[a/n]Welcome to Daughter Of, I thanked my regular reviewers in the last installment of Son Of. This is an anthology with the primary theme of Harry Does Different. Sometimes instigated by others, but usually not. Mostly it's his own idea. Can be spur of the moment or a planned scheme.

Symbolic of the theme is the cover pic, which is of a Hufflepuff Harry. Not that that House will be a focus, just that it was alphabetically first. My only Huff inclination is a fondness for a certain redhead. Lucky for the long term, there's two more Houses before I have to think of another variation.

Each is a standalone deviation unless it sequelizes a prior one, which I'll identify in a [a/n]ex:Sequel of HDD#85 or SoHDD#67. Ideas come from anything, be they canon books or movies. To date I haven't read or seen anything not titled Harry Potter and the - -" I welcome ideas, be they from a review or a PM. I'm pleased to credit the suggestor.

I'll also take a fanfic down a different path. Since I assume not every FFNET story has been read by everyone, I'll quote the necessary bit to set the stage. The chapter title will be an acronym of the story and the author. A note will include the link. Consider that my way of promoting a story I've enjoyed. Sometimes a random sentence in a story inspires an unrelated twist, I don't think that needs crediting.

Issue debates being what they are, I feel compelled to mention JKR has been taken to task for some of her views. I've seen some FFNET stories announcing their end as a result. I view that as childish. My philosophy may be summed up as Live and Let Live, or Don't Impose On Me I Don't Impose On You. A reader should not assume a political view based on what I write the characters doing or saying. I don't set out to offend sensibilities on purpose, however there are storyline needs. Like picking on, or killing, a beloved character. Know that I'm not offended because someone holds a different position. I'll gladly trade PMs on most any subject, some in the past have lasted months. If, ultimately, it's agree to disagree, I still don't hold grudges. I hope that person continues reviewing. I just draw a line at abuse.

All Reviews are most welcome. Tell me it's wonderful, but why. Conversely, Tell me it's awful, but why. Sometimes even unintentionally, a reviewer's remark inspires a 1shot.

Ideas not lacking, the main production barrier is time; it takes a few days to write one and get it posted. I wish I could do 2 or 3 a day, but that would be slop. Stay tuned because I'll still be at it into 2023.

[a/n1]But we'll start with Susan in an important role. And since Son Of ended with a trilogy of postwar scenes, start Daughter Of with a First Year scene. Happy reading!

Harry Does Different CDLII

Intro Letter

"Ya goin Harry? Our table is this way?" the young redhead Gryffindor reached for his elbow.

Harry did like him, generally speaking, though he hesitated to call a relationship all of 8 days of age a friendship. He shrugged the touch off without being rude and paused near the Great Hall main doors to answer "There's hundreds of kids here, Ron. I see no reason to limit myself to one House, let alone just the six in our room. Come to think of it, we're too young for it to be important, half the school is girls. See ya 'round."

"Little outta place, ain't ya Mr. Gryffindor?" quipped a young redhead as she looked around in response to a tap on the shoulder.

Harry took it in stride "Professors haven't said we have to sit with our House ALL the time. Thought I'd try the food on this side of the room, that is if no one minds." Seeing no outright objections, just mostly acceptance mixed with surprise, he sat and casually greeted them "If no one knows, I'm Harry Potter. Gryffindor. First Year."

"That we all know, even Muggleborns." This chilly remark offered by an older girl.

Harry stabbed a thick piece of ham from one plate and a scoop of mashed potatoes from another. Waving a fork her way, he said "See, that's what I mean. I learned the…there's Muggleborns Halfbloods and Purebloods. The boys in my dorm are a mix. That blond boy over in Slytherin is a Pureblood, for instance. I guess I am too, but I can't tell one from another …well, unless they tell me."

"Fact is, Harry …oh, do you mind? My aunt works for the Ministry, and you would be classed a Halfblood. I'm Susan by the way. We're in Potions together. As am I, I - - -" the redhead replied.

Harry cut in, nodding "You sit next to Ron. Sorry to interrupt but that's confusing. I thought Pureblood meant having Magical parents, both mine were."

"Doesn't work that way." That same older Halfblood girl was shaking her head, still not very friendly "MY parents, grandparents and great-grandparents are ALL magical. TWO – TWO of my great-great-grandparents were Muggleborns. I'm STILL a Halfblood. Don't tell us The-Boy-Who-Lived doesn't know about that. Or all the gifts and letters you're sent every year. Even if no one gets so much as a thank you note."

Susan was starting a remark, so were some others, but Harry never heard her. Snapping "Well! Your Boy-Who-Lived knows about as much as any other Muggleborn. As for gifts, the last one I probably got was my first birthday."

"There are probably quite a few people thinking mean things about you. Including Reddie here." A blonde girl who hadn't yet been introduced nudged her friend.

Susan's cheeks colored as she growled "Quiet Han! Harry, Thora is right. Even with your money, you could go broke paying for all the owls to explain."

"One letter to a newspaper, especially how famous he seems to be, and the Wizarding World will know the truth. At least if it's big enough, like my Dad's paper for instance. Well, he's one of the major stockholders anyway." Said a larger than average First Year boy.

Here, the blonde girl jumped in "Hannah Abbott, my family has a stake in the Daily Prophet. I'm sure grandfather would make sure it's published."

"Auntie would say don't put anything in it you can't prove." Susan put in "Or that you don't want talked about."

Ron Weasley became a minor irritant when, over the next few days, Harry spent a notable portion of his time with …as he called them duffers… but, unlike most letters to the editor, this one made the front page.

The Daily Prophet

September 11 1991


No single name has been written about more than The-Boy-Who-Lived during the past decade. This despite the fact that the boy in question has not been seen since he could barely walk. There is even a series of books about his life to date that perhaps is not entirely based on fact. We leave that to speculation and the reader's interpretation of the following. As promised to young Master Potter, the letter is verbatim, with the exception of editing for content.

Dear Wizarding World

Hello. I am Harry Potter III middle name James. I am also known as The-Boy-Who-Lived. I was unaware of my middle name until the occasion of shopping for school supplies. At that time I was also told of my title, and that I earned it from being orphaned when V-censored-t murdered my parents. Nobody has told me why he attacked, or how I survived. I know witches and wizards are afraid of the word, but to me V-censored-t was a murderer …nothing more. And why be afraid of a dead guy?

I have only been at Hogwarts for going on three weeks and that's all I know about our world. I was raised, if you call it that, by my Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon Dursley with their son Dudley. They are nonmagical and did not like it. Just one example, they took my nephew to the zoo for his birthday; I only went because the babysitter broke her leg. My accidental magic made a snake enclosure glass disappear and he fell in. There was no way to prove I was involved, yet I got locked in a cupboard for most of a week. I'm not looking for pity, just explaining I knew NOTHING!

Sorted into Gryffindor, I first got to know my Housemates. Then last week I talked to a few Hufflepuffs. They explained some things, pointed me to books about others. Made the Quidditch team thanks to Draco Malfoy, a Slytherin, but that's another story. Meanwhile, been reading so much the Gryffs are calling me a Ravenclaw.

What I learned bothered me. A lot. First to the nobility, I learned I am the unvested Head of the Noble and Moste Ancient House of Potter. I wish that to happen as soon as possible but not before I learn more about it. I apologize to all of my Great House's friends and allies who may feel insulted I never responded to them. I ask that they renew ties. To all of Wizarding Britain, especially anyone has ever sent me a letter of gift in relation to V-censored-t's death; As someone said to me no one got so much as a thank you note. I can't begin to guess how many witches and wizards could be mad at me. One of the Hufflepuffs I talked to wondered if someone was stealing all that stuff over the years. She knows someone in the DMLE that might be able to find out. But since I don't know who sent what when, I just want to say I'm sorry and thank you. Please don't hold it against me.

Harry James Potter III

Head of the Noble and Moste Ancient House of Potter


In wizard dominated places like St. Mungo's, Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, there were multiple incidents of people walking into walls, lampposts or each other while reading. No serious injuries, just cursing. MOSTLY verbal. When the paper delivery arrived at Hogwarts that afternoon all activity, be it studying talking or eating came to a stop.