In Konoha, the village was commonly known as the Village Hidden in the Leaves or The Hidden Leaf Village. A blonde spikey haired ten-year-old boy with whisker-like scars on his cheek and cerulean eyes was one of its most notable residents. Naruto was a trouble maker due to the neglect and abuse piled on him by the other ninjas. This was because he was the Jinchūriki of the Nine Tails, the greatest of the Tailed Beasts, and the monster that ravaged the land.

Naruto ran along the tops of roofs from a pair of Chunin ninjas giving them the middle finger as he ran from them. In the background was a large mountain range with four faces carved into its side, all covered in graphic graffiti.

"Get back here demon!" Roared one of the Chunin.

"You can't catch me!" Naruto taunted as he outran the ninja.

Unfortunately for Naruto, the commotion he caused drew many other ninjas to the chase, and before long he was surrounded.

"You damn demon," A random jonin snarled. "You have been wreaking havoc across the village for too long!"

"I only cause trouble all the time because everyone hates me!" Naruto snapped, but nobody listened.

"Silence monster!" A man roared, forming seals. "You have no right to be here!" The man rushed at Naruto with a fist wreathed in fire, Naruto tried to dodge but the man was too fast and punched him square across the face, simultaneously scorching his face and knocking him to the ground. The other ninja did not go easy either and fired jutsu at the pre-teen in mass quantity.

Naruto screamed as he was shocked, burned, stabbed, and injured in many other ways. Eventually, the mob finished the beating and left, hoping the "monster" had learned its lesson and would never cause any more trouble.

What they don't know is that they did more damage than intended. Naruto groans a bit as he tries to pull himself out of the rubble. "I'm done with these pricks and being beaten and hated. This is a new Naruto, one that will not be pushed down anymore." He tells himself before walking to his apartment. Inside his mind, Kyūbi saw what happened and has a feral smile on its face.

Naruto finally makes it to his apartment and walks inside, his healing factor somewhat recovering the damage from the mob. "The exams are almost here, I hope I can do that stupid clone jutsu this time."

He says before lying on the bed, suddenly feeling very tired. He closes his eyes as he falls into a deep then opens his eyes and sees he isn't on his bed or even in his room. "A sewer?" He asks himself as he looks around.

Though this sewer system doesn't look like the one Konoha has. He then feels drawn towards a direction and walks to it. Before long, he makes it to a huge room with a huge set of bars, signifying a cage or jail of sorts. A huge fox-like beast stood in the cage, its eyes glowing with malice and intrigue.

"Wh-What the hell?" Naruto gapes at the monster.

"It appears that my jailor and I have met at last." A deep booming voice echoes through the sewer.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked.

"So you truly don't know, do you? It is I, the Kyūbi no Kitsune, strongest of all nine bijū!" The monster roared proudly.

Naruto's eyes almost burst out of his skull. "No way! The fox was stopped by the 4th Hokage over a decade ago!"

"Really?" The fox mocked. "Then let me ask you this. What do you know about bijū?"

Naruto pondered. "They're like these huge animals made of chakra. And they can't be killed."

"Do you know the day I attacked?"

"October 10th."

"When's your birthday?"

"October ten-" Naruto stopped mid-sentence. It suddenly dawned on him why everyone hated him, why people seemed to go out of their way to make his life suck.

"So my vessel finally understands why he's so hated!" The demon fox snarled in glee as Naruto soaked in the revelation. Everything was all because the 4th sealed the Kyūbi within him and damned him to a life of hell. Rage filled his very being as he thought how he looked at the 4th Hokage as a hero.

"I can give you help, you know." The fox mused. Naruto looked up. "I can give you the powers to bring this village to its knees."

"What Powers?" Naruto asks. "And why would you want to help me? Don t you hate humans?" He adds.

"I do but I hate how the village mistreats you more." The Kyūbi says. "You know, I like seeing people given what they deserve. For whatever the one takes from the world. the world takes back more. It's Justice. Not to mention I have nothing better to do, being stuck in the damn cage. Anyway, my deal is for us to kinda merge in a sense. And you get in turn some of my chakra, so to speak."

"So how do we do it?" Naruto asks. The Kyūbi smirks and points to the gate.

"Take off the paper over there and I will do the rest." The Kyūbi says.

Naruto walks over and rips the paper off the gate, and the door swing open. Red chakra surges through the gate and blinds him. A combination of searing pain and twisted power flows through him and he blacks out.