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SPN100 Challenge: Silent

DEW Challenge: Monster of your choice & chores

It's not easy being a teen. 100-word drabble.

Written for the 'Drabbles Every Weekend' challenge at SPN BigPretzel on LiveJournal/Dreamwidth.


Monstrous Chores

"Donnie, be a dear and give me a hand with dinner."

"Oh Mom, do I have to?" Donnie whined.

"You heard your mother," growled his father.

Donnie rolled his eyes at the unfairness of it all but stayed silent; his dad was a real ogre so it wasn't worth antagonizing him. Still, he may have stomped a little louder than necessary on the steps down into the basement.

He glowered sullenly at the two men - hunters - sitting bound and gagged. Both were big; it was gonna take ages to grind up their bones. Typical!

"So, who's up first?" he grumbled.