Kamen Rider Hero is five years old. Fire Emblem Awakening is ten years old. …where does time go?

Completely honestly, I sincerely didn't know this project would still be going on by now. Back when I started, my rough guestimate about when this would be finished was around 2020 or 2021. …here we are a few years after my original best guess about the story's conclusion. In retrospect, this project has ballooned out of control in more ways than one… but it's something I'm proud of and will see through to its conclusion.

I'll also say… it still astounds me that I managed to pick up on the trend of Riders using their real names for their Rider names. Also, and this is just more of a funny coincidence than anything else, there's a Kamen Rider Falchion. Just wow!

Although… without giving spoilers for the future of the main story, there was a plot point I nearly forgot about and I had to double check the main story to refresh my memory on it. I thankfully caught it before it could cause a huge plot error in the future.

Oh, and before I forget to bring this up since the original thing that was set to bring this up isn't going to be ready before the end of the month, happy Autism Acceptance Month. I myself am autistic and was diagnosed when I was very young. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

Anyway… this V-Cinema like adventure... this is something I've wanted to do for a while now. Since the chances of a Taisen movie are none due to Hero's and the Debo Kyoryuger version of Yayoi appearing in Chou Taisen Remake, and I decided to not make a Heisei Generations-styled Hero/Ex-Aid crossover, there likely wouldn't be an instance where the Riders from the Rider Emblem Worlds would meet the Kamen Riders from the main reality. That's excluding the upcoming Hero/Ex-Aid crossover. I mean like… the All Riders of the Rider Emblem Worlds working with the All Riders from the main Rider realities. ...and yes… this'll include the Build Riders… likely the only time they'll ever pop up in something related to Kamen Rider Hero. Anyone after that? You'll see.

This won't tie into the upcoming Movie War… but this will tie into Hero. This is kind of going to act as both a prologue to events in Hero proper and prologue the chapters in Shadow Dragon no Sekai.

Well… let us begin.

Fire Emblem belongs to Nintendo, Intelligent Systems, etc. Kamen Rider belongs to Toei, Bandai, etc. All OCs belong to their respective owners.

"Our world was once one whole and stable one… it wasn't exactly a perfect world… but it was our world…" a female narrator stated as her attention was focused on a scroll that depicted the Fire Emblem and the Falchion. Her attention was then drawn to stained glass windows that had Marth, Celica, Roy, Ike, Micaiah, Robin, Lucina, Kamui and Itsuki, "Legends of the many heroes were passed through the ages… people call upon the names of those legends in times of great need…"

The scene transitioned to a battlefield on a large valley. Four flags were set up by different people.

"The Kingdom of Askr, the Kingdom of Embla, the Kingdom of Aytolis, and the Kingdom of Gristonne. War was an inevitability with these four factions…" the narrator stated, "My kingdom was on the sight of that fateful battle… when our reality cracked apart…"

The four sides charged at each-other and began to do battle. Swords clashed, lances stabbed, axes slashed, shields defended, arrows were shot, the whole nine yards. The leaders of the four armies were in the midst of their own battle with each-other.

"Just when things seemed like they were about to end… that's when... he appeared… a destroyer…"

Suddenly, as the leaders of Embla and Askr clashed with each-other, a mist distortion of sorts appeared. Everybody turned towards it as a figure came tumbling out. The person in question was in a primarily magenta armor that had white and black streaks along it, had green bug-like eyes, and a white belt buckle with a red center in it.

All sides began to stare at this figure as he slowly stood up. However, more creatures emerged from the mist distortion. The creatures had a humanoid-like body that was completely black, bearing red gloves, boots, heads and chest-armor. The warrior in pink armor just scoffed as he took out a sword, switched it into a gun, took out a card and then loaded it into his belt buckle.


Energy began to charge into the gun of the warrior as the black and red creatures charged towards him.

"Who… who or what are you?!" a warrior of one of the nations yelled out.

"Torisugari no Kamen Rider da... oboetoke!" the warrior yelled out as he closed the buckle on his belt.


The shot fired from the gun and soared towards the three creatures. The blast quickly made contact with them causing them to spark. The Rider simply gave a confident smile before noticing the sparking on the creatures was behaving rather oddly. They did eventually blow up, but a strange energy wave shot up into the air and around the entire world after the explosion had occurred. All four armies looked on in confusion as the Rider's own armor began to spark as well. Energy then bounced off of the Rider's armor, flew into the air, and began converging with the strange energy that was affecting the world.

"What the…?" the Rider blinked a bit.

"Onore Decado!" a familiar voice yelled.

"...not you again…" the Rider muttered.

Another figure emerged from the mist, which was now wobbling in a strange way, and this person looked rather angry.

"Your presence has upset the nature of this world!"

"...my being here… has somehow damaged this world?" the Rider said as he tilted his helmet a little bit.

"Kamen Riders were never meant to exist in this reality! By you being here and destroying those monsters… you have upset the balance of this reality!"

The Rider looked and noticed the energy that was sparking in the air before it went tumbling to the ground. The energy continued to spark on the ground as what looked like mist began to appear. The Rider simply looked on in what seemed to be horror, "Oh no…"

He then quickly made a run for the wobbling mist, also dragging the man who had yelled at him through it, as the world began to shake and the mist went up into the air. The mist floated down across the world as eight mist screens to fly off in various directions. The four armies all simply watched as this occurred with no idea what was happening to their world.

"Because of this destroyer, which many people have taken to calling him, our world had been fragmented. The history had been fragmented into eight parts, it had gotten horribly mangled, some of the history had gotten lost due to the damage, and we had no idea how to restore it."

"The past had been altered vastly and we in the present had no idea what the true extent of the damage was. Yet… we knew one thing. A single set of words that echo across the ages…"

Within the world that contained Marth's time, AKA Shadow Dragon no Sekai, Caeda was currently on a pegasus that was soaring through the air. The bluenette woman had her right arm in a cast and her right hand was also rather heavily bandaged. She let out a sigh as she looked to the injury with an agitated look on her face. Another pegasus tailed behind her, but was at a distance that Caeda didn't notice. Said pegasus simply rested on a cloud for a moment as Caeda and her pegasus continued onward.

Suddenly, a magic blast knocked Caeda and her pegasus out of the air. Her pegasus landed on the ground with a loud 'thud' and Caeda ended up landing on her injured arm. She looked to see it was a mage of Gharnef's forces that had done the attack. Caeda attempted to grab her lance to fight the mage, but her injuries made her unable to get a grip on it. However, help arrived as the pegasus who had tailed her flew into view and Marth jumped off of it to attack the mage.


"Don't worry… I'll keep you safe…" Marth told her assuringly before he turned towards the mage, "I'll fight to keep everybody I love and care for safe. No matter what… I will continue to fight and protect them!'

Suddenly, the Falchion began to give a glow. The glow trailed down Marth's body before it transformed into a golden belt. Almost as suddenly Marth knew exactly what to say…

"King Henshin!"

As he slashed away the mage, Marth's body began to glow a brilliant shade of blue. Caeda covered her eyes at the bright light before her and, upon it dying down, she looked on in amazement at Marth. He had the same golden belt that resembled the belt of Kamen Rider Kuuga with the center red gem surrounded and held by a navy blue dragon, and wielded the same Falchion of the silver blade on a golden hilt with a green gem and red grip with one part having a gun barrel sticking out of it. He basically resembled an armored Marth, right down to the armored hair, tiara, blue bug-like eyes, and a silver mouthpiece covering his nose and mouth, golden wristbands and kneepads, and a blue cape with a red underside.

"Suge…" Caeda gawked.

"Kamen Rider… Marth!" he yelled out as he charged forward.

"The set of words that now echoes through our ages… is Kamen Rider. The name of the destroyer that had damaged our world was now being echoed through our now fragmented world…"

"And yet the people of the destroyer's world have no idea of the damage caused to our world and live in peace…"

Kamen Rider Ichigou and Kamen Rider Faiz were in the midst of battling the creatures that had been battled by Decade a while back in the other world. They were being watched by people in white lab coats.

"Foundation X…" Ichigou muttered as he kicked away one of the creatures, "What are you up to?!"

"...if you need to know, it's just some field testing of some experiments…" a member responded with a roll of their eyes.

"Well, we're gonna put a stop to that right now," Faiz declared as he readied the Axel Watch. One of the creatures managed to grab the watch and tossed it away from Faiz. The Rider gave an annoyed sigh as he attempted to try to retrieve it, but was blocked by about a dozen or so of the creatures.

The men in the lab coats began to type on a keyboard near what looked to be a giant magnifying glass, minus the glass part, causing it to begin to spark with energy. Ichigou looked at what was happening with a concerned look under his helmet as the machine blasted energy out. The energy changed from a green color into a silver one before it transformed into the mist that Decade used to jump dimensions.

Ichigou proceeded to make a run over towards the machine, but the machine suddenly sparked wildly with energy as the silver mist began to distort and erratically move around. The scientists then quickly worked to try to get the machine under control before something happened, but the machine ended up blowing up, causing the mist to quickly fly over Ichigou, and the Rider vanished.

"Ichigou!" Faiz yelled.

"What just happened?!" one member demanded to know.

"The machine malfunctioned …as for the Rider? Don't know where he ended up…"

Faiz clenched his fist before he saw the Axel Watch on the ground. He then quickly managed to get it on and activated it.



Faiz then began to move at light speed to attack the remaining creatures. After a moment, red glows surrounded the creatures.


The creatures all blew up as the Foundation X members quickly decided to book it while they still could. Faiz was about to try and follow them, but...


Faiz stood for a moment before he reverted back into human form. He sighed a little while he looked at what remained of the machine and where the mist had made Ichigou vanish.

"Man… this is gonna be a long day…" he sighed as he got onto his motorcycle and drove off.

Ichigou landed in what looked to be a grassy field. He looked around for a moment, saw that he looked to be alone and that the portal had vanished. He gave a small exhale before he reverted back to normal and began to black out a bit.

'Is this… the end?' he thought as he looked around before sighing, 'Minna… gomen…'

"Hey… hey! Hey!" somebody yelled to him as he finished losing consciousness.

Takumi arrived at a hospital and saw a certain somebody's motorcycle parked up against a wall. He proceeded to park his own motorcycle and he headed inside.

"This cut is going to be fine and it doesn't look like there'll be any scarring…" a doctor commented to another person, "Just keep it covered and you'll be fine."


"Mind my asking how you got that cut… uh…" the doctor began to ask as he looked down at some papers to recall the patient's name, "Kadoya-san?"

"Was doing some training and it went wrong…"

"Emu," a female voice called out as a nurse entered.

"Oh. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid?" the injured man asked.

"Yea," Emu nodded without thinking about it as he turned to the nurse, "Asuna-chan, what's up?"

"Somebody came looking for Kadoya-san," Asuna informed before Takumi walked into the room, "Uh, sir?"

Tsukasa simply gave a look to him, "Takumi. Been a while."


He simply gave a sigh in response to Takumi, "What's going on?"

"Wait… aren't you both Kamen Riders?" Emu asked.

"What's it to you?" Takumi questioned.

"I'm a Rider too," Emu smiled as he took out his Gamer Driver and Mighty Action X Gashat.

"Is there somewhere private that we can talk?" Tsukasa asked.

"Yea, there is," Asuna nodded, guiding the group to the CR Room to talk.

Hongo slowly began to stir after some time had passed. He looked around to see that he was in some sort of a guest room in a castle that was small, but looked rather cozy due to how simple it looked. He slowly sat up before he saw a flag nearby that had an unfamiliar symbol on it.

"Where… am I?" he muttered.

The door to the room opened up and Marth walked on in.

"Oh?" Hongo blinked.

"Oh… uh… did I wake you up?" Marth asked.

"No. Were you the one who brought me here?"

"Yea, that was me," Marth informed as he closed the door and walked over, "Prince Marth of Altea. What's your name?"

"Hongo… Takeshi. But most people just call me Hongo."

"Nice to meet you," Marth bowed.

'Altea? Ok… so… one of two things had to have happened to me. I'm either, one, in a closed off nation that remains in secret due to some precious item, such as a metal, that they want to keep secret, or two… I'm really in another dimension…' Hongo thought.

"Lost in another dimension?!" Asuna gawked.

"Based on the mists that caused him to vanish…" Takumi responded.

"Well… I ended up in another dimension sometime in the past," Emu commented.

"...hopefully it won't damage that reality…" Tsukasa added.


"I got told that if something goes into a reality where it doesn't belong for too long… it can upset the balance of that reality. One reality I went to that lacked Riders… a monster got a hold of gear and turned into a Rider-like monster… and I don't even know what happened to that other reality…" Tsukasa informed as he sighed before looking up, "Based on the portal another group of Foundation X was working on, I have a strong feeling I know where he is. We need to find Ichigou and get him out as fast as we possibly can."

"How do we go about doing that?" Takumi questioned.

"I can use my dimensional jumping powers to send some of us there… but I'd need to be in the area where he was transported in order to open the portal to get us to the right world," Tsukasa told Takumi. He then looked to Emu, "But… I think it might be a good idea to get some back up. Even if it possibly makes things worse, so long as we just focus on getting Ichigou back…"

"Where would we get it?" Emu asked.

"I know the location of two older Riders whom Hongo knows pretty well. As for any more current ones…" Tsukasa continued, "That'll be your job."

"Alright," Emu nodded, with Tsukasa quickly handing him a piece of paper with the location to meet up at.

Asuna watched them for a moment before she cleared her throat to speak, "Um… do you guys think it might be a good idea to look into who did this?"

"Foundation X," Takumi informed.

"Them again?" Emu sighed.

"Wait… when did you meet them?" Takumi questioned.

"It's a long story…" Emu responded.

"I can tell you later, but Asuna had a point with what she said earlier. After we get some help from some older Riders, we should go looking for where Foundation X went…" Tsukasa figured as he and Takumi got up and headed out.

Hongo sat within a dining hall and looked over some of the food that had been placed around it. Marth and Caeda had both started eating a bit of what looked to be some sort of simple white rice. Hongo was in a bit of silence, simply looking over the similar food he had, but he eventually started to eat it as well.

"Hongo-san? Uh… do you mind if I call you that?" Marth spoke up.

"Go ahead," he responded before briefly resuming eating.

"It's nice to meet you. In case you forgot, I'm Prince Marth Lowell of the kingdom of Altea."

"And I'm Princess Caeda of Talys."

"It is nice to meet you both."

"You willing to answer a few questions?" Caeda ended up asking.

"As best I can," Hongo responded.

"Well… are you okay from what happened that left you unconscious?" Caeda asked first.

"Hai. I don't know what made me pass out, but I'm better now," Hongo assured them.

"Could you tell us why you were where we found you?" Marth added.

"I'm… not quite sure about that myself. I was fighting someone and then I ended up there…" Hongo told them.

"Some sort of a mage with a teleportation spell then…" Caeda speculated.

Hongo didn't respond to that before a thought occurred to him as he glanced to the two that were across from him.

"If you don't mind my asking… are you two siblings or something?" Hongo ended up asking.

Marth and Caeda stared a little bit before Caeda couldn't help but giggle a little.

"Gomen. Just… the hair shades seemed a bit alike…" Hongo admitted.

"Don't worry about it," Marth assured him, "We're partners."

Hongo gave a simple nod and simply resumed eating a bit. Marth and Caeda were about to do the same, when…

"Your highness!"

Marth and Caeda quickly turned around to see Cain and Abel had entered the room, with both quickly bowing before the royals.

"What's going on?" Marth questioned.

"The Lifesphere has yielded a reaction. Gharnef's forces appear to be on the move to the location as well," Cain quickly explained.

Marth quickly got out of his seat, as did Caeda, and the duo exchanged nods.

"Organize a small force to get to the location as fast as possible. Do Gharnef's forces have an ETA?" Marth spoke.

"None yet. We have time, but we should get going," Abel added on.

Hongo quickly took note of the things happening around him, then stood up from his seat as well. The group turned towards him in surprise, but he simply gave a smile towards them. Marth wordlessly returned it, giving an approval for Hongo to join them on their mission.

"Get him a horse," Marth instructed.

"But-" Cain spoke up.

"I have a feeling he'll help us," Marth responded.

"Alright, your highness."

"Something important came up, so I'm going to need to ask you to transfer my appointments to other people," Emu said on the phone to the director of the hospital, "It's Rider related."

The director of the hospital was silent for a bit before voicing approval for Emu to head out.

"Arigato. I'll make up for it when I get back," Emu thanked before he proceeded to hang up. He quickly grabbed his belt, made sure he had the Gashats he needed, and was about to head out. He set the Mighty Action X Gashat into his hospital coat's pocket, but then felt something within it. He slowly took out what almost looked sort of like some sort of a watch like item that was mostly black in color and seemed to have a button on top of it. He was about to shrug it off, but then just slid it back into his pocket without another thought.

Emu walked outside, quickly ending a call on his cellphone, before he heard someone follow him. He turned around to see Asuna and Hiiro had followed after him, which made him stop.

"What's going on with you two?" Hiiro asked.

"We've got a Rider mission to go on," Asuna quickly informed.

"I appreciate you two being willing to help…" Emu spoke up as he walked over and handed Asuna a copy of the meetup location given to him by Tsukasa, "But I think we may need more back-up. Something in my gut is telling me that this is going to be more complicated than a rescue mission."

"Alright…" Asuna nodded, understanding Emu's point.

"I called up Kenzaki-san and told him to meet up with you here. Just wait for him," Emu told the two.

"When did I agree to join this…?" Hiiro questioned himself.

"Gotcha," Asuna smiled.

With that, Emu headed off in another direction while Asuna and Hiiro stood and waited. Hiiro let off a gentle sigh, as if he realized they would be waiting for a little while, while Asuna simply had an optimistic look on her face.

Tsukasa and Takumi arrived at a small cafe within the town and were soon approached by two older gentlemen. The two younger teens gave a quick and respectful bow to the two gentlemen before they headed over to somewhere a little bit more secluded so that they could talk.

"Minami-san, Murasame-san, thank you for being willing to meet up," Tsukasa politely spoke.

"That's a bit more polite than usual for you. Something happened?" Kohtaro Minami asked.

"There's a mess that Hongo stumbled into… and I have a feeling part of it is my fault…" Tsukasa admitted.

"...how?" Takumi questioned.

"Yeah… how?" Ryo Murasame also asked.

Tsukasa gave off a small exhale as he looked downwards, "Foundation X has been looking into paths to other dimensions. And they stumbled onto the one I think they sent Hongo into because of me. I fought them and the portal… glitched… I think is the right word to put it. That other world got distorted simply by me being there, and who knows how much worse it'll be now. We need to get there and get him out."

Takumi, Ryo, and Kohtaro all looked at Tsukasa for a bit, the supposed 'destroyer' simply being quiet and worried. Ryo soon walked over to his side with a relaxed look on his face. He gently put his hand on Tsukasa's shoulder, making him turn to the senior Rider.

"Hongo needs some help to get out of a dangerous situation? I'm down for going to help him," Ryo confirmed, "He's helped me out many times, so it's only fair."

"I'm willing to join the rescue as well," Kohtaro confirmed.

Tsukasa simply smiled and Takumi gave a nod in response.

"I do have a thought, though," Kohtaro spoke up, "If Foundation X is looking for a means to another world, maybe trying to find one of their hideouts would prove to be useful to at least impede them from that."

Tsukasa was about to speak, but realized Kohtaro had a point about that.

With Takumi as a guide, the four arrived back at where Foundation X and the machine were. The machine parts had been cleared up, leaving only a small sign of a scuffle as indication of where it was. Tsukasa stepped forward and saw mists that were sort of flickering, but still present. He closed his eyes for a moment, then sharply exhaled.

"Hongo's in that world you thought he was in?" Kohtaro asked.

"Yeah…" Tsukasa nodded, "...you two be careful and try to avoid using your powers if at all possible, and have caution going through this portal. …no telling what could happen."

"Right," Ryo nodded.

"We'll see if we can do something to Foundation X and then meet up with you two when we can," Takumi added.

Kohtaro and Ryo both nodded. Tsukasa then held up his hand and the dimensional mists reappeared. The two older Rider proceeded to walk through it, then Tsukasa gave off a small sigh.

"...you alright?" Takumi soon asked.

"Just a bit worried…" Tsukasa admitted, "I don't know why I'm so worried. It's just… I am."

"Let's focus on one thing at a time here," Takumi advised as he got onto his motorcycle.


Ryo and Kohtaro soon reappeared in the other world, but were in an open field with no people in sight.

"Looks like we got a long way to go…" Kohtaro exhaled.

"One thing I have to say… little surprised it's not Shocker at fault. They almost always seem to be at fault…" Ryo remarked on as they walked forward.

"Yeah… it is a bit surprising."

With Marth atop a horse and Caeda on a pegasus leading the charge, the army began to approach the location that had been told to them. Hongo was on a horse as well, simply quietly assessing the events as best he could.

'Different world it is. Yet… there's something strangely… familiar feeling about Marth and his girlfriend there. Just… something familiar…' Hongo thought as he observed the royal duo, 'And Marth… something about him… just reminds me of the Heisei Riders. …still need to apologize to the one I wronged the most…'

The trip continued onwards, while Hongo quietly recalled an event from the past with a bit of a disappointed look on his face.

"Even if it meant sacrificing yourself, you'd risk your life for a single flower… that kind and selfless strength may be true strength after all…" Ichigou said to Gaim.

"...Ichigou…" Gaim spoke as he managed to partially sit up.

"The one who reminded me of this was you…" Ichigou spoke as he offered a hand up, realizing that he was no Armored Rider, but rather…

"Kamen Rider Gaim!"


His eyes opened back up and he saw Marth was looking at him with a bit of a curious look.

"Is everything okay?" Caeda added.

"It's alright. Just… thought about something in the past," Hongo responded.

"So… you didn't hear me just a bit ago?" Marth added. Hongo nervously exhaled, confirming what Marth had asked about. The prince simply gave an understanding look, "It's alright. I can summarize it for you."

"Thank you."

"So, we're looking for jewels that'll unlock the power of an item known as the Fire Emblem. It's the key to us being able to stop Gharnef…" Marth began to explain.

Hongo gave a nod before he saw Marth turn to face him directly.

"The jewels sort of… track each-other…" Marth informed as he held out a red sphere, "This is known as the Lifesphere."

Hongo gave an understanding nod at this remark.

"With it, we should be able to track down the remaining four jewels and use the power of the Fire Emblem. But… this is the first solid lead we've had about a location of another jewel…" Marth elaborated, "And the enemies getting near it worries me."

"We'll get there soon," Caeda informed, "Be ready for anything."

"Hai," Hongo nodded.

The group was near a small ledge that overlooked the ruins that were where the jewel was guiding them.

Caeda pulled back to do a quick check on a few things, with Hongo remaining on the horse he had been given. She was about to urge him to get off, when she noticed there was a wedding ring on Hongo's hand, "Oh? You're married?"

"Indeed I am…" Hongo nodded.

Caeda soon gave a smile towards him, "Don't worry. As soon as we get the jewel back, we'll help you find your way back home to your wife."

"Arigato," Hongo smiled.

As prepped as they could be, the army charged down and saw a group of mages were already there and were looking around. Marth ended up letting out a rallying cry, which grabbed their attention.

Hongo watched as the mages charged towards the army, then quickly got off the horse as fast as he possibly could and punched a mage back with his bare hands. The mages stopped in their tracks as they looked to their injured comrade, who was clearly knocked out like a light.

"Hongo!" Caeda yelled.

"You need not worry about me…" he responded, with the Typhoon appearing around his waist.

"Wait… he's…?" Caeda began to question, while Marth had a knowing smile.

"Rider… Henshin!"

Wind energy soon gathered around the area and flowed right into Hongo's belt. The mages covered their faces as the energy flew forward and condensed around Hongo before he transformed into Kamen Rider Ichigou. He ran forward and began to attack the mages, who had transformed into partial beast forms, but he was effortlessly beating his way through them.

"He's… a Kamen Rider?!" Caeda yelled in shock.

Ichigou just gave a quick nod, then kept on the attack on the mages. Marth watched a bit in amazement, then hurried forward with the Falchion in hand.

"King Henshin!" Marth proclaimed, with his body glowing blue before he turned into his Rider form.

"I knew it…" Ichigou muttered.

"Kamen Rider Marth!" he shouted before he charged forward and aided on fighting the mages.

The two Riders kept on the attack as best he could, when Kamen Rider Marth saw an opening and hurried to try to reach the ruins. Suddenly, several mages appeared in his way and zapped him with powerful lightning spells that knocked the prince back a bit.

"Marth!" Ichigou yelled.

"I'll be fine…" Kamen Rider Marth responded as he stood up and then tried to make a dash forward, only to get blasted back, "I… can make it…"

Caeda then suddenly slashed one of the mages down, making the mage vanish into dust.


"You're not alone, Marth. I'm by your side! I always will be by your side!" Caeda proclaimed. Suddenly, a golden glow appeared around her waist before it quickly died down, revealing a belt that had what looked like a lance's end within the center of it. She quickly drew it out, with a white glow starting to surround her… "Queen Henshin!"

The mages growled a bit before they charged towards Caeda as a glow surrounded her entire body. When the glow faded, she was now in a suit of red and white armor with black legs, accented in gold with a dark red scarf and light blue eyes surrounded in gold, her blue hair flowing from the top. Her belt was a sky blue with the symbol of a lance and sword in the silver buckle in red.

"Sugee…" Kamen Rider Marth muttered.

The now Rider version of Caeda slashed at the mages, knocking them back a fair bit. She was soon joined by Ichigou in fighting them off, as did the knights.

"Go on and get the jewel!" Ichigou yelled, quickly kicking a mage out of the way, "We'll hold them off!"


"We got this," the Rider Caeda told her partner in a calm way, "Don't worry about us."

"Thank you!" Kamen Rider Marth responded before he made a charge for the ruins as fast as he could.

Elsewhere, Ryo and Kohtaro were walking around with no clue of where to begin looking for Hongo or anyone else that could point them in the right direction.

"We're gonna be here a while, I feel…" Kohtaro admitted.

"Best guess, if we find conflict, we'll find Hongo trying to help…" Ryo guessed as they kept going.

Kamen Rider Marth had managed to reach the center of the strange tombs that seemed to stretch on and on. As he walked forward, he could hear what almost sounded like someone breathing. It was fairly soft and calm, almost as if they were asleep. The Rider soon reverted back to normal and held out the Lifesphere, which seemed to be glowing a bit of a brighter color. Marth slowly walked further to the center of the tombs, with the sound starting to get a little bit louder. Eventually, he saw a small glowing light nearby and approached it.


To his surprise, instead of a jewel, there looked to be a person. She didn't look physically older than about eight or nine years old, wearing what seemed like some sort of a pink and purple dress, had long green hair that just about reached her waist, and small pink slip-on shoes. Marth held the Lifesphere forward and could see that, indeed, the source of the glowing was indeed the young girl in front of him.

"...unexpected…" Marth muttered to himself, before he slowly approached the girl, seeing that she was fast asleep. He reached over and gently picked her up, which caused her to start to stir a little bit.

The young girl let out a small yawn before she realized she was in Marth's arms. She slowly glanced up towards him, then looked a little confused, "Hi…"

"Hello…" Marth quietly greeted, "Don't worry. I'll keep you safe."

"Okay…" the girl nodded as Marth slowly carried her towards the exit.

"There was nothing in our spy reports about another Kamen Rider… let alone the prince's girlfriend being one!" a dark mage yelled.

"Toh!" Ichigou yelled as he jumped up, with green wind energy gathering at his legs, "RIDER KICK!"

The Rider Caeda just charged energy into a spear before she flung it forward, with both attacks causing the remaining mages to explode after they made contact. The dust remains of the mages then floated up into the sky, with Ichigou watching this in confusion.

"They aren't real people. Just conjurations made by the enemy," the Rider Caeda quickly explained.

"Soka…" Ichigou nodded.

The duo reverted back to normal as Marth exited with the girl in his arms. The sun had begun to set, so the girl's eyes didn't need to adjust too much to the somewhat brighter area.

"Marth, did y-" Caeda began to ask, then noticing the girl, "...was she in the tombs?"

"Yeah," Marth nodded.

Caeda's expression became more gentle and calm as her attention went to the young girl, "Hi. What's your name?"

"I'm Tiki…" the girl spoke.

"I'm Caeda, and that's Marth," the older woman informed.

Tiki gently nodded and smiled at the two, with Hongo simply looking a little curiously over this situation.

"We'll get you somewhere safe," Caeda quickly told her, with Marth soon walking forward with Tiki in tow. Caeda got over to Hongo and gave an apologetic look, "Sorry… but… this may need to take our priority."

"It's fine, I understand," Hongo assured her.

Back within the castle, after a bit of travel, Tiki was being guided forward by Marth and Caeda. The young girl was simply in awe at the area around her, before she ended up seeing the kitchen. Her eyes widened, before Caeda guided her forward to get something to eat.

Upon arrival to the kitchen, Tiki's eyes widened not only from the smell of the food being made, but how much was visible.

"Go ahead and have as much as you want," Caeda smiled.

Tiki's eyes simply grew wider at the prospect before she hurried off to grab some things to eat. The young girl darted around a bit too quickly for Caeda to fully follow, but she could for sure see Tiki grab a few loaves of bread.

Not too long later, Tiki was in another room and in a bucket filled with clean water. Caeda was with her, wearing some more casual clothes, and helping the girl get cleaned.

"I don't remember the last time someone's been this nice to me…" Tiki admitted.

"You'll be safe with us, promise," Caeda responded, taking a bit to help Tiki clean her hair.

"Thank you…" Tiki smiled.

Soon, Tiki was in some more standard clothing, but her hair was free and flowing at the moment, and it got in her face a bit. Caeda quickly took notice of this before she got something.

"Get… out…" Tiki muttered, trying to get it out of her face, before she felt Caeda gently take it, "Huh?"

Caeda gently tied Tiki's hair with a small pink bow of sorts, making the girl look in amazement as she saw the ponytail her hair was now in. Tiki soon hugged Caeda, which surprised her a bit, but Caeda returned the hug.

The young girl was soon given her own room within the castle, which she just marveled in amazement at. She then glanced towards the bed there in the room, and got a bit nervous.

"Are you doing alright?" Marth asked her as he walked in.

"I'm alright…" Tiki nervously responded, "...how long will I need to be asleep for…?"

"At least until the morning," Marth told her before he saw her expression, "Is the room not to your liking?"

"No, no, it's fine. I'm just… nervous…" Tiki admitted, "...you'll be there when I wake up, right?"

Marth soon realized the issue and got down to Tiki's eye level, "I will. I promise you that."

"...can you stay here? Just for tonight…?"

Tiki was soon asleep, laying in Marth's arms. Hongo couldn't help but give a small smile at this sight as he walked by the room and could see into it.

'With kindness like that… he's going to make a good king in the future…' Hongo thought, then he gently closed the door.

Year, 2018

It was a fairly calm afternoon outside of a clock shop. A young teen was polishing a small watch like object with the year '2018' emblazoned on the bottom half of it. He was about to do something, when he heard some item start to ring. He took out his cellphone, yet it wasn't coming from that. He glanced over to something that was holding various watches, then saw the ringing noise was coming from one that looked like Ex-Aid.

"Tsukuyomi, Geiz…" the teen spoke as he walked over to them, "Do the Ride Watches have any other abilities?"

"...why do you want to know…?" the male, Geiz, asked.

"It's been ringing…" he informed, bringing out the Ex-Aid Ride Watch.

The girl of the three, Tsukuyomi, took the watch and they headed out of the clock shop. The three soon arrived by what seemed like a giant robot. They got into it, and Tsukuyomi proceeded to load the Ride Watch into some sort of a computer on the inside of the robot. The ringing stopped and the monitor turned on.

-Hello there, Sougo-tachi. If you're getting this message, then something important is going to happen and you need to show up,- a digital version of Emu's voice spoke.

"They can record messages…?" the teen questioned.

-I know you'll be there because I remember seeing you…- Emu's voice continued, before what seemed to be one of his memories played and they could see two Kamen Riders, which made the teen and Geiz exhale a bit. The memories kept playing out and showed all sorts of Riders, -This should let you know who to track down. It'll also tell you where to go and when to go there. Best of luck.-

The message ended and the trio exchanged looks.

"Sougo… it looks like we have to go…" Tsukuyomi spoke.

"She's got a point… let's go, Zi-O," Geiz added on.

The teen, Sougo, just nodded as he got up to the controls of the giant robot.

Present Day, Year 2017

Hiiro gave off a small yawn, while Asuna was still being a bit patient. Ten minutes had passed with nobody arriving to their location, and Hiiro was starting to get a bit irritated. Before he could walk off, though…


The giant robot, known as the Time Majin, flew out of a portal. The Time Majin landed in front of Hiiro and Asuna, who both looked at it in shock. After a moment, Sougo, Geiz, and Tsukuyomi walked out of it.

"Looks like we're right on time…" Sougo realized.

"What is happening…?" Asuna asked.

"I… think I recognize them…" Hiiro admitted.

"This looks interesting…" another voice added.

The five quickly turned around to see a young man with a blue and black outfit walking over.

"Who…?" Sougo asked.

"Kenzaki-san!" Asuna recalled, earning a quick nod from the young man, "It's been a while."

"Indeed. Emu called me and asked me to meet up with someone here," the man, Kazuma Kenzaki, informed the group.

"Kamen Rider Blade…" Geiz realized.

"So… who are you three?" Kenzaki soon asked.

"Emu called us here," Sougo informed, "And he asked for our help in gathering other Riders for… something."

"Looks like we're working together," Asuna smiled, "To another world!"

Hiiro and Geiz both sighed before they all got into the Time Majin. Asuna soon followed in as well, and noticed a set of blank Ride Watches nearby.

"What are these?" Asuna asked as she picked one up, causing it to spark to life and generate into a Ride Watch based on her Rider form, "Sugee…"

Hiiro gave a confused look and picked one up as well, creating another Ride Watch based on his form.

Sougo simply walked in alongside Kenzaki, who looked amazed at the area.

"Bit small with this many people, but we'll manage," Sougo added, as Asuna and Hiiro set the watches back in place.

"So… you're from the future?" Kenzaki asked Sougo.

"Yeah. About a year from now," Sougo responded.

"Well… good luck, kid," Kenzaki told him, "A Rider's life isn't easy… I know that especially."

Sougo gave a small nod in response to that. Tsukuyomi soon got to the controls and got the machine going forward. As they flew off, Sougo and Kenzaki had begun to talk about various things…

Via some sort of mists, a young kid about thirteenish walked over to some older people and gave a bit of a smile.

"Heure, what are they doing?" an older man asked.

"Hard to say, Swartz. Though, they were talking to Kamen Rider Blade…" Heure informed the remaining two.

Swartz almost paled upon the mention of that particular Rider, "Where are they heading?!"

"Something about another world…"

"Is Blade a bad thing?" the woman of the group asked.

"Very, Ora. Follow me…" Swartz told them.

A young man was mindlessly walking around, simply basking in the peaceful day that was in front of him. Suddenly, he was completely frozen in time. Swartz and Heure walked forward, keeping their focus on him.

"...who is this?" Ora asked.

"Kamen Rider Chalice. And if he's allowed to be alone in this world… it'll end…" Swartz stated.

"...oh…" Ora paled.

"We'll keep him frozen for as long as we can…" Swartz stated, then he turned towards Ora, "Find one of the other Riders who used Blade's power set and bring them with you. The last thing we need is a world being destroyed…"

Ora gave a quick nod, then hurried off without any complaints.

Elsewhere, Mutsuki Kamijo was simply walking along without any care in the world. It was a calm and nice day for him… only for it to stop suddenly.

Ora quickly froze Mutsuki in place, then dragged him off without another word. The frozen in time person was completely at a loss of what was going on, as he couldn't even process that things were happening around him.

Emu soon arrived by a small doughnut shop of some sorts and looked around. He smiled upon spotting someone and quickly headed over to them as he finished a doughnut.

"Nothing beats plain sugar…" the man muttered.

"Hello, Wizard," Emu greeted.

The man, Haruto, set his finished bag aside and then turned to see Emu, "Oh, Ex-Aid?"

"Nice to see you again. Uh… you able to help out with something?"

"Sure thing," Haruto nodded as he threw the trash he had out, "This is certainly going to be an interesting day. So, where we off to?"

"I'd at least like to find two other Riders. Uh… would finding the blue and orange one be possible?" Emu asked.

"Indeed," Haruto nodded as he placed a hand over his belt.


A magical portal spawned in front of the two and Haruto headed through it. Emu simply gave a confused look, but followed through.

The two were now in Zawame City and by what looked to be some sort of really old tree. Emu gave a confused look, while Haruto walked forward.

"We're going to find Gaim here?" Emu asked.

"We should," Haruto responded as he got up to the tree, "Gaim! Can you hear us? We need your help!"

"Gaim? You around?" Emu called out as well.

Kouta and Mai both smiled as they observed a pair of children simply playing around, before the former seemed to sense something.

"Something up?" Mai asked.

"Yeah. Something's by Kaito's tree… something calling me…" Kouta informed.

"Go on. I'll keep an eye on the kids," Mai assured him

Kouta gave her a quick kiss to the cheek before he teleported away.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Emu couldn't help but ask.

"His friends told me the last time I saw them to go here to find him in the future," Haruto responded.

Soon, what seemed almost like a golden zipper appeared in front of the two, and out of it emerged Kouta in some regular looking clothes.

"Yo," he greeted.

"Hello, Kouta," Haruto smiled.

"...right, that was his name…" Emu muttered, before speaking up, "Uh… sorry to bother you. Just… there's a bit of a rescue mission we need to go on to help another Kamen Rider. I figured you'd be good to get as back-up."

"Not a problem," Kouta responded.

Emu gave a smile and exhaled a little bit, clearly happy at this turn of events.

"Nice to see you again, Haruto," Kouta soon remarked, earning a nod and a wave from Haruto.

"Glad to have you aboard, Kouta-san," Emu smiled, "I think I know of one other Rider nearby we can try to bring with us. Let's get going."

The trio started to walk away, though Haruto ended up glancing towards Kouta.

"What was the deal with the race-car Rider calling you a 'kami-sama'?" Haruto soon asked.

"It's a long story…"

"We've got time."

As Emu, Haruto, and Kouta walked off, though, a certain spirit that was nearby the tree watched them leave and soon started to follow…

Mai simply looked to her kids for a moment before she heard something a distance away. She walked a little towards where it was, then saw the Time Majin had appeared. Sougo, Geiz, Tsukuyomi, Hiiro, and Asuna stepped out of it.

"...now what…?" Mai muttered before she saw the group approach.

"Hello," Asuna greeted with a smiled.

"Kamen Rider Fraise, was it?" Geiz asked.

"Yeah," Mai nodded, "Is something going on?"

"We're on a bit of a mission and we need a lot of other Riders to help us out," Sougo informed.

"We were hoping you'd be able to help out," Tsukuyomi added.

"Looks like Kouta got called for a reason…" Mai muttered, then she looked up, "I'd like to help… but… um… I have two kids there. They're both young and need someone to watch them."

"So… you'll help us if someone can keep an eye on them?" Hiiro asked.


The group glanced between each-other before their eyes fell to the only one who wasn't a Kamen Rider amongst them…

"...what?" Tsukuyomi asked before she realized, "Oh no. You're not leaving me behind."

"You're the only one of us that's not a Kamen Rider, it makes sense," Hiiro remarked.

"But I can fight!" Tsukuyomi retorted.

"It kind of makes the most sense…" Geiz spoke, earning a glare from her.

"You guys seemed to suggest getting her and her husband would be a very helpful thing, and we don't want to make a paradox, do we?" Sougo added on.

All Tsukuyomi could do was let out a heavy sigh, then turn to both Sougo and Geiz, "You two… owe me big time for this. Got it?"

"Yes ma'am," they both nervously responded.

With that, Mai headed off with the group of Riders and the Time Majin soon flew off. Tsukuyomi gave as calm a smile as she could towards the two young girls, though she was internally irritated about the circumstances.

"It is fitting that someone named after a goddess such as yourself is here…" a voice familiar to Tsukuyomi spoke up, making her turn to see Woz was nearby.

"What are you doing here? And what do you know?" Tsukuyomi questioned.

Woz had his book out, but simply closed it and turned away from her, "I've already said too much."

"Yeah, you have. So, either help me or get lost," Tsukuyomi told the prophet.

The prophet was silent for a bit before he simply bowed and disappeared almost as soon as he appeared.

"Ah… mou…" Tsukuyomi mumbled.

Back over on Earth, Emu, Haruto, and Kouta arrived at a small cafe called Milk Dipper. There was a sign on it that read 'closed for the week', but the door was unlocked.

"We're probably going to find Momotaros instead of Nogami," Haruto remarked.

"I had a feeling…" Emu admitted as he opened up the door. The cafe seemed in decent shape, and it was obvious someone had been there.

"How'd you know he lives here?" Kouta soon asked.

"One of my friends helped when his sister had a baby, so they gave us the address," Emu quickly explained.

Kouta and Haruto glanced and soon noticed some baby supplies were nearby, and they could hear someone faintly talking. The group ventured a little bit forward and could see Ryotaro was taking care of a young baby. The three then headed back out and quietly closed the door, not noticing that Ryotaro had caught a glimpse of them.

"Hope that Asuna and Hiiro have managed to get some more help…" Emu muttered before they heard the door open up and someone emerge from it. Haruto and Kouta were about to speak, but they both got shoved out of the way and the person who exited jumped in front of the group.

"Momotaros…" Emu muttered.

"Stand aside… the only winner is here!" Momotaros proclaimed.

The trio simply stared at the red oni Imagin for a little bit after he had said that, none of them really sure how to react to that until Emu spoke up.

"That… sounds really stupid…" Emu remarked.

"I just wanted to say that…" Momotaros responded, "Let me guess… you guys need Den-O? Say no more! I'm ready."

Emu simply gave a small smile and then walked forward, "Minna… ikuzo!"

The three then followed after Emu as quickly as they could.

Year, 2001

Another Agito and Agito both stood after having finished off a monster. They were set to walk off, when the Time Majin flew onto the scene and out emerged the group that was in it.

"...this is… something…" Another Agito remarked.

"Hello there," Sougo greeted, "Kamen Rider Agito, right?"

"Yeah," Agito nodded.

"We need your help with something," Sougo added.

"Say no more," Agito nodded.

"Who's this?" Geiz soon asked, motioning to the other Rider.

"This is Another Agito," Agito proceeded to inform the group.

"...eh?" Asuna blinked.

"Another… huh?" Sougo questioned

Geiz, without wasting a breath, quickly got on his belt and readied his Ride Watch for a fight, "Wasn't expecting to need to deal with an Another Rider during this…"

"...huh?" both Agito and Another Agito responded, both tilting their heads.

"Hen-" Geiz was about to yell, only to have one of his arms grabbed by Mai.

"From what you told us, Agito wouldn't be standing here if this guy was that enemy…" Mai reminded him.

Geiz went silent after that, then took his Ride Watch out of his belt and looked a bit nervous. Agito couldn't help but chuckle a little at this, while Another Agito just sighed.

The next morning had arrived in Marth's world. The prince slowly woke up, gently yawning a little bit. He was about to get going, when he recalled that Tiki was still in his arms and was fast asleep. He gave a small smile before gently trying to nudge her up.

Tiki slowly started to stir, then let out a small yawn. Her eyes started to focus and she could see Marth was there by her side.

"Good morning," Marth greeted.


A few hours later, Marth, Caeda, and Tiki were simply on a walk to get some fresh air. Tiki had a relaxed smile on her face while Marth and Caeda were simply trying to keep up with her youthful energy.

"Only been about a day and she seems happy…" Caeda observed.

"Indeed she does," Marth nodded, "I hope we can at least keep her happy."

The trio walked along a little further before Marth noticed someone approaching. He and Caeda quickly got in front of Tiki, and then the person approaching summoned about five or six dark mages.

"Tiki… go hide…" Marth spoke as he got the Falchion out.

"I'm not a helpless little girl, you know…" Tiki responded.

"We know, you're very brave, but… please?" Caeda asked, getting down to Tiki's eye level, "We promise that we'll be by your side after this is over."

The girl was silent, but finally nodded and then went to go hide. She ended up finding a tree that would keep her out of sight, yet allow her to see the events.

"King/Queen Henshin!"

The two briefly glowed before they were now in their Rider forms. They exchanged a quick nod and then charged forward to attack the dark mages. Tiki just stared in amazement as the two fought off the mages at a skillful and graceful speed. Kamen Rider Marth was quick and precise with the sword swings, while Kamen Rider Caeda swapped between her lance and sword, in addition to a few minor bits and pieces of magic.

"Wow…" Tiki gawked in amazement.

The mages were soon knocked down and the two Riders exchanged a look. Kamen Rider Marth took a step back to allow his partner to go for the finisher.

Kamen Rider Caeda blew out a small kiss that condensed into a sphere of energy in the sky. She ended up jumping towards it, striking her lance to the center of it.

"Rider… Mahou Power STRIKE!" the Rider shouted out, then she flung the sphere to the mages and caused them to explode into nothing but dust.

Nearby, Tiki had watched the entire fight and her eyes were almost twinkling with how awestruck she was at the display. The two bluenettes reverted back, then headed over to Tiki and they could both see how amazed she looked.

Time had passed. It had been a few days since Hongo's arrival within Marth's world. Ryo and Kohtaro, however, were no closer to finding him than when they got into that world. They walked around a little bit, before they stumbled across some people being threatened by some mages in black cloaks.

The mages were about to unleash a fire spell on the people, but Kohtaro kicked them back a bit.

"Hurry and get away!" Ryo yelled.

The civilians did manage to clear out while they could, with Kohtaro and Ryo holding them back as best they could without their powers. However, it was clear that it wouldn't be much longer, so the two kicked the mages back and readied themselves.

Kohtaro quickly went through his poses and stood ready, "Hen… shin!"

"He~n… shin!" Ryo proclaimed.

Both Riders transformed and the mages just looked shocked at them.

"ZX!" the transformed Ryo announced.

"Ore wa taiyou no ko! Kamen Rider Black… R! X!" the transformed Kohtaro shouted.

ZX was about to speak, but then turned towards the other Rider and noticed something was… off.

"Uh… Kohtaro?" ZX spoke up, "You… may wanna look more closely…"

"...huh?" the Rider spoke before he looked over his form… seeing he was Kamen Rider Black instead of Kamen Rider Black RX, "WHAT THE?!"

"How did you do that?" ZX asked.

"I don't know!" Black responded, before he had to dodge out of the way of an attack, "Let's worry about this later!"

"Right!" ZX nodded.

Hongo still remained at the castle. He had slowly watch Tiki start to bond with Marth and Caeda, and they were treating her almost like a daughter. She had witnessed them as Kamen Riders a few times, yet looked almost as amazed as a kid in a candy store for the very first time.

At the moment, Marth and Caeda had been off to search for something, leaving Hongo to babysit Tiki. The young girl was drawing something, although with what, Hongo couldn't quite tell.

He soon walked over to see what the girl had been doodling for the past little while. Hongo gave out a small chuckle as he looked at Tiki's little drawings of what almost looked like a Rider's form. It was a bit more of a knight than a Kamen Rider, yet the helmet had something that seemed to resemble the bug-eyes that were on his helmet. It didn't really look like any of the Riders that were in that world, yet Hongo knew it was one with ease.

"You seem to enjoy the Kamen Riders," Hongo remarked.

"Kamen… Rider?" Tiki asked, "...oh, you mean those armored forms you turn into?"


Tiki simply giggled in amazement, "I want to be one too!"


"I want to turn into a Kamen Rider to help Mar-Mar and Cae-Cae. I can turn into a dragon, but… I want to be like them!" Tiki spoke aloud.

Hongo, clearly not realizing that last part was literal and not just the imagination of a child, simply gave a small chuckle as he looked through some of her drawings, "Tell me… which is your favorite?"

Tiki quickly looked through them for a moment, then she presented the drawing she had liked the most. Hongo simply gave her a small smile and gave an approving nod, which made Tiki beam a bit with pride.

"I promise I'll be a great Kamen Rider!" Tiki told Hongo.

"I'm sure you will be," Hongo told her.

Tiki held out what almost looked like a small wand in her hand, unbeknownst to Hongo it was her Dragonstone in a different form, as she looked to her chosen design of what her Rider form would look like. Hongo gently chuckled at it, then gave the girl a small pat to the head.

Over on Earth, Tsukasa and Takumi spent a bit of time trying to locate any sort of secret base before they happened onto a likely candidate. Takumi, accompanied by the Auto Vaijin, scoped it out a little bit more closely. Tsukasa, meanwhile, had some sort of sketchpad in his hands and was drawing some stuff down. Once he heard someone approach, he quickly made the items disappear.

"It looks like we can go in," Takumi responded.

"Alright, let's try to be fast," Tsukasa added.

The two snuck up and managed to find a way in. However, when they got in, they saw the base looked abandoned. It was clear there was some sort of an explosion, based on the soot and dark areas in the base, and that it had been left to rot. However, it did look like there were still some signs that it was only a recent event, so some info had to be there.

"Found a terminal… looks like it has power," Tsukasa informed as he got it open.

"Alright. Good luck," Takumi responded.

Tsukasa started to go through the files to see what he could learn, when he saw info on various Kamen Riders that had been studied by Foundation X. He ended up opening some of them up.

-Kamen Rider Wizard, Kamen Rider Beast. Appear to use rings and magic powers. Study in progress,- the line on the monitor read. However, there were multiple blanks after that, -Research results deleted and bases attacked by an unknown Kamen Rider. Not worth the budget. Canceling study.-

Tsukasa blinked a bit, then kept on reading.

-Kamen Rider Gaim, Kamen Rider Baron, Kamen Rider Ryugen, etc., etc. Power source is unknown. All operate in the city of Zawame, run by Yggdrasil. Reliable sources indicate some funding came from Shocker, yet no ties have been able to be made. Attempts to send Foundation X agents into the city were unsuccessful. Not worth budget or study.-

"...honestly not surprised they got funding from them…" Tsukasa muttered.

-Kamen Rider Drive, Kamen Rider Mach. Power source appears to be some sort of vehicles, which allow them to move at regular speeds after a slowdown event. Reliable source indicate the deceased Krim Steinbelt played a role in their creation. Steinbelt's passing and the difficulty in fighting these monsters have deemed research not viable.-

Tsukasa simply kept on reading.

-Kamen Rider Ghost, Kamen Rider Specter. Power source known as 'Eyecons'. An attempt to secure one was foiled by a collaboration with Kamen Rider Drive. Further attempts at study left bases damaged, so budget was pulled.-

"Not surprising… even I hardly understand those Riders…" Tsukasa muttered.

-Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Kamen Rider Brave, Kamen Rider Snipe, Kamen Rider Lazer, etc., etc. Power source known as Gashats. Additional research conducted during a period where an event known as Kamen Rider Chronicle was occurring. Prior to that, research proved fascinating, but the potential of these powers was capped beyond our ability to advance. Funding was partially pulled, but someone remained convinced to find a way to disable these powers just in case. Some funding allocated to this was allowed.-

He gave off a small sigh as he went to the next file, only to blink a bit.

"...Build?" Tsukasa questioned, "That's… new."

-Project: Build. Info found after an attempt to establish communication with another dimension was successful. Other dimension has an object known as the Skywall and trinkets known as Full Bottles. Research done by one Takumi Katsuragi have yielded fascinating results. Funding allocated to portals to other worlds to allow for connection to this individual. In the meantime, funding allocated to recreating what we have been shown. See files 2017-17-19 onwards for results.-

Tsukasa opened up the files and let a video play, revealing a Kamen Rider known as Build.


The test subject cranked the lever on the Driver and then it surrounded him, forming a suit. No further jingles played, but he was indeed a Kamen Rider.

"...that's a problem…" Tsukasa muttered, soon seeing more footage of their tests and other forms, only to see the last file that was documented related to this project with no label on it.


The test subject had himself ready and shook the duo of Full Bottles.


Before the person could put in the second one, the Driver began to spark and flash like crazy. The subject yelled in pain before a dark mist covered his form and he transformed into a Rider that looked ready to kill, with the second Full Bottle falling to the ground.

Tsukasa just watched the remaining footage and saw this Rider somehow caused the explosion, but there was no signs of what happened after that. Takumi had caught the last little bit of this, and exhaled a bit.

"That… explains why this base looks the way it does…" Takumi added.

Tsukasa just nodded, then found some other files with regards to dimensional travel and opened them up.

-Research has found a pathway to a world that has no Kamen Riders or other superheroes in it. Appears to be during a medieval era. Pathway discovered owing an incident with Kamen Rider Decade, see figures 2009-10-01, but this world has no relevance to our operations other than testing our ability to send items to and from one world to another.-

Tsukasa paled after he finished reading that and he fell backwards. He let out a heavy sigh and put his face in his palms.

"Why are you caring about this so much?" Takumi soon asked.

"It's my fault that world is even in this mess, so I gotta try and clean this mess up as best I can…" Tsukasa responded.

"By the way… I found some safe…" Takumi informed.

Takumi guided Tsukasa over to the safe, which had clearly seen better days, and they managed to get it open. Upon opening up the safe, they discovered it contained the remains from the experiments related to Build. There were Full Bottles in it, with the labels 'Phoenix', 'Robot', 'Wolf', 'Smartphone', 'Tora', 'UFO', and 'Magnet'. Nearby the Magnet Full Bottle were the damaged remains of the Obake one, the charred remains of a Driver, and a somewhat functional drill-like weapon. Tsukasa took out the Full Bottles except for the Magnet one and tucked them into his pockets. He was about to grab it, when…


The two looked to see some Foundation X employees had shown up.

"The Kamen Riders!" another one yelled.

The few members quickly transformed into grunts and stood ready to fight.

Tsukasa and Takumi stepped forward and readied their belts, but before they could finish, someone ran up, grabbed the weapon in the vault, put the Full Bottle into it, then flung the weapon, charged with energy, right to the grunts, which knocked them back.

"Let's hurry out!" the man who did that action yelled.

"Huh?" Takumi blinked.

"Hino Eiji…" Tsukasa muttered, before hearing something start to tick, "Let's go!"

Takumi just went along with it as the weapon that Eiji had flung had started to tick faster, clearly overclocked with power. The employees quickly ran while they could, before the building ended up going sky high from the overclocked weapon.

Tsukasa and Takumi panted a little bit, trying to catch their breaths. Eiji soon turned towards them and made sure they were alright apart from that.

"We'll be fine…" Takumi told him.

"That's good," Eiji smiled, "...that was a bit of weird luck."

"You looking into Foundation X too?" Tsukasa asked.

"Off and on…" Eiji admitted, "So… what were you two up to?"

"Trying to find out what they were up to. We got that info and, hopefully, you trashing that facility got rid of some of it…" Tsukasa responded, "Now… we got somewhere else to be."

"Need back-up?" Eiji offered.

"...you sure you can do that?" Takumi asked.

Eiji briefly went silent, but then smiled, "Riders should help each-other out. Shouldn't they?"

Tiki was now asleep, in the midst of a nap, with Hongo keeping an eye on her from nearby. Hongo was simply as quiet as he could be, before he suddenly heard a loud explosion. Tiki was undisturbed from her nap, so Hongo quickly headed out of her room and ended up bumping into an arriving Caeda.

"Good to see you," Caeda spoke, "Gharnef's forces are trying something. Marth went to fight them alone, but he told me to get you."

"Alright," Hongo nodded.

"I'll keep an eye on Tiki. You go find Marth," Caeda told him.


"It'll be okay," Caeda assured him.

Hongo exhaled a bit, but then nodded and hurried out.

The untransformed Rider saw a few mages that were trying to advance forward, but they were being knocked back by an untransformed set of humans… that Hongo soon recognized.

"Kohtaro! Ryo!" Hongo called out.

Both stopped their attack and turned towards him, "HONGO!"

The two quickly hurried over to him and quickly gave him a hug. It was short lived as some of the mages readied themselves. Kohtaro noticed this first and hurried in front of the two.

"Matte!" Hongo yelled.

"Time I finally repay you for all your help, Hongo-san…" Kohtaro smiled as the mages unleashed powerful fire spells. The fiery spell flew towards the Kingstones in the belt and it began to spark a bit. Kohtaro smiled as he felt something and then posed a bit, with his Black RX form briefly appearing, "Yosha!"

The trio managed to beat their way through the mages, then Hongo hurried forward.

"Uh… where are you going?" Kohtaro asked.

"This world's Rider needs back-up, and we won't abandon him when he needs it," Hongo declared.

Ryo and Kohtaro simply nodded and followed.

Tsukasa, Takumi, and Eiji all pulled up to the spot where the still somewhat flickering portal was. After a moment, Emu, Haruto, Kouta, and Momotaros all arrived at the same location.

"Good to see you all," Tsukasa nodded, "Alright. Our goal, get Hongo, meet up with Ryo and Kohtaro, then get the heck out of there!"

"What if there's a situation where we need to help?" Eiji asked.

"...we'll cover that bridge if we get there," Tsukasa responded, holding out his hand to make sure the portal was stable, "Let's get going."


The group then turned around to see Ryotaro had arrived and, in spite of a somewhat nervous air around him, his expression seemed ready and willing to help out. Momotaros gasped in amazement and walked over to him.

"Ryotaro! You're here!"

"Yeah. Nee-chan got back… so I can help…" Ryotaro confirmed.

Momotaros got a bit giddy and then phased into Ryotaro, with their combined form standing ready. Tsukasa could only sigh and motion the group forward through the portal.

After the group had headed on in through the mists, Ora soon walked over and quickly flung a still temporarily frozen Mutsuki into the mists. She then followed in after him, not saying a single word as she passed through the portal.

Kamen Rider Marth rolled along the ground before he reverted back. He struggled to stand again, clearly being a bit injured, yet he was able to stand once more.

"I won't let you hurt this world… Fire Emblem or not… I will fight for this world!" Marth shouted, holding the Falchion at the ready, "Even if I am the only one who can!"

The horde of dark mages just stood ready to fight, with a few in more monstrous looking forms. Marth just stood ready, when…

"Marth… don't forget about us…"

He blinked and recognized the voice, soon turning around, "Hongo-san…"

Hongo stepped forward, soon joined by both Ryo and Kohtaro. Then, through the mists, Takumi, M-Ryotaro, Tsukasa, Eiji, Haruto, Kouta, and Emu emerged. Marth looked on in amazement, and Hongo turned towards the others with a smile. The skies slightly darkened, but it wasn't anything that looked too terrible.

"Riders stand together when the world is in danger!" Hongo declared, "And we will fight alongside you."

"...this rescue mission has gone off the rails…" Tsukasa said to himself.

Hongo just gave Marth a reassuring nod before he stepped forward, soon followed by the others from his world and adjacent to it. Hongo then started to go through the motions and spoke, ready to act, "Rider… Henshin!"

His form then quickly turned into Kamen Rider Ichigou, and the other Riders clearly got the message.

"He~n… shin!" Ryo proclaimed, with a brief flash of light happening before he transformed into ZX.

Kohtaro quickly went through his poses, with a bit of a smirk, "Hen… shin!"

A light appeared around his body and he now stood as Black RX.

Takumi quickly got out the Faiz Phone and inputted the code into it, "This may be a world that is unfamiliar and foreign, but even still…"


"I'll protect the future of both this world and my own!" he proclaimed, flipping the phone into ready position, "Henshin!"


The lights formed and condensed into Kamen Rider Faiz.

"Let's get this climax going!" M-Ryotaro happily proclaimed as he slapped on the Terminal Buckle and pressed the red button on it, "It's been a long while…"

"It certainly has… ready?" Ryotaro's voice responded.

M-Ryotaro simply smirked as he held out the pass with a growing grin, "Henshin!"


The form quickly generated and M-Ryotaro was ready to fight, then struck his iconic pose, "Ore… sanjou!"

Tsukasa got his Driver on and pulled out his card. He gave a small sigh, but then his expression grew confident, "Henshin!"

With that, he quickly inserted the card and closed the belt.


The silvery energy condensed around him and formed into the Decade suit.

Eiji simply smiled as he got out his trio of Core Medals, got them into the Driver, scanned them, and posed, "Henshin!"


The medals circled him and then formed over him, turning him into OOO.

Haruto quickly got a ring onto his hand and scanned it over his Driver.


With a quick flip of the Driver, he held the other ring ready, "Henshin!"


A magical portal flew across his form and he was now Kamen Rider Wizard, "Saa, showtime daa!"

Kouta just stood ready as he got the Orange Lockseed out, "Henshin!"





"Koko kara wa ore no stage da!"

Emu gave a small nod and had the Gashat ready.


"Dai-Henshin!" he proclaimed, inserting the Gashat into the Driver and opening it up.




Ex-Aid Level 2 stood ready and gave a smirk under his helmet, "No continue de… clear shiaru ze!"

The group of Riders exchanged some nods, then stood in a line.

"Kamen Rider Ichigou!"

"Kamen Rider ZX!"

"Ore wa taiyou no ko! Kamen Rider Black… R! X!"

"Kamen Rider Faiz!"

"Kamen Rider… DEN-O~~~!"

"Kamen Rider Decade…"

"Kamen Rider OOO!"

"Kamen Rider… Wizard!"

"Kamen Rider, Gaim!"

"Kamen Rider Ex-Aid!"

With their names declared, they were about ready to go forward, when Marth stepped forward.

Marth managed to rise once more, looking at the enemies and then holding onto the Falchion, "...I think I get it."


"What quality makes you a Rider…" Marth remarked as his belt reappeared and he got a confident look.

Ichigou simply watched with curiosity as Marth stepped forward.

"Ore wa honto no Rider ni naru! (I will be a real Rider!)" Marth declared before he started to mimic Hongo's poses, "Rider… Henshin!"

The belt flashed with a blue light that covered Marth's body and transformed him. However, his form was different this time. The Rider had the same golden belt that resembled the belt of Kamen Rider Kuuga with the center red gem surrounded and held by a navy blue dragon, and wielded the same Falchion of the silver blade on a golden hilt with a green gem and red grip with one part having a gun barrel sticking out of it. He looked like a more traditional Showa/Early Heisei Rider the boots being a navy blue along with his gloves with golden wristbands and kneepads but the torso was condensed to have just the armor, less of the cloak to make him more maneuverable, a blue scarf around his neck. His helmet had armored hair, tiara, blue bug-like eyes, a silver mouthpiece covering his nose and mouth, and he had the bug antennae/horns most bug-themed Riders were known for, making the Kuuga resemblance almost uncanny.

"I… am Kamen Rider Marth!"

Ichigou couldn't help but chuckle a little bit, almost like a proud father.

"Ikuzo!" Kamen Rider Marth called out and the small group of Riders charged forward.

Time soon resumed for Mutsuki as he looked around in confusion, seeing he was also in the quarry. He just stared a bit, then just gawked, "Where am I?!"

He soon spotted someone walking over, seeing it was Kaito.

"Looks like I'm physical again…" Kaito mumbled as he quickly got out his Sengoku Driver and Lockseed, "Henshin."





He now stood as a Kamen Rider, with Mutsuki simply staring in confusion.

"Eh?! Banana?!" Mutsuki gawked.

"Baron da!" he shouted before charging forward.

Mutsuki just looked on in confusion before he saw the army of mages and then got out his own belt and the card to use it, "...henshin!"

He slid it across and the belt activated.


A purple energy gathered in front of him and then flew across him, turning him into Kamen Rider Leangle. He gave a small, nervous, nod, and followed after Baron. Ora was simply hiding out, watching these events unfold.

The Riders had managed to decrease the number of enemy mages before they branched out into small groups to fight them a bit more.

(Insert Song: Regret Nothing, Tighten Up)

OOO's Tora Claws unfolded and he slashes through a few of the mages, seeing them vanish into particles. He looked a little confused, but the thought had to be put on hold as he evaded an attack that was behind him. He soon noticed another mage that was above him and quickly rolled out of the way of an electrical attack.

"For that…" he muttered, quickly taking out different medals and quickly scanning them.


His form quickly changed, which made the enemy mage look confused. OOO quickly unleashed a sonic screech with the head of the form, which stunned the mage, then followed it up with a stomping attack that knocked the ground from the mage out. He then jumped forward and struck the mage down with the Tora Claws.

Another few mages dashed forward, this time with close range weapons. OOO managed to dodge and scan another set of medals.


One mage took a swung at OOO, but it was blocked by the Gora Guardner. Another mage took a swing, but the speed from the Cheetah legs caused the mage to go tumbling into the first, which made them both explode into dust.

"Too fast for them," OOO muttered. He soon spotted another oncoming attack and evaded it quickly. The mages around him just growled a little bit, but OOO just dodged another volley of attacks.


Now back in his base form, OOO quickly got out his sword and swung through more of the mages as quickly as he could. A few launched some powerful magic spells, when…


(Change Insert Song: Last Engage)

Wizard simply stood with his hand up in the air, having generated the barrier. The mages turned towards him in anger, and he simply stood ready, "Let me show you some true magic."

With a quick flip of the Driver and a swap of rings, Wizard summoned up a portal.


He quickly drew out the WizarSwordGun and opened fire with the silver bullets. The silver bullets instantly vaporized the mages into nothingness. Another set of mages, now in forms that made them at least half animal, charged towards him, and the silver bullets didn't harm them as much.

"Hmm…" Wizard muttered, quickly getting out another ring.


Wizard ended up flipping the weapon into a sword, then poked it through the portal, which extended the length of the weapon. He swung it as if it were a whip of some sort, and sent the mages into dust.

Another mage quickly charged forward with a dagger in hand, with Wizard effortlessly evading them. He quickly got out another ring and scanned it.


Now in another form, Wizard stood up and looked ready for a powerful attack. He quickly scanned a ring and then held his hand forward.


The mages were all wrapped up in metallic chains and unable to move. Wizard quickly followed this up by scanning another ring.


A flaming dragon circled around Wizard for a bit before the head of the dragon became solid, phasing through Wizard's chest, and then blowing out a huge blast of fire that turned the mages back into dust. Wizard exhaled a little, then swapped back into the regular Flame Style and took a moment to catch his breath. OOO quickly hurried over to his side and helped him up.

"Are you okay?" OOO asked.

"Yeah. Little winded, but I'll be fine," Wizard assured, "Bit out of practice, but I can manage."

"Alright," OOO nodded.

(Change Insert Song: JustiFaiz)

Faiz had the Faiz Edge in hand as the mages dashed towards him and he sliced through them without much effort. The mages tried some electrical attacks, but they didn't even seem to flow through the Faiz Edge in any way whatsoever.

Without another word, Faiz simply mowed some of the mages down into dust. The mages tried to charge towards him, but he quickly evaded them before motioning something forward.

The Auto Vaijin dashed forward in its robot form and punched through a few mages before it turned back into the motorcycle. With them slowed down, Faiz quickly got out the Axel watch and started it up.



Faiz, now in Axel form, dashed through the field at a rapid pace and destroyed several mages. It seemed as if there were two of him going through them before he came to a stop.


Faiz reverted back from Axel form and stood still… then noticed there was another Faiz standing next to him, and he quickly saw the Driver on this other version…


(Change Insert Song: Ride the Wind Zi-O Remix)

Decade-Faiz then swapped back into Decade, "I've had a long day and that just seemed funny to me."

With that said, Decade got out his RideBooker in its sword form, saw some mages and took some swings. The mages evaporated into the same dust and floated away, with Decade taking note of the skies growing a bit darker and cloudier. Before he could dwell on that thought for very long, some of the mages unleashed some ice spells that knocked him back a bit.

"Tck…" he muttered, quickly getting out a card and using it.


Two duplicates of Decade spawned and then ran towards the mages and sliced through them, sending more of the dust away. The real Decade quickly changed the RideBooker into the gun form and opened fire at the mages without even looking at them.

Another mage ran towards the real Decade just as the illusions disappeared, to which he simply slashed them down and watched as the dust floated up towards the sky.


(Change Insert Song: Double Action Sword Form)

Den-O chuckled a little as he looked to the mages and readied his sword, "Ore wa, saisho kara saigo made, climax daze! Ikuze, ikuze, ikuze~~~!"

With that proclaimed, Den-O slashed at the mages at a quick and rapid pace. The mages didn't quite know what to expect from the wildly slashing Rider, who gave them no opening to even try to counter. One mage managed to get up on a ledge and start generating a wind based attack, but…

"Behind you!"

Den-O quickly dodged out of the way of the attack before it could get close to him, then ran over and sliced down the mage with a powerful swing. He just gave off a small chuckle, then charged forward and cut down a few of the other mages.

"Good to have you back, Ryotaro," Den-O remarked before he cut down another foe.

"It's… nice to be back…" Ryotaro admitted.

(Change Insert Song: Excite)

Ex-Aid quickly swung the Gashacon Breaker at a mage that was nearby Den-O, not that Den-O seemed to notice. He watched as Den-O started to get into some kind of a conversation, making the pink Rider turn to the mages.

"I'll let them talk…" Ex-Aid said to himself, quickly changing the Gashacon Breaker from the hammer form to the sword form.

The mages tried to fire some spells at Ex-Aid, but the Rider was able to run right past them and then knock the mages down quickly. He gave a small chuckle before swinging the blade behind him and causing a mage to collapse into dust.

"Really feels like video game enemies… disappearing after you beat them…" Ex-Aid said to himself before he swung at another enemy. He changed the Gashacon Breaker back into a hammer and then bonked a mage down.

(Change Insert Song: Dragon Road 2014 Remix)

ZX managed to punch his way through a few mages that got close to him, then he noticed a few that were at a distance.

"Cross Shuriken!" he yelled, quickly flinging out some shurikens that were hidden in the suit's forearm guards. The mages looked in confusion at the attack before they were struck down and faded into the dust.

He then charged towards another set of mages and rammed them down with a shoulder charge. A few more mages gathered together and began to gather energy up, but…

"Micro Chain!"

The chain quickly wrapped up around them all and left them all wide open. Before ZX could move in…

(Change Insert Song: Black RX main theme)

Black RX had struck them down with the Revolcane. ZX couldn't help but chuckle at his junior Rider before Black RX headed off to attack another few mages with the Revolcane in hand. A few mages gathered up with daggers to try to get in close… only for the attack to seemingly phase through Black RX.

The mages just stared in confusion before they noticed Black RX's form had changed, now in his Biorider form. The attacks sent towards the Rider just phased through him, yet revealed a bit of a watery distortion.

Noticing this, the mages quickly changed over to electrical attacks… yet they bounced off instead of doing anything. To their shock, Black RX was now in his Roborider form and that had deflected the electrical blasts.

All the mages could do was look on in fear as Black RX turned back into his regular form and stepped forward, "Kingstone Flash!"

A bright light shined from his belt that ended up stunning the mages, then making them evaporate into the dust.

"...oh. Uh… didn't expect that one…" Black RX admitted.

(Pause Insert Themes)

Gaim had both his swords ready and swung through a few of the mages. Ichigou watched this from a bit of a distance, then glanced over to see that Kamen Rider Marth was doing alright on his own. With that, Ichigou headed towards Gaim.

"Gaim, do you have a moment to talk?" Ichigou asked.

Gaim quickly slashed away a mage that had charged towards him and then kicked away another. He then turned towards Ichigou, only to quickly spot another mage ready to attack. The blue Rider gave a motion to duck, but Ichigou didn't seem to get it.

"Oh… hold on a second!" Gaim responded, quickly pulling the trigger on the Musou Saber to shoot down the mage. With it down, he then turned towards Ichigou, "Alright. What's up?"

"I wanted to apologize about my past actions…" Ichigou spoke, getting a bit closer towards Gaim, "I realize my actions during Badan's attack on your city were irrational and very stupid."

Gaim went silent as he looked towards his senior Rider, who glanced down towards the ground in a bit of shame. Ichigou was silent for a moment, then turned back towards Gaim.

"The actions me and the other Riders took were shameful. And we had the audacity to claim that you and the other Riders of the Heisei Era weren't worthy of the title of Kamen Rider…" Ichigou continued, "That experience… is my life's greatest regret. And I cannot apologize enough to you."


"I had been trying to track down the other Riders after Kuuga to apologize to them and you were the last one I needed to apologize to," Ichigou admitted, "So… if I ever walk into my final battle and truly never come back, then I shall go with no more regrets."

"...don't say things like that…" Gaim responded, "It's a bit… worrisome."

"I'm expecting to make it back, let me assure you. Just saying that as a thought aloud is all," Ichigou elaborated.

Gaim gave a small nod, only for Ichigou to turn towards him.

"Where have you been?" Ichigou soon asked.

"...it's a long and complicated story…" Gaim responded, only to need to quickly dodge out of the way of another attack, "Let's try and talk about that later if we can!"

"Right," Ichigou nodded, quickly running over and punching the mage out of the way.

(Insert Song: Just Live More)

Gaim once more worked on slashing through the mages without much difficulty with the two swords. He quickly pulled the trigger to reload the Musou Saber and fire off a few shots to knock some back a bit. He glanced up and noticed some mages that were a bit out of his reach, then quickly dodged an attack.



Now in Pine Arms and armed with the Pine Iron, Gaim swung the weapon forward and right through the mages that were out of his reach. Some mages with daggers charged forward, which Gaim quickly took notice of.



With the Ichigo Kunai in hand, Gaim was able to block the dagger attacks from the mages and then counter with his own slashes with the smaller weapon. He playfully tossed one up and caught it, then slashed at another mage that tried to strike him from behind.



Now back in his regular form, Gaim slashed through a few more mages and then gave off a cheerful 'yosha~' after it looked like he was in the clear. Ichigou kicked away another mage, then glanced over to the younger Rider.

"So… including the Showa Lockseed I gave you… you have an Ichigo Arms and an Ichigou Arms…" Ichigou observed.

"Yeah," Gaim nodded, "Even odder, when my wife first became a Rider, her form was also a strawberry, but like… the English word."


"Then again…" Gaim spoke, showing off the Ichigo Lockseed, "When she first saw this, she thought it was a tomato."

"...in what universe does that look like a tomato?" Ichigou questioned.

"I don't know…"

The last few mages charged towards the duo, with Ichigou quickly evading them.

(Change Insert Song: Let's Go, Rider Kick)

"Marth, you able to help me out?" Ichigou asked.

Kamen Rider Marth nodded and dashed forward, swinging the Falchion through a few mages.

"How are you feeling?"

"Reenergized, honestly," the blue-haired Rider admitted.

"Good," Ichigou nodded.

With that, some mages tried to unleash some ice attacks, but Ichigou was able to jump out of the way and knock them back with a punch. The few mages tried to attack him, but he effortlessly dodged the attacks and then punched them down.

Nearby, Kamen Rider Marth was also fighting the remaining mages as quickly as he could. The mages seemed more focused on him rather than Ichigou, which the two Riders seemed to notice quickly. Both exchanged a nod, with Kamen Rider Marth then drawing the few mages out by running a bit forward.

Ichigou followed them and then kicked some of them down. With an opening presented, Kamen Rider Marth made the Falchion start to glow a bit…

"Rider… SLASH~!" Kamen Rider Marth yelled out, swinging the Falchion through the last few mages.

The final mages exploded, leaving the Riders to reunite and take a moment to catch their breaths.

(End Insert Songs)

Gharnef watched as the energy started to condense in the sky with a bit of a curious look on his face. He used some dark magic to get high into the sky, and saw the energy was condensing into a bit of an uncontrolled form.

"How interesting…" he remarked, taking out the Darksphere and holding it up to the dark energy. The energy suddenly condensed, then shot down towards the ground.

The energy landed against the ground, with the skies growing a bit darker. The gathered Riders looked to see the energy was some sort of a foggy, dark, dragon of sorts. Energy was seeping off of it, and then generated into more dark mages.

"Seriously…?" Faiz groaned.

"...the corruption…" Decade spoke.

"What's going on?" Gaim questioned.

"The energy that corrupted this world… it's condensed into that. I don't know what'll happen if we kill it… but we have to…" Decade responded.

The group of Riders headed forward to try to attack, only for the dragon to slash them back towards the ground. It let out a roar, and it caused more dark mages to appear. The Rider group struggled to get back up…

"Emu! Hey, Emu!" a familiar voice yelled out, making Ex-Aid manage to get back up a little, "On your right!"

Out from the mists walked Mai, Kenzaki, Asuna, and Hiiro. They were then followed by a huge slew of other Kamen Riders already transformed. The army behind them consisted of Nigou, V3, Riderman, X, Amazon, Stronger, Skyrider, Super-1, Shin, ZO, J, Kuuga, Agito, Another Agito, Ryuki, Hibiki, Kabuto, Gatack, Kiva, Double, Beast, Ryugen, Zangetsu, Drive, Ghost, Snipe, and Lazer.

"That's… a lot of Riders…" Ex-Aid remarked.

"This looks like it'll be a challenging operation…" Hiiro observed as he got his Driver on, "Allow me to lead the charge."

"Don't leave me out of this!" Asuna added, donning her own Driver.

Mai just put on her Sengoku Driver and readied her Lockseed, while Kenzaki's belt appeared around his waist and he stood ready.

"Henshin!" Kenzaki declared.


A bit of blue energy flew out in front of him and then over his form, and he now stood as Blade.

"Henshin!" Mai announced.





A pineberry fell from the sky and attached onto Mai, quickly turning her into Kamen Rider Fraise.

"Jitsushiki Level 2," Hiiro declared as he activated his Gashat, "Henshin!"





Brave Level 2 stood with his weapon in hand, ready to act.

Asuna simply gave a small smile as she readied her own Gashat, "Henshin!"




Asuna now stood as Kamen Rider Poppy. The Rider army marched towards the other Riders and helped them up.

"Good to see you're okay," Nigou said, "Your wife has been a bit worried."

"Noted," Ichigou nodded.

Kamen Rider Marth, once more, managed to stand and then held the Falchion out. The weapon gave off a small glow before another dimensional mist appeared. The Rider army soon heard people walking and glanced towards it.

"How did you do that…?" Decade asked.

"I… don't know…" Kamen Rider Marth admitted.

Out of the portal stepped out more Kamen Riders. To the Riders from the main world, they looked a fair bit kitbashed between their various styles and forms from across the eras, yet they excluded energy that indicated they were from worlds adjacent to Marth's.

"Kamen Rider Celica!"

"Ore wa lion no ko! Kamen Rider… Roy!"

"Kamen Rider Ike!"

"Kamen Rider Micaiah!"

"Kamen Rider Sothe!"

"Kamen Rider Robin!"

"Inheritor of a legacy… Kamen Rider… Lucina!"

"Kamen Rider Kamui!"

"Kamen Rider… Itsuki!"

The new Rider group soon walked over and Kamen Rider Marth saw them.

"We sensed your call… and we're here to help," Kamen Rider Celica explained.

Kamen Rider Marth simply nodded, a small smile under his helmet, and the army of Riders stood together. Kamen Rider Marth held the Falchion in his hand, then motioned forward with it, and the army, headed by Kamen Rider Marth and Ichigou, charged forward. The dark mages growled and charged as well, with the army starting to fight them off.

Sougo and Geiz soon appeared at a different part of the quarry and did their best to avoid being seen.

"Looks like it's working…" Geiz observed.

"We're going to head in after you all, you need to make it look like you're leading the charge," Sougo informed.

"Eh? Why?" Mai questioned.

"The answer to that is complicated and full of paradoxes…" Geiz responded.

Mai simply gave a small sigh as she made a giant golden zipper appear, which lead back to the other world she and Kouta had been on. The Riders that they had gathered from both the past and the present were all there, having just waited there owing to the space in the Time Majin, and then headed out of the portal.

"Still… we know Ex-Aid sees us, cause he sent us the message… and we gotta make sure that still happens…" Sougo remarked.

"Time travel…" Geiz exhaled.

The two then heard some growling and turned around to the source of it.

"Looks like there's some reinforcements…" Geiz remarked, with him and Sougo walking towards another hoard of mages that were about to charge.

The duo both got their belts on and pulled out their primary Ride Watches.



They both quickly loaded them into the Drivers, got them into ready position, and then posed.

"Henshin!" they both yelled before spinning the drivers around.




Their forms generated around them, being capped off with the katakana and hiragana for 'Rider' attaching onto their helmets. Both Riders then charged forward and fought their way through the enemy reinforcements as best they could.

The Riders fought their way through the dark mages as best they could, with the dragon that was leading them having gotten up into the air to avoid them for a bit, with the dark energy exuding off of it generating dark mages that seemingly had bat wings.

Towards the ground, several Riders were fighting as best they could, with several yelling and grunting as they did so. However, two Riders were completely silent. Kuuga and Hibiki approached a group of dark mages.

Kuuga gave a simple motion, with Hibiki giving a wordless nod. The two Riders hurried forward, with the dark mages ready to counter them. Then, to their surprise, Hibiki summoned what looked to be two taiko drum sticks and bonked them with said sticks. Kuuga quickly jumped up from behind him and punched some of the dark mages into dust.

The two Riders gave a wordless nod towards each-other, followed by Kuuga giving a thumbs up.

Nearby, Agito jumped up and landed a powerful kick at another foe, making it explode as well. He dashed forward, with Gaim jumping up nearby and landing in front of some other dark mages.

"Koko kara wa ore no stage da!" Gaim proudly proclaimed… only to then get bonked upside the head, "Ow…"

The one responsible turned out to be Fraise, "Don't you mean 'ore-tachi no stage da'?"

"Right…" he nodded.

The dark mages lunged towards them, but the couple effortlessly slashed through them and made them disappear. Gaim glanced towards Fraise before a thought hit him.

"Wait… if you're here… who's watching Celes and Lu?" Gaim asked.

"The Riders who gathered us had a buddy who wasn't a Rider and she stuck behind to keep an eye on them," Fraise quickly explained.

"...this is so complicated…" Gaim exhaled, "And I have a hunch it'll get worse…"

Over on another version of Earth, the world's native Kamen Rider duo were standing outside on a clear and sunny day. Banjou simply sat down against the ground with a bit of a tired look on his face as Sento was speaking to him in a bunch of jargon and technical terms that went over his head.

"How do you like my in-ven-tion?!" Sento gleefully spoke, holding something out.

"...are you a baka? It's literally just another holder for the Full Bottles…" Banjou responded, "Why did we need to come outside for this?"

"I felt like a bit of fresh air would help us think about more Best Matches," Sento stated simply.

All Banjou could do was let out a heavy sigh in response to Sento's statement. He got up and walked off, with Sento following after him. The duo then heard some sort of an explosion and hurried towards the source of the sound, finding a dimensional mist.

"What… the heck…?" Banjou questioned.

"It does appear to be where that sound came from…" Sento realized.

With that, the two proceeded through the mists without another thought about it.

Ichigou and Nigou both attacked some mages transformed into wolf-like creatures that had tried to get closer to them, and managed to knock them back. The beasts snarled at both of them and lunged forward, only for Ichigou to roll out of the way and Nigou to deliver a powerful uppercut to another. Some still remained nearby.

"There's a lot of them…" Nigou muttered.

"Don't lose hope, aibou," Ichigou told him, standing ready.

However, before they could continue to move, they heard people walking forward. The two Riders turned to see that it was Sento and Banjou, albeit they didn't recognize them.

"It's a quarry…" Banjou commented.

"How astute of you, Banjou," Sento snarked.

Banjou gave an annoyed roll of his eyes, but then noticed Ichigou and Nigou and loudly gasped. He then pointed over to them, "Eh?! Kamen Riders?!"

Sento then turned over to where Banjou was pointing and gasped in surprise, "Eh?! Ichigou-san and Nigou-san?!"

"Huh?" Ichigou muttered.

"They haven't been seen since before the Skywall appeared…" Sento stated, "And… they look different…"

"Almost more retro…" Banjou added.

Ichigou and Nigou both tilted their heads a little in confusion, and the monsters around them looked almost equally as confused. Sento then lightly smacked Banjou, then whispered something to him in a kind of group huddle. Banjou looked a bit irritated, only for Sento to lightly smack him again and then say something else to him. The only part that was audible to the two transformed Riders was something about 'respect'.

"...these two seem like a comedy routine…" Nigou muttered.

After another moment of whispering, Sento and Banjou both turned forward and stood ready to speak. Ichigou gave off a small sigh, then motioned for the two to talk.

"Hello there, sempai-tachi," Sento greeted respectfully, "Ore wa Kiryu Sento, and this is my partner."

"Banjou Ryuga, just call me Banjou," Banjou added on.

"And it looks like you two may need some help. Allow us," Sento continued.

Ichigou was about to speak up, only to stop upon Sento and Banjou revealing their Build Drivers. The duo quickly put their belts on, and then a small dragon like robot flew over to Banjou's hand. Both then took out what looked to be bottles of some kind, and Sento gained a grin.

"Saa… jikken o hajimeyou ka?" Sento proclaimed before he started to shake a red bottle and a blue bottle, and then Banjou did the same with a single blue bottle that was a handful of shades darker. As the duo did so, what seemed to be scientific formulas began to float nearby and around the air.

The duo continued this motion for a moment longer before stopping, with them turning the caps on top of the bottles that they had. Sento loaded his into his driver, making it flash to life.


The dragon like robot in Banjou's other hand folded up into something akin to the shape of a bunsen burner. Banjou quickly loaded the trinket into the folded up dragon and then loaded it into his Driver.


Thus, both Sento and Banjou cranked the levers on the side of their Drivers, making energy spark up on the gear on the outside and within the trinkets. As the energy kept going, tubes of sorts formed around both of them alongside with parts of their suits.

"They're…" Nigou muttered.



The tubes then disappeared as the suits collided with the two of them and then condensed into their Rider forms. A white steam of sorts exuded off of their bodies briefly as the suits settled into position.



The two Riders both stood ready for action. Build raised a hand up to one of the sort of spikes atop the helmet and flicked his finger along it, "Shori no hosoku wa kimatta!"

"Imada ore wa… makeru ki ga shinai!" Cross-Z proclaimed as he charged forward and went on the attack.

The Riders continued to fight off the horde of dark mages as best as they could. A few of the Riders had teamed up and were working together.

"A rider that turns into an actual motorcycle…" Zangetsu muttered to himself, currently aiding Lazer in his motorcycle form, "I thought I had seen it all…"

Lazer quickly turned around and attacked an enemy, almost causing Zangetsu to go tumbling off, but he managed to catch himself on the handlebars quickly enough.

"...warn me before you do that…" Zangetsu requested.

"Gomen," Lazer apologized before seeing more enemies, "...see the Gashat in the holder there? Activate it for me."

Zangetsu looked down and grabbed it.


"San-soku," Lazer announced before Zangetsu loaded the Gashat into place and opened up the Driver, "Thank you!"


Zangetsu got off of Lazer as an image projected over the motorcycle.


Lazer, now in his Level 3 form, stood up and summoned his bow. Zangetsu gave a small chuckle as he readied his Musou Saber. The mages fired magical blasts, but Zangetsu managed to block them with his shield with ease.

"HA!" Zangetsu yelled as he slashed at the enemies, "Lazer!"

"Yosha!" Lazer cheered as he ran over and kicked the mages.

Nearby, Ryugen and Snipe were both shooting at the flying monsters that had been summoned by the dragon and were sort of guarding it. The two Riders were able to keep pace with each-other fairly well, impressing the other.

"Not half bad, kid," Snipe remarked.

"You're not half bad yourself," Ryugen said simply.

Snipe just gently chuckled as they kept the fire going.

Brave and Baron both slashed their way through the mages at a quick and rapid pace. Much like Ryugen and Snipe, the duo were keeping pace with each-other in spite of their different combat styles.

"You're very precise," Baron observed as Brave struck for approximately where the most damaging points to strike a human would be.

"Comes with the territory of being a surgeon…" Brave stated without much thought.

Baron gave a simple nod before they got back to fighting the horde.

Kamen Rider Poppy was humming a beat as she fought her way through the mages. She was able to fight them off in a somewhat unorthodox way, clearly mixing a bit of dancing into her combat style. Fraise soon ended up nearby the same spot and saw how Kamen Rider Poppy was fighting.

"You're a dancer?" Fraise asked.

"Yeah," Kamen Rider Poppy nodded a bit.

"What luck. I'm a dancer too," Fraise admitted, doing a bit of her own dance moves and mixing it into her own flow of combat.

The two female Rider both let off a small giggle as they fought side by side, mixing in a bit of dancing, before they both decked a mage right upside the head and made it disappear.

"Yay!" Fraise cheered, extending her hand for a high-five.

"Yay!" Kamen Rider Poppy responded, quickly accepting the high-five.

A horde of the mages had noticed the path that would guide towards the castle and were set to try to make a run towards it, when…

"Divine Mila, do not allow them to escape!"

A barrier appeared, as if by some sort of magic, with the mages being stopped from being able to leave. They looked to see it was being casted by Kamen Rider Celica. The mages charged towards her, and she stood ready with a sword in hand.

"A mahoutsukai…" Wizard observed from nearby, as he quickly scanned another ring.


Wizard quickly threw the fiery barrier in front of Kamen Rider Celica, who didn't seem to notice it was his doing.

From nearby, Zi-O watched as Wizard had fought and saw his magical abilities, as well as Kamen Rider Celica's.

"Wow… magic is really cool…" Zi-O said to himself before he looked to Kamen Rider Geiz and saw the Wizard Ride Watch, "Hey, lemme try it."

"Hmm?" the red Rider question before Zi-O reached for the Ride Watch holder to grab the Wizard Ride Watch, making him back away, "Knock it off!"

"I wanna try it!"


"I want to try it!"


Zi-O kept reaching for it and managed to grab Wizard Ride Watch, but Kamen Rider Geiz quickly snatched away the Build Ride Watch from him.

"Heh!" Zi-O cheerfully spoke as he showed off the Ride Watch.

Kamen Rider Geiz simply showed off the other Ride Watch and gave an annoyed "Hmph!"

With that out of the way, both Riders activated the watches, got them into the Drivers, and swapped their forms.




Kamen Rider Geiz said nothing before he charged forward, ready to keep up the fight.

"Saa… magic time daa!" Zi-O cheered, then he went on the attack as well.

Down towards the ground, Build and Cross-Z were still both fighting the mages as best they could. Cross-Z had summoned his sword, while Build was keeping a bit of distance and using his leaping abilities and punches to keep on the offensive.

"Hmm…" Build muttered, "Looks like I'll need to change things up a bit for this…"

He reached out to grab some Full Bottles, held them in his hands, and noticed they were off, "...huh?"

Cross-Z let out a happy cheer as he smacked a mage down.

"Oh shoot…" Build muttered as he looked towards the holster for the Full Bottles, then he spoke aloud, "I forgot to bring the other ones with me!"

Cross-Z slashed at a monster, only to turn towards Build quickly, "Huah?!"

"...gonna have to make this work…" Build muttered, quickly shaking two Full Bottles.


Build quickly cranked the lever on his driver, summoning the two parts of his armor.


"Build up!" he yelled as the parts collided and he changed forms. In his hand was a small weapon. He quickly spun the barrel on it a few times.

=10! 20! 30! 40!=

Build fired off a barrage from the gun weapon. Instead of bullets, though, out came small, sharp, diamonds. He gave off a small sigh, then got out the only other Full Bottles that were on his person at the time and loaded them up.


He quickly cranked the lever on the Driver, causing the form to generate around him.


"Build up!"


Build punched an enemy in his way and quickly summoned some sort of an anchor styled crossbow to keep up on the attack.

"How did you seriously forget to bring the other Full Bottles?!" Cross-Z yelled out.

"I didn't think we'd need to fight anything!" Build retorted, firing a few blasts from the weapon.

"And you claim I'm the baka!"

"Cause you are!" Build retorted.

Cross-Z just growled a bit, but kept his focus on the mages.

Black RX slashed through several more dark mages with the Revolcane in hand. Some mages flung a few spells his way, attempting to give him no room to evade or change forms. The older Rider managed to block them, then had to take a moment to try to catch his breath.

The mages took this as their chance to try to strike with a barrage of spells, but then…

"Shadow Kingstone Flash!"

Suddenly, the area by Black RX and the mages went totally dark and none of them were able to see. When the light came back to the area, the mages were all gone and there stood another Kamen Rider. This Rider was basically almost a white and silver palette swap of Black RX, with green eyes, and a black and green version of Black RX's belt.

"...you're…" Black RX muttered.

"Ore wa tsuki no ko! Kamen Rider White… R… X!" the Rider shouted out, posing a bit. White RX walked towards Black RX and simply gave a small nod.

"...it is good to see you again…" Black RX stated simply, followed by a brief whimper.

White RX simply gave a small nod, then a small laugh. The brothers just stood there quietly for a moment, trying their best to remain composed at the presence of the other. Some dark mages attempted to get the jump on the duo, but were both sliced down by the Revolcanes.

"...ikuzo!" Black RX proclaimed.

"Yeah," White RX nodded.

The two Riders then charged forward, ready to keep at the fight. Nearby, another young man walked through the mists, in what looked to be some sort of a militaristic outfit. He glanced around and saw the horde of Riders fighting their way through the various mages as best they could.

"Looks like a war is breaking out…" the man observed to himself, stepping forward with his Driver already around his waist, "...let's try to clean it up."


The Driver gave off some sort of a technological melody as it entered a standby mode and the person stood ready, "Henshin!"

He quickly pulled the lever on the Driver and energy surrounded him.


The figure now stood as Kamen Rider Grease. He dusted off his hands and then charged forward.

Decade punched his way through more of the dark mages that were in the way and then turned towards where Build and Cross-Z were both fighting.

"...eh?" Decade mumbled, watching the two a bit more closely.


Cross-Z held up his sword for a moment, with Decade managing to catch a glimpse of the slot on it. His eyes then darted over to their Drivers…


An energetic melody played from the sword as blue flames gathered around, which then condensed and caused the sword to become a lot longer, and Cross-Z cleaved clean through the mages.


The Beat Crosser returned to regular size, and Cross-Z stood proudly for a moment. A few more mages then charged forward.

"There's no end to them…" Build remarked, as several more dark mages charged forward.

"Oi!" Decade yelled, getting the attention of Build and Cross-Z, "Use these!"

With that said, Decade flung the Full Bottles that had been stolen from the Foundation X base towards the two. Build managed to grab all six of them and looked them over.

"E~H?!" Cross-Z yelled, "Full Bottles?!"

"And they look real…" Build responded, with his helmet's HUD quickly scanning them, "They are real. But… lack the labels."

Some dark mages slashed at the two with daggers, but both Riders effortlessly managed to dodge them.

"Time to experiment…" Build said as he looked at the six he now had, then shook the Phoenix and Smartphone ones. He quickly loaded them in…


He waited a second, then sighed a bit. A mage rushed over to him, which caused his hand to accidentally bump against the lever of the Driver.


"No, I'm no-" Build started to protest, only for the new halfbodies to collide with his form and change him into the alternate form. The mage came charging forward, but a smart phone shield on one of the arms managed to parry the attack in time. He then used the phoenix half to spew out some fire that destroyed some of the grunts.

"Not half bad…" he muttered, "Still, it's not a Best Match…"

"Don't focus on that!" Cross-Z yelled.


Build held his hand against the crank, then exhaled a bit, "Not a Best Match…"

"WILL YOU STOP THAT?!" Cross-Z shouted.


"...still not a Best Match?" he asked, then he let off a sigh, taking out the Full Bottles, before a mage managed to kick him, causing the Tora Full Bottle to go tumbling out of his hands.

"STOP AND FOCUS!" Cross-Z yelled, quickly grabbing the Tora Full Bottle, shaking it, and loading it into the Beat Crosser.


Golden claws generated at the tip of the Beat Crosser, with Cross-Z charging forward and slashing through more of the mages with the claws being generated from the Full Bottle in the weapon.


Build gave off a sigh before he rolled out of the way of some oncoming attacks and saw even more of the mages trying to get near him, "...gotta take care of these guys…"


He quickly cranked the lever and the halfbodies generated.


"Build up!" he yelled, with the two parts colliding together. Now armed with a claw and the train arm, Build charged forward at a decent pace. With the wolf claw, he slashed through some of the mages, then powerfully struck others with a bit of a train styled aura via the other arm.

He then quickly rolled out of the way from some mages that were at a higher ground than him and Cross-Z. Build gave a growl before he quickly loaded in another set of Full Bottles.


He had to quickly dodge some electrical blasts as he cranked the lever before he ran forward.


"Build up!" he shouted, with the form now combined. With the UFO half, he generated a pink disk below himself and used it to fly up above the mages. He quickly got out the anchor bow and fired a few shots at the mages, quickly making them explode.

Build soon landed on the ground as Cross-Z finished off some more mages… only for more to come running towards them.

"This is the fight that never ends~... it just goes on and on my friends~..." Cross-Z wearily sung.

"...if that's a reference to something, I don't get it," Build admitted before he hurried forward and punched a few more mages. He then got knocked down, rolling along the ground.

"Try the Phoenix and the Robot together!" Cross-Z yelled, quickly slashing down another mage.

Build just scoffed in response to this, then got back up. His partner kept on the attack as he got out the two Full Bottles.

"'Try the Phoenix and the Robot together'," Build muttered in irritation as he shook the two Full Bottles and then loaded them in.


"HA~~~!" Cross-Z proclaimed in joy.

"...hush up, you…" Build responded before he quickly cranked the lever.


"...build up…" he said dejectedly.


Even more mages hurried forward, but were blocked by a more powerful stream of fire from the Best Matched form. Build just stared a bit, clearly not in the best mood. Cross-Z ended up cheering as he kept on the attack, while Build just gave off a small sigh.

With another part of the mages cleared, Build turned towards another set and exhaled a bit.

"Wolf… with either UFO or Smartphone. …fifty fifty…" Build muttered as he held the Wolf Full Bottle in one hand, then the two inorganic Full Bottles in the other. He nervously inhaled before loading his choice in.


"Best Match! KITA~~~!" he cheered, cranking the lever with a pep in his step.


"Heck yeah! Build up!"


Build dashed forward, giving off a slightly giddy laugh, as he clawed down the foes with a claw not unlike the one OOO had. The few spells the mages flung at him were simply blocked by the bulking shield on his opposite arm.

"Science always beats your silly magic!" Build shouted before he slashed down the foes.

"I thought you wouldn't believe in magic," Cross-Z admitted, "You seem like the guy who would attribute it to poorly understood things."

"...Banjou… think about the lives we live. Magic doesn't seem so impossible…" Build stated bluntly.

Cross-Z went silent, then just nodded his head a little as he realized Build had a point. Another couple of mages hurried forward, with Build evading their attacks.

"Banjou, the Tora one!" Build yelled.

"Okay!" Cross-Z responded, quickly taking the Full Bottle out and tossing it over to Build.

Build quickly grabbed it, gave it a single shake, then loaded it into the Driver.


The two parts generated around Build and he stood with a bit of a ready pose.


"Build up!"


A few more mages hurried forward, with Build flinging a pink disc towards them that sliced through them like a hot knife through butter. Build quickly generated some energy into the other half of the form before he clawed through some more of the mages, causing them to explode into dust. The last of the mages around the two Riders were now gone, giving them both a moment to breathe. Build ended up swapping back into his base form, falling backwards in the process.

"...are you alright…?" Cross-Z asked, offering a hand up.

"I am fine…" Build stated as he managed to force himself to get back up.

"...alright then…"

"Don't forget who the main character here is," Build spoke, only for Cross-Z to be ignoring him.

"My back hurts…" Cross-Z muttered, taking a moment to stretch.

A few mages just growled a little as they looked over two Riders who were standing back-to-back with each-other before the two Riders turned towards the hoard.

"Yami no shisha, Kamen Rider Micaiah!"

"Hikari no shisha, Kamen Rider Sothe!"

The two Riders then gave off dynamic poses, "Futari wa Kamen Riders!"

Kamen Rider Sothe then pointed towards the mages, "Yami no chikara no shimobe-tachi yo…"

Kamen Rider Micaiah followed it up by pointing as well, "Tottoto ouchi ni kaerinasai!"

Confusion was all the hoard gathered around the two Riders could give in response to their little declaration. With their statement said, Kamen Rider Micaiah turned towards her partner and then hurried forward. The mages didn't quite know what was about to happen before the white haired Rider struck them with electrical magic.

Another few mages flung magical attacks towards the duo, but they both effortlessly dodged. Kamen Rider Sothe jumped up and then flung a series of daggers towards them, causing the mages to explode into dust.

A few of the mages gathered together before their form ended up combining into a kind of centaur that had horns that were generating magic around them.

"...arienai~~~!" Kamen Rider Micaiah shouted out.

"...these things are so weird…" Kamen Rider Sothe remarked, "Let's finish this thing off quickly."

"Right," Kamen Rider Micaiah nodded, quickly calming down.

The centaur creature growled and charged forward, with Kamen Rider Micaiah simply raising her hands up a bit. With her hands raised, Kamen Rider Micaiah generated some birds with her magic. She gave a motion for the birds to fly forward, which quickly surrounded the monster as quickly as they could and bound it in place.

The two Riders gave a small nod to each-other before their legs gathered with magical energy.

"Ha!" the two Riders yelled before they double Rider Kicked the monster and made it blow up.

"Nice!" the two cheered before they high-fived.

"We'll always be a team, won't we?" Kamen Rider Sothe asked.

"Of course. After all, you're my best friend," Kamen Rider Micaiah stated with a smile under her helmet.

Kamen Rider Ike simply studied his form a little bit, glancing it over with confusion as indicated by the way his helmet was moving around.

'What… is this? Where am I? Am I dreaming? Is this real life…?'

A few mages charged towards him, and one managed to land a blow on the Rider's right shoulder. Kamen Rider Ike slowly turned towards them, making the mages realize the mistake they had made. The Rider brought up the Ragnell and then attacked them, being guided purely by his instincts as he did so.

"Great… AETHER!" the Rider shouted as he unleashed a powerful blow that made the mages explode into nothing but dust. Under his helmet, he blinked a bit and then stood up.

'...am I asleep? There's no way this is real…'

Kamen Rider Ike glanced around a bit, taking in some of the other Riders, '...why do I feel like… someone is missing?'

"Arcfire!" Kamen Rider Robin shouted, flinging the fireball forward. Kamen Rider Lucina dashed forward and slashed through the few mages nearby them after the fireball had struck.

"I can change fate!" Kamen Rider Lucina proudly proclaimed before she headed forward.

"...she's in a good mood," Kamen Rider Robin observed. He was about to walk forward, but then heard a blast nearby that made him stop and turn towards the source.

He saw Kamen Rider Itsuki, who used his sword to slice through a blast of magic that had gotten flung towards him. He took a moment to breathe a bit, then held his sword ready.

"Hmm…" Kamen Rider Robin muttered, keeping his eyes on this fight.

Kamen Rider Itsuki pulled out two cards from his deck and quickly scanned them against some sort of a scanner on his sword.


Kamen Rider Itsuki's sword glowed a bright red before he ran forward and swung it at the mages, which caused them to explode. A few spawned behind him, making he scan another two cards.


A blue fire appeared behind Kamen Rider Itsuki before it generated into some sort of a humanoid shaped creature that had a very familiar looking face.

"...huh…?" Kamen Rider Robin spoke.

"With me, Itsuki!" the creature yelled.

"Got it, Chrom!" the Rider agreed.


The rider and creature then charged forward and blitzed through the few remaining mages in their path. The creature then vanished from Kamen Rider Itsuki's sight and he hurried forward.

"...what the heck happened to Chrom…?" Kamen Rider Robin muttered.

"Did you say something?" Kamen Rider Lucina asked.

"Oh, it's nothing," Kamen Rider Robin assured her, but he then glanced over to Kamen Rider Itsuki in a bit of confusion.

The dark mages were starting to disappear as the Riders kept fighting. The distorted dragon simply growl, remaining as far out of reach as it possibly could. As the fight waged on, another figure walked out of the mists and held a blue gun at the ready.

"Omoshiroi…" he spoke before he glanced down to see Decade fighting and how the sky looked fairly dark, "Oh, I get it. Let's see how we can make this even more interesting…"

With that, he got out a card and loaded it into the gun.


"Henshin!" he yelled before firing the gun.


The energy from the shot rained down onto the person and he transformed into Kamen Rider DiEnd.

DiEnd stood at the cliff and observed things a little bit, then noticed that someone seemed to be missing. He quickly loaded a card into his Driver and fired it forward.


With that, a summoned version of Kamen Rider Black took to the field. Upon seeing that it didn't cause much harm to the area, he quickly loaded in even more Kamen Ride cards into his gun.

Blade and Decade were both fighting off some of the mages, with Blade kicking one away, then turning around.

"Hey, I think your friend is here," Blade spoke up.

"...friend?" Decade asked before Blade pointed over to DiEnd, "...him? He's not my friend."

"...what's he doing…?"

Decade was about to speak when he heard something…


"NO!" Decade shouted out, "DAIKI, YAMERO~!"

Without an ounce of hesitation, DiEnd fired off the blast and summoned even more Kamen Riders.


The newly summoned Riders hurried forward to aid as best they could, with DiEnd simply taking a seat to watch what would happen next. He didn't seem to care as the skies grew a bit darker and lightning sparked in the air.

Kamen Rider Roy got knocked back a bit and took a moment to try to catch his breath. Kamen Rider Kamui quickly stood in front of him to make sure he had his moment, when, suddenly, Kamen Rider Black jumped forward and charged towards the monster.

Kamen Rider Kamui waited a moment, then turned towards Kamen Rider Roy, "You gonna be alright?"

"I'll live…" the red-haired Rider assured.


"He looks… familiar…" Kamen Rider Roy admitted as he saw Black fighting.

"How so?" Kamen Rider Kamui asked.

"I… don't know…" Kamen Rider Roy stated simply, "Just… I feel like I know something about him."

Snipe and Ryugen kept up the fire on the other flying monsters as best they could, but then more shots joined theirs.

"Eh?" Snipe spoke.

"Huh?" Ryugen questioned.

The two saw Drake walk over and continue to aid in their attack. Both simply shrugged it off and kept at it. Drake took aim, soon seeing Skyrider doing his best to pursue the dragon, only to get swatted down. While he remained transformed, his priority quickly changed to the other flying monsters that were clearly guarding the dragon.

Hibiki quickly flipped his taiko sticks, ready to keep on the attack, when some more musical instruments started to play. He quickly turned around to see Ibuki, Amaki, and Todoroki hurrying over to help him out.

Another centaur mage appeared and charged towards the group, with Hibiki managing to knock it back a bit. Ibuki and Amaki both attacked it a bit more and left an opening for a finisher.

"Ongekizan Raidengekishin!" Todoroki yelled as he charged in, stabbing his guitar into the monster and then playing a guitar solo for a bit.

The centaur mage then blew up from the energy from the guitar solo, with Todoroki giving off a quick strumm of his guitar and posing to cap it off. Nearby, Stronger and X had seen this display and couldn't help but clap a little bit.

"Thank you! Thank you very much!" he cheered.

Riderman got flung backwards by a centaur mage and struggled to stand back up, only for something to knock the monster back a bit. He looked up to see Skull had walked over and had knocked the monster back. Skull proceeded to help Riderman stand back up, with the Rider simply giving an appreciative nod and smile in response. Skull gave a small nod back before he headed forward with Riderman following him. Drive and Fourze both saw them hurrying, then exchanged quick nods to hurry and help out.

Some centaur mages looked at the four Riders in confusion before Fourze got out an Astroswitch and Riderman readied the rope arm.



Fourze and Riderman quickly got the monsters locked in place. With that set, Drive and Skull both summoned their gun weapons and opened fire as quickly as they could. Fourze then took a moment to ready another switch and activate it.



Riderman quickly got out his shotgun arm and aided in the fire. The centaur ended up exploding, and the Riders briefly posed a bit. Ghost and Double both turned from what they were doing and saw the four Riders and simply stared in amazement.

Ryuki stood ready to keep fighting as the mages now converged into what looked to be some sort of hippogriffs that clawed at him. He managed to hold his own for a bit, before another Rider struck the monster. Ryuki turned to see Femme had arrived, soon followed by Knight and Raia.

The red dragon Rider looked shocked to see the others, with Femme simply giving a happy little wave. The hippogriff growled a bit, making the four Riders turn towards it, then get to fighting it as a team.

Ouja and Hercus simply stood still, not bothering to fight anything as they just watched. Soon, Ouja ended up getting kicked onto the ground. When he got back up, he could see Baron and Leangle were both standing there.

"You were summoned here, so make yourselves useful and fight," Baron proclaimed.

Ouja growled a bit and tried to grab Baron, only for the banana Rider to effortlessly pry the snake Rider off of him and then kick him again.

"...little much…" Leangle muttered.

"What was that?" Baron questioned as he turned to Leangle.

"Nothing, nothing," Leangle stated.

Ryuki, Femme, Raia, and Knight soon managed to make the hippogriff explode, not noticing that Ouja had been beaten into being desummoned by Baron.

Nearby, Blade could see Leangle and then looked at the area around him, "...guess that explains why this world hasn't ended yet…"

"...dude… don't jinx stuff like that…" Decade told him.

"...good point…"

Grease punched his way through a centaur mage and exhaled a little bit. He took a moment to dust his hands off a little, when he heard somebody step forward. He quickly turned around, ready to keep fighting, but then was stunned when he saw the person.

"You… look like… me…" Grease spoke in confusion.

"...huh? Who are you? Why do you sound like me?" the man asked.

"...who are you?" Grease asked.

"...Kurenai Otoya. And… looks like you need some help…" the man, Otoya, spoke as he got out a belt and some sort of a knuckle based device.


"Henshin!" Otoya shouted as he loaded the item into the belt.

=F-I-ST ON!=

A blue glow flew over Otoya's body and he was now transformed into Kamen Rider Ixa.

"You seriously look and sound so much like me, it's not even funny…" Grease remarked, though Ixa either did not hear him or was deliberately ignoring him.

Kamen Rider J had managed to beat several of the regular mages, centaurs, and even a few hippogriffs as he kept fighting his way forward, even while still being human sized instead of being kaiju sized.

One hippogriff growled at J, who simply just clenched his fist and then charged forward.

"Rider Punch!" he shouted out before he punched the monster. It began to spark, but didn't seem like it was set to explode just yet.

"TOH!" another voice yelled before the source jumped into the air, "Rider Kick!"

The Rider Kick successfully connected and made the hippogriff explode. The Rider responsible landed, then just stood there calmly.

J looked towards this Rider and noticed something strangely familiar looking about him, "Who are you…?"

"The Rider with the power of Ichigou and Nigou…" *turns to J* Kamen Rider… Sangou…

J simply tilted his head a little before Sangou hurried off to aid against the mages. ZO hurried over to his companion's side and put a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm alright. Uh… you know who that is?" J asked, earning a quick nod of 'no' in response.

Nearby, V3, Shin, and Super-1 saw Sangou hurry off. V3 gave a wordless gesture as if to ask if they knew who he was, only for both Riders to shrug in response.

Beast and Another Agito both struck at some mages, with Amazon quickly hurrying over and aiding on their attack. As they kept on the attack, Kabuto and Gatack were currently in Clock Up and also fighting off the mages as well.

When the animal Rider group stopped, all of the mages ended up exploding. They all just posed a little, even Another Agito.

"...heh…" the older Rider chuckled a little.

DiEnd gave off a bored yawn, simply sitting near the top of the quarry without actually partaking in the fighting. He then opened up his card container and flipped through to see some other Riders he could summon, before finding some he found interesting.

"Let's see what these legendary swords can do…" DiEnd muttered as he plucked out three cards, then looked over some additional options. He did notice a green Rider amongst them, but skipped right past it before settling on two more.

With a small chuckle, he loaded in the five cards and took aim.


The energy that summoned the Riders soon disappeared… and revealed five humans. DiEnd looked a little interested as he saw them looking around in confusion. The one thing they had in common was that they all had multicolored swords.

"Where are we?" the man with the red sword asked.

"Welcome to this little fight, Daichi Kamijo, Kenshin Nagamine, Kyoichiro Shinsen, Tetsuo Daishinji, Hayato Fukamiya…" DiEnd greeted with a casual tone.

The group all turned towards DiEnd in confusion.

"Who are you? And how do you know our names?" the man with the red sword, Daichi, questioned.

"Cause I summoned you here. We kinda got a mess that needs cleaning up and we need help," DiEnd said, "Help us, you go home."

Daichi gave out a nervous exhale before the man with the blue sword, Kenshin, and the man with the yellow sword, Kyoichiro, stepped forward. Daichi soon followed them, albeit somewhat nervously, and all three donned their respective Drivers.


A main with a pink sword, Tetsuo, and a man with a purple sword, Hayato, simply stood ready alongside the other three. All five then pulled out small book like items and opened them up.


All of them got the Wonder Ride Books into proper position and then activated their respective swords.








The five now stood as Kamen Riders Saber, Blades, Espada, Slash, and Calibur respectively. Saber, Blades, and Espada took a moment to observe the battlefield for a bit, then they charged forward at a fast pace, with Slash and Calibur quickly following after them to help.

All five Riders got to work just slashing through the dark mages. Ichigou and Kamen Rider Marth ended up seeing the five Riders on the attack and just observed them a little bit.

"What? Are they from a world where superstition and the sword rule?" Ichigou asked nobody in particular… only for him to recall the tech level of the world they were currently in, and then glance over to some of the other Riders adjacent to Marth's world, "...nevermind. That wasn't funny."

"Hmm? Did you say something?" Kamen Rider Marth asked.


Saber quickly slashed his way through a few of the mages, then quickly noticed how many more of them there were and quickly got out another book.


Without another word, he quickly loaded the book into his belt and drew the sword.


Saber twirled his sword a little bit, then sent out a few clouds that flew towards the mages. They all looked confused for a bit before the clouds ended up exploding into fire and made them explode.

"Very…" Blades spoke up, attempting to find the right word before he finally chose it, "...creative."

Saber just chuckled a bit before both needed to dodge a fireball attack. In the moment, Saber went over and grabbed a Wonder Ride Book away from Blades.


With a quick motion, Saber changed out the books and then drew the sword.


Blades looked up and then saw Saber in the different form, then glanced down to see that he had stolen the book, "OI!"

"I'll give it back in a bit," Saber shrugged off, holding one of his hands up.

A small fairy flew out from it and it was surrounded by flames. It quickly flew through the mages and caused them to explode.

Slash and Calibur kept on the attack against some of the mages, mostly in relative silence. Suddenly, a hook grabbed onto one of the Wonder Ride Books that Slash had and yanked it away.

"...you may wanna look…" Calibur spoke up.



Saber let out a wild cheer as some flaming musical notes flew out from the pink robe he now had on.

"...will you stop that?" Espada questioned, but the lack of an answer told him what he needed to know.

"...how boring…" DiEnd muttered as he got out another card, "Let's spice it up a bit more…"


When the energy disappeared from the shot, a man completely in a cloak proceeded to look around in confusion. He blinked a bit, then turned towards DiEnd, "What is this and where am I?"

DiEnd gave a small chuckle in response, "Help us with this situation, then you get to go home…"

"...idaro…" the figure responded as he walked forward.

Saber looked towards the figure as he walked over, "Who are you?"


"Ore wa sekai o mamoru tsurugi da!" he proclaimed before he opened up a book.


Without another word, he quickly loaded it into his belt and then pulled it upwards, "Henshin!"


The man then turned into golden energy… and flew into the fairly small sword, and was then able to move around completely on his own. From nearby, Kamen Riders Marth and Ichigou had seen this occur.

Kamen Rider Marth just stared at Saikou for a bit, totally stunned at what was before him, "A Rider… that's also a sword?"

Ichigou just stared as well, equally as lost, "That's new to me as well…"

Without another word, Saikou spun right through several of the mages and caused them to explode. The other Riders who could see him just stopped and watched as he went on the attack in spite of being a sword about as big as a toy sword.

One mage did manage to grab him and then chuckled.

"Nice try…" Saikou stated simply before he glowed a bit.


Saikou's shadow then rose up from the ground and formed into some sort of a Rider suit. The shadow then kicked the mage, freeing Saikou from its grasp.

The attack caused Saber to get knocked back a bit, and drop one of his Wonder Ride Books in the process. Blades quickly grabbed his and Slash's stolen books back, then picked up one of Saber's.

"Let's see how you like it!" Blades shouted out.



Espada gave off a small chuckle before pulling out one of his own books, activating it, and then pulling the sword out.



Blades held out his sword, then it magically extended to strike at a few mages. Espada hurried forward and punched the soaked enemies with electrically charged punches.

Another group of mages exploded into only dust, leaving the six Riders to simply watch as the dust floated away. Saber just exhaled a little bit, with Saikou soon disappearing into the mists without another word.

DiEnd gave off a small laugh before Decade walked over and smacked him upside the head. DiEnd didn't really react before Decade just kept on wailing on him.

"You are putting this world into more jeopardy, you a**hole!" Decade shouted, only for DiEnd to kick him back a bit.

"You've made this mess, Tsukasa. I'm just interested in seeing how you clean it up…"

"I don't know how! Even more so with you just summoning more Riders and making it worse!" Decade shouted in pure anger.

DiEnd just chuckled a bit as he proceeded to grab another set of cards and load them in to summon.


"WILL! YOU! STOP?!" Decade yelled, grabbing onto DiEnd's arms, "YOU ARE JUST MAKING IT WORSE!"

"No!" DiEnd yelled.

Decade tried to get the DiEnd Driver away from the blue Rider, while DiEnd kept it away like a petulant child hogging their favorite toy. As the two continued the scuffle…


The blast ended up being fired. Out from a dimensional mists came a young man that looked to be in his early 20s. His clothes were tattered and damaged from some kind of a struggle, his hair was a bit unkempt, and he looked like he was trying to catch his breath a bit.

"I'm… alive…" he muttered to himself, looking around a bit and then feeling his heartbeat, "...we didn't die."

"Looks like someone teleported us out in the nick of time…" a woman's voice responded, "Ikki, are you going to be okay?"

The young man, Ikki, turned towards the source of the voice. It looked to be a young woman roughly around the same age, maybe a year or two younger, wearing a red dress, red high heels, had her hair done up in a fancy way, but most peculiar about her was that she seemingly cast no shadow.

Ikki was about to say something, but then heard an explosion. He and the woman glanced up to see the hippogriffs that were soaring around and attacking, seemingly guarding the distorted dragon. Ikki's look grew from worry to one of determination as he turned to the woman, "Aguilera-san, lend me your strength!"

"Had a feeling that the supposed 'biggest busybody in Japan' would intervene…" the woman, Aguilera, giggled, "Let's go."

"Ikki ni ikuze!" Ikki proclaimed as he got out a Driver that had a big '50' on it.

"Ok!" Aguilera responded before she seemingly phased into Ikki upon him donning the Driver.



Behind Ikki appeared what looked to be some sort of a text chat between himself and Aguilera.

I: 'Where do you think we are?'

A: 'Who knows? It doesn't look all that great.'

I: 'They certainly need the help. Let's do this!'

A: 'Ok.'

Ikki then exhaled onto the bottom part of the Rex Vistamp, gave off a grin, and then stamped it onto part of the Revice Driver. This caused it to spark to life and enter standby mode.


As the melody kept going, an astral projection of Aguilera floated around Ikki, carrying some kind of a giant version of the Vistamp as she floated around.

"Henshin!" Ikki shouted, then he loaded the Vistamp into the Driver and tilted it.


Aguilera slammed the stamp down as a projection of the symbol on the bottom of the Vistamp appeared in the chat and floated towards her.


Pink energy surrounded both of them before it faded and they now both stood as Kamen Riders, Ikki as Kamen Rider Revi and Aguilera as Kamen Rider Vice. The two quickly exchanged a high five with each-other before Revi readied another part of the Driver.


The two Riders then posed in some particular ways that wouldn't look too out of place for a Final Form Ride.


The combined form let out a mighty roar that went for miles. Ichigou and Kamen Rider Marth heard the load roar and turned towards the source in shock and confusion, then saw Revi and Vice in their Remix Form. The combined Rider charged forward and attacked the aerial enemies.

"What... is that...?" Kamen Rider Marth asked, pointing towards the giant form.

Ichigou just stared a little bit, equally as lost, "Uh... I am going to presume... that is an alternate form of another Kamen Rider."


"I have literally never seen that Rider before if it is one."

"...alright then."

The Rex Remix charged forward, managing to smash apart the hippogriff monsters that were foolish enough to swoop down to attack them. As they kept at it, more dimensional mists appeared and out walked a young man in some sort of a military uniform, who took quick notice of the Rider.

"Nii-san?" the young man spoke, seeing the Rex Remix charging forward. With that in mind, he quickly got out a Driver and slapped it onto his waist.


"Daiji ni kimeyou ka!" he proclaimed, quickly taking out a Vistamp, activating it, and scanning it against the Driver.



An ominous standby melody played for a bit before he shouted out one word, "Henshin!"

With that, he slammed the Spider Vistamp over the screen on the center of the Driver.



Now standing as Kamen Rider Demons, the Rider hurried forward to go on the attack.

Nearby, a young woman stepped forward with her own Driver around her waist. The mages growled at her a little, but she just gave a relaxed, almost confidant, smile in response as she activated a Vistamp.


With the activation, her belt generated a sort of steel cage that kept the enemies away from her. She quickly inserted the Vistamp to the top of the belt and the cage exploded outwards, knocking away the mages from her.


"Henshin!" she shouted out, flipping the Driver sideways.



She now stood as Kamen Rider Jeanne, and then she turned towards the mages, "Sakutto taosuyo!"

With that proclaimed, Jeanne dashed forward and kicked down the mages. The mages exploded… basically on contact with the kick and Jeanne was no worse for wear being near the center of an explosion. She gave off a small, confident, giggle and then kept up on the attack.

The Rex Remix split apart after about half of the hippogriffs had been finished off and the two Riders just took a moment to stretch.

"That is so painful…" Kamen Rider Vice remarked, "Plus, the position is so awkward…"

"We could be in worse positions… Mammoth Remix?" Revi spoke up.

"Don't you dare remind me of that, imbécil…" Kamen Rider Vice responded, clearly irritated.

Revi couldn't help but laugh, earning a small smack from his partner Rider. Demons walked up nearby and simply gave a small chuckle. Jeanne walked up and heard both of them laughing, which made her gasp a bit and then step forward.

"...Ikki-nii? Dai-chan?" Jeanne questioned, making Revi and Demons turn towards her, and then the Riders noticed each-other.

"Daiji… Sakura…" Revi spoke, realizing quickly setting in, which caused him to sniffle a little bit.

Seeing the moment, Kamen Rider Vice took a step away from the trio to simply let them talk a bit.

"...is everything okay with you two? We just saw each-other ten minutes ago…" Demons remarked.

Jeanne seemed to not hear this as she ended up pulling off her helmet, tears dripping down from her eyes. Revi and Demons soon did the same, with Jeanne just letting the tears flow as she ran over and pulled her brothers into a hug. Ikki soon joined in the tears, while Daiji simply had a bit of a confused look on his face, yet accepted the hug nonetheless.

"I missed you… I missed you so much…" Ikki spoke, a few tears dripping down.

Daiji blinked a little bit, still a little confused by this.

"How are you two even here? You both died…" Ikki soon asked.

"...you and Dai-chan were the ones who died…" Sakura responded.

"Oh, we're from different dimensions…" Daiji realized, "That explains it."

"...oh, yeah, yeah it does," Ikki nodded.

"That madwoman Aguilera took you both away from me…" Sakura weaped, just tightening the hug with the alternate versions of her brothers.

Upon hearing that, Kamen Rider Vice took another step away from the trio, hoping that Sakura wouldn't realize who she was. She got a bit nervous, then heard somebody mumbling a bit and turned to see what could best be described as a giant sized version of some sort of a cute, marketable, plushie.

"By the way, Ikki-nii, who's your partner?" Sakura soon asked.

"Just call them Vice," Ikki responded.

"Keep this thing away from me!" Kamen Rider Vice yelled in fear, trying to keep away from the plushie looking thing.

"...and I'm assuming that is your partner…?" Ikki asked.

Sakura couldn't help but giggle a bit as the plushie followed the other Rider, "Lovekov, don't bother them."

"Love love," the creature, Lovekov, responded.

There was an explosion nearby the group, making them turn around to see more mages had gathered near them. The three siblings from different realities exchanged nods and stepped forward.

The siblings quickly put the helmets back on and all stood ready.

(Insert Song: Go With the Flo)

"Waite kita ze!" Revi shouted out before he charged forward, with Demons, Jeanne, and Kamen Rider Vice all following after him.

All three Riders jumped up and kicked some of the mages right down to the ground. All three exchanged nods, then split off to keep fighting the mages nearby each-other, yet in their own ways.


Lovekov gave off some cheerful noises as Jeanne quickly worked to swap out her Vistamps.



Lovekov flew over to Jeanne, now in the form of two hand fans. With the weapons in hand, Jeanne slashed through the mages and was able to parry attacks without much being able to slow her down, if anything at all.

"Gotta keep up," Revi remarked as he quickly got out another Vistamp.


Kamen Rider Vice was pulled back into Revi's form, but before he could keep going…

"Please try to be fast about these. I don't want them to notice who I am…"

Revi quickly nodded his head, stamped the Vistamp into position, and went through the motions at a very quick pace.



Revi, now armed with a bow, went on attack with it as quickly as he could. Kamen Rider Vice, meanwhile, started to incorporate praying mantis martial art styles into her attacks.


Demons quickly ducked out of the way of a lightning blast and got out another Vistamp.



Now with a drill on one of his arms, Demons quickly kept up the attack on the mages, even using the tip of the drill to deflect a few electrical and fire based magics sent his way.

The siblings briefly glanced at each-other as they kept on the attack, but Revi soon seemed to notice something about Jeanne and then glanced at the Kamakiri Vistamp, quickly pulling it out. He then chuckled a little, "Sakura!"

Jeanne ducked out of the way of an attack from a mage, then ended up catching the Vistamp. She gave a confused look at it, then turned to her brother.

"It looks like it'll fit with your colors!" Revi responded.

"I mean… I guess… but what about you?" Jeanne asked quickly.

"I'll be fine," Revi quickly assured as he readied another Vistamp.




Jeanne simply blinked a bit as Revi and Kamen Rider Vice went on the attack, then she looked to the Vistamp and gave a small nod.




Lovekov was now a pair of daggers in a manner similar to the Ichigo Kunai. Jeanne gently tossed them up and down a little, clearly having not expected this. She flung one of the daggers forward, and it indeed made a mage blow up, then the dagger returned to her hand.

"Nice!" Jeanne grinned, with the mages simply looking on in pure fear.

She quickly flung the daggers with laser like precision and the mages blew up into dust extremely quickly with no clear sign of Jeanne letting up.

"Gotta try to keep up…" Demons said as he dismissed the drill.

"Dai-chan!" Jeanne called as she got out a Vistamp, "Try this one!"

Demons quickly caught the Vistamp and saw it was a Kajiki Vistamp, "Arigatou!"




Demons gained a marlin-themed sword along his right arm. He observed it a little bit, then quickly cleaved through some of the mages as quickly as he could.

"Not bad…" he smiled. He then turned over to Revi, "Nii-san! Use this!"

With that, he flung over a Vistamp to Revi. The Rider didn't get a full look at it before he quickly activated it, loaded it in, and activated the form.





Revi stood ready to continue fighting, when he noticed bits of what his form looked like. He quickly turned to his partner Rider and saw the colors that the form had, which made it click into place.

"The maoh…" Revi muttered as he looked over his form, rage boiling beneath the surface.

"Nii-chan… are you okay?" Demons asked.

"Yeah… this Rider isn't one we're cool with looking like… reasons…" Kamen Rider Vice quickly explained, "He's not mad at you, you had no way to know!"

The Brachio Vistamp was quickly flung back over to Demons, with Revi quickly switching forms.





"This is gonna get really loud, so you may wanna cover your ears," Kamen Rider Vice quickly warned.




A giant shield formed around Jeanne, who quickly pulled her brother closer so that whatever would happen next wouldn't harm them.



Now in the Lion Remix, the combined Riders watched the mages charge forward, then let out a mighty and fierce roar that evaporated most of them into dust as soon as it made contact. Jeanne held onto the shield as tightly as she could to keep herself and Demons from being harmed.

The roaring soon stopped, and the combined Rider ended up bouncing back into their Rex forms after they split back apart.

(End Insert Song)

"...nii-chan… I-"

"Don't be upset. Like my partner here said, you couldn't have known," Revi responded, walking over to his younger brother calmly and hugging him.

The family was silent and then just hugged a little.

OOO struggled to defend himself from some of the hippogriffs and ended up getting smacked along the ground. The hippogriffs growled at him, with OOO simply standing ready to defend himself. As he did so, a dimensional mist appeared nearby. OOO got sent flying again, screaming as he was smacked back.

The screaming seemed to get the attention of someone from the other side of the mists. Someone who started running as fast as their legs could possibly carry them. Right towards OOO…



OOO looked up in confusion as he heard the melody play out.


OOO looked to this different version of the red combo set and almost sensed something familiar about it as he looked.


This alternate OOO said nothing for a moment before the main OOO got up and quickly scanned another set of medals.



OOO stood ready to keep up, while the other one simply chuckled.

"...just call me OOO Eternity…" the other one stated in a very familiar voice.

"Wakatta," OOO nodded.

Thus, the two versions of OOO took to the sky. The hippogriffs growled, but the two airborne Riders were effortlessly able to destroy them. OOO simply gave OOO Eternity a thumbs up before they kept at it a bit.

"Don't let up!" OOO yelled.

OOO Eternity gave a small nod as he kept up.

With their attacks, the last of the hippogriff mages had completely been destroyed. OOO tried to make a go for the dragon, only to get smacked aside and forced back into his base form. OOO was about to go tumbling towards the ground, when someone grabbed onto his hand. He looked up to see OOO Eternity floating above him, as if he were an angel of some sort. OOO Eternity lowered him down to the ground, slowly and carefully. He made sure that OOO was back on the ground safely and then looked at him.

"...arigatou, Ankh…" OOO stated simply.

OOO Eternity stood there quietly and then walked off a bit, "...we will meet again… Eiji."

With that, OOO Eternity disappeared into the mists. OOO simply stared a little bit, but had a small smile under his helmet.

"There's a little thing called the world order!" Decade yelled.

"You and I disrespect that on a day to day basis, and you know that," DiEnd casually retorted.

The two Riders growled at each-other, clearly ready to come to blows with each-other, when…

"Tsu! Ka! SA~!"

Decade and DiEnd both flinched and turned to see Kamen Rider Kiva-la was nearby them.

"...hi sweetie…" Decade nervously greeted, "Look, I know you're mad right now, but can it please wait until we can clear out of this world?"

Kiva-la just looked at Decade and then exhaled, "You are so lucky that I love you…"

DiEnd chuckled a bit… only to get jabbed with the back end of Kiva-la's sword, which reverted him back and left him in a laughing fit.


"We will discuss it later…" Kiva-la told him before she hurried off.

All Decade could do was breathe a sigh of relief, then he saw Daiki stuck in a laughing fit. He did nothing before he hurried off.

Kiva swung his sword down at the mages as best he could, but the bulk of his suit was impeding the speed of which he could attack. Soon, Kiva-la ran over and swung some of the mages down. Kiva gave a confused look at this other Rider, but simply accepted the help without another word.

With their attacks together, the last of the mages had been destroyed at long last.

At long last, only the giant, distorted, dragon remained. Jeanne glanced up to see that it had no guards, but nobody was following.

"Is nobody going to beat that thing?" Jeanne asked.

"Some others have tried, but they can't get close enough to do it…" Revi stated.

Jeanne then gave a small nod and then stepped forward.

"You're not gonna knock that thing out of the sky…" Demons stated.

"Watch me," Jeanne boasted as she got out a Vistamp.




Lovekov was now a hoverboard of some sort. Jeanne got onto it and zoomed off into the sky at a pace that almost couldn't be followed by the regular eye.

The dragon managed to start flying away a bit, not aware of Jeanne zooming closer and closer by the second. The Rider on the hoverboard watched the dragon for a bit and managed to get a little bit above it, then found her opening.

"Watashi no hontō no tsuyo-sa misete ageru!" she proclaimed.

She quickly got out another Vistamp, activated it, loaded it in, and then fell towards the dragon.


Lovekov transformed from a hoverboard into a scythe. Jeanne quickly grabbed it and then sliced downwards, managing to land right on the dragon's back. She then quickly used it to slice off the wings, which vanished in a glitchy distortion. The dragon fell towards the ground, with Jeanne sticking the scythe into the dragon to maintain a stable grip on the creature.

After a bit, the dragon collided with the ground, sending a lot of dust into the air. With the dragon now against the ground, Jeanne did a back-flip off the back of the creature, going into a few cartwheels as she went backwards, and gave a brief pose that was visible only to her siblings from different dimensions owing to her landing a bit away from the dragon.

Ichigou and Kamen Rider Marth both saw the dragon manage to start to get up a bit, but it was clearly very heavily injured.

"Minna…" Ichigou spoke up, looking first to the Riders from his native reality and adjacent to it, then looking towards the Riders from the Fire Emblem worlds, "IKUZO!"


With that, all of the primary Riders jumped up into the air and energy came charging from all of them.

"Rider Kick!" Ichigou, Nigou, and Sangou all shouted as they sailed down.

"V3 Kick!"

"Riderman Kick!"

"X… Kick!"

"Amazon Kick!"

"Stronger Den Kick!"

"Sky Kick!"

"Super Rider Senko Kick!"

"ZX Kick!"

"Rider Kick!"

"RX Kick!"

Shin wordlessly jumped up and soared down with green energy following him.

"ZO Kick!"

"J Kick!"

"Rider Slash~!" Kamen Rider Marth declared as he swung his blade forward.

"Divine Mila, guide my strength!" Kamen Rider Celica shouted, with energy gathering at her right heel before she fell forward, "Rider Kick!"

"Lion Rider Kick!" Kamen Rider Roy yelled, surrounded by a fiery aura of a lion's head.

"Aether… KICK" Kamen Rider Ike yelled, with his sword going at the same speed as he sailed down.

"Hissatsu waza…" Kamen RIder Micaiah proclaimed as dark and light magic gathered at her, "Twilight Kick!"

"Thoron Rider Kick!" Kamen Rider Robin shouted as he flew down with a blast of Thoron following him.

"Rider Kick!" Kamen Rider Lucina yelled, simply doing a traditional Rider Kick.

"Suiryu no… Kick!" Kamen Rider Kamui shouted, with watery magic following her motion.

Kamen Rider Itsuki quickly scanned cards through his sword and let blue fiery energy appear around him.


The energy flowed from his cape down to his legs and then he soared down with the others.

Kuuga and Agito simply did their standard Rider Kicks, soaring down alongside most of the others.




Hibiki said nothing, with a simple fire gathering as he soared downwards.

=1, 2, 3! RIDER KICK!=

"Hissatsu! Ore no hissatsu waza…" Den-O spoke, quickly scanning the pass by the belt.


"SPECIAL VERSION!" Den-O shouted as he jumped up and then sailed down.







"Rider Rocket Drill Ki~ck!"

"Finale da!"







Build, Zi-O, Saber, Revi, and Vice all turned at the dragon and quickly readied their own finishers.




All of them quickly jumped up and then sailed down as well.




All of the attacks collided with the dragon, which caused a massive explosion. All of the Riders bounced back a bit, yet, when the smoke cleared, the dragon was still somewhat alive. It was heavily glitching and sparking, but still somewhat alive. The Riders just looked at it in concern, before two Riders stepped forward.

"Let's get him, Hongo-san!" Kamen Rider Marth shouted.

"Right!" Ichigou nodded.

The dragon let out an angered growl as the two Riders charged forward. Without saying a word, Kamen Rider Marth tossed the Falchion over to Ichigou. Ichigou quickly managed to grab it as the two kept running forward. Both Riders kept going forward, with Kamen Rider Marth jumping up into the air while Ichigou kept to the ground.

"Rider… KI~~~~~CK!" Kamen Rider Marth shouted as blue energy gathered at his legs and he soared down.

"Rider… SLASH~~~!" Ichigou yelled out, swinging a charged Falchion right at the dragon.

Both attacks collided with the dragon at the same time. Both Riders bounced back a bit as the dragon let out one final, painfilled, roar. The dragon, at long last, exploded into nothingness.

"YOSHA~~~!" several of the Riders in the area cheered.

"Fui…" Wizard exhaled, trying his best to not fall back.

A bit of time had passed, though the dark skies hadn't cleared up yet, but the Riders had gathered to try to just catch their breaths and talk a bit. Daiki had long cleared out while he still could, much to Decade's irritation, and most of the summoned Riders had disappeared. The sword Riders and the Vistamp Riders were still there, but most of the other summons had vanished after Daiki booked it. Ichigou looked over the Riders who had gathered there and smiled.

"You all gathered to save me…" Ichigou commented before he gave a small chuckle, "I am honored that you all think so highly of me that you mounted such a rescue effort, and then turned your attention to a world in need."

Some Riders simply exchanged glances, clearly not fully aware of the context of what was happening. Kiva gave a glance over to Fourze, who just shrugged his shoulders.

"For your actions here today… all of you that stand here… are worthy of the title of Kamen Rider…" Ichigou proudly proclaimed.

"Except for the one that kept making things worse for us…" Decade muttered, not that Ichigou seemed to hear him.

Build and Cross-Z stood near the back end of the group and while Build was actually trying to listen to what Ichigou had to say, Cross-Z let out a joyful 'owatta~' at the fight now being over. The other gathered Riders didn't seem to mind this, though.

Nearby, Zi-O and Kamen Rider Geiz watched as Ichigou was speaking.

"Who's that?" Zi-O asked.

"Not a clue…" Kamen Rider Geiz admitted.

Ex-Aid glanced over to the source of the noise and noticed Zi-O and Kamen Rider Geiz. He then took out the blank Ride Watch he had on his person, then looked towards the two Riders again. He gave off a small 'oh' in realization.

Suddenly, the ground started to shake a little bit. Everybody looked around to try to find a source, but nothing seemed to be the cause of it. However, the ground continued to shake a bit and the skies had gotten even darker. Electricity started to course through the sky, and the shaking just kept going.

"We need to leave! We need to leave, NOW!" Decade yelled, quickly conjuring up the mists, "They'll send everyone back where they need to go! Hurry! WE NEED TO LEAVE!"

With that, Decade hurried through the mists as fast as he could. Kiva-la quickly followed after him, as did several other Riders as quickly as they could.

"Will we ever meet again?!" Kamen Rider Marth questioned.

"I don't know! But never forget what it means to be a hero. You are a hero worthy of the title of Kamen Rider. Wear it with honor!" Ichigou assured him before he had to make a run for the mists.

Jeanne, Demons, and Revi all said goodbyes to each-other and hurried through the mists, as the skies continued to grow darker and darker.

Kamen Rider Lucina ended up tripping up a bit in the rush as the area continued to shake. Kamen Rider Robin quickly got through the mists, unaware that the other Rider from his world hadn't kept up. She managed to stand back up and ran through the distorting mists, before energy expanded outwards across the worlds…

Hongo, Ryo, Kohtaro, Takumi, Kenzaki, Mutsuki, M-Ryotaro, Tsukasa, Eiji, Haruto, Kouta, Emu, Hiiro, and Asuna all came tumbling out of the mists and landed back on the main Rider world. The portal had finally vanished and everyone just exhaled a bit.

"Is everyone alive?" Kohtaro quickly asked.

Responses quickly came back from everybody but Kenzaki and Mutsuki, making Emu go over to them to check. From what Emu could tell, Mutsuki and Kenzaki were both completely out of it. He quickly gave a thumbs up, before he saw Kouta nearby Haruto.

"You alright?" Kouta asked Haruto, who seemed to be a bit more drained than everyone else, apart from the two unconscious ones.

"Yeah… just drained myself a little bit more than I thought I would…" Haruto admitted as he got back up, "I'll be alright."

"Where are the others?" Ryo soon asked.

"Like I said… everyone should end up back where they should…" Tsukasa stated simply. He then exhaled and punched a rock in frustration, "Ugh…"

"Are you okay?" Eiji asked.

"I just made that mess worse…" Tsukasa growled, punching the rock again in anger, "A simple rescue mission… how did it become THAT?!"

Nobody really knew what to say in response to that remark as Tsukasa just let out an angered yell and then put his face into his palms.

"Onore… DiEnd…" Tsukasa muttered.

Some hours later, Hongo had returned to his personal home at a coastal city in Japan. He parked his motorcycle by the front and could see his wife was gently sleeping by a small couch on the patio. Hongo smiled and then sat down next to her, simply dozing off alongside her.

Year, 2001

Agito and Another Agito blinked a bit, then looked around the area a little bit in confusion.

"...were we… doing something?" Agito questioned.

"Not that I remember…" Another Agito shrugged.

The two Riders from the past, now with no memory of what had happened, simply went about their business.

Present Day, Year 2017

Tsukuyomi let out a heavy sigh as she watched Celes and Lu be asleep. Not too long later, though, Mai ended up appearing through a portal and gave her a calm smile. The two walked out and Tsukuyomi just exhaled a bit.

"Were they good?" Mai asked.

"I guess. I really don't know how to babysit…" Tsukuyomi sighed, "I just want to leave now…"

With that, Mai opened up a zipper that lead back to the clock shop. Tsukuyomi let out a heavy exhale before she happily headed right through it.

Year, 2018

Tsukuyomi soon saw Geiz and Sougo were now back at the clock shop and she just glared at them a little bit.

"Like I said… you two owe me big…" Tsukuyomi spoke, her arms crossed in irritation.

"Yes ma'am…" Sougo fearfully nodded.

All Geiz could do was let out a heavy sigh, realizing there was no getting out of this.

"You… brew me up some tea…" Tsukuyomi told Geiz quickly.

All Geiz ended up doing was nodding and going off to do so.

"You… I want a massage…" Tsukuyomi told Sougo.

"O-okay…" Sougo nervously stuttered.

"Such work is unbefitting of-" a suddenly appearing Woz began to speak, only to get a glare as cold as ice from Tsukuyomi. The prophet, quite wisely, decided to leave while he still could.

"Gomen nasai… waga maoh…" Woz whispered. He was about to head away, when he noticed the Poppy Ride Watch sitting nearby. He observed it a little, then headed out without another word.

Present Day, Year 2017

Swartz and Heure continued to hold the civilian identity of Kamen Rider Chalice frozen in time, they were both getting exhausted from how long they had to hold him in place before they saw Ora walking over.

"Crisis has been averted and the Undead won't ruin this world," Ora confirmed.

With that, Swartz and Heure let the person go and they quickly teleported away.

Sento and Banjou stumbled out of the mists, with Sento landing face first and Banjou falling onto his back.

"...my back…" Banjou whimpered.

Sento got up and exhaled a bit, managing to stand up and stretch a little bit.

"Ugh…" Banjou groaned.

"Six more Full Bottles that we know the Best Matches for! Today was a great day!" Sento beamed.

Suddenly, the six Full Bottles began to spark a bit. Sento looked at them in confusion before all six ended up blowing up in his face, releasing a heavy amount of dust. He started to cough a bit, then seemed almost half-asleep as the dust faded. Banjou managed to get up and start helping him make the trip back home.

"...Ex-Aid… bottle…" Sento soon mumbled, "...purify…"

"...Ex-Aid?" Banjou questioned, soon just shrugging it off.

Upon the return to the lab, Sento wandered over to where his bed was, but ended up pulling something out from a pocket. Misora glanced to see it was some kind of a Full Bottle that had an unknown aura around it.

"Purify… this… would you…?" Sento wearily asked.

"Huh? You said you were just going to do a small field test. Where did you even get a new Full Bottle from?" Misora asked.

However, Sento's eyes shut in response and he started to snore. All Misora could do was give off a heavy sigh as Sento collapsed into bed. A small grin appeared on the barefoot teen's face as she quickly grabbed a marker and drew over his face a bit. Once she felt satisfied, she took the Full Bottle that Sento had left out and headed into a private area to work on purifying it…

Back over on Marth's world, the skies looked clear and there didn't look to be any more enemies around the blue-haired Rider, who made sure to check a little bit. The rumbling had stopped, and it looked relatively peaceful.

"I'm… going home now…" was all an exhausted Kamen Rider Marth could muster the energy to say before he reverted back and walked away.

Ike finished up a little bit of training and then gave off a calm exhale. He then looked towards his shoulder and noticed a small wound on it, "...huh? Where did that come from?"

"Ike? Everything alright?" Titania asked as she walked over.

"Yeah. Just… I guess I bumped my arm in my sleep or something," Ike shrugged, completely unaware of the fight he was just recently in, "Not bothering me, but I haven't the faintest clue where it came from. I was only training against dummies today, so…"

Titania gave the wound a look to make sure it wasn't anything serious, "...doesn't look too bad. Still, we should get it wrapped up just to be safe."

Ike simply gave a small nod in response.

Elsewhere, Lucina slowly woke up and looked around herself. The world around her was a bit more desolate and dark, not unlike the dark future from the Explorers Mystery Dungeon games. Lucina continued to look around, genuinely confused.

"Am I… forgetting something?" Lucina asked herself, closing her eyes and thinking a moment. However, she soon shrugged her shoulders and started to walk forward.

What was eight separated worlds… was now nine separated worlds.

A few weeks had passed since the incident on Marth's world from the perspective of Tsukasa and the others on the main Kamen Rider world. Tsukasa sat at a small work bench and was sketching out various images about a Kamen Rider and their transformation gear.

"It looks… finished…" he remarked to himself.

Soon enough, the blueprints were sent over to the Fire Emblem world without any corruptive properties owing to aid from Kouta.

"Project Hero should be able to heal their world, so long as the bearer is pulled from a world that sees stuff like us and them as fiction…" Tsukasa remarked.

"So… who'd you leave the blueprints with?" Kouta inquired.

"Heck if I know," Tsukasa shrugged.

"You seriously didn't check?!"

"I already caused enough damage to that world…" Tsukasa sighed as he started to walk away, "...besides… if me and Hongo-san are anything to go by… even if the powers are made by evil… they'll find their way to a hero who fights for the people of the world… or worlds."


"...honestly? It is NOT my problem anymore… it's someone else's…" Tsukasa wearily responded, soon just walking away from Kouta without another word.

Over in the remains of the prime Fire Emblem world, the blueprints were indeed found by what appeared to be some sort of a royal as they were flanked by a handful of guards and horses. The royal picked up the schematics and looked them over a bit with curiosity and wonder…

Tsukasa soon reappeared out by a Japanese garden, taking pictures of the peaceful scenery.

'How long has it been since we were last here? Eight years? It feels like it was much longer than that...' Tsukasa thought to himself, still taking pictures of the garden, pausing and taking a moment to admire his twin-lens reflex camera, even the magenta paint job on the front, 'This old thing has endured a lot. Alongside my near decade journey…'

Tsukasa was snapped out of his thoughts when he had a thumb jabbed against his neck, making him flinch before he laughed uncontrollably, turning to see a rather angry Natsumi.

"I have half a mind to fire you…" she told him, growling a tiny bit before she sighed and let him calm down, "Tsukasa-kun…"

"If it's about the pictures, again, can it wait?" he asked.


Tsukasa simply gave a motion to the scenery around them, pointing out how peaceful it was, Natsumi smiling in response.

"You know… whenever I get angry at you these days, you always find a beautiful scenery to cheer me up and calm me down. I don't even know why I was so angry anymore…"

"Well… good thing there," Tsukasa commented.

Natsumi was ready to get angry again, but saw Tsukasa on one knee, "Uh…?"

"Hikari Natsumi…" Tsukasa began, taking out a small white box before opening it to reveal a light-purple and white ring with a diamond on it, "Will you marry me?"

She was simply stunned by this, blushing and smiling at this revelation and simply nodding as she put the ring on.

"Yes…" Tsukasa smiled.

(Credits theme: Fire Emblem main theme cover by Daoko and Scha Dara Parr)

Fi~re E~mble~m, a~mata no sekai~ koe~... (Fi~re E~mbl~m, co~untless world~s will collide~…)

Natsumi giggled as she pulled Tsukasa into a kiss, embracing him as the two smiled after splitting from the kiss…

E~iyū~-tachi yo... i~makoko ni~... (Heroes, everyone gather now to fight)

Marth soon returned to the castle and headed over to see Caeda was still with Tiki, with Caeda having conked out.

Fi~re~ E~mble~m

Come on, come on, asobi datte seikai desu (Come on Come on "Let's play" that's the correct answer)

An exhausted prince simply got next to Caeda and allowed himself to drift off to sleep as well.

Fi~re~ E~mble~m

Esuōesu no enchōsen pīsufuru (SOS call extension for peace)

Marth and Caeda ended up sleeping side by side, with TIki also happily sleeping.

Fi~re~ E~mble~m

Come on, come on, asobi datte seikai desu (Come on Come on "Let's play" that's the correct answer)

Celica was shown in her own world, wearing an outfit far more fitting of a priestess, and she was shown quietly praying.

Fi~re~ E~mble~m

Esuōesu no enchōsen pīsufuru (SOS call extension for peace)

Roy was shown in his world, practicing his sword training. He was keeping at a rapid pace and getting skilled at the blade. The so called young lion simply smiled as he kept at it.

Sa ̄ sen sa ̄ sen mata arata ni maiku tesuto (Sorry Sorry it's a new mic test)

Back over at the main Rider world, Emu held the blank Ride Watch in his hand and let it sort of create a time-encoded recording.

Dono bamen mo taigai paisen (This situation happens everyday for us seniors)

"Emu, you here?" Asuna called out.

"Yeah," he nodded, with Asuna going over to give him a quick kiss to the cheek, "Good morning."

Emu simply smiled at her as he set the watch aside and soon followed her off to work.

Nanikato gan'nen bō-chan wa yamehen (The juniors, don't you dare quit)

Over with Sougo, he was trying to do his best to massage Tsukuyomi's shoulders as she just relaxed a bit. She smiled a bit, giving off a small giggle at one point.

From outside, Woz just looked almost disgusted at Sougo having to do that, then just exhaled a little bit.

Daiichikai no tai de koe hatte (Let's do our first radio show for the day)

Over in Sento's world, he had woken up and gone up into the cafe to talk with the others…

"...Ex-Aid?" Sento questioned.

"Yeah, you mentioned it," Banjou stated.

"...did I?"

Kekka happyō, raiku disu ya'll (Announcing the results, like this ya'll)

Kouta and Mai just watched as their kids played around a little bit, just smiling as the two girls had a bit of fun.

Shōshō gōin, demo rollin' (Use some force to keep it rollin')

Sakura was shown back in her own world and simply giving a quiet pray to a memorial of her brothers. Lovekov gently floated nearby her, ready to provide a hug if need be.

A vision of Daiji working at a Fehnix building was shown, with him carrying the Demons Driver with him, as well as a vision of Ikki walking around a deserted wasteland of sorts, yet having a brave face as he did so.

"We'll all reach our goals…" Sakura whispered.

Yami kara nobasu te hikari ni mukatte (A hand of darkness reaches towards the light)

Kaito's spirit simply returned to the tree and gave a somewhat annoyed scoff before he vanished into lights, with a simple 'do not disturb' sign being left nearby the tree.

Tsukami torou ze atarashī nagare! (Grab and hold onto this new flow!)

Ike was shown doing his own training, simply as a mercenary instead of either a knight or a Kamen Rider. He had a bit of grin as he went about it.

Fi~re~ E~mble~m

Micaiah and Sothe were shown going through their introduction speech a little bit and posing a bit. The two just laughed a little at each-other, clearly having fun.

Come on, come on, asobi datte seikai desu (Come on Come on "Let's play" that's the correct answer)

Robin walked forward, guiding the Shepherds towards their next objective. Olivia was nearby him, making Robin have a bit of an eased look on his face.

Fi~re~ E~mble~m

Lucina simply continued along her path without much of anything to say as she was mostly alone. She remained calm as she continued onwards, not afraid of what would come next.

Esuōesu no enchōsen pīsufuru (SOS call extension for peace)

Kamui was within her secret realm, simply tending to some of the flowers that were in it.

Fi~re~ E~mble~m

Come on, come on, asobi datte seikai desu (Come on Come on "Let's play" that's the correct answer)

Itsuki walked past some advertisement for what looked almost looked like a Kamen Rider parody, but he was focused on texting someone.

Fi~re~ E~mble~m

Esuōesu no enchōsen pīsufuru (SOS call extension for peace)

Within the remains of the prime Fire Emblem world, somebody had what looked almost like a blowtorch and some other modern day building equipment. Nearby the figure, there were history books and text books that were now distorted and missing a fair amount of text, as a result of the acts of the Riders in Marth's world. Regardless, whoever this was, they were building what looked almost like a cellphone…

Yokan tadayou wa hana no yō sakasou yo yo (I have a feeling, a premonition, it will bloom like a flower)

Back over on the main Rider world, Hongo and his wife were on his motorcycle and simply enjoying a ride by the countryside. No words need be said between them as they went along their little excursion without needing to say much to each-other.

Marth and Caeda had finally woken up a bit. The two smiled a bit at each-other before they heard a whimper. Tiki had begun to stir in her sleep, clearly in the grasp of some kind of a nightmare. Marth gently picked her up, then slowly started to pet her hair and hold her close.

"Shh… shh… it's okay… you're okay…" Marth told her calmly.

Kono jōkyō dōomou no shoki shōdō kōtō-chūna moyō (What's your thoughts on this situation, do you feel your impulse soaring)

"You're just dreaming… you need to wake up…" Caeda added, gently rubbing Tiki's shoulders.

Wake nante wakaran ku tei ̄jan! (I don't know what's going on at all)

Tiki's eyes opened and she looked to see Marth and Caeda by her side. She wiped away some tears, then just hugged them both.

Hame nante hazushitare E-X-P ga tamatchaushi (Remove the limit, accumulate your EXP)

Without another word, Marth and Caeda proceeded to hug Tiki back and she did calm down a bit from simply being with them.

E ̄ suteki hanamuke ukete sawagu ze (Feelin great, Come on make some noise now)

The trio was quiet, just calmly hugging each-other.

Fi~re E~mble~m a~mata no sekai~ koe~... (Fire Emblem, countless worlds will collide)

Within the remains of the main Fire Emblem world, a small green fairy was shown floating around a little bit. She looked curious about various things, with an almost child-like wonder to her.

E~iyū~-tachi yo... i~makoko ni~... (Heroes across the generations, now and for all time...)

(End Credits Theme)

Real World, Mid-April, Year 2019

Within a world that was totally different from both the other worlds that were shown earlier, sat a young man in his mid-20s, wearing some fairly casual clothes, sitting in a chair in his room, a cup of coffee in hand, and he was sitting by his laptop and talking to a friend via a direct messaging website.

"'Did you see him fighting? That Distortion move with Yang and Akira was amazing!'. …heh. Guess I need to watch that soon," he remarked to himself before a follow up message was sent, "'I meant Yu. Sorry, he was using the Joker color swap, so…'"

He chuckled a little bit before typing out his response, 'It's fine. Is what it is.'

The two talked about a few different things for a bit, with the topics bouncing between many different topics.

'Happy almost birthday, by the way.'

The young man simply smiled a bit in response, 'Thank you.'

'...you know… with things having been closed down because of reasons, we could make a trip out to where you live and we could spend time with you on your birthday since your family's out of town on that yacht thing.'

The young man's eyes widened a bit before he quickly sent a response, 'You don't have to do that.'

'It's your birthday! Nobody should be alone on that.'

He thought about it a little bit before smiling and sending a message to the friend to contact the others in their friend circle.

With that, the conversation wrapped up for the time being. The young man set his coffee cup aside and then pulled out his phone.

"Across the generations… now and for all time…" he said to himself as he got out his phone and opened up Fire Emblem Heroes…

Happy fifth birthday to Kamen Rider Hero

Happy 30th Birthday to KKD Silver

Here's to ten years of being friends

Special Thanks to Dragalia Mini Translations for providing the end credits theme

Production on this started back in… *checks* January of 2018. It has been worked on for nearly four or five whole Rider seasons! You can certainly tell this thing got expanded as time went on. I'll admit that the Rider army thing was something always in the plans, but Zi-O ended up giving me a better way to explain it. At least, in my opinion.

Now, for some stuff I want to mention. Daiki was not supposed to even be in this originally. All of the Riders he summoned were just supposed to come in via the dimensional mists, but then I thought typing that out would get a fair bit repetitive, so I just ended up throwing in Daiki to make that easier on myself. …then he turned out to be a bigger cause of problems than Tsukasa was. Say what you will, Tsukasa only ended up causing this problem by accident. Daiki was willingly just making it worse.

One thing I am going to apologize about is how Tsukuyomi and Caeda both got sidelined. That was not the plan when I started work on this. Tsukuyomi was going to be alongside the others. In fact, Asuna's line in 2001 when they speak with Agito and Another Agito was actually Tsuki's line originally. The only reason she ended up getting left behind was because somebody needed to keep an eye on Kouta's and Mai's kids (who were previously established to exist in the Gaim anniversary special me and KKD did a while back, which is where they pick up off of), and out of the cast that was there in that scene, Tsuki was the only one without Rider powers, so she was the logical pick. Caeda not partaking in the final battle ended up being for similar reasons, but with Tiki.

Also, yes, I'm aware Tiki's not a literal child. But, from my understanding of Marth's games, she's at least mentally as old as she appears at that point owing to how long she was asleep. …also, for those wondering where her guardian from the game actually is… uh… I genuinely forgot he existed. That's my bad.

I will say that the action sequence got a bit… larger than I was planning. The addition of the Riders from after Build bloated it more than I thought it would. Then came my stupid choice to at least give every Rider there at least a little moment, not neciessarily an action one, but just a moment. This, much like CTR, ballooned out of control. Also didn't help that I realized as I was writing this that, while Marth's name is in the title, he didn't have a lot of scenes, so I went back to include a bit more for him, Caeda, and Tiki.

So… I did end up telling a little white lie to KKD about this that I will apologize for. I told him that Zi-O, Zero-One, and Revice wouldn't have Riders appear in this. While there aren't any Zero-One Riders here, owing to their world not yet existing given Sougo and the characters from that time period were from before Kamen Rider Woz appeared, and the Revice Riders that are here are not from the canon version of their season as it hasn't happened yet. All three/four are from different worlds completely, as hinted at by their dialogue. We'll see their origins at another date.

But, yeah, I'm sorry for the little lie to keep the secret. Hope you're not mad at me, KKD.

Going back to the action scene, I did decide to give both Celica and Itsuki a moment in the sun since they're the last two worlds that'll pop up in the main story. Give you guys a bit of flavor for how they'll fight when we get to them.

Don't ask me why I ended up referencing Pretty Cure with Micaiah and Sothe. Cause, in all sincerity and honesty, I don't know why I did. I was a bit fried from the days I spent working on this when I got to them. Same kinda thing for Caeda's finisher being based on Cure Summer's Otento Summer Strike. Not totally sure why I did that, but I did. (Also, Tropical Rogue is pretty good. Go watch it if you haven't).

I guess, with Micaiah, I wanted to show the contrast between her working with Sothe vs. how Takeshi ended up finding her broken and alone when he does happen to come across her. Again, not the foggiest why I chose flippin' Futari Wa Pretty Cure for inspiration for her and Sothe, but I did. *shrugs*

Oh, and speaking of the Tellius games, Ike was shown first becoming a Rider because of Takeshi, yet he always had the potential to become one before Takeshi appeared. So, him being pulled from before Takeshi appeared just temporarily granted him his future powers and, like with the Riders pulled from the past by Sougo and co, he has no memory of these events. Originally, Ike was supposed to be pulled from after his encounter with Takeshi, but that got a bit too confusing for my liking. It's also why he made a wonder of someone being missing. His getting his powers from the future sort of gave him a brief glimpse into the future, and Takeshi was the person he was thinking was missing.

And a quick aside about something I learned. So, originally, I had assumed that Ike being shipped with Soren was people reading too much into things. Turns out that, in the original Japanese version, Ike is at the very least bisexual and the dialogue was altered for the western release of the second Radiant game. I was unaware of that when Kamen Rider Hero began as a project, so that will not be depicted here. I apologize for that. I was sincerely unaware until someone else brought it to my attention.

Speaking of relationships, you will find out in due time who Hongo's wife is. It's another project in progress. You'll see.

Back to the action sequence, one thing I did plan fairly early on in this being concepted were the Gaim Riders and the Ex-Aid Riders working together. They actually kinda gel well together with Mai being Fraise to work with Asuna as a Rider. I had debated having Zangetsu-Shin and Lazer Turbo pop up, but given the length… said inclusion ended up being scrapped.

Ouja getting destroyed by Baron occurred because, quite frankly, I didn't know what to have Ouja do, summoned copy or otherwise. I just, sincerely, didn't know what to have him do.

And there did end up being a reference to the MCU Black Panther movie in this because Hongo's actor had once stated it was his favorite MCU movie. Thought it would be a cute nod to include.

There was a scene where I considered putting in the Candroids, but it didn't materialize. And, speaking of OOO, he and Den-O got a brief bump up in prominence because of this being for KKD and me knowing those are in his top five favorite Rider seasons. Ryotaro was flat out not originally going to be in the final battle, but I bumped him up to appearing there.

As for that other version of OOO that I labeled as "OOO Eternity", yeah, that's Ankh pulled from another dimension and/or the future. Didn't decide where exactly he's from. I have… opinions… on the anniversary special, to say it as simply as I can, but Tajadol/Tajador Eternity is awesome.

The dragon at the end, which for simplicity's sake, I'll be calling the "Distortion Dragon", is something I've had in mind for a while. The sort of big CGI thing you'd see towards the end of a crossover movie. I had it planned since a very early phase for it to be a thing that brings the Riders together to kick him down. I will admit that I forgot who was originally meant to knock it out of the air for the finishing blow, possibly Tajadol, but Jeanne doing it was something I did end up coming to be happy with. And the bit with Ichigou using the Falchion and Marth doing a traditional Rider Kick was planned from a very early point. It is what I consider the big money shot of the story.

And to briefly go back to the Revice characters, we will be covering their backgrounds at a later point over on KKD's account. You'll see in due time.

Well… this ended up being far later than I intended it to be and I apologize for the wait. It just happened, and then tech issues prevented me from getting done with this the day I had wanted it to be done. …now I gotta worry about my finals for this semester. *exhales* But, at the very least, this thing is done now. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you'll tune in for the next chapter of Kamen Rider Hero… whenever it's done.

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