(the main ship in this story will be naruhina but later on will cpontain moments of harem and mature moments with other naruto ships with naruto and specified naruto girls which in the end hinata is okay with making it consensional.)

Summary: naruto the heir to the throne is a half-vampire 17 year old he can have as many wives as he wants however only one of however many gets the majority of his love he has fallen for tenten,ino, Hinata, sakura and even his grandma, Tsunade, his friend, Karin he loves all of them and he wants to have a chance with them all, have time to mate with them, Tsunade isn't actually his grandma she takes care of him though.

Naruto is half-vampire yet he's still immortal he can't age, he can, however, reproduce as much as he like without the risk of getting anything that will disturb his reproductive organs, the story starts when he's 15 (he stops aging at 17) and he falls in love with three main girls at the start and everyone else later

Hinata is part of a royal bloodline of noble vampires which is one reason why nruto fell for her so fast, he didnt really care until she whispered in his ear that she really liked him which overall made him smirk at her he knew hiashi Hinata's father knew naruto because he had an alliance with Minato that one day when they both are of age (16) they would mate less they figure out they like each other earlier on.

Warning: this story will contain mature content such as harem, sex, gore, violence, gang bang, multi haram, multi wife, etc. if you are uncomfortable with any of these then id advise you do not read the story .)