A lucario parted the bushes into a small field he was using for training. He made a quick check for anyone else then parted away from the bushes. He swept the place with his eyes again and closed them after that to make another check with his ears and aura sense. He nodded to himself after he was satisfied.

"Okay, let's do this." He muttered to himself and stood in the middle of the clearing. He took a deep breath from his nose and let it out from his mouth. His dreadlocks lifted a bit as he channeled his aura into his paws. He brought them together and started to shape it into a small ball between them. Sweat trailed down from his brow and glared in concentration at the ball as it grew in size but got deformed a little.

"Come on, I can do this!" He hissed to himself and tried to smoothen the flaws but the ball lost a considerable amount of power in the process.

"Grrr!" His dreadlocks arose even more as he increased the aura he was channeling. He smiled a little as it seemed to be working but it turned to a grimace when the ball started to shake. He only had a moment to shoot the unstable sphere and cover his face before it exploded… a few meters away. He sighed and let a pair of arms circle around him and pull him into a broad chest.

"I failed again…" He admitted sourly.

"Hmm…" He felt a cheek on top of his head, the face turned towards where the sphere was supposed to explode on his face.

"You did… although, I think I know why." He looked up and crimson eyes clashed with cerulean. Blond locks covered his eyes briefly as a warm hand held his paw and guided them back to where the lucario was initially.

"Why?" He asked just before the blond sat down and pulled him between his legs, his back to the blond's chest. He didn't question anymore, didn't even make a sound because he knew no matter how hard tried to control himself and change it to anything else, the next sound coming out of him would be a squeak.

"I think that is because you are too nervous, too fearful of failing and that makes you doubt your ability." He gently brought the paws together, hands kept holding them afterwards.

"You aren't confident in yourself but that is fine, I will believe in you for both of us." He pressed a kiss on the top of his head. "... now feel it with your aura sense." the pokemon took a deep breath from his nose and let out slowly from his mouth and closed his eyes, trying to feel the aura over the breathing close to his sensitive ears, the broad chest pressed on his back, legs around his own, warm hands holding his paws, abs pressing his tail to his back and a soft bul-

He squeezed his eyes and concentrated. They were relaxed once again before long as he finally managed to focus on aura.

He was like a sun to his sixth sense, grand and magnificent… and the feeling of confidence was rolling out of him in waves… which also seemed to be contagious because he was sure the confidence he was feeling wasn't his own.

He breathed in and out again and started channeling aura into his paws, making his dreadlocks lift a bit. He was calm this time, and it seemed to reflect on his aura because he was holding a stable Aura Sphere in his paws in no time.

"I did it… I did it!" He said with an incredulous laughter as he watched the ball, the soft glow enlightening his face.

"You did it, as I knew you would." His crimson eyes lingered on the ball briefly then smiled at the grinning blond. They paused for a moment, then the blond put a gentle hand on the back of the lucario's head and pressed their lips together. The pokemon blinked once then closed his eyes, ears pointing back. The sphere between his paws lost its power and snuffed out. He put his paws on his lap when it did, and the other hand trailed up to his chest, gently gripping his spike. He blew a hot breath on the blond's face as their lips parted.

"Master…" He whispered softly before gasping sharply as he found himself on his back. He continued to breathe deeply after that as the blond crawled over him, meeting their lips again eventually. He held his paws above his head with one hand, the action making excitement bubble in his gut, and the other held his hip, keeping them as close as possible even if his chest spike made it a bit complicated.

Then he put a hand on his cheek… while holding his paws and hip. He parted their lips and looked up in confusion between a curtain of blond locks. It wasn't a hand that was holding his paws, but a vine.

"Huh?" He reflexively tried to free himself from the snare but a palm on his chest stopped him. He did because being caught up like that excited him more than he wanted to admit… Although he didn't have to, his full mast on display said everything itself.

He watched the blond instead as he took off his t-shirt, making his mouth go dry… and his shorts followed before he could finish savoring what was in front of him with his eyes.

A simple touch, the blond's erection sliding against his own as he found his intended position between his legs, fixed the problem.

He hadn't quite managed to bite back a needy sound coming from the back of his throat as the blond reminded him he was shorter in more than one way.

He leaned down on him, putting a hand next to his head and gripped them together with his other hand and bucked against him in the tight hold and… and he wanted to touch him, hold onto him as he did these but he couldn't because his paws were trapped. He still did what he could, he craned his neck as much he could and licked him on the side of his neck.

"Mmm… good boy." His tail twitched a bit and brushed lightly on the blond's thighs.

He blew deep moist breaths on the blond's chest and neck with his licks, drool dripping from corners of his maw. His breathing grew quicker as he got closer to the-

The blond stopped and let them go.

"Ahnh! Mmmh!" He moaned in protest and humped the air, trying to find something to get him over the edge. He strained against the snare around his paws but they held on. The blond put a hand on his belly and he whined this time.

"Please!" It was pathetic but he wasn't in the right mind to care. The blond didn't judge, he pressed another kiss on the pokemon's lips.

"Shhh… I just don't want you to run out of steam…" He felt a touch on his hard on and looked down to see the blond gather precum from their frotting and smear it on his erection to lube himself.

He stopped. Stopped wiggling, stopped breathing… just stopped as the blond pressed his head on his tailhole… and slipped inside after going through a token resistance from his anal muscles.

"Ha-ahhh…" He curled his legs around the blond's waist to make sure he didn't get away. It probably hurt but he was too aroused to feel it as he felt the blond's balls press on the base of his tail. He was offered a pre stained hand and he started licking without a pause.

He pulled back and smoothly thrusted in a few times, earning a soft moan every time then quickened to a more satisfying pace, balls slapping against his hole.

"Mhn!" He moaned sharply at a particularly rough trust and two fingers slipped into his maw. He sucked on them as much as he could between grunts and sharp moans as the blond thrusted even harder.

"Good boy." He squeezed the knot forming in his sheath and he bucked to it, breaking the rhythm momentarily but the next thrust was even deeper.

"A-ahhh! Ma'ter…" His knot pushed out of his sheath eventually and the blond massaged and pulled it. "M-ma'ter I'm…"

"Yes, just like that. Cum for me." He squeezed his eyes shut, almost bit the fingers in his maw and just did that with a few yelping moans, his warm cum spilled on his belly.

He kept his eyes shut and savored the afterglow… even if he felt painfully empty. He could imagine just a few more seconds, then he opened his eyes and sighed in disappointment. He licked himself clean after the wet dream ran its course. He watched his caninehood withdrawing back to his sheath with half lidded eyes and got up with another sigh after that.

'It's so messed up… I'm so messed up.' He paused a bit in thought and channeled aura into his paws. There was an Aura Sphere in his paws after a few seconds. He grinned at the softly glowing ball then turned to the sleeping blond several meters away from him.

'You help me even without knowing it.' He let the ball disperse and walked to the blond, eyeing the others getting closer to him in their sleep. He reached with a paw to caress his blond locks but pulled it back with tight lips before he touched. He lied next to him instead and closed his eyes. They snapped open before he fell asleep as he felt the blond pull him closer.

"Master?" He whispered in slight panic but he got back a sleepy hum. He grinned softly and closed his eyes again.

'One day it will be real… one day.' He promised to himself before falling asleep.


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