"Ugh. . . I am not in the mood to see Star Wars." Lapis shares. Unmoved to her hot date request made by her girlfriend, Peridot, pissing her off in translation.

"Give me one good reason, why not?" Peridot defends.

"Give me a good reason, why does it have to be Star Wars?"

"Easy! Because it's fucking Star Wars, Lapis!"

"Is it tho, Peridot?" Lapis flipped her phone to the other ear, beginning to pace in circles in her apartment, "Because lately the more I see these new additions I notice they tend to cling to fame from the past and forgetting, you know, actually making a good movie."

Peridot grew unamused at Lapis' 'reasonable' objections and yet still willing to drag this out to not end up seeing the movie alone in shame.

"You don't get it babe. It's on a high definition screen, with sound that rumbles through the seats. I've always wanted to experience a lightsaber battle in the appropriate setting," Peridot is a little peeved that her pleas are not enough to make Lapis change her mind, "Lapis I already bought the tickets and we haven't seen each other in a week. I want to go out tonight."

Lapis doesn't respond right away, as she was uncomfortable in the box Peridot put her in. Don't get her wrong, nothing would make her happier than to spend a night out with her beloved girlfriend whenever she could. But plopping down to see a joyless cash grab didn't exactly turn her on to the idea.

Peridot realized it would take a lot out for Lapis to say yes, she went on, "I accompanied you to all of those snooze worthy indie films you dragged me to."

Lapis was starting to get offended, "Woah! Now that's not fair. I always ask you at the end of the movie if you enjoyed it and every time it's always been a resounding yes."

"I care enough about your interests, because I'm a good girlfriend. So stop being so dense, swallow your film aficionado pride and see a dumb movie with me."

"AHA, so you admit it's dumb!"

"That's not the point and you know it," Peridot growls.

Lapis began to brood with her hand over her eyes in annoyance, "Peridot what do you say we trade those tickets for something worth watching?"

"Nope. My mind has been made."

"Well that really sucks." Lapis states in deadpan.

"Honestly you can be no fun at times," Peridot reaffirmed her tone to a stern one, hoping it'll stick the landing, "I'm not going alone."

Peridot was again met with her girlfriend's unresponsive dead air over the phone, after pulling most stops with tantrumatic whines, ploys for empathy and even questioning why she even bothers. Sure enough, a master negotiator always saves her ace in the hole, if ever desperate.

"What if I return the favor?" Peridot proposes.

Like a switch, Lapis' apathetic nature changed into intrigue.

"Hm. I'm listening."

"Let's say after the show we head back to your place and -"

"Stir up my macaroni?" Lapis interrupted while snickering at her own euphemism.

"Only if you behave tonight." Peridot said cheerfully, knowing that it worked.

"Only if you're wearing something low cut that'll rile me up first," Lapis demanded.

"That pretty much goes without saying, it's date night I'm not a neanderthal."

Lapis giggled into the phone and put on a sarcastic voice to make it sound like expressing high interest, "Yay! Guess who's excited for Star Wars now! Pew-Pew."

"The show starts at 10pm, usual place. I'll be in the lobby at 9:30 sharp, don't be late." Peridot ends the call before Lapis gets the chance to change her mind or ask for more. She checked her phone screen that read 7:30, Already late for being early.

Peridot backed into a decent spot in the Matinee parking lot with enough time to spare to herself. She took the time in front of her visor mirror to check if her makeup distorted on the drive here. Only wearing eyeliner as she felt more comfortable in her skin around her girlfriend without the use of concealer or foundation.

Deeming herself worthy this evening and began her trot to the theater doors.

After printing the reserved tickets at the lobby kiosk, she pondered if it would be a good idea to purchase concessions before Lapis got there. Her phone read: 9:45, fifteen minutes before showtime. Peridot made an effort to reach out for an update by texting her girlfriend.

Made it here, yet? I'm in the lobby.

In under two minutes, Lapis replied back. Parking as we speak, babe.

Peridot had to breathe a sigh in relief knowing Lapis was there. She loitered near the entrance for quick scans of the parking lot for her girlfriend.

Sure enough, Peridot found her walking through the row of parked cars. Lapis was wearing a slim black dress she wore to most dates with Peridot, only this time she threw on a grey jacket to her ensemble.

The couple reunited outside the lobby, holding big smiles that grew with each step closer.

"You look nice tonight," Peridot complimented.

"And you dressed like a beautiful dork," Lapis referred to how expressive Peridot made her appearance tonight. Peridot wore a black tee branded with the classic Star Wars logo over the chest. Tucked inside a black galaxy print skirt that reached the top of her knees along with rebel alliance themed knee socks.

"You know me better than most, I always dress for the occasion," Peridot twirled her dress and stepped even closer to Lapis. "Now where's my kiss, I missed you," She began teasing the drawstrings of Lapis' jacket, pulling her down to lip level. Lapis leaned in for a lovingly soft, yet hungry and wet kiss, that went on for a full minute. That was until Peridot broke it with a quick peck to end the embrace.

"We should probably head inside." Peridot reminded her.

"Oh right, the movie," Lapis responded dryly,

"Let's get this over with."

The couple made pleasant conversation while hugging each other as their eyes wandered over multiple flatscreens displaying overpriced goodies. Lapis comforted her gently finding her own happy place towering over Peridot with her arms wrapped around each other. Peridot is feeling quite impatient with the family of five ahead of them ordering the most menu items.

"I hope we don't miss a single preview because of them," Peridot complained.

"Yeah wouldn't want you to miss out on seeing them for the second time,"

"Yeah but in IMAX, it's different."

"So I've heard. So you know what you're getting?"

"The usual, but this time I'm getting the slushy."

"Which flavor?"

"Mountain Dew Voltage, what about you?"

"Which one is that again?"

"That raspberry flavor, the blue kind."

"Fun. I'll just grab a bag of candy, and I'll swipe some popcorn from u, so I'll get us a big size."

"Aww How thoughtful and here I thought you were going to be a drag the whole night."

"Well that was the plan, but I admit that kiss you gave me earlier made me soft."

"I thought as much, it is as if I've expertly tongued the demons away, because I'm so pure."

"Don't get use to it, your void of all of purity once I get you in my bed.

Lapis's hands left from Peridot's midsection up to her chest and gave a perturbing press against against her chest,

Lapis's hands slowly crept upwards from Peridot's midsection, to treat her chest to a teasing squeeze that seemed to resonate beyond her confining bra. For a moment, Peridot moans inattentively, and swats her girlfriends hands back to where they were before anyone caught wise.

"Last time I checked we're not at your house yet,"

"Could've fooled me, it almost sounded like we were for second.

Peridot and Lapis finally made their way to the cashier. Lapis pulls out a loose credit card, "Give the lady what she needs, and I'll have a bag Sour Patch Kids." The cashier nods, prompting Peridot to finally order. When she does, the cashier comes back with large popcorn bucket, a blue slushie and two straws. Peridot hands Lapis a few napkins and the palm freezing cup, freeing her hands to drown the tub in melted butter near the commodes.

After the payment of excessive sugars and fat, they began to make haste for their seats. Peridot made sure the placements of their admittance were acceptable, all the way in the back and dead center under the projector.

Most of the movie goers had already taken their seats, in the front and middle rows completely isolating the couple above. The gigantic movie screen displayed trivia before the trailers, Lapis pulls out her phone after settling in. Peridot raises the cup holder, between them in a need for closeness during the film. Peridot consumes a few kernels, to make sure she well buttered them. During that, Lapis throws an arm around Peridot, and clung her closer.

"Good seats, babe."

"Thanks, looks like it'll be a fun night, just like I said before."

Lapis bit her bottom lip, watching Peridot slurp down her drink "Did you...want to make out before it starts?"

"Oh um sure, well why not, who would notice?"

(End of Part 1)