Sesshomaru was grouchy for the entirety of the day. He didn't do much either. He stared at the farm, chopped down a few more trees to make charcoal, made a second furnace to cook all the extra pork, beef and chicken he had found while sheep hunting, and stared at the farm some more. Inuyasha didn't fault him in the slightest. He felt so bad for him. Nothing was worse than wanting to sleep, and not being able too. Sesshomaru let out a sigh of relief when he saw the sun start to set, and made a beeline for the bed. Once the sun was down, Sesshomaru, for the third time, let himself fall onto the bed. His eyes closed of their own accord, and finally, after five sleepless days, he let sleep take him.

The sun peeking in through the door windows made his eyes open, he sat up and stretched his arms high above his head. God he felt so much better. He looked around his small room before hopping out of bed.

"Feel better?"

Inuyasha voice startled him.

"I-Inuyasha? Were you here...the entire time?"

"Yep!" Inuyasha snickered.

"Why? Shouldn't you have gotten sleep too? Do monsters attack at night while you sleep?"

"Nah they don't, your safe while you sleep."

"When why did you?..."

"I just like watching you sleep."

" possibly...the creepiest have ever said to me."

The sound of Inuyasha laughing only served to confuse him more.

"Relax, I'm just joking with you. You were asleep for like five seconds."

"Wha...five sec...but...I feel so rested..."

"Game logic."

"...Of course."

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes, and walked out the door. Looking around, and now feeling like he could take on anything, he pondered what to do next.

"What next?"

"Well you've been playing for a while now...what do you think we should do next?"

That certainly caught him off guard. What should he do? He certainly had plenty of pork, beef, and chicken, so food wasn't needed at the moment. He checked his inventory. He had coal, charcoal, planks, cobblestone, dirt, feathers, leather, iron, an almost broken sword and pickaxe, a half used axe and hoe, a shovel, a bucket, sixty fucking four torches, and food.

"Is there a storage system?"

"You are kinda loaded down, huh. Yeah, you can make a wooden chest."

Sesshomaru checked his book, went to his table, and made a chest, as well as a new sword and pickaxe. Tossing the old tools aside, he placed down the chest outside by his house and furnaces, and opened it. He decided to store what he didn't immediately need, and threw all but his tools, torches, and food inside. He somehow, felt lighter doing so. He began thinking again. What did he need to do?

"I suppose...I should look for more iron. Seeing as I only have 4 ingots."

"I like that idea! Why don't you make an iron pick, and hunt for diamonds while your at it?"

"That sounds like an acceptable plan of action."

Sesshomaru took the needed materials from his chest, and crafted a iron pickaxe. Then looking around he decided to head east this time. He made it three steps when Inuyasha stopped him.

"Actually, its time I taught you about strip mining."

"Strip mining?"

"Yep, its when you mine in long strips, leaving two block long gaps between your strips."

"I it efficient?"

"Let me put it this way, I can find diamonds in five minutes when I strip mine."

"That sounds...very efficient. Where do I begin?"

"Ok so your gonna wanna get to layer ten."


"Yeah, open your XYZ cords."

Sesshomaru thought about his coordinates, and a new menu popped up in front of him. Lot of words and numbers everywhere. He could not make sense of it.

"How do I read this?"

"You don't need to bother with most of it, you see where it say XYZ?"

"I do."

"There are a series of numbers after it, see the middle section, where it says sixty? That's your Y cord."


"You want to get to layer Y10."

"I I I must dig downward then."


Sesshomaru took his shovel in hand, and dug a hole, right under him. He heard Inuyasha practically scream no.

"What did I do wrong this time?"

"You only broke rule number ONE, of minecraft!"

"I did not know there were rules..."

"Well there are! Rule number one, never, ever, dig straight down!"

"Alright...why? Would you not get to your layer quicker?"

Sesshomaru stepped out of the hole he dug, and covered it back up with dirt.

"Because lava. What will happen, if your digging straight down, with no way to back up, you dig out from under your feet, and theres lava?"


"Yeah. So don't do that."

"...Any other rules I should know about, before we continue?"

"You know how to properly hoe crops, you know about digging down, you know about strip mining, you know not to spam monsters. Nope I think were good."

" do I get to layer ten, if not digging down."

"Easy, you staircase down. Its what I do."

"And, how do I do that."

"Just dig down, but vertically. One block deeper with each dig."

That sounded easy and simple enough. Sesshomaru took his pic in hand, and dug a hole. Ignoring Inuyasha bitch about digging dirt with a pickaxe. Slowly he started making a stairway down to layer ten. His stone pick broke halfway through, and he had to climb all the way back up to make another one, as Inuyasha had told him not to use his iron one yet. Inuyasha also insisted he make five or six stone pickaxes, and to bring a crafting table, furnace, sticks, and coal with him. Sesshomaru made a new table and furnace, grabbed the other items, and continued his digging. Finally, he made it to layer ten.

"Good, now dig yourself a five by five box, with the clearing three high. This is your main room."

Sesshomaru did as he was instructed, and made himself a small room. He placed down his table and furnace, and looked around. It was almost to dark to see. He took a torch, and placed it in the middle of the room. There, much better.

"Should I start digging?"

"Yep pick the corner closest to the stairs, and dig straight, three blocks tall."

Sesshomaru started digging, stopping every now and then to place down a torch. Inuyasha was correct about this method of mining, he found a cluster of coal and iron while digging. No diamonds, however. He kept digging, and eventually dug his way into a cave. A low sound echoed throughout the cave, and he felt his hackles rise. Creepy. He decided to explore however, his adventurous side getting the best of him. The cave lead upwards, and he fought a few zombies as he climbed. Placing down torches so he could see, he continued up. He finally stopped as he came across a small ravine, he set down a torch, and still could just barely see the bottom. How far up did I climb?

"Yeah, don't fall down there."

"You don't say?"

It was then a sparkle caught his eye from the bottom. He leaned down and strained to see. It was a bluish color, and it was shining.

" that?"

"Yes, yes it is."

Sesshomaru let a grin spread across his face, he had found diamonds! He started pondering how he would get supposed he could dig down this one time, and tower his way back up. Surely Inuyasha would understand.



Sesshomaru spun around at the sound of something igniting. He felt his heart catch in his throat, as he came eye to eye, with a green spotted creature. It had a glint in its eyes as it flashed white, expanded, and exploded, all in an instant. He felt intense pain as he was sent flying backwards, his bar flashing up that he had taken seven hearts of damage. He felt himself falling, falling into the ravine below him. The ground closing in fast, he could only look on in horror, and fear, as his back slammed hard onto the ground. Pain wracked his entire body as the sound of something breaking echoed in his head. He saw his bar flash, all his hearts were gone. Darkness tinted his vision, and he heard Inuyasha scream his name one last time before the darkness took him completely.