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I had arrived at the edge of the calm belt, finally arriving in east blue as requested.

"Alright first things first, I need some money. Best way to make money is bounty hunting. It'll also help increase my strength."

I hopped on the water no longer in danger of being killed by sea kings. "I wonder what would happen if they just decided to leave the calm belt. I mean they definitely could."

I began walking in a random direction so I could find an island and figure out where I was.

After traveling for a couple days I appeared to have arrived in Loguetown, I knew it was Loguetown thanks to the giant arch with the name embedded on it.

According to Kozuka(the deity) the language I was reading this entire time wasn't English. Same as the language I was hearing, everything is auto translated for me to understand. I guess Kozuka can be useful from time to time.

Anyways there was one thing I needed for my journey to officially start. The first thing you might think of would probably be food… or maybe that's just me. However, thanks to my devil fruit, food is no longer a necessity. My body now produces its own energy naturally. Don't get me wrong I'd never pass up free food if it ever came my way, there's just no reason to waste good money on food.

What I needed was a weapon, I may be a brawler but some iron plated gloves would be nice. I activated wraith world which gave me access to see all over the island. Spreading it this thin takes away the clarity, I can no longer see inside the houses and can only see the surface of the Island.

Halfway across the island I saw a weapons shop and began walking towards it. Before I could take two steps in that direction a woman appeared on my shoulder. *Wow I must seem really approachable for this to happen twice.* I thought.

"Hey there stranger! You seem pretty strong, how would you like to join the marines?" The woman asked.

"Actually I…"

"Perfect, come with me." The woman began dragging me by my shirt, forcing me to follow behind her.

At the marine base.

"Hey boss!" The young marine shouted.

Smoker who was sitting patiently at his desk doing paperwork looked up at the girl. "What the hell is it now?" He asked.

"Well you see I was walking down the street when suddenly I met this guy. I saw him from a distance and thought he looked pretty strong so I asked him to join the marines." The girl said excitedly.

Smoker sighed. "Did he accept?"

"Huh? Who wouldn't want to join the marines?" She asked naively.

"Nakano, how many times have I told you to stop forcing people into the marines?" Smoker asked.

Nakano was about 5'6 wearing a long blue tunic with an orange scarf. On her hands were iron gauntlets but the glove part was detachable. She had iron arm guards but they were bulky and more suited towards a guy. Overall her outfit gave off a brawler type vibe. Her hair was a midnight black only coming down to slightly above her shoulders, and she had shining orange eyes with lightly tanned skin. "Sorry about that boss. I just wanted to fight someone strong."

Smoker gestured to the couch in front of him. "Please, take a seat." He offered. "So what brings you to Loguetown." He asked as I sat down.

"I'm actually coming here from an island not too far from here. I needed a weapon kinda like the ones the girl has on. That's why I followed her to see where she got them." I explained.

Nakano interrupted. "Oh oh how about we fight. If you win I'll give you some of my extras, if you lose though you gotta join the marines."

"Nakano…" Smoker started.

"Alright I accept. I've been needing to test my skills." I accepted.

Smoker seemed surprised but gave up in the end.

"Yay, alright you got 1 hour to get ready. When you're done, meet me out in the field." She celebrated, dashing off.

As she left I checked her status.

Iron glove Nakano, Marine, Lv. 15

Class: Boxer


Immunities: None

Hates: Weakness

Class traits: Enhanced strength. Limited auto dodge. Enhanced reaction time.

Bonuses: Passive light(Battle experience: Gets stronger in battle.) Devil fruit(Angel Angel fruit: model beserker: This fruit is that of the male counterpart of a Valkyrie however it can still be eaten by a woman. It's grants the user immense strength and speed and let's the user grow at a fast pace. This is not a fruit to be taken lightly.)

Weakness's (Available due to level difference)

Mortal: None

Vulnerability: None

Dazed by: Compliments

Hints: Don't engage

Wow, all her abilities are perfect together. This upcoming fight may be entertaining after all.* I walked out the office when I felt my phone vibrating. I took out my AirPods, placing them in my ear before answering the phone. "Hello."

"Hey Jay! Have you made it to east blue yet?" Kosami, who was on the other end, asked.

"Yea I'm in Loguetown now. I'm about to fight against an interesting girl." I went into a nearby empty room and took a seat on the bed.

"An interesting girl? What's she like?" Kosami asked.

"She's a boxer but one who's likely to be one of the world's strongest one day." I told her.

"That's high praise coming from someone who's seen what the world's strongest are like, what makes you think she can make it there."

"Two reasons: One she has a passive that allows her to get stronger through battle. If I draw the fight out too long she'll surpass me quickly. The other reason is her devil fruit it's a angel zoan model berserker, giving her increased growth there as well. With those two combined I can see her reaching emperor level in less than 5 years."

"Hm with potential like that and the fact that she's female, I'd like to train her someday."

"If she ever is looking for a master I'll let you know. I'll talk later. I gotta get to this fight."

"Alright talk to you in about a month, we both know you're not calling back."

"Sorry about that." I apologized before hanging up. Before I could take out my AirPods a voice entered my ear.

"Don't you dare hang up!" Kozuka screamed.

I removed the AirPods from my ear. "Why are you complaining so much? The hell is your problem screaming like that?" I rubbed my ears before placing the AirPods back in.

"Every time I try to talk to you, all you do is hang up."

"Oh don't tell me the almighty deity is lonely." I mocked.

"No, I just wanted to warn you of a couple things, but I guess you don't want my help." She pouted.

"Alright if that's all I'll go now."

"Wait, you don't want my help?" She questioned.

"Not if you're gonna use it against me." I answered.

"Fine I'll just tell you then, Jeez so unpleasant. Why couldn't I just talk to Jason instead. Unfortunately he didn't have anything on him when he came to this world. Oh yea his girlfriend came by earlier where's yours at?" She actually didn't know the answer to that one.

"I don't have one, just hurry up with your warning already." I commanded.

"Oh no, you don't have a girlfriend. That's so sad." She teased.

"Says the deity who's lived for millions of years and still hasn't gotten anyone's attention. I've only lived 18 years and had my fair share of dating. The fact that you've been here for so long and still no romantic interest is sad." I countered.

"You don't have to be so mean." She said, crying a bit. "All I wanted to tell you is that your devil fruit has awakened many others, so now all these deity like zoans are appearing."

"I apologize for being mean. You'll find someone eventually. Thanks for the information."

"Yea better apologize. Also that girl you're fighting next, I have some information there as well. You came to a world where many different people have come from your world to influence this one. Anyone you meet that wasn't part of the original story is likely due to the influence of another world. That girl you're fighting came from Japan. She came in two years ago. She knows the plot of One piece nearly as well as you do so watch out. She doesn't know you're not from here but if you're not careful she'll find out."

"Damn, so I accidentally joined the multiplayer lobby when I'm still new to the game." I took out my AirPods. "If that's the case it may not be so easy surviving in this world." I stood up, suddenly the room door opened revealing a blue haired woman with a sword.

"Aaahhhhhhh!" She screamed. "She then ran at me trying to cut down what she could only assume was an intruder."

"Hey calm down, I just came in here to get ready for a fight." I explained as I dodged around her strikes. She wasn't listening until Smoker came in to stop her assault.

"So he's here to fight Nakano?" Tashigi asked.

"I'm here to spar with her." I clarified as I walked out heading to the field.

Me vs. Nakano

Nakano paced back and forth. "Where the hell is he! He's taking too long!" She complained.

"He still has another 15 minutes to arrive." The random marine soldier tried to calm her down.

All that got him though was a punch that sent him flying. Nakano realized what she did and apologized. "Sorry about that, it's just I'm a bit impatient when it comes to fighting."

"We're aware." He said before falling unconscious.

Nakano apologized once more before going back to her pacing. "Someone's a little impatient, are you that eager to lose?" I asked as I finally made it to the field.

A huge smile crossed Nakano's face. "You made it! Come on, let's start already." She went into a standard boxing stance.

I frowned. "Wait, you're gonna keep your gloves on? How come I don't get to use any?"

(Quick note: The gloves she's wearing are not all that bulky and like I said detachable so she could've took them off.)

"These gloves are mine. Don't tell me you're afraid of a little iron." Nakano mocked.

"No, I just thought this was a strict hand to hand match." I put the iron arm guards I received from Kosami back on and settled into my stance my. "If you're using your gloves you won't mind me using arm guards." My eyes changed from black to a dark green with black sclera.

(Another quick note: Last chapter I called them iron braces but arm guard is more obvious.)

Her eyes changed to a bright red. "Of course not." She replied before dashing forward.

The shock of her eyes turning red caused me to move too slowly, as a result I was forced to block instead of dodge. "Damn her eyes are pretty." I said without thinking.

Nakano immediately jumped back, her cheeks turning red enough to match her eyes. "Wh-What? My eyes aren't pretty." She stuttered.

"Damn, did I say that out loud? Sorry, let's get back to the fight." This time I pressed the offensive, throwing out a punch just for her to dodge even while distracted. *Damn so that's what it meant by limited auto dodge.*

Nakano had recovered from the embarrassing situation just to see a hand fly past her head. She immediately countered by throwing a punch of her own.

I ducked under the attack before aiming for her stomach. She nimbly jumped back and stood watching me. *He's quick and strong, if I mess up even once I'll lose.*

The hell is this girl? When you think of japanese girls you usually think kind and intelligent, not deadly as hell. If she gets a good hit in, I'll lose. Also what the hell? Her level went from 15 to 16 in that brief exchange.*

Tashigi and Smoker who were off to the side, began observing the fight. "Tashigi, who do you believe will win?"

"Based on the start of the fight That guy has the advantage. In speed they cut about even. The problem is that the guy is stronger but his dodging reflexes are slow." Tashigi replied. "Honestly this fight could go to either one of them, How about you? Who do you believe will win?"

"I can't tell however the guy seems like he's holding back. Either that or this is his first real fight. If he learns during the fight through watching Nakano then he'll win. She has better technique but he might use that to learn." Smoker focused back on the fight as the two fighters began running at each other once more.

I decided to start the assault myself this time aiming a faint at her jaw before switching up and aiming instead for her stomach.

She was unfazed by the attack, weaving them both gracefully before striking out with a right jab at blinding speed. I dodged the attack to the best of my ability but it still clipped my cheek leaving a cut from the air pressure alone. She threw out a left cross which I let slide off my right arm guard before closing in and catching her in her abdomen with a counter punch causing her to stagger and allow a follow up with a right hook that sent her back all it took was one more uppercut for her to land on her back.

She tried to get back up quickly. However, I was behind her in a position to punish anything she tried. She raised up her hands. "I concede." She said simply.

I walked around her holding up my hand to help her stand up. "You can really take a hit Huh?"

"And you don't hold back even though I'm a woman." She replied.

"My master would've killed me if I held back against a girl." I joked.

"Well that's good but I noticed you didn't aim for the face."

"Well I may not be the type to hold back but I wouldn't want to mess up a beautiful girl's face."

Nakano blushed. "Th-Thanks." She said bashfully.

Smoker was starting to feel sick. "Can you two stop flirting and Nakano give him an extra pair of gloves so he can leave."

"We weren't flirting!" She shouted a little embarrassed. She then reached into her pocket and pulled out an extra pair of iron plated gloves. "Here." She held out her hand.

I accepted the prize and began walking away. "Thanks. I'll see you all in a bit over a year and a half." I waved.

"Hey wait!" Nakano shouted. "What's your name?!"

I turned around and looked her straight in her eyes as my own shifted back to normal. I smiled. "The name's Jay. I'll be back here eventually until then take care of yourselves." I then suddenly vanished from sight. At least that's how they saw it but what actually happened was me making use of shadow walk.

It's been a couple days since I left Loguetown. I had a few encounters with sea kings and pirates on the way but nothing I couldn't handle. Combining the fight with Nakano and my training, my level had increased again.

Jay, Bounty Hunter, Lv. 25

I was starting to feel pretty strong... by east blue standards at least. I still could never handle someone like Arlong or Don Krieg but I could definitely beat someone like Alvida and Axe Hand Morgan. I'd do pretty well against Buggy as well.

I had just woken up from my nap on a random nearby rock and was setting off again. After about 30 minutes of running I saw a large fish-like ship in the distance. I used shadow walk to close the distance immediately. Now that I was so close to the sea restaurant I noticed a couple ships docked there but the main one that drew my interest was the marine one.

Looking through the window I noticed a familiar face. It was Iron fist full body messing around with a woman and having his ego stroked without Sanji in the vicinity. This must've been when they actually had servers because if Sanji was here he would've fucked something up.

I looked back towards the ship when an idea popped in my head. *It's a marine ship. Belonging to a person who loves money and women over everything.* That brought me to one conclusion. Rob it.

I activated wraith world and concentrated solely on the marine ship. By doing so I was able to see everything inside of it. I then searched for the treasure room and once I found it I activated wraith cloak to go through the walls and appear inside the room. Once inside I looked around seeing gold and treasures he likely "confiscated" from pirates.

I realized I couldn't carry it all so I simply took as much cash as I could before walking into the sea restaurant. I was about to enjoy a free meal. Best part is he would never know it was me. Walking into the restaurant the first thing I noticed was Fullbody leaving with his date.

"Lieutenant Fullbody sir!" I saluted the man as he was about to exit.

He turned towards me. "No need to salute me, where are you coming from?" He asked eager to hear about someone who knows of his greatness.

"I come from a small island, you helped one of the civilians there a while back and since then I've always looked up to you. The man you helped was my older brother. After that day I vowed to become a marine that's at least half as good as you."

"Well then, here take this." He signed a small picture of himself before handing it to me. He then proceeded to walk out like he owned the place.

The second he was gone I began laughing before ripping the picture to shreds and yelling out to the entire restaurant. "Hey everyone! Foods on me, courtesy of the dumbass marine I took the money from."

Hearing that everyone in the baratie erupted into laughter. That day we had a party. One that even Gol D. Roger would've been proud of.

Fullbody on the other hand checked his vault to see most of his money missing. He was so mad that for the rest of the day he could no longer perform like he was going to.

The next day I woke up on a bed somewhere. I looked around the room noticing there wasn't much to show. I heard the sound of a doorknob turning and was immediately on guard.

If I was a rational person in these situations I would've just checked the wraith world to see if the person behind the door was a threat or not. If they were, their aura would appear red if not it'd be white. Or I would've used the wraith world to check the name of the person before choosing what to do next. Unfortunately I did none of those, instead the second the door opened I used shadow walk to appear behind the person. What I didn't see coming was a heel to my face knocking me into the wall.

Then I heard a familiar voice. "The hell are you doing?" I remembered this voice from when I watched dub for a bit. It belonged to Sanji.

I slowly stood up, my face and back hurting from the attack. I decided I'd check his status so I can get a feel of what normal levels look like. I forgot to check Smoker's.

Sanji, Battle chef, Lv. 35


Immunities: Lung cancer, food poisoning

Hates: Enraged when women are hurt.

Abilities(was class traits I'm changing it): Black leg fighting style, world class chef, ladies man?

Bonuses: Passive light(Food master: can cook food out of pretty much anything.) Son of germa: enhanced durability, enhanced strength, limited access to germa abilities.


Mortal: Bring a woman.

Vulnerability: Takes increased damage from woman.

Dazed by: Any compliment coming from a woman.

Hints: All you have to do to win is to be a woman.

It was at this point that I realized how useless this system really is. I didn't need a list of strengths and weaknesses all I needed was the level the name and the devil fruit. Also any passive abilities that I should be aware of and a brief description of what they do. I don't need to read about immunities or mortal weaknesses; they take away the fun in a fight.

At that moment my phone began to ring. I placed my AirPods in my ear telling Sanji to give me a moment. "Who is it?" I asked.

"It's me Kozuka, are you sure that's what you want? You'll be forced to beat enemies based on skill." She explained, apparently hearing my inner dialogue.

"Yea just go ahead this system I got going on is boring just give me the minimum I'll need. All this other shit is pointless. Oh you can still show Immunities tho, I think I'll keep that one." I told her.

"Alright then, good bye." Then all of a sudden I was back to square one.

"The hell are you doing?" It was Sanji again apparently she sent me back to before I checked his status. That works.

Seriously though that attack hurt. I was starting to think I was powerful and yet I still got beat by Sanji in a single attack. How the hell does 10 levels make that much of a difference. I struggled to my feet once more before addressing him. "Sorry about that, my names Jay I thought you were someone trying to attack me or something." I bowed to show I meant no harm.

"My name is Sanji. You fell asleep after that party you threw. We already collected the money for the food you bought… however, we're gonna need you to cover the cost of damages." He informed me.

"Um… What damages?" I asked sheepishly.

Sanji guided me out into the main part of the restaurant. The tables were scattered, some of the chairs were broken and most notable the entire front door was ripped off its hinges. "So how much is this gonna cost?" I asked.

"We already took your money but you're completely broke now. Unless you plan on getting by on nothing we're gonna need you to work here for a week."

"Of course…"

"Great! You start tomorrow." Sanji smiled, happy that they had a new server for a week.

A couple hours later.

I was about to get ready for sleep as it was currently 11:00 p.m. and I thought it'd be a good way to pass time. Before I could even lay down Sanji entered the room.

"Sorry to tell you this but your week starts now." Sanji said looking genuinely sorry.

"The hell are you talking about? You said it starts tomorrow." I complained.

"Well… the geezer heard that he had a waiter for the week one that's unable to quit and decided that he wanted to try something new." Sanji explained.

I sighed. "And what would that be?"

"He decided that for the next two days we'll be working all 24 hours of the day. You can sleep if you want but you'll miss out. The geezer said he's paying 10 times the amount for each full day you work. I myself plan to work for both days." He told me.

"How much do you guys normally get paid?" I asked.

"5 million beri a day. With this new policy you'll get paid 100 million for the two days. We need you ready in an hour to start your shift." He left the room strangely happy. If I had to guess it was probably because now he gets to see women every hour of the day.

I went back into the room before ringing up the resident goddess. "Hello Kozuka. Explain this shit to me."

"Hey what the hell?! I was trying to get some sleep. It's been hundreds of years since my last nap." Kozuka complained.

"Yea and what happened during your last one?"

"Well I may have slept a bit too long. Let's just say it's called the void century for a reason."

"So your laziness is the reason things got so out of hand. What the hell were you, a god, thinking when you decided hm maybe I let the humans do what they want for a while! No, as long as I remain here you will not be allowed to sleep. Now explain!" I shouted.

"Fine." Kozuka pouted. "Can never get anything in this world."

"Kozuka!" I yelled.

"Geez, stop yelling so much. Alright so you know how I said that I fell asleep for a bit. Which may have resulted in the void century. Well when I fell asleep YH decided to make my life harder. He opened up the world to inhabitants from earth meaning that this literally is a multiplayer lobby. Don't worry though because most people that come here have seen a different story."

"What does that have to do with anything?" I asked impatiently.

"Well there was one man. He saw the story of Zeff and his life the same way you saw Luffy's. So he came here to help him. He may have suggested a 24 hour restaurant, Zeff just never had a dedicated waiter for it. So good luck."

"You know what. I'm starting to think YH doesn't like me. Just a small feeling, either that or he's using me."

"Oh yea! He told me to pass on a message. He said that he hopes you live up to his expectations." Kozuka then left the call before taking a seat on a couch she just created. She even brought out some popcorn. "This is gonna be fun." She began eating her popcorn as she saw that I finally stood up.

Of all the worlds I could have chosen, I chose this one. Great.*

Day 1

I walked into the kitchen about 11:55 heading over to Sanji to ask him a question. "Hey so what should I wear to serve the customers?"

"Hm? Oh you can just wear whatever. Maybe black there's a little too many white outfits. It'd be nice if the server wore something else. Do you have anything black?"

I nodded. I removed my mask before going into a partial transformation. All my clothing changed to black and a black fur cape appeared on my back. I removed the coat before looking up at a shocked Sanji. "Will this work?"

Sanji started inspecting the uniform. "Does your clothes always turn black, also what's with the fur coat?"

"Fur coat is a style thing and yea my clothes turn black when I transform to signify the wraith I guess."

"Yea that'll work. Now about your eyes, it might scare some of the people away, can you somehow change that?" He asked.

"Nah I can't. Besides, why would I? It'll be fun to scare a few customers." I grinned, maybe I could have some fun while I was here.

The time hit 12:00 a.m. and Zeffs voice boomed from his place in the back. "Get ready! Sanji! Open the shop we start now! New guy! Get ready to seat customers and start taking orders!"

"Right!" Everyone shouted in unison before going to their task.

Sanji opened the shop, he wore a big smile on his face. Every move he made was graceful; he helped guide people to their seats before returning to the kitchen. I walked to the first group, a few women. "Hello ladies, a girls night out I see. What can I get you all?"

"You don't have anything to write it down, are you sure you can remember all that?" I bowed in front of them before looking up, showing them my eyes.

"Oh trust me, I will never forget." 2 of the girls began screaming afraid of my eyes, the third however was blushing.

"Wh-What the hell are you?" The two girls asked.

"Well isn't it obvious I'm your waiter? For the rest of the night I'll do whatever it is you ask." I calmly replied.

It seemed to calm down two of the girls, however the third turned to a bright shade of red. Now I'm sure you've all seen toga before when she was on one of her… crusades. This girl when she smiled seemed to be even more terrifying. "You said you'll do whatever I asked?"

"Y-Yes whatever you need I'll handle it." My training never prepared me for craziness. It seemed my master missed a spot.

Halfway across the world on the calm belt, a woman sneezed. "That kid better not be talking shit." She voiced before returning to her late night reading.

"Ahh…" The girl reached her finger down beneath the table and I decided I didn't want to know what she was doing. "Well sir… I would like some… umph… water. I'm a bit…" She paused for a moment which just made the moment much worse. "thirsty at the moment."

I could tell I wasn't the only one uncomfortable. Her two friends were staring at her in shock. "Of course my lady right away." I backed away quickly. Her friends weren't even bothered by the fact I didn't take their orders. They were too busy tryna get their girl under control.

I weaved around the restaurant taking orders from everyone, not even stopping to tell the others in the kitchen. Instead I sent out a wraith with a note which told them what I needed.

There were only a few other weird groups inside the restaurant. There were some pirates but every member was a sniper. The sniper pirates as they were called. There was also a group of marine soldiers telling tales that would make even Usopp cringe. Unfortunately not too many people were afraid of me, apparently they were used to strange occurrences by now.

After I finished with the orders I returned to the kitchen and was immediately bombarded with questions.

"What the hell is that thing you keep sending back here?" Patty asked.

"Can those things stay out for extended periods of time?" Zeff questioned.

"Are they safe? They're not gonna hurt our female customers are they?" Sanji interrogated.

I answered all their questions at once. "They're wraith clones. Devil fruit ability. They can stay out for about an hour, they can be destroyed by any relevant damage. They are completely safe. No they won't hurt the customers. Finally they can only complete the command that I sent them out to do."

I sent out multiple wraiths that rounded up all the plates before leaving to go to the table that it was listed to go to. "If you don't mind, I still have an order left." I left the room and returned outside seeing a lot of people scared of the clones. *That was the reaction I was looking for.* I turned off the light before appearing in the middle of the room. The only thing visible was my eyes.

The lights then turned on. "Ladies and gentlemen!" I shouted over the screams. "Don't be afraid. You've been told that for an entire week that we'll be open for 24 hours a day, with that in mind I decided we should make this more exciting. These are clones of mine all of which can complete a simple action such as refills and things like that. They can't stay out too long so you all have an hour with them. When they disappear your time is up you must finish your food and leave." The customers, some of whom saw me a couple hours ago, got excited.

"Remember tipping is allowed but you'll still be expected to pay full price as you leave. My memory is quite good so I'll know everything you got when my wraiths return to me with their knowledge. It'll be calculated at the door. And if you'd like to tip, just give it to the wraiths. I'll receive it immediately when they put it in their pockets. Also don't forget to come back tomorrow. There'll be exciting events like these for today and tomorrow!" The customers began to clap. All ready for the show to begin.

The lights then turned off once more and when they turned back on there was a wraith clone at every table except one.

I returned back to the first table I visited. "Hello ladies. I apologize for not serving you earlier today as an apology, I'll be your server for today."

The three girls squealed. At the very least the one girl was more controlled, but somehow she brought the other two onboard admiring me. The day went on until it hit 11:56. The next day was gonna start soon and a few cooks had already passed out for the day. The people had 4 minutes until they had to leave and they knew it.

Day 2

Everyone had cleared out the second it hit 12:00. I sent out wraiths to close all the windows and remove all light from the inside then I created a small black flame. It was lukewarm at best, not capable of any damage. I then used it to light a few candles. The restaurant was enveloped in a moon like glow and smelled like a grassy field.

I opened up the shop and as new customers walked in they all saw the same image. A beautiful grassy field under a giant tree with the moon shining down on a couple tables. "Today's event is "picnic under the full moon." On the menu we have sandwiches, wine and anything else that might be in your picnic basket. Just like yesterday all tips are welcome. To serve you today we have…"

"Shadow call." I whispered. The shadows of the guests rose from the ground bowing to them. "Your own shadow!" The shadows guided them to their seats before heading to the kitchen to speak to the others about orders. Because they were the person's shadow they all knew what they wanted to eat.

Thanks to the darkness my eyes were much brighter. My power tends to grow in the darkness. A power I decided to call darkness rise, fitting isn't it.

(If it wasn't obvious, these next two days at this restaurant are me explaining a few other abilities while having fun writing random scenes.)

I returned to my favorite three people taking a seat next to them. "Hello ladies, y'all okay?"

"How long are you staying at this restaurant? It'd be sad to see you go." The third girl asked.

Quick entry on the three girls:

Haruka, Village girl, Lv. 7

No special abilities. Highly acrobatic and nimble. She's interested in the mysterious type and enjoys good food. She had on a long white qipao with floral patterns.

Hikari, Village girl, Lv. 8

Gun training. Her father owns a weapon shop. She trained a little and is now strong enough to match any normal guy. An expert with bows and has a thing for guys addressing her in a formal manner. Wore a nice formal outfit.

Izumi, Village girl, Lv. 5

A bit crazy. She loves dangerous looking men. The stronger you seem the harder she'll fall. She may not be too strong but she's smart and quick on her feet. Has a huge interest in magic. She had a complete goth look.

"This is my last day as a server. For the rest of the week I'll just be doing random things to help out. After I'm done with that I'm leaving to go find a partner." I informed them.

"We can be your partners." Izumi offered. Hikari and Haruka were nodding along.

"I'm sorry but I need someone who can fight. I'm a bounty hunter for now and a future pirate later on. I can't carry any baggage." I bowed to them. "Maybe in another life."

Somehow that made them swoon harder. They seemed like typical high school girls. Then again they are only 17, that one year difference can change a lot.

The rest of my week was spent doing random jobs around the ship. As the week finished I was called to the office by Zeff.

I entered the office and Zeff addressed me. "So how much money did you make off tips?" He asked.

"Well usually I'd lie so I could get paid more from you but I'll just tell you. I made 125 million off the tips I got during those two days."

Zeff smiled. "Then take this you earned 125 million from working here putting you at a quarter billion. The two days got you 100 million and the last five days at 5 million each and now you got 25 million. If you ever need a place to work you'll always have a spot open here."

"Thank you Zeff." I bowed to him before disappearing in a shadow walk.

Captain Joke arc.

A week passed of me searching for a candidate to be my partner, during this time I trained a lot. By now my wraith world was much better than before. I could now see twice as far as my natural vision allowed me to. The downside is if it hits any building or structure it turns off. Because of this I noticed an island to my right due to how abruptly my access in that area turned off.

There were also more shades of people. If they were truly evil they received a dark red. If they were just misunderstood then they gained a light red. White was still good. What was new to me though was a bright yellow like the sun. I could see their level from here. They were only level 10 but for some reason I was drawn to them.

This kind of wraith never appeared before and it was almost blinding to look at. I decided that I would investigate so I ran off towards the island.

What I didn't see coming was a massive hole in the ocean that dropped me from the sky. I landed on a platform not taking any fall damage thanks to my fruit but it was still crazy nonetheless. On my shirt was a small bat pulling me. It probably wanted me to follow it. I followed it to multiple areas collecting bones and bringing them to an altar. After it was all there a bright light flashed and a being formed.

The name of the being was Joke. It was a skeleton like Brook with bright red eyes and a beard.(first special episode.)

He decided he wanted a fight; he may have been Lv. 20 but all of his abilities were hallucinations and other spiritual attacks. Unfortunately none of that works on me. He switched to swordsmanship but compared to Tashigi he was nothing. I dodged all his strikes before knocking him to the floor and getting a closer look at his status.

Captain joke, former pirate, Lv. 20

Special abilities: Powerful hallucinations and average swordsmanship. He's not a bad person all he ever wanted was a crew he could trust.

I turned off my ability before reaching my hand out to help him stand up. He took my hand pulling himself up. "Why did you let me live."

"Because all you ever wanted was a crew you could trust. I can help you with that. In the grand line take the whiskey peak path and find a skeleton named brook. He can help." I shoved him forward, giving him a push towards his new life.

I headed to the nearby village to see what that bright yellow wraith was. Upon reaching the village I spoke to them about the outcome of the battle and about how Joke wouldn't be coming back. The people began cheering and hugging their loved ones, two people in particular walked up to me.

"Excuse me sir, if you're available would you come to my house to discuss this further." The woman asked.

I stood there thinking before coming up with an answer. "I'm sorry but because I don't know you I can't simply trust you." I couldn't leave. I had to find that bright yellow wraith. I declined the most polite way possible. Or at least I thought I did.

"Oh I'm sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Meroie, and this is Hamu. We know of Joke and were afraid he'd reform after the last time. We'd like to thank you properly, if that's alright with you." She offered sincerely.

"Yes of course." I replied unenthused. For the rest of the day I spoke to Meroie and Hamu about how the situation was brought about. When hearing about how his crew betrayed him I knew my decision to send him to brook was the right one. They allowed me to stay the night so the next morning I left once more to find the bright yellow wraith.

(Nothing like the original special episode but oh well. I'm just writing what comes to mind and to be honest with my immunity to spiritual attacks Joke can't do a thing against me.)

Walking throughout the village I couldn't find any signs of the person. I used wraith world but even with that the yellow wraith was gone. I cursed myself for getting side tracked at the last moment and decided to leave the island. As I was about to set off a bright flash went off inside my wraith world appearing from a nearby cliff. I used shadow walk to get up there and what I saw was a woman about the same age as I.

She had black hair that faded to yellow and then from there it went white. She wore a grey scarf and a grey battle skirt. She had a white top and long black boots reaching her thigh. On her forehead was a metal ring and on her back she had a short sword. The most surprising thing though was her eyes. They were a bright yellow with black sclera. They were a lot like mine other than the color. What I didn't see coming was her disappearing. Immediately I felt a presence behind me.

I ducked, barely dodging a slash to my neck. I used shadow walk to gain some distance before assessing my enemy. In front of me stood the woman from before. I had no idea how she got behind me or why I felt danger the second she appeared. Before I could take the time to check her status she was instantly next to me slashing out once more. I let the attack slide off my arm guard before attacking and hitting her in her stomach. She staggered for a second allowing me to hit her with another punch sending her flying. Even with the knock back her assault did not falter; she appeared again with another attack, slashing my leg before switching it up and cutting my right arm. I dropped to one knee and she slashed my neck, leaving me there to bleed out.

"The hell just happened?" I asked myself as my vision faded to black.

24 hours later.

I woke up at the same cliff I saw the woman. "Okay… so that happened. I really just got my ass beat in less than a minute. What's worse is I still didn't figure out who that was."

I stood up looking out over the town. "Wraith world." I scanned the city locating the yellow wraith immediately. Before going for round two I checked my status to see if dying did anything to me.

Jay, Bounty Hunter, Lv. 30

20% increase in strength for first death.

"Okay so I'm up by 5 levels. Based on feeling alone all my abilities were increased. Speed, strength, even my durability. These stats aren't based on games with point distribution rather with every level everything about you increases. That's why there was such a difference between me and Sanji. Only way for me to level up further is to continue my journey in this world." I jumped from the cliff activating my WRAITH CLOAK as I hit the floor. I then vanished from sight heading straight towards the yellow wraith.

The second I entered a certain range she reacted immediately. Her wraith vanished, appearing behind me with a horizontal slash. I jumped, dodging the strike. I kicked out, knocking the blade from her hand. I landed and we went hand to hand. I threw out a right straight which she dodged before responding with two left jabs. The first hit me but I managed to dodge the second as I swept her legs out from under her.

As she fell to the floor I attacked again aiming for her chest. She rolled out the way as my fist collided with the ground creating a small hole. I attacked one more but she caught me off guard by jumping up quickly making me lose my balance and nearly fall. As I recovered she picked up her blade and settled into a stance.

Damn who the hell is this chick. I can't even land an attack, even though I'm transformed she still has the edge in speed.*

I charged the wraith energy through my body sending even more pulsing to my legs. "Wraith speed!" I shouted as I blitzed forward. I apparently caught her off guard because the attack hit her cleanly in her cheek sending her flying.

I used shadow walk to appear behind her before grabbing her by her leg and throwing her towards the ground. I then let gravity take control as I began to fall, coming down with full strength to finish her off.

"WRAITH CLOAK!" I heard her yell out as her body went transparent with a bright yellow glow. My fist went right through her slamming into the ground.

Hearing the name of her ability caused me to stop my assault. "What did you just say?"

She vanished from under me, appearing on a nearby tree. "Who are you?" She asked.

I shook my head. "You know when asking someone's name it's only polite to introduce yourself first."

She stood there for a moment. "Why did you attack me?"

My face turned into one of shock. "Huh?! You were the one to attack me the second we met! What the hell was that for?!" I shouted.

She took a seat on the branch. "You just showed up to my cliff so of course I attacked you."

"What do you mean your cliff?"

"It's the highest place on the island. I liked it so I claimed it."

"Right." I replied sarcastically. I decided now was the best time to check her status.

Kuragari, Village girl, Lv.27

Her parents were killed by Joke. She though she died as well but instead of dying she appeared on the highest cliff. Now anytime she dies she goes there. Number of deaths: 3. Immune to light and spiritual attacks.

Passive light: Weapon expert(Can learn to use any kind of weapon after practicing for an hour, unfortunately that doesn't help her hand to hand capabilities.)

Devil fruit: Wraith wraith fruit(mythical zoan) Model Heaven.

Wait, that fruit it's the same as mine. Wait no… it's the heaven model while mine is the hell model. That explains the yellow wraith I guess. Wait, does that mean my own wraith is a different color?* I activated wraith world looking at my hand to see a shadowy black energy. *Guess so.*

Looks like I found my partner. She may be a bit slow but she'll get up to par quickly. Her memory must've been fucked up after dying three times. Also if she has the same fruit as me that means she's currently in a partial transformation. I'll need her to leave that.*

She continued staring at me waiting for me to say something else. "Sorry about messing with your cliff but I'd like to learn more about you if that's alright."

She flinched back, surprised that someone wanted to know about her. "What's your goal here?"

"Nothing. Your parents were killed by Joke right, he's gone now." I told her.

A look of recognition flashed in her eyes. "Joke. That's who I was after. How could I have forgotten about him? What do you mean he's gone?" She asked.

I smiled. "He chose to fight and I beat him. He left as I instructed. He wasn't all that bad just a bit… misguided I guess.

Confusion quickly gave rise to anger. "MISGUIDED, HE KILLED HUNDREDS! HE KILLED MY PARENTS! HOW CAN YOU CALL THAT MISGUIDED?!" She shouted trying to understand my reasoning but failing miserably.

I looked at her sympathetically. "Because all he wanted was someone around that would never betray him. I gave him a chance to find that and he took it because he could no longer stay here. You no longer have a place on this island come with me, become my partner and help me on my journey." I said with no deceit present in my voice.

She looked at me, knowing that she truly had nowhere to go. "Fine I'll come with you but I don't know what you mean by partner. I'll help you but I'm not your girlfriend." She replied hotly.

"It's better that way." I laughed. "I can guarantee that after a year you'll come around. I'm not a bad guy, I can even be a little fun at times. Besides you seem to be around my age and if that's true we don't have much time for romance. It's time we found someone to settle on don't you agree?"

"Huh? I don't have time for romance at all. Besides who says I should settle on you?"

"Right." I said sarcastically. "Then for now we'll be in a strictly business relationship. Let's go, we must go out and train, at least a little."

She looked confused. "Wait where's your ship, how are we going to leave?" She asked, confused.

"Like this." I picked her up, causing a moment of protest.

"Hey what the hell are you doing? You said strictly business, put me down." She yelled.

I stepped out onto the water. "Are you sure?" She looked stunned for a moment before grumbling and going quiet. "Thought so." I then took off running, looking for an island that we could use to train.

A year later.

(What you thought we were gonna do another training arc this early. Hell no, I can't write those well at all so we are just skipping it. Some of what happened over the year will be explained over time. Like I said slight hints of romance here and there. A lot of the crew will be paired so that's a thing. If romance ain't up to par don't blame me, I don't date much so obviously writing through experience on the subject will be hard.)

Kuragari and I had just arrived back in the east blue. We decided traveling all the others first would help hone our skills since east blue was notoriously known to be the weakest.

"So should we stop by Loguetown?" Kuragari asked.

"No, not until we need to. There's a certain person there that might kill me now that they know I chose the pirate life instead. It's complete bullshit, I got a bounty and yet here you are not a single beri on your head." I complained.

Kuragari laughed a bit. "It's not my fault they can't get a good picture of me. The light tends to blind the camera before they take the shot. I'm not getting a bounty until I feel like it."

"Yea and that's why I'll be the better pirate."

"Well unfortunately I clarify as a kunoichi, we have to go to some ninja place at some point."

"Well I guess we will be going to Wano eventually. Anyways, come on, I may not be hungry but I want some food." I dashed out onto the water with Kuragari following closely behind.

A bit later we arrived at the baratie. Over time in the other blues I earned a small fortune, I can't carry too much as of now but I still have a decent amount.

I walked into the restaurant and was immediately greeted by Sanji. Well I guess not so much. "Welcome asshole." He said in a sickeningly sweet voice. He then spun over to Kuragari with hearts flowing in a tornado. "KURAGARI CHHAAAANNNN!" He shouted. "What can I get for you, my lovely empress?"

This all happened when I was heading to reverse mountain after getting Kuragari. I show my affection through talking shit, obviously Kuragari was not an exception. He caught me once and it ended in a close fight with him winning. I guess our views were too different.

"Watch yourself, Sanji. You may have been stronger before but as of now. I'm guaranteed to win." I said with finality.

"Huuuh? You think you're strong now huh? I haven't been slacking on my training if that's what you think." Sanji replied with a challenging glare.

"Alrighty then let's go." I offered. I stood up and entered my stance and charged at him. Before I got very far I was knocked to the floor.

"Jay calm the hell down! We're here to eat, not deal with your bullshit!" Kuragari shouted.

I stood up calmly as if nothing happened. "Well then let's order."

Sanji, who was also knocked to the floor, stood up and dusted himself off. "You're beautiful even when you're mad." He swooned with hearts in his eyes again. He then turned to me. "Your lucky Kuragari stepped in. If she didn't you'd be laid out right now." His face then morphed into an annoying smile that would've looked charming to anyone else. "What would you like to eat?" He asked.

"I'll take a steak and a glass of water." I replied steadily.

"I'll take the same but with wine instead of water if that's fine." Kuragari told him politely.

He retreated to the kitchen and soon came out with two plates and placed one in front of Kuragari and one in front of me.

You could see the favoritism in the size of the steaks. They may have both been cooked to perfection but her steak was clearly bigger as well as the heart decorations on the side.

Kuragari, the angel she is, switched the plates before glancing at Sanji. "I'm sorry but I can't eat that much. I hope you don't mind."

I looked at Sanji with the most smug grin I could muster. He growled before putting a crooked smile on his face. "Of c-course, anything for you Kuragari."

After finishing our dinner we paid the tab and set off again. We began running across the ocean before coming to the edge of the east blue that split the east from the south. We walked forward and the second the ripples in the ocean were made hundreds of sea kings popped out of the water.

They immediately all lunged forward until a huge roar was heard. All the sea kings immediately moved to make a path. Coming through the path was a sea king about half the size of the rest swimming through the water with an air of elegance that demanded respect.

"Sea angel thanks for that." I rubbed my hand across his scales. "I'll make sure to tell Kosami what a good job you're doing."

The giant snake-like creature seemed to purr. Nodding its head before turning to the other sea kings with a glare. The message was clear. *Fuck with them again and you're dead.* Sea angel then began guiding us back towards the island receiving a treat as a reward.

Kosami rushed forward hugging me. The sudden action caused me to blush a bit, I was buried deep in her chest. A sound of surprise came from behind me causing Kosami to see who it was. The second she saw Kuragari she smiled. "Oh look at you. Are you Jay's girlfriend?" She asked.

Kuragari's face went red but with the way she spoke you wouldn't think anything of it. "I'm not dating him, our relationship is strictly business." She shouted.

Me being a bit oblivious to a girl's advances looked down dejected. Kosami on the other hand, with her observation haki as advanced as it was heard something else within. *We're not dating… yet.*

Kosami smiled. "Hm well I hope you come around. Jay here is like a younger brother to me, It'd suck if he couldn't find a girl for him."

Kuragari nodded a nonchalant look on her face. Once again she was seen through. *I will definitely become the girl for him. He won't be able to live without me when I'm done.*

Kosami shook her head grinning before turning back to me. "How long do you plan on staying this time?"

I looked up the self deprecating thoughts all gone. "Half a year from now we'll go out to find Luffy. Kuragari is aware of my origins and she's fine with it. Though at first she wanted me dead cause she thought I manipulated her."

Kosami nodded. She summoned her dragon, allowing us to hop on.

Jay, Pirate, Lv. 50

New Abilities

Shadow walk(I disappear from sight before appearing somewhere else. People with observation sees what actually happens a mass of shadows moving at light speed to another location.)

Wraith speed(turn partially into a wraith and increase my running and jumping ability)

Wraith cloak(turn into a wraith can go through walls and can't be hit. I'm unable to attack in this form but I can still be seen so as long as an enemy waits for the cloak to go off I can still be countered.)

Shadow call(Can raise the shadows of people in the area. It's a party trick at best and only works under light from a black flame. Also the flames are completely loyal to its owners. So it's not like Moria in the least.)

Black flame(A flame that doesn't burn and is usually just surrounding me in a aura when I power up. I can summon it but it's only a party trick.)

Darkness rise(The darker it is the stronger I get.)

Kuragari, Kunoichi, Lv. 45

Passive light: Weapon expert(Can learn to use any kind of weapon after practicing for an hour, unfortunately that doesn't help her hand to hand capabilities.)

Devil fruit: Wraith wraith fruit(mythical zoan)

1. Wraith speed(turn partially into a wraith and increase her running and jumping ability.)

2. Wraith cloak(turn into a wraith can go through walls and can't be hit. unable to attack in this form but can still be seen so as long as an enemy waits for the cloak to go off she can still be countered.)

3. Gravewalker(When She dies She goes into a ghost like state for 24 hours and after the time is up her body forms on that position so She can go anywhere during that time)

4. Wraith world(She sees the world around her in the form of the souls of other people can see through walls and see as far as an island)

5. Apostle of light(The more light she absorbs the stronger she is. Also converts as the more light in an area the stronger she is. Basically escanors sunshine ability but without buffing up.)

6. Spirit step(She disappears from sight before appearing somewhere else. People with observation sees what actually happens a mass of light moving to another location.)

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