Hi! I'm trying to get everything in order for Kinktober or Kinkvember or whatever I'm participating in. So as a safety here's a short 2000 word entry.

TW/ (age difference)

"Would you like anything before you leave?" Lapis shouted from the kitchen.

"No, thanks, I'm good to go." Peridot replies.

Lapis emerges from the kitchen, hands behind her back. "Peridot, I wanted to thank you for taking time out of your busy evening to help me with the play logistics. I know it's a lot to ask, considering rehearsal lasts for hours. I don't even know how you sleep! So, I was shopping the other day and I got you this little token of my gratitude..." Lapis pulls her hands around the front and has a book. "For you. A book of my favorite plays. All reprinted here."

Peridot smiles. "This is brilliant. Thanks so much, Lapis." She leans in to hug her.

The embrace seems to last a few seconds too long, but neither seems to care, and lock their bodies in this position. Finally, Lapis pulls away. "I...well...I better stop. I could get in trouble."

"Why could you get in trouble?" Peridot asked innocently.

"Because...as wonderful as this seems, and is, I am a teacher and you're a pupil. I...can't."

"Can't what, Lapis?"

"I...I really like you, Peridot. Obviously."

"Really?" Her heart leaps and races at the confession that her director could find her attractive. Could this be happening? Could an older woman be lusting after her?

"Yes." For once, Lapis, the out-spoken, dauntless director blushed. "I do...but..."

"But what?"

"You're only eighteen..."


"So...you're young. I can't do this. I've never done anything like this before. I couldn't do it. No, no freaking way."

Peridot grabs Lapis's hands and places them on her hips. "Yes, you can."

"No...I..." Her hands seem glued to those hips, feeling the waistband of her panties beneath the dress pants, begging to be ripped off. Guided by their own mind, her hands begin to involuntarily squeeze the flesh. "This is wrong..."

"But it feels so right..." Peridot whispers, placing her arms around Lapis's neck.

"I never wanted this to happen..."

"Shut up and kiss me." She does not need to be asked twice. Lapis lasciviously lays her lips on top of Peridot's, smacking mouths hard, as her hands slide off those hips onto her bottom and repeat the squeezing exercise. If Pearl's behind was tight, Peridot's was about ten times tighter, not to mention rounder and fuller. Their tongues meet and greet, and Lapis asks Peridot's to dance. As they tango on the dance floor. Lapis is surprised by Peridot's hands emulating Lapis's on her behind. Squeezing, groping, fondling, and twenty minutes later, they fall on Lapis's bed, Lapis on top, still kissing Peridot.

Her hands find the collar of Peridot's dress shirt and begin to unbutton them. As she unbuttons down, she slides down her body so that she is kneeling on the floor right at the bed. After it is completely unbutton, Peridot pulls it off, and Lapis gets to work on her pants. The buckle practically pops open, the zipper glides down and the pants are off in two seconds. A pile of crumpled clothing lay at the feet of the desk.

Peridot slides off the bed onto the floor with Lapis and begins to pull her top over her head, fighting with Lapis, who wants to proceed running her hands all over the newly-exposed flesh of her student. Once the top is off, Peridot works her hands around Lapis's back to unclasp her bra and pull it off.

Both women are voluptuous, though, it is really no contest between Lapis and Peridot. Lapis's breasts are like giant golden apples, with very large, dark, prominent nipples. They also tend to look very inviting to young mouths. Peridot is taken aback by the sheer beauty and size of her bosom, but nevertheless, moves her head down to her chest, kissing the tops of each breast. Her tongue takes several roads less traveled by up and down between the peaks, running over mounds and valleys, finally finding the mesas and settling there for a bit. The right nipple burgeons under the touch of the tongue, and Peridot takes this into her mouth, pulling it even farther from the areola. She puts her lips over her teeth and gently nipples. Lapis coos and runs her fingers through Peridot's hair as she sucks on her.

"That's it, baby." Peridot continues to suck on the breast, and her other hand finds Lapis's other nipple, pulling, trying to give it some attention and not leave it out of the action, though nothing could feel as good as the warm, inviting mouth and hyperactive tongue. Her mouth takes more of the breast into her mouth, a feat that she figures not many people could be able to do. Peridot's jaw stretches more to try to accommodate the large amount of flesh. She wants nothing else than to get her whole breast into her mouth, but can only fit about half in. Her head bobs up and down as she sucks and swallows, fails, and then is ever too happy to try again.

It is hard to leave, but her mouth must find the other breast and meet it. Her tongue circles the nipple, quickly taking more and more into her mouth, pulling and pulling more and more, and her fingers work to twist the other nipple. Her hands are drawn down to the waistband of Lapis's pants. They undo the clasp, and Peridot looks back up to ask if she could take them off.

Lapis stands up and slides the pants off, as Peridot pulls them down her legs and off of her feet. Her teacher is standing before her in only her gossamer green g-string, which quickly leaves the scene. Peridot rips the panties off and away, wanting nothing more than to see and behold Lapis' sex. In a second, her wish is granted. Lapis's neatly shaved cunt, with just a tuft of hair on top, is musky and alluring. As Peridot leans in to kiss it, Lapis pulls back. "I want you to get naked, baby," she asks.

Peridot stands up and starts to pull off her pants, but Lapis pushes her hands away, pulling her pants off and then her panties, as Peridot pulls that bra off. Now naked, Peridot stands before her director, slightly trying (or at least feeling that she should) to cover her fertile delta with her hands. Ostensibly, Peridot had never done any sort of upkeep, but she didn't appear to look prudish. Her nice, little lips still are apparent under the golden brush.

Both women, now naked, embrace again, warm, wanting bodies, wetly wishing for a deeper connection.

"Baby, I have a question for you."


"Well...this might shock you."


"Sometimes, when I make love to a woman...I like to use...certain implements."


"And, there was one I was kind of hoping I could use with you."


"Are you positive?"

"What is it?"

"Hang on a second." Lapis leaps over to the desk and undoes her briefcase, pulling out her toy of choice. She holds it up.

"What is that?" she asks, pointing to the v-shaped, double-ended dildo.

"It's a dildo...like...I put this part inside of me, and then I put this other part in you. It feels really good."

"I...I never had anything inside me before."



"Well, then do you not want to do this?"

Peridot debates for a second the amount of pain she might experience in relation to the amount of pleasure and places of ecstasy she might be taken to. In the end, there was no contest.

"I do."

"Okay, good, because I want to make love to you like this, baby." Lapis, now even more excited and turned on, shuts the briefcase. "Now, I want you to watch me."


Lapis lies back on the bed and spreads her legs, and motions for Peridot to get to where she can see. "I am going to shove this inside of me. Watch it."

"But it's so big..."

"Really, you'd never know once it is inside of you." The dildo tip finds the entrance of Lapis's cunt and begins to push in. Peridot's eyes widen as she watches the rod disappear into the hot hole. "See how easy it is?"

"Yeah, it seems fine."

"Now, baby..." Lapis stands up, with the other end of the dildo protruding from herself. "I want to put this end into you. Is that okay?"


"Alright, I am going to be gentle. I want you to lie back on the bed." Peridot lies back on the bed and slightly spreads her legs. Lapis moves onto the bed so she is just between her girl's legs, and parts them more with hers. "Now this might hurt a bit." She cannot help but grin at the thought of popping this girl's cherry. "But then it's gonna feel really good, sweetie."

"Okay." Peridot can feel the walls of her pussy tighten against her will, and tries to relax. Lapis puts her hands on either side of Peridot and guides her cock to the increasingly tightening entrance. Soothingly, she eases the cock just past the ring and begins to push in.

The initial shove in stretches the hymen, further, and further, and more further until the little piece of skin cannot take anymore and gives way to the large phallic object, pricking through; the foreign object smiles in victory, that it has invaded and won. And this is only the beginning.

"Oh dear god, owwwwwwww!" Peridot screams.

"It's okay sweetie, it's gonna hurt a little bit..."

"Yeah but..."

"Shhhh." Lapis covers Peridot's mouth with hers as to muffle her screaming. As she does this, she continues to push the cock in, against the resistance of the angered walls, trying to shove it out. Lapis grunts as she shoves the cock more and more into the tight little cunt, not taking 'no' for an answer and having her way in. Finally, the toy snakes all the way in, far into the tunnel, and begins to search around.

Lapis, up on her hands, begins to draw the cock back out, evacuating the area for just a bit, as Peridot can feel a bit of air enter into her hot hole...and then back in, the cock shoves.

"Shittttttttttt! Lapis!" Lapis continues to work the cock back into where it was, and maybe even push a little farther. She can feel her clit rubbing against and meeting Peridot's. Her clit is on fire...rubbing it against the other nub is stroking a live bee, wings fluttering. A bee drenched in honey, unable to move, wings flapping and flapping, trying to desperately to get out like her pearl.

Meanwhile, the nexus slides in and out of Lapis as she thrusts back and forth, creating all sorts of sensations and motions in herself, rocking and rowing, sliding, and coming back in unexpectedly. With more force, she works the cock in and out, thrusting at a faster tempo, her pussy burning and wanting to smack Peridot's. The pulsations of her pussy is like an internal metronome. Tick, tick, tick.

Now, shallower thrusts, at a quick tempo, wanting to just fuck this girl's brains out, move it as fast as she possibly can, and then go faster. Both lovers covered in lovers' dew, the beads of sweat collecting on their brows, as Lapis works harder and harder, and Peridot's hips move up and down. She wraps her legs around Lapis, who puts her hands behind Peridot's back and pulls her up so they are both sitting up, legs around each other, connected by the dildo, and rocking back and forth into each other, the toy deep inside.

They kiss passionately, as they rock forward and then back, forward and then back, rubbing on each other vigorously, until at last, both parties present curl their toes under, dig their nails into each other's backs and cry out to the high heavens.

Lapis chuckles. "Well, the book isn't ALL I wanted to give you."