This was written before Rosa went to live with her aunt. It didn't seem to work rewritten with Pilar. Apologies for Kensi bashing, not intentional

On a sunny Spring Saturday morning Marty Deeks was surfing at his favourite beach. As a rule, a few hours surfing would clear his mind and set him up for the week ahead. Not this Saturday. The more he thought the more confused and troubled he became. It wasn't supposed to be like this. A week ago Rosa, the teenage girl rescued by Kensi near the Mexican border had come to live with them. It had taken all his lawyer skills to negotiate her release into their care. He knew he had to expect problems. Caring for a teenage girl was not going to be easy, but it was supposed to complete their family. Once again Marty Deeks had got it all wrong.

He liked Rosa, she was great. She was smart, polite and for a youngster that had been through so much, surprisingly calm and well balanced. Yet for a week he had barely spoken to her, not that he hadn't tried. Kensi had decided Rosa needed new clothes so she took her shopping to all her favourite stores. They didn't find anything Rosa liked so the next day they went shopping with Fatima. No, Deeks couldn't come, it was a girls night. Next evening Kensi and Rosa went to the cinema with Julia, Kensi's mother. Even worse the following evening Kensi and Rosa met Roberta, his own mother, again it was a girls night. The odd night the girls stayed home they giggled and chatted in Spanish. He did understand Spanish but he was far from fluent and couldn't follow their conversation. He tried to suggest to Kensi that it might be better for Rosa to speak English. Kensi was indignant and insisted it would help Rosa settle if she spoke Spanish. Despite the fact that Rosa spoke English very well Deeks couldn't disagree and felt childish for feeling so left out. His teenage foster daughter was supposed to be the petulant one, but she was so sweet.

Today, Kensi had a full day planned with Rosa. They were going for a short hike first thing, then to a mall for lunch. Deeks had no idea what they had planned for the afternoon and no idea what time they would be home. The thing that troubled him the most was Kensi's insistence that there was no need for him to go to Rosa's new school with them, to meet the headteacher. That's what Dads did, right? That was the thing that made him think there might be a problem. He understood a baby would take up all Kensi's time and he would be a sidelined a little bit, but Rosa was far from being a baby, in fact she was quite mature. He sighed, loaded his board into his truck and drove home.

The house was empty when he got home. He showered and changed then looked in the fridge for something to eat. There was some ham and cheese so he made a sandwich and took it out to the garden. He felt sad when he looked at the Zen garden he had so lovingly created for Kensi. Before he had finished the sandwich Deeks fell into a deep, much needed sleep.

A gentle touch on his shoulder woke Deeks. Rosa was standing beside him clutching a large envelope. She smiled and put the envelope in his hand.

"Hey Rosalita! What's this, an invoice?" he asked, tearing the envelope open, shocked to find a Father's Day card. "It's not Father's Day yet"

"Is it okay to call you Dad? It doesn't seem right to call you Deeks. I know everybody else does."

"Oh yes, please call me Dad, I've always wanted to be called Dad" Deeks was stunned and thrilled all at once. He turned as he heard Kensi calling from the kitchen.

"Rosa sweetie. You want to help me in the kitchen?"

Rosa looked Deeks in the eye before answering. "No. Can I just chill with Dad for a little while?"

"You mean Deeks", Deeks couldn't miss the indignation in Kensi's voice.

"What's up? Deeks asked the question, certain that he wouldn't like the answer, whatever it was. "After all you've been through, it can't be that bad"

Rosa settled into the seat beside Deeks searching for the right words "I haven't been able to talk to you since I got here. I know how hard you worked to get me here, I will always be grateful. Thank you"

"But?" Deeks turned to face Rosa.

"Kensi's great, I can't forget how she saved me"

"Well, she is Wonder Woman. You don't call her Mom?" a glimmer of understanding crossed Deeks mind.

"She's more like a big sister, dragging me around doing things, organising me. So much has happened lately, so much to take in. Sometimes I just want sit back and process everything."

"So do I, we can do that together. What do you say?"

"I'd like that very much, Dad" Rosa said softly.

Deeks smiled the biggest smile ever as he hugged his foster daughter.