A very belated Raditz week prompt that was for "Carnival." There will be a 2nd chapter if there's enough interest. Just a cute, fluffy family fic. I had a little help from degenerate_otaku too!

"Well, would you look at that? He's got a tail. I'm surprised to see you kept it." A deep voice rumbled, followed by Goku's. "Yeah. Just be careful tonight, ok?"

"Sure thing." He responded, coming out of the dark to stand under the outside lamp, smoke curling up and obscuring the features of the tall, shadowy figure.

Gohan peeked around his father's leg as he shook hands with the larger man, seeing how the stranger grinned at Goku with almost a malicious sneer.

"Alright, Gohan. You can let go of my leg now." Goku said, stepping aside. Gohan was left standing at the entrance to their warm, safe home while the dark stranger stood on the stoop, flicking an ember off his cigarette. The little child shook his head in refusal and began to back away but he was quickly snatched up by the back of his shirt. He screamed as the man gave him a good shake; seeing how big he'd grown by his weight.

"I'll be taking you now, boy. You'd better behave for me, or else." Raditz sneered, Goku laughing nervously.

"It'll be ok, Gohan. I promise you and Uncle Raditz will have lots of fun!" He said to reassure his son, waving as his older brother set Gohan on his Harley and swung his leg over it. Gohan whimpered and looked back, but Goku had already closed the door.

"That's enough of your blatting, boy. That's the last thing you should be doing, where you're going."

Gohan's eyes widened and became watery saucers of fear as a helmet was placed on his head and buckled, Raditz tightening it to the smallest setting to fit his nephew. Sweat dripped down the side of his face as he checked to make sure the helmet was secure. He couldn't help but feel anxious taking care of such a small, fragile boy even though he was a half-saiyan.

Raditz hadn't ever taken care of a child before. He'd just come out of a 8 year prison sentence, before which he was stationed in the army. He had seen and done some terrible things overseas that had caused him to have PTSD. When he returned home everything had changed, so much so that he couldn't quite get used to the change. He reverted back to his war-like routine and in a mental fugue he'd sprayed bullets into a crowd of pedestrians in the street, taking the mailman hostage and having a standoff with police before coming out of his fog and handing himself over to the authorities. None of the pedestrians died from their injuries, but a few were badly injured and he had to pay the price for his mistakes; regardless of his mental state.

Now, Raditz was working through his trauma & attempting to reconnect with his family members. He just wanted to have a normal life. Gohan looked back at his house one last time as the motorcycle roared to life, and they took off down the dirt road.

Chi-Chi watched out the window as they disappeared into the darkness. She struggled with the momentary loss of her child, battling that voice in the back of her mind that cried for her to go after Gohan and hide him away forever, where he would be safe. But, that wasn't right. Raditz needed someone to nurture, to prove to himself that he could be a good uncle. Gohan needed to break his fear of the outside world, and get in touch with his roots. So for both, this should be a positive experience. She reasoned, battling a war in her mind over whether or not she'd made the right choice in suggesting an outing together. Raditz had been deemed mentally fit to rejoin society, in fact it was encouraged that he go out with supervision to become accustomed to the outside world beyond cages and white walls once again.

Little did Raditz know, that supervisor was no other than his five year old nephew. And, well... Goku didn't know this, but Ox King had suggested he went in disguise in case things took a turn for the worse.

"Hey, they're long gone now. Why don't we do something fun?" Goku asked, closing the curtain.

"Huh?" Chi-Chi was startled, turning to see his beaming face.

"Oh, Goku!" She cried out, and flung herself into his arms.

For a while, Gohan was afraid to open his eyes. He felt the rumbling engine beneath him, and he knew with every few feet he was getting farther away from home. For him, it felt less like he was being spirited away for a fun joyride, and more like he was being kidnapped. He'd never met his Uncle Raditz, and if he had he must have been too young to remember. He was practically a stranger, I can't believe that my parents just let me go like that-

"Hey runt, why don't you take a look at where we are?" His uncle said in a gruff voice, and Gohan sat up straighter, startled. He opened his eyes to near slits, seeing rays of light shining through the darkness. He heard twinkling music along with the happy shouts of children and the murmuring of a crowd, a sweet scent entering his nose and making it twitch curiously. The motorcycle slowed to a halt and Raditz lifted Gohan from the seat, chuckling softly as he saw the boy's tail twitching with interest.

"W-where are we?" He uttered nervously, shivering as Raditz let him rest under one arm, perched cozily on his hip as he took off his helmet and shook his long hair out.

"You mean you don't know?"

Gohan shook his head no, gulping.

"It's the Carnival, kid. The greatest place in the world!" Raditz exclaimed, removing Gohan's helmet and roughing up his hair. Gohan felt warmth in the man's touch, and maybe even a touch of friendliness in that toothy sneer of his.


After a moment's hesitation, Gohan spoke up. "W-what's a carnival?" Gohan asked while smoothing down his hair.

"...You really don't know? What, your parents don't take you to fun places like this?" Raditz said as he helped the boy down onto the ground.

"Well, sometimes… Once we went to a museum! That was really fun!" Gohan answered, remembering the moment fondly. He got a pen as a souvenir.

"You're strange, kid." Raditz sighed. How could his half-wit brother have such an intelligent, yet boring child?

"Ah, don't you worry, kiddo…your uncle Raditz'll show you a fun day!" He grinned, offering the small boy his hand, which he reluctantly took.

There was an old timey sign that read ' Carnival' with bright lights on the gates beside it, and a small booth with a bored man inside, who they had to pay to get in.

"One adult, one child." Raditz said as he paid for their day passes. Gohan peered into the Carnival itself. It was a haze of colour and lights. He heard bells ringing, children cheering and the whimsical twinkling of calliope music that drew him in closer. Just what kind of place was this, and why would a scary man like his Uncle like it?

"C'mon boy!" Raditz beckoned him almost as if he were a dog, and they entered. Gohan stayed very close to his uncle as his eyes darted from place to place. His sensitive Saiyan nose picked up several scents. There was a stall with people in a line, watching as a man held a stick and gathered a stringy, pink substance onto a stick, which formed into something like a large cotton ball. It was edible, by the looks of it. He noticed another stall with something he recognised as a hot dog and chips on the front of it, the savoury aroma making his stomach growl. A lady inside the truck with blue hair smiled as she handed someone their order, still steaming. Gohan jolted in place guiltily as his uncle noticed.

"Hungry? I'd buy you something, but it's probably best to go on rides before we eat so you don't get sick." Raditz tried his best to make his voice soft to ease the worried boy.

Gohan wondered how he didn't notice the rides as he came in. He gazed up and saw a massive wheel with carts of people on it, a small roller coaster with the body of a green dragon making up the long cart, and this strange ride named "Taz's Tornado" with Taz the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes on it. Children were pressed up against the walls of a quickly spinning circular cage, letting out screams that frightened him.

"That looks scary!" Gohan trembled.

"Well…there's more...docile rides for children your age, I'll show you." With that, he took the boy forward. Gohan observed the children playing games of chance and his interest was piqued. He realised they were trying to win the prizes in the stalls, though he doubted he could win any.

"Here, I'll buy tickets for this ride." Raditz came to a stop, and Gohan almost tripped as he was looking the other way.

"Careful, kid! Your mom would blow a fuse if you got hurt." Raditz chuckled and Gohan knew he was right.

"This is the teacup ride...see?"

Gohan watched as there were people in a giant teacup, spinning a steering wheel as the ride moved, turning their cup. There were other children like him inside of it and they seemed to be having fun.

"...Why are they screaming?"

"They're screaming because it's fun!" Raditz reassured, patting him on the shoulder. Gohan didn't get why people would scream if it was fun. He still wasn't convinced.

"Kid, you have to do something!" Raditz urged him and Gohan felt pressured now. Looking around again, he saw rubber ducks bobbing in a shallow pool of water, located in another one of the stands.

"Can we play that game?" He pointed and Raditz agreed. He bought some tokens in a booth and went over to it, paying the two tokens for Gohan to have a turn. The sign said everyone was a winner, so it was a good choice.

Gohan tried to reach over with his stick that had a loop on the end to pick up one of the ducks, but he was too short to reach and was getting frustrated. Raditz lifted him up, then he could easily pick one out.

"Got it!" The boy exclaimed, and there was a bell signifying that he was a winner. The lady behind the booth clapped and said he could pick any prize.

Gohan thought long and hard.

A Teddy bear?

No, I have lots of them.

A bouncy ball with a cord?

Nah, that wasn't all that fun.

A goldfish?

Icarus would end up eating him probably.

"What do you think, Uncle?" Gohan asked, noticing how Raditz was staring at a toy machine gun with a distant stare.

"Uncle Raditz? Hey, Uncle Raditz?!" Gohan tugged on the tall man's hand, snapping him out of his stupor.

"Huh? What?" Raditz shook his head, dazed.

"Wait, you… did you call me your Uncle?" Raditz beamed.

"Yeah…I mean, because you are!" Gohan smiled back for the first time that evening.

Raditz beamed back at him with a toothy grin, roughing up his hair in a show of affection that Gohan giggled and tried to free himself from.

"Yeah, and I think as your Uncle, I should have some role in the decision making" He mused, picking up a child-sized fishing rod and looking it over before presenting it to Gohan.

"How about this?"

"Ok!" Gohan agreed, taking the pole. Raditz nodded and they strolled down the midway, Gohan carrying the plastic fishing rod with pride.