"Here I am." I thought. "I'm stuck here." It wasn't always like this. I had friends, I had family, then my life took a turn when Xehanort showed up. It all started back at Yen Sid's camp. Me and Mickey were his apprentices, he said we were part of the "chosen keyblade wielders." It was fun at first, then it got competitive. We were aiming for the Mark of Mastery exam, and who would win. I never got to see that day. Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus were the two other teachers, the ones that Yen Sid trained with while he himself was a wielder. Yen Sid stepped down after what he calls "a strange and peculiar instance." He began focusing on other studies not having time to be the keyblade wielder his friends were. The keyblade war was over, and of course there were problems, but it was a task the keyblade was no longer needed for. Eraqus urged him to stay strong, while Xehanort figured it was less competition. Yen Sid longed to master the art of his magic instead, and abandoned his keyblade. He worked with the fairies and soon gained a higher position to where he could try and predict bad things before they happened. How was he our master? Simple, Eraqus and Xehanort already had their own and at the time we started, he was still a wielder. He didn't urge us to simply give up on the keyblade, he knew of it's importance.

One day Master Xehanort took me aside during one of his "Visits" and told me there were other ways of accomplishing power. At first I didn't believe him but later on I realized he was talking about the very thing we were fighting...the Darkness! I'm not sure why he is that way, but I knew I needed to investigate. Later on a big monster attacked the training grounds. It gritted it's teeth and sharp claws. It came out of the ground like a portal of blue mush. It was polluting the area like fire, fire that turned the land to darkness. Mickey and I fought best we could, but it just wasn't good enough. Mickey fell, and I knew I had to do something. I looked into those beady-eyes, seeing only corruption, I wasn't quite sure how, but I saw a link to Xehanort. Even he was not powerful enough to tame this monster, so how? I never knew...

I did what I thought was the only way, I put down my keyblade, and the monster opened a portal, a portal to a realm unseen yet by any other, it blew me in like a hurricane, Mickey got up and grasped for my hand but was too late, I was engulfed, taken by the Darkness. That's where I tell my story today. Many other civilians and creatures have made their way to this awful place, It's been referred to as "The Lost Zone" where people get in but never get out. Apparently that wasn't the only kind of monster that attacked, the other people were dragged in other ways. Some that I seek not to understand, for the horror gets to me. Not long after I came in, I found my keyblade, it landed in this goop and hardened, rotted, everytime I go to grasp it, it burns, like it's eating me away. I can no longer use it, I can no longer summon it, it is now a decoration. I defend myself and others with the skills I know, we aren't the only ones in here, the grey sky shoots out these random goopy enemies sometimes, like the one that sucked me in. We built shelters for that, there's no known way to keep them beat, but you can only prolong it by fighting them, electricity seems to work well in keeping them away long enough to escape, we have walls we built that relies on activation buttons to produce electricity so nobody can get in, but the problem is nobody can get out either without getting shocked, so we have to open them every once and a while, to find what supplies we can that's been sucked in.

This is my story...my name...is Oswald!