The sound of shoes clacking on the hardwood floor echoed around the corridor as Barty Crouch Sr. walked toward his office. His face was set in its usual stiffness, and his eyes darted around, taking everyone in sight. The employees in the office of International Magical Cooperation, long used to their boss, greeted him respectfully and resumed their work.

Barty Crouch glanced at them one more time as he closed the door to his office behind him. Once alone, the stiffness on his face gave way to a more cunning and vindictive one as he stared around with an evil grin, his tongue darting out every few seconds.

Barty Crouch Jr. was regarded as one of Lord Voldemort's most accomplished followers. He had successfully evaded any detection or suspicion from everyone, including high-ranked ministry officials like his father to those who had fought against his master, Dumbledore in particular. It was thus no surprise that he had successfully evaded detection this time around as well.

He knew his father's mannerisms and his beliefs, and it had been child's play to imitate him. It felt vile having to put up the mask but he would do anything for his lord.

Barty was intelligent and even though he had been imprisoned in Azkaban before being imprisoned in his home under the Imperius, his mind had remained as capable as ever.

As he took his seat, he began pondering on the little issue that was facing them and what he could do to resolve it.

His lord was about to make his return, and he only had two people to support him. The traitors could not be trusted, and the only people who deserved any recognition from their master and who could aid them in their endeavors were trapped in Azkaban.

Freeing them was an option but a highly risky one. Macnair was useless when it came to actual combat and he was but one man. That left the endeavor hanging in the air. There also remained the fact that if they were discovered before his master made his return then everything would be over.

If only Bellatrix had not died after brilliantly escaping from Azkaban…

It was such a shame that a witch as accomplished and powerful as Bellatrix Lestrange had succumbed to her horrors in Azkaban before even doing anything for their cause. He could have focused more on getting his master's faithful out of that hellhole instead of wasting his time playing his father in the ministry.

'Playing my father…' Barty thought for a moment, and a wide grin grew on his face.

His father had been the consummate head of the DMLE during the war and had developed quite a reputation amongst the criminals. However, he was also a politician, and that meant making several choices that would be frowned upon by the ethical aurors.

'Indeed. There could be a solution to this,' he thought triumphantly and summoned his assistant.

"Mr. Crouch, sir, how may I help you?"

Barty tuned out the first bout of feelings that came over his mind when he laid his eyes on one of the sons of the Weasleys. The boy was a polar opposite of his father, and not in a good way. Very rarely had he seen a more eager arse-kisser than Percival Weasley.

"With workload at an all-time high owing to this tournament, I've been feeling a little under the weather lately so I believe I need an extended break from everything. I trust you to handle it in my stead. I can count on you, aye?"

It seemed as if a woman had taken her clothes off herself and presented her body for him to do as he pleased. Such was the look of eagerness on the idiot's face and Barty almost scoffed in disgust.

"Yes, Mr. Crouch!" The boy enthused. "It shall be an honor to be able to take the workload off your shoulders. I assure you, I will ensure everything is done to the best of my abilities. Please take your time to rest and leave it all to me."

"Good lad. I knew you had it in you," Barty nodded approvingly, his lip curling maliciously as the boy bowed low before leaving.

"Stupid fuck," he scoffed and dug into the private drawer his father kept in his office. It seemed as good a place as any to start looking.


Harry, Daphne, and Valerie left the Delacours soon after, and the family sat together in Fleur's room.

Antoine Delacour was staring at the floor, his mind a mess of jumbled thoughts.

"What are you thinking?" Fleur asked her father who glanced over and sighed.

"Nothing… just… everything at once. You're really sure this is gonna work?"

"I believe in Harry, Papa," Fleur replied with conviction. "This has worked twice. And it will work again."

"The last two times didn't have a possessive veela standing in their paths," Antoine argued. "You say you're sure but you can't know that for sure. Anything could go wrong."

"Or right," Fleur rebutted.

"I'd much rather have you alive than in a state we know nothing about, love," Antoine said softly.

It was a concern. They were in uncharted territory here and he could not help but fear the worst.

"I will be there, darling," Apolline said soothingly. "Nothing will happen to Fleur. I promise you that."

Still unconvinced, Antoine stared at his wife before his eyes fell on the determined face of his daughter. All he could do was sigh and nod in resignation.

"So how will this all work then?"

Fleur smiled and started explaining, "Maman and I will meet 'Arry and we will go to the room. Daphne and Valerie will not be there and you won't be there as well. 'Arry said he didn't know if other people could be in the room when we do the ritual so we won't take a chance."

"We're already stretching it as it is with me being there," Apolline interjected with a small frown, earning a nod from her daughter.

"We will do the ritual which 'Arry said happens in only an instant. Everything takes place in our minds so no time in the real word passes," Fleur continued.

"This is very unnerving, you know?" Antoine mused out loud. "Who knew the Familiar ritual could create such bonds?"

"It only works if at least one person is an animagus," Fleur replied. "You create a bond with the creature and it binds you all for life."

Antoine nodded thoughtfully.

"And he stumbled upon this ritual purely by accident? That's insane."

"From what I've heard around, his life's pretty insane," Fleur chuckled.

"Tell me Fleur," Antoine intoned in a serious voice. "Are you really okay with this? With being one of three?"

Fleur leaned forward and gave her father's hand a soft squeeze.

"I never thought about sharing my husband with someone else, let alone two other women," she said softly. "But I also know that I like Harry, a lot, and he will treat all of us good. The veela has also recognized him as her mate and I can't exactly go against her. Then there is the close bond I've developed with Daphne and Valerie too. So yes, I am really happy with this arrangement and I want to go ahead with it."

Antoine stared at his daughter for a long moment before he turned his gaze to his wife who gave him an understanding smile.

With a small sigh, he nodded.

"You know my views on the archaic pureblood practices but if you truly are happy then I won't complain," he said.

"What we share with Harry is in no way similar to those practices, papa," Fleur denied. "Those people did it because of the power it got them and just because they could. They had no relationship, no love amongst themselves. Their women were just a part of their trophy collection. What we have with Harry is based on trust, love, and respect."

Antoine still did not like it, but he could accept it.


"One more step," Daphne said from her spot on the couch as she leaned back, her feet on Harry's lap who caressed them softly.

He glanced up and smiled.

"Hope it works out."

"It will," the blonde replied, smiling. "I have full faith in you."

"What are your plans for the evening then?" Harry asked her, smiling when she moaned softly.

"What? It feels nice," she muttered. "As for our plans for the evening… well, Val's been all secretive. She's got something big planned, if I had to guess."

"Oh really?" He asked teasingly. "Up to having a little girls' time while I'm away?"

"Can you really blame us, dear?" Valerie asked as she came over and wrapped her arms around Daphne from behind, giving her a soft kiss.

"Nah, but I can definitely complain that I won't get to see," Harry smirked.

"He's a greedy one, isn't he?" Daphne asked mirthfully.

"What gave you the clue?" Valerie asked sarcastically. She turned to Harry and said, "Don't worry, you won't be missing out on anything. There's something I put off some time ago. Now seems as good a time as any to get done with it."

"Is that so?" Harry asked, intrigued.

"Yeah, don't you worry about it though. You just focus on what you'll be doing this evening and get us our veela. We'll take care of the matter over here."

"Whatever you say," Harry shook his head in amusement. "I can tell it's something that I'd find very interesting though."

Valerie couldn't hide her smirk at that.

"We'll share the memories later," she replied as she held Daphne by the shoulder. "C'mon now, let's get going. You can get a proper massage later."

Daphne sighed as she pulled her feet off his lap but not before giving his bulge a teasing caress with her right toes. She smirked at Harry as she stood up and without any delay whatsoever, she walked over to Valerie and joined her.

"Good luck," Harry called out, watching them leave the room. The door closed behind them, and he was now the only occupant of the room.

"Hmm. Let's see," he muttered under his breath and asked the room the conjure the appropriate setting for a meeting of three. As the room customized itself, Harry looked everything over. The couches looked very comfortable and the floor was properly padded as well to ensure no one got injured should they fall. The ritual did not need much in terms of preparation and once he was done, he sat back on the couch and relaxed. Fleur and her mother would be coming over soon.

He was a bit anxious but he had been in this situation before. Today would be the last time he would be doing it, and he hoped it all went without any hiccups.

He had his eyes closed as he sat on the couch, refining his Occlumency when he heard the door to the room creak. Turning his head sideways, he watched Fleur and Apolline walk in. The former turned around to close the door where it vanished into the wall while the latter looked around curiously.

"Hey," Harry greeted as he stood up.

"So this is the room you were talking about," Apolline remarked.

"It's one of the secrets of Hogwarts very few know about."

"What's so secretive about it?" Apolline asked curiously.

"It can turn into whatever you want it to, Maman," Fleur told her. "It can also bring you anything from the Hogwarts grounds as long as it's not owned by someone else."

"That would be theft. The founders didn't believe in thievery, I reckon," Harry shrugged.

"Truly?" Apolline asked. "Sounds like it must come in handy for preparing for this tournament among other things."

"You can say that," Harry chuckled. Fleur gave him a suggestive grin which he pointedly ignored, much to the veela's amusement.

"I can smell that, dears," Apolline deadpanned. "Just because you're not looking doesn't mean your thoughts are hidden."

"Legilimency?" Harry asked in surprise, having felt nothing.

"Just the veela sense," the woman replied. "A veela attuned to her nature and powers can easily tell when any sensuous thoughts are prevailing in the minds of those around her. It's grating on the nerves a lot."

"That must be a burden," Harry muttered. "I can imagine you having to put up with it a lot when there are males around you."

"And quite a lot of females as well," the woman replied.

Harry nodded in understanding.

"You should be proud of yourself, Harry," Apolline said softly. "I've never felt even a hint of that libido directed at anyone other than your two wives and my daughter here. It takes quite a lot of resolve, not to mention purity of feelings for someone to exercise control like you do."

Fleur gave him a loving smile at that.

"Now, if we could get on with this ritual please," the woman continued. "Apologies for my rush but I want to get this over with as soon as we can."

"Totally understandable," Harry replied with a nod. "We'll be doing it as we are right now. However, I'd like for you to be a bit further so that your magic doesn't interfere with the ritual more than it has to."

"I understand," Apolline nodded and took her seat on the couch furthest from them. She watched her daughter walk over and take her seat beside Harry who smiled.

"We'll go with what Daphne did," Harry began. "Since I'm an animagus, you will perform the ritual with me and we'll go from there."

Fleur nodded in understanding while Apolline looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Tell me something, Harry," she said, making them turn toward her. "How exactly does this ritual approach you? What happens in the beginning?"

Harry furrowed his brows as he pondered upon the question.

"We just start seeing each other's life memories."

"Just like that?" Apolline frowned. "The memories just start playing from the start?"

"More or less, yeah," Harry nodded.

"I'm curious about the approach here," Apolline mused aloud. "I believe your magic interacts before you see each other's memories. It is a binding ritual of sorts, so once you approach the other for a link, there is acceptance which starts the process of memory-sharing."

"Makes sense," Harry nodded. "We never thought this deeply about how it works, to be honest."

"It is a bit complicated, I must admit," the woman smiled. "However, now that we are dealing with another entity here, we need to consider any possible complication that might arise if you approach this ritual like this."

"Well, the ritual works this way because one party is an animagus. If we both were one, then I could've done it instead of Fleur, but as we all know, veela cannot be animagi."

"That is because we already have a spirit creature that is an embodiment of our feelings," Apolline explained. "You can consider veela an evolved form of animagi. We are born with our form."

"Really?" Harry asked in surprise, earning a nod from the older woman.

"Here is what I am proposing. We all know a veela is a prideful entity and as such, if Fleur were to initiate this, it would amount to her deferring to you which the veela won't like. Now, if you were to initiate this ritual then it would be akin to you being respectful to her and as such, she might not be as angry."

Harry stared at the floor, looking thoughtful.

"If the ritual would consider Fleur as an animagus as well then I don't see how this won't work," he nodded. "And if it doesn't, nothing will happen. I don't think there's any harm in trying."

Apolline nodded.

"Okay, I'll begin. You ready?" Harry asked both women, earning similar nods.

"I will reach out with my allure once you start the chant," Apolline nodded.

Harry nodded as he turned back to Fleur. The blonde beauty smiled lovingly as she reached out, linking their fingers and squeezing gently.

"It'll work out," she whispered.

"It will," Harry smiled. "Ready?"

Fleur nodded as she leaned against the couch.

"Te in familiarem…"

Apolline Delacour blasted her allure right as Harry began chanting and her consciousness slipped away alongside theirs as the ritual took effect. Their bodies slumped on their respective couches as time went still.


Harry got the first indication that things were going to be different when he found himself in an entirely different environment. Fascinated, he looked around himself, taking in his surroundings that were frankly anything but calm.

There was an ethereal beauty to it all though.

The ground was burning with beautiful blue flames but nothing reached him. He felt no heat but something told him it was there.

Massive cliffs loomed in the distance and it was devoid of any life.

"A veela's dominion," a scratchy voice came from behind him and as Harry whirled around, he came face to face with one of the most magnificent creatures he had ever laid eyes on.

"Apolline?" He asked in surprise.

"Indeed, Harry," Apolline Delacour in her fully transformed form nodded. "Looks like we're in. The allure successfully interacted with the ritual."

Harry nodded absently, still staring at the woman's transformed self. She looked nothing like what she usually did. There was nothing traditionally beautiful about her right now, even if she did look magnificent. It was more like a wondrous feeling that erupted inside him when he gazed at her.

"You seem fascinated by my form," she said in amusement.

"It's just… I've never seen a fully-transformed veela before. I mean, I have seen transformed veela. The Quidditch World Cup final had those, but they looked nothing like you do."

"Not all veela can fully transform, Harry," Apolline informed. "It takes a significant degree of control over one's allure and magical power to achieve complete transformation. I am one of the few who can, and so can Fleur."

"Where is she?" Harry asked as he looked around. There was no sign of her.

"What did I say about veela, Harry?" Apolline asked in amusement. "Prideful, remember? You think she would just show herself because you arrived? You need to go to her, Harry."

Harry nodded in exasperation.

"Too bloody dramatic," he muttered under his breath, yelping when he was suddenly exposed to the heat below. "What the fuck!?"

The sensation vanished instantly and Harry stared at an amused Apolline.

"Prideful, Harry. Too prideful, in fact. Come, I think we should move now. She must be waiting in there."

Harry looked over where Apolline's claws were pointed toward and his eyes widened when he saw what it was.

"A volcano!? Seriously?" He asked in surprise.

"Creatures of fire, Harry. Come, we shouldn't make her wait. My daughter can throw tantrums like a little child as well."

Harry could only shake his head at the absurdity of it all as he watched Apolline take flight. Her massive wings bathed him in their shadow and for a moment, all he did was watch.

"I'm flattered, Harry, but we need to go," Apolline called out in amusement.

"Ah, yes," Harry muttered. Within seconds, a proud eagle soared past a surprised Apolline who stared at him for a moment before she gave chase toward the volcano in the distance.

They flew for minutes when they spotted her.

With a fireball in each hand and her eyes narrowed, Fleur's veela form was hovering right over the volcano. Harry reached her first, still in his animagus form, and flew around slowly for Apolline to catch up.

"Oh dear, you look beautiful," Apolline said in a scratchy voice as she laid eyes on her daughter's veela form for the first time. Her daughter had had her maturity a couple of years ago but she had never seen her fully transformed.

"Mother," Fleur greeted before she turned toward Harry's animagus form. Her beak twitched and without deigning him with any further response, she turned her back and flew into the volcano.

Apolline sighed.

"Come, Harry. At least she's not incinerated you already. That makes me hopeful that she'd listen and consider it," she said as she flew down into the volcano, leaving Harry with no choice but to follow.

He was surprised to see that inside the crater, it was completely boiling and yet he felt none of it. He tentatively landed on one of the rocks floating about in the magma and reversed his transformation, gazing at Fleur's veela form appreciatively.

The veela kept facing away from him, earning an exasperated sigh from Apolline.

"The young man is here for you, dear. The least you can do is look at him properly," she said gently. The veela remained unmoved, staring away petulantly. Harry wanted to chuckle at the childish behavior but he managed to control himself lest he agitate her somehow. He didn't want a repeat of what had happened some time ago with his little remark.

"Hey Fleur," he called out. "I've wanted to meet you for a while now, you know? Ever since I first proposed this idea to the other Fleur, to be precise."

"It was the other woman, not you who said it," came the reply from the veela, earning a chuckle from him.

"My bad. Yeah, it was Val. So you do remember her. Daphne too, I hope?" Harry asked gently.

"They are friends," she replied.

So far, it was going well. He would take that.

"Friends, yeah," Harry said, smiling. "Would you like to be more?"

"Harry!" Apolline hissed from behind him at the lack of tact as Fleur bristled and shot a fireball straight at him in rage. Harry quickly fished his wand out and repelled it, watching how it violently crashed into the magma with a powerful splash.

"Merlin…" he whispered, staring at a livid veela who looked primed for more. "Alright, I won't put my foot in my mouth again."

That had truly surprised him, and he recalled what he'd been told some time ago. The veela was indeed prideful, and petulant too.

"Fleur," Apolline sighed. "You know why we are here. You know what we all planned. Can we just get to it? I know time doesn't pass outside but won't you also like to get this over with?"

There was a long moment of pause as both Harry and Apolline stared at the angry veela who had fireballs in both her hands, ready to strike. Fortunately, though, the fireballs simmered until they disappeared and the veela breathed deeply.

"Fine," she muttered.

Harry and Apolline shared matching smiles before they turned back to the veela who was staring at him critically.

"I don't want to share you, Harry Potter. You are my bonded. Fleur may agree with this but I won't. I want you to leave those two, even if they are my friends, and be mine."

Harry stared at the veela in exasperation.

"Come on, Fleur. You know I can't do that," he said softly. "You know I love all three of you."

"Why do you need to have three women to love you? Do you think I will not be enough? Do you believe I am lacking?" She asked, sounding both angry and hurt.

"You know you're none of those things," Harry said gently. "And in another timeline, perhaps I would've been with you. But I'm already bonded with both Daph and Val, as you know already. I cannot just sever ties with them, not that I want to."

"Fleur, dear," Apolline smiled gently. "Harry also has three lordships, and you know you cannot give him sons. Still, he wants you to be the lady of one of the houses. That is a huge honor."

"I don't care about that!" She cried out passionately. "He is my bonded mate! I would've wanted him even if he was a pauper!"

"I know," Apolline smiled. "But you have to think about him as well, don't you?"

"I am thinking about him too!" She replied. "He will have me, a veela! What more can he ask for in a mate? You think he can outlast someone like me!?"

Harry stared at her with a raised eyebrow. If he was not wrong, she'd just questioned whether he'd last long enough in bed. One glance at Apolline and his hunch was proven correct when she gave him a helpless shrug.

"Wait a minute! Seriously!? That's your concern?" He asked incredulously, staring at the veela who glanced away.

"Well, that's one of them for sure!" She replied. "We are sensual creatures, and you already know what other men are like. How can I expect to be properly satisfied when you have someone else? And if we go first, what about the other? Her negativity will affect me too!"

Harry alternated his stare between the veela and Apolline for a little while.

"Ah, fuck it man. This is some serious bullshit. You can't tell me you're seriously worried about that."

"Every veela is!" Fleur's veela replied. "Ask mother! She's never let father out of sight. She won't even consider another woman. No veela will. Already your kind is so weak, and to have a veela as your mate on top of that? There is no way we all can remain happy and satisfied!"

Harry could feel a headache forming. This had turned out to be such a crappy reason for a veela's reticence in sharing her mate.

"You can't expect me to believe that sex plays such a significant role in your choice of a mate!"

"Well it does!" The veela replied. "Ask mother!"

"I'm not going to ask your mother about her sex life, for fuck's sake!" Harry exclaimed, pointedly looking away from Apolline who he believed must be as mortified by this discussion as he was. "All I care about is us and let me assure you I am more than capable of handling you three."

"I don't believe you," the veela said plainly. "There is no way that can happen. I'm a veela. Even I will outlast you just like every other veela outlasts her partner."

"Too much information!" Harry hissed. "Your mother's here, Fleur. The hell are you on!?"

The veela simply shrugged.

"Fleur," Apolline said with a sigh. "I know how important carnal relations are for our kind, and how much the happiness of both us and our partners depends on it. But mon ange, you know you can't be happy if you're not with him. You know what happens to veela who can't be with their bonded mate. And Harry won't leave them, nor he should just so he could be with you. Harry can walk out of here right now and he won't be affected by it as much as you would be. Think about it."

The veela seethed in impotent rage. She knew it was true. Harry was her bonded mate and she wanted him. However, she could hardly bear the thought of sharing him with someone else.

"Can you do something for me, Fleur?" Harry asked gently, trying to put their previous discussion behind them. At her inquisitive look, he asked, "Can you tell me if you feel anything for Daph and Val?"

"They are friends," she replied plainly.

"And lovers as well, aren't they?"

"Women don't count as bonded mates," she shrugged. "Women are for pleasure for veela who are not with their bonded mate."

Harry nodded with a sigh.

"And you like them? In every way?"

"Yes…?" She replied, curiously inquisitive as to where he was going with this.

"Okay," Harry nodded. "Suppose we'd never bonded with each other but you'd found Val and Daph. Do you think you would've been happy being with them the way you've been so far?"

Apolline's eyes widened slightly in realization as she stared at her daughter who was looking thoughtful as she pondered on the question.

The veela recalled the time she had spent with the other two young women and how happy she had felt. She had bonded with Harry and had been craving his presence in her life for a while, and the lack of it was slowly filling her with sadness. However, the only time she did not feel sad was when she'd been with Daph or Val.

She nodded subconsciously, and Harry smirked.

"Glad we could get that established then. You have no problems with either of them and I am bonded with them. You have no inhibitions apart from this possible disappointment when it comes to our sexual life, is that correct?"

The veela remained silent as she stared at him.

"Here's what I propose," Harry intoned, relaxed and confident. "You do not accept this bonding ritual and we let it fail. I prove you wrong. You accept this proposal. Daph and Val join me in performing this ritual with you, making you bond with them as well. What do you say?"

Both Apolline and Fleur stared at him with wide eyes as he stood there, supremely confident in his ability and plan.

"And if you don't prove me wrong?" The veela asked gently as if hoping it didn't happen.

Harry shrugged, "Why worry about something when you know it ain't gonna happen?"

Just like always, Harry was confident that he could pull this off. The veela's concern might be a concern to her, but there was no way he was concerned with it.

If it took a furious shagging to convince her, there was no way he would complain.

"You'll have a fireball coming your way if you don't back that cocky attitude of yours," the veela hissed.

Harry gave her an unconcerned smirk.

"Whatever you say, love. We'll be taking our leave now. It was truly enlightening to have this illuminating discussion with you."

The veela glared at him for his sarcastic remark as the world around them dissolved in a shower of colors.

To be continued…

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