Ophis, the jet-black God of Infinity, had a problem. A 200 meter long problem that couldn't stay quiet even if his existence was on the line.

Which it was.

"Hey, you can't just hit me without any warning! That's no fair!" Despite him being out of her sight, his booming voice still reached her. She paid the child-like dragon no mind. On a very rare occasion, she had something else gobbling up her attention that wasn't the obnoxious lizard.

"All that energy…" Her own thoughts managed to drown out the incessant shouting from her unwanted roommate. By now, even though it had only been moments since whatever unknown entity had ripped a hole threw the dimensional gap and it's two primary occupants, her reserves had refilled whatever relatively minute amount of power she had lost. Yet … her mind couldn't leave from the absolute missile that managed to harm her … and the energy it took with it.

Ophis wasn't shy about giving away her energy. As of recently, she had actually been doing it rather liberally, giving it to the odd human or creature that promised to help her defeat the annoying red giant that lived with her. Though, never in the quantity that the unknown creature had sapped from her. In all honesty, she didn't believe there were many beings in existence that could hope to handle that much of her energy. Most would simply explode from having it entered into their system.

Yet, this was a creature that had managed to tear a hole through dimensions. It wouldn't be ridiculous to think that maybe a being capable of such a feat could handle her power, right?

"I need to find that thing." With nothing but a thought, a portal appeared below her floating feet. She floated into the swirling disc of space-time energy, disappearing into it just as it disappeared. She just barely missed Great Red snapping his mouth around her previous position, nearly consuming her in the process.

Traveling through the dimensional gap was not pleasant. That would have probably been the first thought out of Naruto's brain if he was capable of consciousness at the moment. Instead, the forces in his body were fighting an elegant and delicate battle to ensure his survival.

"Giant fox is no match for the mighty Great Red!"

Kurama was not having a great time. The past 24 hours of its existence was certainly not the greatest.

Forced out of his original container, Kushina. Immediately brainwashed by an Uchiha. Again. Forced to destroy a village. Total waste of energy. Fought against the small blond human with spiky hair. Once again, waste of energy. Sealed in a small blond boy` by the shinigami. And then, to top it all off, forced into another dimension while stuffed inside a human.


And then there were these two. The fox's moments of brooding were being continually interrupted by the bickering of its two new occupants. One came in the form of a human-sized and very annoying red dragon. The other was a comically stoic, small girl dressed in gothic-style clothing. The two had been going back and forth since it and its container had arrived in this crappy dimension.

"I can't die! You die!"


"Shut your mouth, tiny!"

"Your insults are meaningless."

"Your face is meaningless!"

A sigh forced its way out of the Fox's mouth. And it thought being pinned against a rock of molten lava was bad. It would trade a thousand years of that instead of putting up with this bullshit.

"What about you, fox? You got something to say, huh? You wanna fight the top dog?" Oh look, the small red one was talking to it. Kurama forced its eyes open to give what it hoped was its most menacing glare at the impudent lizard.

"There is nothing top about you. If anything, you are the bottom dog. To be specific, a bitch." The scream of outrage that tore through the mindscape was music to the fox's ears. If he couldn't escape this god-fueled hellhole, he would at least make some entertainment for himself out of these fools.

"The Greatest Red isn't a bitch!" The dragon exclaimed before growing nearly five times in size. In his new form, the dragon released a roar that lasted all of three seconds before ending in a coughing fit that seemingly forced a reversion to the dragon's original tiny size.

"Can't maintain your size?" A bit low brow for a creature of its magnitude but Kurama couldn't help itself. The scream of indignation that followed its joke definitely made the giant fox feel justified.

"The Great Red is not impotent!" The tiny dragon screamed as a massive red aura began pouring from its body. The aura quickly began to fill up the entirety of the mindscape only to be met with a similar-powered black aura.

"Get your disgusting spirit away from me." Ophis spat out as her own aura spilled forth from her body. The two auras slammed against each other, filling the water-filled chamber with their essences.

"I am Great Red! The Glorious Red God of Dreams! I am full of vigor!"

"I am infinite. Die."

Kurama laid its head down on the chamber floor and used 8 of its tails to cover its ears. It had changed its mind. He would trade an eternity of molten lava torture to get away from this bullshit.

In the actual subconscious aspect of Naruto's mind, a different experience was happening. A more pleasant experience. A dream.

A dream where he stood tall with all of his schoolmates at the Academy. Even within his dreams, his mind wouldn't allow him to bring back his clan from the dead. He had made peace with their extinction a long time ago. But in his dreams, he had the power to restore his clan. His feats as a shinobi were only rivalled by the power his clan held later in his years. His mind blurred through all the potential matches for the love of his life. He never managed to quite settle on a singular focus for his "crush". He had spent way too much of his years training to keep up with his classmates. Though, the girl's in his class and around his village did catch his eye. Kurenai, Anko, Shizune, Izumi and Yugao were standouts in his class. The generation above his own had even caught his attention with the likes of Tsume, Mikoto and Kushina.

Each would have been a great partner to help restart his clan. And as his dream passed, each woman shared the limelight of his fantasy. The dreams of a teenage boy, the great tale of Naruto Uzumaki played out in its fullest in the boy's dreams. A ninja of unimaginable strength that made Hashirama look like an ant. A man with enough respect that the villagers of Konoha-the hole world-sung his praises and awed at his presence. The Uzumaki clan thrived underneath his leadership, his partner and the clan's matriarch standing by his side through it all.

This was Naruto Uzumaki's dream. This is all he wanted.

"A HA! I can do this all day!" Through pure attrition, and the sheer force of annoyance, the Great Red was the last one 'standing'. Ophis had long since stopped the measuring contest amongst the two and had simply sat on the chamber floor in a seemingly meditative state. Kurama had fallen asleep with its tails muffling its ears, leaving the dragon to its own loud devices.

"No matter the time or place, the Great Red will win!" The dragon punctuated its shout by letting its aura explode throughout the room once more. It's guffawing laugh fueled the beast's energy even more, making it nearly impossible to see in the room.

"Now it's time to beat you two idiots down once and for all!" The dragon exclaimed, and with a final shout, seemed prepared to release the entirety of its energy within the room. The chamber seemed to shake in response from the beast's actions, awakening both of the other occupants from their docile state and bringing another laugh out of the dragon.

"Now you idiots see! I am the Great Red. Fear my awesome powe-'' The dragon's words came to a grinding halt when, in an instant, the red aura filling the room vanished. Without any warning, the dragon's small size became reduced, leaving him the size of a cute garden snake. Ophis shrunk as well, going from looking like a small adolescent to looking like a doll.

Silence prevailed in the chamber for all of five seconds before loud laughter took over. Both of the small dragons looked over to the caged fox to see the creature rolling on its back from its laughter. The fox seemed entirely unaffected by whatever had happened to the dragons.

"This is great. Forget what I thought! I wouldn't trade this for anything." Great Red attempted to retort the fox's laughter but its tiny form didn't allow it to produce a noise loud enough to be heard over the fox's booming voice, bringing about more laughter from the chakra beast.

"My power … it's completely gone." Ophis mumbled to herself while looking at her hands. She had assumed that the energy siphoned from her creator was responsible for her continued existence yet here she still was, completely present despite the entirety of her original's energy being gone. The Great Red's similar position proved even more intriguing.

How odd.

In the real world with Naruto, the oddities were continuing. Instead of the writhing masses, the boy's entire body was now covered in a black and red aura. The boy's body could barely be seen beneath the cloud of colored energy.

Whatever was happening, it took mere minutes to finish. The process ended rather anti-climatically, the energy dispersing from the boy in a small sparkle of light. While the ending was underwhelming, the lack of energy did reveal Naruto's form.

Relatively, the boy was unchanged. Same blond hair, whiskers and if his eyes were open, his blue eyes would still be the same. Yet, it was very clear that some changes had occurred. Normally, 15-year olds didn't border on six-foot tall. Most kids his age didn't sleep with two sets of dragon wings encircling their body. Most teens didn't have the symbol of infinite branded into their skin on the back of their necks.

Naruto UzUmkai was not most teens. He hadn't been most teens back in Konoha and, after whatever the hell had happened to him, he most certainly still wasn't most teens.

Just as the last of the residual energy disappeared from Naruto's body, a portal appeared a few feet from the boy's body. From the portal came Ophis, her feet floating inches off the ground as she inspected the area around her. It didn't take her long to discover the boy's body, dragon wings and infinite symbols included.

"Interesting." That was the only word she could say while looking at the boy. It didn't take long for her mind to begin to piece together what had potentially happened to the boy. The wings that looked suspiciously similar to her own and the Great Red's really helped piece together the puzzle.

To the girl's left, another portal appeared. Unlike its counterpart, the owner of the portal exited a lot less gracefully, shooting out at high speeds and crashing into the beach below.

"I should have just flown. Definitely should have flown." The portal owner mumbled to himself as he climbed up to his feet. After dusting off himself, including his twelve jet-black, the man looked around. His eyes immediately settled on the downed boy and the dragon god standing to his left.

"Ah, Ophis!" The man shouted. The expression on his face screamed nervousness as he tried to take a few subtle steps backward from the dragon.

"I wasn't expecting to see you here." The man's words meant nothing to the god. She was too busy inspecting the boy that had somehow managed to take and incorporate her power into himself. A feat that should have been impossible.

Just as Ophis was about to go and physically inspect the boy, a sigil of glowing white ruins appeared on the beach. A flash of light blinded nearly all occupants of the beach. Once sight was restored, a new pair was standing on the beach.

"Azazel! What are you doing here?" One of the figures said. The twelve angel wings, golden armor and bright halo were a dead giveaway to the man's allegiance.

"Probably the same reason you and the dragon god are here." The dark-winged man said with a shrug. "Hey, Gabe!"

"Hello, Azazel." Just as the white-winged woman spoke, another sigil appeared on this beach. In comparison to the original, this one reeked of dark energy and the light emitting from fit the same. Those on the beach didn't have to wait for long before another duo appeared on the beach.

"I told you we should have shown up earlier."

"Rias needed my help! She said she couldn't live without the life size Lala Deviluke figure!"

"So, you spent your actual office hours brainwashing an innocent human, taking that ridiculous statue and giving him two-hundred thousand dollars from your clan's funds?"

"It was for Rias!"

All of the other occupants of the beach couldn't help but stare as the two devils held their conversation. The bickering between the two lasted for nearly a full minute and ended with a resounding smack to the taller red-haired one, forcing his and his partner's attention to the other occupants of the beach.

"Hello everyone!" The red-haired one spoke with a nonchalance that would almost make you believe he wasn't just exclaiming his overtly passionate love for his sister only moments ago.

Just almost.

"I see you're as peculiar as ever, Sirzechs." The white-winged man spoke with a gentle smile. The now-revealed Sirzechs could only chuckle at the comment while his partner looked on with thinly-veiled disturbance.

"You know how I am." Sirzechs spoke with a smile before his eyes locked onto the downed boy. Ophis now stood directly by his side. Despite her small stature, the energy the girl carried kept everyone on their toes. No one was fooled by her current appearance. They had all been alive long enough to witness her in her true form.

"So, Ophis." Nearly all the other non-dragon beach occupants wanted to scream at the fallen angel to shut his mouth as soon as he spoke up. Unfortunately for them, he either didn't notice or care about their desires and pressed forward.

"This your kid or something? Finally decided to settle down?" The man's statement was punctuated with a massive ball of red energy crashing into him, sending him flying out of sight from the rest of the group.

"Was that called for, Sirzechs?" The red-haired man shrugged at Gabriel's question. If you asked him, letting Azazel run the conversation could only lead to disaster. He just did everyone a favor.

"I'm sorry about that." Michael moved forward to take the floor. "What my brother meant to say was do you have any connections to this boy?

"He tore through the dimension gap and siphoned off a large amount of energy from both myself and the Great Red." The girl spoke softly while keeping her eyes locked on the sleeping blond.

"A large amount?" Sirzech's companion questioned with a raised eyebrow. He knew that a large amount for himself was very different from a large amount for Ophis.

The gothic dragon raised her eyes from Naruto to lock eyes with the other devil. With no further prompting, a black shroud seemed to take over the already dimly-lit beach. The white-coarse sand turned obsidian and smooth. The waves that had been gently lapping at the beach were now nearly a hundred-meter away from the coast, being held back by some unseen force.

The occupants of the beach were going through their own reaction to this showcase of power. All of them had stood in the presence of God or the original Lucifer which, at the moment, they were extremely thankful for. If it wasn't for that experience, they would be shaking on their knees from the display of power. Luckily enough, the display lasted only for a few moments before dissipating, allowing the beach to return to its original form.

"About that much. He stole about the same from the Great Red." The girl spoke while returning her attention back to Naruto. Her lack of focus allowed her to miss the shared look of panic the rest held.

"I'm not even sure that ANY of my evil pieces could convert a being with that much power." Sirzechs frowned as his partner whispered into his ear. It seemed that getting the boy on their side was not a reality at the moment. Though, considering how intently Ophis was looking at the blond, he wasn't sure if that was ever a reality.

"Michael…" The Seraph shared his sister's concern. The level of energy the dragon had let loose was enough to rival one of the weaker of the ten Seraphs. If he managed to steal the same amount from the Great Red … they could definitely have a problem on their hands.

Just as the two parties moved to talk to Ophis again, a sigil manifested beneath the downed boy, taking all the beach-goers by surprise. A green light flooded from the runes, nearly blinding them all once more. Michael managed to catch some of the Mandarin characters that made up the sigil before it disappeared from existence, taking the boy with it.

"...Annoying." Ophis spoke before being promptly swallowed up by her own portal, leaving the angels and devils to themselves.



"I wasn't quite prepar-"

"What did I miss, guys?!" Azazel's return was announced by his loud shouting. The heavy sighs that followed his question did not instill much confidence in him. Especially considering the fact that the boy that they had all come for was now gone along with the dragon that he supposedly stole his power from.

"What you miss is that we now have a problem. And since we're all here, we might as well take the time to talk about it." Now it was Azazel's turn to sigh. Although, his sigh came out more as a childlike huff that was punctuated with him crossing his arms. This was not what he signed up for tonight.

Life was so unfair.

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