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The past becomes the present

It was a humid afternoon, clouds in the sky but the sun shined brightly. A powerful man, held by shackles as he walked down the Main Street of his hometown. 'Ah, it's a nice day today, isn't it.' Today was the day he would die, he however didn't care. Ever since his choice to become a pirate he expected he would die, what better way than to go out by his own terms. 'These two fine men in front of me, I wonder if they really think these shackles can hold me, I could break out whenever.' He took a look around, seeing the people in the crowd staring with a mixture of awe and fear. He smiled at a young boy with white hair before searching the crowd for his students. Buggy and shanks, he knew they would make it big one day. He turned back, a large smile as he walked towards his death.

'Wealth… Fame… Power. I've obtained it all, anything I've ever wanted, I have now. I really have obtained everything this world has to offer, I've lived a good life.' As he made it to the steps he spoke aloud. "Inherited will… the tide of the times… People's dreams… As long as people seek the answer of freedom, these things will never cease to be. For those that follow my path, surpass me, and show this world that Gol D. Roger never left." He reached the top of the steps looking at the two guards. Sweat dripped from their faces showing their fear, or maybe it was just hot.

"Do you have any last words?" One of the guards asked.

Roger glanced at him. "Take this off for me. It's itchy beyond belief."

"I can't do that!" The executioner replied.

"Do you think I would run away?" Roger walked past him. "You sure know how to make a guy feel lonely." He took a seat in criss-cross fashion. "All right, let's get this over with quickly."

That's when a man in a blue vest took a chance. "Hey, Pirate King!" Roger looked up. "Where did you hide all the treasure you found?! Is it in the grand line? You got it, didn't you?! That legendary treasure! The one piece!"

'Is that what they want? Well, let's see what happens.' Roger's smile grew wider. "My treasure? If you want it, you can have it! Find it! I left everything this world has to offer there!" His glare grew intense, the crowd watched on. "My fortune is yours for the taking, but you'll have to find it first. I left everything I own in One Piece!"

At that moment the guards executed him. The crowd went silent for a moment before they all erupted in cheers. 'These words drew men to the grand line in pursuit of dreams they never dared to imagine. This was the beginning of the great pirate era.'

About 18-20 years later.

That was the start of the great pirate era, or at least it was supposed to be. Gol D. Roger, The King of the Pirates was currently bored out of his mind. Ever since that young man Smoker has taken over, no one ever came to see him. For the first 10 years he was a global attraction, pirates from across the world came to see the place he was executed. Now though, Smoker has taken over and he was just stuck observing the island with his Haki in hopes of something interesting happening.

For the first few years he wondered why his spirit remained in this world but as time went on he just decided to accept it. Though boring, there was a sense of value in watching over his hometown, even if it was as a ghost.

One day an interesting man appeared on the island. Dressed in all black, with braided hair and dark skin. A young man that was in the process of turning down a recruitment from the marines. He had the fire of a pirate, which was proven when he chose to fight one of the up and coming officers. Though there wasn't much power in this young man, Roger noticed something. The arm guards he used were similar to the one other girl on his crew other than Toki. That young man was being trained by Kosami. Roger knew for a fact he would be back and show off something more interesting for this town.

Not even two years later and Roger was shaking in anticipation. A large smile appeared on his face, finally the man had returned. They were just scouring the island at first but then a young boy was captured by his student Buggy and the man he was waiting for finally made it to the platform.

To Roger the execution of the pirate was nothing. He didn't care for the boy, he's seen a lot of executions since his death. A shame he had to die so young, however right as Buggy was going to execute him. The young man smiled, Roger finally realized that Joyboy had come. Roger placed his hand on the boy's back. "This will be my successor." He said aloud.

As he looked over the crowd, he made eye contact with that young man he saw only two years ago. That's when he realized, "he can see me…"

A couple hours prior.

"WOOHOOOO! This is gonna be so fun." Shouted a certain straw hatted teen.

(If you recognize this, it's because you're an og who read my original story, we're taking inspiration from that.)

I yawned. "Damn it Luffy, keep it down a bit, some of us just woke up you know. Please don't spend too much time doing random shit."

"You're the one that chose to go to sleep, it's not like you need it." Luffy said, bringing up a great point. "Besides, I'm gonna get to see the place where Gold Roger died."

We were on our way to the grand line but unlike me, Luffy has a death wish. He wanted to see the place where gold Roger died so we stopped by loguetown. I tried to warn them about how powerful Smoker actually is, a level 300 isn't something we can handle. Though I should've realized that Luffy wouldn't care.

Before we even made much headway on Loguetown, Luffy was already screaming his head off. We tried to explain the plans for today but unfortunately no one was listening.

"Hey, Kuragari." I called out.

"What do you need, Jay?" Kuragari asked.

"Here take some of this money, at the end of the day what's mine is yours. Make sure you get some more clothes and maybe buy some food for Luffy, also maybe try to get a sword if you feel like it."

"Thanks Jay! I was a bit apprehensive about using the crew's money for my needs. If you need me, just talk to me over the link. I'll head over to wherever you're at right away." She turned around and walked away to shop.

Knowing her she wouldn't be back for a couple hours. As I turned back around, Luffy was leaving us, likely off to find the execution platform. "Yahoo!" Luffy yelled out. Yea definitely looking for the platform. I'm sure he won't find it for a while but he'll get there eventually.

"So what will you guys do?" I asked the others.

"I'll go shopping with Kura, I need some new clothes. Also shopping is just fun." Nami answered.

"I need a new sword after Mihawk shattered the other one. I'll go to a weapons shop, I'm happy I got a cut of the crew's money. If I asked Nami, she likely would've tried charging interest." Zoro replied.

"Kaya and I are going on our first date, she suggested getting some food." Usopp told me.

"I'm gonna go find some food for the captain." Sanji called out as he walked off.

After everyone had their destinations, the crew split up. "Alright so what's the plan?" I said aloud before going off on my own.

Back with Kuragari.

"Damn, I don't know what kind of clothes to buy. All these clothes aren't optimized for quick movements in combat. I usually only shop for food, I don't know what suits me or what's weird." Kuragari sighed.

(I said this in the original and I'll say it here. This might come as a surprise but I'm not a girl so anything I say here might be wrong, I don't know a girl's thoughts, I have enough trouble figuring out my own.)

"Hey Kura, you need some help?" Kura turned around, seeing Nami slightly giggling at the situation.

"Yea, please help me. Jay gave me money for clothes but I haven't bought myself clothes in my entire life. Could you tell me what looks nice? Also I have to be able to fight in it." Kura told her as she continued to look around the store.

"Well everything at this shop is a little expensive. It'd be a waste to buy clothes here." Nami replied.

Kuragari looked over at Nami. "You're seriously talking about how 'expensive' the clothes are when we have as much money as we do. We don't have anything to spend it on, so we might as well spend it all here, or at least spend some. Honestly Nami, you're more stingy with money than Jay, and he once went a month without eating just because he didn't want to spend money."

"Well maybe because Jay actually knows the value of money." Nami said almost pridefully.

Kura smirked. "If you like him so much why don't you just fuck him. Kozuka knows he could use some."

Nami seemed deeply offended. "With an asshole like him? Hell no, what's with you two anyway." Her voice softened. "Y'all seem really close but aren't dating, you never told me how you two even met."

"Well when I first met Jay, he was still a bounty hunter. He happened to stop by my island and he took care of the pirate terrorizing it. He let him go, saying that he wasn't evil, only misguided." Kura explained. "Now that I think about it, Luffy was right to stop Jay back at Cocoyashi. We were losing the man he actually was. I was in a bad state of mind, corrupted by my devil fruit, he brought me back. Now I have the chance to find my friends, and that's what I'll do."

Nami smiled. "Seems like you do have a thing for him, you just know it yet. How much money are you working with here?"

"I really don't have any feelings for him but ok." Kuragari sighed. "Since Jay and I don't need to eat, we usually spend money on everything else. When you think about it, we don't need weapons if we keep ours in good condition and we don't need clothes if we have enough. He likely sent me here to get as much clothes as possible, in light of that, he gave me 5 million. Is that enough?"

Nami smiled, though it was the smile that meant she didn't fully listen to the explanation. "Right, 5 million, that should be sufficient. So what kind of colors do you like?"

"Black, Yellow, White, and grey." Kura replied.

Nami sighed. "Of course, I should've guessed."

Now on to a lost Zoro.

"So remind me again why you have to come with me." Zoro ordered irritably.

"I want to see the weapons shop. Is that such a bad thing? A loser like you should really know his place." Keres replied.

"Last I checked, you won't use anything other than that chained glaive on your waist. Also I lost to your father not you."

(A normal glaive is two blades connected by a staff of sorts, a chained glaive is two blades connected by a chain… at least that's how I see it.)

"So what, I still want to see other kinds of weapons, and you lost to my father so what chance do you have against me?" She said, mockingly.

"You wanna go, weakling!" Zoro shouted.

"Anytime, loser!" Keres yelled.

At that moment they walked by a crowd. "Seems like that monster ain't with you today!"

"It's all because of you that our boss is in prison!"

In the middle of a group of people were two men harassing a young woman.

"If you still haven't learned your lesson, I shall gladly be your opponent." The girl replied.

"Did I hear that correctly?! A little miss like you is going to be our opponent?!" One babbled on.

"Well, why not!" The other continued.

"When you die, tell that monster friend of yours," The first started.

"That our dream of going to the grand line was broken all because of him!" The other finished. The two dashed in, keres knew the girl could take them but she wanted a fight and these two were gonna help her.

Within moments the two were on the floor. Tashigi slipped falling to the floor, her glasses going with them. The crowd cheered and laughed. "Those two girls sure are strong."

Zoro walked up to her and handed her the glasses. "These are what you're looking for right?"

"S… sorry for troubling you. Th… thank you very much." The girl blushed from the embarrassment.

Zoro froze up. He knew this girl, she was there in shellstown. He quickly grabbed Keres by her hand and ran off before Tashigi fully put her glasses on. After they got a safe distance Keres pulled away.

"What the hell! Why did you do that?!" Keres yelled.

"That girl, she's a marine. Not only that she knows me, we met her a while back." Zoro told her before rambling off topic. "It's crazy how much she looks like her, I still can't get over that."

Keres showed a look of interest. "Looks like who?"

"A childhood friend of mine, now come on, it's not like we'll see her again." Zoro walked into a weapons shop. "Excuse me, I'd like to purchase a sword."

The man behind the counter grinned. "Yes, yes, yes, yes. Come right in, sir. Please feel free to look around as much as you want. We've got antique swords, new swords, and the latest swords in fashion. After all this is a well established store that has been in business for over 200 years!"

Zoro dropped the bag onto the desk. "I've got 5,000,000 beli. Sell me a good sword."

"Yes of course. Now these are our best collection."

As Zoro looked through the swords Keres walked around the store touching random things for no reason at all. "I kind of want a sword, just one. I mean for fights where I don't want to go all out. Or maybe we just get an extra one just in case. You never know when it'll be needed. What do you think, loser?"

Zoro nodded. "Hmm, maybe. Old man what's the strongest sword you got in here, for the weakling over here."

The man retreated into the back and later came out with a black lacquered long sword. "This is yubashiri, the best sword this shop has. I'll sell it for 2 million."

Zoro gave the man the money and tossed the blade to Keres. "Alright I need one more for myself."

At that moment the man noticed the blade on Zoro's waist. "Young man, can I see that blade?" He asked, pointing at Wado.

Zoro tossed it to him. The man fumbled around to catch the sword. Just as he was about to examine the sword a girl rushed up to him. "Ahhhhh! This sword! Could it be?!" She took off her glasses and examined the blade closer. "This is Wado Ichimonji, Right?! I swear I've seen this blade before. I just can't remember where."

Keres walked up to her. "You know about swords?" She asked.

Tashigi brought out a book and started flipping through it. "Yea, this blade happens to be one of the 21 great grade swords! It's famous! It's worth more than a million beli…" She then spotted the blade is Keres hands as well as the chain glaive on her waist. "And these. The Yubashiri is a skillful grade blade worth more than a million. Finally the chain glaives on your waist, the Shinku noken. It's a supreme grade blade easily worth a hundred million. It was crafted and wielded by Dracule Suka, the wife of Mihawk. She retired as a pirate recently. Why do you have it?"

Keres laughed nervously. "Yea I wonder, I must've found it somewhere. Yeah I found it when I went swimming one day, that Suka woman must've dropped it."

Unluckily for Zoro, Tashigi had seen the other blade on his waist. A black blade with a flame design, named the Lunaria. "That's another supreme grade sword, there's only 12 of them in the world and you guys have two." Tashigi said in disbelief. "Who are you guys?"

The shopkeeper was getting tired of all the noise. "You came for shigure right!" He tossed it to her. "Hurry and leave you're being loud."

Tashigi caught the blade but clumsily fell into a barrel knocking the swords on the ground. As she was fixing them she came across another blade. "This is sandai kitetsu." This led to Zoro's test of luck and his eventual buying of the sword.

As he left the shop, Keres finally praised him. "You are the bravest dumbass I know, first challenging the strongest swordsman and now this."

Tashigi stared in awe. "The strongest swordsman? But that's Hawkeye Mihawk, that means, she must be… wait that green hair, and three swords. Roronoa…" Tashigi stood up and rushed after them.

First date

"Come on Usopp, let's go!" Kaya shouted as she dragged him away.

"You haven't told me where we're going." Usopp complained.

"Let's go shopping, I've always wanted to try doing that." She ran into the nearest store, one that caught Usopp's attention.

Gadgets lined the walls and behind the glass that headed the store was a huge sign saying new. Usopp walked over. "Um, what are these?"

"These? They're the new transponder snails, called cell phones created by vegapunk." The man told them. "They even double as video snails, would you like one? 1 million each, a bit pricey." Usopp bought two, one for him and one for Kaya.

"Is there anything that we might need that would suit the grandline?" Kaya asked.

"Hmm, if that's the case you'll need a log post. Why do you want to go? I can't imagine that you two kids are pirates, and if you are, keep clear of Smoker. He's cleaning up the streets around here. Ruining my business if you ask me." When the store owner was finished ranting Kaya bought a log post and dragged Usopp off to their next destination.

Usopp gave in. "So where are we going next?"

"Let's get something to eat!" Kaya beamed.

Kaya had changed a lot from the young girl he once knew. She was already braver than him and had picked up on the training the others gave her pretty easily. She was confident and sometimes selfish with enough pride in herself to tell others like Zoro what to do without fear. She was no longer Kaya. She had become someone that he sometimes wondered if he was worthy of, the quiet girl in the village who he cheered up had become someone who didn't really need him.

Usopp stopped causing Kaya to look back at him. "What's wrong?" She asked.

"Is this really going to work?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You and I. You've already become someone who can stand alone, you deserve a guy much better than me." Usopp confessed. "What the others say is true, I'm nothing but a useless sniper."

Kaya walked up to him, looking directly in his eyes. "Back when I was alone, with no one left in my life but my butlers, you came to me. This weird guy with claims of fame and a dream that he couldn't possibly accomplish. I remember every lie you told me. The battle with a giant goldfish as big as an island, a country full of dwarves, defeating a giant mole, and even seeing the famous dog Cerberus. All those lies brought me entertainment, you lied about you being a brave warrior of the sea. You claim that I deserve a better guy, well become better. Become the brave warrior you wanted to be, show me that those things you said weren't lies. It was simply an unseen future, a future we'll chase together. You're a sniper right, you never miss a shot. You took a shot with me, it didn't miss."

Usopp smiled, his usual goofy charm returning in full. "Then in the words of a brave warrior, let's go get some meat!"

Kaya giggled. "Luffy's your idea of a brave warrior?"

"Yea so." Usopp sputtered. "Who's yours?"

"I think someone like Jay or Zoro fit the description of warrior a little bit more. They live for battle, Luffy lives for meat." Kaya explained.

Later at the restaurant. The two were seated and enjoying their meal when a hooded man and a man with fur like hair walked up.

"Hey you two, we have a favor to ask." The beastly man said.

"What is it?" Kaya responded.

"Would you two happen to know how devil fruits work? My friend here is kinda stuck in this form and he doesn't know how to go back." Mohji told them.

At that moment the hooded figure stepped forward. Flame like embers fell from the cloak he wore, his face hidden in the shadow of his hood.

"My name is Richie, a week ago my captain found a fruit and without thinking I ate it. I've been stuck in this semi-human form ever since." Though his words were clear, his voice was terrifying, like that of a demon.

"Richie here, was originally my pet lion, now he's this thing and we want him to change back." Mohji explained.

Kaya thought back to the times she spoke with the devil fruit members on the crew. "According to our vice-captain, it's all thought based, you just will it into existence. He said something along the lines of: a devil fruit gives you a word, it's how you use the word that matters."

Richie nodded. "I haven't tried that yet." He said in his gravelly voice. A moment later he changed back into a lion and roared quietly so as to not disturb the others.

Mohji smiled. "Looks like your back, though your fur has changed. Your mane is black and your skin is grey. You also have red eyes." He turned back to the seated helpers. "Thanks you two, I could tell from the weapons on your waist that you're fighters. I didn't quite get your names. I'm Mohji by the way, nice to meet you."

"I'm Usopp, and this is my girlfriend Kaya. We're part of a new crew of pirates, on our way to the grandline pretty soon." He boasted.

"Usopp, and Kaya. That sounds familiar, I hope to see you two in the grandline. Our captain is heading there too, we just have a score to settle while we're here. Hey Richie, do they're names ring any bells?" Mohji asked.

The lion shrugged, afterwards the two walked away apparently merging with a group as soon as they left the restaurant.

Usopp and Kaya finished their dishes. "Let's go explore the island. Maybe find that platform that Luffy was talking about." Usopp offered.

Kaya smiled. "Let's go!"

A brief point on what I was doing this entire time.

'Not a clue.' Jay thought. 'I don't have a clue of what I should do! I could go take some money from the marine base, but unfortunately Merry wouldn't be able to carry any more. I could head to the execution platform but there's no point in that yet!' Jay visibly calmed down. "Fuck it, ima take a nap on the ocean!"

(Don't worry he'll show up in the part after this one, maybe…)

Zoro and Keres were walking back from the weapons shop when a topic about swords was brought up.

"Hey loser, you think you could teach me a little swordsmanship?" Keres asked. "Not that I'd ever use such a weak form of fighting seriously."

Zoro sighed. "If you wanted to learn swordsmanship then why didn't you ask your father?"

Keres shook her head. "He's too serious about that sort of thing, he wanted me to inherit his blade instead of my mothers."

"What's so special about your mothers blade anyways?"

"They were made with her blood, unfortunately without a suitable devil fruit I can't bring out all its power. I need something without any real powers." She explained.

"How about one of those wraith fruits?" Zoro offered.

Keres refused immediately. "Ew no! I like the idea of living forever and fighting for eternity, but I hate the idea of dying and coming back. If I lose and it costs me my life, then that's just the life of a warrior."

Zoro smiled. "Maybe you're not so useless after all."

Keres smirked. "Too bad you'll never be anything more than a loser."

Zoro's anger flared. "You wanna go weakling!"

"Oh I've been waiting for you to be healed so I could put you in your place, let's go!" Keres shouted.

The two made it to a clearing and squared off against each other. At that moment Tashigi ran in, "Roronoa Zoro, you lied to me!"

"Shut the hell up!" Zoro and Keres shouted in tandem.

Zoro's grin grew. "Finally a good fight!"

"I've been waiting to test my abilities against a strong opponent." Keres shot back.

Keres spun her blades and threw them forward latching on to Zoros. She pulled to bring herself close before kicking Zoro in the chest.

Zoro smirked. "There's no strength in those legs, nowhere near enough to damage me."

Zoro ran at her with a slash to the neck, it nearly connected as Keres ducked and countered with a sweep of her legs causing him to fall back. "You don't yet have enough grace in your swordsmanship, it's good but it's rough. I haven't spent all that time watching my parents for nothing, if there's one thing I've obtained it's their eyes."

For the first time Zoro noticed her eyes. The spiral amber eyes that give off the feeling of being seen through. She didn't have those abilities but nevertheless she had good eyes, with time she'd be just as terrifying as Mihawk. This motivated Zoro further, all he had to do was stay ahead of her and he'd surpass the worlds greatest swordsman.

He grinned, rushed forward and aimed a diagonal slash at her torso, narrowly missing as she dodged to the side and went to stab his back. Zoro blocked with his two blades and slashed her with an overhead strike using the third.

Keres wrapped her chain around the blade to stop the advance before dancing around him, slicing his cheek as she passed. She turned around with another strike but was caught on her stomach with a slash from Zoro.

"Tryna take off all my clothes, Zoro?" Keres teased.

Zoro followed along. "Who knows, maybe losing a few pounds will make your swordsmanship better. Kicking isn't befitting of a swordsman."

"There's literally no correlation between losing weight and being a better swordsman," Keres deadpanned.

Tashigi watched from the sidelines in a mixture of awe and anger. 'They're both wonderful warriors, with wonderful swords. Why did they choose to side with the pirates.'

Soon after the fight ended and the two collapsed on the floor laughing. "Maybe you aren't such a loser after all." Keres conceded.

Zoro grinned. "For a weakling you're pretty strong, I'll make sure to stay ahead of you. As long as I do that, then someday I'll surpass your father."

Keres smiled. "I may have lost today, but I'll catch up eventually. I'll surpass you as a warrior even if it isn't as the swordsman you desire. Also don't think I didn't notice, you didn't use your fire."

Zoro smirked. "I'll wait, when you can bring out the full power of your blade and I can bring out the full power of mine, we'll fight once more. Winner takes all. I'll aim higher, I'll become the world's best non devil fruit user."

"That might be a little hard, don't you think? Red hair Shanks, Dark king Rayleigh. They are the strongest without devil fruits, surpassing them will be much harder than surpassing my father." Keres explained. "Uncle Shanks especially, Rayleigh is getting old. Also the Marine hero Garp, matching up to them is a hassle. I'll just get a devil fruit and aim to surpass my father."

"Shanks? That's the one that gave Luffy his hat. Tell me more about him." Zoro pressed on. "How strong is he?"

"Shanks is the leader of a group full of non devil fruit users, he was the rival of my father when they were younger. Unfortunately one day Shanks went to the east blue and somehow lost his arm there, since then my dad never wanted to fight him no matter how strong he got. Nowadays Shanks has the edge in Strength, however my father has far surpassed him in the use of his blade."

Before the two could talk any further Tashigi had grown impatient. "Hey you two! I'm not letting you get away this time!"

Zoro and Keres stood up slowly. "Yea about that, Run!" Keres shouted as the two bolted out of sight. Tashigi stood shocked for a few seconds before running to chase after them.

Sanji was very confused. First he met a wonderful lady named Carmen. She apparently was a talented cook who wanted to beat him, he however couldn't bring himself to compete against a woman. However when he saw a fish that originated from elsewhere, it confirmed his beliefs in the all blue even further. He needed that fish, if only for the satisfaction. Unfortunately the only way for him to obtain it was in a cooking contest. The very one he didn't want to compete in.

(The anime was slightly different, but oh well.)

"Fine I'll go, I can't keep the lovely Carmen waiting. I must attend this date with maximum efficiency." Sanji walked off in a random direction. "Where exactly am I going again? I better not be losing my sense of direction like that useless moss head."

Eventually he made his way back to the docks where the tournament was being held. Carmen sat on her throne. "I'm so glad you didn't decide to run away, Sanji! Nevertheless, the title of the greatest in the east blue will be mine!"

The moment he saw Carmen he spun into a tornado and grabbed her by the hand. "Aww, my lovely Carmen. Time for our reunion kiss…"

"DON'T YOU DARE!" Carmen shouted as she smacked him with her frying pan.

Jay heard the commotion and chose to walk over. "Hey, Sanji!"

(When not written from my pov I'll use Jay rather than I or me.)

Sanji walked over. "Hey Jay, did you come to cheer me on?"

"Sanji, Jay!" Kura shouted. She and Nami walked up to us with an ice cream cone in their hands.

Jay smiled. "Hey you two."

As the announcer finished explaining the rules Kura laughed. "You seriously care about being the best cook in the east blue?"

"Though that does sound nice, the main reason I'm participating is to get my hands on that fish over there. I'll be able to cook you a lovely meal and it can't be found anywhere in the east blue." Sanji explained.

"We'll if it isn't the strawhats." A young woman said as she walked up.

"Nakano? What are you doing here?" Jay asked.

"Well outside of the fact that this island is where Smoker is, I'm participating in this event." Nakano told him. "Fighting isn't the only thing I'm good at, you'll be missing out."

"Missing out?" I said questioningly.

"I don't suppose Kura can cook, can she?" Nakano mocked.

"I think you forgot, I don't need to eat. Besides, our cook is Sanji, he'll beat you easily." Jay laughed.

"And for this event we have decided to pick one of you from the crowd, to help us taste these wonderful dishes!" The fisherman announced. "How about you over there, young lady!" He called out, pointing to Kuragari.

Kuragari pointed to herself. "Wait, me, why?"

I patted her on the back, pushing her forward causing her to stumble.

"Jeez, who the hell cares why, just go, you were looking to get some food today. What better food than free food?" I told her.

Kuragari walked forward and sat down as the tournament began.

(This part of the story is anime only, so if your manga only, I'm sorry for the confusion.)

"So Nami." I said politely. Nami looked at me, considering the voice for a second before looking away, ignoring me. "Oh come on, I haven't even asked yet!"

Nami turned back around and addressed me. "I'd rather not listen to whatever question you might have, knowing you it'd be something stupid. Or you're gonna be a jackass and try to tease me with something. Or maybe you're gonna extort more money from me, because I borrowed from you one time."

"Wow, that's messed up, it was only 25 million and you now have the most money on the crew, why do you care?" I sighed, I took out a bag of money and held it out to her.

"Riiigght." Nami said slowly before snatching the money from my hands with a crazy grin and a strange look in her eyes. "Okay, apology accepted."

I smirked. "Honestly Nami, you love money more than I do, at this point it may just be a weakness."

That's when a new voice entered the conversation. "Jay huh? Nice to see you again for the first time in over a year. You chose to skip out on the Marines to join a small group of pirates?"

"Heyyy, Smoker. How's the weather looking, you wouldn't happen to be mad about that would you?" I asked.

"Mad? No, I'm furious. I had high hopes for you and now you're just another sea hoodlum." Smoker said sternly. "Now you can decide, do you want to be captured now, or later."

I laughed nervously. "Now, now, let's talk this through. Think about it, if you capture me here, which is a very big if, you'll never find the rest of the crew in time for them to escape."

Smoker grinned back. "Or option two, you come with me and maybe we can make some kind of deal with the rest of your crew."

"Fine." I glanced over to Nami. "I'll try to get away from him, for now just watch over the contest and get them out of here afterwards."

After the contest. The results were, Sanji in first, Carmen in second, and Nakano in third.

"Sanji you are truly the better cook, I'll keep cooking and one day I'll catch up to you." Carmen promised.

Sanji nodded as he finally got that kiss on her hand. "I'll be looking forward to it."

Nakano rushed over to Kura shouting. "Did you judge my food to be worse out of anger? I don't believe that I lost to a pirate!"

Kura laughed in her face. "Even if I did, the vote was unanimous. Just deal with the fact that our cook is better than you."

Nakano's eyes flashed red. "You are so lucky I have to report back to HQ, we're not finished here!"

Kura continued to laugh. "I'll take you on anytime, it'll be easy considering you let your anger control you. It'll be like holding a red flag in front of a bull." Nakano stomped off, her anger growing but controlled. Kura walked up to Nami with Sanji spinning towards them as well. "Hey Nami, where's Jay?"

Nami sighed. "He was abducted by the Marines, he did it on purpose so sir smokes a lot didn't start running around catching the crew. Apparently with 6 times the strength of Luffy, we can't handle him." Nami explained.

Kura nodded in understanding. "He's a tactical person, he likely already has his escape planned."

"Woohoo!" Luffy cheered. "So this is the view the Pirate King saw! Then… He died!" Luffy was standing on top of the execution platform. Beside him was the shadowy figure of Roger, confused as to why the young boy was there. "So it was 22 years ago, huh?"

One of the men officers stepped forward. "Hey! You up there! Get down from there!"

"Why?!" Luffy pouted.

"If you don't come down from there I'll arrest-"

Suddenly the man was interrupted by a hit from an iron club. From the crowd a woman appeared. "Luffy, I missed you. It's been awhile." The woman said. Luffy looked confused so the woman continued. "Don't tell me it's possible that you forgot this face?"

"Who are you?" Luffy asked, confused.

"You shall be mine Luffy." The woman declared.

"Eww, no way. Who are you?" Luffy asked once more.

"You still haven't realized?!" Alvida said surprised.

At that moment the police step forward. "This is the police. Ma'am come along quietly! For openly assaulting an officer, you are under arrest" The person in lead pointed at Luffy. "You, get off the platform!"

Alvida smiled. "Who is it that you're gonna arrest?"

The man gulped. "You!"

"My dear, I wonder if you can."

The men were starting to lose their nerve when a cannonball flew into the clearing, destroying the fountain. "Buggy bomb special!"

The debris from the explosion flew at Alvida. Somehow, it had slipped off her skin. "Wasn't that dangerous honey?"

"My flashy apologies." The man replied.

At that moment another man stepped forward. One suited in a brand new golden armor. "You're not gonna win this time Strawhat! I don't need Ghin to deal with you!" The man said.

Out from the crowd stepped a man with two tonfa on his hip. "Nice to see you again cap'n, however ima need you to leave ma town. Don Smoker wouldn't want you here."

"Ghin?! Gold man?!" Luffy shouted in surprise.

"At least take the time to learn my name! Jackass!" Krieg complained. "What are you doing Ghin, have you betrayed the crew?"

Ghin scowled at him. "It seems cap'n, like it was you who jumped ship! What is it you're doing o'er here?"

Hidden behind the broad shoulders of Krieg appeared another man. Slender with long claw-like gloves. "Oh I've always loved a family reunion. Tell me, are Kaya and Usopp here?"

A tall, almost noble woman fell from the sky. "I'd love to get another crack at that swordsman. Also my lovely Kura as well, ahh I wonder how she's doing"

From underneath a cloak came Mohji, alongside him a giant black lion. "It's bullshit, how did that little bitch return from death?! I'll send her back there myself."

The lion morphed into a hooded man with embers falling from the cloak he wore. "I've been meaning to tear something apart!"

The man in the lead, still hooded, started shaking. "Don't you love flashy entrances!" He removed his hood showing his trademark red nose. "Hello Strawhat, it's time that you're flashily defeated!"

Luffy was taking this in, one by one. "Cat guy, Dragon girl, Beast guy, Giant lion, women I don't know, and gold guy. Nice to see you all again." Luffy smiled. "Now what was your name again? Boggy? No, Bugi? It's not Buhii… Jay calls you red nose, Oh yeah! Buffoon!" Luffy shouted triumphantly.

Kuro began to chuckle and Krieg just laughed. "BUFFOON!" Buggy shouted. "WATCH YOUR DAMN MOUTH! YOU'RE AS CHEEKY AS EVER, YOU LITTLE BASTARD!"

"It's Buggy the clown." Someone from the crowd said. "That's krieg, and... I thought he was dead. Kuro of a thousand plans!" The group began to run from the plaza until Buggy spoke again.

"Good citizens of Loguetown! Don't you move a flashy muscle!" Krieg's armor shifted, pulling out multiple compartments with cannons and pistols. "I will now display my true terror, and you will all be watching." Someone in the crowd pulled out a phone and began to record.

(Sidenote: I don't know if this happens everywhere, but this gotta be the most annoying thing. Some shit is going down and you got people in a crowd pulling out their phones to record instead of trying to help.)

"Got it! It's Buggy!" Luffy realized.

"It took you that long to remember!" Buggy shouted incredulously.

At that moment Kuro slammed a wooden pillory onto Luffy's neck and hands. Leaving him trapped in the execution device. "Good, well done, Kuro." Buggy looked towards the camera, aware of what it was. "Behold! Billions of people of the world! The most super flashy public execution is about to begin! Monkey D. Luffy, you won't be able to get out of this one! You should feel honored Strawhat! You get to die in the same place as the Pirate King!"

Luffy struggled to escape but nothing was working.

Clouds unnaturally began to move in, like something was controlling them. Nami felt energized, it had been so long since she had this much energy. "Clouds are rolling in and the Temperature is dropping, we need to make it back to the ship." At that moment Zoro, Keres, Usopp, and Kaya showed up.

"Hey, have you guys seen Luffy?" Zoro asked. "He met up with us earlier and then suddenly vanished. I wouldn't be surprised if he was in the middle of being killed."

"Pirates!" Some random background citizens shouted. "Pirates took over the town square! They're gonna execute Monkey D. Luffy!"

"You just had to say it! Didn't you Zoro?!" Nami whispered, irritated. "Keres, Kaya, I need you guys to head back to the ship. The rest of us will go save Luffy, yes that includes you Usopp. It's time you stop letting Kaya take the lead."

Keres grabbed the fish from Sanji and made her way toward the ship.

Usopp smiled. "Time to show off what I can do!"

I was walking behind Smoker, talking about the days when we first met. The fight with Nakano and the invitation to the Marines. As we passed by the plaza a man shouted to us.

"Captain Smoker, please take a look at this." Smoker took the chance to get away from my unnecessary rambling. "Something strange is happening." The man said as Smoker took the binoculars.

Tashigi saw me and was immediately on edge. "Captain Smoker, what's he doing here?!" She shouted.

Nakano came running in after her contest. "Hey guys, what's going on? Oh Jay, nice to see you again."

Tashigi turned on her. "He's a pirate, don't be so nice to him!"

"Ghin was a pirate too, not all of them are bad." Nakano told her.

That's when Smoker cut in. "Speaking of Ghin, that idiot is down there confronting the pirates, it seems that straw hat kid is about to be executed."

I smiled. "Aww, it's sad, but I'll see you guys later. I can't let my Captain get killed, can I? Shadow walk!" I vanished away into the plaza. "Hey Buggy, you mind letting my captain go?"

Sanji and Zoro appeared behind me. "This execution is cancelled!" They shouted in tandem.

"Zoro, Sanji, Jay!" Luffy shouted.

Tashigi was raging at the sight of Zoro. "That insufferable idiot, I'll catch him myself. First he lies to me, then he runs from me so I can't confront him."

I yawned from boredom. "Damn it Luffy, I tried to warn you something like this would happen, but no you just had to see the place where Roger was executed! Oh well, this should be interesting."

Zoro prepped his blades. "Aren't you taking this Joke a bit too far Luffy?"

Sanji smiled. "If it's time for the sideshow, I guess I'll debut as well."

At that moment Kuro appeared on the tip of Zoro's outstretched blade. "Nice to see you again Zoro."

Krieg came slamming in. "It's you Sanji, I want payback for last time."

Ghin stepped up beside Sanji. "I'll be the one to take you on, cap'n"

Nami tried to run in to help Luffy but was knocked to the side by Alvida. "Sorry girl, but you gotta handle me!"

Mohji and Richie ran at Zoro but were stopped by a light trap. "Hey Richie, Mohji, I think I'm in need of a rematch." Kura smirked.

Usopp shot a lead star at the giant lion. "I'll handle one of them." He shouted.

The giant lion morphed back into his human form and ran at Usopp. "I gotta thank you for your help back at the shop, it's a shame you're a Strawhat. Now I gotta tear you to pieces." He roared darkly.

Ryuka was charging up lightning to attack Ghin but was countered by Sanji. "Now I would never hit a woman, but I wouldn't mind destroying a blade."

Ryuka laughed. "You're a chivalrous guy, I like that, after we beat you guys today, you and Kura can join the crew. Then I'll be able to sleep beside her all day. Actually now that I think about it, that Nami girl is cute too."

Sanji was extremely confused. "Huh?"

Ryuka looked at him quizzically. "Is it wrong to like girls when I'm a woman myself?"

Sanji shook his head. "No, you just remind me of someone, though I can't think of who."

"She's a lot like you Sanji, I wondered whether you'd get along or not." I turned to Buggy. "So what's it gonna be? Do I need to go up there or are you gonna end this little game?"

Buggy laughed. "Nothing's gonna stop my flashy execution. Besides, I think you're forgetting one of my crew members."

"Who?" I asked. "Cabaji is dead." From behind me a scythe narrowly missed me. It was a sleeping Neru. "Fuck!"

Buggy watched on as our crew struggled. Kuro was quick, Zoro had a hard time keeping up but he had the advantage. Krieg was always stronger than Ghin and was pummeling his old crewmate with his rain of weapons. Nami was having an easier time with Alvida but for some reason the woman wouldn't relent even after being shocked multiple times. Mohji and Kura were fighting a reenactment of their previous battle but this time Kura easily had the advantage. Richie was transforming in between forms trying to catch the elusive sniper. Sanji was having a hard time fighting Ryuka and keeping his strikes aimed at the blade. Finally, Neru was proving her worth as Co-Captain, keeping up with me every step of the way.

Buggy laughed. "It's too late, any last words Strawhat?!"

Luffy looked up intensely. "Everyone." He yelled addressing the crew. He then smiled, behind him appeared a shocked man. The man smiled and placed his hand to Luffy's back, the smile Luffy had, had only grown wider.

I looked at the man at Luffy's shoulder and gasped. "Gol D. Roger!" The man stared back at me in a mixture of shock and wonder.

Luffy continued. "Sorry! I'm dead!" Just as the blade closed in on Luffy's neck Nami shouted. A blue lightning bolt crashed into the platform, only to be immediately followed by an Orange one that finally caused it to topple to the ground.

Somewhere in the grandline. Enel was in the middle of executing a rebel when his lightning went haywire and flew across the world. "Damn, I need to be more consistent, Sorrel we're gonna have to train a bit harder."

The blue haired girl next to him smiled. "As gods we must be perfect!"

Enel smiled. "Exactly."

As the smoke cleared Luffy stepped out of the rubble, Buggy was left unconscious.

Kura stood in amazement. "Honestly, he has some insane durability, he survived two lightning bolts!" She said speaking of Buggy.

"Richie, grab the Captain we're retreating now!" Neru shouted. Within seconds the buggy pirates were gone leaving us in the plaza.

Marines swarmed the place. "So Wraith Emperor, what's it gonna be?" One of them asked.

"Luffy, you get the others out of here, I'll catch up soon." Luffy nodded and they all dashed off.

After a brief minute of fighting, all the normal Marine weaklings were passed out on the floor. That's when I heard the voice of the man that became a legend. "Hey kid." I turned around coming face to face with the soul of Gol D. Roger. "So you really can see me, that's a surprise. I've always wondered why my soul never left this plane. I was starting to think heaven and hell didn't exist. I wanted to thank you for finally spicing up this place, it was rather boring until you first came here."

I smiled. "No problem, but what do you mean thank me?"

Roger laughed. "How about I tell you the location of the One Piece?"

I shook my head. "Sorry old man, ima have to decline that offer. I don't wish to see the end of this story until the time properly comes. However I'd like to ask, what was it like? Being the King of the seas, stronger than everyone else."

Roger looked to the skies as if reminiscing. "It was the greatest time of my life, though I'm dead now." He laughed.

'Great, his humor is on the level of brooks…' I thought.

"When you reach the top, when there's no longer any room to go up, it's dull to say the least. That old saying is true, it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. The main reason I sacrificed myself to the marines was because I thought death would hold something more interesting. Maybe meeting the likes of Joyboy in heaven. Now I know that death is the most boring thing in the world, nothing interesting happens here." Roger took a seat on top of the rubble. "I'll watch this Journey of yours from here. We'll see if it's your crew or another who takes my place."

"I have one more question though, who's Noiro?" I asked him. "I met him a while back, a Marine admiral with a love of vacations."

Roger nodded. "I don't know, he's been in this world for a long time. He's the oldest man in the Marines, some say that he appeared in this world suddenly. Last I heard of him he's settled down to take care of his daughter, I'm surprised to hear he's back now."

"Thanks old man, I'll see you around." I turned around and ran off to catch up with the others.

Meanwhile Kuragari.

"So why did you stop me?" Kura asked impatiently.

The girl laughed. "You're a pirate, you must be captured."

"Spare me the nonsense, Nakano. We both know you don't care for that sort of thing!"

"Well to be honest, I stopped you because you annoy the hell out of me. Don't think I forgot what happened during the tournament."

"Oh please, you know you started it with that comment about my cooking!"

"All I was saying is that you couldn't cook, it wasn't being mean I was just stating facts." At that moment Jay ran by on his way to the docks.

Zoro on the other hand.

He had just pinned Tashigi to the wall and was beginning to walk away when she called out to him. "Why didn't you cut me down?! Is it because I look like that friend of yours? Is that why you never finish me off? Last time and this time too, it's humiliating. I'm not her, I'm me, I don't want to be treated this way because I look like someone you used to know!"

Zoro growled. "Shut the hell up, I can't kill you okay. It's not my fault you look like an old friend, besides even if I did want to kill you, I'm not allowed. The captain put a ban on unnecessary death." He explained.

Tashigi stood there in confusion. "What?"

"I said, the captain put a ban on killing so I'm sorry if I can't give you a warrior's death!" Zoro shouted.

"No, before that you refused to kill me because I look like her, well sorry that I was born this way. It wasn't my intention!" Tashigi yelled back.

"Well maybe it'd be easier if you didn't copy everything she says!"

"What! I never heard anything so idiotic in my life! Maybe she copied me, ever think of that?!" The two clashed again.

As they were arguing Jay ran past accidentally bumping into Zoro's shoulder causing him to be pushed into a kiss with Tashigi.

(I can have a little fun with the story, can't I?)

"Mmmm." Tashigi squeaked before pushing Zoro off. "My first… what the hell was that?!" She shouted angrily.

Zoro sheathed his swords and started to wave his hands wildly. "That wasn't my fault, Jay knocked me into you, I didn't want to kiss you!"

"Oh so now you're saying that my first kiss wasn't good enough?!" She asked hotly.

Zoro tried to diffuse the situation. "What no! I didn't say that either, I'm just saying that given the situation I would never have kissed you."

"RORONOA!" Tashigi yelled. Zoro immediately turned around and started running towards the shore, though he ended up someplace else.

Finally back to me. Further up ahead about five minutes later I came across Luffy who was about to be captured (or killed who knows)by Smoker.

I rushed forward activating my Wraith fist and punching smoker in the Jaw making him drop his weapon in shock.

"Y-You hit me?" Smoker stood up cracking his knuckles. However before the fight could go on a man appeared behind me.

I turned around to see a man in a green cloak. "Hey Dragon right, could you make sure Luffy and the others get to the shore, I'm sure I can get there on my own."

Dragon laughed. "You really think you can order me around, my title as the most dangerous man alive isn't just for show you know."

"Yea well too bad, your only the most dangerous man ALIVE, and that means your only about as strong as white beard, besides I'm not alive technically. All the cells in my body when I transform take on a dead like state, in other words that strongest man alive thing doesn't include me." I said arrogantly.

Dragon looked at me with a mixture of amusement and annoyance. "You gotta be either the dumbest or the bravest man I know, go away."

The wind picked up as I was blown across the island along with everyone else landing on top of the water next to the Going Merry. "I really hope he knew I could walk on water, there's no way he actually tried to kill me, right?"

As the Going Merry left the shore I turned around and shouted to Smoker. "Ay Smoker, call me if you need something! I left my phone number inside your pocket!"

Smoker checked in his pockets finding the piece of paper and scowling angrily. "We're going after them!"

At that moment Luffy came flying in with Sanji and a much more silent Zoro via gum gum rocket. "Alright guys, let's go!" Nami yelled as our ship disappeared behind the waves.

Jay vs Writer

Writer: Unfortunately Jay, I don't know if we'll be able to keep doing this. These little talks at the end are pretty much pointless.

Jay: Maybe, but at the very least it's something fun.

Writer: Yea but it needs to be more interesting, like what would Jay say if he actually met me.

Jay: Something along the lines of, that's why you get no bitches out there in the real world.

Writer: Makes sense, then I would respond with. That's why you get no bitches unless I say so.

Jay: Yea yea, that could work. Then I'd counter with, at least my life is interesting. Yo ass got the most boring life possible.

Writer: Yea I do, but boring is just another way of saying there's no conflict. I'm happy for that, at the very least nothing bad is going on in my life.

Jay: And now god gon just say fuck you and make your life miserable.

Writer: Is there even a god in this story, who takes care of earth.

Jay: Jesus is the god of earth for this story but I don't know where 'God' is.

Writer: Now if we look into certain mythology, something along the lines of Khaos, then you'll know when 'god' will come into play. If it wasn't clear already, this story takes heavy inspiration from all forms of mythology. Also slight inspiration from Shadow of War and clearly One piece.

Jay: Can you stop ranting.

Writer: Right, Sorry about that. Next chapter, Warships and Dragons!

Jay: Is that a Dungeons and dragon's reference?

Writer: What... no... why would I do that?

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