His head was buzzing and everything was turning… or he was turning… both? He just closed his eyes and shook his head, the latter was a big mistake. He groaned and rested his chin on some place, something soft lightly tickling his face. He wrinkled his nose a bit and turned his head with a soft moan, nuzzling the place now his face was pressing and his nose touched skin. He licked it half consciously, earning a soft gasp.

"Pyroar?" His eyes opened halfway and met the sapphire eyes looking at him curiously. His nose twitched a bit as he smelled the wine on the blond's breath. He shifted a bit, lips pressed on each other as he chased the source in the blond's mouth with his tongue.

The blond sat down slowly on the base of a tree, making him pause for a bit to squeeze his eyes shut and press down the sickness. He sighed softly when they finally stopped, the blond leaning against the trunk and him somewhat sitting on the blond's lap. He continued to lick inside of the blond's mouth, large paws holding the blond's shoulders and claws lightly digging into skin. He pulled away after a minute, alcohol breath pooling between their faces. Fingers glided on his sides. It felt nice but he had to stop the blond because they were moving down.

"Ah, no…" He slightly slurred. "I don't… get hard for a human." The fingers paused. "Don't take it… personally."

"Really?" He looked down at the spiny member pointing at him, exposing both of his lies at once.

"Really." He didn't care and the fingers moved up as he wanted after a moment, scratching on their way until they were buried in his mane.

Everything was a buzz and, yes, he was fucking purring. Tongue deep in the blond's mouth, nails gently scratching the skin under his mane while his claws continued to gently dig into the blond's shoulders.

Everything was spinning, he was sort of nauseated, his head was heavy… but it was great. New… and great. He sighed softly and tried to resist falling asleep, he was already somewhat sleepy and the blond's ministrations, while he liked them, did not help.

"...and now I just can't unthink about it! Damn it, I can't even face him! Ugh! Xerneas, I am so pathetic." There was a muffled grunt and his breath hitched.

"Not only that but he is a male! I mean… I may have looked at some of the males that way but… it doesn't change the fact that he is a human! I don't get hard for a human! Mew, what the fuck is wrong with me…" A wet sound and his breath hitched again.

"So, you want to fuck him." Pyroar blinked twice and glared down at the luxray between his legs. The fact that he had to glare over his wet spiny cock didn't reduce the intensity even a little bit.

"I don't get hard for a human."

"Yeah, yeah…" Of course she was unaffected by the glare that would turn some into a whimpering mess. She walked over the other big cat after licking his dick one last time.

"Why don't you fuck me on it?" She snickered at the face he made.

"Wh- how would that even work?" She looked at him like he was an idiot.

"You put mr. d in me, duh…" He opened his mouth to talk but then clicked it shut.

"Okay, I admit I walked into that…" She giggled.

"...and if you still think about him while you are fucking me then it means that mr. d betrayed you and he wants human action. Gay human action." She looked positively predatory when she said that. He couldn't help but swallow thickly… and hated himself for loving it as much as he did. Still, he glared back.

"I don't get hard for a human." He repeated as a growl. She shook her head with a grin.

"You know what will convince me." He grinned back after a brief pause and reversed their positions.

"Yeah, I think I do." She gasped sharply as he suddenly hilted inside her.

"Ah, yes! mmm! I missed this warmth." She said with a breathy laugh. He groomed her with his tongue for a bit then started thrusting, her juices wetting their loins.

"I can tell." He shivered and hind claws dig into the soil as she rhythmically squeezed around him. Paws trapped her under him and jaws locked on her throat. He sped up when he was sure she couldn't get away - not that she would, making her clench her teeth and scratch his back. Then his nails glided on his sides and fingers buried in his mane. He let out a throaty purr and unhinged his jaws clamped on his throat to lick inside of hi-

His nose hit a maw and he froze still. It didn't take her long to pin him with a horny glare but it changed to a brief shock then wide grin when she figured what happened.

"Not. A word." He took the initiative. She kept grinning but did as told… for about three seconds.

"So… are you going to continue fucking us or not-?" He shoved his tongue in her mouth and started rocking again to her delight.

It was new having another tongue in her mouth but enjoyable and from the way he purred in deep tones and pulse in her, she can say he liked it too. She grinned a little and clenched around him, making him gasp sharply and retaliated when he was distracted. Paws buried in his mane, claws scratching gently and pulling him closer to lick further inside… this was different from their usual sessions.

…and she loved it.

"Mmm! Yes!" Her toes curled and legs hooked around a little above his tail. The words forced her to pull her tongue back and he acted, driving in his tongue further than before but she wasn't complaining. She constricted around him to milk his cock as an orgasm approached, his quickened breath and pulsing cock told her that he wasn't very far either. She squeezed her eyes shut and resisted as much as possible but he slammed with a groan and broke through her resistance.

"Ah… aah! Haah!"

"Haah… mmmh!" Their pleasured sounds mingled in the clearing as they rode their pleasure highs. She giggled breathily and caressed his head as he rested it on her chest and nuzzled. They purred in unison for a while.

"So…" Until she broke it. Pyroar let out a questioning sound against her chest. "...how did you imagine it? Was he fucking you or…" He groaned against her chest.

"Oh my Arceus, woman!"

"So you were fucking him. Instead of me or…"

"Oh fuck me…"

"Did you mean 'fucking me'?" He glanced at her dryly. She grinned with a tilted head in response. He sighed explosively and hit his head on her chest. He said something against it that got muffled.

"Excuse me?" That was the first time he heard her combine those words. He sighed again and raised his head.

"Him between us!" There, he gave up and said it. She nodded with a pleased sound.

"There you go. Was it so hard?" He didn't say anything, his expression was enough.

"Come now, it is not really your fault if he is a hilf." He paused briefly with an open mouth.

"I know I am going to regret this but… what is a hilf?" Again, she looked at him like he was an idiot.

"Human I'd Like to Fuck." He choked on a breath and she couldn't keep a straight face after that.

"Mew's pink tits on an-!" Rest of his words got muffled on her chest.

"I was drunk, okay?! I don't want to fuck him! I don't get hard for a human and he is not a… he is not a hilf!" She nodded slowly with her grin still on.

"I will come back to the fact that you lied three times in a single breath but first… what is drunk?" He blinked before remembering she was a feral pokemon.

"It's something like uhh… getting hit by a confu- I was not myself." She paused briefly then shrugged.

"You were more 'yourself' than normal just now. Just saying… and not complaining." He just sighed deeply.

"Is it weird?" He asked with a small voice eventually. She hummed in thought.

"Nah… I know this floatzel who always gets a hard on every time he thinks about humans so, you are far from being the worst case." He snorted a laugh.

"'Neas, Thanks!" she snickered.

"Seriously, it's fine. If you like him, you like him. Also, it is not your fault if he is-"

"A hilf, yes, you said that…" He sighed from his nose. There was a brief pause. "Okay, don't look at me when I am saying this. Look that way." He pointed at their side with a paw. He put his head back on her chest when she did, both facing the same direction.

"He is a hilf…" She made an amused and satisfied sound, vibrating his head. "...I said look that way!" She did so with a snicker.

"Give me the details." He grinned a little.

"He has blond hair…"


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