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Part 1: Jade

A new year at Hollywood Arts Highschool just started, what means that today new young talents enter the first time in their life this school, full of hopes and dreams.

A girl with long brown hair and a cup of coffee in her hand steps inside of the highschool. She is happy to be here but on the other hand she isn't surprised either. She knows that she is talented. She can sing, write songs and plays and she can act. To make a long story short, she can everything what is expected and what will be supported here.

Frowning, she looks after a boy who has to be roughly the same age as hers, what means that he is new too. He is carrying a puppet in his arms, maybe one for ventriloquists.

All other students she sees are clearly older than her. She hates being the shortest, she just has to always get what she wants, she simply has to spread a little bit of fear. Because what will stay from her, if they take everything away from her? Something that nobody knows, not even the girl herself. The new girl comes to a decision: This won't happen. Nobody will rip her mask of her face.

She heads straight towards a boy who just closed his locker. The brown-haired asks herself how old he might be. Seventeen? That would be three years, which the freshman doesen't want anyone to notice.

"Hey, dude!", she says with a confident and sharp tone. The boy looks at her, irritated. He has blond hair and is holding a few books in his hands.

"I'm sure that you have a pair of scissors, haven't you?" The girls takes a intruding step towards the poor boy.

"Um… yes?"

"Give them to me." She is smiling evil-minded.

"No! I still need them!"

"Give. Them. To. Me." The girl is still smiling and the boy feels more and more uncomfortable in his skin.

"Fine…", he answers finally and then he puts his books on the ground to open his locker again. She snatches the pair of scissors out of his hands as soon as he tries to hand them to her. Critically she eyes up her new scissors and then she cuts the air in front of the boy's face.

"Do you hear that sound?", she asks him but the boy seems like he is freezed. With a husky voice she whispers: "I love it." Suddenly the boys isn't freezed anymore and he runs away from her like she is the devil in person.

"Great", she thinks, lets the scissors glide in her bag and then walks into the direction of her first lesson. After half of the way she meets a girl who has brown her like just like she, it's only a little bit darker.

"Hii", the girl screams loudly. When she doesen't react, the other girls tells her, still excited as hell: "I am Cat!"

Although the girl tries to ignore Cat and to continue walking, the girl with the weird name is still there. Around her head Cat has a black ribbon, of which two colorful feathers are hanging. She wears a pink top with a black belt and a blue skirt. The whole outfit clashes with the deep orange knee socks and the dark purple sneakers.

"Wait!", Cat shouts. Finally the brown-haired stops walking to turn around annoyed.

"What's your name?", Cat asks her. She wants to glare at Cat, like she did just minutes ago at the blond boy. She wants to say something mean and watch how the scared Cat will back off. But something in her is stopping her. Eventually she gives in.

"Jade", she tells shortly.

Cat smiles brightly. "We could be friends!"

"Oh my fucking god", Jade says to herself, realizing how crazy this school really is.

Part 2: Beck

The first lesson at Hollywood Arts is different from what the dark haired boy is used to. Different- but the good kind of different. He has even found a new friend: Andre. And he met another boy, but he isn't sure yet if he can call him a friend.

He introduced himself as Robbie and he brought a puppet along that he called Rex.

But now it is time for lunch and the boy realizes, how much luck he has to be here today. Acting is his whole life, his future.

"Hey man!" His new friend Andre approaches him.

"Wanna eat lunch with me, Beck? Maybe there is still a free table."

Beck nods and grins. He is really happy that he has found a friend this quickly. Robbie (and Rex as well) join them and the three boys head together out of the building.

All tables are taken but one catches his eye immediately. Two brown-haired girls are sitting there, who should be the same age as he and the boys.

"We could sit over there", Beck suggests while he points to the said table. Instantly Andre's expressions switches from relaxed to shocked.

"No way! You see this girl with the black shirt and the blue extensions?", Andre explains pointing to the girl that sits on the right side and that is somehow stunningly gorgeous. "I saw her earlier today", Andre continues, "She made an seventeen year old dude gifing her his scissors and then the dude escaped like she was the most evil thing ever. Can you imagine that?"

Robbie gasps but Beck means: "Sounds cool." And starts walking towards the girls. The teenage boy likes badass girls.

Andre and Robbie are behind him, not really convinced when Beck asks the girls if they can eat lunch with them.

"Of course!", the girl with the weird headband shouts. The other looks annoyed at the three boys, but eventually averts her eyes.

Robbie sits down first.

"What's your name?", he asks the girl that is a little bit smaller than the one with the chestnut-brown hair.

"Cat!" She laughs and flutters her eyelashes. "And you?"

Robbie watches the girl, Cat (maybe a short form for Caterina?), with big eyes. "I… I… you…", he stammers.

"One time a girl is flirting with you and of course you ruin it!", his puppet interrupts insultingly.

Confused, Cat looks at Rex, the weird puppet. "Flirting? What's that supposed to mean?" Upset she stands up to run away, while Robbies puppet is laughing at Robbie. After a short moment of shock he runs after Cat.

Andre, who suddenly realizes that it is just him, Beck and the scary girl, has apperantly to go somewhere too, really urgently. Now it's just Beck and the girl.

When Beck is staring at her she is forced to look up from her lunch and at him. "What do you want?", she asks annoyed.

"I apologize for my friend Andre. He just saw, how you scared this older guy and I think he might be a little bit scared of you." He chuckles at her and she smiles back a little bit.

"I like scissors."

"I like… pizza."

"Do you have any scissors?"


"The hand me them." She leans a little bit closer to him.

"No", Beck answers and leans a little bit closer too.

Her icy blue eyes seem to stare direcly into his soul.

"No", he repeats and smiles.

"No?" She backs off and seems a little bit irritated.

"I am Beck", he introduces himself and reaches his hand out. The girl eyes up his hand for a few seconds but finally she takes it and mutters: "I'm Jade."

"Jade is a beautiful name", he says and thinks: "Just like you."

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