Ahhh yes… One Shots… gotta love them gotta hate them…

This Oneshot is a reimagining of the Bleach scene where Ichigo loses his powers and says goodbye to Rukia!

I hope you ENJOY! I don't own Bleach!

Standing outside, the once great substitute Shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo looked around taking it all in. In a few moments, his powers will fade completely away for good this time and the orange haired human Soul Reaper didn't know what to think as he couldn't sense a single bit of spiritual pressure around him, even though his friends Orihime, Uyru, Chad, and Rukia, who was in her Soul form, was just standing right next to him.

'I can't sense any spirits...' Ichigo thought to himself, 'not a single one...'

The Visard turns to look at his friends, more to Rukia than the others, 'Even Rukia's presence is starting to fade away.'

'It's true... I really am losing my powers...'

The Visard hated this feeling... not having the power to protect anyone, not being able to use Zangetsu anymore... not being able to sense Rukia's cold but welcoming spiritual pressure...

"This is goodbye, Ichigo," the words the substitute Soul Reaper never wanted to hear come out of the midget's mouth, but he smiled, knowing his spiritual pressure sacrifice was needed to protect the Soul Society, Karakura Town, and even all of the world.

"It looks that way," he replied to the Soul Reaper that changed his fate from a regular high school student into a Substitute Soul Reaper.

Ichigo did not like the look of Rukia's face when she chuckled playfully... at least not completely.

"Hey, there's no use looking so sad ok?" The midget smiles smugly and lightly tapped Ichigo's stomach with her hand, "Even if you won't be able to see me anymore, I'll still be keeping a close eye on you."

To the outside, it looked like Ichigo was annoyed, but inside, he smiled at the thought, "Now that's just great! You spying on me!" At the moment he realized that Rukia said he looked sad, "And just so you know, I'm not sad! Okay?"

At that moment, Rukia began to fade from Ichigo's vision slowly, and the two looked at each other knowing their time was almost up.

"Rukia..." Ichigo began before shaking his head, smiling softly towards her, "Say bye to everyone for me."

Rukia, not looking up at Ichigo now, as if not wanting to say goodbye just yet just muttered, "Sure."

The midget inhaled and exhaled before looking up at the Protector, her grayish silvery eyes shining with some tears in her eyes as she became see-through in Ichigo's vision.

Ichigo smiles at Rukia, his voice both soft and strong, as if to give Rukia the strength he noticed she needed, "Goodbye... Rukia."

Rukia, in one last moment of Ichigo still being able to sense and see her, leans up and presses her lips against the Strawberry's own lips, but Ichigo was only able to feel Rukia's lips press against his for a split second, but he held still, content with letting Rukia finish her kiss to him, closing his eyes to not watch Rukia completely fade away and to imagine how it would've felt like to finish that kiss.

After a moment, he opened his eyes and looked at where Rukia once stood, not even sure if she was still standing there or not, before looking up to the sky without saying a word.

'And thank you...'


This scene hurts me more than Goku saying goodbye to Gohan before taking Cell away from the earth scene from the anime Dragon Ball Z… I still believe Ichigo should have ended up with Rukia…

Ja Ne