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"Hey merry." I whispered to the shadowy figure.

"Uhhh, me?" She asked, pointing at herself.

"Yea you, my wraith world let's me see you. Apparently Kura and I are the only ones." I explained.

"Well um, is this a nice crew?" She paused. "I heard from other ships that they don't have crews that care for them."

"You don't have to worry about that, I promise we'll take care of you." I smiled.

"That's good, I was worried you guys would just treat me as an object. I'll take you guys as far as I possibly can."

"Thank you, Merry. Now we gotta decide on the Jolly Roger. Come talk to me anytime." I told her before turning back towards the crew.

"Tadaa!" Luffy shouted holding up a deformed Jolly Roger.

"No, we can't use that one. We should use this one!" Usopp said, holding up his own. A Jolly Roger clearly based off of himself, one of the bones was just a slingshot and the skull had a long nose.

"Hell no, I vote we use this one!" I shouted holding up a Jolly Roger with a straw hat on it. That wasn't all though there was a black skull with flaming blades forming a cross behind it, the hat shined yellow, and the red strap had lightning crackling off of it. The same Jolly Roger but with the crew's influence.

Nami smiled. "I like it, that red lightning represents me right? The shining yellow is Kuragari and you are the black skull."

Zoro smirked. "The flaming black blades are me."

"Right! We'll go with this, without you four we wouldn't be the strawhats. This way everyone has something, Sorry Kaya, Usopp." Luffy apologized.

"No problem, you guys are the main five on this crew. It's only right that the Jolly Roger is based on you guys. The new Strawhat pirates begin today." Kaya stated as the crew cheered.

"Alright now that that's settled, Usopp!" I commanded.


"Paint the Jolly Roger on these flags, Zoro you can hang them up. Kaya you will be starting your workouts today, Kura will guide you through them. Nami, make sure we stay on course. Luffy, you go on top of the figurehead and watch out for islands."

"What are you gonna do?" Luffy asked.

"Sleep." I decided.

"Huh?! Why do you get to sleep, you don't even need it!" Nami yelled.

"Fine! Zoro, go take a nap, I'll hang the flags. Zoro you'll be taking night watch so make sure you're well rested." I walked over to help out Usopp as Zoro walked into one of the rooms with a smile on his face.

An hour or so later we heard a noise on the side of the ship. A moment later a man climbed on board. "Come on out you filthy pirates!" The man shouted weakly. "I'll take all of you on, then I'll force your doctor to help me."

Fisherman Johnny, Bounty Hunter, Lv. 425 (100 weakened)

A bounty hunter that rose in power after joining a bounty hunter crew in the grand line. First stage Haki. A swordsman as well as a highly talented fisherman.

This is complete bullshit! When the hell did he get so strong?!* I thought.

Johnny ran at Luffy with his sword drawn. "I'll just have to take you down!" The first slash nearly cut through the wall if it wasn't for Kuragari's quick thinking taking the attack head on.

"Kura! Help me out, blind him!" A bright flash appeared causing Johnny to stagger, I ran up and tripped him causing him to fall from the ship into the water.

I jumped from the ship landing on the water and stepped on him forcing his head underwater, "someone wake Zoro before this idiot drowns!"

Usopp ran off and a moment later Zoro came yawning out the room. "Huh? What is it?" He asked.

I let Johnny go as he finally resurfaced, breathing heavily. "Calm down idiot, we're not your enemies."

Zoro looked over the side of the ship. "Johnny? What are you doing here?"

Moments later Johnny climbed back onto the ship. "Big bro Zoro?" He said surprised. "I saw a ship and wanted to ask for help, when I realized it was a pirate ship I thought I'd have to force it out of them."

"Do you know him, Zoro?" Nami asked.

"Yea, his name is Johnny. A bounty hunter friend from back in the day." Zoro explained. "So where's Yosaku and what are you doing here?"

"Yosaku is out on a mission for the captain, we were recruited into a bounty hunter crew by some really talented people. I came back here to see if you'd like to join us. It's been a year since I joined and I'm already strong enough to take on vice admirals and some warlords. I'm surprised to see you joined a pirate crew before I could get to you." Johnny told him.

"Some warlords?" Zoro asked. "Does that mean you're strong enough to face Mihawk?"

Johnny shook his head. "Mihawk is on a whole different level, I wouldn't survive one slash from him."

Zoro smirked. *It seems this Mihawk guy really is the greatest swordsman, one day I will beat him.* He thought. "Anyways, thanks for the invite but I'll be sticking with this crew. What did you need from us?"

Almost immediately Johnny fell to the floor, his face turning green. "A doctor." He whispered.

Kaya felt his temperature and checked the symptoms. "It's scurvy, he's not eating right. Someone go get some limes."

Zoro walked off and after a couple minutes it was clear he wasn't coming back. "Kura, go get the limes. Zoro clearly got lost again." Kura nodded, walking off.

"Lost? How did he get lost on such a small ship?" Kaya asked.

I laughed. "We don't ask those questions here, literally no one knows."

Moments later Kuragari came back with the limes, at the same time we heard a shout from up on top of the main mast. "Hey! Where's the food at?!" Zoro yelled.

I sighed. "Just leave him."

After squeezing some of the limes and giving it to Johnny, Kaya finally relaxed. "Alright you'll be fine, just next time you go out to see. At least know what the main diseases are."

Johnny jumped up full of energy. "Thanks big bro, that helped a lot."

"Um, you're not completely cured yet." Kaya said calmly.

All the energy vanished in an instant as he fell once more. "Fucking idiot." Nami and I whispered.

"Anyways, now it's clear that we aren't gonna survive out here without a cook. We need to find one as soon as possible." I told the crew.

"Yea, and then we can find a musician!" Luffy chimed in.

"No Captain, then we can find a doctor." I sighed. "Never thought meeting him in person would stress me out so much."

"Fine! We'll get a doctor but after that we need a musician! But where are we gonna find a cook?" He asked.

"I know a place, Kura and I have gone there before. One of its members is a talented fighter who beat me before, though that was before I trained."

"Really where is it?!" Luffy asked excitedly.

"A sea restaurant, a lot of the cooks there are famous for their strength. I worked there for a bit when I needed to save up money, I kinda wasted the money but that's besides the point."

"What way do we need to go?" Nami asked.

"Hmm, go towards Reverse Mountain. It's near there." I told her.

The Baratie

Some time later. (Becuase Oda never specifies travel time.)

"Jay! Is this the place?!" Nami called out.

I stumbled out of the room, a little weak from my nap. "Yea, big fish on the front. Called The Baratie, this is it."

"Oh so you know about this place too, big bro Jay?" Johnny asked.

"Yea I worked here for a bit back in the day, I met some pretty interesting people here as well. I wonder where those three are now." I said aloud.

In the east blue somewhere. "Achoo… I think someone's talking about me." Haruka said.

"Ooh maybe it's Jay! Maybe he misses us." Izumi followed.

Hikari sighed. "That's not very likely, we can only hope."

"Well that doesn't really matter, does it? We will see him again some day." Haruka told them. "Isn't that right girls!"

"Yea!" The large group of girls behind her shouted.

Back at the baratie. "Anyways we should proba-"

At that moment a marine ship appeared and a man stepped out. "Hm, never seen that flag before." Fullbody whispered. "I'm the Marine Lieutenant Fullbody, you got some nerve flying a pirate flag in front of me. Come out and state your names."

Kuragari stepped out from the shadows. "Nice to see you again, it's been a while since I last kicked your ass."

I sighed. "Be careful not to revert to your old ways, we don't have time to deal with a battle hungry kunoichi."

"Huh?! I'm not battle hungry!" Kura shouted.

"Yea sure, anyways." I walked up to the railings. "Fullbody, do you really wanna do this? We both know how it's gonna end."

Fullbody laughed awkwardly. "What do you mean? You're lucky I'm in such a good mood today, I'm on a date. I don't have time for this." He led the girl with him inside, signalling his crew to let us go.

Zoro smirked. "Guess he didn't want to embarrass himself." We docked the ship and prepared to get off.

"Bye Merry, we'll be back shortly." I whispered.

"Bye Jay, bring me back some apples please."

"Can you even eat real food?" I asked.

"Of course I can, I just don't need to. I'm a phantom like you guys so that's just how it is." Merry explained.

"Alright, I'll make sure to bring you some cake as well." I told her as we got off the ship and entered the restaurant. "HEY! Guess who's back!" I shouted as the doors closed.

Immediately I was swarmed by the longtime customers. "Jay, it's nice to see you." One said.

"Hey you should join our crew, you're not much of a sniper but it could be fun." Said another.

"How long are you going to stay, can we expect some good service today?" Asked one of the older customers. "These young people nowadays don't know what quality entertainment is."

"Hey waiter." Fullbody called.

"I'm not a waiter, I'm a sous chef." He said irritably. "What do you want?"

"Why is a pirate so popular with the customers?" He asked.

"Oh Jay? He's worked here before, I believe you two met before." Sanji grinned. "Maybe some missing money from long ago."

Fullbody thought about it for a moment. "He was the little bastard that took money from my ship, I always wondered what happened to it."

Sanji laughed. "It was a great day for our restaurant, we had a long lasting party. Thanks for that, next time don't leave your ship open. It better be secure now or you can expect more missing money."

Fullbody began to sweat. "Huh what are you talking about?"

Nami was currently having some fun with her new powers, now she could find and break into a vault with ease. "Woah! Look at all this money, usually I rarely steal from marines but now I'm a pirate. I can do it whenever I want, I wonder if they have anything to boost my skills." She began looking around for a weapon but couldn't find one better than the one I gave her. "It seems the glaive Jay gave me is the best I'm gonna get, I'll just have it upgraded from time to time."

She began to gather up as much money as she could and discreetly transported it in between ships. "Turns out I might have to thank Jay, this fruit is worth so much more than that treasure we gave up in Orange town. With an extra 30 million I have more than enough to pay back Arlong." Almost immediately her mood worsened. "No! I can't let that get to me right now, I'll deal with it later."

She hid the treasure inside the girls room and left the ship to join us in the restaurant. "Hey guys, what's going on?" She asked as she took a seat next to us.

"It seems Sanji just kicked out the marine for being wasteful and rude." I told her.

"Who's Sanji?" She asked.

Kuragari laughed. "The cook that's about to come spinning over here in a tornado of love to serve you."

"Huh?! Why would tha-"

"KURAGARI-SWAAAAAAN!" Shouted the cook from the other side of the restaurant. Nami watched in a mixture of horror and amusement as the man literally turned into a tornado and spun over to the table. "Greeting my lovely Kuragari, what can I get for you today?"

"Just something simple, surprise me." Kuragari responded.

"Yes of course!" He yelled enthusiastically. "How about you, shitty Jay?"

"See how quickly he switched." Kura whispered to Nami.

"Actually if you don't mind, how about I help out as a waiter?" I offered. "I know some of the customers were waiting for me to be back in action. Besides, we should have some quality entertainment later on."

Sanji stared doubtedly. "You just want some quick cash."

"Guilty as charged, but I'm serious. I'd like to give it another go."

"Fine I'll take you to the shitty geezer, we can get started right away." After half an hour of work the front doors burst open.

"Oh and look who we have here, no need to panic, after all, at The Baratie we treat all customers equally!" I shouted. The customers began to clap. "Well then, Man demon Ghin, what can I get for you?"

Ghin stood in astonishment, he didn't think he'd get this sort of treatment. "Food, whatever you got. I haven't eaten in so long."

"Yes of course right away!" I then turned towards Sanji. "Keep the other cooks quiet before they start complaining about feeding him." I whispered.

Sanji turned away, keeping the cooks in the kitchen. Eventually Patty broke out but I immediately incapacitated him and moved on. After the food was prepared I brought the food out to Ghin's table. "Hey, those other cooks want you dead. Luckily Sanji and I are running the place today. Here's your food, enjoy."

The man dug into his food hungrily. "Thanks! This is really good food, I don't have any money to pay for it though."

"No problem at all, it'll come off my paycheck for now." I told him. "Have you ever thought of being a Marine?" I asked.

"From your looks I can tell you're the Wraith Emperor, the most notorious pirate in the east blue. Already traveled the other four blues and is soon to go to the grand line. If it's you I'm sure you can make it." He said. "Why are you asking me if I ever thought of being a Marine?"

I smiled. "You have the heart for it, you yearn for freedom like a pirate but you never liked following your captains orders. You only did them because you're a loyal person, the marines could use a guy like you."

Ghin laughed. "There was a time where I wanted to be a Marine, however ever since I got my first bounty it wasn't possible. No Marine will take me in now."

A surprised look crossed my face. "Have you not heard about the law passed by the world government recently?"

"What law?"

"You can just pay off your bounty in exchange for becoming a bounty hunter or Marine. It was passed thanks to a bounty hunter crew in the grand line." I explained. *Come to think of it, Johnny did say he joined a crew of bounty hunters. I wonder what he knows about this?* I thought.

Ghin smirked. "Well, if the day ever comes where I can't stand my captain any longer, I'll make sure to go to the Marines. Anyways thanks for the food I should be getting back to my crew." Ghin stood up and walked out of the restaurant, his bill paid by me.

Sanji walked up. "Was that the entertainment you were talking about?"

"Nope, not even close. Just wait about 15-30 minutes and you'll see." I told him.

Later on that day.

Once again the front door to The Baratie burst open. "Sorry for intruding but could I have some water… and food. If it's money you want, I've got plenty."

"This is the entertainment I was talking about, looks like we got a fight on our hands." I whispered to Sanji before moving over to Nami. "Hey you heard what they said right? They have plenty of treasure, can I trust you to take it from them. They have no plans on paying anyways."

Nami nodded. "I like the way you think." She vanished from the seat in pursuit of the treasure that would've sunk to the bottom of the ocean after Mihawk's slash.

Sanji walked into the kitchen and began to prepare food. "Alright, my dear customers. The entertainment has arrived!" I shouted.

"Huh? What entertainment?" Ghin asked.

I officially began the show. "As you all know, this man in front of us today is the legendary captain Krieg! He's known far and wide for his sly tactics and lack of shame!"

"What?!" Ghin shouted. "The captain isn't like that."

"There is no doubt in my mind that after this savage pirate is fed he'll attack this ship!" I announced. The customers went into an uproar, some packing up others encouraging the fight they saw coming. "However, you have no need to panic! After all, today's entertainment is a battle between the legendary Krieg pirates and your very own…!" I activated my partial transformation as my eyes turned black and darkness fell from my skin. "Wraith Emperor! Jay!"

The customers cheered. "That's how you do it Young'uns, this young man understands true entertainment!" The older man shouted, he looked about mid 40's and that's when I noticed it. A space-like spirit with a power level of…"

Noiro, Marine Admiral, Lv. 1200

Though he's a Marine he doesn't exactly hate pirates, he sees them as a source of entertainment. His only weaknesses are his love for his daughter and a good vacation.

During his vacations he likes to keep his Haki deactivated so that he doesn't ruin the feeling of being an ordinary citizen. Tends to take even more vacations than Garp.

Devil fruit: Wraith Wraith fruit, Model Space

Watch out, one attack could turn a weaker target to dust.

Okay what the hell is it with high ranking marines and taking vacations in the east blue?* I thought before continuing my show. "You're in luck, here comes the food now!" Zeff showed up dropping a huge bag beside Krieg and putting a bowl down in front of him.

"Eat up."

As Krieg was eating, Ghin's mind was reeling. *There's no way he'd actually attack the people that saved his life, what kind of honor is there in that?*

The second Krieg finished eating he stood up and punched Zeff sending him flying. Zeff landed without a scratch on him. "Whew, that made me almost want to pick up fighting again." He said aloud. Despite his looks Zeff had a level of 105, his time in the restaurant didn't make him lose all his skills. "Alright off you go, I'll get the battle fins ready so that Jay can get his show on the road."

The ship shook as the fins rose from the water creating a platform. "Sanji help them out will you."

Sanji nodded. "Alright."

I walked up to Sanji and smirked. "Hey, how about whoever does the best during this fight gets to give the other one command?" I offered.

Sanji accepted. "Fine it's a deal, after I win I'll make sure to have both you and Kuragari working here for life. Oh but don't worry she won't have to lift a finger, since you'll be doing enough work for the both of you."

I smirked. "Well, when I win. Which I will, you'll have to join my crew as a cook. I heard from a strong source that the all blue is real, I was hoping you'd want to find it."

Sanji looked shocked. "What I can't leave, this is where I belong. I may not like the shitty geezer or those other useless cooks but I won't leave them here."

"Well then, I guess you better win." I walked off to go talk to the crew. The fins to the restaurant were finally up as we waited for the pirates to launch their assault.

"So what's the plan?" Zoro asked.

"Simple really, we beat their ass and leave. Nothing more to it, oh and watch out for Mihawk. He's been seen in the area after all."

A spark appeared in his eyes. "Really? He's here?"

"Yea, this is your chance. Show him your ambition, you don't need to win, just prove that you refuse to back down."

"I can't back down, not after coming this far. I will become the best swordsman and surpass him one day."

I laughed. "Good, however you should watch out. He may not be your biggest rival."

"He's the greatest swordsman in the world, who else is going to rival me?" He asked.

"I don't know, but think about it. Johnny went from a level of maybe 10 to a level of 425, I can almost guarantee he's not the main swordsman of that crew. If that's true that means there's a bounty hunter out there at least twice his strength. This is after 1 year of training, give whoever it is 2 more and they'll have surpassed him." I explained.

"That's true but this is all based on a maybe, I don't think we have anything to worry about. If we do, I'll just train to surpass him as well." Zoro decided.

Roars from the approaching pirates could be heard as the first wave approached the ship. Kaya and Usopp went up to the roof of the restaurant and began picking pirates off one by one. Luffy ran out and began punching the pirates left and right.

Zoro followed, slashing through anyone that got close with Sanji behind him, helping with his powerful kicks.

I flashed through the crowd taking out everyone I saw with swift jabs. I stopped beside Sanji, "Come on, you can do better than that. Are you sure you're ready?"

Sanji glanced at me. "I'm ready, are you?"

I met his gaze challengingly. "How many have you taken down so far?"

"More than you," Sanji told me.

I cracked my neck and flexed my muscles. "Well it's about time I change that. Looks like you'll get to see what a great crew we have, I guarantee you'll join us."

Sanji smiled, showing his teeth. "I look forward to working with a permanent waiter, regardless of my thoughts on you, it's clear you can bring in some good money."

I drew in a deep breath, excitement pulsing throughout my body as I settled into a stance. *This will be the first time in awhile that I get to go all out.* I thought. "Go!" I shouted as I plunged into the middle of the crowd.

A symphony of screams filled my ears supplying me with even more energy. Hearing them fear me brought me joy, the air filled with the scent of blood. A figure appeared at the corner of my eye with a sword. I ducked as the man slashed out and punched him hard enough for my fist to go through his chest.

The customers cheered as I raised up my hand. "This is the entertainment you all wanted! Don't worry I will continue to supply you with more!"

One of the pirates tried to back away but I slipped behind him and twisted his neck, his body falling to the floor lifeless. "Come on Krieg Pirates, this is a battle you can't win!" I yelled. "We may be outnumbered but you don't have the training to keep up!"

"At least we have a goal in mind when killing, you're just killing us for fun!" One of them shouted.

"True." I smiled. As my fist found its place through his chest. "Even so, you were the ones who wanted this fight. You can't be pirates if you're afraid of death. Could've just been a trained civilian in the east blue, you would have no problems."

I felt a stab of pain as a blade was stabbed through my arm. "Damn it! I don't have healing like Kura, you can't just go stabbing people!"

"You can't be a pirate if you're afraid of death." He mocked.

I tore the blade from my arm and used it to decapitate him. "I hate using blades, there's no fun in it." I threw the blade aside and was immediately ambushed from behind.

A pirate stood there with a blade to my neck. "Give up or die." He said.

I sighed. "You fucking idiot, it's kill first ask questions never." I ducked under the blade, turned around and grabbed his head. "You'll work for me until you die, Dominate!"

The spark in his eyes died out leaving only obedience. "What is it you ask of me Master?"

I smiled. "Go kill your old clan mates and keep fighting until you die, not too hard right?"

He bowed. "Anything for the Wraith Emperor." He ran off slashing through his crewmates as yells of horror could be heard. Some were calling him a traitor but it didn't last long because he slashed through them everytime they did.

"You gotta love domination, anyone I dominate is brought to my level and taken under control. I can make level fifties with one touch, Moria would be so jealous." I said aloud.

Sanji appeared beside me. "Are we counting all his kills as your own?"

"Yes of course we are, he's my puppet after all." I told him. "Hold on, I gotta run through his mind real quick."

The pirates pov. *Ahhhhh, why?! Why am I slaughtering my own crew?! I vowed to live and die beside them but I never wanted to end their lives, regardless of our Captain we lived as brothers. But now I'm forced to kill them.* The man kept fighting as tears fell from his eyes in silent pain.

"Reihahaha! The idiot is crying, oh my YH you can't find this sort of fun in the marines!" I was about to jump back into the fight myself when Kuragari appeared behind me.

"Hey Jay, sorry to interrupt your fun little villain arc but we have a problem." She told me.

"Fine, what is it now?" I asked, all the fun drained away.

"Well, Nami just left with the ship. I think we should go after her."

"Yea sure, just give me a bit." I turned away ready to jump into the fight again.

"Jay, that means now!" She ordered.

"Oh come on, you're no fun. We can walk on water remember, we can go after her later. Please?" I asked.

"Fine, we'll clean up the extras and then we can go." She decided.

I hugged her before jumping off. "Thanks Kura."

"Fuck you, just hurry up." She whispered.

"Love you too." I laughed as I crushed some random's heart in my hand.

"I'll kill you!" I heard a pirate shout as he stabbed an unsuspecting Luffy.

"Oh that was just a dumb mistake." Zoro whispered.

I flashed over, even though I knew the attack didn't do much to Luffy. I grabbed him by the head and slammed him into the floor repeatedly. I held him up, his life slowly draining away. "I love when idiots try to hurt my crew, it's like they think they won't die for doing so." I held his body up, the customers and other pirates seeing his mangled body in my hands. "Now you will suffer slowly." I whispered to him, causing him to whimper.

I sent an aura of dark energy into his head. "Dominate!" The man's body buffed up slightly and he lost the challenge in his eyes. His face gave way to a smile.

"What can I do for you Master?" He asked.

I whispered in his ear. "Nothing too crazy, I would just like you to jump off the ship into the water and never resurface, if at all possible." The man nodded though his spirit was screaming. "Under my control, if I tell you to die. You die." His body fell into the water and after a couple minutes his internal screams faded to silence. "Idiots, I swear."

(The world of One piece is much darker than it seems, we see good characters like Shanks celebrating over the dead body of a marine. I wanted to bring out pieces of that darkness in my story, and who better to show it than me myself, the wraith who governs over darkness.)

After the death of that idiot we quickly cleaned up the rest of the extras. "Alright Sanji, looks like I won." I told him. "A gentleman like yourself would never go against his word, right?"

Sanji sighed. "Fine, I'll join. I just gotta give the old geezer my goodbyes." He said.

"Nah don't even worry about it, figure it out for yourself. If you'd like to join, then join. I won't force you." I turned and walked away to go find Kuragari. "Alright, we can leave now."

"About time, let's go." I began playing music as we jumped onto the water and ran off.

"Hey where's Jay going?" Zoro asked Luffy.

"Nami stole the boat to go handle something, Jay says to finish up here and then go to cocoyashi village. That's where we'll find him." Luffy told him.

Zoro shrugged. "Alright." At that moment Krieg's galleon was suddenly split in half.

"What?!" Krieg shouted. His pirates were down leaving only him and three others and now his ship was gone as well.

Through the wreckage of the ship sailed two mysterious figures, one of which was Dracule Mihawk. The other, a girl who looked to be about 19. "It's Mihawk, one of the seven warlords of the sea." Johnny commented calmly from his place on the sidelines. Mihawk's level was 1,377, above even the admirals though below the fleet admiral Sengoku. The world's greatest swordsman.

"It's Mihawk." Zoro whispered as the excitement built up in his eyes. *Who's the girl next to him?* He thought, confused.

"Damn it! What did we ever do to you?!" Ideaman asked. "Why the hell did you have to follow us all the way out here?!"

"Just to kill some time." He replied.

"That's bullshit!" The man shouted as he tried to shoot Mihawk but his bullets were just deflected.

"Well, I also had to drop off my daughter. She needs some real world skills before training under me." Mihawk explained.

The girl behind him nodded and jumped off the ship. "Geez dad, the least you could do is teach me haki."

Mihawk glared at her sternly. "Yea maybe if you picked up some actual blades I would."

"But why?!" She yelled. "My crimson glaives are the last thing mom gave to me, if she used them then I want to as well."

"Well if you want to follow in your mothers footsteps then you can start by actually training for it." Mihawk sighed. "Also stop talking as if she died, she left to start a dojo on Sphinx island."

The girl shrugged. "Yea because leaving your only daughter to start a dojo is the best possible solution to your divorce."

"It isn't like that, she was born there. They needed a protector, her father is getting too old. Besides she's a talented doctor, with her there no one can attack the village." Mihawk explained.

Zoro continued to watch the situation in awe. *The legendary Mihawk, scolding his daughter?*

"It's about time that old man retires anyways! He's always talking about how important his 'family' is to him but he won't even let his granddaughter join his crew!" She complained.

Mihawk was beginning to get impatient. "Look Keres, this is just how things are. There's no quick path to true power, you can't cheat your way there. You said that you wanted to surpass the three of us. If that's true you can't accomplish it by living in our shadows. You need to see the world and learn what it means to be a warrior."

Keres sat down. "Fine. Just hurry up and finish off these pirates, I need to find an island to start my journey on."

Mihawk smiled, a smile that was kinda unsettling for everyone present. "Right, maybe we can get something to eat after we're done. It seems me and an old friend inside that restaurant have some catching up to do."

At that moment Noiro stepped out of the shop. "Ahh, if it isn't Mihawk! What are you doing out here, are you on a vacation too?" He asked.

"No, I'm here to drop off my daughter for some real world experience." Mihawk told him.

Noiro laughed. "It's about time, I dropped mine off long ago. I wonder if she ever made her way off that island? How about a spar for old time sake?"

Mihawk shook his head. "No I'd rather not, you died the last time remember."

Noiro laughed again. "Funny thing is I didn't even realize I was that close to death, but come on I finally got a hang of my new devil fruit. It gives me a cube that I can command to complete simple tasks for me like keep me notified on when I might die."

Mihawk looked surprised. "New devil fruit?"

"Oh I didn't tell you? I ate another one, I figured if my fruit allows me to die repeatedly I could always eat another fruit." Noiro explained.

"Right… you're literally the only one I know that would use a devil fruit so recklessly. However, that's eight deaths now right? We don't know how many you have so we shouldn't waste them."

Noiro deflated. "Wow, basically saying me fighting you as I am now is certain death."

Mihawk groaned. "Yes that's exactly what i'm saying, you're getting old maybe you should retire. You're the oldest man in the Marines even though your body says otherwise."

"My mind is the only thing that's maturing, I assure you I can still keep up with all you young'uns. I remember back in the day before old brook disappeared he was the only one who could keep up with my skills. Now everyone got so much stronger after that Roger fella came along including me." Noiro's energy surged. "Anyways, I better be getting back to Marine headquarters. I'll call you over for a concert one of the rookie vice admirals is throwing. She's probably the best musician in the marines."

As soon as Noiro was out of sight Zoro confronted Mihawk.

"I've never seen such graceful movements." Zoro commented.

Mihawk finally returned his sword to his sheathe. "A sword without grace is no strong sword."

"Did you cut this ship as well with that sword?" Zoro asked.

"Yea, obviously he did. Mad you're not powerful enough to do the same?" Keres mocked.

"Then you really are the strongest." Zoro said ignoring the tone the girl had.

"Wait a minute, three swords?" Keres said questioningly. "I think I heard of him."

"I set sail to meet you." Zoro continued.

Mihawk sat back in his ship. "What do you aim for?"

"To be the strongest." Zoro answered. "You said you have time right? Let's have a duel."

"It's him, Roronoa Zoro." Keres whispered to him. "The strongest swordsman in east blue, he uses a unique style of three swords."

Mihawk glared. "Nothing but a pitiful weakling. If you're a competent swordsman you should be able to tell the difference in our skill yet you challenge me anyway? Does this come from conviction or ignorance?"

"It comes from my ambition, and a promise to a friend." Zoro replied.

Back with Nami. "I wonder if I can be counted as their friend the next time we meet. They were good people, I will become free Bellemere. By my own power."

"Are you so sure?" I asked, appearing next to her. "You can't become free by yourself, Kura and I will help you."

Returning to the confrontation with Zoro and Mihawk.

"To be honest, I never thought I'd meet you so early on. Imagine my surprise when Jay told me you were coming."

"You're nothing but a waste of time if you ask me." He brought out a small dagger from the necklace in his neck.

Johnny shook his head. "I just hope big bro doesn't die, not even I can handle Mihawk and I'm many times stronger than big bro now."

"What are you planning on doing with a blade like that?" Zoro asked.

"I'm not some brute who bullies the weak, you may be a swordsman of some prestige but you're from the east blue. This is the weakest of the four seas, it's got nothing on them. Unfortunately this is the smallest blade I have."

"There's a limit to how much you can underestimate me, don't regret it when you die!" Zoro dashed forward. "Santouryuu: Kaizoku no hi!"

The attack was easily stopped by the small blade. "You're a frog in a well, that can't see the outside world for what it really is. Allow me to show you." Mihawk ducked past Zoro's blade and stabbed him in the chest. "Do you really wish to die here? Why do you refuse to take a step back?"

"Beats me… not really sure myself… but I get the feeling… that if I were to step back right now, I'd lose something very important to me… A promise or oath… or whatever it is would be irreversibly broken, and that I'd never be able to return back to where I'm standing right now." Zoro explained.

"Yes." Mihawk replied. "Such is defeat."

"Haha, then I guess that's why I can't step back. I may lose here in every physical aspect but I won't allow you to break my will, I'll become the strongest swordsman in the world. No, I'll aim even higher, I'll become a swordsman powerful enough to take on the gods."

"You would die for that conviction?" Mihawk asked.

"I'd much rather die than live a life where I'm never accomplishing my dreams. Sometimes dying for your dreams is the best option." Zoro answered.

"Kid, tell me your name."

"Roronoa Zoro."

"You're the second opponent from the younger generation that I've acknowledged, one of you two will surpass me as the greatest swordsman this world has ever known. I look forward to seeing the outcome. From now on I shall remember your name, the strength you possess is not often seen in this world." Mihawk drew his blade. "And to pay respect to you as a fellow swordsman, I shall end this duel with my black sword, the world's strongest sword."

Zoro smiled. "Santouryuu Ouji…"

Mihawk dashed forward. "Die or survive, which will it be?!"

"SANZEN SEKAI!" The moment the attack finished one of Zoro's blades broke. *I lost, as I am now I'm no match for him. However I refuse to back down from my conviction.* Zoro turned around leaving his chest open to Mihawk.


Zoro coughed up blood. "A wound on one's back is the shame of a swordsman."

"Splendid. If you survive I look forward to seeing who would win, between you and that kid in the grandline. Who will be the greatest in the end?" Mihawk slashed down once more leaving a large wound on Zoro's chest as he fell into the water.

"Zoro." Luffy whispered. *He accepted the loss, so I will too.* Luffy thought.

"Big Bro!" Johnny's temper flared as he dashed forward, haki coating his blade. "Fisherman's voyage!" He shouted.

Mihawk blocked the blade with a look of surprise. "Fisherman Johnny? If your swordsman couldn't beat me, what makes you think you have the chance? You lack conviction!" Mihawk slashed, breaking his blade as well. "You could never surpass me."

As Mihawk turned to leave, Keres came out of the water with Zoro in her arms. "Dad, I think I'll stay with them. From watching this encounter I can tell I have a lot to learn from them."

Mihawk nodded slightly. "So be it, I'll be leaving now." Mihawk got on his boat and drifted away.

Zoro coughed up water. "Captain!" He shouted.

"You idiot, that could make your wounds worse!" Keres tried to calm him down but he pushed her way.

"Until the day comes that I defeat Mihawk, I vow to never lose to another swordsman again!"

Mihawk smiled menacingly. "Surpass me, Roronoa! It's either you or them! You two make a great duo, I'd like to see you again." And finally he disappeared behind the ships.

"Any problems, Pirate King?" Zoro asked.

"Hee hee! Nope!" Luffy replied as his smile returned.

Krieg smiled. "He's gone, meaning he's not gunning for me anymore. You three, it's time we cleaned this mess up. They only have their Captain, a cook and two snipers left. We can handle them."

Luffy glared at him, "we won't lose!"

Ideaman stepped forward pointing at Usopp. "Alright come on, Long nose! I'll take you on!"

Usopp readied his slingshot. "Alright!" Though he was a lot less enthusiastic then he seemed. "You can't beat my sniping skills!"

Pearl jumped off the ship onto the fins of The Baratie, "come on little lady. I'll be your opponent."

Kaya smiled. "Of course." She jumped down from the roof of the restaurant, unlike Usopp she was more of a mid range fighter.

She already picked up the bare minimum in martial arts and her body was strong enough to be passable. She went from the low level of 3 all the way to 16, Pearl was stronger in every way at level 30.

Ghin stared at Sanji. "I'm sorry it has to be this way, but until the defeat of my captain I'm still a loyal crewmate."

Sanji nodded. "That's alright, I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Hahaha!" Krieg laughed. "Come on kid I'll take you on, you're their captain right?"

Luffy nodded. "I'll take you down."

Pearl ran at Kaya with surprising speed and caught her with a vicious jab. Pain blasted through Kaya'a system as Pearl came running at her again. Pearl aimed high giving Kaya enough time to duck and aim a shot at his foot, Pearl threw another punch sending Kaya back.

She smiled as she stood up. "That defense of yours is literally useless, there's so many gaps I don't need to do much to get to you."

Pearl laughed. "If you think a shot in the foot is enough to beat me, then you're sadly mistaken. These bullets are nothing more than blunt weaponry, you'd have a hard time piercing my skin."

"Maybe, but one well aimed shot and you're dead on the floor."

At that moment bullets flew between the two as shots were fired back and forth between Usopp and Ideaman.

"Wahahaha!" Usopp laughed. "You could never beat the great captain Usopp in a battle of sniping."

"Yea how about saying that when you actually manage to hit me." Ideaman said as he ducked behind the railing of the ship to avoid shots.

Usopp aimed carefully and caught Ideaman in the chest. "Like I said." Usopp started calmly. "You could never beat the great captain Usopp in a battle of sniping."

"You bastard!" Ideaman began firing more rounds as one bounced off an iron tonfa.

"Come on Sanji, keep up!" Ghin shouted.

Sanji danced backwards before kicking Ghin in the chest. "You need some lessons on foot placement, you seem to have a hard time keeping your balance."

Ghin spun his tonfa hitting Sanji in the head. "You seem to have trouble fighting someone with weapons."

Sanji spun, knocking it into the air. "No, not really."

Ghin caught it, bringing it down against Sanji's leg. "Really, you could've fooled me."

The two clashed once more, both being knocked back Sanji rushed in aiming at him with a high kick but Ghin ducked under it. "Allow me to remind you of my nickname, they call me 'the demon.'" Ghin told him as he slammed his tonfa down blocking Sanji's neck. "Unfortunately you will die here, so long."

At that moment Luffy was launched into him knocking him away and standing up to dash at Krieg once more.

"Come on kid, you can no longer win. Maybe if you still had the wraith emperor and Roronoa things would be different." Krieg mocked.

Johnny on the sidelines scoffed. "He's lucky I'm not fighting, this fight would've already been over. I gotta say though, they have more experience. If we were on the same level I would lose."

Krieg continued. "Now, now, no need to be impatient, kid. I will kill you within due time!" Krieg launched a barrage at Luffy.

"Spears!" Luffy shouted as he tried to run away. Eventually he was hit through the leg causing him to be tripped. "Owww!" Luffy pulled out the spear and placed down his hat. "Hey, you bastard! Do you not want to fight or what?!"

"Do I want to fight…? Ha I don't need to." Krieg smirked. "The only thing that I need in a battle are methods to kill you. Intellect is the true might of a human. On the other hand, you, who can only charge straight ahead without using your head, are equivalent to a monkey! It's about that time, finish' er, Pearl!" The two looked to the side seeing Kaya on the floor with Pearl on top of her about to bash her head in.

"Bye bye, pretty little lady." He whispered as he brought his fist down.

From up on the Baratie Usopp shot a lead star hitting Pearl directly in the temple leaving him stunned. Kaya stumbled from beneath him as Usopp called out. "Now! You have to deal with both of us!" On what remained of Krieg's galleon Ideaman was on the floor passed out.

Sanji smiled. "Well, it seems like they got that handled."

Ghin came in aiming for Sanji's head. "Don't forget about me!"

Sanji dodged low and caught Ghin with a powerful kick to his Jaw, Ghin tried to land on his feet but Sanji was on him in an instant with another powerful kick. He stood above Ghin but before he could knock him out he was tackled from the side. "Ghin we're switching opponents for a bit!" Pearl shouted.

Ghin nodded and went off to fight the two syrup village residents. Pearl tried to hit Sanji over the head with his shielded fist but Sanji jumped up hitting him with a powerful kick to the head.

Pearl shook the attack off. "Oh look at you, you have a good level of power."

Sanji smiled. "Thanks, but I feel like you're outmatched. Are you sure you wanna do this?"

Pearl answered by rushing in to attack once more when a crash was heard from the other side of the battle fins.

Krieg was sending out a barrage of cannonballs, all of which Luffy deflected back. As soon as the spears came out Luffy dodged around them before unleashing a powerful punch finally getting his first hit on Krieg.

Krieg wiped blood from his mouth. "Well would you look at that, you actually hit me. You won't get lucky like that again."

Luffy ran in again as Krieg held up his left arm shooting out a metal net catching Luffy. Krieg then put up the right to burn him with a flamethrower. "Die pirate!" The fire went on for a couple minutes before finally the oil canisters ran out leaving behind a charred Luffy. Weirdly enough Luffy just flexed and the charred remains fell off revealing perfect skin. "What how?!" Krieg shouted.

Luffy's body glowed red with an intense smoke coming off of it. "Ah! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!" He began to blow on his hands, somehow cooling him down. "Hey! You can't use fire like that, it's not fair!"

Krieg stood there stunned. "What just happened." Krieg took out a flail, deciding instead to go with melee weapons.

Kaya jumped back as Usopp fired more shots. Ghin was proving to be a much tougher opponent, the only advantage with fighting him is that he didn't have a suit of armor.

Ghin blitzed forward, knocking the bullets and pellets away before knocking Kaya back. "Kaya are you okay?!" Usopp shouted from his spot on the roof.

Kaya stood dusting herself off as blood dripped from the wound on her head. "Yea, it's strange if you would've told me a year ago that I'd be fighting murderous pirates, I would've took it as one of your many stories."

Usopp smiled. "I'm surprised too, I can't believe that I'm finally a pirate."

Ghin smirked. "I can't believe you two would start reminiscing during a fight. I thought we were fighting to kill."

Kaya shrugged. "I'm not gonna kill you, I'd much rather kill that Pearl guy. You seem nice, it'd be a waste to kill a good person."

Ghin was stunned into silence. "Right… Pearl, we're switching off again! I'm not killing a woman as nice as this!"

Pearl nodded. "About time, this chef isn't a good matchup for me. He was starting to crack my armor."

Ghin walked back over to Sanji before taking a seat. "I'm tired, I'll let them finish the fight. Come on, let's just go somewhere else so they'll think we're still fighting."

Sanji was shocked. "Um… alright. What about your loyalty to your captain?"

Ghin shrugged. "I was ordered to take you out, as long as you're not fighting I didn't ignore any orders." The two walked away.

On the other side of the battlefield. Krieg's weapons have failed time after time, every weapon he brought out was broken or countered. It had left him with only one weapon left, his spiked gauntlets. If these failed as well he'd have no choice but to resort to the mh5.

"Time to start the assault." Krieg whispered to himself. He sent out multiple spears before rushing in with a powerful right.

Luffy managed to dodge all the spears but was hit by the punch. "Ow what the hell?!" Silence gripped the battlefield as everyone stared at Luffy. "What?" He asked.

Kaya shook her head and refocused on Pearl. *Jay's corrupting him.* She shot at Pearl watching the bullet clang off the armor. "Hey Usopp, we're gonna have to try a lot harder against him." Usopp nodded, sending out multiple lead stars at Pearl.

Pearl ran at them but got knocked back due to a rain of bullets. His left shielded fist was broken off as he rushed forward trying to get close. Kaya danced around him firing bullets, he swung wide and Kaya saw her chance.

She slipped forward over his chest armor and fired a bullet into Pearl's neck. Blood poured out as he fell to the floor. His body twitched and finally fell still.

Kaya bowed, placing her hands together. "Sorry about that, I hope you find your way to the next life."

Usopp finally jumped down from the roof of the restaurant. "Seems like we beat him."

Kaya nodded. "Mhm, what should we do about Luffy's fight?"

Usopp turned around and started walking back towards the restaurant. "I don't know about you, but I'm going to eat."

Kaya sighed. "Might as well."

Krieg saw the two walk away and saw the lifeless body of Pearl on the floor. "Damn it, all of them are useless. An entire ship of people, beaten by some kids, now even if I take this ship I'm not making it too far in the grandline."

"Yea, so how about you just leave!" Luffy shouted.

"No, I must finish what I started. MH5!" He shouted as a shell was unleashed from his shield. Immediately Zoro jumped back up, crossed the field in seconds with his Lunaria set ablaze cutting the shell in half. Instead of a mass of gas being released the fire ignited it setting off a massive explosion blowing everyone back.

The customers stood there in silence. Kaya rushed out to see if anyone was injured and Johnny finally moved from his spot.

As the dust cleared a figure was shown standing while the other two were beginning to get up. Zoro smirked blood pooling from his newly opened wounds and his body with multiple 3rd degree burns all around. "Come on now Luffy, you almost got us all killed." He fell to the floor unconscious, miraculously he survived the explosion but he needed immediate medical assistance.

Kaya picked him up and brought back inside to treat his wounds, Krieg stood up, his armor shattered from the explosion leaving him immensely vulnerable. "What kind of idiot cuts open a shell of gas?!" He shouted frustrated.

Luffy stood up, unlike Zoro all he felt was the shock from the attack which did pretty much nothing to him. His eyes were shadowed he crossed the field and hit Krieg with a gum gum pistol that sent him flying off the ship.

He landed on another ship with some passengers less than happy with his arrival. "Who the hell is this Jackass!" A man shouted.

"My hat!" Luffy shouted as he woke up.

Sanji sighed. "Calm down, it's right next to you isn't it."

Luffy looked at his hat. "Oh it is."

Sanji thought back to what Ghin said before he left. *I'll meet you back out on the open seas, the next time we meet I'll be a marine and you a pirate.* He decided to think about whether or not he should be a pirate and the pros and cons to doing so.

Luffy stood up walking over to Sanji. "You have a dream right?"

Sanji smiled. "Yea, do you know about the all blue?"

Luffy shook his head. "No."

Sanji was surprised. "What?! Jay seemed to know about it. You've never heard of the ocean of miracles? Well you see in the all blue all kinds of fish from all four of the blues are gathered into one place. It's a paradise for a cook like me."

Luffy smiled. "Then you have to come with me, we'll help you find it."

Sanji took a puff from his cigarette. "Maybe, let me think about it a while longer."

As the crew ate and healed up from their fight with Krieg, Sanji remembered his dream of finding the All Blue and finally agreed to join Luffy's crew. At that point Luffy announced their next destination, one that Johnny knew the way too so he decided to guide them there. Zeff and the Baratie cooks all gave Sanji a tearful send-off before they all left from the restaurant.

Final comments: No excuse for why Zoro survived that blast, ima just let it pass as insane luck and durability. Cut by Mihawk and hit by a point blank explosion, yea he can definitely in survive that.

I wanna make it clear now before it happens later, there is slight romance, basically hints at separate couples on the ship. The partners will become clear as time goes on. The others might have multiple, I'll stick to the one obvious partner I have.

Writer vs. Jay

Writer: And there you have it, the straw hats win and Sanji joins the crew as a cook.

Jay: You're a bitch, I didn't get a reward from this because I left early.

Writer: Not my problem, the plot demanded you had to leave.

Jay: What's with being able to see Merry's spirit and why do we have another crewmate so early.

Writer: Well as I said we're going to have about 25 members on this crew, Buggy will have around the same amount. Anyways I felt that it'd be better to add someone that's constantly present in a lot of fanfics. The daughter of Mihawk.

Jay: What about Jason what's his group look like.

Jason: My group is finalized we have one member of our group showing up in most arcs, pretty much. There's 14 at the moment but we will be getting the 15th during the time skip if all goes well, a hint as to who that is, is in this chapter.

Writer: Mihawk having a wife, is honestly random as hell but at least he's not with her all the time. She went off to help her fathers island. Also with Merry's phantom being a spirit of sorts, it makes sense that a wraith could see it. Kura and I have the strongest wraith worlds on the ship so we can see her, Nami can't. I gotta say I'm most excited for Buggies crew that he gains over time, all extremely ruthless and all really good fighters.

Jay: Guess that means Blackbeard is gonna have a hard time keeping up.

Writer: Yep, Next time: "Arlong's destruction"