The two demons cheered as they bolted for Akidas kitchen. They were looking for fruit right? Inuyashas eyes gleamed as he picked up a banana, and held it high.

"Fruit obtained!"

Shippo just laughed, and grabbed an orange. Holding it up in the air as well. It was then that Akida strutted into the kitchen.

"What cha got?"

They held out their chosen fruit and Akida rolled his eyes. Such simple fruit. No, Akida would pick something marvelous. He began looking through the fruit bowl on the counter, the other two hovering over him as he did.

"What are you looking for?" Inuyasha asked.

"Dragon fruit, I know I have one somewhere."

A loud clap of thunder was heard from outside, startling the three. That was hella loud. It was then, that Sesshomarus voice was heard from downstairs.

"Hey Akida, I think your being attacked by a zombie!"

"Kill it!" Akida shouted back to him.

"How!?" Came Sesshomarus response.

"He doesn't Minecraft Akida." Inuyasha snickered.

"WASD to move! Use the left button on the mouse to attack, scroll to the blue sword!" Akida called out to his friend downstairs.

Inuyasha and Shippo laughed as Akida gave up on the fruit bowl, and switched to searching the pantry.

"Hey maybe he'll like it and want to play Minecraft with us now." Shippo giggled.

"Yah never know."

Another loud clap of thunder rang out accompanied by a flash of lightning. Damn, what a storm.

"I killed it!" Sesshomarus voice sung out from downstairs.

"Heey, good for him." Inuyasha snickered.

Akida came out of the pantry with a wide grin holding a small red fruit.

"I fouuund it." he sung.

Suddenly the lights in the house flickered as it lit up the sky, a booming clap of thunder roared from right outside.

"What was that?" Shippo asked, staring out the window.

"Lightning must have hit a power pole or something." Akida wondered out loud.

"Uh...Akiiida?" Sesshomaru worried voice came from downstairs.

The three turned to look at the basement entrance.

"He probably found a creeper, and it blew you up." Inuyasha snickered.

"Oh he better not have." Akida grumbled.

Sesshomarus heart shattering scream rang out from downstairs, and the three bolted for the basement. Inuyasha rushed in first, and took a sweeping glace around the basement. Sesshomaru was no where to be seen. Akida and Shippo rushed in and looked around too.

"Wh-where is Sesshomaru?" Shippos voice was shaky.

"I don't kn- My baby!"

Akida rushed over to his machine, blue sparks were flashing off of it. It looked like it had just went off. As Akida messed with his machine, Inuyasha looked around again, and took in a deep breath.

"Sesshomaru!? Where are you?"

Nothing but silence.

Then they heard it, a small voice shouting from the computer. Sesshomarus voice. Inuyasha rushed over to the computer, and his heart caught in his throat. There, in Akidas Minecraft game, in a third person perspective, was Sesshomaru. Inuyasha reached for the headset, plugged it into the computer and put the set on, he adjusted the microphone, and then with a panicked voice, he spoke.

"Ok...I think I can freak out now." Sesshomaru said with a shaken voice.

Sesshomaru stood rooted to the spot, trying his best to not let panic sink in. Though, he knew exactly what had happened to him. That machine of Akidas, had wigged out during the thunder storm, and sent him, actually sent him, into their silly game. What was he suppose to do now? Would they even know? Oh god what if they turned the computer off!? What would happen to him!? Sesshomaru hugged himself as the panic finally set in. It was then he heard muffled voices coming from the sky. He strained to hear what they were saying, but couldn't make much of anything out. Then he heard it, it was Inuyashas voice, it was calling out to him. With all the strength he could muster, he called out to his brother.

"Inuyasha! In here! I'm in the game! For the love of god don't turn the game off!"

He heard muffled movement, what sounded like something rubbing against a microphone, and then Inuyashas voice again, but this time it was crisp and clear.

"Oh my god! Seshomaru! What happened? Are you alright?"

"I-I believe I'm alright. That machine of Akidas, it malfunctioned and hit me, and sent me here. Please tell me you can get me out..."

"Akida is working on that right now. Don't worry, well get you out, just stay calm."

"I am trying."

More muffled voices echoed from the sky, and they sounded distressed.

"What do you mean you can't get him out?" Inuyasha voice boomed.

Sesshomaru felt himself start to hyperventilate. They can't get me out? He hugged himself again, and tried to calm himself down.

"Whoa, hey Sesshomaru, breathe. Everything will be fine, don't worry."

"Don't worry? You just said Akida couldn't get me out!"

"Hes working on it, just, try to breathe."

Seshomaru heard more muffled voices, and what sounded like a microphone bumping again, then Inuyashas muffled voice, sounding very angry. The voices continued, until finally, Akidas clear voice came from the sky.

" uh...I CAN get you out."

Thank god.

"But uh...something is blocking the coding path. It looks like you will have to remove the block before I can transport you out."

"Where is the block?" Sesshomaru asked.

"That's uh...haha...that's the thing...It looks like the block is...the Ender Dragon."

Sesshomaru heard Inuyashas muffled voice begin to shout curses, and another voice, he guess Shippo, began to talk worriedly. Sesshomaru was confused.

"If you have to kill a Dragon to transport something out, how did you transport the apple?"

"I had already killed the dragon several times over beforehand on my game. But you started a new world, a new game. The Dragon is alive and well in this world."

Create New World...Well Shit.

"I see no issue with this, I've killed dragons before, where is it?"

More muffled movement, and then Inuyashas voice came from the sky again.

"Its not that simple, Sesshomaru. This isn't the real world, this is Minecraft, we don't know if your demonic abilities count in here."

"Let us find out then."

Sesshomaru began to try and focus his yokai to fly, but he was startled when he felt nothing. No yokai at all. He tried to focus his poison claw, nothing either. Wonderful. Sesshomaru looked back to the sky with a frustrated expression.

"Nothing huh?"

"Unfortunately not."

"Then it looks like your going to have to play the game, and beat the Dragon the old fashioned way."

"How long will this take?"

"Well some speed runners can beat the dragon in less than thirty minutes. You however...a few days maybe?"

Sesshomaru sighed. I guess that's not too bad.

"Alright then."

"It looks like you already have some health and hunger loss Sesshomaru. How did you manage that?"

"You mean the heart fraction? I lost that when I slapped myself..."

"Ah, ok, lets not do that again."



"Is it possible to die in this game?"

The silence that followed Sesshomarus question was nerve racking.

"...Yeah, it is."

"What will happen to me, if I die?"

More silence. Sesshomaru was getting nervous now.

"I...don't know. I just checked the settings. Your on normal mode, not hardcore, so we can only hope you will respawn."

"Very well, I trust your judgment."

"Never thought Id hear you say that." Inuyashas laugh was oddly comforting right now.

Sesshomaru looked around, and then looked back up to the sky.

"I guess we should start then. I do not know how to play."

"Don't worry about a thing, I'm a pro at this game! Just follow my lead and you'll kill that Dragon in no time."

"Alright. What do I do first."

"First thing is always first, you need wood, see that tree behind you?"


"Go punch it."