Was this what hell felt like? Air heavy enough to flatten a grown man. Heat hot enough to burn the hairs off his skin. Noise loud enough that he wanted to take a knife to his ear drums. Was this what awaited him when the Shinigami came for his soul?

"Doesn't really matter right now, I guess." It was hard to think about his potential hellish future when he was experiencing it at this very moment. He was a distance away from the epicenter but it still felt so intense. He was worried that the sweat leaking from his hands would ruin the scroll that he had so boldly stolen only an hour prior.

A roar nearly uprooted the tree he was perched in. Fuck. The scroll had described the sort of presence the Tailed Beasts had but this was insane. Every movement made by the massive fox seemed to cause a borderline natural disaster. Each breath it took nearly wiped away a whole block of the village.

"C'mon, Fourth. You have to stop this." Even from here, he could spot his hero. The yellow flashes dancing around the beast's head, redirecting its attacks from the village. The massive black orb that he was sure would've destroyed half of Fire Country had been teleported away by the man. It was clear from even here that the man was doing his best to protect the village.

But it wasn't enough.

"There's gotta be something I can do." His voice trailed off as he began to wildly scan over the scroll. The thing was as tall as he was and every inch of the parchment was covered in the village's best secrets. He had stolen it in the hopes of propelling himself higher in the Academy's rankings. The already legendary class of students he was a part of made him feel inadequate. Itachi and Shisui had already proven their clan's worth with their performances. A quarter of the class was already being looked at as potential ANBU candidates. Kurenai had been getting requests for her talents in genjutsu and she had yet to graduate.

And he? Well, he had chakra. He had to give thanks to his mom for that. Or maybe it was his dad. Or maybe both. He knew he was a descendant of the Uzumaki clan but the early death of his parents and his WHOLE CLAN made tracing his exact lineage very difficult.

Besides chakra, he couldn't stand on the same stage as those special kids. He tried. And if he were a part of any other class, he would have shined. But he wasn't quite that lucky. He had been born when he was born and he had to accept what he had been given.

He loved his village with all his heart. It was that love that made him steal this scroll in the first place. He wanted to contribute the same way that he knew his classmates would one day. He wanted his name to bring the same amount of pride to the village as the Fourth's did. He wanted to be remembered as a legend of the Leaf Village.

"Not too late for it." His mind had already committed the technique to memory by the time he took off towards the village. The village's most sacred scroll is laid tucked away in the foliage of a tree with a small note attached to its interior explaining how it got there. Because for better or for worse, he wasn't going to be there to tell anyone himself.

Minato had stared death in its face more than most men in this world. And yet, despite his experience, he had never felt more lost than this moment.

"You fought well, Fourth. For having to defend against both me and the Nine-Tails. Most impressive. Hashirama would have been proud to have you as a successor."

The Fake Madara's voice meant very little to him at this moment. His wife's waning life source screamed at him from the edge of his sensory field. The roar of the Tailed Beast reminded him of the dwindling life of his village. And the sting of the wound at his side served as the final nail to this dreadful situation.

"You may die now knowing you tried your best." His grip tightened around his tri-pronged kunai. This was it. His mind had already settled on a course of action. This man and himself would not be leaving the area tonight. He could only hope that Hiruzen and Jiraiya would be able to subdue the beast once it was free of the Uchiha's control.

Just as his heart settled on his inevitable death, the world became still. The movement of the air around him seemed to cease and he wasn't the only one that seemed to notice. The fake Uchiha had lost most of the arrogant bravado he had carried throughout most of the night. Now, his attention seemed to be elsewhere.

"Did Hiruzen…" His thought trailed away as he shot his full attention back towards the masked man only for his stomach to drop when he saw that the individual was no longer present.

The Dead Demon Consuming Seal had stood out to him for several reasons. The power it granted the user was undeniable and the sacrifice the user provided matched that power. Besides the exchange needed for the technique, its origin made it nearly impossible for him to ignore.

An Uzumaki technique. His clan's technique. Of course the group of people he was related to would come up with such an insane technique. He would have laughed at the thought if it wasn't taking every ounce of his being to keep the technique going.

The Shinigami's eyes bore into his own. The knife held in the specter's mouth stopped it from speaking yet the boy could feel God's presence in his mind. And that presence nearly drove him mad.

A child this time around, eh? Damn it. He knew making that contract with the Uzumaki had been a mistake. Children should not have access to the full might of his powers. Though, considering the absolute wasteland of a village he had arrived in, he was sure the child had his reasoning.

Actually, he was more than sure. For a being of his power, it hadn't taken much to search through the child's memory. An orphan boy wanting to prove his worth to his classmates and his village. A tragic story, really. Unfortunate couldn't even begin to describe the situation. Yet, he had a job to do. He couldn't be sweet to the boy and spare his soul. That would be setting a bad precedent. Let one soul go and all of a sudden, everyone else is asking for a break.

"Still … I do feel bad for the boy." What awaited the child in the depth's of his stomach... Death would be more appealing for the child. To exist for the rest of eternity in purgatory before he even got a chance to lose his virginity. What was he supposed to think about while time passed?!

"No boy deserves that fate. Especially not a boy willing to sell his soul for the village." Deep within the recesses of his mind, the God sighed. This was no good. He couldn't go through with this. The poor kid hadn't even seen a pair of breasts! How could he doom trap a child in his stomach's purgatory if he couldn't even imagine a nice pair? That was inhumane. Not even he, God of Death, could do this to the kid.

"Don't worry, brat. You may not be able to lose your virginity in this world. But in the next, you will have a literal bounty." By the confused look on the kid's face, he must have projected his thoughts onto the kid. Oh well, he would get what the God meant later. As for right now, he had a job to do.

With a single thought from the God, the rampaging fox came to a still. Another thought brought both him and the boy right at the foot of the frozen giant.

"I'll give you a little tag-along partner. The women love men who can take care of animals." Once more, the boy had absolutely no clue what he was talking about. But that was okay.

The knife held in the God's mouth glowed an iridescent white before shooting towards the fox. The blade passed through the beast's body before returning to the specter's mouth. For a moment, it seemed as if nothing happened. Yet, moments later, the Fox flashed a sinister red color before disappearing from existence.

"Usually, the sealing process hurts like hell and takes a bit. But, because I like you, I made it quick and painless. Thank the other version of me when you get a chance." The god's words were meaningless to the boy. Hopefully, one day, he would convey the message to his other worldly variant.

He could feel the deathly variant even now. The amusement he could feel through their link told the God everything he needed to know about how right of a decision he was making. He had to thank the Void for creating a version of him that could appreciate breasts as much as he did.

"Well, off you go, kid." With yet another thought, the blond child in front of him vanished. Never to be seen again. After a slow look around to the cowering and confused humans hiding amongst the rubble, the God himself left. He had much more important things to get back to.

On the eastern coast of Japan, only a few miles from Yamamoto, a portal came into existence. Whatever natural life that had existed near the portal died in an instance. The energy sustaining the portal seemed toxic to anything living in the area.

Seconds after the portal came into existence, a figure shot from its mouth. The figure crashed into the ground below, shooting up a cloud of sand and dust. The portal closed as the cloud settled, returning the area to the quiet and still calmness that had been present before.

The dust cloud settling revealed to the world what the portal had deposited. Buried in a mix of sand and dust, with his clothing barely holding onto his body, laid a young child. Bright blond hair and whiskered cheeks would have made the kid stand out in nearly any setting. The writhing black and red masses underneath his skin made him more unique than ever.

Somewhere deep within the dimensional gap, its two usual occupants stopped their seemingly eternal bickering. The rare stoppage was dual-sided and for a good reason, for once.

"Did you see that?" Ophis could do nothing but nod at her annoying roommate's question. Her body had already healed but she wouldn't so quickly forget an unconscious child tearing a hole into her home, ripping through the body of both herself and the Great Red then tearing a portal out of the dimensional gap. That wasn't something that just happened every day, y'know.

"Hey! We still fighting or wha-" With the smallest exertion of her body, Ophis sent her annoying red counterpart flying miles away from herself with a simple backhand. She didn't have time to listen to his annoying whining. The slightest dip in her energy reserves alarmed her.

She was the God of Infinity. Her strongest attack could wipe away a planet and resulted in an unnoticeable drop in her reserves. For whatever had passed through her to steal enough to make her notice … that was concerning.

AN: Another Naruto-centric DxD crossover? Could it be? Yes, it's true. I feel like you get the gist of where this story is heading but if you have any questions PM me.