Hey yall this is the first real arc in the story (actually the other was a pre-conflict arc ) now it's a long road home arc

The name of this is Naruto's wet dream bc it solely revolves around naruto's dream Yami gave him so without further ado


Welcome everyone the following is not intended for young audiences so please be advised

Also, this is the wet dream I gave to naruto so there will be a lot of sex and one huge lemon but the thing is they don't do it outside of the dream well they do but I'm not writing it in this chapter -.- anyway I'll start

Naruto was in the hidden leaf forest sitting on the tree scouting for Hinata he waited for this day for ages, the day he'd finally breed with her (Btw they both are 16 at this moment so yea again be advised ) the day he'd finally pound the life out of her and then some

(Meanwhile outside the dream)

Naruto was hugging tightly to Hinata moaning. Her name not even noticing how hard he was getting Hinata felt it though she felt the hardness press against her "lips" she moaned softly and ignored it.

(Back in the dream)

He saw Hinata and jumped down to get behind her, he spooked her a little by whispering in his ear "I'm so glad your here babygirl~ " she turned around to be greeted with a kiss full of passion, slobber, and saliva Hinata could sense he wanted it now and honestly, she did too, "Naruto-Kun are u ready for it right now? You know there's no turning back unless I would approve of any other girls you breed with like the ones you mentioned last week or any new ones coming up excluding shion…"

She said "yes of course hina-chan," he said looking into her eyes and completely putting his hands over her clothes "well then may I?" He asked hinting to take her clothes off, he couldn't wait any longer he wanted nothing more than to push her against the tree and breed her all day long and all night long "I swear I won't touch shion after this unless it's a hug that's all I promise km sure toneri wouldn't mind hanging out with her?" He said he knew she trusted him but he wanted her approval.

"Yes you may and after let me undress you slowly," she said smirking. "BuT of course and Hinata you know we also have to bite each other to give each other a mating mark to show I'm your first mate and for u unless u approve of any other girl it's permanent and if u approve of any other girl for me to knock up if I must say, it is remained unharmed bc I mated to you first before anyone else-" he was interrupted by Hinata "just get on with it we discussed it like 40 times already please I want this Naruto-Kun I waited like 10 years. I want it now …"

she said hugging him and starting to unzip his jacket revealing a fishnet shirt made of mesh that outlined his muscles and complexion that showed off the radiance and the complexity of his Abs. Hinata just about drooled over the sight of it making naruto blush and he did the same to his surprise she wasn't wearing a bra so her boobs were sticking out of her mesh fishnet shirt he drooled overseeing her nipples.

He stood there he lifted her shirt and pushed her against the tree which was sturdy enough for his level of strength, massaging and starting to suck on her neck as he unzipped her jacket all the way letting it slip off, then pulling up her mesh shirt he let her take it off for him, he instantly started sucking on her nipple making her moan out his name "heh you like this don't you kinky girl"

"Oh naruto-kun~l I- I want to touch your abs ~," she said and he understood her request he took his shirt off and she was drooling over how sexy he looked and how his abs defined his figure. "Heh if u like this you'll like what's waiting for you down here~," he said hinting to his crotch which was already poking out, was he that hard already Hinata thought.

He looked at her innocent face "oh don't give me that look you've wanted to touch it forever haven't you?" He said unzipping his pants and letting them sit at his feet then he grabbed his cock out of his boxers and put her hand on it and started making her rub it up and down at a decently fast pace then when she was alright she kept going and man did it feel good for her to be touching him like that "Hinata-channnn damnit" he had it in for her bc the next thing he did surprise her, on a nearby bench he looked at her first

" Hinata I want to do something and I know you'll be ok with it but stop moving ur hand for a minute~ and listen "Hinata, I want to breed with you but here's the thing, can I have you lay down on the bench and I have a shadow clone for you to suck on his cock, or would you prefer for me to try a different approach, like regular kissing and biting of course and I have 1 or 2 clones gathering nature energy to mess you up he said smirking wildly.

"I like the second option better but later I can suck on a clone's cock if u still want to, but please start now," she said moaning. He looked at her "as you wish" he said and he made 2 clones "he took his boxers off completely revealing his huge cock (11 inches within reason) Hinata gasped at the size but ignored it naruto looked at her and he before he even started he bit her arousing him more from the taste of her blood "damnit you taste so good" he said and then a small but visible fox with an Uzumaki emblem in its mouth mark appeared on Hinata's neck near her shoulder marking her as his.

"Now Hinata your mine don't go walking to some other guy any day u hear I'm yours and your mine you'll always be first regardless of how many wives I have," he said kissing her profoundly and sliding his cock inside finding it difficult due to her still being a virgin he looked at her and whispered "this'll only hurt for a moment and at that moment I need to be perfectly still don't bother me for a few minutes. "O-okay," Hinata said and he pulled back and slammed inside only then to stay still bc of the pain she'd feel after losing her virginity to him he kissed her so she wouldn't cry so loud, and yet he still stayed long enough to gather nature energy and her to feel alright

"Y-you can move now," she said not noticing he was in sage mode already "hina-chan this is gonna get rough u might wanna hold on tight sage chakra isn't like normal chakra it's immense which might please you more I know this, and this is why I am doing this don't make me have to tie you down for u to stay still~," he said and he started moving slowly picking up the pace.

(Outside the dream)

It was daylight already so naruto was about to wake up but he didn't want the amazing dream to end but Hinata was up and already stopped the flow of time she wanted the real thing because she was watching his ream and now she was wet

"Don't worry I'll give you more in a few days lest you do it for real …" dark naruto said smirking

But I want to keep dreaming ? " naruto said

Don't you want to feel that though and taste her blood I sure do? he said moaning himself

Alright that's all for this chapter I will continue this dream chapter later but for now, this is all

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