Or the one where Peridot is addicted to internet porn or something, idk I'm tired today lol. (This story had been written sometime ago, before I began posting to this site, I hope you enjoy this as a bonus to the other two coming this week.)

Peridot looks around the apartment, running in fact. She checks every room possible and looks out the window to see Lapis had stepped out due to the car not parked out front.

"She's gone, at last I have the house to myself! Better make this fast," Peridot told herself. She closes every window shade and locks the front door.

Tightening up all her securities, she grabs her iPad off of her mounted charging dock.

She became noticeably excited after picking up her device, her heart speeds with spastic breaths. Her mouth ran dry, all of that moisture is needed inside her pants.

Her urges really spikes every time learning she's has decent amount of time to herself.

She has a problem, an addiction that she'll never admit it to. But will go through the trouble to sneak around Lapis to fulfill her perverse desires.

In her defense, it's only natural, she uses that phrase as a personal mantra when things get too rampant and most of the time she allows it to be. When she does masturbate, keeping quiet is a challenge for her, next to clean up when Peridot wipes her essence off the bathroom cabinet doors. It's good for the wood grain though and that wood never shined so bright.

Peridot made her way into the bathroom holding a few bath towels for comfort. With one towel spread out on the bathroom floor, she lays down but not before slipping a folded towel under her back for support.

After unlocking her iPad with a swipe of her finger, she pulls up her Internet browser.

The variety of porn in her history tells a rather sad story in her case, I mean what hasn't she already seen. Peridot figured the female friendly content was enough to get her off, because her heat is present and serious.

She sees a thumbnail of a skin vid that caught her attention, entitled Amateur Married Couple Honeymoon and hits play on her mobile media player. Peridot rests the device against the cabinet door between her legs, she shimmied halfway out of her easy pants, then her underwear came off along with her bottoms.

Peridot watches those 'newlyweds' tear each others probably fake wedding wear off of one another and kissing throughout on a dusty hotel bed. The bride had a huge rack and not much else and the same critique could go either way for the groom.

The porno is cheap and has zero production value with all things considered. This didn't bother Peridot however, she's going knuckle deep thrusting herself wild to her perverse entertainment, pulling fluids locked inside her loins. Her butt began to chafe on the shag bath rug, so she lifts her whole bottom in the air while on her knees with her face still pointed at screen.

Her fingers left her slit to enter her mouth for a taste and added moisture, her tongue salivates her digits taking time to enjoy the taste. The husband's cock came into play, as the wife began fellatio.

Peridot felt the pressure escaping from her pussy every time she dug a little deeper, curling them to seize a certain spot that drives her insane.

Here it comes, she thought, her arm went faster and her mouth hanged wider.

Lapis walks into he bathroom with a straight face, having no intention of keeping Peridot's moment private.

"LAPis ooOOOHHB ! " that was the last intelligible speech she gave before cumming in front of her disappointed girlfriend, "is this why you're too tired for sex?" Lapis asks directly, Peridot flinches, "I didn't want you to find out this way," Lapis leaves in a huff, and Peridot is left to pick up her own pieces.