The moring sun shone in through the window, as birds sung and chirpped outside, ready to start a new day. The sleeping form of a great demon, rested peacefully in his bed. On the bedside table, the soft sound of a clock was ticking away. The numbers on the clock shifted to 8:00AM, and the clock went off, the loud chime rang throughout the room, and could be heard down stairs even. The demon grumbled, and a clawed hand reached out from under the covers, looking for the offending sound. It found it, and in one fell swing, it threw the clock against the wall. The wall, that alreddy had several other dents in it, from other clocks. The hand receded back under the covered, and the demon sighed happily. The loud sound had stopped. It wasn't long, before another loud sound reached his ears.

"Sesshomaru! Did you break another one!?"

The bedroom door swung open, as a half demon came barging inside. He looked around, and saw that Sesshomaru had indeed, broken another clock.

"God dammit Sesshomaru, these things aren't cheep ya know."

A grunt was all Inuyasha got in responce. Inuyasha sighed and marched over to the window, and threw open the curtains, then pulled the covers off of the sleeping Daiyokai. Sesshomaru shielded his eyes and hissed, and Inuyasha just rolled his eyes.

"Yeah yeah, sun bad, sleep good, I get it. Ya know, in you didn't stay up all night, you wouldn't have so much trouble getting up in the morning."

"I was reading a new book." Sesshomaru grumbled.

He finally sat up, and with a loud yawn, reached his arms out and stretched.

"Then I ain't got not sympathy for yah. C'mon your breakfast is getting cold."

Sesshomaru grumbled as Inuyasha walked out of the room. Stretching one more time, he finally pulled himself out of bed. He threw on a t-shirt, and a pair of jenes, and went downstairs. The smell of food was making his stomach growl. In the kitchen was Shippo, sitting at the table drinking his morning coffee. Inuyasha was in the living room, sitting on the couch on his laptop.

"Hey look whos outta bed, finally."

"Moring Sesshomaru."

"Good moring Shippo." Sesshomaru flat out ignored Inuyasha.

He noticed one last plate on the table and sat down. Two over easy eggs, and strips of raw seasoned beef. Yum. He staretd to dig in.

"Oh sure, eat my cooking but don't say good morning to me, I get it."

"Good morning Inuyasha." Sesshomaru rolled his eyes.

"See, was that so hard?"

Sesshomaru scoffed, and continued to eat. He hated that he loved Inuyasha cooking so much. He finished eating, got up and washed the dishes from breakfast. The phone started ringing, and nether Inuyasha or Shippo got up to get it. It rang again, and Sesshomaru sighed. Drying his hands he walked towards the phone.

"No, no. Don't trouble yourselves, I'll get it." Sesshomarus voice was laced with sarcassum.

He picked up the phone, and held it to his ear.

"Hello, how can I help you?"

"Eeeey Sesshomaru! How are you?"

On the other line was Akida. Akida was one of Miroku and Sangos decendants, and one of Sesshomarus, Inuyashas, and Shippos closest friends. He was also one of the few humans who knew of thier demon nature.

"Oh, morning Akida, I am well, how are you?"

"Im doing GREAT! Dude you will never guess what happened! Just guess!"

"If I will never guess, then why don't you tell me?"

"It worked! My experiment worked!"

"One of your crazy basement experiments finally worked? Congratulations."

"Don't say it like that Sessh..."

"So, what exactly did you manage to do?"

"Its hard to explain! Just come over and see! Bring Inuyasha and Shippo! Its so cool!"

"Very well, I shall see you later then, around noon sound ok?"

"Sounds great! See you later!"

With an excited and gleeful yay, Akida hung up the phone. Sesshomaru just rolled his eyes and hung up as well. He walked out into the living room and saw Shippo hovering over Inuyasha, who was still on his laptop. Sesshomaru walked over to them and peered over Inuyashas shoulder. He was playing a game it looked like, in battle with a skeletal creature while wielding a glowing blue sword.

"What game is this?"


"What is the objective?"

"Well the end game goal is to beat the Ender Dragon, but you can do so much else too, there really isn't any real main objective."

"I see."

Sesshomaru watched as the creature fell, leaving some floating bones in its wake. Inuyasha grabbed the bones and turned to begin fighting a green spotted creature next. The creature exploded however.

"Wanna play with me? I can set up a server and you can use one of my alt accounts."

"I'm good. Thanks."

"Suit yourself. Who was on the phone?"

"It was Akida. He says one of his experiments worked, and wants us to come by and see it."

"Oh sweet! What time?"


"Works for me, Shippo?"

"Yeah that works for me."

The hours flew by quickly, and come twelve o clock came fast. But as exciting as an occasion as this was, the weather had other ideas. By the time they got to Akida home, it was storming outside, pouring down rain, thundering and lightning, you name it. Inuyasha beat on Akidas door, Sesshomaru and Shippo right beside him. The door swung open, and there stood a every excited looking Akida.

"Good you guys are here! C'mon!"

Akida bolted for his basement, leaving the poor demons to catch up with him. They followed him down the stairwell, and entered a very high tech looking basement room. Machines were bolted to the walls, computers and laptops lined every desk down there. One massive looking machine stood out amug everything, with wires sticking out from it, attached to a very beefy looking computer. Akida stood in the middle of the room with his arms held out wide.

"Tada! Welcome to the magic house! What do you think?"

"Looks like you need a life..." Inuyasha retorted, looking around the room.

"Hey! I have a life! Aaand once I perfect this, I'll be rich!"

"Rich? What exactly did you do?" Sesshomaru asked.

"I the great Akida! Have managed to manipulate digital code, rendered it to attach itself to a biological and non biological compound! And with this baby-"

Akida hugged what looked to be a silver coated lightning rod with a dish on it.

"I have given the code, phycical form!"

The three demons just stared at Akida like he'd grown a second head. Akida sighed and rubbed his temples.

"I made a machine that can transport things from a computer, into the real world."

The collective gasps from the three made Akida smile and swell with pride.


"Not as much as you'd think, Sessh. Watch!"

Akida started typing rapidly on his computer, then he opened up a very familiar looking game.

"Oh sweet, how far are you?"

"I have already beaten and respawned the Dragon 4 times."

"Damn dude, nice."

"Thank you, now behold!"

He pressed a button and an apple fell in front of him on the game.

"The humble minecraft apple, bound to the computer by code. But with my machine, we can bring it to life!"

Akida set a plate down on a table, moved over to the weird lightning rod like machine, and pulled a lever. Blue sparks of electricity burst from the machine, aiming at a single point on the plate. The three demons saw something start to form in the center. The electricity dissipated, and there in the center of the plate, was a blocky looking apple. The apple on the game, was gone. The room went silent for a moment.

"No way!"

"Thats so awesome!"

"Thank you, thank you." Akida took a bow, a wide grin on his face.

Sesshomaru was the first to move forward, he reached out and touched the apple, it was solid alright.

"Incredible, Akida."

"I know, right?"

"Dude your going to be so rich!" Inuyasha leaned over and poked the apple as well.

"Thats what I'm hoping, that is, if the government doesn't steal it from me."

"Yeesh, you gotta point."

"Can you put things into the game as well?" Shippo asked.

"I haven't tried that yet, actually."

"Oh oh lets do it!" Inuyasha pumped his fist in the air.

"Yeah ok! Lets find some fruit!"

Inuyasha and Shippo ran upstairs and Akida started to follow, but stopped on the stairwell, he looked back at Sesshomaru, who was still poking and prodding the apple.

"Hey Sessh, can you stay and watch the game for me? I don't want to die or anything."

"I don't know how"

Akida had already ran upstairs with the others before Sesshomaru finished speaking. He sighed and walked over to the computer, and just stared at the screen and keyboard. A loud clap of thunder came from outside, as he stared at the computer. Just what was he suppose to watch out for? Everything looked fine at the moment. He hopped the three would hurry up, so he wasn't forced to play. But alas, he spotted something moving on the screen, something was walking towards him.


Uh oh.

"Hey Akida, I think your being attacked by a zombie!"

"Kill it!" Came Akidas voice from upstairs.


"WASD to move! Use the left button on the mouse to attack, scroll to the blue sword!"

Sesshomaru sighed, here goes nothing. He experimented with the wasd keys and quickly figured out how to move. Scrolling to the blue sword, another clap of lightning was heard outside. He clicked the left mouse key, and started spamming on the zombie. Why is it taking so long to kill, I've hit it like 15 times now. Another loud clap of thunder, lightning flashed. Finally the zombie fell over, leaving what looked to be...beef jerky or something, on the ground.

"I killed it!" Sesshomaru shouted triumphantly.

It was then the the sky lit up, lightning struck a power cable outside the house with a deafening thunder clap. The power in the house flickered and the weird machine next to Sesshomaru began to glow a bright blue. He backed away from the machine as it began to go haywire, blue electricity sparking from it.


Blue electricity burst from the machine, and Sesshomaru screamed as it struck him. His whole body felt numb, darkness tinted his vision, and he closed his eyes. He waited for the pain to stop, for the numbing sensation that took over him to leave. It didn't take long for that to happen. He finally opened his eyes again, only to see nothing but darkness. He held out his hands, he could see them, so he wasn't blind. It was then he noticed, he wasn't standing either, but rather floating, in an endless dark void.

"Ok, no need to freak out..."

He probably blacked out from the shock. Maybe this was a lucid dream? Suddenly a large light appeared before him. Large white letters glowed in the void. He backed away, and studied the new words before him.

Create New World

What does that mean? Sesshomaru looked around him to see if more words formed, but they did not. What is he suppose to do? This was a dream, wasn't it? He just hovered there, for what seemed like forever, starting at the words. He had to try something... doing nothing won't help him. Allowing himself to float over to the words, he reached his hand out, and touched them. A blinding white light burst forth, and he shielded his eyes. Then he felt it, he was falling, falling into the now white void. He tried to scream, but instead of his voice, it was a sharp, electric distorted scream. He saw something below him. The ground maybe? He tried to focus his yokai, to fly, but nothing happened. All he could do was shut his eyes, wait for the impact.

The impact never came, instead he felt himself gently laid on the ground. He opened his eyes, and shakily stood up. His eyes widened. He was standing at the edge of a forest, a large green field stretched out before him, a small lake off to the side. But that's not what had him so shaken up. Everything, was blocky, just like the game Inuyasha and Akida had been...Oh no. He slapped himself, just to be sure, and it hurt. He saw a bar pop up with little hearts, and saw he was missing a fraction of one.

"Ok...I think I can freak out now."