending anguish

Why didn't she do anything sooner?

Why did she wait?

Oh Ichika, where did you? Why didn't you come to me?

After the first two days she had cleared out the city and didn't find him anywhere, she even asked around his friends if they have seen anything but nothing of importance was found.

So on a night like this, just like for the past week, Chifuyu had trouble falling asleep.

Not knowing where Ichika was or even what was happening to him made her body refuse to even consider the idea of sleep until it was near its limits. His picture that she always kept on her person was currently in her hand as she gazed upon it with tears threatening to escape her eyes.

The longer it took her to find Ichika, the lower the chances were of ever finding him.

She had to wonder how was it possible for the single most popular man on this planet to stay hidden for so long.

Her communicator started ringing, someone was calling her. She didn't care however, there were much more important things to do.

Once the communicator stopped ringing she had a few seconds of silence before it started ringing again. Then again and again. Until she finally picked it up "I don't know who you are but you have exactly 5 words to make it worth my while" she hissed into the communicator.

"Oh don't be like that onee-chan, cant we have a sisterly phone call every once in a while?" said the person on the other hand that Chifuyu instantly recognized as as Madoka.

Standing up from the bed she walked over to the balcony of the room she was staying in currently. "What do you want M?"

"Is that the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about me? I am disappointed and hurt onee-chan" said Madoka with a small giggle.

"Get to the point, I have much more important matters to attend to" replied Chifuyu with a strained voice.

"Like looking for Ichika? You can give up now, you wont find him, he is with me after all" now Madoka laughed as she finished speaking

Meanwhile Chifuyu clenched her fist in response to hearing that laughter "Madoka, where are you keeping him"

"What makes you think I want you to find him?"

"If you wont tell me where he is I promise you, I will destroy everything you care for and once I find you I will-"

"Chose your next words carefully, you don't want your last words that Ichika will remember to be such obscenities"

Breathing in and out in rapid succession and slowly calming down Chifuyu began again "Madoka, I know, I should have gone back to the facility to check, I am sorry, nothing I say will ever change that I didn't come back, but please, believe me, I didn't know you even existed. If you ever wanted to be part of the family and felt hurt and left out because of me, I promise you we can fix it. But I beg you, please don't hurt Ichika, he is everything I ever had."

Silence followed on the other side of the communicator "…come to these coordinates in 2 days. Bring your weapons with you"