Author's Note: Welp, I have written another lemon, and the twist is that it isn't a Reishin one, and Shinji and Rei are not in it. But it is related to my other lemon Conversation and Escalation in terms of the world. However you don't need to read that one in order to understand this one. (But I definitely wouldn't mind if you read that one as well). Also, I realize I may have written that one a little too raunchy with descriptors, seeing as how it is now listed in a community called Reportable Lemons, and this one isn't that much better sooo... I think nows a good time to mention I have an AO3 account as well listed under the same pen name. Anyway, onto the fic.

Do I even need to make disclaimers?

The active pilots had finished up their sync test with the Eva's, and while the first and third pilots had already left to change and leave, the second one stayed to watch how the reserve pilot's sync test went. Not because she was curious about him, but because the boy was being synchronized with Unit-02.

It was not long before they finished the second sync test, and the result made the second child livid. Asuka got the second highest score. The one who had gotten first, was the new pilot, Kaworu Nagisa. And he did it In. Her. Eva. Two. She could have sworn that she heard whispering of if they should switch her to reserve, and make the boy the active pilot of the crimson Eva. Asuka had started seeing red at that. Which was why she was heading to the boys locker room to give Kaworu a piece of her mind, and maybe, most definitely, some of her fist.

Now Asuka did have to admit, the boy was somewhat attractive to her. Though she didn't like how he looked like Rei, his personality was quite different. For one, he didn't talk like a robot, his voice was usually full of childlike curiosity or an optimism that she found nearly contagious. His red eyes had a spark of energy that Rei's missed. His silver gray hair was unique, yet not so vibrant or bold. But despite what she thought of his looks, he was still gonna get it. Cause' nobody takes Asuka's rightful place as the best.

It was also the perfect way for her to blow off some steam. She's been getting more ignored recently. Misato had been out of the apartment more, and she was pretty sure she was seeing Kaji in that time. Which infuriated her. Then Shinji had been spending more time with Rei eversince the two had stayed to 'talk' one night after a sync test. Not only that, but that baka has been acting more gutsy, always telling her off if she insults Rei. He once did it when they were heading to the locker rooms, and she swore she saw Rei blush, which didn't make sense because she was an emotionless doll. Or so she thought. Overall, Asuka's been feeling neglected and angry without an outlet for these emotions.

Then one day, this random albino boy named Kaworu Nagisa shows up saying he's another Eva pilot. So they decide to have him as a standby pilot. But they have him as a standby pilot for HER Eva unit two as he synchronized best with it out of the three Eva's they had. Though at the time, she still had a higher score than him. She was ready to hate the boy and spend her days making his life a living hell. But then when she was going to confront this bastard, this boy, this Kaworu Nagisa, had the audacity to tell her that he thought she was a much better pilot than himself. She was baffled and asked what the hell he meant. The boy told her something along the lines that he felt as if he couldn't compare to any of the experience she or the other pilots had, that he didn't feel like he was suppose to be here, which she was confused by what he meant. But he told her it wasn't important and just continued on his merry way. Asuka had been baffled by him.

They ran into each other many times after that. Like the second time, when he came to Misato's while she was alone. He was asking about Shinji, but the boy had left hours ago, something she relayed to the boy, rather rudely. The boy seemed oblivious to any ill meaning and asked if he could come inside. Asuka had relented and allowed the boy in. He started asking about her. She pompously told him about her achievements, from being a prodigy eva pilot, to being a college graduate and so on. After hearing about her education, Kaworu had got an odd look of interest in his eyes. He then started discussing some theory and philosophy with her. Asuka was caught off guard by that, but was able to continue the discussion, and she had to admit that it was an engaging conversation. He even brought up the idea of fate, to which she said it wasn't real. The boy blinked, but asked her why she felt that way. She responded by saying that everything was constantly changing, that no plan is destined to come to fruition, that nothing is determined to happen for no cause, that nothing was set in stone. She told the pale boy that the only thing you can do is take actions to help ensure something happens, but that nothing is guaranteed. The idea of fate was one that Asuka passionately disagreed with, afterall, it wasn't fate that decided she was the best, but her own merits, and she would be damned if anyone said that her accomplishments were handed to her.

After explaining her reasons for why fate couldn't be real, the boy had just looked thoughtfully at her, something which made her blush. When he realized he was staring at her, he also blushed and looked away. He saw the time and decided it was late and he should leave. He thanked her for the discussion and hospitality, but said he had to go. Before she knew what she was saying, she ended up telling him he could stay at their apartment in Shinji's room since she doubted he would be returning, he never seemed to return when he said he was 'going to hang out with friend', which she knew he wasn't actually going to hang out with that pervert boy Hikari likes or that otaku nerd. The boy nearly stuttered but said it was alright and bid her goodbye. When he left, the burning feeling of embarrassment at herself only lasted so long before she was left with the cold, it was then the apartment had felt more empty, and she felt more alone than before.

But none of that mattered right now.

She was furious, and had a reason and target to let out her aggression upon.

She stormed into the locker room.

"Where the hell are you, idiot?" She called as she started walking into the room.

"Hmm? Asuka?" A voice asked.

"Yeah, and I got something to talk to you about! Now where are-AH!" Asuka had found the boy but covered her eyes as she found the state he was in. He had just taken off his plugsuit, leaving him naked.

"W-w-what the hell?! Why are you naked?!" She yelled, taking a peak slightly through her fingers, before closing her eyes and blushing red. Her brain told her he looked good from their glance, but she just ignored that thought.

"Oh, sorry about that, but I was changing when you got here" He said as he looked at himself before looking back at her.

"P-pervert!" Asuka stuttered.

"I assure i'm not trying to be lewd, anyways, you wanted to talk to me?" He tilted her head, something she found kind of cute, but was already too embarrassed by the situation.

"P-put some clothes on first!"

"I don't mind, please tell me what's the matter?" He sounded oblivious, but she wasn't buying that, no one was this oblivious.

"N-not till you put clothes on!"

"Why does it matter if I'm wearing clothes? You're just going to tell me the same thing?" He asked, Asuka felt confused, there was no way he wasn't toying with her right now.

"B-because, it's not right for you t-to be naked around other people!" She responded, sneaking another peak, which was unfortunately directed to between his legs. From what she could see, the boy looked to be average, maybe even above average, though she didn't really have much to compare it to. The sight had made her flush with embarrassment harder though.

"Are you uncomfortable?" Was his response.

"YES!" She shouted

"We are the only ones here right now, and you are my friend. There should be no reason to be uncomfortable." He told her.

"What?" She was his friend? Though she wasn't going to disagree, she hadn't thought about it, but it was correct she supposed.

"You shouldn't feel uncomfortable Asuka, unless…" The boy got a smirk, he was definitely acting this way on purpose, "Unless you… see something you like?"

Asuka's face was bright red as she was utterly baffled.

"P-PERVERT!" She yelled before rushing into the girls locker room.

Once sure she was alone, Asuka leaned against the locker room wall while breathing somewhat heavily. She took a deep breath and let her blush start to fade before deciding to take a cold shower.

A nice cold shower would be just what she needed to cool down and get rid of the LCL smell that lingered on her and the other things she was feeling at the moment.

She noticed her nipples were slightly hard and could faintly be made out against the plug suit if you looked hard enough. She also felt somewhat aroused and sensitive between her legs. Her blush came back as she realized she was turned on, and by Kaworu. Embarrassment, anger, and shame started to fill her, but she shook her head of any thoughts related to the boy and took off the interface connector clips in her hair, setting them down on a bench before pushing a button on her wrist to loosen the plugsuit from her body. Quickly throwing her plugsuit in the laundry cart left in the locker room, she did her best to ignore the way her body tingled as she was left nude.

Walking into a shower stall, she turned it on and made it as cold as possible. But she immediately started shivering, so she quickly made it warmer. As she washed herself, she made it warmer and warmer. The water ran down her chest, which was quite full considering her age, her hair was wetted down and stuck to the curve of her back as it stopped above her nice curve bottom.

She was still breathing slightly fast from her previous encounter and tried to distract her mind as she worked on cleaning her body. Making sure to thoroughly lather and rinse the important spots. Though unknowingly did she give more attention to washing her chest.

Unconsciously, one of her hands started trailing down her stomach, going below her waist. Her hand passed over a small patch of red brown hair as it made contact with her nether lips. She rubbed them slightly, her breath hitching as she did. Her hand slowly moved up and down across the opening, the sensation causing her to bite her lip as she backed up against the shower wall, her other hand pushing against.

She started to slowly pick up the speed, rubbing her pussy faster. As she did, the image of Kaworu nude popped into her mind. She thought of the details of what she saw. His body was skinny, almost lean. His whole body was pale, including below the belt. Her face was a pinkish red as she remembered what he looked like between the legs. He didn't have any hair down there, but his member was the same color as his skin, except for the tip, which was slightly pinker. From what she could guess, he wouldn't fit completely in her hand when hrd. She started rubbing faster and deeper, focusing on her clit as she started thinking of her hand touching it. Her breathing was starting to turn into panting.

She felt herself nearly moan and covered her mouth before she could voice it. She needed to finish this quickly and didn't want to get caught by anybody around. Asuk pushed herself up and leaned against the other wall with on hand, rubbing her womanhood vigorously

"Kaworu…" She moaned out as she thought of the boy, before using a hand to cover her mouth as she realized what she said. 'N-no I can't be thinking of, of that baka right now, n-not about his body or his s-stupid hot face' She tried to ignore thoughts of him, but just couldn't do so as she touched herself.

She bit her lip as she tried to hold back another moan, but failed.

"Kaworu…" She unknowingly moaned out again. Only this time, there was a certain pale skinned boy present to hear it and see Asuka.

The German beauty felt herself getting close to her climax, when all of a sudden, she was pulled up straight and brought to lean against something as a pale arm wrapped around her waist.

"W-what!" She indignantly cried out of shock and started to squirm in the hold.

"Shhh Asuka" A familiar voice hushed, "You might alert someone to us if your to loud"

Asuka immediately realized who it was as she looked over her shoulder to see the face of Kaworu smirking back at her. Her face again became a deep shade of crimson as she looked away, still squirming in the boy's embrace.

"Ah! Let me go, pervert!" She told him as he wrapped his other arm right under her chest.

"Now that's just unfair to call me a pervert Asuka, after all, it was you who walked in on me changing, and whom I just found doing lewd things to herself, saying my name all the while" He had a smirk as he said this, while Asuka felt embarrassed.

"N-No, l-liar" She told him, not knowing what else to say.

"You're the only one lying here, what I don't get is why? There's nothing to be ashamed of, you find me attractive, and I find you attractive, especially with your cute moans" He said into her ear, making her shudder slightly, but out of pleasure, something she would try to deny.

"Y-you…" Kaworu prepared for an insult, but was surprised by what she did instead, "You think I'm attractive".

She then looked away from him, opting to look at the floor in front of her. The shower cycle had stopped, leaving her standing there, dripping water.

"I would have to be blind not to know that Auka, but I'm also attracted to you for a lot more than just because of how you look. I feel many things for you, some that I haven't felt for anyone else before" He told her, but she didn't respond. The boy noticed this and simply decided to try something else to elicit a response.

"How about I show you how I feel about you?" He said with a grin as one of his hands started moving down her waist.

"W-wait we can't do this!" She protested, making him stop for a moment.

"Why not? Shinji and Rei do stuff like this all the time, so why can't we do the same?" He rebutted, not fully realizing the bombshell he dropped on Asuka.

"What!" Asuka asked wide eyed as she turned to look at him, many thoughts racing through her head as she felt discombobulated.

"Yeah, they have sex, a lot, I've already walked accidentally walked in on them twice here at headquarters. I didn't tell anybody up until now of course, as he's my friend, and friends shouldn't get in the way of each other's sex life, at least not when it's healthy" He said, but he realised that something must be wrong as Asuka had frozen in his hold and was now staring at the ground.

She felt as though her world just cracked. It all made sense though. The reason Shinji was always out, why he would come back smelling sweaty, why he was so defensive of Rei. She had already realized that Shinji was probably going to Rei's whenever he went out, seeing as they had gotten closer, and yeah, she might have made accusations, but she really didn't think they were actually fucking! But now that she knew, Asuka couldn't help but feel like she lost. As though she was competing against Rei, a competition that she just lost, and she didn't even know it until now. It felt like a stinging pain in her chest.

"I see…" Kaworu mumbled as he took in the expression on the girl's face, it was one of hurt, and it was then he understood.

He rubbed circles into her sides, keeping his hold from behind her while also trying to comfort the redhead.

"You care about him… don't you?" Kaworu asked her gently as she stood leaning against his bare chest, "As more than a friend"

Asuka couldn't make the sound to refute or confirm his words. She felt too enerverated to dispute or argue, deciding to simply nod her head. Her throat felt dry, and her eyes felt watery. She felt so many emotions swirling inside her. Jealousy at the blue haired girl, fury at Shinji, and anger at herself for being failing, and for being so vulnerable, in front of someone else no less. But she was forced to face Kaworu when he turned her face to look at his.

"Asuka… I can't say that I know what you're feeling right now. I don't. I have not been in situations like yours. But I will say what I feel for you. I care about you. As much more than just a friend, and I would like it if you were able to feel the same for me, or at the very least try too." He said to her as his face inched closer to hers, moving a strand of hair that was near her eye, "Right now, I want to make you forget about Shinji and this pain you feel, that is… if you'll let me?"

She barely hesitated, nodding her head as she looked into his eyes. He then pushed his lips to hers, making the girl's eyes widen. But he continued, he had never kissed before, but he's seen many others do it, and read many romance novels, so it wasn't that hard to put what he knew into practice. He applied what he believed was the correct thing to do, and it seemed to be right. His lips massaged Asuka's gently. The girl didn't make any refusal as she closed her eyes and tried to return the kiss.

Kaworu felt the redheaded girl relaxed in his arms as they remained wrapped around her torso. The boy started slowly increasing the intensity of the kiss, as he started to lick at Asuka's lips, the girl was nervous for a moment before tentatively parting her own lips and letting her mouth be occupied with the pale boy's tongue. She hesitantly returned the favor, letting her tongue enter his, their tongues caressing each other as they did.

Asuka moved her hand up to his face and gently stroked his jaw as they kissed. Kaworu's hand cupped the bottom of one of her breasts, gently rubbing it. His other hand traveled between her legs and started to caress her warm sex. Kaworu knew that if she didn't like it, she would have voiced it to him and undoubtedly hit him. But her moaning into his mouth only encouraged him to continue. He allowed a finger to slip in and out of her, flexing slightly as he did so, an action that made her only unwind more in his hold.

Asuka began to struggle trying to kiss him, and her moans became more vocal, leading the pale boy to move his hands faster. Her body started to tremble slightly as he kept on touching her. She reached her climax as she started to spasm, the boy just moved to hold her in his arms, capturing her lips to keep her from being too loud. Eventually, their kiss broke slightly as they heavily panted, sucking in air with each breath.

"Asuka…" The silver headed boy gasped her name as he removed his hand from between her legs

"Kaworu…" She said as she looked him in the eyes, turning her body to face his front, her body shaking slightly.

They didn't say anything else as their lips crashed back together. Kaworu held his arms around her lower back as she wrapped hers around his neck. He ran his hands up and down her spine, sending pleasant chills up it. She meanwhile ran her hands in his silver locks, tangling her fingers in it. Asuka was getting more feisty as she kissed back with vigor, even nipping Kaworu's lip. The boy then broke from the kiss and moved to the crook of Auka's neck, kissing and sucking it slightly.

"K-Kaworu… ah!" She moaned as the pale boy continued, before she put her hands on his pale chest and pushed slightly. Kaworu got the idea and pulled away from her.

The two took a breath and looked each other in the eyes. Vibrant blue meeting bright red as they held each other by the shoulders. That was when Asuka noticed something poking at her sensitive womanhood, she looked down and blushed as she saw what it was.

"K-Kaworu, y-your… " She flushed with embarrassment, the boy in question looked curiously at what the problem was, and blushed furiously as he saw.

His member was hard, and its tip was now touching Asuka's nether lips.

"I-I'm really sorry Asuka" He said as he moved his hands to cover it so it would touch her.

"I-it's a-alright" She stuttered as she continued looking down.

"I-I guess I s-spoiled the moment huh? I s-should probably be going now" Kaworu told her as he moved to leave her. But she grabbed and stopped him.

"N-no, you… y-you helped me… s-so I should h-help you with t-that, right?" She asked as her face blushed harder.

"W-what?" he questioned while looking surprised.

"D-don't make me say it again" She spoke with some semblance of her usual commanding tone, but it was ruined by her clear embarrassment.

"I-if, ahem, if t-that's what you want to do Asuka" Kaworu answered, stopping himself from stuttering.

Asuka nodded before she moved her hands to Kaworu's chest. She moved them up and down, the boy savoring her touch. The redheaded girl rubbed circles on his torso as she began moving downwards. She then kneeled before the boy, grabbing his hands that were covering his genitals.

She pulled them away from his privates. His erection sprang up to her face level, slightly startling her. She looked at the penis, gulping slightly, it looked bigger to her than it did before. She reached out and wrapped her hand around it at the base. She tried to move her hand up and down, but even she could tell it was uncomfortable.

"You know you don't have to do this, right Asuka?" He asked.

"Y-yeah I do, but I want to, s-so... shut it" She told him, to which he complied.

The girl then pulled her hand back, before opening it. She brought it up to her mouth and spat on her palm. Turning back to the boy in front of her, she once again wrapped her hand around his cock. After a moment of hesitation, she started moving her hand up and down his shaft, eliciting a pleased groan from Kaworu.

Biting her lip from the slight awkwardness she felt, Asuka continued to pump the boy's dick as his breath started to pick up its pace. The pale teen had taken to leaning his back against the wall as she continued to jerk him off. The redhead girl then saw something start coming out of the tip of his dick, a drop of it touching her hand. She stopped moving her hand.

Kaworu looked down to see what the problem was. What he didn't realize was that Asuka had decided that it was taking too long to simply jerk him off. So she opted to suck his dick. He ended up throwing his head back when he felt her take his member into her mouth. Asuka had tried to to take more than she could take however and triggered her gag reflex, causing her to pull her mouth off it and cough.

"A-Asuka, y-you really do not have to do that" he tried telling her, but she just put a hand on his chest and pushed him back.

"I thought I said to shut it" She said with her blushing cheeks.

She then put her lips around the tip of his member and slowly moved her mouth up and down. Kaworu gasped as she bobbed her head on his shaft. She started to move faster, making Kaworu run a hand through her hair. Asuka did slightly enjoy the way he did so, as she moved her tongue on the underside of the boy's cock. The red eyed boy just moaned as he moved his other hand to massage the top of her head.

Asuka closed her eyes and worked in a rhythm, bobbing her head with a quickened pace as Kaworu petted her. The boy felt a build up of warmth in him and knew what was to come, though he found it hard to break away from the ecstasy he was in at the moment.

"A-Asuka!" He cried out to the girl, who opened her eyes and looked up at him from her kneeling spot. The sight alone pushed him to the edge, "I-I'm about to… to…"

He bit his lip, but wasn't able to hold back as he dug his fingers into Asuka's red hair and pushed his member as far as he could into her mouth. The pale teen then shot his hot load into her mouth. The redheaded teen tried to drink some of it, but ended up choking a bit. Kaworu realized this and immediately pulled his member from her mouth.

"I-Im sorry Asuka, I got a bit… carried away" He said as Asuka coughed up some of the boy's seed on the floor, she then wiped her mouth and stood up. She then glared at the pale boy, who sweatdropped at the look.

"Idiot… you could've told me you were about to cum" She told him, her voice was irritated.

"I-I'm sorry, it just felt so good" He sheepishly responded.

"...whatever" She said, but Kaworu felt as if he messed something up. He curled his fist as he thought about what he could do, before he had an idea.

"H-how about I make it up to you?" He asked as he moved up close to her.


"You made me feel good with your mouth, so what if I made you feel good with my mouth?" He suggested, to which the girl blushed.

She paused for a moment, before nodding, as she was still plenty aroused.

Kaworu smiled as he pushed his body against Asuka's, he looked her in the eyes and gave her a peck on the lips before crouching down before her.

The girl flushed as he was now facing her vagina. The boy meanwhile, looked on with intrigue, seeing the nice pink color on the lips, as well as the small patch of red hair above them. He noted that the carpet matches the drapes.

He tentatively moved his hands and touched the opening. Asuka's breath hitched when she felt his fingers touch down there, her mind going back to when he was touching her earlier. Kaworu had then opened her womanhood slightly, seeing she was still somewhat wet. He steeled himself and moved his face closer.

Sticking his tongue out, he licked her pussy, making Asuka gasped slightly. Kaworu took attention to the sound and did it again. And again. And again. He repeated the action as Asuka covered her mouth. Her other hand moved to settle on the boy's head, slightly rubbing it.

Kawora got bolder as he moved one of his index fingers near her entrance, letting it rub up and down her folds. He moved his tongue further up, unknowingly hitting her clit at one point. She held back a moan as the boy started exploring her nether regions with his tongue, but couldn't help it when he slowly inserted a finger. She let out a muffled cry as her hand dung into his hair, pulling at it as he pumped his finger in and out of her.

"Mmm, yes, Kaworu…!" She called out as the boy pleasured her.

The boy however felt the need to tease, and so, stopped licking and looked up at her, still continuing his hand motions all the while.

"Oh? Now you're acting sweet again? Because I'm making you feel good hmm?" He asked with a smirk, "What if I were to stop though"

He stopped moving his hand, causing Asuka to immediately start squirming with discomfort.

"W-why did you stop?" She whined.

"Oh? Did you not want me to stop?" He questioned with false curiosity.


"No what?"

"No! I don't w-want you to stop" She cried out.

"Stop what?" He moved the tip of his finger slightly, the action tormenting the girl.

"D-don't s-stop touching me!"

"You'll have to be more specific, touching you where?" He said smugly.

"D-Don't…" She whimpered.

"What Asuka?" He asked as he wiggled his finger inside her.

"Don't stop touching my pussy!" She cried out.

"As you wish" He told her, before he quickly started pumping his finger in and out of her, the girl moaning as he did. The boy then added his middle finger as he continued to push the two fingers in her, before pulling them out to the edge and pushing them back. He had also moved his mouth back to the top of her womanhood, flicking the little nub he found there with his tongue.

Asuka had taken to biting down on her hand in an effort to stop herself from being too loud. Her body started shivering as her hand pulled on the boy's silver hair. Her mind was blanking out from the euphoria she was experiencing.

She felt the familiar hot sensation start growing in the center of her core. But this time it was more intense. She grabbed at the boy's hair, pulling at it with both hands. Despite the slight sting from his hair getting yanked, Kaworu continued his actions.

"Kaworu I-Ah!" Asuka tried to say, but started to cry out as she reached another ogasim. Before she could get too loud, Kaworu used his free hand to cover the girl's mouth, letting her voice her pleasure into his palm. He kept his mouth on her womanhood as she pushed his face into it, riding out her climax.

After a moment, the girl stopped her moaning and released the boy's head. He pulled away from between her legs, somewhat panting. The boy also removed his hand from her mouth, letting the redhead girl breathe out, albeit slightly heavily. Kaworu then lifted himself from his kneeling position to stand in front of her.

He put his arms around her waist as he moved close to her. She was still slightly recovering, but he held her as he moved to kiss her. Neither of them really cared what they had just used their mouths for as they deeply kissed. Asuka had wrapped her arms around the boy's shoulders, helping her to stand up straight as her legs felt a little numb.

"Do you… feel better?" the boy panted as he broke the kiss.

Asuka just nodded her head, which made the pale boy smile, running his hands up his side, he kissed her again, though this time he peaked an eye open to look at the clock on the wall.

"I guess we must have gotten carried away…" He said as he pulled his mouth from Asuka's to fully look at the clock. Asuka did as well to see what he was talking about, she noticed the clock read that it had been nearly an hour since she had started showering.

"I guess…" She muttered.

"We should probably get going, I'm sure some people are wondering where we are," Kaworu told her, to which Asuka nodded her head in agreement. But Kaworu noticed her expression seemed dispirited, "But maybe we could do something tomorrow, like hang out and go somewhere, if you want?"

Asuka's cheeks had a faint blush on them, but she nodded her head again.

"Yeah, maybe we can," She said, to which Kaworu smiled.

"Since I already have your phone number, I'll call you, or text, whichever one I can do" He told her before leaning towards her and taking one more kiss, which she returned before he pulled away and starting heading out to the boys locker room, "I'll see you later, Asuka"

Asuka watched as he walked away, taking a moment to stare off at the floor as she registered the events that occurred.

Taking a breath, she went to change into her clothes, mindless dressing herself and putting her connector clips back in her hair. She then made her way out of the lockers and down the hall. Now that her mind was no longer distracted, she started to digest the information about Shinji and Rei.

She felt her chest start to hurt again, but she took a deep breath and pushed the thought of the first and third children out her mind. She then turned her thoughts toward the gray haired boy, and as she did, she noticed that the pain in her chest started to become replaced with a warm sensation, one that made her feel more at ease.

Thinking about the feeling of his lips on hers made her heart race, and the thought that they were going to talk again tomorrow only made it go faster. Seeing how she was alone, Asuka let out a sigh, before allowing her lips to move up into a small smile.

Author's Note: I didn't really have much reason for making this other than, I wanted another lemon, so I made another one, and I even tried to give it plot and reasoning. I chose this pairing because it's very uncommon to find fanfiction of them (I can list all the ones I know on one hand) and I think they make a cute couple. Also does Kaworu X Asuka have a nickname like Asuworu, Kasuka, or something else? I know not every pairing needs or gets a nickname like ReiShin or AsuShin do, but I think it would be nice to have one for this pairng, and their probably is one but idk it. Anyway, I hope you liked this lemon, I will probably make more in the future, I did try to make it different from my other one in terms of what happen(I know lemons don't need plots, but I like plot), also please please please tell me what you think of it by leaving a review or just comment something, my last fic got a spam comment, and another that I'm pretty sure is a moderator for ffnet. But I digress, hopefully I will make another fic soon.