He almost didn't recognize her without her face paint, no longer Sirque but Celine, sitting there in a padded bulletproof container. She would have cuffs on but every time the guards put them on, she always found a way to slip them off, one of the perks of being a circus freak. Baymax ended up staying at the entrance; Incidents with robots have happened too many times for the guards to take a risk.

"Hey..." Hiro begins by saying.

"Big Hero." She wastes no time.

"You already know my identity?" He decided not to wear his suit, he thought she would be more cooperative without feeling antagonized, not to mention the ruckus that the rest of the prison would make. "I heard my project was stolen, how unoriginal. Only makes sense that the person after it would come to see me, no?"

"You're one to talk about stealing."

"All I took from that man was data, I took that data and made something new, he wouldn't miss it anyway." She could've gotten away with it too if she had just laid low. "Got me there but why even steal it in the first place?" Hiro asks.

She scowls. "I believe my grandfather's stuck in one of those ripples." Hiro leans back in his seat to take it all in, he knows exactly how she feels. "How? I mean they shut down the Silent Sparrow project before it even started running." The test could've made or broke the whole operation, could someone else have recreated it?

"He was in the war. Your Silent Sparrow was just a byproduct, it wasn't originally a teleporter, it was a weapon, used to swallow, a one way ticket." Hiro shutters at the thought. Even Callaghan would be crushed, knowing that his invention, that was intended to cut down on car accidents, was being manipulated as a tool of war beforehand. If the test was a success, there's no doubt that it would just be used to transport troops.

"How would you know that's what happened then? Was Krei having the tech just convenient? Or were you looking for it?" All these questions swirling in Hiro's head, he can barely keep up himself let alone her. He needs to calm down and move one step at a time or he could ruin the whole thing.

"It had nothing to do with Krei. I knew of its existence. They can't chase me from country to country, a teleporter just enables me to move even more freely." So, it was premeditated, maybe she was better off striking while the iron was hot after all. Every plot point she hit had a meaning, it was a mark on her growing map of items to collect, all in order from least to greatest. She pulls out a coin from her side and holds it where the camera won't see. "Thought they didn't let toys in here?" Hiro remarks. "I still have a few circus tricks." She quips right back.

"That's why you were at the museum." Hiro always wondered why she was ever there, nothing was ever reported stolen. Of course they wouldn't report something so small and trivial if they even noticed it gone in the first place. "I've always wanted a museum, one to call my own with treasures from my journeys but I was just taking back what was mine."

"It's double sided, only used in the war." She flips the coin to show two different languages. "I scanned it and found traces of electromagnetic radiation. It came from the other side."

"What makes you think he's even still alive? That was 80 years ago! That could've just been what's left."

"Time doesn't flow normally there, Hiro!" She's obviously researched this and maybe even tested it. "I tried to figure out a way that I could tie myself to this dimension and the next. A failsafe in case I got stuck. That's what the money was for, to fund my research." She never did carry a heavy bag, she only stole in small quantities. "I loved being in the spotlight. But I found out that I love being in the shadows just as much."

"Where did you hide it, Celine?"

"Where else but my grandfather's memorial. In Lyontreal."

"You knew you'd get caught."

"I knew it was a risk, the more I traveled, the more dangerous it became, I knew this. I wanted to reach the peak then simply disappear. I would've been fine too if I just didn't teleport in front of that stupid bus." It's a wonder how Yama figured that out.

"Now that I've answered your questions and justified my actions, are you going to try to bust me out of here?" Hiro gives a sour look but doesn't falter. "Didn't think so. We're like-minded, no? I won't ask you to look into it any further but I'm sure you can acknowledge that our motives are similar." She would've caused a huge explosion the last time if it wasn't for his help, he almost can't help but feel responsible for whatever happens, maybe that's just part of the black hole, it keeps sucking you back in.

Graduation. Something Hiro has never really cared about. The last time he graduated was from High School at age thirteen, he never really had any plans to do anything else after that, that is until his brother introduced him to SFiT, the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. His whole perspective changed after that and rather than graduating early, he stayed there as long as he could, his full four years.

'The school actually offered me a job. I don't think I could teach and there are already janitor robots so there's nothing I was really interested in. I promised I'd come back, even if it's just for a visit but a job...that's something I haven't thought too hard about. I don't even know that much about money since there was the school providing supplies, Krei providing a sponsorship and Fred providing funding. Besides, I don't know anything about money other than you take it out of the bank...then I catch the bad guy and put the money back.' He thinks.

'Gogo, Wasabi, and Honey each took jobs at Bragg Tech and Fred is...well Fred! I can't do any of that though, I feel like there's something that calls for me specifically, maybe even a job that doesn't exist yet. Is that a bit egotistical? "I want to see the world that you'll create." Those words flash back to Hiro, speeding up his heart rate and alarming Baymax. Hiro gives a gesture to signal that he's okay.

"I'm not giving up on you. You don't understand this yet but people need you."

'I know it was meant for Baymax but I can't help but feel like he was talking directly to me. He was always saying that I would do great things but he was the medic, not me. That's what he made Baymax for.' Hiro thinks. He has all the experience he needs, an internship at Krei Tech, incredible transcripts, scholarships, inventions, so many possibilities, yet none seems to fit his hero schedule. He got his license, taken apart cars, rebuilt them, upgraded them but he couldn't help but feel something was missing. There just hasn't been a need to drive, why stay grounded when you can get a bird's eye view and fly? It's faster and there's no traffic.

He steps up to the podium to give his speech.

"Good Morning. I actually gave a graduation speech once already but it wasn't for me, it was for my brother. I actually wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. I used to call this his 'nerd school', my brother was my whole world, nobody could take that from me...until they did. My brother always said that I could do something with my talent. So, let's start there." He walks to the other side of the stage.

"I wanted to leave something behind as a sort of thank you for being there for me when I needed somewhere to fit in."

"If there's one thing we can all relate to, it's being late to class. How many times have you gotten to school on time, got a parking spot but it's so far away that you don't get to class on time. Sure, there are some kids who make jetpacks but how heavy are those? Well, we found out that there's tons of metal underneath the school, so my solution was to fill in the blanks and use it for magnets." He pulls out a black shoe shaped slab.

"You slip them on your shoes, compatible with any by the way, then take off running. It's like you're floating on air!" He starts drifting away during his demonstration, before clumsily jogging back. "Now what if the momentum is too much and you can't slow down? No problem, you can just turn the magnet off." He presses a button on his student ID band, used for easy access into the buildings, an upgrade from the cards. Hiro's feet, once again, touch the ground. "This might not help us graduating seniors but it will help the people after us, our future." Fireworks emit from the floor, leaving their trails like comets in the sky, spinning every which way. Everyone gets up and gives a round of applause.

Hiro gets home and immediately strips his tie and blazer, he hates being constrained to something so tight and formal. Aunt Cass unlocks the door of the Lucky Cat Café for a night of celebration. Pastries are set up on displays. Small plastic but colorful cups litter the tables with pitchers next to then each containing a different type of drink. Everyone starts settling in.

The bell rings on the door but nobody seems to pay any mind. Baymax is the first to look. "Hey, Hiro." It's a girl's voice. Hiro turns his head and sees Abigail behind him. He hasn't seen her in quite some time, maybe even since her father's arrest. He keeps tabs on her in Base-Max's database but there's never been any need for alarm.

Hiro's face flushes red. "Oh, um hi!" He thinks about playing it off like he doesn't remember but he knows that won't fly. "So, what brings you here?" He says nervously.

"I heard you graduated. Congratulations." He notices that she's just as shy.

Honey and Go-Go stand there awkwardly watching, getting ready to jump in. Wasabi stops them, shaking his head.

"T-hank Y-ou." He's hesitant, eager to escape back to the garage and find something to tinker with, just to get his mind off everything in front of him. "Listen, I know we haven't really talked since the incident because, honestly, I think we both needed time to ourselves."

Hiro does a hard swallow. He wasn't really sure this day would ever come, he's always been the person to seek others, not the other way around. He's just not sure why she chose today of all days.

"Did you suffer any side effects from being in there all that time?"

"Hiro, I didn't even know I was in there. I woke up and there you were, I was being dragged away, I later find out that my dad is getting arrested and that I could've died. You have to realize that wasn't easy for me." She was already considered dead, coming back had to be complicated because she had to start over from scratch.

She does a deep exhale. "But it was probably harder on dad, thinking I was dead."

"I'm sorry, I wish there was another way, some way that would've kept everyone out of harm's way." Including Tadashi.

"I actually came here for another reason, to talk about getting my dad released."


"He'll still be on probation and I know he's considered dangerous, but in San Fransokyo? Who isn't anymore? They're willing to give him a commutation, that is if it had enough support behind it, meaning-"

"The people he affected. I get it. I really do but he killed Tadashi."

"I visit his grave Hiro."

"Stop using my name!" He bites back.

Everyone in the café stops pretending to look away and focuses their full attention to them.

"I might not have known him but I know how he played a part in getting me back and for that I'm grateful just as I'm grateful to you. I'll be able to have kids because of you. But you're also standing between me and my future kids getting to see their grandfather. So, I'm asking you...please!" If she had done this back then, he would've just told Baymax to escort her out but now...

"I need time...not from you, not to run, but to sleep on it." More like lay awake in bed thinking about it but same difference, right? Anything to step away from this situation before it gets out of hand.

She looks down with a smirk, grabbing her keys from her pocket. "I'm a pilot, you know." He knows. "I want you to know that I'm on your side, I wouldn't try to do anything to upset you." She pulls a card out of her tan colored hand bag. "I might be overstepping my boundaries here but if you want to talk..." She hands it to Hiro. The card has her name, work and personal number as well as address. Mercalli Flight Association. "We'd even be interested if you considered joining us." Another potential job opportunity. Abigail opens the door, humbly stating "Sorry for the intrusion." before finally and properly leaving.

Hiro turns around and glances over everybody. They're all visibly shaken, especially Cass, she's about to burst into tears. "Aunt Cass!" Hiro runs to clutch her, a race before the tears fall. "I can't. I can't deal with this. Guys, thank you for coming but-" Cass starts to say in a whimpering tone. "Cass, wait, we can still-" Hiro knows the mood is ruined but he's willing to pretend to hold it up for Cass's sake. "You too, Hiro. I just-I need time to be alone right now." He's shocked at her request.

A hand touches Hiro's shoulder, snapping him out of it. "Honey." He says with surprise. "The best thing for her right now is to let her sort her feelings." She whispers. Hiro watches Cass retreat upstairs. He decides to take Honey's word for it, she's a girl so she must understand, or at least that's what he wants to think. "Baymax! If there's anything..." He's not sure how to finish that sentence but luckily Baymax understands. "I will watch over Aunt Cass." The rest of the team heads outside, no goal or destination set in mind, just walking until they feel satisfied.

Hiro has shut her out before but she's never shut him out. It's probably a mixture of Hiro growing up, her only family, leaving the nest, and bringing up Tadashi again, maybe it's affected her more than he realized and she just doesn't show it. Exactly what Hiro did to her. Maybe she put up that front for Hiro's sake, it's been 4 years after all, time heals but there's always something left behind and if she's been bottling it up then this was bound to happen sooner or later.

"That's a lot to take in, Hiro but in my opinion you handled it very well." Wasabi compliments. Everyone agrees. "Thanks, I don't think I would've been so nice a few years ago though." He looks up at the stars.

"You know, I've kind of just been living my way and Cass has been following but I don't actually know what she wants." Hiro says. He feels comfortable just saying what's on his mind around his friends, no matter how weird of an idea, he doesn't have to hold back.