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The first thing Lieutenant Katherine 'O'Connor realized was her cheek was lying on something blissfully cool. It was an immense relief in comparison to the fire burning its way through her left eye. In her attempt to blink, Katie found her eyes refusing to open. She was vaguely aware she was completely horizontal, but it was more of a passing thought. Her body felt numb and weighed down. Like maybe she woke up in the middle of a great night of sleep.

Sleep, that sounded nice, Katie thought. Just go back to sleep for a quick hour. She felt herself slipping back into the darkness. Just a small nap…

The next time Katie came to, she felt herself being rolled over. She felt her cheek being gently removed from its ice-pack of a surface. The burning in her left eye intensified. Katie thought she heard her name, but whatever or whoever said it sounded too far away. There was a sharp bite at her neck before the voice (and everything else surrounding her) came back to her with alarming focus. She heard the red alert alarm, the ship's computerized diagnostics, and the lights flashing behind her eyelids. Obviously, something had happened, but for the life of her, she couldn't summon her memories.

"Lieutenant, I need you to open your eye for me. I need to see you with us." The voice seemed rather urgent, and angry and…southern. "Come on, Lieutenant." There was a pause. "Katie, let me see that eye."

Eye. Singular. Why was the voice only want her to open one of her eyes? To show the voice she could not only one eye, but both, Katie slowly opened her eyes. Or at least she thought she did. She decided "open" was a loose interpretation. She felt like she was squinting and the world was out of focus. She blinked, but got nowhere in clearing her vision.

"Damnit Katie, when I said 'I'll be seein' you,' this isn't what I meant." Katie recognized the voice, but her mind felt frazzled and misplaced. She knew it was definitely a 'him,' but outside that, information would not connect. Her hand lifted instinctively to rub her eyes clear, but two callous hands held her's. "Easy. I need to see what I'm working with," the voice was gentle, but his hold on her hand said otherwise. She could almost feel the adrenaline in them.

Lost in her thoughts, Katie was not ready for the bright light that hit her eye. She heard herself yelp before she felt beads of sweat breakout on her forehead and the familiar sensation of nausea that usually lead to the inevitable.

"Oh no. Help me roll her." Whoever it was clearly recognized the signs. "Careful of her shoulder." Several hands gently pushed her to her side, which only intensified her queasiness. What was wrong with her shoulder? Katie tried to breathe through and swallow the feeling, but the pain made it impossible. Along with her stomach, her brain also chose to start throwing out memories. The past few hours came rushing back in a monsoon that left her gasping.

"McCoy," she rasped as she was rolled back over, "McCoy, it isn't whatever they think it is…was." Katie thought what she said made sense, but an uncomfortable silence followed. "McCoy! You have to get Kirk to help!" Katie attempted to sit up in her urgency, but every pain made itself known. "Lenard, please, something is not right!" A tear welled in her good eye.

"Katie, relax. Let's take care of you first. You're not in the best of shape," McCoy said, holding her shoulders. She felt another sting in her neck and she quickly began to lose whatever fight she had. McCoy began speaking to whoever else was with him, but his words were slowly fading again. She had so much to tell him, Kirk, and anyone who would listen, and yet, those thoughts slipped to the back of her mind. Sleep welcomed her back with open arms. She only hoped whatever she thought was important before would still be there when she woke up.

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