If there were two people Paris' citizens wanted to date, it was their crime-fighting duo. Ladybug and Chat Noir.

Since Ladybug had received ownership of the Miracle Box a couple of months back, it had only cemented the duo's relationship. Especially with the recovery of the peacock miraculous.

The cat and bug team continues to roam the city, battling akumas and photo-bombing tourist pictures – to the amusement of Paris' citizens.

Shadowmoth had relented his incessant attacks against the city to once a week. Consequently, people started to move back to Paris after leaving when Hawkmoth appeared.

Overall, things were looking up.

˜heartstruck by you

"Your heart's desires will longer be kept a secret!" Heartstruck declared, shooting her pink, sparkly, heart-topped arrows into the azure sky. Her costume was one of the more carefully, thought-out ones. It was a pale pink tutu and ballet slippers on her feet. Her outfit was embroidered with scarlet hearts and ruby kisses. Her skin was pale green. Overall, Heartstruck was a rose. And she was out for revenge.

Heartstruck gazed around the Pont des Arts bridge, finding her first victim. There were a group of teenagers buying ice cream from Andre. One of the boys stepped up to collect, looking like Adrien Agreste – but that couldn't be him as he wasn't allowed out of the prison mansion. Scolding herself for that error – she decided that that group was the perfect target. They were mostly coupled up – two girls, two guys, a small girl, and a big guy, an olive-skinned couple, an athletic pair, and a girl with blue hair and a guy with a blonde. The ones that were not paired up were a pink-haired girl, a blunette girl, a dark-skinned guy, and that Adrien lookalike.

Shaking her head, she aimed her arrows and hit the athletic guy. Immediately, he fell to his knees in front of his girlfriend.

"Ahhhh, Adrien Agreste. Your heart has recognized another. Blackcurrant, for her radiant hair. Peach pink for her smile when she sees you. And bubble-gum for her sky-blue stare that falters when you gaze at her. Do not worry, young sir. She returns your affections – she is shy!"

"Oh um. Thanks, Andre. Glad to know I won't be all alone forever" Adrien absent-mindedly took his ice cream and stood by to let Marinette through. He was far too focused on finding out who his heart has chosen. His head at once jumped to his Lady, but she didn't return his affections. Did she though?..."

He was brought out of his stupor when an arrow shot out of nowhere and hit Kim in the chest. "My dear sweet Ondine. You laugh at my jokes, encourage my swimming, and have been akumatised for me. My darling angel, I love you so. I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you?" Ondine was shocked, but then her surprise gave way to love as she tackled him to the ground and covered his face in kisses. "always yes" she breathed out she smothered him in a hug.

While everyone else was cooing at Kim's display, Marinette was wondering where that arrow had come from. Her question was granted when a rose ascended into the sky, firing arrows at every man in sight. Soon, most guys were professing their love for their partner. Rose had been hit and she was squealing about how much she loved Juleka while Marc and Nathaniel professed their love for the writer and the illustrator, to the amusement of the Akuma.

Nobody noticed the arrival of Ladybug and Chat Noir until the arrows stopped raining relentlessly on the city and focused on one leather-clad, cat-themed, punning superhero.

"Hey, m'lady. Look like we have a bit of a prickly situation" Chat Noir's eyes twinkled, and his face lit up upon seeing her"

"Chaton! You've broken your record for the first pun in a fight!" Ladybug was impressed yet it was inevitable, but she was still happy for him.

"So where do you think the akuma is bugaboo?"

"Well, like Dark Cupid, I don't think it's in the bow and arrow. But it could be, because Papillon didn't want to make that mistake again. But again, it might be in another item on her body – like Chat Blanc" whispering the last part, she leaned against her partner for support. Chaton caught the last part, but he swiftly forgot about it as Heartstruck descended upon the rooftop, all thought focused on the Akuma and protecting his Lady while she was struggling.

"Well, well. If it isn't the most famous couple in Paris."

"WE ARE NOT A COUPLE" Ladybug screeched as she stood up and started to swing her yo-yo furiously.

"BUT WE ARE SOME OF THE MOST FAMOUS PEOPLE" Chat extended his baton and took a battle stance beside Ladybug.

˜heartstruck by you

Three minutes later, Ladybug still didn't know how to use her Lucky Charm. Of all the things, it was a statue of her and her partner. Why Tikki why?

"That all you got? I'm getting pink in the face from all this jumping around. " Chat Noir was starting to become a bit annoyed by this Akuma. Normally by now, the Akuma would have been defeated and they were dealing with the press. What was she waiting for? To make matters worse, the ladybug pattern didn't work on the Lucky Charm, which meant the wedding outfits were recognizable. He groaned, realizing how much the Ladyblog would blow up by this.

He stopped still for a single second and that was what the Akuma needed. Heartstruck released her arrow - like a bullet from a gun and hit Chat square in the chest.

Ladybug was starting to give up on the Lucy Charm and was getting in position to wrap her yoyo around the ballet slipper on Heartstruck's feet. It had to hold the akuma because a citizen in Paris wouldn't have a bow and arrow on them and then get akumatised. It was also the only thing that didn't match the rose-themed costume as it had the initials of , and not swirling patterns of roses.

Just as she was throwing out her yoyo, Chat was hit. Of course. Why wouldn't it be?

He threw himself at her feet and his eyes were so big and there was no mistaking the look of adoration and love in them.

"My dearest, sweet Ladybug. When we first met, we were tangled up together in your yoyo and dangled upside down. Our first battle didn't go as perfectly as it could have been, but it didn't matter. You were brilliant. I was the clumsy one. I was the one that fucked up badly and ended up getting caught. We then battled Stoneheart again and when you purified all those butterflies and showed our city what you were capable of and more, I knew I was in love with you! I didn't know you then, but, fuck, I still don't fully know you. But what I do know is that you're sweet, strong, determined, and will stop at no lengths for justice. The two years since meeting you have only increased my feelings for you! You know that we make an unstoppable team, we can trust each other with everything, and I know you are adamant about not revealing our identities but I only want to know who you are so I can be with you whether we're transformed or not. My beautiful angel, I love you so much!" Chat was panting and yet he still gazed up at her like he was a blind man seeing the sun for the first time.

"Oh, Chaton." Ladybug had been debating whether to give up on Adrien and pursue Chat, for a couple of weeks now. The kwamis had been patient listening to her ramble on about both of their merits. This declaration tipped the scales for her.

Alya was squealing at the cuteness, along with all the citizens of Paris watching on the live stream as Chat Noir professed his enthusiastic love for the bug-themed hero. They were all aware of the situation the crime-fighting duo were in and avidly wanted the two to be together. They had made no secret of that. It was all down to the hero of creation.

They were shocked, however, when Ladybug tackled her partner onto the rooftop and kissed the living daylights out of him. They rolled about, Ladybug's legs hooked round Chat Noir's hips, Chat's hands desperately grasping the raven hair, and moans and declarations of love were heard. Even Hawkmoth was smiling at the two and Heartstruck was grinning. Another decent man.

"Let's defeat this Akuma chaton, then we can continue with this" Ladybug was not happy about having to pull away. But the Akuma has stopped attacking. With one last squelching, tongue-duelling, enthusiastic minute of snogging, Chat agreed. Who knew his lady could kiss like that?

"Moan as I say this, so Heartstruck doesn't suspect anything. I think the akuma is in the pink worn-out looking ballet slipper as it doesn't match the rest of the costume. I'll tie her up and you Cataclysm it, ok."

"Got it, milady. Also, can you not grind against me next time, because the suits show everything and well, things are getting a little hard."

"From my position, things don't seem very little" Ladybug smirked at the surprise on her partner's face.

"you little minx"

˜heartstruck by you

After the healing light had returned Paris to its normal state, Heartstruck turned into a young woman with shoulder-length mahogany hair, bright brown eyes, and curves that rivalled Ladybug. Marinette gasped at the sight of her old friend, Claire DeRose sitting on the floor with a ballet slipper clutched to her chest.

"Ladybug, Chat Noir. I'm so sorry. My first love turned out to be dating me for a bet!" Her eyes rivalled Niagara Falls.

"Oh, Claire. That sucks to hear. Not all guys are like that. I certainly wouldn't and neither would most of my friends." Chat Noir was distraught at the look on Ladybug's face and swiftly diverted attention away from her

"Really? But out of all the girls, he chooses me"

"Sucks doesn't it. Unrelated, but Ladybug and I have had to fight off several obsessed fans. One even tried to have the fox miraculous. As if! Rena Rouge is much more dependable. That Volpina girl was terrible"

As Chat and Claire chatted about the various Akumas and comparing her to them, in a successful effort to take her mind off her broken heart, Ladybug stood there in shock. Claire, her friend was akumatised, and because of a boy, she didn't know about. What kind of a friend was she?

"If you want, I can take a visit to Laurent and Philippe and give them a piece of my mind. It is them, right?"

"Yes, it is. Thanks so much, Chat, but that won't be necessary. If it would be possible, I can visit Marinette and ask her to ask Ladybug to visit him and tell him off. He has a bit of a crush on her you see. Actually, can you go as well, to further rub it in that he will be forever alone in love." Claire concluded her request with a grin that lit up her face, which really made it clear why the lads chose her for the bet.

At the sound of her name, Ladybug entered the conversation.

"If you want Claire, we can go see Marinette now. She probably won't be in, but we can leave a note. I can take you home afterwards. If you would like of course?"

"Yes, please. Thank you so much, both of you. How can I make it up to you?"

"Don't worry about it. Think of it as a reward for me getting to make out with this little bug." Chat Noir smiled, wrapping his arm around said small bug and blowing a kiss to Claire.

"Come on Claire. Let's go now. Sorry I'm a bit small so a piggyback will be awkward".

"Now, m'lady. What happened to a cat getting smooches?"

"You think I forgot about it? Claire is one of my oldest friends in my civilian form. I must make sure she's okay. Meet me at the Eiffel Tower after I drop Claire back. First, I have to take her to Marinette's room. Then, the cat comes out to play." Ladybug tossed him a smirk before giving Claire a piggyback and swooping off into the sun.


Alya sniggered, recording the whole thing. Who would she be if she didn't record this?

˜heartstruck by you

"Here we go Claire, Marinette's bakery. I'll wait up here while you write the note and come back to take you home" Ladybug and Claire landed on the balcony overlooking the Seine.

"Thank you so much Ladybug. This means so much to me. Do you do this for every civilian?"

"Of course, not – only the special ones" Ladybug winked "Marinette is the only civilian who knows how to contact me on my bug phone, and we have been friends since I received the miraculous. You do know what a miraculous is, right?"

"Yes. There is a jewel and a kwami that grants the power. To transform, you have to say a special phrase and you have power. You have only five minutes after using your power to transform back though."

"Correct. Sounds like someone has been swotting up. My kwami recharges by eating dozens of sugary foods. Marinette gives us her supplies. We then get her materials in return. Being a superhero works wonders. Anyway, Marinette is one of my closest friends – in the mask of course. My point is that Marinette has told me how much you mean to her, and she is sorry she hasn't been contacting you. There's just been a bitch at her school recently and she's been dealing with that. You mean a lot to her, Claire DeRose, and I'm glad. Most of her friends just want free commissions and treats – like the people at her school. It's good to know you two have each other"

Claire smiled and clambered down into the room, wrote her note, returned to the balcony and she was clinging to Ladybug as she was swinging off to Claire's mother's apartment in the 20th arrondissement.

"Bye Claire. If you need extra help with Nicolas, you know how to find me!"

˜heartstruck by you

"stupid Ladybug, with her stupid raven pigtails, in her stupid costume, with her stupid powers, and her stupidly brilliant kissing skills" Chat Noir stomped back and forth along the beam, glaring at civilians far below wondering if he was a shadow.

"hey, chaton" Ladybug swung onto the beam, landing on her toes, a hurricane of red. She straightened up, shaking back said raven pigtails and smiling at her kitty. Before she had time to blink, Chat dove across the beam and fixed his mouth to hers. Ladybug was shocked for a second before wrapping her arms around him and responding in earnest. Jumping up, she wrapped her long legs – shocking for her height – around his waist. They both moaned, as their heated areas met each other's.

Chat pushed Ladybug up against a wall and kissed harder, his hands threading themselves in the blunette' s hair. She smiled, causing Chat's dick to harden further. The next few minutes were lost in a daze of tongues, breathless moans and grunts, and declarations of love

˜heartstruck by you

Alya was incredibly happy. Lila had been telling her for some time that Ladybug had feelings for Chat Noir but was too shy to act on them. Evidently, she had been correct because Alya had managed to get a photo of the two kissing during the recent Akuma battle. Hawkmoth must have been bored of the two dancing around each other because according to Max, the love-related akumas had been increasing by 2.5%. Not much, but true.

She hurried off to the Eiffel Tower because that's where the two agreed to meet up. Arriving just in time to see her favourite superhero swoop in and be tackled in a ferocious kiss by her partner. She sighed enviously, as Chat pinned Ladybug effortlessly against the Tower, holding all her weight while still kissing the shit out of her. Nino wouldn't ever be able to do that. He would try, but Alya had inherited the body of her Hispanic ancestors' and he had just grown. Nino had worked out with Kim a lot more, those two realize that they had the same music tastes and so their friendship grew by a considerable amount.

Snapping a photo, she decided to go home and upload it to the Ladyblog. Marinette would be shocked and want all the details. And Alya would happily give them, and chat with her best friend. With all this nonsense about Lila lying, Marinette had been acting strange, not being able to chat comfortably, and was claiming that Lila was a liar. As if! Lila just wouldn't lie. Lila has too good of a life to make up for her small tragedies. Alya didn't know why. Maybe it was jealousy, maybe she held a grudge against Lila for adjusting the seating plan. Whatever it was, Marinette would come around someday. The cinnamon roll just couldn't be mad at anyone for long. Besides, they were besties.

"M'lady. Since it is obvious you love me back, and we're not going to mention how much everyone is aware of how much I love you, I want us to date in the masks"

They had stopped kissing a while ago and just stared down at their city, legs dangling. Chat was biting his lip with his sharp teeth worriedly. Ladybug paused.

"My chaton, what made you assume that we wouldn't date. From the session earlier, I was under the impression that we were already dating. But, yes, Chaton, I would love to"

This resulted in a heavy make-out session that made the duo extremely glad that there were no cameras in the beams of the Eiffel Tower.

The sudden gleam of green light alerted to a whiny voice demanding cheese. Eugh, Ladybug couldn't stand the stuff. She was extremely glad Tikki gorged herself on the discount rack from the bakery. "Adrieeeeeen, hurry up and give me my delicious, creamy Camembert. You won't eat it so why are you delaying?"

Who else in Paris had vivid green eyes, blonde hair, tall, muscled, and disappeared during the Akuma attacks? Making the connection. Ladybug shrieked at the realization of who was sitting next to her – WHO HAD HIS TONGUE IN HER MOUTH – and toppled off the beam. She swung back up rapidly, de-transforming as soon as she landed in Adrien's lap and attached her mouth desperately to his, disregarding the solid, warm patch she was sitting on.

"Adrien, it's you. It's really you. How could I not see it before? Oh chaton"

"marinette" Adrien's breathless whisper lingered in their ears long after it had passed through his luscious lips. He kissed down the side of her neck and nestled his head in the crook of her shoulder, inhaling her sugary scent. "never in my wildest dreams, it passed my mind that you were the one beneath the mask. But then again, you always welcomed me with both arms and never doubted my unswerving loyalty to you."

"Adrien" Marinette tilted her neck, arching into his soft kisses and caresses. "I'm sorry for not telling you where I was going, for not putting you first. I'm so lucky to have you. Even if I have to put up with your stupid stunts, I will always thank the heavens for you being by my side always. I love you so much, I just never fully realised until now!"

"As always, forever I will be there for you." Adrien found her hands and gripped them tight like they were his life support. "Stupid stunts? Please purrincess if anyone is doing stupid stunts – it's you. Like when you almost got sacrificed to an Ancient Egyptian God" Adrien chuckled but smothered Marinette deeper into his arms.

"Excuse me. If I remember correctly, that allowed us to defeat Pharaoh. You tried to take on an army of knights by yourself"

"Eh, too many details. However, you were the one that jumped into a T-Rex's mouth"

"But I had a jack. And I got a hug from you. So, I count it as a win. You're the one that got akumatised and destroyed the entire world" It's not what she meant to say, but it was his one major fuck-up, and she had to tell him. He would find out – sooner or later.

"... I did what?"

˜heartstruck by you

Adrien sat there, jaw hanging as limp as his legs. Tikki was trying to comfort her old friend but was being ignored. Plagg was frozen, all the memories of his power damaging the world flooding his mind. He had made some severe damage – but he had never done something of this size. It was terrifying. No wonder the guardians always begged him to stay in control and never under any circumstances use his power by himself. Plagg understood it all. The worst part is that it wasn't him – it was Adrien.

Marinette silently looked over the skyline of Paris. Without her advanced vision, she couldn't see the citizens enjoying a quiet night like normal, since Hawkmoth had reduced his attacks. It worried her, but the akumas didn't have much thought gone into them. Hawkmoth had probably re-used old akumas. However, Heartstruck was relatively unique. Aside from the obvious similarity to Dark Cupid, it was thought out. It looked nice.

"how long has it been"

Marinette didn't need to think about her answer. She only had to think about blue and white near to each other. That was enough. "three months" she admitted, gripping his hand tighter, and stroking Tikki's head with the other.

"and you've never told anyone all this time?"

"the kwamis know. Tikki knows. But you're the first human to - aside from Bunnix. It wasn't like I could just walk up to Alya and go 'Hey bestie. Sorry for not telling you sooner. You see I'm Ladybug. Shocking I know. Anyways, Chat Noir was akumatised in an alternate timeline and I'm terrified by him'. Yeah right. It would have been all over the world by evening." Marinette concluded her little rant with a sigh. It felt good to get some of her irritations with the blogger of her chest.

"Well, nice to know my akumatised form is much better than Simple-man. Can you believe we were saved by three little children?"

Marinette's smile was shadowed by a bright white circle appearing behind her on the beam. A figure stepped out.

˜heartstruck by you

Bunnix was grumpy about having to visit Mini-bug and Kitten Noir again. This was the third time for fuck's sake. She does have a life besides diving into the past and future. At this rate, her skating awards would just gather dust. Ugh.

"1956, 2007, 2006, wrong way, 2009, 2011, 2015, ah here we go – 2017" Bunnix paced around the burrow, searching for the correct year. Who knew history was so riveting? The Louvre had become much more historically correct. Not to mention all the knowledge she had of the future. Against public opinion, she preferred the sixty-sixth intergalactic war, but the others were still interesting. Jumping into the portal, she arrived on a beam of the Eiffel Tower. The sun was setting, casting all of Paris into golden light. It was magical

"Mini-bug, Kitten Noir. Nice to see you again" Bunnix grinned at the pair, relishing their shocked expressions. It was a delight to see their hands clasped and their clothes looking rumpled. She had quite a few memories of those two dancing around each other. Glad to see Adrien had grown a pair and talked to her. It was becoming quite embarrassing. Jesus, even Team Adrienette was becoming desperate and was debating cancelling the bets. At least they didn't because it meant Juleka would win. She needed a confidence boost, along with being Purple Tigress, to help her achieve her becoming a model in her future.

"Before you say anything, I'm not going to take you back in time to sort out this. It was time you two revealed identities. Do you need a hug Mini bug? Chat Blanc was traumatizing, and I hate that you had to see it. Hawkmoth is a stupid motherfucker for doing that. Kitten, I'm sorry that happened to you but it wasn't your fault. Don't beat yourself up about it. Plagg, calm down. That timeline is removed. Tikki, continue being a superstar and comfort everyone. Heavens knows they need it. I'm leaving now. Just came to say that this better be the last time you two fuck up the timeline. Congratulations on becoming a couple. Paris is appeased now. See you when eventually. Got to go back to my time now, a large spider family is trying to move into one of my skating trophies. Bye!"

Bunnix jumped back into a portal at the speed of light, leaving Adrien and Marinette's jaws dropped. Who knew Bunnix would come here today. And leave after delivering probably the quickest speech ever.

"so m'lady"

"so chaton"

"can we continue kissing please"

"as if you needed to ask" Marinette rolled her eyes and attacked Adrien's lips with her own, leaving the kwamis to catch up

˜heartstruck by you

"Who was that other boy purrincess?" Adrien mumbled into Marinette's neck in between kisses. Her neck *kiss* just *kiss* tasted *kiss* so *kiss* good *kiss*.

"it was this cute boy in my class chaton. He sat in front of me each day and was oblivious to me gazing hopelessly at his spun-gold hair. Often, he would turn and smile at me, his beautiful eyes crinkling around the corners. He never seemed to mind me stumbling over my words around him and would never hurt his oldest friend, no matter how clingy he was. I was, still am in fact, crazy in love with him. But he always viewed me as a friend. Then there was this silly cat-boy who made no secret of his love for me. I was starting to fall for this feline gentleman. I was torn. A pretty boy or a cat boy. Lucky me that they were the same person."

"So, you did love me after all. Only took two years. While we're confessing, I meant what I said earlier. Every single second of it. And all me flirting. I just don't see you as a mystery. I see you as a young woman who has the weight of a city on her shoulders, who everyone thinks of as perfect. You're not perfect. But you're perfect to me."

Marinette smiled wistfully, recalling all the times her Chat had professed his love for her. Fuck, it was a lot. Wrapping her arms around him, she nestled her face into his hair. So golden So beautiful. She rarely got to appreciate her partner's hair, what with Hawkmoth attacking. Just to spend time like this was bliss.

˜heartstruck by you

Alya bounced in her seat as she awaited the arrival of Marinette. Nino was oblivious to the world, creating new playlists on Spotify and vibing to loud music echoing from his headphones. Adrien was smiling as his head leaned to one side, oblivious to the world. Hard to tell what he was thinking. The rest of the class was chatting happily. Juleka and Rose smiled as they leaned against each other. Chloe filed her nails while Sabrina brushed her lovely auburn hair. Their friendship had become healthier after Chloe had become Queen Bee. It was good for her, and she treated Sabrina better, realizing the devotion she had for her best friend. Kim and Alix were arm-wrestling while Max carefully analysed the two, looking for weaknesses. Mylene was laughing at a joke Ivan had told her, the latter gazing awestruck down at her. Marc and Nathaniel were bent over their comic strip, looking for improvements and bantering about the plotline, their eyes crinkling with happiness. Lila was on her phone, looking through the Ladyblog, and scowling at the new post. No one else in the class had seen it, otherwise, they would be gossiping about it like a bunch of old ladies at a sewing club. Just another day in Miss Bustier's class.

Two minutes before the bell, Marinette skidded into the classroom, tripped over Adrien's bag, and landed in his lap. Everyone else turned to look at the sound, realized it was Marinette, and turned away. Wait. Everyone slowly turned back to be greeted with the sight of the cinnamon roll sitting in Sunshine boy's lap.

"canks for thatching me – nope – er – thanks for catching me" Marinette managed to stumble out stuttering over her words, with her face as red as her Ladybug suit. She sniggered internally, hoping that everyone would think that the stuttering was fake.

"No problem, Marinette. Glad I was there to catch you" Adrien winked at Marinette, causing them both to remember what had happened the last time Mari had been in his lap. This caused her to further redden and tremble at the knees. Oh, that glorious tongue! Nope, not the time. The correct time is to ask him out.

"Adrien I -uh-um- really -um like you – ah nope I can't do this – yes, I can – and I was wondering whether – someone cause a distraction please – um- do you like me too?" Marinette was dying inside. The urge to laugh was sooo strong but no. She must stay calm. Channel Ladybug and think of the repercussions if she were to start giggling uncontrollably. Tikki was sniggering at her Chosen's predicament. Plagg was right – people were blind. Even she could tell that Marinette was faking it.

"Marinette! I thought you would never ask. I've liked you subconsciously for ages but pushed it away reminding myself that you don't like me like that. Marinette, would you do me a great honour and be my girlfriend?" Adrien was also dying inside. This was brilliant. Everyone was clueless about what was going on.

The room was silent before a cacophony of noise swelled. Everyone couldn't believe that Marinette – the Marinette, the class's cinnamon roll – had admitted her love for Adrien – the other of the class's cinnamon rolls. It was obvious the two had liked each other for ages. So, when something like this happened out of the blue, something was up.

Maybe it was Shadowmoth calming down, giving Ladybug and Chat Noir a bit of free time. It was about fucking time. There had been unrelenting attacks against the city for the past two years. The first year hadn't been too bad. But it was the second year that took the cake. The introduction of several new heroes: such as the old ones, Queen Bee, Rena Rouge, Carapace; and the new ones, Viperion, Ryuko, Bunnix, Pegasus, King Monkey, Pigella, Polymouse, Minotaurox, Miss Hound, Coq Courage, Caprikid, Purple Tigress. Then there were all the fusions, Ladybee, Dragonbug, Pegabug, and Snake Noir. Then there was the time the duo had swapped miraculous to fight against Reflekdoll. And there was another mouse hero, but it was very obscure. Apparently, she used her power, then fused each copy of her with another miraculous! And then there was Flairmidable – that other obscure dog hero. No one knew about those two temporary heroes except Ladybug and Chat Noir. And of course, Ladybug became Guardian of the Miraculous. What a year!

Maybe Marinette decided to be brave and admit it. Eh, at least the class wouldn't have to see those two blind dorks dancing around each other. But for now...

"MARINETTE WHAT THE FUCK?" Alya's jaw was dropped

"TOLD YOU HE FEELS THE SAME WAY" Alix was smirking. Bunnix had told her some very nice details.

"YAYYYY JULEKA, YOU WON THE BET" Rose was dancing and grinning like a madman at her emo girlfriend

"NO ALIX, WHY DID WE AGREE ON TEN EUROS?" Kim had his head in his hands, groaning at having to concede defeat to that little bubble-gum haired pest

"ADRIKINS – SO PROUD" Chloe was smiling, while Sabrina grinned at her best friend's obvious joy

"Good for you Mari" Nino was beaming at his childhood friend.

Lila was stewing but she had to put on a brave face and smile happily for those two. Ugh, why Mari-brat why?

˜heartstruck by you

Miss Bustier entered her classroom and gazed round in amazement at her students. Everyone was crowded like cats at a laser beam at Adrien's desk where he sat with his arms wound around Marinette as she snuggled into his lap. Juleka was collecting five euros from everyone, beaming at her gain, the movement lighting up her beautiful amber eyes and accenting her graceful movements. Kim was repeatedly slamming his hand against his head while Alix sniggered at his expression. Markov and Max were smiling as they whispered to each other the statistics of Adrien and Marinette's life. Lila's eyes were grimacing, but she was strangely smiling at the two. What a strange sight. And Alya.

She was frowning, the grinning, then thinking deeply, then beaming, then grinning again. Bit strange. But after all, they are teenagers. It seemed like the only the sane ones today were Adrien and Marinette, the latter of which was snuggled so comfortably into the former's arms that it seemed like she was made to be there. It was a beautiful sight; the likes of which Team Adrienette had been campaigning for a little over two years now. Glad to see all their efforts had paid off eventually.

As Caline Bustier gazed over her students struggling over writing an essay about any of Shakespeare's plays, her eyes kept being drawn to Lila. She was not writing, instead, she was scowling furiously at the front row, where Marinette sat leaning against Adrien's shoulder while they debated which play was the best. There were several sprawling mind maps covering the desk in front of them, each dotted with pink and green doodles of cats, and the occasional ladybug. Evidently, the couple fiercely admired the city's heroes. Caline couldn't shake the feeling that another Akuma with the power to sever relationships would appear very soon, despite Shadowmoth not releasing as many akumas as he used to.