Chapter 3

A year is how long I have been on this world and even with all my powers it has not been a cakewalk. I have been through a lot of trials and tribulations to get to where I am now.

Day one

My advent on to this new world was not what you would call dramatic. The last thing I recall was grasping a mini-Earth in my hand and a blink later I was standing atop a high-rise apartment building in the middle of the night with my arm outstretched looking like an idiot. lucky for me there was no one there to see me look stupid. It took me a few moments to get myself oriented and to check out my surroundings. The view before me was both familiar and different.

From my vantage point I could see the famous landmarks of New York City. The Brooklyn Bridge, Chrysler building, Empire State, and Central Park. While these locations were impressive as always there were a few other buildings that I had never seen before that were just as impressive. Of all the buildings that stood out the ones that grabbed the most attention were two large skyscrapers opposite of one another. One bearing the name Wayne and the other with the word Lex.

(Writer note: I am sure you know this, but these are just branch companies not the headquarters.)

The appearance of these new buildings before me made me feel a bit melancholy. Their existence was the final nail in the coffin of my old life. I had hoped that with all my training I would no longer feel this way. That I had overcome my past and let go but I guess I was just deluding myself. While the pain of loss was not as gut wrenching as it was before it still hurt to think of all I had lost, and I think this pain will stay with me for an awfully long time.

My musing was cut short due to Snowball rubbing herself against my neck. I gave her a pat as she looked at me with concerned eyes.

"It's OK, I am just reminiscing how about my old life. I miss my old family and I think I always will, but I know they want me to be happy. So, I am going to embrace all this world has to offer and live a life of no regrets. So, let us explore this new world." I said as I slipped Snowball into the hood of my costume, entered camouflage mode, and leapt off the building.

For the next few hours, I web sling all over the place as I try to get a feel for this city. I wanted to know how different this New York was to my old one. It was only as the sun was coming up that I made my way to my last destination.

New York Central Park was one of the places I loved most in life and in my mind, it was the best place to hide. Finding a secluded spot in the park I summoned the House of Wonders. Once I was inside, I had the house slip into its pocket dimension and away from all prying eyes.

The House of Wonders lived up to its name. The floors were made of solid oak and the walls a royal blue stone. The living room was filled with comfortable looking couches, love seats and a white marble fireplace. The kitchen was comprised of Carrara countertops and black wooden cabinets. Like the rest of the house the bedrooms were of oak and blue stone, they had four poster beds and nightstands. The bathrooms was made of a mix of white and gray marble.

"Gods, this place rocks!" I said out loud. I would have loved to live in a place like this in my old life.

It was only after exploring the place for a while that I found out the house had a few flaws that came with it. The house could not replicate, food, clothes, or modern technology. Sure, the place had water and light, but I think that was due to magic. If I wanted any of the above, I would have to get it myself. Even if the house did not have everything it was still a lovely place to live. With that thought in mind I took off my mask and made myself comfortable on the nearest couch while Snowball explored the house.

The couch was so comfortable I wanted to fall asleep without delay, but I had to plan and that meant reviewing everything I learned in the last few hours. Not sure if I know everything there is to know about this house but as I was wishing for a piece of paper and a pen so I could do a mental download they appeared out of nowhere. Not wanting to seem ungrateful I said thank you to the House and focused on the task at hand.

"From what I've seen so far this New York isn't as lawful as my old one." I said as I made a checklist of the things, I had seen earlier.

(Drug dealing) saw a deal going down in some alley.

(prostitution) girls working the streets with some pimps.

(arson) some idiot setting a dumpster on fire.

(racketeering) saw some mom-and-pop store being harassed by guys in suits.

(corruption) police officers paid off to look the other way by said guys in suits.

"From the look up things the city is home to organized crime families. The question is do they own the city or not because I do not think there that stupid enough to pull this kind of crap in broad daylight unless they know they can get away with it. So, I must see how this city looks during the day to get a full picture.

Plus, since I am flat broke, I might as well borrow(steal) from some less than honest citizens to buy some food and clothes while I am out there.

While I would focus on learning about this New York for the time being I should not forget about the rest of the world. I need to know how different this world is. History, technology, economics, and geography are on the list of things that will have to research.

But the most pressing question that comes to mind. Am I the only one with powers in the world or are there others. It would be foolish to think I am the only one without proof. If there are others, I need to know what they can do in case they tried to get in my way later." I said as closed my eyes to sleep.

Two weeks later.

For the better part of two weeks, I have been gathering resources and info.

My resource gathering was mostly me robbing a whole lot of places. Of course, I did it as Incognito as possible I did not want to ruin my future hero Rep. So, left my costume at home and dressed as your average cat burglar. No one knew I was ever there, or anything was missing. For a while at least.

It was mostly places that had high level technology and chemicals that I hit. I was not greedy I only took significant things for my current needs like microchips to upgrade my costume or special types of chemicals that I needed to keep my web shooters full and powerful microprocessors for a computer.

I cannot hack worth a damn without a powerful computer, and the premade ones that are sold in stores would not cut it. I needed to build one myself if I wanted any decent processing speed and the most advanced parts I needed are not sold at the mall. I did manage to build a decent one for my current needs, but I would build a more powerful one once I had more money to work with.

I wanted money but robbing too many low lives would draw too much attention, So I hit a drug den, got away with a few grand and let the dealers for the Cops. of course, no one saw me since I was in camouflage mode, and I only used my fists to win. Camouflage would be my go-to power for the time being, since some of my other powers were a little to flashy and I do not want anyone thinking there was a super powered vigilante in the city just yet.

Finding information about the world was not that hard thanks to the Internet and local library. It took a while but now I know the key differences between my old world and this one.

(History) all but the same with a few key differences.

(technology) slightly more advanced.

(economics) the same.

(Geography) vastly different. New cities in the US and the world.

(People with superhuman abilities) do in fact exist in this world.

It seems in this world people with special abilities have existed for quite some time. Although most people saw them as little more than myth and legend. There were some who's existence was known as fact.

The most famous being the Justice Guild of America who fought in World War Two. In the current time the Guild was disbanded, and the location most of the old members are unknown. Even if America's most famous heroes are retired or dead does not mean there are not others carrying their legacy. There have been rumors of costumed vigilantes fighting crime in various cities in the US.

"I knew that it was a vain hope that I was the only one in the world with powers. The only redeeming quality to this issue is that these guys seem to be focused on fighting crime inside their own cities. So, the likelihood of me meeting one soon is unlikely." I said quietly as I put down today's newspaper that talked about Superman saving a derailed train in Metropolis and continued to spy on my target.

My target being the District Attorney of New York who (whose name I do not give a crap about and will not remember after I am done with him) I knew was in bed with the local crime families. The guy was as average looking at best, white guy with black hair, thin body, and glasses. You would think someone more charismatic would get voted in, but I have it on good authority that the election was rigged. Makes sense that the crime families would want someone who was already in their pocket taking the job.

The crime families have been ruling New York in the shadows for a while now. They kept everything low key to avoid the attention of the government. One of the reasons why they have not been persecuted yet is because of the guy I am watching. He has been covering up their crimes for years.

I have been in disguise spying on this guy for over two weeks. Learning everything there is to know about him. How he talks, walks, how he interacts with others, every detail. You can probably guess I plan to kidnap and impersonate the guy. You are probably wondering why.

Here is a question for you. How do you make an obscene amount of money and not have city law enforcement, or the government come after you?

The answer:

Is steal it from a whole lot of evil people who cannot report it missing. It is not like they can call the police and say someone stole all their hard-earned drug and gun money.

You are all probably wondering how this guy plays into all this. This guy has an in with most of the crime families meaning by taking his place I get to meet them myself learn everything there is to know about them. The deals they make, who works for them, and friends/enemies that they have outside the city. All this information would prove useful to me overall.

If you think my plan is to rob them all by one by one, you are wrong. Robbing one or two would just tip the other ones off that someone was stealing for them and once that happens, they will either up their security or move all their money to a different location. It would not be hard for them to figure out there is a traitor in their midst and all the time and effort I put into this will go down the drain.

My plan was simple:

I was going with a long con.

I would gain the trust of all the crime families I could, trick them into thinking the federal government was coming for them and their assets, have them move all their money to what they believe to be a secure location and where I in turn make off with every dime they were made. Essentially making myself a millionaire in one go and kissing poverty goodbye.

Once I had my money, I would send all the evidence that I have gathered working for crime families to the FBI, NSA, IRS, and every other law enforcement division outside of New York (I would have gone to the Cops but most of them are on the take). The crime families get caught, crime in New York goes down and I walk away rich without having thrown a single punch or using my powers. Good plan, right?

"Now, all I have to do is pull it off." I thought as I was done visualizing on how my plan would go and followed my target to his home where I would make the switch.

Six months later

I was currently showering inside the House of Wonders. I was giving myself a thorough scrubbing hoping to get the stench of scumbag and cheap cologne off my skin. The real DA did not know the meaning of the word taste. I had to wear that garbage since he was a known fan of it. Had I not suffered enough.

"Fucking pig. I hope you become someone's bitch in prison." I grumbled as I scrub harder.

I was both physically and emotionally exhausted after spending months pretending to be that prick District Attorney and collaborating with the Mob. All the things I have seen, heard, and did as part of my plan took its toll on me. The casual way the mobs' families took life in their quest for wealth and power sickened me.

I was not a Saint and everything I have done to earn this payday proves it but even I had lines I would not cross. I only have a few consolations to this whole mess, seeing most of my former employers put in handcuffs or fleeing the state and the mountain of money currently in the garage.

So yay, my plan worked for the most part. I managed to fool the Yakuza, Triads, and almost (so Mobs were too untrusting, or I did not have an in with) every Mob in the city in putting their money into cargo ship and send it out into international waters outside the government's authority. Once the ship was far enough out to sea, I just slipped away unseen (there was no way I was not being spied upon) and used the House to fly out to the ship. I infiltrated the ship in camouflage mode and pumped it full of odorless sleeping gas. After everyone was out cold and any evidence of my existence that may have been caught on the security feeds was erased, I moved all the money to the House and made my getaway.

The following day I released the real District Attorney that I have been holding hostage (who had no idea what was been going on for the last few months and would be arrested like everyone else), sent all the evidence I have gathered against numerous crime figures to the Feds and just kicked back to watch the fireworks while counting my new money.

(Writer note: if you want to know how much She got away with look up The Dark Knight Rises money burning scene.)

Of course, I knew thought this would not be the end organized crime in New York. With the heavy hitters out of the way there would be a power vacuum and anyone inside or outside the city with ambitions will try to fill in the gap. Fortunately, the government will have its eyes on the city for quite a while and that will give me the necessary time to finish the final preparations to make my hero debut.

What did you think I only wanted to get rich? Well, your right! Living the high live was going to be sweet but the money was also a means to an end. My dream of a high-tech base and a badass vehicle will no longer be a pipe dream but before that can happen there was one last obstacle standing in the way of my crime fighting career and that obstacle is unfortunately law enforcement.

Let us face facts. The Cops are not going to welcome me with open arms. I am not a hypocrite; I do see where they are coming from. Breaking and entering, assault, property damage, I am going end up breaking a lot of laws to help people but to me people come first and laws second and if that means going against law enforcement so be it. And the fact I am going to rob my enemies blind has nothing to do with it. Seriously!

2 months later

The time I spent dealing with the Law was far shorter then with the crime families. It is not like I need to beat-up or blackmail anyone. I just need to hack into their computer and communications networks. Placing listening devices inside the mayor's and police commissioner's offices would be useful in case they plotted against me. I know I sound paranoid but its better then being dead.

It was not hard sneak into police headquarters. I just had to impersonate someone (who would wake up the next day with a nasty hangover but otherwise will be fine) from the cyber-crimes division for a day, hack the network, program a backdoor and slip out of the build when done. The most time-consuming thing I had to do manually hack into crime system network towers a top every police precinct building in the city.

That means I would have to waste days and more web sling all over the place and then once that was done, I had to create a relay system that would send me all the data they have in real time. Man, I have killed for my own satellite. That way I could have skipped all this and had all the data sent straight to the house or to me when I am out in the field.

Breaking into the mayor's and commissioner's offices was easy for me. It was mostly due to the fact that they had to go home eventually and their security system that they have so much faith in was a joke.

I just wall crawled up the side of both buildings in camouflage mode, disabled the alarm on the windows and slipped inside. Once I was inside, I cracked open their personal desktop computers and placed the bugs inside. I even rewired their computers to power the bugs for me, so I would not have to worry about them running out of power.

With that done, I could finally finish the last thing on my To Do List.

That is shopping. What I had a mountain of money to spend, and high-tech bases do not pay for themselves.

Computer servers, computer clusters, chemicals, microscopes, and compound analyzers were a few things that I wanted but buying enormous amounts of high-tech equipment would draw unwanted attention to myself. I needed a go-between, who could buy and if necessary, steal, all the things I wanted. I could probably steal all the stuff I wanted but that is just too much work for me. After everything I have done so far, I could use a break.

Finding the equipment, disable security, stealing equipment, loading equipment into a truck, and making my getaway. Screw that! I am not breaking my back for this. Let someone else do the heavy lifting.

Unfortunately, I shot myself in the foot when I had all the people in New York who you could do this for me sent to jail with the top crime families. There were a few small-time guys left but they did not have the skill or muscle to get the job done. lucky for me that all the time I spent working for the mob granted me access to useful kinds of information. I knew of someone who could get me everything that I wanted. The thing is he was in another city that I did not want to set foot into. Not that I have a choice in the matter.

New Jersey: Gotham city

I spent the better part of a week playing tourist while getting the lay of the land. Gotham, it was both beautiful and disgusting at the same time.

What made Gotham beautiful to me was its architecture. Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Gothic architecture that made up most of the city gave it a style all its own. You could not call Gotham boring with its unique style.

What made the city disgusting was how badly the people living here let it all go to waste. Gotham could have been the crown jewel of the US if it had been well cared for but with its littered streets, graffiti covered walls, polluted rivers, and the odor of waste and decay made me find Gotham wanting.

But what got to me most was the underlying tension of the city. It was hard to describe, a powder keg maybe or a city tilting over an abyss. The right words escape me, but the overall feel of this city puts me on edge. Maybe I am overly sensitive due to my spider sense or just paranoid, but I could not find myself staying in the city for long. when my business was done, I was out of here.

Iceberg lounge

Iceberg lounge was a two-story, restaurant/lounge with a dance floor and a large pool for pet seals and penguins. The place was tasteful if you did not mind that the decor made it look like a giant igloo

My reason for being here was to meet the owner of this place. Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot better known as the Penguin in the underworld. I had made an appointment with the man beforehand using the connections I had made when impersonating the DA. I knew being the DA was a short-term thing, so I made sure to make contacts for myself before I was done being him. Otherwise, I am sure Cobblepot would not have taken me seriously if I just appeared on his front door.

I arrived at the Iceberg in style of course. I could not have them thinking I was some penniless commoner. I caught the attention of everyone as I stepped out of a large black limousine. I was dressed in a Black designer dress suit that articulated my curves and long legs. My hair was a Platinum Blond, eyes a bright green and my skin Caucasian. A doorman in a tuxedo greeted and ushered me inside. Once inside another person in a tuxedo showed me toward my destination.

The manager's office décor was refined if not somewhat overbearing. The placed screamed rich with antiques hanging on the walls, a minibar with alcohol more expensive than a person's rent and the most luxurious wooden high-end desk I have ever seen. Too bad the person sitting behind it was less impressive.

The Penguin was a well-dressed man of short stature with a long pointy nose, blue eyes, and black hair. Before this meeting I heard that despite his physical appearance the Penguin had an air of danger to him. Of course, I was not feeling that air right now since I could feel his eyes on my cleavage as I sat in front of him. Pretending not to notice I greeted the man.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Cobblepot. My name is Felicia Hardy." I said as I held out my hand while turning on the charm.

I took on the Black Cat persona because I always had a fondness for her in the comics. To me, she had the right balance of brawn, intelligence and looks. More than anything else she was not a damsel in distress. She could kick ass and take names with the best of them. I thought of her as the perfect persona when making deals with the underworld.

Taking his eyes off my chest Cobblepot shakes my hand. "The pleasure is all mine, Ms. Hardy. Please call me Oswald. I must admit I only accepted your appointment out of curiosity more than anything else. Your name my dear has become known in the underworld only for a brief time but the people who contacted me about your request are what you would call high on the food chain so to speak. Makes me wonder why they would back someone so new in this business." Oswald said with a smile but there was a coldness in his eyes. Eyes that said no matter how pretty I was he would have me killed in a heartbeat if I became a problem. (He probably thinks I am a honeypot sent by his enemies).

Looking into his eyes for a fleeting moment I gave him a glimpse of my own ruthlessness before leaning back into my chair with a smile and crossing my legs. I could have sworn that I saw a small glimmer a respect in his eyes.

"It is not surprising you do not trust someone with so little reputation like me. I only just recently entered the underworld thanks to the help of our mutual friends in New York. Most would see me as nothing but eye candy that used her looks and body to get a leg up in this business but that is where you would be wrong. I am more than just a pretty face.

All the jobs I have been hired to do up till now were completed without a single mistake. I showed everyone in the underworld that matter that I had more than enough cunning, and intelligence to get the job done. I earned their respect. I do not appreciate being underestimated." I said with a cold smile.

I did not fear Cobblepot. The Penguin was the best choice to get what I wanted but he was not the only choice if he tried anything I put him down. Fortunately for him it did not come to that.

"Forgive my suspicion Ms. Hardy. I am sure you understand that caution is especially important in this business. I made many enemies in my life, and most wouldn't hesitate to use a woman as lovely as yourself to kill me. One can never be too careful. So how may I be of service." Oswald said switching to business mode.

"Understood and forgiven Oswald. Since a man of your stature's time is valuable, I will be blunt. My current employer is a need of several pieces of high-level technology." I said while handing over a paper with the names of all the equipment I wanted. The Penguin surveyed the list for a few moments before looking at me.

"Miss Hardy, while I am not a man of science, even I can easily tell by the names on this list that getting the equipment you want will not be easy or fast." Penguin said while lighting a cigar. The greed in his eyes was plain as day. He was going to try to take me for a ride, but I was not going to fall for it.

"Oswald let us not kid ourselves, my employer chose you since you are the best in the business when it comes to procurement. So, let us skip this song and dance and you just tell me how much you want."

"Direct, I like it. $50 million for all of it and not a penny more."

Hell no! sure, I could pay for that easily with money I now have but he does not need to know that.

"$20 million, you said it yourself you're not a man of science what if your men bring me the wrong equipment."

"$45 million, I will hire a specialist, which will make sure we get the right ones. They are not cheap."

"$25 million, it is not like you have to travel that far, most of this stuff can be found inside Gotham City."

"$40 million, places like, Wayne Enterprises, Lex Corp, and Star Labs are not easy places to break into. They have top class security."

We continue to haggle for a while. I think both of us found this amusing seeing who could get the best of the other. We eventually we settled on a price.

"Fine, $30 million dollars to be paid on delivery. The drop point will be an empty house hidden in slaughter swamp on the outskirts of Gotham." I said, while giving Penguin the address location. We shake hands and I standing up but before leaving the room I paused at the door.

"Oswald, I am sure you are aware of this already, but Gotham is currently plagued by a nocturnal masked vigilante. So, I would appreciate it if you performed this job with upmost subtlety and have the delivery made during the daytime."

"Do not worry my dear, I will not let Gotham's current bat problem get in the way of our deal. In a few short weeks you will have everything you asked for. I will call you once I have all the equipment. All you must do is make sure you have the money prepared when my men arrive."

"Of course, Oswald you will have your money. I may need to buy things from you again in the future, so I do not want to burn my bridges with you now do I." I said as I exited the room. I thought about placing a bug in the Penguin's office, but the man most likely has his place swept regularly so I would not risk it.

After exiting the building, I made a beeline straight for my limo. The driver got out of his seat and opened the door for me.

"Where to next Ms. Hardy?" the driver asked.

"The Gotham Royal Hotel." I said as I climbed inside the vehicle. The driver gave a nod before closing my door and then a few moments later we drove off.

During the drive back to my hotel room I reflected on tonight's events. Things worked out well for me in a lot of ways tonight. I would soon have all the equipment I wanted and thanks to meeting Cobblepot and showing him my strength of will my Felicia Hardy persona would gain more credibility. While I was sure Cobblepot would come through on his end I still have some doubts. Not that he would not get my stuff, but that he would stay under the radar of Gotham's vigilante.

I was not foolish enough to come to a city that had a notorious vigilante in it and not expect trouble. I did plenty of research on this so-called Batman while inside this city. He had been the thorn in the side of the underworld for a few years now. It was a testament to the man's skills that he managed to survive this long in a city as corrupt as Gotham.

The rumors about the Batman were quite exaggerated to say the least. The Underworld saw him as some kind of monster or supernatural force. The general public see him as nothing more than an urban myth. Separating fact from fiction was a bit of a chore but I did manage to get a general understanding of the Batman. He was a man with skills, intelligence, and resources. It was unlikely that he did not know the existence of the Penguin.

It did not take me too much time figure out what was going to happen next. That Batman would find out that the Penguin was up to something and when he found out what that was, he would make his move. He would either stop the thefts or use them to lead him to the source of the problem namely me.

It was a safe bet that he would come after me because stopping a few thefts would not end this. Cobblepot had too much money riding on this to quit and things would escalate the more Batman got in the way. so, to end this Batman would have to take down Felicia Hardy. Too bad for him I do not plan on waiting around for that to happen. Once I reached the hotel, I would slip out of my Felicia Hardy disguise and simply move to a new hotel and play Gotham tourist until I got a call from the Penguin.

3 weeks later

I stood under a tree not too far from a large, dilapidated house hidden deep inside slaughter swamp. The house had been neglected for years. You could tell with its rotten wood structure, broken windows and the smell of some dead animal coming from inside. The swamp air was not doing the house any favors either.

I was playing supervisor as a group of men in a truck carried a large number of boxes that I knew contained equipment into the building for the better part of the afternoon. I had checked out all the hardware making sure they had gotten all the right ones before they was boxed up. The only reason they were in boxes was to keep anyone who maybe spying on us from seeing what was inside and to protect the equipment from the swamp's environment. The sun was fairly low by the time they were done unloading everything.

One of Cobblepot's men walked over to where I stood. He was not much to look at with his dull brown hair, watery blue eyes, and plain face but for some reason his deep voice made him standout. It was probably the only reason I remembered his name. Rickard Leblanc or Ricky to his friends.

"I take it everything is in place, Mr. LeBlanc." I asked in a bored tone. He had been checking me out the whole time he was here. Not that my current outfit was helping matters. It was the same type of suit that I wore the last time I was at the Iceberg but only in a dark blue.

"Of course, beautiful, the job is done. Now all that is left is the payment." Ricky said while trying to turn on the charm and failing. Despite his lecherous nature I decided to be polite. Of course, if his hands wandered, he would be feeling a kick to the nuts.

'Please call Mr. Cobblepot for me, so I may let him know he received his payment. It is important to me that he knows that his faith in me was rewarded, and I always pay my dues." I said as I watched Ricky dial the number on his cell phone. A few rings later the other side picked up.

"Cobblepot speaking who is this?"

"It's Ricky, boss. I am here with Ms. Hardy. She wants to talk to you." Ricky said as he passed me the phone.

"Hello, Ms. Hardy. I take it everything is in order."

"Hello Oswald and yes everything I asked for is here. I am just calling to inform you that Mr. LeBlanc is going to check your payment and to say goodbye for the time be. I am sure my employer we will need your services again in the near future." I said as I handed over a black briefcase with the money to Ricky. The thought of cheating them crossed my mind but my reputation in the underworld was more important than money.

Opening the briefcase for a moment Ricky let out a small whistle before making sure the money was real and that I was not pulling some kind of trick. Once he was sure everything was legit. He took the phone back and talked to Cobblepot for a bit. After they were done Ricky give the phone back.

"Well, Ms. Hardy it has been a pleasure and I look forward to our next business transaction. If you are ever in Gotham again, please stop by the Iceberg Lounge as your drinks will be on the House." Cobblepot said before hanging up. After passing back the phone, I clapped my hands loudly.

"Well gentlemen it has been a pleasure, but my employer's men will be here soon to pick up the stuff. As you are aware secrecy is important in this type of business, so I am sure that none of you wish to be a permanent resident of this swamp. I suggest you vacate the area immediately." I said in a loud cheerful tone. I pretty much told them to fuck off or die.

"Of course, Ms. Hardy, bye, Ms. Hardy. Boys, get in the truck we are getting out of here." Ricky yelled as he jumped in the back of the truck in a hurry. Once everyone was on board, they drove off.

The moment they were out of sight I pulled a small controller from my pocket and activated a small group of drones in the shape of birds that I had planted in the swamp beforehand. They were there to warn me if anyone was still around. I did not want an audience when I performed my magic trick. After verifying that there was no one within a mile of this place I had the drones follow me inside the house. The house vanished as soon as we were safe inside.

I was sitting in a comfortable chair with Snowball on my lap as I watched the house return to a more pristine state. I could honestly say I was quite happy right now. All the time I spent in that cesspool of a city was worth it. The number of times people tried to rob, rape, or kill me in the last few weeks made me hate this city even more. I would never set foot in this city again unless absolutely had to.

I felt the need to talk. To unwind after leaving Gotham.

"It's finally time, Snowball. After I get my newly acquired technology setup and running, I can finally start my hero career. I am going to spend the next few weeks making sure my computer network is up and secure. I will create some brand-new weapons. I was a major fan of the Spiderman game for the PS4, I am going to try to copy some of the weapons from the game."

"I am most glad I managed to pull off this caper without batman's interference. Well, semi-interference anyway." I said as I pulled out a small tracker in the shape of a bat from my pocket.

"Seriously, a bat tracker the Batman has no sense of originality. Not that I am one to talk, since I am going to make a spider tracer once I reverse engineer this little toy of his."

"Honestly, did he not think I'd see this coming. He either put this tracker on the equipment before it was sent to me, or he was one of the thugs in the disguise either way I'm sure he thought that he had enough time to change into costume and come back to the drop off sites before I had the stuff moved out. Too bad for him the only thing he will find will be an empty space where the house used to stand. While he is busy searching for the illusory Felicia Hardy, I will be safe in New York."

Metropolis 3 months later, and the current time (it's been a year now give or take a few weeks)

It was the middle of the night, and I was standing atop the roof of a building not too far from the docks of Metropolis waiting for my target to appear. I had some time to kill before he appeared so, I reminisced about my hero career so far. It was that or watch cars go by. Stake outs suck, I should have brought my phone.

My hero career had been in full swing for a while now. The time I spent preparing was worth it for New York now had its own full pledged nocturnal hero. Unlike my predecessors in the comics who were mostly active during the day I felt the night suited me better.

My first few excursions in full costume against the criminals of New York was meant with insults and catcalls. They saw me as some nut job or someone with a weird fetish. They changed their tune quickly once I beat the crap out of them and left them hanging from my webs. In the course of a few short months the name Apex was known to everyone. There were a few who did try to call me spider-woman, but I did not want such a generic name, so I shut that down fast. Any Scumbag who called me that lost teeth and anyone I have saved I made sure they got my name right. I chose my name for a reason, and they will respect it.

But you probably don't care about how I saved people from burning buildings, beat up criminals on a regular basis, robbed evil rich people (nobody knows that part) or save cats from trees.

No, I am sure you're asking "Hey, if you're such a big New York hero what are you doing in Metropolis then?" And that is a fair question and simple enough to answer.

I have been following leads on someone selling high tech weapons to gangs in New York. And when I mean high tech, I'm not talking about high-powered rifles, I mean crazy science fiction shit, Like laser cannons and mech-suits. I had to fight a group of bank robbers using that crazy tech and it was a pain to take them down. After some subtle interrogation I made them cough up where the weapons were coming from, and any other useful info.

The weapons originated from a criminal organization called Intergang that was based in Metropolis.

Now to answer your original question. I was here to find Intergang, steal their money, technology, and hopefully send the mass majority of them to jail. While taking their money would be nice my main objective was their technology. if I could get acquire it, I could reverse engineer it and create all kinds of cool toys.

My fantasizing about new high tech spider suits was cut short with the arrival of a black Rolls-Royce entering shipping yard. Not wanting to lose my prey I web sling to the docks and landed on a yellow crane. Using the zoom function in my mask I watched as the car drove to a warehouse at the end of the docks. Stilling watching, I saw the car stop and my target emerge from the vehicle with a group of men in suits.

Bruno "Ugly" (never got that part, he wasn't that bad looking to me maybe it's his personality) Mannheim the leader of Intergang and the only one who could lead me to his weapon stash. By only I mean any one of his guys that I interrogated for the location of his weapons died of a heart attack. I thought it was my fault at first but later I found out Manheim has somehow low jacked his own men. Anyone who tried to reveal vital information died. I barely managed to get any information about a deal going down at the docks tonight.

Mannheim walked into the warehouse just as I arrived top of the building. I originally suspected that this place would be crawling with armed thugs but imagine my surprise the place was devoid of any lookouts. It took me a moment to realize that this being Superman's town you would be crazy or stupid to have guns in plain sight where he can see you from the air or hear you from a distance if you fired them out in the open. Subtlety was needed if you wanted to avoid Big Blue.

And subtlety is what I found when I checked out the roof ventilation duct and found an all, but invisible laser grid attached just inside of the vent. Unfortunately for the people trying to keep me out that I had upgrade my gear over the last year.

A bit of searching I found the terminal that controlled the grid, once I found it, I pulled out a miniaturized hacking device from my belt (I hate belts but is not like I have an invisible inventory I had to keep my tools somewhere, but I did make it dark enough to match my suit) to hack the security code and turn off the grid. After I jump through the vent and landing on a support beam, I turned the grid back on to avoid suspicion in case anyone wondered why it was turned off.

I was getting the feeling of being in a horror movie (a cheap budget one) the more I looked around. The warehouse was decrepit and broken down with disuse. The old steel containers and flickering lights gave the room an eerie type of feeling (I have half expected is seaman with a hook to jump scare my ass). The centerpiece of the room was an old fishing boat blocking the only seaside entrance. The place was empty of personnel not that I was surprised in the least. I have been in this business long enough to know that bad guys do love their hidden rooms. Now all I had to do was find it.

My search for the entrance to the hidden room would have been longer if not for the mudded footprints left behind Mannheim and his men (thank goodness it rained today). The entrance was a trapdoor that led to an old bootleggers' tunnel under the floor. The tunnel hadn't been cleaned in years by the look of all the rubble lining the inside. It was a tight squeeze, but I made it through all the gaps to the other side of the room. At the end of the room was a thick steel door with a security camera at the top. Not wanting to get noticed I entered the ventilation duct and made my way to the next room.

What I'm going to say next sounds like hypocrisy coming from a woman who lives in a magic house but after getting inside I could help thinking "what the hell is up with this room!" I would expecting a small room with a few of weapons here and there, but this place was fucking huge. A place like this shouldn't exist being so close to sea level. Forget it, I will worry about the how later. Let's see what we got here.

Despite the warehouse above this place looked state-of-the-art. All types of weapons filled the place. From average weapons like guns, knives, grenades. To high tech, Mech suits, energy rifles, lighting whips, (kinky) and best of all hoverbikes.

"I am so taking one of those bikes home with me." I thought with glee while hiding on the ceiling.

I spotted Mannheim and his crew in some corner office. Beside them there was no one else in the room. Not wanting to start the party just yet I wall crawled to the nearest hoverbike to see if I hack the thing. Despite being so high tech, the security system was easy to breach. Once I figure it out how the controls worked and to my joy finding out the hoverbike had a large trunk I started silently ransacking the place.

Energy cells, battle armor, and some kinds of high-powered Laptop were a few of the things I could fit into the trunk. The mech-suits were too big to take but I did manage to hack the thing and get the schematics. I had just finish closing the trunk when Mannheim came out of his office spotting me. Not giving him or his men a chance to react I nailed them with a web bomb. They were nice and webbed up when I walked over. They were less than happy to see me.

"Let me out of this you freak. Do you have any idea who you're dealing with!?" Mannheim asked enraged with his face turning a nice shade of red. I was not even a little bit intimidated.

Activating my voice modifier, I answered his question.

"An arms dealer who caused the deaths of a lot of people. Someone who made money off the suffering of others. Someone who should consider themselves lucky that they're not being rolled into prison on a gurney." I said in a mechanical voice.

"I know you were making a deal tonight, so where is your client?" fully ready to break a few bones if he did not talk. Mannheim gave me a mocking smirk.

"You got your info backwards bitch; I am not the seller but the buyer. And if you want to meant them so badly why not now. Hail Darkseid!" Mannheim yelled. The next second some kind of energy tunnel appeared behind me with a boom. Needless to say, shit it the fan.

One moment I am ready to put the hurt on this scumbag the next the love child of a green imp and a gargoyle covered in some kind of armor is attacking me. Whatever this thing was it was stronger than anything a have fought update. While I was fighting, I caught a glimpse of Mannheim and his crew. They somehow manage to get out of my webbing and were making a break for it. Manheim getting away pissed me off a lot. All the time I spent hunting his ass down was wasted. I took out my frustrations on my opponent.

It came at me like a berserker doing its best to rip and tear me to pieces with it's clawed hands and teeth. I dodged his attacks easily thanks to my greater speed. Our melee lasted minutes until I found an opening in its defense. A combo of punches and kicks to the face and gut sent the creature flying into the wall. I thought I had won but my spider sense activated, so I dodged to the right and just in time avoid beam of pure destruction passed where I would have been standing. The beam punch through the wall showing the sea and sky outside, water came flooding in moments later. Capitalizing on the small-time frame after its attack I leaped forward, summoned my sword, stabbed it through the chest and pinned it to the wall. I was going to finish the thing off when it opened his mouth and spoke.

"For Darkseid!" it spoke before its body started to glow. With my spider sense going berserk I pulled out my sword from the creature's chest, jump on my newly acquired hoverbike and flew through the opening made in the wall. I was just starting to feel safe when the entire building I had just been in exploded. The combination of all the weapons stored inside that building and the creature's own destructive power augmented the explosion to frightening levels. I was nearly thrown off the hoverbike thanks to the shock waves. Regaining control, I maneuvered the bike to a nearby building and touchdown.

"My plan went to shit, hopefully nobody died down there. The question is what was that thing some kind of bioweapon. Didn't feel like it, if it belonged to a government, we'd be in World War three by now. The creatures last words could be a clue who was behind this, who is Darkseid?" I wonder as I watched the fire in the distance.

(Strange, I wonder where Superman is? I thought he would be here the moment the explosion happened or is something else keeping him busy?) I facepalmed a second later.

"I just raised a flag, didn't I?" fate was kind enough to give me an answer. As hordes of the very creature, I just defeated appeared in the distance over the abandoned Daily Planet printing press kidnapping people off the street. Looking at the hoverbike/loot and then at the people being taken I decided what I had to do next.

"I knew Altruism would lead into disaster." I couldn't help but mutter.

Turn the hoverbike back on I flew towards the action at high speed. As I approached, I saw a group of colorful people fighting. Superman was easy to spot, the guy in the bat costume was undoubtedly the Batman and the rest I know from the internet. Not that it mattered as I somersaulted off the hoverbike as it slammed into a group of monsters. The explosion that followed took more of them out. I landed in the middle of the group fighting, not wasting words I threw as many web bombs as I could at once to keep the monsters on the ground and their captives with them.

"Who are you!?" Green Lantern yelled as we fought the monsters around us. Hurling my sword through the skulls of three monsters at once and pulling it back to my hand with a web line, I answered.

"The name is Apex and while I would regale you with the story of my life, I think it's best to focus on matters at hand." I said as I behead the monster nearest me. Seeing my actions, he dropped the subject and focused on fighting.

We continued fighting but despite our best efforts we were making little headway. For everyone one we took down two more took their place.

"I get radio broadcast in my earpiece, and this isn't an isolated incident. This is happening all over the world, guys. And everyone thinks it has something to do with us." Flash said while punching several monsters at once.

"What else is new, Flash?" Green Lantern said, smacking everything around him the glowing green hammers.

(True, they probably blame us for global warming to if they could) I thought as I venom blasted the monsters nearest any people.

"We need to take a step back and regroup. There are too many of them to barrel through." Batman said try rally us.

"I don't know about that Superman seems to be doing fine on his own." I said as I watched Superman use a fully loaded truck like a baseball bat on the enemy.

"Where are they taking them?" Superman asked while using his heat vision.

"Taking who?" Lantern asked.

"The people. They've been taking them for a while now. There would be corpses everywhere if they were killing them, so why do they want us?" I asked watching the enemy carry people off despite my best efforts.

"Great, here comes another wave of these things." I said using a manhole cover like a discus to slice through the abdomens of any monster trying to get to the people behind me.

Just as the people behind us were about to be taken. A female voice cried out.

"Creatures of evil! Back to Hades!" The battle cry of the newly arrived Wonder Woman was heard. I watched as she arrived on the scene slicing and throwing the enemy with her sword and golden lasso.

I held back a snort as most of the guys in the group became instantly infatuated with her. Not too surprising very few women could match Wonder Woman in the looks department. The woman already had her own fan club from what I heard.

Our newly arrived help addressed us. "Greetings warriors, I followed these things from your capital city. I saw you and saw you needed help." Wonder Woman said as she got off the corpse of her newly defeated enemy.

Suddenly, the enemy for some unknown reason started flying away. Unsure what the enemy was up to we gathered around.

"Looks like we scared them off" Lantern said with pride.

"No. They're assembling." Batman said watching the enemies in the distance.

"They're circling the water! Do you see that? What are they doing?" Flash asked while pointing out to sea. It did not take long for us to find out.

A massive energy beam emerged from the bottom of the sea. Acting fast Green Lantern protected us from the oncoming waves. Once the waves subsided a colossal tower emerged from the water. Having seen nothing like it before I couldn't help but ask.

"What is that?"

"I was hoping you could tell me." A male voice asked. Coming out of the sea a blonde man wearing a orange and green costume appeared carrying a trident in hand.

"They were in the water too. so, who's in charge here? I vote me." Our unknown arrival said.

My first instinct was to tell him to go fuck himself, but I held my tongue for now. Now is not the time for discord.

Our guest introduced himself as Aquaman. He gave us a summary of what led him to come to the surface. Eventually the conversation changed to what our next course of action should be and who should lead our group. Green Lantern wasn't having any of it and got into a confrontation with Aquaman. That confrontation ended quickly once Aquaman proved he had the skills to back up his mouth.

Our moment of peace was cut short due to the arrival of more Demons has Aquaman called them. Our troubles only seem to get worse as the U.S. army in helicopters appeared to open fire on us. They wanted to put us down with the enemy by the look of it.

"We need to shut them down before they kill one of us." I said while dodging bullets. I was pissed off that our own kind turned on us at a time like this.

"They are U.S. Soldiers. They are only doing their job." The Flash argued back.

"You may be trying to the right thing Flash but the same can't always be said about some people in power." Superman said flying off to intercept the helicopters. The Flash hesitated for a moment but followed Superman to help. While they were occupied another energy tunnel opened next to us.

I was on guard thinking a new enemy had come, but Green Lantern had already captured the one who appeared before I could shoot my webs. We held back on attacking once we got a good look at the one who materialize before us. This was someone new.

"Its just a kid wearing armor." Aquaman said.

"That's not armor. That is him." Wonder Woman corrected. She moved to help the young man and asked who was and if he need help. Clearly in pain the young man spoke.

"They go world to world… he's coming right here." The young man said. It was a warning if I ever heard one.

"Who is?" batman asked.

A large energy tunnel cropped up as if in answer to Batman's question. The being who step out of the tunnel grabbed the attention of everyone. He was a huge man with gray stone like skin, burning red eyes. He was dressed in a type of blue armor. Malevolence come off him in waves.

"I'm guessing that's the bad guy." Green Lantern said with his ring ready.

"Good guess." That was the last thing I heard Batman say before he and most of our group was sent flying by the shock wave of our new enemy's attack.

"I am Darkseid" the giant of a man proclaimed.

While most of us were sent airborne my power let me stick to the ground, but Darkseid's first attack still hurt like hell. Enduring my pain, I moved to attack but before I could attack Darkseid a pair of fighter jets appeared and fired missile at us. Shotting a beam from his eyes Darkseid destroyed the missiles and jets in one blast.

"No! Stop!" Flash screamed seeing the death of the pilots. Darkseid turn his fiery gaze on us.

"Is anyone else a wake yet? I'm not good a making chitchat." Flash asked me while keeping eyes on our enemy.

"You better learn if you want to have any kind of love life in the future. That is if we live through this." I said in mock seriousness while getting ready to stab my sword into this evil bastard's heart.

We were distracted with Superman bursting out of the rubble.

"Flash, Apex. I'm up. But not to talk." Superman said.

Not giving Superman a chance to orient himself Darkseid fired his beams at him. Acting fast Flash grabbed Superman and ran off.

Seeing my chance, I launched myself forward sword first. I was not sure if he realized that my sword was special, but Darkseid moved his body just enough to make me miss his heart as I impaled him. The only sign he gave that was in pain was a grunt. I pulled my sword out of him and tried to stab him again. He stopped me by channeling energy into his hand and grasping my blade tight.

"Not bad for a human." Darkseid said as he punched me into a build. The last thing I heard before losing consciousness was Superman had been taken by the demons.

What greeted me upon my returned to consciousness was pain. I wake up on the floor of an abandoned apartment building, I could feel a number of my ribs were broken from Darkseid's blow. By the time my healing factory did its work, I returned to the battlefield just in time to see Green Lantern get his ass handed to him. Seeing Batman talking to the now ass whooped Green Lantern I went looking for the others.

I had just pulled Wonder Woman from the ruins of a build when Lantern showed up minus Batman.

"Where is Batman? And how is your arm?" I inquired.

"He went to get Superman back. Arm's broken but that won't stop me. How are you feeling that was a hard hit back there?" Lantern asked me. I must be imagining things you sound like he cares. He was kind of a jerk most of the time I have seen him talking to others.

"Well enough to make that monster bleed again." I said with venom in my voice.

"Good I have a plan." Lantern said and starting talking in weird sports metaphors before getting to the point that he would play bait so we could blind Darkseid.

We found Darkseid was attacking the city killing everyone in his path. Lantern used his ring to draw Darkseid's attention. With his eyes only on us we unleashed everything we had on him. Wonder Women was able to get her lasso around Darkseid's neck.

"Speak Darkseid! Why are you here." Wonder Woman demanded.

"For her." Darkseid stated.

I and the rest of the team I imagine were wondering who this "Her" was to make a monster like Darkseid fight for them.

While we were fighting the computer inside Cyborg was able to pick up data from metal cubes belonging to Darkseid called Mother Boxes. Cyborg explained what they could do and what he could see through them. We found out Batman and Superman were not on the planet.

"Tell us where is Superman?" Wonder Woman asked as she blocked Darkseid beams with bracelets.

"He is mine. As is your world." Darkseid said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Too many People believe that. That's the problem here. This world belongs to no one and everyone." Wonder Woman said as she stabbed Darkseid in his eye. "One down"

"One to go" as I stabbed Darkseid remaining eye. To my shock Darkseid still stood ready to fight.

"He took two swords to the face, and he is still standing. What the hell does it take to put this guy down. What else can we do?" I demand of the people around me.

"We can send him home." Cyborg said.

"How do we do that?" Wonder Woman asked watching Aquaman attack.

"Those mother boxes can open a gateway back to the world they came from. I just have to… connect with them somehow and speak their language." Cyborg explained.

"I would rather you send this asshole into the sun or a Black hole, but I will take what I can get. Just get him off the planet." I said as I watched Darkseid yank our blades from his eyes and throw them to the ground.

A second later ping sounds could be heard everywhere, and numerous Boom Tubes could be seen sucking the demons inside. Darkseid was the only one able to resist the pull. So, we rushed in to shove him into the gateway, but he wasn't going to go without a fight. I put every ounce of my strength into my blows, but he barely moved an inch.

I was starting to think we were not going to win this when Superman emerged from a Boom Tube and nailed Darkseid full force in the gut. With renewed hope I entered the struggle once more. I could feel my knuckles breaking as I rained blow after blow on Darkseid. In a move of spite or desperation Darkseid put Superman into a bear hug and tried to pull him into the gateway.

"Kryptonian. You are coming with me." Darkseid said with an evil grin.

"Like… hell… I am.," said a struggling Superman. While Green Lantern and I used a combination of both my webbing and his ring to tug Superman towards us.

"Now, kid! Cyborg! Slam the door in his face. Shut down those damn Boom Tubes!" Lantern yelled as we both continued to pull Superman.

"I can't." Cyborg said doing his best to close the gate.

"You have to." Batman said as he came through the same Boom Tube that Superman had. These two have a thing for dramatic entrances, I thought.

I could half hear Batman give Cyborg some kind of motivational speech, but I was too busy trying to keep my shoulders in their sockets to care. Whatever Batman said seem to work as Cyborg let out a burst of energy. The Boom Tubes around us started to close.

Darkseid let out a roar of pain as the gate closed on top of him. Forcing him to release Superman from his hold.

"I will retur- "Darkseid last words were cut off as the Boom Tube he was in exploded in front of us in a huge flash of light.

The fight was finally over.

They're all… gone" Wonder Woman said as if she could believe her eyes.

"Every one of their Mother Boxes is fried." Cyborg said.

"Good, I am not up for round two, anytime soon." I just wanted this day to end. I lost my loot, fought demons and got my ass beat like a drum by some giant alien. Can this get any worse?

"we're being watch" Aquaman said as people begin circling us.

I was kidding damn it!

"Gods, I am so not in the mood for this." I said, ready to web sling my ass out of there.

"Um… should we leave before they blame us again or…" before Flash could finish his sentence the crowd started cheering for us.

"What's the hurry, Flash?" Lantern said with a smile that we all shared. It's nice to be appreciated.

Washington DC

Time passed quick after the battle. I and the other spent our time performing disaster relief. Doing our best to help as many people as we could. It was during to time that the government reached out and invited us to Capitol Hill.

So, there we stood with the eyes of the world upon us while the president of the United States was giving some speech about how we a team of heroes in colorful costumes (Lantern and Aquaman were not happy about this part) saved mankind. He was all but singing our praise.

And I did not give a damn what he was saying since I could see where this was headed. The people of world were going to expect us to fight for them again should another asshole like Darkseid or something else shows up and I was not the only one see this. Green Lantern was the most vocal about it.

"We all have other things we need to do. We're not friends. We're not a team. This was just a one-time thing, okay? This was just a one-time deal!" Lantern said in a quiet but enraged voice.

"What if something like this happens again?" Batman countered.

"What are the chances of that?" Lantern asked in skepticism.

"Thanks for the Flag. Lantern!" I hissed at him just the president turned to us. Called it.

"I'm sorry, but we've got trouble. Your kind of trouble I'd guess. We need a name for your team." The president stated.

"We have a name. Mr. President." Said the Flash.

"We do?" questioned Lantern

"You do?" the President asked wondering.

"Sure." Flash stated in certainty.

"You can call us "The Super Eight!" Flash said proudly. It took everything I had not to facepalm myself in front of the world.

"The super eight. Really?" I asked wanting to smack him upside the head.

"well, we'll think of something." Somewhat embarrassed.

"Gods, help me this is my life now!?" I said doing my best not to cry.


Well, that is it people. I hope you liked this story. This was by far the longest chapter I have ever written in any of my past stories. I can maybe see myself writing a part two if I get enough reviews.