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Chapter 1

-Marvel Fighter- So what did you think of the latest Spider-Man comic. Good, bad, or a piece of shit.

-Plain Jane- Not bad but It's not like we didn't see this coming. Peter healed and being Spider-Man, Ben Reilly being screwed over royally, Peter and MJ trying to hook up only to have something get in the way again. You would think Peter would stop wasting his time on the woman!

-Marvel Fighter- Still hating on Mary Jane? *Head shaking*

-Plain Jane- She is nothing but eye candy! The only reason most reader like her is because of how well she fills out a t-shirt and jeans.: p

-Marvel Fighter- Thy name is Envy. *LOL*

-Plain Jane- Just so you know I am rolling my eyes on the other side of the screen but you're not really wrong. *Head on desk*

-Marvel Fighter- Seriously, you need to stop comparing yourself to the women in comic books. Their drawn that way for a reason. Most readers want good looking heroines with killer bodies. Why do think most costumes are skin tight? There are even hot female villains.

-Plain Jane- I know I know. They are not real and all that but you know it's hard not to think that's what people want in a lover. They want hotness and you can tell from my user's name how I feel about my looks.

-Marvel Fighter- We been online friends for a while and I never asked what you looked like as not to come off as some kind of sicko and I get the whole don't judge people based on their looks thing but it can't be that bad.

-Plain Jane- Have you ever seen the cartoon: 'Family Guy'?

-Marvel Fighter- Yeah?

-Plain Jane- Now imagine Meg Griffin but two levels lower in looks and body. That should tell you what my love life looks like. *Deadpan*

-Marvel Fighter- …. yeah... I got nothing. So, before I dig a hole for myself lets change the subject.

-Plain Jane- fine, I'll let you put the shave down for now. Still, while I may hate my looks, I do have pride in my brain. I do have a degree in computer programming and computer animation. *Smug look*

-Plain Jane- so what up?

-Marvel Fighter- I been into SI and otherworld stories lately and I found something interesting over the net. It's called "The Otherworld/Self-insert Survey." I'll send a link to the site.

-Plain Jane- A survey of all things you find fun. Alright, let's see what the big deal is. *Opening a new window*

-Plain Jane- Ok, I'm here. So, what am I looking at?

-Marvel Fighter- it's a survey that asks you if you were to go to another world what do you think you would need. The questions ask you to pick your looks, body type, skills and so on. Even the world you go to. Once you're done the survey grades you on whether your choices were interesting or not.

-Plain Jane- Knowing you, you picked a Marvel Verse made yourself stupidly handsome and so overpowered that it wasn't even funny. What did they say about you and your choices then?

-Marvel Fighter- …. they called me lame and boring because I could defeat the most powerful forces in the universe with a finger flick. *Put out*

-Marvel Fighter- As for the look's thing. You've seen the male heroes in the Marvel comics. So, you know there was no way I was going to be plain looking in a place like that. *Sounding justified*

-Plain Jane- I don't think your looks had anything to do with you failing but the fact that you were so OP that you had no adversity. Heroes or villains need hardship to help them grow. That why stories where the hero is already OP don't last long. Well, unless your One-Punch Man and even he got bored from winning so easily.

-Marvel Fighter- I would try again for a better grade but the survey only lets you do it once for some reason. That why I want you to take the survey, get a good grade and tell what happens. I heard a rumor that if you pass, they will Isekai your ass.

-Plain Jane- Not a big fan of surveys and there is no way that rumor is true because if it were there wouldn't be a rumor in the first place since there would be no one to talk about it if they disappeared. so, you shouldn't believe in that crap. Anyway, since I have the day off tomorrow, I will fill it out just to prove you wrong. How long did it take you to finish this thing?

-Marvel Fighter- 20 to 30 minutes but I just bull rushed the whole thing. So maybe a little longer if you take your time.

-Marvel Fighter- Unlike you, I do have to work the next day so I can't stay up much longer. So, I'm calling it quits for today. Chat me up tomorrow night and tell me how you did. *Logging out*


Getting up from my rolling chair I stretch my body till I heard a crack. I groan as I make a short walk to the mini fridge in my room. My room was small with white walls and barely any room for most of my stuff. Looking out the window behind the fridge I could only see a brick wall. Not much of a view for a woman living in the Big Apple. I was living an apartment with my friends till I made enough money to move to a better place. Not that I don't love my friends but they had a few habits that piss me off (put the toilet seat down and flush when you're done, you bitch!) and I think they have a grudge against my black cat Loki. Speaking of Loki, he had jumped into my lap as I sat back in to my chair with a soda in hand. Giving him a few pets, I focus on the computer screen in front of me. One of my own habits is I talk to my cat.

"A survey, you would think he knew me long enough to know that I skip these things unless there was a reward for getting it done and there is no way that weird rumor is true. Guy needs to lay off the manga. Still, I got time on my hands and I do want to see what kind of grade I get. Well, let's get started. Wish me luck Loki." I said as I petted him.

"Welcome to: The Otherworld/Self-insert Survey.

The point of this survey is to get the answers to these questions. If you could go to another world which one, would you go to? What skills or powers do you think you need to have to survive in the world of your choosing? Would you keep your appearance or change your looks completely? Let's find out.

As soon as you're done, all the choices you have made on this survey will be judged and if found interesting enough a reward will be given when you pass.

Answer the questions below.

"OK, now you're talking my language. This reward had better be worth my time." I said while thinking it was a good gift card.

Choose the type of world you want to go to from these categories.

Manga, Comic, Movies, Books, Games, Tv Shows and More.

I looked through the categories and found worlds based on all kinds of things I have read or seen before and some I had no clue about. So went with what I knew best. My chat room friend was a hardcore Marvel fan who reads all the comics and while I did have some Marvel favorites, I was more a DC comic fan. (Some of the guys are just so Lick able. Mumm... down girl). So, I went with that.

Welcome to the Dc Comic Verse: Choose your species.

please note that you will start on the home world of whatever race you pick.

Tamaraneans, Thanagarians, Kryptonians, human...

The list was endless and while I wouldn't mind being an alien, I've been human too long to be something else. (And the fact that krypton blows up and most aliens have fucked up backgrounds has nothing to do with me picking the human race... I mean it!)

You have chosen the human race.

Do to the fact that humans of this universe have the metagene you have been granted access to the special abilities section.

Special Abilities Section: In this section you can choose 5 power or abilities that humans from any comic verse have.

Note: that any power you choose that already has multiple abilities that come with it can only be pick once.

"I wonder if whoever made this survey change things. My friend did say he was overpowered. So maybe there were no limits last time but creator got sick of OP people. I'll ask my friend late."

(Now what should I pick? DC Comics can be a very dark place. So, I should pick abilities that will help me to survive.

A number people have gotten killed do to poisons and toxins. Not to mention getting stabbed, shot and who knows what else. I like having all my body parts. So, I need a healing factor.

Super Strength. Since most of the heavy hitters have it like Superman, Wonder Woman, Doomsday and so on.

The next one is a camouflage ability when I need stealth. You never know when you need to hide or sneak in so where.

A power that blocks telepathic abilities. I mean with people like Doctor Psycho and Maxwell Lord in world that just asking to be minded fucked.

The last power will be Omnilingualism. The ability to allows users to be able to communicate in any language. Starfire has it to.

Now I have to take into account that being too overpowered may end up giving me a bad grade at the end. So, I need a power that has most of the above and add the remaining choices to balance things out.)

"I swear Loki, all this reading is giving me eyestrain." I said as I leaned back in my chair and rubbed my eyes. My oh so loving cat gave me a cat version look of boredom from his new place by my computer. As I gave him a pet to the head, I thought about what I wanted to be.

"I need a good template based on a powerful female (Girl power forever!). Since I picked the human race, I can only pick powers that humans have in the comics. Wonder Woman would make a good base but her powers are all over the place do to all the comic reboots and I don't what to be just another Wonder girl (there is 3 of them now). I want to be unique as possible in the DC world. So, if DC doesn't have what I want maybe Marvel will."

I put the survey on hold while I did research on all Marvel female heroes and villains that match the list of powers that I want. The X-men comics were the first place I looked through and while many of the women were powerful as hell none of them had what I wanted. Next up were all the solo heroines. Jessica Jones, Monica Rambeau, Carol Danvers, and so on. After what felt like a while, I picked the powers of the person who meet my needs and went back to the survey.

Special Abilities Section: In this section you can choose 5 power/abilities from any comic verse.

Note: that any power you choose that already has multiple abilities that come with it can only be pick once.

You have chosen: Spider powers. Due to the existence of the Spider verse the system finds it difficult to give you your chosen power do to the fact most users of said power do not always share the same abilities. Because of this the system is giving you 2 choices:

(One) pick one being and gain all their powers.

(Two) Do a mix and match: Pick three people whose powers come from the same Source (Spiders)and merge all their abilities together to create a new power. Beware that while some abilities can be gained or enhanced, they can be lost as well.

(let's roll the dices and see how good my luck is.)

You have chosen Mix and Match. The people whose powers you have chosen to combine are:

Jessica Drew, Cindy Moon, and Miles Morales. Now mixing.

The picture on the screen of the powers mixing was funny if nothing else. All three heroes were put in two cups and mixed like martini cocktail from a Bond movie. It was over a little too fast for my liking.

Mixing complete. Results:

Gained: Wall-Crawling, Extended Longevity, body enhancement, Superhuman Equilibrium, Organic Webbing Generation, Contaminant Immunity, Spider-Camouflage, Superhuman Flexibility and Venom Blasts.

Gained and enhanced: Spider-Sense, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Reflexes, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Stamina and Regenerative Healing Factor.

Lost: Claws, Superhuman Hearing, Immortality, Pheromone Secretion, Self-Propelled Glide and Superhuman Tracking.

"Like Mary Jane likes to say: "Face its tiger, you hit the Jackpot!" I said as I laughed. Good thing my roommates were out eating or they would think I was crazy.

"I can't believe that worked out so well. I planned on using Jessica Drew as my template and use my other choices to make up for what I lacked but with the mix and match I got the first three on my wish list. I just need to get the two that I have left and then I will have two choices to play around with."

You have chosen, Omnilingualism: The power to speak, understand and decipher any and all languages.

You have chosen, Mental Immunity: negates all types telepathic attacks and control.

(So, I have powers now but I'm still lacking things. fighting skills foremost. Brute force isn't going to cut it if I fight someone with the same level of strength but is a better fighter then me. Another is intelligence. There are people with Genius Level Intellects all over the place. I know I'm not dumb but, in a world, where people build giant robots, doomsday weapons, space ships, lethal death traps and more. I don't stand a chance. Last is will power. You see heroes do it all the time, no matter how much pain there in, no matter their suffering, even when all hope is lost, they still keep fighting and win. I don't have that kind of will at all. I lived a peaceful life without any major hardships. So, I need a power to make up for it.)

You have chosen, A natural aptitude for having natural aptitudes: ability to picking up complicated skills quickly and retaining them.

You have chosen, Indomitable will: Through sheer willpower, the user can face great physical pain and psychological trauma and will refuse to surrender no matter how much the odds are stacked against them, possibly up to the point of cheating death, fate and pushing themselves past their own limitations.

(With these last two abilities I have everything I need to not die in the first five minutes of being in the DC world. There are only two more sections and I am done.)

Warning: after finishing the Appearance Section your powers will take effect on your body and face. Bare this in mind when making your choices in the next section.

Appearance Section: in this section you can build a body and face to your liking.

PART ONE: Build your foundation.

From what I could see on the computer screen this section was like the Character Customization you find in video games. But while most games have a preset body to work with there was only a genderless doll standing at the center of my screen. On right side of the screen were choices: Gender, voice tone, height, hair color, hair length, skin tone, and eyes. Looks like the doll changes on what I do.

(From the look of things, I have to finish this part before I can go on. I already know what I want. To be a far from myself as possible. Too bad I can't do this in real life.)

Gender- Female (duh.)

Voice tone- Sexy (if you're going to be hot why not sound like it to.)

Height- 6 feet (I refuse to be short!)

Hair color- Silver (no big reason I just like the color.)

Hair Length- Long (give me more hairstyles to pick from.)

Skin tone- Tanned (sick of people calling me a pasty!)

EYES- Purple (thought it look cool!)

Once I had finished, the doll on the screen had changed to become more human. It had gained all the things I had picked but it was still missing key components. The next part would fill in the rest.

PART TWO: In the categories below choose the type of body and face you want.

Face categories: Average, Cute, Pretty, Beautiful, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Divine.

When checking out each type I found innumerable faces. Faces that matched their category type perfectly. Starting with Average, every other choice would only get more attractive. Clicking on one would put the chosen face on the body I had just made, ultimately fill-in the missing part from before. Skipping the first three choices I had three left to choose.

"Divine petty much mean being the same as a goddess. I think Aphrodite falls into that category. Not going anywhere near this one. That is just asking for trouble from a jealous goddess. While drop dead gorgeous would be as flawless as a human being can get. Black Cat, wonder woman, and almost every heroine and villainous would go here. Now this one I would normally pick but even I know there's such a thing as being too beautiful. Especially when you're out in public, where if you didn't have powers, you could be kidnapped and sold. Best to go with "Beautiful", even if he not the best one better than what I have now. Maybe I'll get a better grade for being humble."

Body type categories: Vase, Apple, Bell, Column, Goblet, Cello, Pear, Cornet, Lollipop, Skittle, Brick, and Hourglass.

(These were the 12 body types that a human female could have. I was sure there were more if I had pick something other than human.

"It doesn't take a genius to figure out that most women in DC have hourglass figures and while I want this one enough to kill for, I have to take my new powers into count. I think I know how to get the figure I want."

You have chosen:

Face type: Beautiful,

Body type: Apple

Appearance section complete: your powers will now take effect on your body and face.

As I watched the body on the screen change once again, I realized my plan had worked and failed at the same time.

Body transformation complete: Your Face and Body have been changed.

Face type changed to: Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Body type changed to: Hourglass.

"Shit!" I couldn't but curse out loud.

(I had known the Spider powers would have a transformative effect on body. So, I had chosen a body with the most body mass believing that my powers would have more to work with. If I had picked the Hourglass figure beforehand my power would have eaten through what little body fat I had. Sure, I would have been rip as hell but I would have lost my bust and butt. I also didn't think my powers would work on my face. At most I would have gotten better eye sight. All the extra powers must have played a part in this.)

"I am so conflicted right now. It's great that I got the body I always wanted but I had hoped that by making myself less attractive that I would get a better grade. The survey won't let me go back once a section has been finished. There's nothing I can do but push forward towards the end."

Training section: Optional. Skip this section if you feel you don't need it.

This section is recommended for people wishing to learn a variety of skills or going to worlds with high danger levels. The difficulty modes are: Easy, Normal, Advanced, Hard, and Hell. The length of time and the number of subjects that can be learned is based on the difficulty of the level. The harder it is the more time you have to learn a variety of subjects. so, it is best to choose a mode based on the type of world you're going to.

Easy and normal mode are for worlds that are peaceful or have low levels of danger.

Advanced and hard mode are for worlds with high level danger.

Hell, mode is for worlds with extreme danger.

Please Note: that anyone who completes any level of training will be given a reward but the higher the difficulty that is completed the greater and more numerous the rewards.

"I can't fight my way out of a paper bag so I need as much training as I can get. It's better to have a skilled teacher training me now then spending years of my life having to look for one in the other world. It's not like I'm Bruce Wayne, I can't go around the world looking for teachers. Even if I had his money I would not know where to look. Besides, I'm going to a world full of monsters, demons, gods, aliens and God knows what else. I need as much help as I can get."

You have chosen: Hell mode.

"And with that I just need to press enter and I am done with the survey. About time too I was taking this thing way too seriously. it almost made me believe that I was going to another world. Not that I'm going to tell my friend that. The reward for finishing this thing had better be a gift card or I'm going to be annoyed." I said as I push the button.

You have completed the otherworld/Self-insert Survey. Please wait while your survey is being graded.

After spending what felt like hours (it was one hour but that is beside the point) on this thing I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. Based on the subject you think there be more to this.

"Maybe I just don't want to admit that a small part of me wanted to believe in the rumor." I couldn't help but sigh as the screen changed.

You have passed with the grade: Interesting.

While you would be considered overpowered in any other world the beings that have greater strength than yourself in your chosen world are numerous. You have shown a keen mind when you tempted to lower the attractiveness of your face as you understood that the greater the beauty the greater the misfortune that can occur. While your attempt failed you understood the value what you gained.

"OK, I'm starting to freak out here how did it know what I was trying to do!?" I said as I looked at the screen unnerved. Let's calm down, it could be that's someone read my survey and guessed my intention. Even if it was just a fluke." I thought out loud while trying and failing to convince myself.

Your reward for completing this survey are two random abilities and a choice.

You have gained the ability, Angelic Voice: this skill gives the user an extremely beautiful singing voice capable of moving even the coldest hearted of people.

You have gained the ability, Golden Blood of Quintessence: turns the holder's blood into a powerful elixir capable of fully healing others no matter the disease or injury as long as the subject is still alive.

"So much for the gift card I wanted." I said, with a vain attempt at humor. I was not liking where this was going.

The number of people in this world that have been given this choice can be counted on one hand.

The Choice is: Do you want to have your soul place inside the body you have created and sent to the world you have chosen? Where you will be given all the powers you asked for.

Warning: Should you choose to go your existence in this world will be erased forever. When your training is complete and you enter the other world, you will be subject to partial memory loss. All information regarding the secret identities of all heroes, villains and future events will be lost.

Should you choose to reject this choice you'll be unable to take this survey again, your memory will be altered into believing you failed this survey and this conversation never happened.

Do not click on the "yes" button if you're not ready to give up the life you have here. For there will be no second chances to change your mind. Choose carefully.

Taking a deep calming breath, I moved the arrow to the "no" button but hesitated for a moment. I couldn't help but imagine the kind of adventures I would have if I said yes, But I also knew that world was full of blood and death. People died by the truck loads there. Moreover, I had friends and family in this world and I wasn't shallow or stupid enough to throw that away for a hot body and super powers.

Just as I was about to click on "no" Loki in all his wisdom decided now was the time to cross my keyboard and press all kinds of keys. I heard a click before I could grab him. I had Loki in my arms as I looked in horror at the screen, the "yes" button had been pushed.

"Please let this survey be a joke or a hoax." I prayed, as I felt Loki jump from my arms to the floor. I stared at the screen waiting for something to happen. Only after a few minutes of nothing happening did I relax. Turning to my cat I gave him a glare.

"So, it was fake after all, you almost give me a heart attack. No wonder why my roommates don't like you. Show some remorse and stop licking your balls!" I said as I threw a pillow at him. I heard a sound from the computer as he ran under the bed. The words on the screen almost made me pee myself.

Your new body with all its powers and abilities has been transported to the hell mode training grounds. Your soul will now be moved to your new body. May your new life be a for filling one. Best of luck to you.

"You can take your "Best of luck to you" and shove it up your..." were the last words I tried to say before the room was fill with blinding light. I knew no more.

Going to end it here. Nothing like a good cliffhanger to make people want more. If there are spelling mistakes, sorry I did my best. If you want more, I need review. Good or bad.