Lily Potter was an interdimensional being, who had herself be born in the Evans family. She fell in love/lust with James Potter. After being pregnant with Harry, she realized she might die in this universe. So she makes many plans. After Harry is born, she is upset to learn she could not leave this universe. This led to more plans. Harry was part of her, throughout. James was her captor. She planned on All Hollows Eve, when the universes were almost in each others laps to save Harry and hopefully herself. It was not till that week, after everything was done, that she realised she was pregnant again.

With twin girls, she used her power to move the fetuses into two women she knew, that wanted a girl child. They would both feel connected to each other and Harry and her, if they were still in this universe. In a universe no where near what Lily came from, a scientist was extremely insane and mad with revenge and power. He planned on opening a portal to escape with his toys and invention, then destroying the entire planet. In the next universe over, the same mad scientist planned on killing everyone, when they invaded his hideout, but wanted his genius to survive.

Now in another universe, where mutants were born, instead of magicals, a very young girl was trying to escape the evil ones coming to take her away. Lily's ritual works perfectly. Alice Longbottom and Molly Weasley each become pregnant with a girl. Alice was told that after Frank was cursed, it would almost be impossible. Lily talked them into trying the muggle invitros, it failed, but Lily's girl succeeded into the womb. Because of the Curse on the Weasley family, no girl could be born from Arthur's loins. But the womb accepted the second girl.

The first scientist opened the portal, just as Lily did, the second scientist set off the mega death fusion, but he sent his notes through a portal in the way of a mental touch Pokeball, that would transfer to the closest young male. The girl saw three portals, one closed instantly, after a red and white looking ball flew through it, into a different looking portal. The second same looking portal, sent through a box, so she ran into the third, carrying the box. Lily was on the part of Harry going, when the door blasted inward. She was thrown toward the portal that ejected a girl that looked almost Harry's age, carrying a box. The portal closed,but the energy spewed out into Voldemort. Just as he entered, AKing Harry in the crib, as Harry was hit with a strange looking ball.

The girl was scared, but stayed still, as she had sensed more evil. Lily knew her body was dying, she looked the girl in her eyes, named X-23, and did something she would not normally do. She imprinted her mind on the half feral girl. As with the rest of the night, only half of everything was completed. Lily and X-23 joined into one being, as they were from similar universes. X wanted to survive and be loved. Lily wanted her Harry to survive and be loved. The magic in the room fused them into the young child. Her claws opened Lily's womb and deaged her to an infant. Lilly as she now thought of herself, shrank the box, knowing it was important and put it in her female part.

Lily had not seen the strange ball hit Harry in the head. X knew it came in here, so Lilly tried to Accio it. Harry flew to her and both were knocked out. As in most of the Potter Boy-Who-Lived Universes, things happened here. Alice was in the hospital, when they found out she was six months pregnant. So assumed it was Franks. Molly was throwing up, it took Bill forcing her to a mediwitch to find out she was pregnant with a girl, finally.

Petunia wanted the girl, but Vernon did not want the boy. So they both ended in the spare room together. It was barely furnished, they were barely clothed, and Lilly was ready to kill them; as she heard them discuss the payments from the Royal government and the Goblin bank. Harry had not woken up after three days, Lilly put her magic into him and renneverated him. This was a major mistake, as the ball activated as the body of Lilly was not a normal human. The Pokeball, like everything else, only worked half way. Harry had the ability to bind any female to him and when both were past puberty, he would be able to satisfy all his bond girls. The knowledge was that he had a maximum, depending on his 'level' (power).

Harry is loved. His biggest problem is the knowledge of science he has that has interacted with his magic and mutant genes. Lilly X as she thinks of herself after the first year, is in a bind. Her Harry is not getting enough food. She decides to use her magic to force them to at least take care of them both. This sets off the wards that detected the 'accidental magic'. Dumbledore's problem is he cannot find out what happened. They seemed to be fitting in. Harry and his little sister, and the Dursleys. He gets Vernons dislike of Harry, which makes him happy and Petunia making the girl her priority, so ignoring Harry. Again he was happy. He decided to check out the area for other magicals.

Lilly now knows to use her mental power, instead of her magical power. This led to her imprinting magic, science, and mental powers into Harry, while he imprinted the different science into her. She was his, so she thought about the box and how to make more balls for him. She knew it would be years before she got her Harry, but she somehow knew that he must have seven girls at least. So a harem or coven. She thought about maybe pulling some others into this universe from X-23's universe. She had been trained to fight many mutants, so understood their powers.

Lilly understood the Pokeballs control system now, thanks to the mind bonding with Harry and how Harry would learn to bind them to himself. It took till Harry was at kindergarten, before she had time to open the box and figure out that it was from another parallel Pokegirl universe. But this one had the mad scientist create balls to make non Pokegirls into Pokegirl slaves as well as capture Pokegirls. She was extremely happy with the thirty one balls. Each had different emblems on them. Three of each of the following: fire, psychic, ice, earth, and air. Two each of ghost, intelligence, and control. Seven were for so called, regular singletons, meaning the girls would be maids, cooks, bookkeepers, etc. Two of those were special sexual healing balls. These girls would be Futa types and keep the Pokegirls from going feral. The last was gold and what the papers said was for his alpha female queen.

She asked Harry to use it on her, as they were bound, already, it should not affect her much, but give her power over the others. Unbeknownst to them, it gave her the ability to create the girls into Pokemon breeders. She could make any balled girl breed that type of Pokegirl. The extra parts were there to create another ball maker, in case the universe he went to, did not have the technology to create them. She had Harry carefully read everything, as he had parts of his mind that resonated with the boxed creator.

Harry was still a bit shocked from all the downloads. He was so very happy to have Lilly as his Queen. It would simplify things. He then noticed that is the notes, there was a hidden message. The two Futa balls could change men into them. It also said that after using the Queen ball, he needed to have sex with her. This was so the Futa balls would never work on him. She was so scared that someone could use them on him, that she swallowed them both. She calculated it would be a month, before they would come out. So a couple of days hurting to save her Harry, no problem. Being X-23's body, a bit changed, made the pain barrable.

One weekend, while the Dursleys were at Marges. They slipped away to Gringotts. The illusion of adults was easy to do and get them to the wall. Then her tapping and pushing her magic, the bricks shifted. Harry was excited, even though he talked like an adult, and thought of as a genius, he was still young. The alley was intriguing to him. The Goblins were strange, but Lilly talked them into getting the Black and Potter account managers. The talks about Sirius being innocent and that much of Lily's mind had joined the feral girl. Was enough to get the Chieftain of Britain into the discussion.

Because of the talks, Lilly remembered the other accounts of hers in the world. She had a Switzerland account with the Gnomes of Zurich. She had three normal accounts, one in Britain, one in America, and one in Japan. They each had stocks and were set up as trusts till Harry was eighteen. In the US, she had one account with the Fey of North America. And one in South America with the Incas. She could get funds from the Gnomes, Fey, and Incas, with the magical password and vow that Harry was her son.

Now not many know that the other races protect their females much better than the males. This is because the males usually fought for dominance. The Fey were matriarchal. The gnomes and Goblins put more into banking, while the clans no longer fought. Individuals would fight for mates, accounts, and honour. So fewer males, so in the banking area, some females would work, but usually it is the healing and administration area they were prevalent.

Learning that she could make instruments that would turn the loser of a duel into a female submissive breeder, intrigued the Goblins like no tomorrow. Finding out that the Dursleys were not using the care funds on the two of them, caused a major uproar. They got the Potter Will read, as Harry was the next head of House Potter. It stated that Peter would get ten thousand in gold, if it was not due to them dying while in the fidelius. That Mooney was to get ten thousand and James clothes. That Sirius was to be able to use the Potter trust account to take care of Harry and Lily's girls.

This made things go into a bit of a nose dive. She had to take a vow that she gave the girls to others to raise, by using a blood ritual, so they would be the mother and father of the one birthing them. She was told that it would still show James and Lily as parents by blood and the new parents by blood adoption. Lilly had to tell the Goblins that she used a ritual to make both girls into the genetic parents child. The only thing would be a more reddish auburn hair like she had. This was because they were in her at the time. The Goblins grumbled, but took a wait and see approach.

Lilly had money sent to the Goblins from the Gnomes to the Weasley account. One hundred in gold, each month. The Goblins caused Vernon to have an accident. This gave Petunia a hundred thousand quid. Lilly then used a ball on her to be a maid. This mistake caused her to have to brew and buy aging potions for Harry. The reason being for Petunia to started to go feral. So Harry satisfied Petunia and her. She got her Harry, as she aged herself also.

Marge was unhappy and came over to bully them into helping her. Lilly used the normal ball while thinking kennel mistress. She was not very happy with her Harry having to take care of her once a month. Petunia took care of Dudley, he was more healthy as she was strict with him, now that she was a Pokegirl under Harry and Lilly's control.

Time passed, Lily had a thought and created an aging ball that would make someone age till a year after puberty. It was a one shot, just like the Goblin balls, she created. She knew she would hit puberty at age ten, because the body was a Queen Pokegirl. It would have been different if she had not had her Harry use the Queen ball on her. There was a family half a block down, that the males were mean, and the two females sub servant.

Lilly talked with her Harry about what would happen when he went to Hogwarts by himself. She wanted to make two futa balls for the mean men. They could take care of Marge and Petunia. She was lucky the Queen ball had made her only need her Harry, once every six months. But she wanted him, daily. She would make the mother a housekeeper and the older slutty daughter into a prime sex girl.

She would make sure the girl was not a virgin, as they were using rumours about her being slutty. If true she would keep others from snooping into both families as needed. Harry was too young in his soul to see this was wrong, as the scientists mental thoughts had made him a somewhat misogynist. If not for the ritual love spell that bound her body, souls and mind to Harry and him knowing she loved him, beyond anything, he would have turned evil, similar to the way Death Eaters thought.